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February 18th – 24th, 2024

Your Weekly Legend for February 18th-24th

There’s one recurring theme that is weaving through Wake Up Legendary interviews, through our live support calls, hot seats, through Facebook posts in the group.

This one topic, all new business owners and marketers talk about when first starting out…

Value in content.

Ya know you need value in your content.

But what is this elusive “value” that you keep hearing about? 

And how do you know if you content includes this value everyone is talking about? 

Well, this one question will help you instantly gauge if your content includes value. (and no, directing them to your link in every piece of content is not THE VALUE, that’s the call to action and your CTA should be changed up in each piece of content.) 

Ready for the question…here ya go! 

Before you hit post, watch reel, watch your video, read your post and then ask yourself this question…

Will my ideal audience want to share and/or save this piece of content after they watch it? 

If the answer is no…don’t post it.

Instead, go back, tweak it so it’s something your IDEAL audience will want to share/save. 

They’ll do this because now your content gives them something they need, they want, they desire, that makes them laugh, that helps them, or is relatable. It's got guts, it's got some substance to it.

It can be as simple, something that is funny and relatable to your ideal audience that they have to share it with their BFF. 

It can be tips, tricks, or what has helped you, that your IDEAL audience will relate to as well. 

Yes, there's so much more to creating content and having a strategy in place but asking this one question is an excellent last checkbox and gauge if that piece of content will have a chance of getting more views. 

Asking yourself this question can be a game-changer for creating content that really clicks with your audience.

Heck it will help the algorithm FIND your ideal audience too. 

It's perfect for shaking off those low-views or for getting your new account off ground. 

Plus, it'll help you ditch that salesy vibe and start building a brand that is filled with connection, positivity, and followers that are pumped to be there. 

Do yourself a favor this weekend and go back through your content, and ask yourself – would my ideal audience share it or save it to refer back to? If someone shared it with you, would you enjoy it and see value in it or would you be scratching your head asking why in the world did my friend Susie just share this with me? 

If you find any videos that don’t really hit the mark…DON’T DELETE THEM. 

Instead, remake them with added value! 

And build from there. 

Haven't started posting yet? No problem! As you research and plan what to post, start asking yourself – what's the value in the content I enjoy consuming? Why do I want to send a particular video to a colleague or friend? 

That's where you uncover the value

Get out those marketing shades and put them on. 

Make note of what you uncover, and start looking at content as a marketer instead of as a consumer.  

And as a side note, if you read the above and scratching your head, asking yourself – but who is my ideal audience? Please go revisit Day 5 of the challenge or the Fishing formula in the blueprints and get your Business plan dialed in. Your ideal audience is defined right there.

And one last tip…Back in November I shared one of the best growth call to actions to use, that is also the most under-utilized is – “save this for later/share this with a friend.” So your bonus tip…be sure you're adding in a variation of this CTA into your content strategy as well! 

Happy Creating! 

As always…

Stay Legendary,

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