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Dave: Hey what's going on, my friends, this is Dave sharp Welcome to wake up legend every listen we got a fantastic, we're gonna jump right into it, we're going to be talking about how to do things with a small email list, okay this is gonna be a fantastic show. I'm really excited about it and I want to welcome Elisa to the show, how are you doing Elisa?.

Elisa: Hello guys I'm great, Dave, how are you? Thank you for the opportunity to be here.

Dave: I'm fantastic I'm fantastic. Yeah. Oh, it's, it's my pleasure. It's my pleasure, thrilled to have you on and really excited to learn from you. So, what, what, what got you started in online marketing in the first place?

Elisa: Oh gosh, It was two years ago, when I finally saw and understood that it would be impossible to work in my career in international logistics here in the UK. I'm Brazilian. And I've been living here for four years now. And as my career was very specific in Revelations, I would need to start over again actually. And when you are in a different country, and a different language and different everything. Actually, I understood that it was very difficult for me to get the same position that I've got in Brazil. So, at that time I thought oh my god I need to think about something that is a free location that I could do whatever I am even if I return to Brazil after my visa expires. I need to restart over again so there. It was very difficult for me to make this decision, but I've started to like Google, my options. Well, I just type on Google how to make money online. That was probably the best option and then lots of opportunities have come to my mind, without the things that I've never thought about. Yeah, and definitely affiliate marketing was the best option for me in my situation in my options. 

Dave: So we're excited to have you as a part of our, you know, a client here and a part of our community and what, what we've titled this show today is how to do big things with a small email list. So, I'm intrigued because, in particular, Back in December. You started running small little Facebook ads, with a budget of about $30 a day. Yeah, built your email list from, from, from 800 subscribers now to 5,000 subscribers that in that email list if I'm correct, and I understood what, when I was learning about you before we started the show if I understand correctly that email list is now is now creating ongoing income for you because you're sending out offers to them and you're nurturing that list and building relationships with those customers. So, why? What happened in December that made you start advertising that particular way. And what did you try up until that point that either did or didn't work, walk us through the, the, the journey of your marketing strategies that led you to kind of these last six months.

Elisa: I've always been afraid of pay. That's okay, I've always been afraid of investing in it because I knew that I would need a lot of knowledge to make it work for me. But I've tried, since April of last year, we've met with Matt’s training that can accommodate, I've started there, but I have been blockaded, everything was getting worse and worse, and the free traffic wasn't working for me at my speed that I would like. Then I started searching out, and I found a guy that had a very different strategy that I've never heard of before. And it was about lead ads, to generations of Facebook ads and I didn't know that we could do that. And I understood his strategy and duplicated it for me. So, normally, depending on the target audience that to you put in your Facebook ads, we could have leads for five cents. And that was a very big deal for me because I had the new book, a very good ebook that I wish I could share. So I structure all my strategy using the tools that I stole from the marketing platform that I use, and just duplicate the idea of the guide that was basically given away for free by ebook, and then put this people inside the Facebook Messenger. And this, in this moment you still keep people inside Facebook that's why it's cheaper. And when they opt in to download my ebook, they would go directly to my autoresponder system connected to another tool that would make it automatically. And that was it actually, since December. I've got almost 6,000 people. And I've increased my revenue with these people actually only using my mail marketing list for, I don't know 50% So it was like a huge step for me and when you decide to do lead generation with Facebook ads, you need to be patient, because it's not conversion that's you, you want to see the sales pouring in right after you start running ads, It's, it's, like you said, nursery is trying to again engage with his people in another guest. This is a very interesting strategy with people that are just starting out with new domains that they need to increase the domain reputation, inside this email marketing just tweet. So I put people to open their emails to find my equal. So I guess I'm, I'm getting, I'm getting sales and I'm getting better and my reputation shows. So yeah, it's been amazing so far.

Dave: So, you're giving away an ebook and are you sending them directly so Facebook lead ads are a way that Facebook will allow you to advertise when you enter your information right on Facebook. So it's kind of like a little landing page or opt in form that pops up right on Facebook? Are you sending them to a lead ad form, or are you sending them directly to messenger?

