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April 9th – 15th, 2023

Your Weekly Legend for April 9th - 15th

Let’s kick off this week with a massive dose of motivation.

Dave went solo on Wake Up Legendary on Friday and it was sooooo good.

He was dropping some major truth bombs and motivation.

Even some tough love.

With all he shared, one thing really stood out to me. He said…

“Schedule your success.”

Think about it…

You and I both know that a new workout routine is only successful and beneficial if we get into a routine, schedule in the workouts, and commit to attending them. 

The same goes for your education and implementing what you learn to launch and grow your digital marketing business.

Just like you schedule in your workouts…

Schedule in your success. 

Schedule in the action and focus you are going to give your business. 

Everything is going to be routine.

Everything is going to be redundant.

And as Dave shared, the goal is to “execute, execute, execute.”

We don’t have to be cute or creative. 

You need to get into a routine, rinse and repeat. 

Then commit to it…

You don’t cancel. 

You Do it. (Nike really locked in the best slogan)

Nothing stops you. 

There are no rain outs.

There are no excuses.

There are no delays.

There's no stand-ins, 2nd string, or substitutes.

You and only you figure it out each time. 

You have to show up each day or nothing happens.

You must EXECUTE. 

AND KEEP Committed to your schedule for success. 

Take some time this evening and look at your calendar and physically schedule in time you can commit to your education and business. 

Then, as the CEO of your own business, as the manager in charge, report to YOU.

Commit to the job you’ve assigned yourself.

Want to hear all the motivation Dave shared during this episode? Catch the replay HERE

It’s a fantastic way to kick off your week! 

As always…

Stay Legendary!
– JoAnn

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