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Dave: Hey what's going on my friends this is Dave Sharpe, welcome to Wake Up Legendary and we are woke as hell here in Orlando, Florida.

I don't know if you can hear that or not but 60, 70,50 Somewhere in there, I'm a bad accounting dropout and we are going to be masterminding we're going to be learning and we're going to be teaching will be growing this weekend. And really honestly the only thing that's missing here is your ass sitting at home on your couch because you decided not to come. But I was just talking about the show to everybody here in the room. What this show has done for me and what I hope it's done for them, which is back in March of 2020. We started this show with me being the host. We were doing it with other folks hosting the show, in our team, in our company, but I started hosting the show and it was a big commitment. Right, because well shit oh, show up for something every day at the same time. You know, no matter where I was at. Sometimes I've streamed this show from the mountains of Georgia. Sometimes I stream it from my backyard. Sometimes I’ve streamed it from my car. Sometimes, not most of the time. I've just been right at my desk, wearing the same exact shirt every day and the same hat. Right? I actually don't wash the shirt that's gross. I do wash it though. Anyways, I will talk to you all today here briefly about our events. To give you a little bit of a taste and a look into our event. I hope that all of our folks here, if you're sitting at home, you've been you know marketing, you've been building your business. You've been signing up for support. 

You've been watching webinars, you've been reading emails I mean, it's like webinar after guru after course and then while you're doing your research and development scrolling through TikTok or you know, Facebook or whatever. Before you know it you're on a new webinar and signing up for something new and it's like maybe this is it. Maybe it's doing you know last time I did drop shipping with Shopify, but maybe this time it's doing drop shipping with groov cart or some other software, right, like maybe it's a different software but but anyway, I've been sitting at home, working as a self employed person, because that's really what we all are, right. Remember in the Cashflow Quadrant where the left side is, you know, you're employed or you're self employed. And then over on the other side, it's where you know, that's where you want to be as a business owner, and an investor, what makes a business owner is that you have people working with or for you, and you have systems that are in place. So most of us when we start are self employed, right? We're self employed, and so you've been sitting at home and you've been kind of doing most of everything alone, right and you're by yourself and you're surrounded by family and friends who don't know what the hell we’re doing, right and for most of us were high, like we're like smoking crack or something. It's like, you know, we're like somebody coming in quick, you know, get off the porn site, just pretend like you're just messing around. I mean, or whatever, right? I mean, you know, then she'll walk in and think everything's normal, you know, whatever. But it's like, it's like when we finally get out and we come to an event. I think one of the biggest one of the biggest impacts that I have is just kind of talking to people who have, you know, a lot of the same experiences, even if they aren't all positive experiences, even if they're, like some challenges, you know, and some of the things that we can laugh at ourselves about, like the endless signing up for this and that evolved and all right, you get you find your tribe, you know, you find people and then you also here's the other thing is that you get in a room and you start to see people who maybe you put on a pedestal on the internet and when you see them in person, you're like shit, oh shit, like if they can do it, I can do it.  

And you start to humanize people instead of idolize. You realize that you realize that even me, you know, like my ability to kind of get up and just start talking and, you know, I mean, I literally rolled out of bed like, nine minutes ago.

You know what I mean? You guys are all like struggling Uber's you probably thought I'm like prepping ready for you. You know, like, doing my meditation. No, I'm sleeping until the very last minute. Right. But why? I go live every day. I practice. I've been talking and speaking and creating content for over a decade. So I mean, to be able to turn on the camera and just start talking. It's something that this isn't, this doesn't come natural to me. This is something that I've done. And I've worked on and I've been you know, I you know, I practice and now like if something doesn't land right or it doesn't sound right or whatever. Like I don't stop and turn off the camera. Especially if I’m live, I can't write another way to get good at speaking fast. Be live, right, we're live, right? And so, when we come to events, we get to hear those stories, meet people and really learn the behind the scenes of their success versus just, you know, kind of thinking that they were born like that or made like that or it's Maybelline, isn't it? Right. She wasn't he was you know, it's all a matter of most of the time being a lot uglier behind the looks out you know, interface and it's usually a scramble and oftentimes a panic, you know, things are a mess, and we just try to clean up whatever's in the frame of the camera. Right. You know, that's kind of that's kind of what it is. 