Elisa: At first they pass through the lead form, where they put the affiliate link. When they opt in, and then they could go wherever they want to actually but I put them to go to the messenger, where I have legendary marketer as an option for them to purchase in other products too it's, it becomes to communicate actually conversation with them. And there's another thing, every time that I upload a new video on youtube I use these people there that are my subscribers inside messenger. And guys, I've been increasing my views on YouTube, this way too. So, now since December I have like 2,000 people in my messenger subscribers list, which is amazing, actually. And nowadays, I've been spending less money because I optimize that campaign. Yeah, I'm not spending more $30 A day I'm spending $20 A day I'm getting the same result. Dave: So in order to communicate, you're so you're building both an email list and a messenger list at the same time? And how are you communicating with those people through messenger?

Elisa: You can work in a flow. You can imagine that you have something to say and then you ask a question, and then people you have like two buttons. Yeah, For example, and are you part of the Legendary Marketer? first button: No, not yet. Second button: yes. So yeah, so, according to their answers, you can continue the conversation. But you, it's like a bot.

Dave: Are you doing that through Facebook? Can you do that directly inside of the Facebook interface?

Elisa: I don't know I'm using chatbot messenger inside the digital marketing platform that I running my business on,

Dave: I got you, I got a couple of different tools that you can use for that. Yes, you know, chat, chatbots are killer. Yeah. And so, yeah, so, I mean unfortunately the challenge with Facebook has been that they ultimately control the platform, so sometimes they might put a regulation or they might, they might block some sort of a robot that you're using. So, but I think that I think that, I mean obviously if you're able to use an automated tool, you know, some sort of a software, that's fantastic. But even if you are not using a robot or a tool. And you're driving people into messenger and then you're just having actual conversations with people say somebody's spending five or $10 a day. And when, when, when you put them into the lead form and collect their email address, and then when they come into messenger. You know you have either you're an assistant actually engaging somebody manually, having a real conversation with right and if you have five or 10 leads a day. That's incredible. It's incredibly realistic to engage with somebody. Yeah, and Amazon just came out with a study, the other day. Let me see if I can find the stats about it. It was pretty interesting. It was pretty interesting information from Jeff Bezos annual letter for Amazon. So, 28% of purchases on Amazon are completed within three minutes of somebody landing on the site 50% of purchases on Amazon are completed in less than 15 minutes. So, I find the same experience here within our company in our ecosystem is that when people first come in contact with you when they're, when they're most likely to buy something. Yeah. Now, certainly there's going to be a percentage of people that maybe get your email follow ups or buy from you again. If they buy from you, and then they're happy, right, and then they are on your email list and you send them more offers, you'll find that the majority of people who buy from your email list are oftentimes people who have already bought from you before because they've had a good experience. Yeah, but my point is that even if you're not able to automate, you know when you bring somebody into Facebook Messenger. I think we I think we underestimate the value and the power of just engaging somebody I know a guy who's running a 10 plus million dollar a year business selling courses and coaching, and his entire business model is driving people from ads into messenger and he's got a team of virtual assistants, there in chat with people and celled and qualify them and sell them right in chat live conversations. Right. And so I think this strategy that you're, I think the strategy that you're running, can be done a couple of different ways. And no matter which way you do it, I think you can be effective with it. So congratulations for you for figuring this out and continuing to try, you know, continuing to not stopping, that's such an important thing. No one strategy works for everybody. Right, yeah, but you've taken a strategy that can be done several different ways and you kept pushing and kept trying and that's why you're successful. And then, in the majority of people, you know, unfortunately, who come into this industry and try to make money online, don't. And the reason why is because the minute that they run into their first challenge, they stop it don't why and I want everybody to hear this loud and clear the reason why you are successful, okay, is because the reason why Alyssa is successful is because of her ability to adjust when things don't go as planned. So what is your mentality around your business, Alyssa that helps you when something doesn't go as planned. And that happens every day and you and I both know this, but how do you adjust how you view that situation or that problem in a way that keeps you going instead of getting you frustrated and mad and makes you want to quit?

