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Matt: Greetings, I got my hand on the way there. Greetings everybody, welcome in this is Wake Up Legendary today is Tuesday. Today is Tuesday, I think. I'm really used to hosting these. On Wednesdays, and so I've been guest hosting, see if I like it

better that way or that way, to keep it this way. And I've been guest hosting more this week so, how are you doing? We had a last minute cancellation so we're going to change things up a little bit today we're going to do some free coaching, we'll do a little q&a. We'll give people a taste of what our Thursday business blueprints webinars are like. So welcome, in Good morning Coleen and Nina, and Kathy what's up. Good morning, Thomas. Maria Tariro Gus, what's going on Yamini good to see you. Who else is in the house Felix what's going on Benny, always good to see you, Carlos, awesome welcome in Dave, all the way from Australia, what time is it over there. Hey, and also, as you're tuning in as you're getting in here. Where are you tuning in from, and you don't have to give us your GPS coordinates, I'm not trying to be that creepy but where are you tuning in from let us know where you're tuning in from. And it's just cool to see all the different places around the world that people tune into this thing. It's very cool. What's up, Christopher Harvey, Catherine, Cesar Judy. Who else jeez, Brenda Pixy crystal Judy's from Iowa Coleen. All right, nice 12 hours ahead okay nice Virginia floor Michigan Kansas Ontario is Edmonton Alberta Houston Nebraska all kinds of good stuff. Well welcome guys.

Comfort specific time I should be. Sorry guys, we're back baby we're back. Hey. Hey, are we back. Are we back, let me know. Sorry about that guys. Can you hear me okay am I coming through loud and clear. The. What I was doing was flipping through my apps, closing down all the other apps that were open on my phone and then I just closed this too. So, sorry about that.

Hey, so, I'm back. Can you hear me okay am I coming through? Maybe sometimes my video might go blurry a little bit but my audio should come through just fine so we'll run through that regardless. I'm just chilling out in the backyard today so basically the deal in Phoenix is, if you're out and about before about 8am You're good, and it's gonna be it's gonna be really nice and you're gonna have some good sunshine but after eight eight you're gonna have some cool weather but after 8am It's like, it becomes a nightmare, so. Yeah, Ben, he just, yeah, I just took a quick coffee break just needed a quick coffee break guys that's all. Hey, so, today, for everybody who is here, we had a guest lined up today. He had an emergency come up last second. So, basically about 10 minutes before we were gonna go live and just said like hey I can, I can make and so. So we're gonna have a totally different style of life today. I'm not going to present to you I'm not going to, I don't have PowerPoint slides or anything like that. What I thought we could do is if you guys have cue questions, we could do a little q&a in the in the chat over here, I can give a little bit of, you know, update on on what I've been thinking and learning in digital marketing recently too but sometimes people are out here and they've got questions and they're wondering, different things about, you know, digital marketing or you know whatever, I don't know, marketing, TikTok, Pinterest, Facebook ads all kinds of stuff, how do I drive traffic, how do I get going. That kind of thing so Gage has a question, gauge we are working on. We're working on this. We've had this request a few times. Will we be getting any Pinterest classes soon, we are working on that for sure. And we'll be getting something out here, relatively quickly. 

At what point in the course slash blueprints do we start to make posts in AWeber pretty much starting at all. So Nina, this is a good question but I want to push back on the question just a little bit, right. So, I just want to make it really clear that like, this is your business right so sort of all address the question, but implied in this question is, is sort of this feeling that like, someone needs to tell you when to start your business, right, or when to start. You should just start, okay, that culturally, or even socially a lot of times in school or different stuff. We've learned that we need people to tell us when is the right time to do things but you're an entrepreneur now, empower yourself, you can just start this right now, like just start. Just get going. There's no, you don't have to wait for anything, but we do go through more detailed stuff about how to set this all up in the decade in a day so if you haven't attended that yet, that's really when we sort of get into all of that kind of stuff. So hopefully that makes sense.

