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Matt: Happy Tuesday. I am Matt if you don't already know me. I'm guest hosting this morning for Dave and we're live. It is actually the 28th. This is not a recording and we've got another awesome guest if you're new. If this is your first time we go live every single Monday through Friday at 10am Eastern time. We bring on a guest. Typically we bring on a guest sometimes you know we have a late cancellation or something and we won't have a guest that day but typically we have a guest and they have learned from or experienced some sort of success from our training. And they want to share a bit about their success and they want to share a little bit about what's been going on in their business and how they got started and their whole journey. So if you are newer or if this is your first time watching the show, we typically will find and select people to bring on the show but you can also submit to be featured on our wakeup legendary show you can fill out the form at Legendary and US slash featured you can fill it out and if it's a good fit, we'll reach out to you. And today's guest is I believe, I didn't actually ask but I believe from California and he's a young, easy young buck and we're going to bring on Jacob so if everybody in the comments can give us a little hand clap emoji to welcome Jacob on to the show Jacob how are you? 

Jacob: I'm doing amazing. Thank you. What was right with the California Oh, currently in Florida. 

Matt: Awesome. Calling in from Florida. Well, it's a little bit cold. From Florida at this time because it's 10am they're waking up at seven you time that right? Well cool man. So you tell us a little bit about you bringing us into your world into your life. What are you up to and then how did you start finding online business? What was the first online business you started and tell us a little bit about how you found Legendary. 

Jacob: So right now I'm currently 20 years old. I found the legend through Brian Brewer on YouTube. Yeah, I would say my first online business I started with Amazon FBA. And that was a total disaster. I gotta say for myself. I just spent countless hours or just going down the rabbit hole. And it was just such a waste of time honestly. So like currently right now I am a Muay Thai fighter. Not preparing for any fights right now. I work two days a week in a pizza restaurant with all my friends. So that's a nice little hangout spot. Yeah, so coming across Legendary was probably like the best decision I've ever had. Super cool. I love that. So you're moving. How long have you been doing Muay Thai? Three years. That was it. 

Matt: Okay, cool. How'd you get into it? 

Jacob: Once I moved down here, after I graduated, I was playing football. And I didn't want to go from like, one contact sport to no contact sport because I wasn't going to college. So I was like, Oh, well fighting is no contact. So I just got in there and I joined a local gym and he liked it. I liked it a lot. 

Matt: So tell us a little bit about the Amazon FBA thing. Tell us all just I know, you said in your questionnaire, I lost a lot of money, you know, but tell us I mean, how was the approach? I mean, did you buy a course? Did you find a course first? What was the process like? What was what went well? What was frustrating? What went not so well?

Jacob: It was over YouTube and I came across this guy and he was selling this course and at first he would provide free training on his youtube then that would lead into his course I ended up buying the course. And the course was just videos that were just like two hours long. And it was just they weren't so descriptive, but they were long so I wasn't really learning anything. So I was kind of just winging it, and went down a road of like contacting the suppliers and and getting my inventory all set up in the shipping and just all that process which is so you know, from trading and and it just took a lot of work to manage with the shipping the just everything and what's my my inventory actually once I got into Amazon, they weren't selling so it was like oh my gosh, what is going on? I just put all this money in and it was just a tough time so then I had to do the cold. I had to throw out my inventory because none of my products are selling and just a huge hassle. It was a lot of it's just terrible. 

Matt: What were you selling? 

Jacob: It's hard to explain. It's like these things for your face to clear up your skin in the refrigerator. And you would like to clean up your pores and you clean up make your face look all pretty and stuff. Tell her like oh, this is gonna be an amazing product for moms and girls for guys as well. So I've used it for sure. I know. I don't know. Yeah, I don't know what it was or where it is anymore.

