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April 16th – 22nd, 2023

Your Weekly Legend for April 16th-22nd


Failure Equals Success -Yep you read that right

We’ve all heard the saying…”Failure is not an option.” 

I see it mentioned in the comments of Wake Up Legendary quite often. 

It’s meant to be motivating.

It’s a phrase designed to help us keep pushing forward. 

While this may sound like sage advice…

I’m going to be the chick in the room to stand up and call it…

That mindset…will keep you stuck. 

It only builds frustration.

It’s impossible to avoid challenges and moments of “failure.”

So when they arise, we get so frustrated, we end up quitting. 

I want to challenge you to consider a different perspective.

First, we gotta stop labeling failure as a personality trait. 

It’s not who you are.

It’s just a moment in time. 

Secondly, failure does not equal quitting.

I want you to chase failure.

I want you to attack it.

Welcome it.

Embrace it. 

Moments of failure are your quickest path to true success. 

Instead of focusing on “Failure is not an option”, I want you to say… 

Failure is an option.

And absolutely frickin’ welcome it. 

Because you’re on a journey of change…

Of growth.

Now I know what you’re thinking…JoAnn has completely lost it.

She’s telling me to quit…


No one said anything about quitting. 

Like I shared above, failure does not equal quitting.

That’s a whole other story, topic, and discussion. 

Success isn’t achieved without moments of “failure” first. 

We’ve been programmed to view any roadblock or challenge as a negative. 

As something to run from. 

As a reason to STOP or QUIT.

When in reality, moments of failure are an absolutely powerful tool for growth, learning, and development. 

In digital marketing, failure can be an opportunity to try new strategies, experiment with different tactics, and allow you space to be more creative and think outside the box. 

We just gotta be willing to face it.

Look at it.

Discuss it.

Then learn and grow from it. 

During Friday's episode of Wake Up Legendary, Kristie dropped some massive advice for those starting out. 

Kristie shared how she was getting NO WHERE in the first few months of her business. 

Her content just wasn't converting or growing in views.

Then another blow came…TikTok disabled her account. 

She shared she almost quit.

She found herself having a pity party and was calling herself a failure.

Then she said- NOPE, I'm not a quitter and remembered this was a roadblock to figure out.

She took a hard look at what she had been doing and realized she was talking to the wrong audience.

She started a new Tiktok account.

She adjusted her messaging to a slightly different audience.

She brought in her personality instead of just mimicing others.

Kristie embraced the moment of failures as her toolbox to use to make changes.

She used it to learn from. (This weekend, please go watch her entire interview)

6 months after that change, she's sitting with over 30k followers and a booming online business. 

Heck, Steve Jobs was famously fired from Apple before returning to lead the company to unprecedented success. 

Amazon's Jeff Bezos has said, “I've made billions of dollars of failures at” 

These leaders didn’t see failure as a setback, but rather as a necessary part of the journey to success.

If tech is overwhelming, slow down take one step at a time and reach out for additional help. 

If your video content is just not performing – what can you do different? 

Maybe it’s lighting, or different hooks, or maybe you’ve just been mimicking others for so long, you're not reaching YOUR ideal audience?

So, my message to you is this: Don't be afraid of failure, instead look it right in the eye and learn from it. 

I encourage you to approach your education, your new journey in the digital marketing space with a mindset of experimentation, curiosity, and embrace the challenges. 

So, go out there… 

take risks

try new things

Don’t be afraid to ask questions, seek advice, and experiment. 

Each roadblock you overcome is making you smarter, savvier, and talented. 

And each day you’ll be one step closer to the goals your working towards. 

As always…

Stay Legendary!
– JoAnn

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