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February 19th – 25th, 2023

Your Weekly Legend for February 19th-25th

Recently, I was out for lunch with my youngest daughter. We were seated at a window that gave me the perfect view of a gentleman on the center divider of the road with a cardboard sign asking for money.

The sign read “Lost My Job – Anything helps”

As a new set of cars arrived at the light, no one was donating. We would watch and chat, and red light after red light…zero donations.

We carried on with our meal, and suddenly my daughter taps my hand and says “mom look!”

I glance at the gentleman on the center divider and while the light was green and cars were zooming by, he had whipped out a sharpie marker, flipped over his piece of cardboard, and was writing.

By the time that light turned red, and cars were stopped…

The sharpie was put away and a new HOOK was presented…

His sign now read “Short on cash for food & weed – please help”

OHHH we got a whole new angle now! My daughter and I were intrigued. I was impressed. Soon enough..he was given a donation.

The new hook was working.

Ya see, the ultimate goal of a cash donation was the same. Just like the ultimate goal for us marketers is a follow, an opt-in, and a conversion. This gentleman realized his previous approach was not converting on this given day, with this audience, so he tested out a new hook. And this one converted!

What can we learn here?

Don’t be afraid to try new types of content. Don’t worry about testing different hooks or captions. Don’t stress if the video “you saw another creator do” isn’t working for you…always be testing new approaches.

When you test multiple versions of your content you can compare their performance and see which ones are resonating with your target audience. Secondly, testing hooks, headlines, copy, captions, and various looks helps you optimize your content for different platforms.

For instance, a video that performs well on Facebook may not have the same impact on Instagram or Tiktok.

Thirdly, testing multiple versions of your content allows you to stay relevant and up-to-date with your customers' changing preferences. By regularly testing your content and analyzing the results, you can adapt your messaging to meet your customers' changing needs and preferences.

Ultimately, you just won’t know unless you keep trying, keep testing, and keep going.

That gentleman on the center divider was persistent. He was testing the performance of different offers to his audience right before our eyes. We as marketers must be willing to do the same.


As promised here is your TTT – Tip To Try…This Week!


Above I talked about testing out new content, but this is different. Make sure everything is working as it should. Test the link from your social pages, test each button, test your autoresponder. Every time you update any piece of the process…test again.

PLUS, test it on desktop AND mobile.

How does everything look? Is everything working how you want them to?


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Blueprints LIVE Hot Seat Guest Coach

Attention Blueprints Members! As you know we provide 2 hours of live coaching Monday-Friday for all Blueprints members. On Thursday, Feb 23rd, Sean Sarantos will be joining us and taking over the Hot Seat Coaching call! Be sure to login to your back office, click on Register For Live Training and then get registered for Thursday's Hot Seat Coaching Call.

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