Glen, I'm not gonna hit big on affiliate stuff just more from a compliance standpoint but if I was going to answer this more generally, if I was starting promoting anything I would set up a tic tock account, I would probably post minimum five times a day edutainment educational, educational, entertaining type of post. Yeah, that's what I would do, um, where do you find content. I mean. So typically if I join a niche, if I'm going to enter a niche which I've done in multiple different niches, just for testing and playing around with stuff. I've gone into the spirituality niche. I go on TikTok and I search hashtags like hashtag spirituality, hashtag manifestation, things like that. And then what I'll do is I'll look at their most viewed videos, because guess what those are their most viral videos they've gotten the most followers, and I'll figure out ways to recreate similar style content I'll change background images I'll change the audio I'll change a few things but I study I become a student of exactly what type of content they're creating what are they doing in the content that type of thing. Is it necessary to have an active online presence before applying for affiliate programs? Not necessarily but there are going to be some affiliate programs that won't really play ball with you until you do. So, for instance, like Chewy. Well maybe not chewy so I got to choose without an online presence but there are a few like digital products, and physical products that if you were going to apply to be an affiliate sometimes they require that you have. They require that you have a following, or some history of promotion, just so that they can review it and make sure that you're compliant, but in general I would say no, don't wait. I wouldn't wait on that. Is there a specific time I should be posting. No, I mean, you can look in your insights and see when are the most viewed videos, when do you and when are you getting most views. So I would post during the most popular times obviously. But in general, No, not really. So, I just wanted to touch on this because I hit on this a lot in our Thursday business blueprints webinars. Is there a specific time, the answer, honestly, is you're asking kind of the wrong question. I, it's not a bad question to ask, I always specify it's not a bad question to ask, but I want for everybody who's out there sometimes beginners and newbies in the online space or in content creation think that it's about sort of finding the right pieces of the algorithm to fit in. Rather than asking those questions, the better question to ask is, what, how can I make my content better and make my videos more viral. The content always wins. That's the kicker, always wins. So it's less about when the video is getting posted, how many hashtags I use, it's always more about the content, so hopefully that's helpful. Okay there we go. And for those of you who are just tuning in, we're doing a q & a. If you've got questions you can ask them in the chat. We're just doing a quick little morning q&a For our Wake Up Legendary show today

make soap. What kind of content would you suggest for YouTube videos? I do a few soap making videos but they don't get much traffic, candy, are you selling soap or are you, you're making soap. Okay, this is easy. So if you're making and selling so that's going to be my assumption here, or you could be teaching others how to make So, which is also something that you could do as a digital product just think about that. But, um, first of all I would get on, I would get on TikTok. Because if you're doing a lot of YouTubing, YouTubing is going to take more time so keep doing YouTube but add in TikTok on top of the candy. And then the other thing that I would do is I would create specifically for the content, I would create content around the chemicals that exist in different soaps. So, this would be so easy for you to go viral on TikTok, it's not even funny. You can easily go on TikTok pull up a different kind of soap, each day or a couple times a day might get expensive buying a lot of crappy soaps, but you could go into the grocery store, and pull up a soap, right next to your face and be like, here's all the nasty terrible stuff that's destroying your skin that's inside of the super popular soap you're ready, and then you can cut to the back of the ingredients and start pointing out the ingredients right. So I think there's a way for you to go really viral if you get creative with your content. And then from there you could also, you could also be an affiliate for different kinds of kinds of soap you could sell your own soap you could sell a digital course on how to create your own soap that's healthier, better, all kinds of stuff like that, hopefully that's helpful that would be a really easy one, though, because not a lot of people who do that kind of stuff are good marketers, so people who make so not a lot who are even decent marketers I see them at farmer's markets and stuff like that, and they're they're just they have this amazing product. They have no clue how to market it, so can you talk about the difference between building a website versus click funnels are other options streams of income capabilities and things. So Brent. A website is more like it's a site that you're going to have multiple different links up at the top. It's really like, it's the it's the Home Hub, and base of a brand or a company right like that's a website, it gets more info and it's more informative, a sales funnel is directly, its direct purposes to drive leads and sales and conversions, right or appointments or whatever your conversion is that you're trying to get. So, a website is more of like a legacy, kind of, it's a branding tool. Okay. Most beginners in their beginning days don't ever need a website, frankly, and some don't ever need a website, unless you've grown into a big larger company, but the beginning stages a sales funnel to drive leads and sales is really what you need. That's the main difference though, the next decade and a day, I believe is next Friday. Next Friday. Not this coming Friday but the next one. How do I know if my funnel works? I tried to test it, but my Aweber never saved the email. Oh. So, Gabrielle, that would be how you know if it works. If the email doesn't show up. The other thing is, don't use the same email that you signed up for your AWeber account with, because sometimes that won't work. So you need to use a totally different test email when you go and actually test it. If you, if you wanted to email.

Actually if you want to drop the link to it down here, we can test it out for you, I think drew might be actually watching this, he can test it out and message you, or you could email drew at legendary And he could at least just give it a quick look over question Is there more training to the deck is there more training to the decade in a day, I'm not sure what that means, Brian. Is there more training, I mean if you attended the decade in the day, that's all of the training predicative it's seven and a half hours.

