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Dave: Hey what's going on my friends welcome to Wake Up Legendary. This is Dave Sharpe and this morning we have another unique and exciting guests somebody who's a student a client as always, that's what's different about this show is instead of interviewing gurus and goblins and just having, you know, who knows, you know, all these podcasts with all these, excuse me, these big gurus, I want to hear from people who just got started. I want to hear from people who are brand new, not people who you know they've been in the game for 50 years. I want to know what it's like to be fresh, because the majority of people who are seeking businesses and additional income are inexperienced in doing it. So what more can we do that would be more authentic and relatable to you listening than to have people who are brand new, and just getting started recently going through our education and getting things up and cranking. So we're going to be welcoming Mr. Johnathan, all the way from the United Kingdom. Jonathan McCrindle would seem to be pronouncing that right. Welcome to the show, buddy.

John: Thanks for having me. Yeah, you pronounced it perfectly. 

Dave: Okay. So tell us a little bit about you know, what it was like before you came online, found us and started building your business, you know, what happened? How did you find Legendary and a little bit about what you're doing now? Give us a nutshell version.

John: So I'm a pharmacist by profession. And generally we're a family of five. So I'm the sole breadwinner, working between 70 and 78 hours a week to support my family. And I found that I'm spending more time working than actually spending time with my family and children growing up and I'm missing a lot of that so I decided I needed to find an alternative. Spending one evening, as most of us do, flipping through TikTok, I came across one of your other students, affiliate Jen, and clicked on her link and she introduced me to Legendary. And the journey after that has been absolutely amazing. I've learned so much. What you guys teach us is that the big thing is there's somebody holding your hand all the way. You can ask questions to the community. I've contacted Drew. I've contacted Matt. I watch the training every week, sometimes live. If I can't do a live training, I watch the replay. I watch these shows. So that's my story in a nutshell.

Dave: So congratulations on your journey and wanting more and going for more. You know, you can lead a horse to water but he ultimately has to drink. And so also, as I was listening to knowing that you've done a significant amount of school, I mean, it at least takes a master's degree to be a pharmacist. Am I right, damn near a doctorate? I would assume additional certifications and things of that nature. Are we have is this educational experience in what would you say about it? Or traditional education experience?

John: I think from here, it gives you practical ability. I mean, when you're pharmacists, you go to university, you study, you learn your trade, which I'm so passionate about and I enjoy doing. But the thing is, you only develop that trade as time goes on. Now, I think there's a bit of the same here we develop as we go along. But what's so lovely about here is that there's so much hands on. So somebody is actually literally shown you how to do it and how to get going fast. And I think that's the difference. You know, if I compare myself to now and nearly just under 30 years ago when I first qualified I'm a totally different pharmacist now. Yeah, and I'm sure that's the same with Legendary but and whatever field we go into, but it was the opportunity to be able to learn something quickly that can actually provide.

Dave: Let me say this as well because a lot of times when you get involved in some sort of program or you're learning a business or something of that nature right? You invest in yourself by buying that and you want to get a result. Your expectation is that you're going to be successful with that business. Similarly with you going to university, your expectation is that you're going to get out of that you're going to graduate and then you're going to get a job in that field. It's going to be high pain, and you're going to have a successful life. The tragedy and unfortunate part I think about traditional education if you don't specialize like you did, is that a lot of times it is rather useless in my opinion. It's rather tremendously more expensive than a course like this, even our Blueprints at $2,500. And unfortunately, I know a lot of people who don't graduate in work in their field and they end up going back to the restaurant business or whatever else because maybe they can't find a job. So now we also talk about online business in the fact that when you invite the other, what do people do? And then eventually maybe a pandemic hits they get called nonessential. Whatever, maybe you didn't, maybe you didn't. And now they're on their phone at home scrolling through God knows what looking for something. And when you invest in that something, you expect it to work. And one of the things that I think is different is that I'm not just sitting here trying to lead questions to toot my own horn. I actually believe in what we're doing here. The reason why we have so many successful people in this community is because the right information from the right people in the right environment is very important because the place a person is going to thrive to the fullest extent, if you look in any culture, it's within a tribe or a group. And without community, if you try to do something on your own, you're going to be unsuccessful. So the magic of legend, I think, and again I'm happy to be alive. You could say whatever the hell you want. This is my opinion. I think when somebody comes in, they go through the education system. They go through our process which is set up specifically to offer support but not be smothering. Then they spit you out into the community if you actually become a part of this tribe or community in which you can look and watch at other people who are older or just been doing it for longer. And that process is really powerful and teaches a person a skill. Rather than a lot of times these programs have unqualified facilitators or teachers and or no support community. Do you agree with all that?