Matt:  Yeah, that's probably how they make all the money because reselling those damn things gives the loser a funny man that's funny. Yeah, it's kind of a learning curve. You know, we were just talking a couple of weeks ago with a guy you know, we kept saying, you know, I have shiny object syndrome. I'm shiny Irish, and I was like, well just hold on a second. You know, like, I know our industry and whatever. You know, people use that phrase a lot. But honestly, you know, maybe you don't have shiny object syndrome. Sometimes it just takes people who just don't we just don't know what we don't know. And we have to try stuff. Like, you know, and most people I think who come online try stuff. They try a little Amazon, they sprinkle in a little drop shipping, they sprinkle in a little sun, you know, and then they land on whatever, you know, sort of fits them and that isn't always you know, our business models, coaching, consulting, affiliate marketing and live events. It doesn't always end up being one of those and that's okay, but so tell us about your transition from finding that to discovering this guy, Brian Brewer. Brian is a great guy. By the way, I've met our mastermind in person and he's just a really good dude. And it's been cool that over the last few years we've attracted people like Brian and like you into our unit. Just because it's I don't know it's it's been a it's been enjoyable to work with people who are enjoyable. So tell us about how you found him and then you know you're you're finding you're finding legendary and you you have in our our community and tell us how do you find him? So um, after dropshipping or after Amazon FBA, I kind of gave up and I went on a couple of months of just not liking trying anything. And then it kicked in. I'm like, Well, I'm not going to college. I gotta find something, actually a startup and actual income. So I started searching. I actually finished searching for the marketing because I saw just some stuff on YouTube and I was doing these affiliate marketing tactics and stuff for about two months. None of them were working. It's like, you know, those little like, the EBA there and, you know, hopefully you get like, a couple of buyers. Yeah, none. None of that was working. But it was when I came over. And Brian Brewer was introducing all this free training and then he would introduce legendary marketers, and that's how I kind of came upon you guys. And you got to put everything together and I was able to learn how to actually start my very own affiliate marketing business. So it was just just a very nice transition from going. I thought affiliate marketing was into what you guys actually like providing valuable stuff. Cool. Yeah. Brian, in the way that he gives away something at the very beginning. Man, yeah.

Jacob: It's such a smart model. The giveaway model. It builds in such goodwill and yeah, it's such a smart way to go about it. 

Matt: And you so how long ago did you find us? 

Jacob: Like April or something? 

Matt:  And you got right off and running and I mean, quickly started to generate a following and generate some leads and stuff and sales. How, what has been your on a lot of different social platforms. Have you been posting content before? Like had you ever gone online onto something like soccer Instagram or something and posted, you know, short form video content like that before? Was that new? 

Jacob:  Had nothing to do with the marketing or anything like that. It was just a little like a soccer hack, and I actually tried using that TikTok for my affiliate marketing, or for posting educational content about ledger and myself. And the account actually got shut down. Shadow banned before I came in and started posting on it so like, well, she was funny. Okay, so I just had to restart. And I started up my own Facebook, my new TikTok, my new Instagram. And I just started being consistent and posting four times a day. 

Matt: Wow. That's crazy. Yeah, the whole shadow band, the whole band accounts and stuff. It's a tricky world to navigate. A lot of people have gone through that. A lot of people have gone through that. And some people have gone through it and just kept trucking along and for some people it's just been just too hard to overcome or I don't know what it is exactly but I'm interested so you want you started generating leads and commissions pretty quick. What when you're on and you're creating like a let's say a 25 seconds tick tock or 25 Second real, what is your focus? What's your strategy? How did you go from I'm new to this whole idea of affiliate marketing to like, Okay, I gotta figure out how to create some content and start generating traffic, which thrill word, generate some traffic? What did you do? How did you go about that? 

Jacob: So first, I tried to go about the side hustle, posting those in the side hustle videos that went viral and kind of doing it as my own. And what those platforms really start stripped down on this type of content. So now it's mostly just focusing on getting people's pain points, and, and just hitting those pain points and that's what really drives people in it. If they believe they could do something then they will buy it. So I really focused on my content, just reaching out to people that are looking for a side business to start up potential to quit their nine to five and go full on with online marketing. So really, my content goes about posting educational content, about marketing and then I go about posting an entertainment video. And it just says that type of content in once I drive them actually in and actually have conversations with them over messenger messenger DM, actually try to talk and just not like not just send them the link, just actually have a full on conversation and talk about what they're going through and then offer them this program can do for them. And that's the type of you know you just have to have that one on one personal connection with people. Yeah, so you're talking you're talking two different things. You're talking lead generation first, and then sort of nurturing and taking people from, Hey, I've never seen the students face before. Here he is on TikTok. And I don't know if I trust this Harley Davidson hat wearing guy. Yeah. And then suddenly, they're like, Okay, I kind of like this guy. And you got to do that quickly. I mean, you got to do that in like a video or two. And then you're taking them over to like, trustworthy, I can recommend some things to trust my recommendations. The interesting part about that all is that at no point during that process, do you have to be sort of the expert. You know what I mean? You don't have to be the expert guru or you just have to be decently helpful and trustworthy.

