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December 17th – 23rd, 2023

Your Weekly Legend for December 17th - 23rd

I've got something really cool to share with you as we get close to the end of 2023. 

On Friday, Dave absolutely unleashed a phenomenal and motivating talk to all those that were on Decade In A Day. 

He uncovered how confidence or lack there of is the root of what’s holding us back. 

He dove into what it means to finally not give up on yourself.

He also discussed how we need to be accountable to ourselves, how each of us are survivors, and that vulnerability is not a weakness.

Instead, vulnerability is absolutely a strength. 

Then there was a question he asked…

I had to share this clip with each of you, as many of us are setting goals for ourselves as the new year comes. 

You’ll also be reminded that when you work on these goals, you become more confident and better at what you do.

Take a listen, then as Dave shares at the end…what happens next is completely in your hands. 

Let's make 2024 a year where we step into a confident version of ourselves we once didn’t believe was possible.

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Mark Your Calendars

Monday, December 18th

Wake Up Legendary at 10 am EST

Kait Mosca is a full time digital marketing Mom who wanted to be able to provide for her family without sacrificing time with them and make memories with her son. Tune in live to hear how she is finding success online through providing her audience with value through Instagram reels.

Marketer's Club at 3 pm EST

This week at Marketer's Club, Drew will dive into all things visual content! How to create stunning graphics and videos for the most impact. 

Tuesday, December 19th

Wake Up Legendary at 10 am EST

Kim Killian is a full time sales leader and Mom of 2 who wants to be able to give her kids the best life imaginable. Tune in live to hear how she is using her digital marketing business to redefine herself and inspiring and helping others to do the same. 

Wednesday, December 20th

Wake Up Legendary at 10am EST

Ovia Damena is an athlete and trainer who wanted to bring in more income and build a business. Tune in live to hear how he is building a thriving digital marketing business and finding success through using TikTok strategies.

Thursday, December 21st

Wake Up Legendary at 10am EST

Jessica Karwat is a women’s health coach and nutritionist who wants to change the lives of and empower other women. Tune in live to hear how she is growing her successful digital marketing business after starting it from scratch. 

Friday, December 22nd

Wake Up Legendary at 10am EST

Emily Tipvoski is a former nurse turned stay at home Mom who wanted to spend more time with her family and make more memories with them. Tune in live to hear how she has found success in her digital marketing business through the power of building Instagram and social media connections with her audience.

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