There's a company that charges 30 grand set up and running commerce store is it worth it. Kevin that's just a question I can't answer I don't know any details about them. In general, the only way that I would pay 30 grand for an e commerce Store is if I had proven sales already but if they're just setting you up a fresh, new e commerce Store from scratch. Absolutely not. That is absolutely not worth it. That's my opinion. That's an insane price for an e commerce Store, but if it's different if they're selling you an asset, right, if they have a consistent. So if I would if it was me and I'm not giving you advice here but if I was sitting down and I was looking at a 30 grant ecommerce store, I would be looking through their sales history right if they're going to they're going to set this up for me, then I want hard numbers don't believe anything that anyone ever just tells you about their business or about what they're selling you asked for hard numbers, right, so what do you mean 30 grand isn't currently generating sales is it already set up, are they creating this from scratch, do they have the history, what's, you know, what's the percentage of success rate on their ecommerce stores are they, how long do they last with the lifespan of these stores right did they last 24 months do they last 36 months for the last 48 months do they last 10 years or their stores got dating back to 2015 Did they see an uptick in just 2020 because of the pandemic and now the sales are going to drop off. What is, what are they selling like see all of this type of type of stuff Kevin is stuff that you need to be really digging in, otherwise if you're not digging into those things and you're just slapping around 30k You're doing what's called a form of self harm meaning you're self sabotaging here and you're putting yourself in a situation to get scammed. Right. A lot of times people say well I got scammed a lot. The truth is, a lot of times people put themselves in a situation to get scammed I used to do this all the time, so I'm speaking from experience here. I dropped $1,000 on two different solo ads and never produced a single lead for me. So, you know, don't put yourself in a situation to get scammed, be my answer. I think, I think, in general, not in every case but I think in general, Gaby solo ads. But if you do your due diligence to the nth degree, then potentially get some results from some solo ads. But in general, I would stay away. That's, that's, I want to use vendors lists as my lead magnet. I'm kind of circling one follow up send Tabitha I would send follow up emails that talk about how to choose vendors, and what to look for and what you do in your vetting process so not only give them a vendors list teach them how to use the vendors list, and then sell them on whatever you're, you're trying to sell.

Let's see what helps to stay disciplined creating content. The way that I don't know but the way that I've sort of taken this approach when I was starting to create content for the first time was somebody explained it to me, as if, like, basically it's a life or death situation. Okay, and I know you've got to trick your brain into thinking this, but it's a life or death situation you've got one shot. Today you have to wake up and make three pieces of content, life or death. Right. It's sort of like the Senate and and when you think about it that way there's a million things that you do throughout your day that you could create content before that. The other thing Alberto is ask yourself why is it so hard for me to create this content, what internal blocks do I have because if you find it really difficult like this guy, Mark who was on yesterday I think he's actually in the comments today, he creates on some days 15 pieces of content, 10, 15 pieces. And it's just a rapid fire, right, and he's got a very, very full time committed job he's got kids under the age of 10 So, there's just generally if people aren't creating content consistently and doing content creation consistently, there's probably an internal block you're worried about what other people are going to say you're worried about what they're going to think or what they're going to comment or what your family's going to say or what uncle Leo or Tony's going to say or, you know, whatever. So, there's probably more at work there but, in general, I just tend to wake up and be like hey, the only important thing for me to do today. The only thing that would be a failure is if I don't get my content outside of that live life as normal, but I've got to get my content. I believe in the back office you can re attend the decade in a day. But you could ask your BPA, or email support at but I would check your back office first. So there you go. Let's see, let's see, let's see. I'm sorry, let's see. Let's see. I don't know. I lost the questions but I'm scrolling up bear with me bear with me bear with me bear with me.

Okay, being on camera. The back officer states there what is the best software to use to edit videos, I use software. Well, I listen, I would just make all your videos in the TikTok app and make it really simple but I download TikTok, and I make all my videos inside of there, the ones that are edited a lot unless you do a crazy good job, the ones that are edited a lot, they don't look natural, the platform they don't get a lot of views. But outside of that I use a program called ScreenFlow. You could also use Camtasia, you could also use OBS or an open broadcasting studio. I think it's called OBS and is free, it's on Mac and PC. So ScreenFlow Camtasia OBS. Also, Robert, I suck at my videos, you don't suck at your videos you're just new. Right, it's like, what a what a three year old who just hopped on their bike for the first time say I suck at riding a bike, it's like, no little three year old, you don't suck at riding a bike you just freaking out on it for the first time, of course you're going to, you're not going to be a pro. So, refrain from that though because using I suck as anything or when it applies to anything it's just kind of a kind of shitty way to talk about yourself, you know what I mean. At least that's my take, I would say, Hey, I'm not a pro at making videos yet but better be better damn well believe I will be here soon.

