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JoAnn  Hello and welcome to wake up legendary. It's Thursday, September 1 My favorite month of September, and I'm so happy to join all of you this morning with another amazing guest who I know you're going to love for we jump in to bring her on. If you're new here, and live each morning, text the letters WUL to 813-296-8553. And without further ado, please put your hands together and help me welcome Precious. Good morning.

Precious:  Morning. I am so excited to be here guys. 

JoAnn  I am so excited. I've been reading a little bit about you and checking out your channel and I know everyone's gonna gain so much insight from you this morning. But let's first hear how you found legendary what were you looking for? How did you find us and all that good stuff?

Precious:  Oh my goodness. I was looking for an escape from routine, the monotony of just the cycle you know when you find a job, I love this job. You are really good at it. And then you know Excel got promoted or whatever and this was a repeating I'm 57 By the way, so I'm not a spring chicken, I've just just accepted jobs for benefits and money. You know, at one time I was a single parent. And I did a lot of you know some corrections officers from two makeup artists to make the policy corrections officer and then I pretty much stayed in law enforcement. And all of those jobs did not match my integrity level. I would be depressed. I will go in the car and cry. It was just it was just it didn't matter which field it was in. So even when I said okay, I'm not going to accept another job. It's not going to be natural for me to be goofy, silly. A big kid and loving. That's what I wanted and I knew the job existed. So that's how I ended up working with special needs. But even with Zen even then, they love me. I love them. You know, the ones I've worked with have passed on. So I know I have angels because I did good by them. But people I found can be so mean in this in the corporate world, the job world and I didn't understand that and it conflicted with my spirit. So then again here I am. Crying again, from things I saw. And I remember thinking it has to be another way. So at that point, you know I was a married housewife. And then it was another job and like I said before I have five dogs. So it was the cooking, the cleaning, the everything, and I'm a DIY or I'm good to do it myself. I'm a big nerd to the fifth power. So I groom and I'm the vet and you know as an artist is this role just like most of us do. And I saw a young man and the keywords for me. Are you trying to find a way out? That's what he said. Wow. And my answer was held. And like I said, I've been kind of geeky. All of my life and add those in Safari. Prior to that. Unfortunately, I did run into one of those gurus who just took my money. So you understand the hesitancy that people can have after having a bad experience. That's just I feel personally just like any other bad experience that we have we learned from it. And so now we have markers to look for. You don't say well, all of those companies will all have no you don't do that. In dating. You don't do that with marriage.

JoAnn  You can imagine if we did that with relationships.

Precious:  So I gave it a chance but I kept waiting for the hammer to fall. And it never did. I have met some of the most beautiful genuine like minded people. So in this thing, you know, and I did and I'm just rambling but I'm so full I'm so grateful.

JoAnn  I love it. It's beautiful. Thank you for sharing your heart with us this morning.

Precious:  Yeah, this is me all the time.

JoAnn  I love it. And I think it's important for you know, there's so many people that I know are on right now that are relating to the story in some way. They're feeling that they just can't even put it into words. To hear it. What they're feeling just sometimes is a release that lets everyone know it's okay. It's normal. And you can keep going, right?

Precious:  Yeah. No, I keep getting confirmation because of the people that you know, once I started the challenge and I did exactly. Now mind before this, I didn't know what a funnel was. Although I was a geek, you know, you know I did WordPress and stuff like that. But I didn't know what a funnel was. And it made everything made sense. To me. This is a formula you know, science and that's how everything runs science and math. It's the guesswork out of everything added. So the only thing is like okay, he said do this. Even if I didn't understand it. We just did it. That was it. Right. There's

JoAnn  a lot of questions are what I'm hearing you're like, I'm all in I'm following the plan.

Precious:  Because I kept thinking you know, of course the doubt sets in. But I kept thinking okay, what do I want to do? Less? Do I want to get up, get dressed, go get in the car, go and build some training and build the same experiences I had and like I said by myself being older. I'm not talking about one or two jobs. Right? You know, of course I'm qualified. I'm qualified to do whatever.

JoAnn  I like doing that but the t-shirt can do it again.

Precious:  Now you know when I get whatever, whatever that makes us not want to work, you know or do anything I say okay now I have Office sticks to my business. No, I started off in a corner because I was determined. Even at one point I moved my computer in my bathroom hyperfocus because I said if I took all of that and did all of those things for all of those jobs. How come I can't do it for me and how come I can't do it. So the people that I know that this is going to benefit for so that's what keeps me so hyperfocus

JoAnn . Yeah, right there. We're so willing to do all of this shit. Everyone else. Then we just keep going and maybe it'll pay off. It's not a deal. Nope, nope, nope, nope. But we're unwilling to give ourselves 5% of that same effort, 5% of that same trust, 5% of that same commitment.