Elisa: Well, it's not easy, actually. That's my first try, and in business actually I've never been an entrepreneur before. So it's all about mindset right. And I guess I just want this to work for me, and I really want to make a lot of money and help a lot of people with that. And I guess, I guess this is it, guys. Sometimes I wake up in the morning and that just, I just can't work. It's so much content to create so many videos for you too, because YouTube is my main free traffic stream. And sometimes you just don't want to do that, even in this pandemic it has been very difficult to stay positive and go ahead but I believe that if you have something inside of you that really drives you, just sit down and work. And that’s how I’ve been doing this, even if I am not in the mood to work. I came here and then I just shorted my list to three things. Okay, so they all do my TikToks, and then I'll do, I'll try to work on the script, and then I'll see my accountant and see if I need to do something for my business. And this way I'm going to check out my list. And by the end of two hours I can see okay, I'm not in the mood, but I am still here and I'm still checking out my list so I guess it's okay, let's talk a little, and then when I'm in the mood, my dear nobody stops me. I just sit here and do whatever I need to do, it's like crazy. 

Dave: Yeah. No, I love you. I love how real you're being about this business because it is not easy, it's not but nothing is easy, it's going to be hard. Either way, it's going to be hard to be successful and it's going to be hard to make a lot of money, and it's also going to be really hard to be broke and be miserable. Both are hard. Both are really hard. It's hard to be broke. You know I was talking to a friend yesterday who is, is actually a really successful marketer in his own right, he's the. He's the CEO of a very popular company that we all know is a software company in our industry. And he, we were talking about our kids, and he was talking about, you know, the fact that he really is thankful that he has some money and he knows he makes a good living and then. And because he said that you know he's got a brand new baby girl, only eight months old and he said, life would be a lot different and really hard right now. If my wife and I were raising our daughter, and, and really struggling to pay the bills. So, you know that I think that we just have to really kind of understand that whether we want to be successful and rich or whether we want to be broken, and, you know, unhappy or whatever, or unsuccessful both our heart, both our heart, you know, both our heart, and so we have to choose our hard. One thing that I noticed about you, you've got a TikTok we've got your, your, your, TikTok candle up here for people to go check you out you've got a YouTube channel, you're running Facebook ads, you're building your email list you're building your messenger list. I mean, TikTok, YouTube, Facebook ads which are building your email list. Okay and are also building a messenger list. Okay, an email list. So, yeah, and you've got Google ads so Google ads are feeding your email list basically. But I mean you've got five, six different traffic sources now.

Elisa: And I'm always answering questions there. I have 1,000s and 1,000s of views in my coordinates of traffic there too. 

Dave:  Tell me about your mentality about multiple sources of traffic, why do you feel that it's important to have these different sources of traffic for your business?

Elisa: You can't put your eggs in one nest. If in this industry, considering that we have our, I have my audience online, and each and every social media. It's just a matter of me to try to put myself out there and reach them. So why shouldn't I be only on TikTok or only on YouTube. It's very difficult to get likes, lots of different social media, but I guess this is the way my Instagram is also growing. Afterwards, I decided to use it more often. And, and I've been getting free leads from there too. But guys, I don't know, I think that saying that is the best resource of traffic for me. Nowadays, and if I understand well this industry affiliate marketers are a breach between people and the products, so I need to be a specialist in traffic. So I need to test it out. Everything actually I have a plan to scale a little bit more for other sources that I don't have yet. And I don't think that I'm okay with what I have today. I'm still growing, you know.

Dave: Yeah, I mean your paid ad budget is only $20 a day I mean yes, there's so much room to grow. Yeah, I mean, I, on one hand, it's super inspirational and I hope that everybody is like getting their mind blown about what's possible with just $20 a day in advertising. But on the other hand, it's like you've not even really started yet, I mean you're just getting started. I mean,

so your YouTube channel is really kind of, it's not even picked up steam yet. Your TikTok account has not even picked up steam yet, you're just at the beginning baby step stages of your business.

Elisa: And I'm already making sales, that's the thing.

Dave: Right, That's what I'm saying is that you're at this infantile stage, this exciting beginning stage to where you've taken action on all these different strategies, and now you've got yourself a good foundation.

Elisa: Yeah I guess so, yeah, foundation. Yeah and this is something that I, I preach in my book too, so you need to have a solid foundation to move forward. Otherwise, your building is going to break up. It's not going to be like, it's not going to work right yeah so I have lots of things that I need to improve. I know that, but I still work alone, which gives me a little more difficulty to, it's a little more challenging to like do everything that I need to do. As you said. I am only growing. I would say because it's only been two years and I was in a totally different industry before that. So lots of things to learn and you guys helped me a lot on this, the training that I have inside Legendary just made friends since the day one. And thank you for that, Matt and Dave You are the best. Thank you so much for that. It definitely has changed my way to see marketing my voice, and how the way that you put yourself out there also resonates a lot with me, and I really learn a lot from you. Since day one so thank you so much for that.

