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  1. Anna Ocasio
    Anna Ocasio says:

    First time Here… My name is Anna From connecticut. Excited to be with you guys, to here these motivation videos. Need that!!! My why is Not to hear from a boss again telling me either there’s no work, or you’re getting laid off for awhile. To be FREE. Thanks Again. Anna

  2. Christopher David Moyer
    Christopher David Moyer says:

    Great motivation guys! I’m Chris and I’m new here. Haven’t yet set up my one on one with a coach, but I’ve figured out my why. Several whys actually. I’d like to have the money to travel to India to lead music worship for 2 churches whose pastors contacted me out of the blue. They didn’t realize it but they were from the same city! How perfect is that? With two plane tickets, one for me, the other for my wife, I can go help spread the gospel in india. Another why is to be able to move out of our one bedroom apartment, but a house, and be able to afford having a child of our own. I have a website that I am planning on using for affiliate marketing and I’m hoping with my experience with legendary marketer I can boost traffic to my site and become a well known presence on the web for many who suffer from mental illness as I do


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