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Below is the transcription for this episode:

Dave: What is going on my friends, this is Dave Sharpe welcome to Wake Up Legendary, we have another awesome episode in another awesome guest who's going to be talking about how she used, coming into Legendary Marketer used our training used our business blueprints to build up her business, which is a side business doesn't doesn't even feel like work to her. And it has grown to 30,000 followers in three months, and we're going to learn exactly how she's done that so all the way from Spain, everybody helped me welcome Ada to the show. How are you doing, Ada?

Ada: I’m good thank you for welcoming me onto the show.

Dave: You're very welcome. You're very welcome. So, is Spain your, is that your homeland is that where you were born and raised and you currently live, are you just visiting there? Look, tell us, tell us, tell us kind of your, your background a little bit.

Ada: Yes, yes. Okay, so I'm actually from Venezuela, and I was born in Venezuela and I have been living in Ireland for the last decade. And at the moment, I sense working remotely so I came to work from Spain for a little bit for a couple of days together with a little bit of someone and worked on it for a little bit of some time. I'm actually just going back to Ireland soon. But yeah, so, I'm from South America.

Dave: Nice, nice. So, you've done a lot of things and you had a food truck in 2019. You, you, you launched an online international student abroad agency in January 2020 You were trading also in the stock market in 2020. And, and then doing some freelancing jobs you started network marketing. Also I mean you're, you're kind of all over the place doing lots of different things. Now, you're doing some affiliate marketing, tell us, what led you ultimately to finding  Legendary Marketer.

Ada: Yes, well I was basically trying to define, send them as the same process I was trying to look for different things I was also trying to find the current streaming thing, because I know that I'm an immigrant only child I have to take care of my family and I knew that, which only one, one job like a knife I was not going to be able to create everything so I have to start from zero, and so I have been doing like opening events and so I have been trying to do different online events, plus the, the fans, look at reading aloud, listening podcast is checking what people is talking about. And this doesn't have anything to do with something really really interesting, it's actually really interesting to learn something was not my thing at all like I just, like, end up like hate and it's just been so many hours we've got a computer every day, and a food truck was actually pretty good. She was very entertaining. It was really funny, but it was so much work so it's just laid back, there's no way in every food truck or a restaurant, it has to be there if we wanted to make it work. And with a pandemic, I was like, Look, I'm going to go online, I'm going to study abroad because I have been working in the industry for seven years. I know how everything works, and. But what's not expected, and then to come after being working for like seven months failed in the company and the agency and everything I invested as well like all the money that I made. And then they sent me, and I had to basically shut down the company so all the effort that I have made on time to maintain it was like. So I ended up doing delivery, so I was just using my card and delivery just kept listening and stuff was trying to find out a way to do it. So then destroy it online, I can't. No other somebody on TikTok, actually was a friend that sent me a tic tock on like look, maybe you can try to an affiliate marketing, I was like,

man I have tried everything, and I was never negative. Everyone I was like, I was like a little you're ready like a join.

And then your marketing isn't working, but it looks, it looks like it's going to work but I don't think this is going to make the thing that actually I want to be at it's not going to give me a lip. So I just decided to give it a try, and I found like literally I found like the answers of all the stuff that I have been looking around for first couple of years view so, because I have been working on digital marketing and I know I know but you can make money in mind that you need to learn just the right way to do it. I was just struggling to define. Gosh, way to do it, and it was kind of, you know what I got when I was like, oh gosh, she can actually do this. It was like it actually started blowing my mind when I started understanding. I was working. So, this has been the way. And also, I was also very dressed. Last year, because it actually happened together. When they condemned kids, and my mom was going through chemotherapy, and I couldn't, I didn't have time to take care of my mom. On Friday. I was laid off from my job, I had to close a company and everything just came together. I was like, this is something that I have to do, it's not just for fun. It's just that I have to do it because my life depended on it, my mom's life depends on gosh my family life depends on that. So I knew that it was, it was a way of finding the way, what's actually much. Actually, I still have this insight, I found everything.

Dave: So I gotta ask, How's mom doing? 

Ada: Mom is doing pretty good thing gosh she went through a very very hard chemo, and it was very intense, but they like she's amazing. I actually sent the link and I was like, Mom, I’m going live.