John: I agree with that and what I found really important, another one of them is not a mentor, but somebody I follow is Andre and I listen to all these training sessions. I go in and watch it. I watched everything he does. I watch a few other students who are more advanced. And something else I do is I watch the leaderboard when you post that and I'll see how well people are doing. I don't watch and see what they are doing. I try to find out what they are doing on TikTok. I try to find out what they're doing on other platforms. And that way I learned to be able to do what they do. That's the copy that's the big advantage. I think we have it. Yeah, we were able to copy people.

Dave: Yeah, I mean, if you want to just speak in plain language, I mean, that's ultimately what you can do. And ultimately if we speak about human behavior and how people learn the fastest they do look at them, the older people in their tribe or their family or their community and they learn from them first by copying them. You know, I mean, if we're honest about you know, just cutting right through the bullshit, you know, yeah. I mean, people who are young in the game, they get started by copying other people. And then the hope is that you find your own voice in your own message and you embrace your own personality or you create your character. You know, some people are a little bit more vibrant on camera than in real life. You know, it's a job. It's a performance in a sense. I mean, if you're creating content, you know, your part of your job title is to, you know, make it both entertaining, as well as educational and you always want to keep that in mind. But how has it gone from being somebody who was a pharmacist pretty much behind the only cameras you were ever on probably with security cameras, to now going in doing something way outside of your comfort zone?

John: Well, it was really difficult when I first started with TikTok because that's where I started. I was very self conscious, who's going to see me what's going to happen, you know, what response I get. And I just decided that I have to think to myself, Why am I doing this? And it didn't matter at the end, when I finally started on tick tock, what anybody said to me, I thought to myself, it doesn't matter. And you know, when you start forgetting the first couple of followers and things start to climb, and it just, it just builds your confidence. I'll be honest with you, there were times when you actually hit a new low. You think, what are waiting for things to start happening, whatever. And what gave me the push to know if I can tell any new people, when you're standing there in the beginning and things aren't really getting going and they're not happening. Let me tell you something. I was sick for seven days. I was out of it. I couldn't do anything. Getting back to my tic stock account, and then grew by three 400 people while I did nothing. And then recently, not so long ago, I had a video that went viral, absolutely viral. From time to time. I don't even do anything for two to three days. It just skyrockets with followers that just keep doing more followers just keep coming. So something to remember is whatever you put on there can be watched so far later, that you weren't even and that's enabled me from working with I was on down to three days a week now.

Dave: What? Get out of here, how?

John: I’m working Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Dave: That's the headline right there. I mean, there's a hope for anybody who is looking for that hope shot. 

John: That's all I can say, it doesn't matter how tough it is. Keep going, keep going. Keep going. Because when the light bulb goes on, that's what I call the light bulb moment when it happens. Everything just fell into place.

Dave: Yeah, that's incredible. I mean, that's really something to be able to sit here. How long has that taken?

John: Well, I started literally in May. Two months of twiddling my thumbs and thinking about it very, really started in July. And it's since July.

Dave: That's about exactly six months. Yeah. Wow. How? It's a question that I think is worth asking. If you've landed here all the stars are aligning for you saying jump in and get started. What do you have to lose? I mean, what do you have to gain? It's just it's almost like it's a no brainer. Why wouldn't you just go in so many of us come in and take multiple months. And you know, what's even more sad is that there's 1000s of people who sign wills and I'm only speaking of our data, so I can't speak about other courses or things that people buy out there. I'm just speaking about the data that we track which is on the purchase of our own learning programs and courses. There's a lot of people who buy it and don't even log in. I mean, they just buy it and they don't even log in when it actually starts, let alone finishing and I'm telling you people want to build a successful business. And we say, Okay, we've got a 15 day challenge. Can you do something for 15 days? And you know what, Jonathan? There's a lot I don't remember. I think it's a majority but I can't remember. Maybe it's not a majority. I really can't remember what the number is. But it is a shit pile of people who buy in, don't even log in and then what you're saying is the opposite of that. Is actually Hey, go at your own pace, but finish and then give yourself six to 12 months. And you may also experience a similar breakthrough as somebody who's gone from working 80 hours a week two now down to three

John: And I was doing that while I was working those hours so remember I started while I was working for hours. I took a couple of hours every day. And I did and you know the best thing you can do is make a schedule. Say this is what I will do. I will get up at six in the morning, from six to 8:00 I was researching various things that I was going to do. Then around 12  or 1:00 during the day. I actually posted a few videos, then ran about in the evening. About 10:00 I posted a few videos so it was a schedule I followed and I followed it religiously every single day.