Matt: As fascinating a lot of times people will ask me, like, how am I supposed to do this? If I've never you know, I've never been successful or I've never done it or you know, all this stuff. And it's like, well, first of all, just become the reporter and create content with ideas rather than results ideas rather than creativity rather than results, at least when you're starting right. So your other Instagrams have grown to a couple of 1000 and I, you know, what I find interesting is, you know, I feel like the amount of leads you've generated and money you've made isn't all that different from some other people that I've seen who have 50,000 followers and 80,000 followers. What I mean, it feels like you're leveraging your smaller and I don't say smaller to like, be put down and be weird, but relatively you don't have 100,000 followers, you know, you're leveraging it and you're doing something sneaky with that smaller following. I think that's powerful. By the way, in an age where people sort of just they they they talk non stop about oh my god, you know, what a huge following this person has their the guru to follow, you know, but back when I first got started in 2011, there's this lady her name is Andrea and Andrea is still she's actually in this community now. Years and years later she's the reason that I got introduced to legendary not as a not as a customer, but just as like a hey, you should work with these guys. They're they're really good. And she had about a falling on the 10th of the size of many other affiliates, and they were competing in an affiliate marketing contest to see who could sell the most products and she out sold so many of those people with her little following because she nurtured them and like you were saying you she had conversations with some people, and she was just really people and when when she would send out emails to her list, she would get 70 80% open rates. Don't quote me on that, but I remember having a conversation with her about just ungodly open rates. And it was all because people didn't feel like they were signed up to a social media account and that they were signed up to an email account. They felt like they were just getting an email from Andrea, you know, and I see that I see that a lot with people with big followings who don't have a lot of leads or a lot of commissions to show for it. That they're missing that little piece when you're when you get into some sort of let's say let's say I comment on your Instagram video and I say Hey, dude, how do I get a hold of you? I want more information. Tell me more. What are you doing? How do you go about that conversation? 

Jacob: So usually let's say you comment on my videos, I say hey, I would love to help you out, reach out to me. And once they actually do reach out to me, first of all I go about asking them but then being motivated, starting to sound like business, what's their income goal? And just have a conversation about what they're going through and and see and kind of relate to them and see if I can help them throughout that process. And then I offered them what Legendary Marketer has done for me, what it can do for them. And we talk a little bit more about it. Usually, after that we kind of have more of a conversation just about it and just gain their trust. And sometimes Yeah, they're not going to people just aren't going to buy on the first time you send them the link. They're not so that's why when you funnel them into your mailing list, you're able to respond to them and communicate with them through the email list as well. Your trust shows them telling them your story. That's what kind of gets them motivated as well to actually go and check for themselves and see how amazing this program is. Right.

Matt: And you were talking about how you had a 20,000 follower account that is basically useless and which happens all the time getting them into different platforms, get them to follow you on different platforms, but also getting them this tribe, your email list is really important because that's a that's a big piece of how you get somebody. Like one of the biggest strategies of social media marketing is actually to pull people off of social media. Yeah. Like every business model. Three single frickin business model. If you walk into a pizza shop or like a small fast casual restaurant and they're using a point of sale that can somehow collect or, or tie your credit card information to something and you start getting emails about happy hours and stuff right. It's like that's how they're able to Yeah, it's great that they follow you on social media but they follow everybody on social media. Follow frickin everybody but guess what if you can drop into their email inbox and and get their soul their soul attention, right? You can hit people with ads, you can hit people on social media when they follow you all that stuff is great. That's awesome. Man. There's some people that I follow on TikTok. Like I followed this girl on TikTok her handle I think is I'm the J and super super popular. I found her years ago when she was like, not that not that famous. And she is a little weird. I will admit, it's a little weird. Have you heard of this person? Anyway? She's a wild card chief. She recently found God and Jesus in the last year so I mean the story just the plot thickens it's been a ride for but I found her years ago. And you know like she just caught me off of my free you page for like six months I didn't see a single video from her. Like I didn't really hear from her again. And I don't do a lot of things like watch people that I follow. I just hit follow and if I happen to see him it happens. Yeah, exactly. But men think about that. Think about that. She's got like a million she's well over a million followers. And for a set amount of like six to eight months or something. I didn't see a single video and she came back on. I was like, Oh, I forgot you existed. I forgot you were even alive. Yeah. And think about that, imagine we have 1000 followers or 10,000 followers. And we're pretty insignificant. Like people are gonna follow you and just completely forget that you exist. So the ability to connect with them and to make a meaningful connection or do something funny, right? Like even just making a joke. Some people take this so seriously, like Yeah, being yourself. Maybe like just cracking a funny joke. It's like hey, hope you have a great day. You know, like and people are just like, Oh, that was nice, right? Like I think that personal touch is really important and I just wanted to say you should not get away with so many examples in my life and from marketers that I've seen that made a meaningful impression on people. I mean, Dave was supposed to be on today, but had a little kind of emergency thing. But think about how you know Dave has over the last two and a half years connected with Around 500 people in our community to chat and just say hi and let people tell stories and get to meet them face to face and how meaningful that is right to connect in that way. It's really a really powerful thing. And yeah, I think I think that's a little secret sauce that you've got going on what comes up as I say that?