Dave: Hi mom. That's great, that's great. Well I'm sure she's incredibly proud of you. You said You're her only child right so I'm sure that your her absolute pride in jewelry, and I'm sure she's, she's incredibly proud of who you are and just, you know, you remind me a lot of of my youngest daughter who is my, my daughter, my five year old daughter, who is also very driven. And, and, and just just never quit, you know, and I think that's part of a lot of people's early, early entrepreneur journey. And I think that when our family members sometimes they're looking at us, and they're seeing us trying all kinds of different things, and they're like, What do you do?” Really, why not just get a real job. I mean, you know, they, they, it's hard to understand it because they're not actually not supporting us, they just don't, they just don't understand what we're doing and that's okay. But then when we finally get it, when we finally nail it, when we finally start succeeding. It's, it's, you know, it's such a reason to celebrate. I know for me, and, and, like you said one of my greatest joys, has actually been able to turn around and do things for my family, whether it was spent more time with them, be home with them, whether it was to be able to do things for them financially, whether it was to never let my parents pay for a meal around me, whatever it was, you know you've probably seen the video or videos of me giving my dad cars and houses in my mob cars and all this kind of stuff. It feels really good. And I think that's one of the things that's become one of my higher purposes, for being an entrepreneur and striving to make more money. It's not just because I'm ingredient want to just get rich, it's because a poor person financially poor can't do things for other people. Now you can be there, but more resources equals more opportunities to be able to help and serve people. And it sounds like that's a bit of your motivation, as well, just, that's my particular way I would word it. Does that, does that resonate with you?

Ada: Yeah, yeah, totally 100% And those are things so since, like, energy there a lot of prices and stuff, but all my family have been integrated, and we, it was not something that we choose to do but we have to do. So, it was something that we had to do. And since then I have been leaving a road as well. I was the first one to integrate and it was that I had to start supporting and it was, it was a little bits, and I grew up in a very, very nice family like I had a really nice holiday, it was all, all the time, really good. And since some time where I couldn't, we wouldn't be able to do the same things anymore, and I started realizing that they are like needing more, they need more support. They were in different countries all over the place. At the moment, and, and it was just that it was just like, I can't get the support I can tell you that I love you every single day. But it's not just that. I want to be able to really help. And Steve, it has been, like, a way to motivate them to do other stuff. I haven't been like, teaching them, like, look what I'm doing and this is something that actually you can do it as well. So I have been trying to teach her and she's like, really happy, and even, you know, my cousins or family that are in different places it's just to give them more fans, not only love. But being been able to support them financially and teach them what I'm learning, which is, I think, I think, teaching them something that it's going to they're going to take their life is as great, and this is something that it has been driving me forward on this journey, because I just find out that I love teaching lessons, and it's just making it so easy. It's been just mind blowing pretty fast and pretty easy. Whenever you start talking, because I enjoy, and I take it as a hobby, not as much like I'm literally working on this activity to be something that I love doing on something that I know that it's, you know, it's going to help them doing something better for them for themselves and their life. So that's, that's present with you.

Dave: I, I'm just, I'm sort of taken aback right now because I'm thinking about. For example, how many people in America, you know, think that, you know, our lives, live just, it's, we have such a different experience because we didn't grow up in the type of crisis that many people in other countries for example Venezuela grew up in, and the opportunity here in America is quite frankly, I would say so much more abundant than, then other, other countries, particularly like Venezuela and to hear you. A young, intelligent, you know, full of life and energy woman who is, has, has fled, you know, immigrated away from your country into, into your other family all over the world. And it's, it's, You've got not just this survival mindset, but you've got this mindset to thrive. And, and, and to, to give back and to teach your family and other people that you knew and grew up with these skill sets. It's spiritual. It's, It's, it's, I mean it's just, I don't know, it's something that I, it gives me just a wonderful dose of wonderful gratitude and inspiration this morning to envision what your life has been like what it what it is like the connections that you have to other people in your country, who are may feel hopeless or it just to just to show them it's kind of like, give a person a fish they eat for a day teach a person how to fish, They eat for a lifetime. And then you're using all this work that you've put in to. Now, landing on digital marketing the internet is huge opportunity, and you're using that to, not just give family, a fish, but to teach, friends and family and of course, people online I mean anybody who's really willing to listen right because what we learn and what we realize is that the more value we give, the more valuable we become and the more value we get, that's a great example if you're wondering what giving value its folks, the more value we give out the more value, we become how much knowledge we acquire and then how we can turn that knowledge into teaching it to other people, the more we will prosper. The more we will make, the more abundance we will have, and I'm just I'm so inspired that you come from, and I hear that you had a great childhood but you come from a place in a country that right now is really, it would you agree there's not a lot of hope there for a lot of people, is that accurate to say?