Dave: Well, I, I'm excited about what more I and we can learn from you now. And see, that's how this business works, you know, I really I really the reason why I love this industry in this business so much is because there, you never arrive, you never get to a place to where you're all knowing, and, and in the in the minute the minute I want everybody to hear this loud and clear. The minute that someone thinks they've got it all covered that they know it all, is the minute that they have lost at all. Yeah, because this, this internet game, which is really if you look at it like a game, then it's a lot easier to deal with the changes, because it's like, it's like every so often sort of like, you know how you would buy like a video game every so often, maybe it's every two months or three months or six months there's like a big software update to the internet. And and and it's like the rules might change or there might be new obstacles that you have to overcome. And, you know, you have to relearn things or you have to get used to a new platform where you have to just be willing and ready to adjust and learn new things. And so I think for you know for me, one of the things that's kept me successful is not knowing everything. It's being willing to constantly continue to learn. Because I know that I don't know everything and because the game is constantly changing, and the new marketers like you who come in, oftentimes are the people who I can learn the most from because you're, you're trying new things and that's the power of a community like we have here at legendary is is that there's so many smart marketers that are trying so many different things. And then, I've never been in an industry before to where people are willing so willing to share that because they actually are excited about what they do, what they're doing, and they're working in a business it's about freedom, not about competition, it's about collaboration, not about competition, because there's really enough for everybody out here. Yeah. And we're willing to help you know we're willing to help each other, you know, and it's just a beautiful thing. So I just want to tell you thank you for being so willing to share and I see ways that we can have more with our audience and share more with our students, and just continue to help everybody grow and then in turn, you grow too because the whole idea of this right is that we learn it, we do it, then we teach it. And a lot of times for somebody like yourself, the next level for you is to is to is to is to improve your teaching and your presentation skills, because then you become a better communicator you become a better presenter, right, and that's how ultimately you improve your content, that's how you build your audience right so, yeah. 

Elisa: So, yeah, it's, I guess, Dave, I guess, the video is the most important thing that we'll have at this moment on the internet, because It can reach so many things, so many people. And when you put yourself out there the game changes. I was afraid about putting myself out there. I put my face in front of the camera because of my English. And one year ago when I started my YouTube channel that has changed my perspective on my business, for the better, you know, and you weren't talking about something, this kind of thing, or sharing with people what to what we know. I've been releasing a set of four videos, a series of four videos kind of explaining these strategies that I've been using on Facebook ads. So I've read release two. And there are two more to go. And it's just about sharing, and then there I asked people okay if you want to know exactly how I do it using Facebook ads, and this video is going to be the next one, it's not on air yet. If you want to know please comment here. If you want to know how I, I've done it, then I can do a series of other videos to show you exactly how, how I've done it. And, and I guess this video probably will go on there on Thursday but I believe that I'm going to get lots of comments from it, because people really want to know what's working and if it's been working, why shouldn't.

Dave: Right. I totally agree with it well, and also your, the more value you bring the more people tune in to what you say. Yeah, and I think, I think the other benefit in this industry anyways, is when, when you go and you do something that works not only do you get results with it but then you can share it with others. And that and that compounds your results, that, that brings more people to you because you're actually delivering something that's valuable to them. When we talk about delivering value that's exactly what that means, what can I share with people, what can I teach people, what can I create a video about that somebody can use, and get results with, that's the bit that is valuable to them. That's what delivering value means. And that's the difference between people who really, you know, get a lot of results with their content, and people who don't. I call it edgy edutainment. It's educational, and it's a bit entertaining, right, it's not like it's not like. Now click here and go to Facebook right I mean you insert a little bit of your personality you have a little fun. It's like learning. It's like who is your favorite teacher in school. It probably wasn't the person that was like, Well, come to class, it was probably the person that made you feel good about yourself. Yeah, what made you laugh and made learning fun right, so, so, you know, being a teacher is also a learned skill. I mean it's not, it's not, it's not something that you were either born with or not born with. It's a, it's a learned skill, just going out and learning something doing it around and tell you that. Thank you so much for sharing that it was your, your accent. That was such a insecurity for you, because I want to tell you that your accent, and listening to you talk is really music to my ears I love, I love the way it sounds, it's it's really nice to listen to, as a person who, as a person who, you know, as an American, that speaks English as his first language I love to hear people that have different accents from different countries talk. And so, we never know. We never know. How beautiful, what we have to say or what we have to present to somebody can be because we're so critical of ourselves so I'm so thankful that you push through that fear that you had, and are now sharing your voice because it really is beautiful. 