Dave: Well, I'll tell you what, you know, everything here is lined up to get you on a schedule and on a routine. You know it's it's moving through consistently getting chunks of education spoon fed to you.

John: That training with Matt every week. You know the live training he does. And we all come to Brent's on Thursday at three o'clock. And we can ask you questions and things. I mean, I was going through a bit of a downstage and I thought to myself “Is something going to happen?” And Matt just looked at it for me and said you gave me a few topics. And I changed the way I was doing things and then suddenly it changed. The whole account has moved. That was amazing. It's just having somebody just have a quick look at it. You know, I've got Elvira as my business consultant. He was great because I went to him first and I said to him, What do I do? And speak to Matt. Yeah, and then he said to me, why don't you check it out, and I said to Drew and I had a session with Drew, and we set up a few things. And you know, that's the nice thing is you have the support to ask somebody what am I doing wrong? What do you think I'm not doing the right way?

Dave: Let me let me drop a little secret right here on everybody who's listening is that we hear a lot of negative stories and excuses from a lot of people. If you have excuses right now and you have reasons why you can't, you know, jump in full throttle, okay? We're not here to shame you and make you feel bad about that. We're just saying be honest with where you're at. Right? Because you're either in or you're out. You can't be half assed with your goals. if it's a hobby, you'll get to it when you get to it. Essentially, it's the peloton or the or the or the exercise bicycle out in the garage and it's got laundry hanging all over it. That's what happens to things that are just done with no intention. But if you know, the other side of that is person after person after person. Jonathan says the same thing man the actual coaching the organized, it's organized chaos, but it's organized, right? In a way that we've got coaching on an ongoing basis. In the people who say I use that Thursday calls with Matt I used that I was getting I was having a little bit of a downturn in my business. And I hopped on a call and I asked a question and we even told you and showed you how to ask questions. We even teach you questions so you can actually get the support that you need. We cover all of that in decade in a day and get you because a lot of times a lot of times

John: They blew my mind. Yeah, it totally blew my mind that I had to go and speak to Drew afterwards. Because there's just so much information that you give that my mind was mush afterwards it's awesome. It's there's so much information, 

Dave: But the people, the people who are successful and I hear this time after town, this is a big nugget, folks, is that when they buy something, say for example they enroll in our business blueprints program and they use the simple safe, non threatening, not even difficult to use. I mean you don't even have to do any work. It's not like going to the gym and lifting heavy stuff around. It's just literally clicking from your phone or your computer on a zoom call and just opening your mouth and asking the questions if you don't know how to ask a question we show you exactly how to ask the questions in a way that will that will, you know help you to get the the result you want versus feeling unsupported. That's a big nugget. That's a big wake up call. Right? Is because when I hear somebody who's using the tools, I start to see patterns, right I start to see patterns amongst people on the show, who I talked to who are successful and they say wow, I enrolled in the program and actually show up to the coaching calls and ask questions. Hey, look, you can screenshot this and have this right here right now. Because you know what? Here's the truth of the matter is I don't even have a mindset of lack. I don't care if you want to take it. I hope you go through something and take it seriously and if you got to come to this show, but are going through of course somewhere else. But you tune in here because every morning we're dropping value and nuggets and that's fine. You can learn how to get what you want by asking better questions and getting better answers. Whether you enroll in our education or whether you go do something somewhere else. I want you to win. That's why we're doing this show five days a week, every morning live talking to students dropping value. A lot of people minimize and underestimate what we're just delivering here from a value perspective every morning for free because sometimes you don't pay attention to what you don't pay for. Jonathan, do you agree with that?