Ada: Yes. Yeah, no, the people are just hopeless because people, they don't, they don't say no, something else says there have been so many years. It's really sad because a lot of people don't even know that they see the world outside, and there's so many other fans and there's so many opportunities outside and. And it's not only, like, you know, it's not only Venezuela, there's so many countries as well. And, you know, it's hard to think that we have a world of opportunity. That's even me so many things online if you just, you know, if you want to learn because one thing is one to learn a lot of people just like they just do another completely hopeless, and you know there's nothing you can do but if people really want to go forward. They live. And I know that people there, a lot of people that relate in some way, a different country, say like, look, I live, so it's possible outside or not in the country that know what is happening here and I know there's a lot of people that there's more people and more people around, doing this, and you don't need. You don't need many fans. To start, I'm really happy when I see people like text me and people from many other different countries. I just found out that it's so powerful, which you can do using the internet, a good one to do good. And so one thing that I always talk about as well as a term they read on the side, I love it, and it's for elevation. So if I help you, you know we are all going to cooperate with each other, we're going to grow with each other. So, you've been part of a community that wants to grow together, so I will have you on this with what is happening as well and we will have somebody else. That's going to keep blowing and basically just sharing information, and I think it's silent information. And that's why I think it's, this is how it became so say for me to maybe start growing my account on TikTok, it was just for my art like this is something that I really actually work and and I just want to kick people off today and I am completely honest, I'm not lying. I'm not showing any expensive cars or anything like that. This is trying on my face and talking about the things that go on isn't the same as if I'm talking to one of my friends, easier to talk to them than to talk to a lot of people that it's actually interested in what you're doing. But I'm giving hope to people. There's no one else and I'm like no, no, yeah, they're, they're more, you can do way more, more than that.

Dave: Well I was thinking about when you were talking about when you were when you're given us more detail about some of the mindset that a lot of people in your home country Venezuela have. And, you know, feelings of hopelessness or like there's nothing else out there but you know, there's also a lot of people here in America think that same way, that's the interesting thing about it is that we all we all are limited by buy, how we think and how we see the world. And that's why there's so many people who live in the richest, most abundant country, you know, the United States of America. At least that's what some people say I don't know. I don't know if it's the richest and most abundant. I just know there's a lot of opportunity here, but there's still a lot of people, there's still a lot of people who feel hopeless, who feel like there's no opportunity, who feel like they're who are just negative all the time. And, you know, it's just, it's interesting that you don't just have to be from a country that's being torn in a crisis, to feel hopeless at anyone. As matter of fact, How many of you guys out of the many of you who are watching this live right now have felt like that, even if you've lived here in the United States, I know I have. Because when you grow up with opportunity around you, no matter if the opportunity is big or small, whatever. Sometimes we just get desensitized to it. And I think we should stop dreaming. And we, you know, remember when you were a kid, you know you're just, I watched my daughter and she pretends she plays, she trains, anything is possible and over the years that gets kind of smothered. And I feel like one of the biggest challenges that we have as new entrepreneurs is learning how to dream again. It's learning how to allow somebody to give us hope. It's, it's, it's, unclogging our creative channels and learning, thinking for ourselves, learning to, as you say, just be our authentic self, when you're creating content, the greatest gift that you have is just your beautiful, wonderful authentic self. It's just your honest self, and you say that that's kind of your secret right over the course of the last few months as you've grown your accounts and you're building your business. It's just sharing authentically what you're learning and what others elaborate on that and tell us what other secrets or strategies you're using that are working. 