Precious:  And I find with women and I didn't realize this because it had to be pointed out to me as well because I was like I say that during that you know, after just going going going, you're  gonna get depressed. You know, I'm a complete introvert. I am a hermit. You know, I know I'm running my mouth and blah blah, blah, but this is only for my inner circle.  Okay, so but anyway, I know I know when someone asks me, What makes you happy? I have a hard time answering the question. Because I was so focused on what made everybody else happy. Wow. And what makes you know when I say everybody else, the people in my inner circle? So you find that this like you said is always going to be some shape going on. There you go. And then I just really when I said what makes me happy learning then rewarded for my efforts being appreciated being valued given value, the love even if they're Virtual hugs, yeah, support. And that one I can't tell enough people how to. I don't care how you feel, where you are, how it looks, you're in control of it. And this is coming from and I'm not saying to say this. This is coming from someone who was so depressed I had to look up to see down . Yeah, and I cried and prayed so I am you know I'm very grateful to God for everything.

JoAnn  Beautiful, absolute. Oh my goodness, so amazing goosebumps and don't you usually feel it's not no offense to all the guys watching right now. But women especially, we're kind of taught you take care of everybody else first. 

Precious:  And then I know we know my mom, my mother is a boss, my mother mother and father have been together so they are my role models. And always telling me when they can put their house on the market today and not have to touch one thing. Is that organizing that clean in my mother's beautiful 75 of my father's beautiful and they love each other. So that is my role in their specs and all of that. And anything short of that. Even in business, I've been an entrepreneur since I was a little girl and she's, you know, 75 years old. So I've seen it for a long time. We had , you know, four of us. And she was a boss babe. My mom whether she still is so it doesn't matter. And I'm glad that technology is here at this point for all generations. Because if you're young and just starting out and working world you know you can learn from you supposed to have learn learn from your elders, because the only thing we're telling you is that you don't have to, not today. You don't have to get upset and go in your car and cry like I see tons and tons of tic tac videos where people either one of them a grown man, was in his car crying from a job. You don't have to do that.

JoAnn  Right? Like that's not normal that never got to be a part of our daily life.

Precious:  It's not normal. That's why your body you know, that's why you're reacting that way because it's not normal. Now you know, like I said, I'm glad that technology has caught up to me and what I want to do for a lot of other people and it's making, you know, it's for me, money cannot be the motivation. Right is money to spice things and I think

JoAnn  that's for everyone they say at first, oh, I want to make more money but it won't. That will actually keep you going. It will. Pushing through the harder days won't keep you trying something new. It won't keep you pushing through a moment. of failure or struggle. It really just has you jumping around because that's all you're thinking that you need. But when you find that deeper purpose

Precious:  that's what money is the motivation then you're gonna be distracted a lot because the internet is so busy, and that's its job, and it's very good at it.

JoAnn: To consume your time, that's right. And we need to switch from consumer to creator.

Precious:  Exactly. Or to produce.

JoAnn  Yes,

Precious:  yes. And it's difficult. I'm not gonna say you know, sit here like, you know, I have it all together because, you know, I love Tik Tok. I love you know, I do this interesting. It also like I don't, I'm always in work mode, though, because sometimes, and it's very rare. I'm not salesy and I don't like to be so usually, you know, and that's just because I've done it all. You know, when a car was a Mary Kay, before someone approached me about trading, I had my trading certificate with Forex. You know. Some people, you know, I do want to mention today's your birthday, if you don't mind. Okay. Then it is someone I met through my business. And I was just scrolling. And her aspirations were to have a business and she was just using her tips off as a venting point at that time. She had 400,000 followers. And she loosely mentioned something about her wanting to have her own business. And so the only thing I said was my heart. She was 26 at the time. My heart just went out to her and Mama mood. Right You know, and I just said, I can help you. That's all I've checked. And long story short, we ended up talking the very next day. Turns out that she said she thought that she needed a website before she started her business and turns out that the people that she paid for the website, they charged her $3,500 And it's after three months and she didn't she still didn't have the website. So it turns out they scammed her. And that made me angry. And I said this is what I said to her, my example or little mama. If you do exactly what I say. I'm going to turn you into an influencer with my exact words. And she said I'm ready. Wow, first step she went through the challenge and we got in and she had 400 followers. I gave her a list of about 13 things except the top of my head. Do this. She implemented it immediately within 20 minutes. She had from 400 to 10,000 followers in two days. Wow. And now her following is 150,000 So happy birthday Chardonnay. I love you.