Jacob:  I would say it's not really about you not needing a big following forum. For this business. You really don't. I would rather have 200 interested people starting their own online business than 20,000 People uninterested. You know, it's way better to have people that are actually ready in the start, you know, so following doesn't really play a big part and yeah, it'd be nice to go viral and gain a couple 1000 followers but not necessary, honestly. Sure. Yeah. Well, we just talked to this girl yesterday. I mean, if you're watching here today, and you're or you're, you're watching as a replay thing, or whatever.

Matt: I mean, we enter what day was June 27. We interviewed a girl yesterday. Her connection was a little shoddy, but the whole interview worked and everything she's gained, like, I don't know 80,000 followers or something in the last like in a week. Just doing like pretty pretty simple videos. And if you were to go back like if everybody who's watching was to go back and grab her socials and investigate her TikTok channel, you could probably get a pretty good idea of what exactly she did to figure that out and make it work right. And you can even try some of her strategies you can be like, Oh my god, like I could I could use that in my own like business I could use that in mind. You know, pizza companies, I can use that they're my friggin whatever it is. So I I say that because I think it's possible to do both, actually. Yeah. I was like, there was a city, Ashley or something. Yeah, yeah. Something like that. I think it was an affiliate out. 

Jacob: Yeah, I actually follow her and I kind of follow her TikTok and kind of use it as you know, as I gain some information and knowledge from it. 

Matt: Yeah. So it's helpful to just see what's worked for others and what's working for this guy. Just ask a question. Do you think it's good to reach out to every single person that asks for more info? Or is it okay to just tell them so let's say people are commenting, you know, more info or hey, how do I do this? Is the first thing to reply to them or how you reply to their comment or what do you do? 

Jacob: Yeah, it's very important to reply to their comments because first, boosting the algorithm expands your reach on the platform. 

Matt: What do you mean by that? The only reason I'm saying that is that there's people who are here who don’t know what an algorithm is.

Jacob: Like your algorithm means every platform has an algorithm so it depends, like, depending on the watch time, how many people are liking your video, the comments, there's multiple factors that go goes into it, but if you reply to their comment, if they call me down info, was saying, Hey, I would love to show you some more message me. And that would boost the algorithm which will basically push your video out to more people. Yeah. And so then once, if somebody is going to the comments, and they see that you're replying to every single comment, they're most likely going to do the same thing because they want to be informed as well. So always reply to your comments. And it will say like, you should, we should. 

Matt: Yeah, yeah, it helps. And especially when you're newer, you can do a video reply to comments too. And that really, really helps the algorithm a lot. And what we mean by that specifically, you unpacked it a little bit there. Is that if you want to get more video, or if you want to get more video views, you want to get more followers, you want to be more engaged, you want your account to grow. You have to figure out how to, in some ways, gaming the algorithm. Now that doesn't take away from the fact that you have to create really great content, you can game the algorithm all day long, but if you're if your content sucks, you're it's over. Yeah. But if you've got good content and you want to sort of pour gasoline on an already existing fire and really heat things up, then yeah, reply to every comment. If you can, and have the time, like some people have more time than they have money. They have a lot of time they're sitting around, maybe they're short term developers, really from work, or maybe they're laid off or whatever. They can sit around all day and reply with video comments to every person who comments if you can do that, or if you can make the time and find the time to do that. You should do it. But at some level, it's going to become unsustainable. But no, figure that out when it becomes an unsustainable trip over that hurdle before it's a hurdle. But every time that you reply to a comment, it's going to help boost your videos, a little bit more booster channel, a little bit more comments and engagement that are flowing in, the better so yeah, I love that tip. I feel like I sort of feel like people place too much of an emphasis on the algorithm. Because I've seen people we did a we did on our Thursday business blueprints we dove into this girl's video, where she posted a video. It had like 4 million views or something and it didn't even have a description of how she didn't write anything. There were no hashtags.


There was no description. It was like a 24 second video, and it had like 4 million views or something. The sound levels were perfect. Choose a really really hot trending sound. And the levels of it were perfect so you could hear it but you could also hear her talking and it sounded like the balance was perfect anyway, but the content itself was so entertaining. So a combined sort of the educational element where you felt like you're kind of learning something but it was super entertaining. And that formula is like that's hardwired into the human brain whether it's a how to video or whether it's just like, you know this you know kind of thing. Yeah. You know, I think I think to this guy, I think to this guy, have you heard of this guy Tyler Wise? 