Ada: Yeah, so basically when I start. And I think this is a problem that a lot of people would have when they are there. I would say,  No, but we weren't talking at the beginning, like, Okay, why don't you find a job, like, I know. So, since I opened my account, you can see the difference between the last video and the first one is completely, you know, very elaborate. I was talking about various great hash screens. Straight, I know what I'm going to do I'm going to say, Amina. Maurice me when I started when asked more often. And then at some point a resource was actually talking to me and I was like okay, let's talk to people. And one thing that I found is that, I just started creating conversation and people. People are replying to the team tags that I'm posting and getting back to them and then they probably just send another text and then I just reply. Some of them have been like, oh my god I can't believe that you're answering all this, like, yeah, let me just take some time but I do, I answer. I do want to have a presence. I think that's been so personal with toddlers it's actually it really just takes a little bit more time, but it's not, they're just looking at what you're posting, but if you get back to them that personalization. That's, that's, I would just say that much of being human. So it's not somebody just recently talking to somebody that you're scrolling down on your phone, it's somebody that is actually talking to you and answering your questions you're asking how and I'm telling you how to ask him when they have no idea what I'm talking about. No worries, I will explain to you. So, after I started getting a little bit more confident in front of the camera. I started doing life, and I realize that nobody like me has just people doing life but it was like, I guess this is how we'll start. And, then I started going live more often. And like every Sunday evening, I was doing like every Sunday and I was like well let's try on a Monday morning, and then I just realized there were a lot of people going live on Monday morning because it was my morning how to get there. And so as people from, from Australia, from the Philippines, from Indonesia, and I'd like this just like your meeting, and we get into a conversation, as we're doing here. And it's amazing because it's also using this because you're setting in a certain location, you're going to get people that is leaving their location, and that's not that there was what I thought about the algorithm, but it's actually know people from all over the world, that though, goes in line on this checklist you're posing. And I was also, and I keep being very surprised at the feedback as well, of people that really really want to learn. And they're willing to learn something new, they're willing to leave what you're talking about. They're willing to share information. Since I fell off. There were more people who wanted to talk, I opened up a Facebook group, and, and then I am trying to create this validation group of people that want to learn, and keep helping each other on the way, and sharing valuable information and also going to be 100% Honest, I also go into like polls. And listen to other, you know, other people's experiences. What is the word for them so maybe it would work for me. And the fact that having issues, testing user testing based testing their untested wash, not what other people are doing but what I'm just, I feel comfortable with, and the things that work, are things that made me feel comfortable with doing what I'm saying with who I am, and all of that, and to be myself. Be very personal with people, talk to people on sounds like it's not just them talking to the camera but actually referring to people.

Be very honest with any questions that they may like to relate to. So, these are the things that have really worked for me. I know some people will say, “Look, how can you be answering every single moment? They get their comments that people are actually asking me how to do this and say bye to them. It doesn't matter. It doesn't matter if they're like 1000 or 2000 comments that he had and why. As soon as that sense of like yeah, somebody's saying that you're talking about this to the camera and you're actually talking to people, somebody is actually listening to what you're saying, and you're listening to them. So I think that it has been. It has also helped me a lot to create content, because it's basically I'm answering their questions and more content. If they have a question so yes reply with more content on there, more. So it has been getting like it easier and easier to live into the tick tock, to create a Facebook group and create Instagram accounts, and it has also been very fast, because all the accounts that I have been grown have been all organic, as I said at the beginning, I took this as a hobby and I was like, I know I have to create this. You know most of the best fit my mindset. I was as well like I don't want to get super stressed, if this, you know, if it doesn't work because I have so many events. So, I'm having so much fun I'm really enjoying what I'm doing and use in, you know, I have also been getting like really good feedback from followers, people so it feels even even more comfortable to talk about it, and it feels good, because people say like look, it's actually helping me, I'm very happy like, can you help me a little bit more. Can you give me some good advice? And what I'm saying is literally what I have been doing and things that I've been working on. It has also been my experience and I'm sharing as well my experience of all the work before I get them to not worry, so I think those are the most valuable things that I can do. They honestly, like, you know you already traded, it doesn't mean that if it didn't work for me it's not going to work for you but I'm just giving my experience, and all those pieces of information I can they're very very battle, and more than being a superstar and pen or being like green screen I'm amazing videos it's just been like, 100%, and willing to help. We need to help, because, you know, maybe a lot of people will also be related or will be feeling the same, the same way that I have been feeling hopeless, sometimes, like, they don't know where to go, What to do next. And we have articles like this secret that I have been wanting to bash, I know that I opened an Instagram account, and just go into the new Instagram accounts, but I don't feel bad anymore, is not, I'm not ashamed of what I'm doing, I'm not. I am not worried. Any comments on anything, if some, somebody says I'm not appealing. And I'm happy because when I converse, I forget what I'm doing, how I'm doing. That's why I'm doing it. Yeah, so this is just the best month I have been teaching this myself, I have been learning a lot. Myself, your year or whatever, because it's, it made me happy.