OBS Premiere Pro Yep. Let's see. So wait, I don't need a website, well you don't need a website, you need a sales funnel you need your own funnel. Where do we sign up for that I already covered? That seems a little harder to be creative selling digital products but some ideas on what some ideas to post on stories ideas and places like that quick little videos, dt. So I go through this a lot in our business blueprints webinars. I host a webinar every Thursday for our business blueprints members, and one thing that I have done over the course of the last six actually eight months. This started back in October of last year, is I tell people there's a really easy formula if you're creating short bits of content, it's, you start up the video by saying, with some sort of little intro hook curiosity base thing so you say something like, I'm going to show you how to XYZ, without, and then insert a pain point, right. So, for instance, I'm going to show you exactly how to get that freaking dog to stop barking at the freaking mailman, without having to shame it or without having to throw stuff at it or without having to hit it or abusive, right, I'm going to show you. The friendly way to finally get your dog to stop barking at the freaking mailman, or for that matter, the Amazon guy or anybody who comes up to the door, right, you're ready for it. Here we go. And then you give step one, step two, step three, this can, you can apply this to any niche soap making. We just talked with a soap maker on here just a second ago. I'm going to show you how to make clean, healthy, non irritant so in four simple steps chicken soup. Right, stuff like that, right, or here's three things you need to look for in the soap that you buy. That won't irritate your skin. And then he flipped to the back of the label you say the first one is the second one is this third one is this. Right. Comment from or follow from whatever those pieces of content go viral all the time, and I've been teaching this for decades on the Thursday business blueprints webinars we've been doing now for about two and a half years straight. And people are getting huge results from that type of content and that type of formula. Huge. What can people do and get their URL? Okay, yes, we just need a TikTok. Okay.

Um, what kind of help do you need with this? I can help you. I've been building WordPress sites. Okay. Say, I don't know what niche, is Pinterest a good strategy to learn? Yes it is. Pinterest is a great strategy to learn. Let's see our Blueprints constantly updated with content information as it comes up. Yeah, we just did a, so Jenna we just did a whole redo of the entire blueprint section. And then, for instance, like right now. TikTok is by far the hottest most traffic driving platform that we've seen in a really long time. And a lot of people are also gaining a lot of interest in Pinterest. So we're going to update the blueprints with some Pinterest training coming up here soon. Don't sit and wait around for that by the way if you guys are sitting, waiting around for that don't never wait for things right. That's why I hate even talking about it, but we've been working on it for a little while now, but we just bring in new training into our Blueprints all the time. And we've also, the, the interesting piece about keeping them updated is that's part and parcel why we did the Thursday business blueprints webinars, it's very strategic in why we offer weekly live coaching is because we'll also cover things like that right somebody's like, Hey, I got a cool case study about Pinterest or hey I got a case study about this TikTok funnel that I did or whatever, that will dive into it, the last three weeks we've been on with this, with this girl. This lady named Angel, she's in the health and fitness niche. She's picking her product so we're going through life, and helping her pick her product. We're also going through live and, and she's unpacking the different style of content that she's doing and how she's creating different styles of content to grow her channel faster so there's, it's kind of built in. Right. Part of our entire course itself is live training and it's weekly, so it's always, I mean it's never pre recorded, which is really cool too. So, is there a way to set up the ClickFunnels so that it's on the base root of the URL versus a sub folder, yes, you can do that Richard you go into your domain settings, and you set a default funnel for your domain, you can absolutely do that.

The 14 day trial expired recently I'm going to click models to set up my sales funnel, before it could actually, I was asked to provide my business name for tax compliance I was not aware that I may have, you can just put in your own name, Paul, if you don't have an actual business, then that's fine, you just need to just put in your name, you're a sole proprietor, so. Yeah, I haven't recommended this book in a long time Benny, but I should recommend it again. It's called Building. Building a story brand, you guys can see it right here, I don't have any financial gain by talking about this book, it's just a damn good book, it's an awesome book on marketing. I would also recommend it in terms of marketing. I'm a little bit of an old school marketer. So I like things like Dan Kennedy. It's a little bit old school style marketing but I think used in current updated technology like TikTok or content creation on Pinterest or something like that is really valuable. He's a big direct response copywriter. Dan Kennedy is his name. He wrote books like The no BS guides to copywriting no BS guides to time management stuff like that. The other really good book flipping with the business blueprint still helps in this type of business book, flipping cheese. I'm not sure we and Emily and I'm just going to tell you straight up. I know that we don't have a section on books, but that's mostly because we focus on selling digital products right so, but I don't want to take away from your sales. I mean if you're killing it with book flipping, go for it. Keep rockin, You know I never discourage people from the businesses that they're currently doing. Here's what Emily probably would help you on after you've got some successful flipping and you've got some real tips and real strategies. We have our digital courses, business blueprints, which teaches people how to create awesome digital courses. you might get some real good tips on how to sell courses. Right. But if you're just beginning and getting started and you're like hey I need help with book flipping, I'm not sure that we would be the best fit. But again, you're probably here because you're you're looking to sell stuff online so make sure to go through our challenge and and learn why we recommend high ticket selling digital courses, particularly high ticket courses but you know that can high ticket whatever that's, it's, that's a relevant term right it means different things to different people.