Elisa: Dave, It's my first live show today. Today, I've never done it before. Well, we need to take out the Zoom calls that I've been doing. That is just one on one, but that's my first live, you have no idea how I'm afraid of doing this. So yeah, so today I'm overcoming one more fear actually, well not only about speaking in English in the correct way. Being people really understand my message. Message and in my voice, but put your face out there. Live as you do every single day. It's something that was in my plan and now I guess I need to do it every single day too, because I've already done it, guys.

Dave: Very inspiring. I mean, very inspiring and I just want to tell you that this moment right now for you watching you live this moment right now and do this is really a beautiful sight.

Elisa: Thank you,

Dave: You're having a beautiful human experience right now. Rocking through a fear that you had. And you know what you showed up showing up is half the battle. You showed up, you had, we had technical challenges we were a few minutes late because we couldn't even hear your microphone you end it now you're on your phone, and even that didn't discourage you pushed through that and here you are

Elisa: Sweating.

Dave: And you know what sweating doesn't matter. It's wonderful, it's it's just to witness it right to witness it to for you to be sitting and I'm just trying to point it out because this is a moment for you, moment, and it's also a moment for everybody else by you doing this you're giving such a powerful experience to all of everybody who's listening right now, and experience that they'll never forget.

Elisa: Yeah guys, it's difficult but it's not impossible. You always need to try something else and get out their comfort zone to get better results. Otherwise you're going to get whatever you've been getting. So yeah, that's why being afraid of overcoming your fears. It's not going to give you. And I guess that life is set in every area of our lives, not only business but everything that you need to sort out. You should go and solve it, and move forward, and go ahead. So yeah, that's that's the way I tried to live.

Dave: That's the way you're living today, and that's the way we can see intel that you've been living because of what you're doing and just the results that you're getting the confidence that you're building. It's, it shows. It shows not just in the money. The money is great, but it shows in your, in your, in your spirit, it shows in the energy, it shows in your attitude, and it's been a pleasure. I really hope that you will stay, that you'll come back, that you'll keep us posted, that you'll continue to contribute to our community because we are incredibly grateful to have you.

I'm grateful to Dave, I can't wait for this pandemic to end because I really want to go to the mastermind event. Yeah, I want to be there and hopefully it will be next year, or even this year,

Dave: Who knows. Yeah, I think it's gonna be this year, my guess is it's gonna be this year, and, and I can't wait. I can't wait. Okay we will give each other big huge, high fives, elbow bombs whatever we feel comfortable with and have a fantastic time okay, hug, that's fine too. I'm fine with that. Okay,  I am excited for you, and I am, yeah I'm excited to know you and get to know you more and to continue to see your journey. This is what is exciting for me is to see people grow. And because, because this is not, you know, this is not for the people who, who, it's not for the people who need it. We all need, you know, it's for the people who want it. You know it's for the people who are willing to go after it, you know, I mean, anybody can get something from listening to these, these shows and anybody can get something from going through our training, but, but to put to actually apply it and then to go through the process of growing, and then and then earning your results, it's a beautiful process, and you are showing us how how really amazing. it can feel and in what it looks like people this is what it looks like right here. Okay, thank you so much, keep smiling and and keep, keep up the great work. Okay, Elisa will talk to you real soon.

Elisa: Thank you so much guys, Thank you. All right, you're

welcome. Take care.

Dave: Alright my friends, I mean if that doesn't get you fired up I really, I don't know what will. Okay, I just don't know what well, you know, so I love you all, I appreciate you all, I'm going to start my day filled with tons of gratitude and inspiration this morning from that wonderful conversation, and I hope you guys have an amazing day, be legendary my friends, and we'll see you back here tomorrow 10am Eastern Time.

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