Jacob: Yeah I have

Matt: Yeah, I wanted to. I wanted to just quickly show his picture real quick so people can see his thing, but I'm gonna short his channel. I'm gonna use this tool called a sword for TikTok if you guys are new and don't know about this little tool. It's on Google Chrome and it's called Sort for TikTok. You can look up tick tock acts and you can sort their profile by most watched videos to least watched videos. And here's a guy named Tyler real quick. This show is not about Tyler, but I wanted to share because he creates these videos that go viral that are just the simplest like side hustles that feel like illegal to know or let me sort this real quick. Okay. The ones that he does, though that are that are really interesting to me or that I found have been really interesting. Are computers? I bet you didn't know. He does a lot of these kinds of weird things. He does some side hustle style stuff too and even recently as got those to go off but full he does a lot with Remote Jobs and working from homes. But I just know it's interesting that his most watched game was hard five. If you hit just a computer hack, the video is 18 seconds and it shows you how to search your computer for viruses. It's like it's like I don't know though, man. It's fascinating, just a fascinating thing. I I think that in the world of like videos that create growth, we call them growth style videos, videos that are created just to grow that. I don't know anybody who's been more creative in that realm than Tyler and it's it's it's proven to be a sustainable strategy to not all the side hustle style stuff is super, super sustainable, long, long term is his model and stuff he's still got even in 2022 He's still got videos that are, you know, multiple 100,000 views and it's just the savvy little tricks and things you wouldn't think abou. He's a great headline writer, computer hacker, you know, this website will animate anything you upload to it. What's this other one? Get Paid $90 an hour from your bed. Apps that the 1% don't know what they don't want you to know. The thing that people don't realize about his content. Isn't that he's wearing a colorful Google colored turtleneck or that the room in his house looks beautiful. Yeah, it's that hook. Yeah. And then people are like, what app was the 1% not wanting me to know about? I gotta find out, you know, and it's like, so anyway. Yeah, I think that creating that sort of I don't know where I was going with that Jacob but I was just pointing out that that headline in that having a little bit of creativity around that is super important. The hook is very important as well, because it stops the scroll time. So someone's just going through videos and they see a crazy hook and they stopped that boost algorithm as well. And by hook you mean just like the title of the video. Basically like something you would put as a sticker on the front of the video right in the first like three seconds you would say like, here's a here's, you know, here's, here's a secret app that the 1% doesn't want you to know about. That's a hook. Right? Well, cool, man. I think this has been valuable. We've given some examples for people and unpacked a little bit about your strategy and stuff. What a talent. What would you recommend?

Okay, you've got this experience of Amazon and now with affiliate marketing for newer and is a little bit like trying to figure out the route they should go to tell them a little bit about what you think about just generally the Affiliate Marketing business model. And if they were, if they were just thinking about getting started with legendaries challenge or they're in the challenge, what would you tell that person about your level of belief of the challenge to and Legendary Marketer just the affiliate marketing business model, I gotta say is, personally, my favorite, the best business model to go after as a beginner because at least so far that you've found right yeah, so far that says you don't have to worry about packaging, shipping, inventory, all you have to focus is your attention on revenue generating activities. So all you got to focus on is difficult day one and start promoting your product. So going through the legendary challenge, which just provides you with more than just marketing and showing you how to get up and running and starting correctly the right way. So I gotta say affiliate marketing compared to Amazon or drop shipping or is just a much simpler and beginner friendly business to start. 

Matt: Super cool. I agree. By the way, I've been doing this right 11 years or so. And I mean, I have tried everything including I think I sold my first course like 10 years ago. And the man talks about a freaking headache. It was 10 years ago. Headache today. I mean, I'm not against selling your own course but the affiliate model is so simple and so easy. All right, Jacob. I'm gonna throw up your I'm gonna throw up your tic tock, right. Yes. And thanks for coming on the show. If you need anything in the future, you need anything. Let us know. We'd love to have you back in a couple months. 

Jacob: Thank you. Appreciate it. 

Matt: Cool, man. See ya. All right, everybody. Hey, go find Jacob. @prineshustleon TikTok. Go give him a follow let them know you found them on wakeup legendary and give them a little shout tell them what's up and and I'm sure he's gonna mess it up. Because this whole episode is about how he messages people. And Jacob he got a little shout out from your boy. Brian brewer here in the comments too. So good to see you, Brian. All right. Give him a little follow up. We'll be back here tomorrow, same time. Same place. 10am Eastern peace out everybody.