So, yeah, these events are as much as the content that is shared, you know, as much as the content that's shared. We are going to be sharing a lot of amazing content, and we're going to be sharing a lot of strategies. We're going to deliver an immense amount of training this weekend that I think will be highly like changing for everybody on the road. It's also the connection. So if you're watching this from home right now and you're thinking hey, what is the thing that I need to do? Moving forward the next time I get an opportunity to maybe kind of push me over that edge? I would encourage you to try to connect to build a support system to get more involved. Maybe that means coming to an event and meeting people. Maybe that just means getting out of your comfort zone in networking a little bit and kind of building a small little support system that you can kind of be accountable to communicate with. Because in all transparency, you guys know that I'm a recovering drug addict, right? So the truth is, is that over the past you know, decade plus as I've navigated my recovering and trying to stay clean, and I have an addict, personality and I could pick right up where I left off at any time if I was to start, you know, messing around if you will. You know, but I have to stay, I have to stay diligent mostly with my support. 

You know, it's not just about me driving the train. It's about you know, sometimes I gotta get out of the captain's chair and I gotta find me a co-pilot. And that's what you know, that's what you know, sometimes it can be hard to trust people and sometimes it can be hard to meet people. Sometimes it can be hard to connect with people. And sometimes it can be hard to feel like an equal, right? Human beings have a tendency to either feel greater than or less. Right, we have a hard time just feeling equal to other people because we want to feel airier is what the ego wants. But ultimately we end up feeling it is ultimately what happened. So it's hard to reach out to people. I get that, that's why I'm telling you to do it. Right? Because it's important. For me, for example, my recovery. The number one thing that's helped me to keep my life on track over the past decade plus is having support people having people that I can run things by having people that I can get feedback from you're looking at a lot of people in the room in here that I may get to get a lot of limelight from you listeners but there is a real, you know, fuel in the engine and the ones who keep me accountable here in this business. I'm not greater than as because I have some title that says your whatever else it is, I'm just as liable to make mistakes. I'm just as you know, prone to do things or or make bad decisions or whatever. So my point is that how to getting in the middle of the boat, everybody here. If you're yourselves a huge round of applause, I know that it was a big deal to get. So go ahead, give yourselves a hand.