Ada: Well, you, you sound happy, what you're saying, matches what I'm seeing. And that's really important because I think people. What you said a second ago you said, I'm, I really hone in and focus on what I am comfortable with. And that is really, I think something that we don't talk about enough, is that there's lots of strategies that you can buy. But if it's, if it's really hard or you're not comfortable doing it, or it's it doesn't feel right, You know, like, you don't feel comfortable in your skin doing it for an extended period of time, I'm not talking about just the awkwardness of shooting your first video, everybody's going to be uncomfortable doing that, but I'm talking about the people are the most beautiful selves and their most confident selves, when they're doing something that they love doing that feels comfortable to them. And if you ask anybody who's really successful, they'll tell you that their work doesn't feel like work. Their work doesn't feel like work. They're having a lot of fun. I mean for me. I'll tell you. I love what I do, I mean, I'm not gonna say every single minute of every single day, I'm like, Oh, I'm so grateful. But I mean, I love what I do, I mean, it's, I'm comfortable doing it, I now pick, I mean I do these lives and you saw just come on 15 seconds before we go live, I just, let's go live, let's talk, let's, let's there, I got nothing to hide. I got no there's nothing that I, I'm not trying to trick anybody there's no, it's all just I like doing this and I have fun doing this and I think that comes across to people, I mean I don't know I, I would assume it does. But anyways, I just wanted to comment on that because I thought that was really powerful. One of the things that I also wanted to say was that I know you've been your blue business blueprint students of ours here at legendary, and you've used the training. You've come in, you've showed up to the Thursday coaching calls you've, you've gone through the training you've implemented, and it's so interesting now, you are out there, delivering value you're confident, you have lots of foundational information to be able to share with people. In other words, you're now becoming your, you know, you're, you're, you're becoming a great person of value you're becoming a great leader and teacher, you're, you're stepping into your power there. But you also were not afraid to be a listener, a learner, a student. Can you talk to us about what that experience has been like for you learning here and showing up with, even though you've done going up with, with an empty cup ready to learn.

Ada: Yes, I have to say I love learning. I love learning, and I have. The thing about being learning. being able to start implementing stuff. It has been even more equal. So my theory is like hey like every Thursday. I'm going to live, because I have to be bigger. I have to tear like I'm learning and keep learning. I don't think it's something that I can say that I learned everything because I don't think so. I just, I'm just starting. Gosh, that there is so much information like this and the fact that I can have, like, the step by step so the good stuff. And I have been doing everything from zero and then we don't have a lot of experience just because I have all the information step by step and somebody that is guidance on the basics, has been amazing. And there appears to be information as well on the cause, on Thursdays. They have helped me so much with everything. There's really no, everything is changing, and Facebook, the algorithm and everything is changing. This stuff is on Facebook for three months, when you open it again. So if you're not, if you're not on, like, like, like you have no life and internet since I started doing know that. I thought, that's actually pretty easy. I can sort of do this and I need to work on them. But it took us a lot of time to learn step by step. And the magic. the blueprints, like what do you want to do after that, what is the first affiliate after the rest of the training and the training, the best then. I have learned issues that you can count on people like this, something that I really, I really like and really not. It's just the community. As you and Matt that are around helping us, are answering any questions you know I have hashtag issues, online and sent in and we just get back to me or it's been Thursday. And I thought it was the end of the world this morning. So the experience of having a community and having somebody to backfill. This already has experience and the knowledge to tell you everything I know the best thing to have. And, like I have, I have paid famous before and because, is this just the best thing that I have ever lived within that has worked for me. Also, interested in as well to see how people have been drawing on the way. And the way we show it, and then the way we can help them on the way that they want to arrive first, and they can help you. So that's enough of a community there. That's not only just the training that she can, like, alerts you know, whenever, like when my hair or something I keep the videos, Bob's also the, he calls it military Haven. Whenever we're gonna need to do some tic tac, what can I do? Somebody already went to help, and I think it was a BMW. The community is the bandits you know I love the most. And it has helped. Also, like so many things are ready to record. So, it hasn't happened to you, probably. Probably somebody went through that already. And there is a way to go through the information on that duathlon's answer. And it is asked, and somebody is going to get back to you and get back to me, and maybe because the series, which was the thing that happened to me before and they pay very expensive paintings and then nobody has to or like, they don't worry. You know, I don't have a product, I don't have a company. And the fact that you can do everything from zero.