Maria, the answer to your question is yes, although I don't want to get really deep into like our affiliate program on the show that's not really the purpose of our show.

If you're an absolute newbie, you can have a look at a one on one coach and it's going. Alright guys, please try Maciel. This isn't a place for you to pitch your, your coaching or service, it's a good way for you to get banned from our page though so guys, no pitching please.

Damien, you can contact your BPA about that. To set up your LLC and stuff like that we do give you a free console for that. What's the best way to set up a business name, um, like brandy. I'm not going to give you a lot of. It's not really my role to give you a lot of tips on that but, you know, when I first set up my LLC I literally className enterprises, LLC, so you can do. Barnett enterprises LLC you could do B B Enterprises LLC right for brandy Burnett, whatever you want to do respond. Don't overthink that though, just an LLC. Um, let's see I need some creative content from a paranormal page. I'm running out of ideas. How do you do it, Jennifer, I would say do green screen content. So have like paranormal videos or stop tell stories about the craziest paranormal stories right and search on like your TikTok. Search on TikTok paranormal, and look at other top videos or like weird videos and then just do green screen videos over them. So that's what I would say if I was sitting in your shoes. That's what I would do. Um, watch ghost hunters. Brandon: Yes. Brandon, yes, Brandon, I would say it's always good to follow up.

Okay. Chase Yes It very much is when you're selling things to cold traffic, guys, you have to understand that, typically for a digital product you're only going to convert like half a percent or 1% or 2% or maybe up to five to 10% of those leads into sales. Right, so not even just clicks I'm talking about leads people who watch a sales letter, or read a sales letter or watch a sales video. You're not going to convert like 20% of those people into sales. I mean you'll be lucky. I mean, you would be you would be crazy lucky to convert 10% of them, but 5% is is awesome 2% is kind of industry standard for any sort of cold traffic offer so if you've got no sales, here's Chase, get, get yourself 500 opt ins and then tell me, I want you to email me, what is your rate of conversion, then I can tell you, because the main piece about making sales online is traffic. Right, especially in the beginning it's not as much evaluating as converting or not it's just about how do I get more traffic, that's the big kicker.

Okay, we've got a lot. We've got a lot of comments. How do I choose what to sell. I mean, the first piece is what niche you are in, so figure out what niche you want to be in, do you have. Do you have any particular niche that you want to create content in or that you want to sell a product and, ultimately, you need to go through a little bit of a process, and you can do that in our affiliate marketing blueprint, or you can do that in your business plan class. So if you haven't gone through our challenge and got to the business buying class that's what I would recommend, the page got no support and on how to get past this. I paid off. Okay.

I don't know what to do because I feel like it's holding me back and we have three kids. Let's see. Okay, so, Brent makes sales but makes some sales, my friend. Sales care revenue sales cures all, especially that one. How do you find a niche when you have to look deep for talent? I have no passion for a particular niche, well what do you love? Jay, what do you love? What do you love? That's a good question to ask, what do you love or what means a lot to you. Right, what have you learned in the last year that feels important to you that feels meaningful to you. That's a good question to ask to start. You can always link it in TikTok  June, you can just do a business account you can, and then you can put a link.

Can you talk about all the equals niche, as well, not sure what that means, sorry. Yeah, reach out. That's a, that's a good Brent, you can reach out to Megan. She's in the comments right here, she's very trustworthy, she's spoken to our mascot. Her and her husband have spoken at Brian and Megan has spoken at our masterminds they're awesome people. They won't scam me. At least they better not. Now they want, they're great people and TikTok they're several green free green screen effects, if you're doing TikTok Yep. Alright guys, we're 39 minutes and we're gonna wrap this up for the day. Hey, we're back here tomorrow we've got a guest lined up, I'll be here. Same time, same place tomorrow for Wake Up Legendary and take it easy, Have a good Tuesday.

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