And you sitting at home I don't want you to feel shame or guilt for not being here. That's not what I want. I want you to think about moving forward, getting more involved. Right. For some of you what that's going to mean is just attending the show every day at 10am Eastern time for the next 30 days. Like just set a routine, set an alarm and tune into the show every day for the next 30 days. If you know, take the guests that are on and go and shoot them a message after and say hey, thanks for the content. I really appreciate it, you know, or feel the energy of the community around you, all a bunch of people who are doing the same thing we try to model like what happens in this room on the show. So for some of you who are really locked up or feeling paralyzed or watching this, that's going to be my first suggestion. Just watch the show every day like set an alarm and tune in and build a routine around your business. Now if you can't make it live, we have it on podcast. We have it on YouTube, you can come right back to the Facebook show. But watch the show every day and build that into your routine. And what will happen I promise you is you'll begin to get a million ideas. But you will begin to get inspiration that will encourage you to then start building your own support network, building a growth community and ultimately getting started in marketing. That's all that's the ultimate goal is to get you in action. And then here's where the magic goes on over the difference. I'm not David Copperfield. Okay, I'm David Sharpe. But the magic happens and this also happened to me in recovery. Right. What happened to me in recovery was I stopped making it all about myself and I started to look for other people that I help. And when I started to look for other people that I could help instead of just making it all about me. Now all of a sudden, I had a massive shift. And I started to and it wasn't pretty. It wasn't like now I know y'all see like these 12 step meetings, like on TV or Breaking Bad or whatever to where people are sitting in a room and it looks awkward. And it's like that, like it's actually pretty awesome. 12 step fellowships are actually pretty cool. There's some cool paths of places and there's like pools and a lot of them will hurt you. So just consider 4000 fellowships you might be addicted to something you want to check it out but anyways, but yeah, it's not like I all of a sudden one day just kind of came in walking in like, hey, you know what's going on? I'm ready to help somebody. Tell Yeah, no, it wasn't like that. It was just at first it was just like, hey, I picked up the air. You know, can I serve the meeting? Can I serve somebody else? Can I pick up cigarette butts like something like that, like an attitude of service. Right? And then what happened was, I would leave the meeting instead of feeling like oh my god, if I can stay clean today, and I don't know if I can make it, I would be fulfilled with gratitude that I delivered some value and I was able to, like, just contribute right? And I know as you listen to this, it sounds simple, right? But what happens is, getting into the marketing thing that I just mentioned a second ago, is actually really difficult, right? Because we struggle with this mindset of like, do I really know enough like and I really, I'm still struggling like, I'm still a newbie, can I stay clean today? You know, and I believe making a commission today here, Lord, I'll get down on my knees, you know, and it's like, that's not how it works. God doesn't care about you making a commission that's not on his agenda, right? Or her gender, whatever you believe, right? What, What, what, what matters is that we have a transformation to where we get into service and we start helping people. So you know, for those of you who are listening, as you're looking to become a part of the community at birds, what I would then invite you to do after your 30 days or three days or even right away, is ask yourself, How can I start serving? How can I start serving? Right? Because the ultimate skill set that you'll learn here is not knowing how to be a great art, even though we're all marketers. The ultimate skill set you'll learn is service and leadership. That's the ultimate skill set you'll learn. Right? Because when you start to develop that that's when you know, that's when that's when people will follow it, you know, have what it takes to build your own. You know, and ultimately, you know, that's where, if I was to say, somebody was to say, Dave, what's been one of the biggest best things you've been you've been responsible for a lot of money and building community. Right? But it wasn't that I just came in and just was like, Okay, I know how to build communities. I'm gonna make a decision to build it for myself now. It was those baby steps at first of just first learning how to go from needing somebody to help me get out of my struggle, right? And then making the transition to saying ah, hold on, I'm going to have a shift and reframe this. And I'm going to see how I can serve this space? This place these people? Okay, so also for those of you in the room this weekend, I'm going to invite you to have an adoption that same month, right? I know you all came here for yourself. I know you all came here to learn something. I know you all came here to take something away to learn and soak up as much as you want. But I wonder how much you can give. I wonder how much you can give to what you have to offer. And that doesn't mean that I need to go around. Be like how can I help rocking and rolling but I'm here to serve like it doesn't have to be that awkward. You know what I mean? Like it's just a reframe, just putting how I see myself and the situation. I'm just putting it in a different frame. And I tell you, when I go to places now it's a lot less awkward, right? I don't have to work like being a part of communities for me, and when I go into a new place, it's not that weird for me because I've got that. I'm seeing things through How can I go there and contribute? Not just how can I go there? Right. So it makes me a lot more comfortable being a part of these. I think we need to really learn how to be a part of communities and products you know, because I think that stock back if you think about our ancestors, we were very tribe oriented. And now if we're really honest about our life, we might have one good friend who knows something about our inner life but many of us don't. And we used to live in tribes and we used to live in communities where everybody knew everything. And it wasn't gossip, it was just the village that was raising the child. 

And so we have to relearn how to be a part of communities and relearn how to be how to try ultimately, if we also want to lead our own communities and our own tribe, and if we want to get into another topic, lead our families and you know, as a man, this is something that I think about how do I lead my family that I believe I do one things how you do everything? Right? So if I can, if I can improve my leadership skill sets here in this community, I'm likely going to be able to do it for my grandkids. I'm going to likely be able to show up as a different grandfather for my grandkids. Then somebody who you know, may be who is uncomfortable with connection or community, right? Or who have for many years like me, was very selfish minded. And I only thought about myself all the time. I wouldn't consider myself a narcissist, but I wouldn't be too far away from it. You know, because everything was about me, right? This is one of the big shifts that we have to make to be successful as a business person as a marketer, but also as a leader of a family as a member of a family. And so hey, I'm talking about a lot of things for you here. All right, we're getting the shift to get deep. I got my boots on. I'm ready to go and right. The problem is, is that you all at home, can't really go with it because we're gonna we're gonna shut the camera off your moment and we're gonna spend this weekend here together, and those who are in the room, and, you know, the folks in the room are here, they're going to be, you know, they're either going to be empowered in breaking through by the end of the weekend. Or, you know, we're going to lock all the doors here pretty soon. They're going to be looking for a window to crawl out. I don't know you know, they'll let you know what ends up happening. But if you're sitting at home and you're wondering, you know, hey, is this real? Is this a community that I should be a part of? What do you all think?

Yes. All right. So give yourself a chance. Give yourself a break my friend, put down the mouse, stop clicking and scrolling and signing up for new webinars. Right unsubscribe from some email lists. This weekend, get some clarity and simplicity in your life and whatever training that you're going through, you're with Legendary wherever you're at in a conversation with your advisor. Focus on that and give it your 100 percent and if you do without distraction, I think you might be surprised what happened. Alright, my friends, get out of here. We love you. Stay Legendary. We'll see you back here on Monday for another episode.