VLOG #1: The episode where David saw the Legendary Marketer book for the first time

The new Legendary Marketer book is here! (finally). I've been asked, pleaded with and nearly begged for over 5 years to map out my digital marketing strategies in a simple to read book and I just haven't had time!

So this year, in the midst of launching Legendary Marketer Inc. I carved out time to GET-R-DONE! From it came what I believe it the most impactful book (maybe) ever written about how to START, GROW and SCALE a digital marketing business from NOTHING to 6-figures and beyond. Best of all, this IS NOT a formula to start a huge company and have 100 employees. It's a formula to start and grow a digital markeitng business, earn unlimited income from anywhere in the world.

In today's VLOG you'll see where I saw the book for the first time (and other shenanigans). Enjoy!

About the Legendary Marketer book:

This is a true story (with a very weird twist) about how before I made millions of dollars with a digital marketing business… I should have been dead, banished from society and long forgotten about.

Nothing about my life before this was glamorous. I was a homeless, high-school dropout who was addicted to drugs and destined for early death. By 24, my life was shrunk down to the spare change in my pocket and the bag of clothes I had slung over my shoulder.

I wasn’t Legendary. I was a loser.

By God’s grace I got clean from heroin in 2008 (I still believe I got clean the day before I died). For the next 18 months, I sweat my ass off working construction saying with every swing of the hammer…

“There’s got to be a better way!”

Then suddenly my life took a very weird twist. And instead of going on living a meaningless and mediocre life, like most people do, I discovered something that changed everything for me (and will change everything for you, too).

Inside the pages of this book I’m going to hand you blueprint for how I started a digital marketing business with nothing but a crappy laptop and a Wi-Fi connection, that went on to do over $200-million in sales.

And how I went from a homeless, high school dropout to making every teacher, judge, police officer and ex-girlfriend who ever wrote me off… Eat Their F*cking Heart Out.

Get your highlighter out. This is going to be a page turner. Most people who pick this up don’t put it down until they’ve fired their shitty boss and reclaimed their God given freedom to wake up whenever the hell they want to. So what are you waiting for? Let’s get to work.

It’s your time,
Dave Sharpe

ps: Question: Are you a digital marketer? And if so, why did you decide to start your own business? Comment below!

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    KIRK STREET says:


  2. David Morales
    David Morales says:

    Awesome…I’m working on making DM my primary income … currently still work my field/service marketing job which I enjoy.. but…,I want more.. this will take time to build the skills necessary to succeed in this industry but I’m taking one day at a time and working on this endeavor a little each day.. by the Grace of God and professional guidance.. I hope to reach my goals. 😊👍

  3. Mike S.
    Mike S. says:

    Great video, Dave and Thank you for your book. I definitely new to this business and but I’m eager to learn and grow to pay off my debts.

  4. Andre Miller
    Andre Miller says:

    The book is on fire. So much value inside. Dave you did a great job putting this together. This should be in every readers collection.

  5. Carol A Nowland
    Carol A Nowland says:

    Hey David,
    Great video! Very down to earth and definitely shows you’re a great mentor. I’m also have a similar story as yours and I have been attempting to grow a business doing everything wrong possible! I’m excited to learn more with this digital marketing business and to crush it!
    My reasons for getting started is because I’am sick and tired of being unable to make 6-7K as I was told from one company after another! I thought it was me until you came into my life and I related to your story that hit home but also inspired me to get the correct training!
    Thank you for your book “Legendary Marketer”
    Carol Nowland

  6. Kelly E
    Kelly E says:

    I call myself a digital marketer…there is still so much I need to learn and comprehend. Legendary is my road to do so. Dave and the team (and our legendary family) are seriously the best. I decided this route to create many freedoms for myself and help those around me. Let’s do this!

  7. Suzi Kauffmann
    Suzi Kauffmann says:

    Cute daughter, David. Does she take after her Mom? LOL Kidding, kidding. Absolutely fabulous model material going on there. Yea, I am pretty new to this digital marketing business. I got very lucky the day I clicked the right link and found you. I don’t know exactly what I was looking for but I had to make a change. See I worked in a Casino here in Las Vegas and they think that 62 is too old to be promoted or even get a raise. Really, 62? I got just as much “raw” in me as any 28-year-old. Pfffffff. And if I may add, the more I get to know you the more I love you and all you do for us, your family!


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