People will be 100% When I'm talking to myself, let's help each other. Let's grow together, because together we're stronger. It's the thing that I really love the most, and the blueprint is just amazing.

Dave: Yeah, well, you're somebody who, you know, bought the training in a muted. And the reason why I'm saying that is because so many of us buy gym memberships and never go to the gym, you know, so many of us are information hoarders. You know, we're information junkies, we listen, we attend webinars. I mean there's, there's probably a lot of us on this call right now, if we're honest, bought in the past, right, have bought a course, and literally five minutes after buying the course you're back on Facebook scrolling, as if you're, you're looking for the next kind of hit. It reminds me a lot of addiction, you know, because when, in many respects we get addicted to the chase, we get addicted to the fantasy that we're going to find the magic secret. And so once we buy something, you know, it's kind of like buying a new watch or a new purse or a new pair of shoes. You know, it's like, there's so much fun and searching, shopping, and all this kind of stuff. And then you get it home and you're kind of looking at it and sitting there and you're kind of like, Alright, what's next, you know what I mean, like it's just human nature, it's not that we don't enjoy what we buy. But there's a, there's a, if we understand this about ourselves. If we understand this about ourselves, we can learn to train our brain to be more disciplined, that when we buy something, for example, those of you who have bought the blueprints are considering buying the blueprints to actually use that to come on the live trainings to be resourceful and realize that if you have a question. You're right, it's probably already been answered on a previous training. And as all you have to do is go to the life page where all the training recordings are and I'm not talking about the main course I'm talking about just the Thursday blueprint coaching calls, and just do a little keyword search command F, just type in some keywords email bridge page funnel, and just see if there's something versus back on Facebook, back on wherever scrolling looking for the solution. I tell people that everything you need to know to make your first million dollars, and more, and beyond is right here. It's right here. It's right within this community, it's right within this training. It's all here. It's just a matter of how much do you want to squeeze, how much juice do you want to squeeze out of this piece of fruit, or are you the type of person that wants to take a little nibble here and then go chase another piece. Take a little nibble here and go chase another piece of fruit, right, that's, that's human nature that's okay, I understand that I get that right. But there's, there's a lot of benefits to when you find a fruitful tree to sit there in take the piece of fruit off in in squeeze every last drop out of it. In a gracious and exciting way. One of the things that I really love about you from just talking to you here for almost an hour now we'll wrap it up here in just a moment, is just the attitude that you have and I just would like to finish with that because you're from a country that's in crisis, and even though you had a wonderful family. Hi mom if she's still watching. There's no doubt that you grew up around a lot of hardship, and a lot of crisis, and in a, in many respects. For many people, a hopeless environment, you, you also,

As many people do when you buy something you could very easily come in and just had kind of an attitude of entitlement when you bought something like, alright, I paid the money now. Why, why, Why am I not rich again, the train must be a scam. It also, the third thing is that after all of the things that you tried before this, the network marketing and the food truck in the academy, some of the more successful stuff before, but you still started this is where one after all of that, all of your life has been a just an event after event from literally childhood of overcoming obstacles, and you have a million reasons to be negative. And you have a million reasons probably just like others that you could find to look at life and just look around you and just, you know, see things as glass half empty. What, talk to us and leave us with just a few words about how can we find more gratitude, like, how can we how can we improve our attitude like, how can we harness the passion that you have for life and for this business, and just the overall positive attitude that you have, How can we give us a hook shot before we wrap this up.

