Kelly Olson is a Legendary client who has turned her life struggles into inspiration to her Tik Tok followers. As a mom of four kids, she was looking to do something that could give her more time at home with them. She gave up a career as a lawyer and took up a job as an administrative assistant. After getting divorced two years ago she knew she wanted to make more money. Her kids were active on Tik Tok so she decided to join in. Legendary Marketer was a popular topic and she decided to sign up.


If anyone had told Kelly six months ago that she would be on Tik Tok, Wake Up Legendary, and going live fairly often she would have laughed. Since the Covid-19 pandemic began she feels like the need to work from home has accelerated. She had an internal shift about the way she wanted to live her life and how she had lived it up to this point, and knew she wanted to do more to really feel like she was living and be able to spend time with her kids.

Sharing Your Story With Your Followers To Inspire Them


Kelly has always been the quiet type. She didn’t voice her opinion, instead she did the ‘duck and cover’ and waited for time to pass so that she didn’t have to. Eventually she realized that staying quiet and never coming out of her shell was holding her back from being able to focus on her goals and her future. She then made the decision to change that, knowing she couldn’t live her life like that anymore. “I’m going to do whatever it takes to reach my goals and I’m going to do that for my kids too,” Kelly said. 


In Kelly’s life growing up, she had a rough time. After coming from an abusive household she knew she had to unlearn a lot of the survival skills she had kept from childhood. She spent most of her life being quiet and trying to go unnoticed. “I went to school, I sat in the back of the class (and) I never raised my hand,” Kelly said. Going most of her life without a voice, she decided to get on Tik Tok to finally show the world that she had one. 


Kelly went through a rough divorce with an abusive ex husband. She has been working through her trauma for two years in therapy. “The divorce was difficult but the 2 years since the divorce has been difficult,” Kelly said. She lost people who she thought were friends, and realized that there were people who weren’t going to know her side of the story, and that was okay. “You have to get comfortable with people not knowing your side of the story,” Kelly said, I’m not going to be quiet about my story.” 


When Kelly first got on Tik Tok to make her first video, she felt stuck for a few weeks. She was afraid her ex husband might see her videos, and that brought a wave of fear over her. She knew she wanted to inspire others and let other people know that they weren’t alone, so she faced her fears and began her Tik Tok channel.


Kelly opened up with her followers about her childhood abuse, abusive marriage, and loss of family members from death. “Once you tell what’s actually happening, people have something to respond with,” Kelly said. She says that it’s powerful and life changing. She no longer hides her pain and struggles, and instead she faces them and is transparent with her followers about her life struggles. “If you want to see the skeletons I’ll open the door,” Kelly said.

Show Your Most Authentic Self To Relate To Your Audience


Kelly knew that in order to connect with others, she had to remain real and authentic. There is no reason to project an expert mindset to her followers, and she knew that the way to connect with her followers was by approaching them with a personal story and a helpful mindset. She wanted to develop connections that would take her much farther. 


Kelly wanted to inspire her audience, and make sure they knew that they were not alone if they were going through something similar. She wanted her audience to be able to relate to her. Turning her struggles into strengths was important to her. Kelly wanted to use the shock and awe from speaking about her story to captivate her audience. She used vulnerability marketing so that her followers could see that she is a real person with real life struggles just like them.

Surround Yourself With A Positive Community That Will Push You To Succeed


A big part of both personal and business growth has to do with who you are surrounding yourself with. After losing so many people that she thought were her friends, she really wanted to surround herself with more positive uplifting people. It’s important to have a good support system, and an uplifting community. If your friends are invalidating your struggles and trauma, then surrounding yourself with a more positive community who wants to see you succeed will not only help your personal growth but your financial growth as well.


There are a lot of awesome people in the Legendary community and Kelly says she has met some of the smartest and kindest people here. She says that everyone is responsive and friendly and that she jumped on a zoom call with eight people from the Legendary community and ended up spending four hours on the call with them. “The community here is nothing like I’ve ever seen anywhere else. I’m so grateful I have met these people. They are so amazing and so generous with their knowledge and time and I am so appreciative,” Kelly said.


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