John: I agree. Totally. Totally. I mean, the thing is that you have so much information available to us. That's now in the blueprints but I just sometimes have to go over it over and over again. And sometimes I go back to the 15 days and go through certain things again Yeah. You know, when I initially set up all my things like funnels and all that type of stuff. I did that with a coaching call with Drew. Just because as I say decadent today blew my mind. I couldn't do it afterwards. I just put it together. And I have a recording of that. You know many times I still watch it to this day. 

Dave: Jonathan, I think overall I can remember when I had a lack of being willing to invest in myself. And now today what I realize is I really don't have to sink that hard very often because what I do is anywhere that I want to be good at something with the best people in the best environment to do it. And I've learned that because as I get older, I don't have the energy that I used to have to just continue to run through a brick wall. After brick wall after brick wall. I had unlimited energy. I didn't have little kids I had to take care of. I didn't have all the time in the world to sit around and just you know, scroll endlessly. Because I had no big responsibilities in oil. I had the rest of my life in front of me. But as I've gotten older I need to ensure that if I spend my time doing something, I'm going to get a result with it. And so, you know, that's why this is important, I think because you know we've had a world that has recently, in many cases been deemed non essential meaning now Jonathan, you were working as a pharmacist inside of a pharmacy you are frontline baby. Essential F but you know what it was just like you and just like me, who did get told you're not essential you need to go home. Right, well we'll have the government send you a check. You know what I mean? And you know, if you want you know if you want to take back the reins if you want to control your destiny in your future. I mean this morning has been a blueprint for how to do that if you listened closely, because what I think is really special. This is what I think the biggest learning moments happen. It's not when you're thinking analytically. It's when you open your head, open your ears and in your heart to listen to a message. That is both inspirational but also in that conversation are clues, actual pins like GPS, pinpoints, I'll help you out to be successful. And you laid it out right here this morning. You had your pain that you tapped into and you said okay, I'm going to use this. That pain was pushing. And then you were looking for a solution scroll a little bit but open. Okay, but looking right. And all of a sudden you found something you found us You got serious you went through you you bought you will screw it around for a little bit took your time at at the beginning but didn't leave, you didn't abandon and then went through the training, invested in yourself, followed up with a you know, multiple the coaching calls that we do every Thursday or an occasional coaching session with somebody like drew on our team for 100 bucks. I don't know what we're even charging for those nowadays, but we should probably be charging twice as much as we are. I don't know if he's 100, 150, 200, I don't know but let's call it 500 an hour because I know it's not even close to 500 an hour, but let's call it 500 an hour. So now you've got 3000 in and you've got you know you've got an 80 hour work week that you're trying to fix. And you start learning, even teaching to teach within six months, you've gone from 8080 hours per week down to three days. And if you look at the total investment of money and time it's so much smaller than that traditional path and I'm not here to bash traditional university in college, but I'm just here to say, let's compare apples to apples. It's pretty it's the closest thing to another to an Apple as you're going to get we're doing unconventional learning digitally delivered right to wherever you're at. You don't have to come to a classroom. We're not using old updated material because it's not printed in books. So you don't have to use it beyond its expiration. Because you don't want to write a new book every six months. That makes sense to me. Of course books are outdated, you know the world changes fast. So now it's all digital material. We're talking about things that happen every morning together with a group of people as they happen, and what's hot today. It's just a different ballgame. If you look at all of the elements, the money investment, the time investment. What we're doing in teaching what it's, it's to me, ultimately, I got to go with this route of education. It's hard for me nowadays to stand behind an 18 year old kid unless they know exactly what they want to do. Go get in $50,000 worth of debt on a journey that they don't know where that destination is going to land them.

John: I mean, I think you know, if you look at the initial investment we make, it's so minimal compared to the potential that you can make.

Dave: I think so. I mean, I think I know it feels like a big number, like people come and everybody's same thing. It's like $7. You know, you get into the challenge. What could you know, what, look, I don't have a Starbucks coffee for the day or whatever. And then they get up to cease one of our more advanced programs and I'm not saying everybody I mean there's a good percentage. I want to use this. There's a lot of people who are just waiting and to that I say think about some of the shit you've spent money on. In your life, think about what things cost haulage. You know? How if you want to start a business I remember wanting to start a construction business and it was going to be at least $50,000 Just in trucks and equipment to get off the ground. Plus state licensing and all this other stuff.