Ada: Yeah. Well, I think that there's nothing better than helping people. And if you're not doing this for you, because that's the first person that you have to care for this affirmative for yourself and be better for yourself, like, be the best you that you can be, just do it for the rest of the people that are around you never know who can be held. Just by chairing the thought of information motivates somebody else, just by being given to somebody is by saying good morning and I looked, and, if you want to just, there are a lot of bad things in the world. But it does mean that you have to be far apart. It doesn't matter where you are in the world. It can be that good a good person. And the best part of yourself for the rest of people that are sick, and just don't do it for money, don't have any money but for the best things that you can do with the money that you're going to make you know it's not for you. This is the rest of the people that you're going to help. But Magennis. The best part is, find the motivation there. Can't help, I can't hear you.

Dave: Sorry I was muted there, you know, see I still have, I still have a technical challenge there on my side as well. I'm actually quite good, I'm actually quite a technical klutz. I have a hard time sometimes turning on my computer but it's not stopped me from business online. What I was saying was, I'm sure mom is watching and, you know, and obviously so are many other people, hundreds today or I don't know, maybe 1000s You know people jump on and off and. And then many will catch the replay and then listen to the podcast, but, that one person that's most special to you, who was probably listening was mom who just went through this intense chemo treatment and is a lawyer and is coming out on the other side. I'm sure that she is so proud. And, and I know if I was her I would be. And so, thank you for your time today. Thank you for putting in all the work that you have so you could come on and share it with us. It's not just, you know, you're making it look easy but we all know that it's not easy. It takes a lot of work so thank you for doing that work. And thank you for being an inspiration, not just to us but also thank you for inspiring us with this attitude. you are sharing this information with people that may feel hopeless right now, not who may not even be on TikTok scrolling and just find you but actual friends and family. You know, we sometimes get this attitude like, Well, my friends and family don't support me and so I'm just going to go, you know, focus on the internet people and, well, maybe they're just so hopeless, that it's not all about you. Maybe they're just feeling hopeless about life and you're that one person in their life. That, that, if you continue to build in you continue to grow that you'll become an inspiration to them. I know that's happened in my life, and I can see that that's happening in yours, and it really looks really good on you. So keep up the great work. All right. Please come back soon. And please get out and please get on Instagram reels too because that's the next hot place that's blowing up right now. All right,

It started out this week already. 

Ada: Alright, thank you very much. 

Dave: You’re very welcome. Thank you. We'll talk to you later. All right my friends are not just, I mean, listen Please, find, find another way that has the type of students and people that we do here at legendary, I just income, constantly overwhelmed. Constantly overjoyed and constantly motivated and inspired by the shows every morning, I'm the one who benefits the most. I know some of you guys watch this religiously every day. But you know, I feel grateful because I'm, I'm benefiting so much from being inspired in learning, and in hearing the stories from people around the world, you know, I know a lot of you guys think that all well this is a great strategy for Dave and legendary marketer to do these shows every day they get to showcase students who are using the training and students who are getting results and clients in the community and 50. But you know what my dirty little secret is you don't my dirty, dirty, dirty little secret is, is that these actually have these actually helped me every day. Please help me stay inspired, they helped me get excited, they helped me stay closely in touch with my, with, with people who are in this industry people that watch the sales video or were scrolling on TikTok, and who were at one time, just a prospect just somebody who has a lead. Right. But they turn into customers, and I get to talk to them and I get to listen to them and I get to be inspired by them and I get to learn about how they think. And I get to make friends. So here's, and this goes a little bit about, you know, to what he said as far as doing this until you love it. Do what you're doing here to love it. It may feel like a job, it may feel like hard work, it may feel uncomfortable for doing it until you love it, keep doing it until it benefits you so much that you want to do it you need to do it, you need to do it because you want to plug in, because you want to feel alive, because you want to feel passionate about what you're doing, right, this business, this industry gives you that opportunity that freedom to feel passionate about what you're doing. He does, in a way that I've never seen or experienced any other business. So, be Legendary my friends have a great Friday, awesome weekend to see you back here Monday, as usual, get the hell out of here and have a great day. Have a great weekend. Peace.

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