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December 10th – 16th, 2023

Your Weekly Legend for December 10th-16th

Vegas Baby!

When many of us hear those two words our thoughts are instantly filled with images of…

Glittery outfits, fabulous dinners, amazing shows, and the opportunity to cash in overnight. 

Dreams of big payouts from the slots, the craps table, or blackjack are filling our thoughts and directing our decisions.

Friday night rolls around and the flights into Vegas are filled with excited, gleeful people that just know…

THIS will be the weekend that everything changes.

We fully believe the slots are going to be loose, and the money will be flyin!

Drinks are being poured on the plane.

There’s cheering, there’s excitement.

The group that snagged group A on Southwest are already celebrating like they won at the craps table.

There’s a whole lot of people believing their life is about to change.

You can feel the energy on the plane and in the airport.

Some even grabbing limos to their hotel, manifesting that millionaire lifestyle.

But wait?

I thought we were IN a recession? 

I thought so many were struggling? 

I thought inflation was making everyone seek out quick and cheap instead of something that can be trusted and long term? 

Yet those planes to Vegas are packed each and every weekend…

All for what?


This is going to be the weekend to remember.

Finally the opportunity to get a whole lotta somethin’ for doing a whole lotta nothin’.

Then the worse part about a Vegas trip hits…

Sunday morning

With one quick scan through the security line at the Vegas airport…you know.

The crowd is feelin' rough and they're leaving empty handed.

The make believe life they created over the weekend is over. 

And the dream of becoming overnight millionaires has been shattered.

And to top it off…

they forgot to check in for their flight at the 24 hour mark so group C it is. 

Stuck in the middle seat, pondering about how they gotta go back to the job they hate the next day.

Why does this happen over and over?

It all comes back to one thing…


Ego is booking that Vegas trip, hoping to finally be the lucky, big winner so you can finally feel good and look good to others

Ego is what’s answering the random stranger in the DMs and handing over thousands for some secret hot item.

Ego is what got us jumping from course to course, offer to offer…yet we aren’t looking to actually learn.


We’re looking for a quick payout like a Vegas slot machine. 

We’re looking for quick payouts and feed our egos.

We’re looking for someone else to make us suddenly look good.

“You won’t be rich if your ego is bigger than your bank account.”

Dave has shared this quite a bit on Wake Up Legendary over the years. 

Our ego plays a massive role in our success or lack thereof.

And ultimately, if we’re gonna gamble…


THAT'S when we’ll see the REAL payout.

In betting and gambling, there’s always a risk.

We gotta stop throwing cash at a machine designed to TAKE OUR money and start taking different risks…

Risks that improve our knowledge.

Risks that improve our growth.

Risks that grow our confidence.

Risks that can give us more control.

When we stop worrying about what everyone else might say and focus solely on our own goals, path, and actions…that’s where the real magic happens.

Bet on you.

The really cool thing, you always win in the end when you do.

What will you do today to bet on yourself? 

Your future? 

Your dreams? 

What action are you willing to take today? 

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As always…

Stay Legendary,

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