John: When I think about when I went into the MLM business, many moons ago, the amount I invested into that, and the amount of work it took, and then of course you were going to friends and family and all that, that's where you started and that was the embarrassing part. I remember running around car parks in the middle of the night putting little stickers across the people who would contact me. I don't have to do that anymore. I can sit in my lounge at home. If I'm having a break at work, I can quickly go out and do something, you know, this is what I want. Another thing I can say to people once you've learned the skills, it takes you a fraction of the time to do what you're doing in the beginning.

Dave: Yeah, Oh, totally. Totally. You get so much faster and better. It becomes second nature. Yeah, I mean, when you're doing stuff at first it sucks. And it's like this totally new thing. It's just like the first 30 days of anything. It's up. Remember, it's not like working out because you're not even you're not even expending much energy and it's not like you're working out it's just a brain. You know, it's just you just got to click around on your phone and maybe watch some videos and stuff. I think more than anything we have to tone and tame our ADHD or ADD you know, in our in our distraction, because, you know, the challenge is can you stay disciplined, at least in the beginning to sit down and even finish a damn video without clicking back over to wherever the hell else you are wasting time? You know, and can I actually watch something and spend 30 minutes an hour a day watching something that's that good for me? You know what I mean? watching something in my life

John: The challenge I have is I have stopped learning now. In the beginning, it was difficult to actually you're sitting down with a grind, you're learning something new and everything but now it's so exciting that I'm looking for the next nugget I'm looking for the next thing the next thing you know to stop and I have to sometimes turn around to myself and say, No, you're not doing that now. Leave the home and enjoy some time off. 

Dave: Oh the challenge is a gift and a curse and this is how life works. Nothing's ever always good or all always bad. This thing is a miracle worker. This thing has changed the lives of people in ways that are way far and beyond. Ultimately if we're going to credit something, you know if you want to look at the tool, I mean, it's got to be the iPhone. I mean now you can basically run your business from your phone. You can do 80 to 90 tasks now from your phone. I mean for the most part, there's a lot of life changing inventions. There's a lot of cool strategies that we use in a lot of you know, sales funnels are a great invention and stuff like that. But man, this thing is a gift and a curse. You're saying that it's hard to stop working, you know, because you got ideas going on. You know, I mean nowadays the phone's always there. Yeah, so the challenge is and that's where I'm getting to the curse thing thing is a gift in so many ways. And I don't think I changed it. I don't think I will turn it back the way it was. Because it's so small and convenient. I can carry my work around with me wherever I go. And it's literally in order to get a break. You have to like to play intentionally about setting your phone down or just as the ringer and the notifications going on. As much as you try to go through your phone and turn all the notifications off Jonathan you never can because they always got some slimy ass new update to do then you know all your notifications go back on and you're like I thought I just turned everything off. I'm telling you. It's the you know, there's like 1000 buttons you have to push to actually turn all your notifications off. So the only way I really mean it is that my phone's been on silent for 10 years, like since the first because I mean I already want to pick it up enough . I don't need additional notifications going off to make me want to pick it up more. So yeah, I understand. I gotta be intentional about setting you know, this wonderful gift down. Because also, I need to let my brain go to the pharmacy where you've left the building, you know what I mean? It's you walking away from a physical thing. And once you take that lab code off your Jonathan, but man, you carry this thing around so you got to be a little bit more intentional. You got to grow up and that's one of the things that I think I realized I had to do if I wanted to be in business for myself, I couldn't be somebody who my thing was back when i was 22, 23, 24 years old i got clean  i wanted to go into online business while i was doing construction with my dad, I got, like my concern that just the way of how I act and in terms of my my habits and ultimately being more disciplined you know when somebody is not telling you what time you have to be at work and if you want to keep your job now you have to tell yourself that, I like to sum it up with saying this with more freedom comes more responsibility do you agree with that?

John: Absolutely. That was my driving force was freedom

Dave: This has been a great chat. I know I've learned a lot. @Johnosuggest is where we can find you. Our hope is is that today you make a decision about significantly this journey, and if we can feature on the show, fantastic if not, if we can help you change your life in a better way by helping you develop skills that you can in run businesses that are easy and simple to kind of get up and running compared to other things and do it from home. In you being you determine your essential or non essential don't let somebody else determine you do. I guarantee you live a happier life. Alright my friends, get out of here. We'll see you back here for another episode tomorrow. Peace.