JoAnn  Loves it. All right. So that is a great segue because I know you have grown a massive following really quick. You've helped her grow a massive following really quick. So give us and all everyone watching right now. What are some What's your biggest tip was starting out or what do you what do you see people the biggest mistake are making that they should avoid even

Precious:  Okay, right now, it's all about keeping attention because Tic Tac is fast. So there's no rules to get there. In the very beginning, I mean even if it's a millisecond you know don't start your video off. You know what? That is enough for somebody that Right? Just I don't care what I don't care what your opening line is. That doesn't matter if it's coming a couple of seconds too late. So that's that can be edited out on tiktok or let me see what else

JoAnn  so do you edit mostly in app or do you use cap cut?

Precious:  I'm a geek I use 3 apps

JoAnn  what are your favorite editing apps

Precious:  I'm also a perfectionist. I'm trying and I want to put out the best I want to see what my potential is with somebody sticking their you know virtual lay or physical leg up to trip me up and keep me from going to the next step. Right. So I constantly challenge myself. And you can if you go to my tiktok and you see first of all, I'm always nervous. I'm always scared you know? I'm always finding imperfections in my hair and then I have to say it is not about you. Not about you. It's not about you. It's an attitude. That's so true. It's not about you even though it's not about you. It's not about you I'm making this to talk for me. They don't care. If I'm apt they don't care. They don't care if my eyebrows are, you know, messed up that day. Exactly. You know, it's just the information that I'm providing that may save your life because with me, all depression is stress. I started having health issues. I had a cardiologist. I had a neurologist. I don't have any of those doctors anymore. I had a therapist. I had a physical therapist there. I had a team to pull me back together and this may sound corny but I am a part of that team and I'm grateful to have the opportunity to say this, you know face to face. I never thought I would. But guess what, I will share this because I'm proud. I'm proud but nobody knows where I was . Nobody knows because when you saw my face on Facebook or tic tac, I was like this. But it's just it was I had to pull it back together and I know especially now this all happened when the pandemic first started with me you know but I know now it's even worse. So, you know, hear me hear me. Cry, pray, do whatever you want to do, meditate. I did it all

Joann: Really what I'm hearing this morning is we've got to be okay with putting ourselves first mental physical health. Every joy in our life depends on us putting ourselves first. You need to do that. If you're looking for someone to give you permission. This is it guys. This is your permission.

Precious:  Please, Your life is connected to not just yours but think about the people that you say you love. What happens if you stay in pieces? If nothing else you'd like I said it's not about you.

JoAnn  Josh, just put in the comments which I love. Remember your prospects, your viewers. They're caring about themselves while they're watching the video and seeing what they can grab from you. So yeah,

Precious:  don't worry. Don't worry. You know that. The other day I planned on just having a lazy day. And then my husband saw me putting my makeup on. He said, Oh, you're going on TV. And when I showed him a message that I had someone inbox me on tiktok and they said please help me. So what I offer is to just hop on the phone, you know, and that will move me every time.

JoAnn  Right? Yeah, as long as it's you're still safe. You're keeping your boundaries safe and you're not right.

Precious:  Oh, no, no, no, no. Remember law enforcement, that's another thing. And let me know if you have a specific question before I go ahead. Okay. My husband in the last few years probably took me a year. We moved from New Jersey, to North Carolina. With five dogs, two vehicles. So naturally, and it wasn't just a move in a move. We moved because our house was being remodeled to be sold at a you know, good price. And so we lived in a very temporary crowded place. We're also musicians and he has a studio. I have my stuff but we will all be in one room. And so what I did is I didn't. I caught myself beating myself up about not being able to work my business the way I normally work, but there's always things that you can do to prepare. You can plant seeds. So if you find that you can't do a B that day we'll make that your post day or make that your batch post day. But you create posts and I've learned this strictly from day if nothing else, use your Facebook and post only inspirational, motivational. So I realized I hadn't even created a business page. I just turned on my personal page because I wanted people to know how authentic I was, not a scammer because you're gonna see my mother, father, family, and my children right there on my page. But so I did that and my friends went up to you know from maybe about 1200 to the close to 5000 now, but this is what I did. Instead of just clicking confirm, confirm, confirm, I realized that the people that were interacting with my posts, were like minded. And then I start to be selective and I would like the Facebook page really quick. And I pretty much selected people in business. And entrepreneurs. So that means right there that there goes a lot of like minded people just from posting inspirational posts.

JoAnn  Right you're looking for that the right circle, the right people and

Precious:  with that and I can't tell you again, just from that I don't

Precious:  you know, like I said, I'm not salesy, and I've learned the attraction, you know, way to bring people to you and people do come to me, and through that method people have come to me, and I've been able to help them. People have come to me and I've joined. I've gained sisterhoods that I would never ever in my life. It would have been impossible because they're in Miami, Florida. They're in South Carolina. You know, they're all over the place and we've cried together, we've cursed together. We laughed together. You know, so it's a beautiful thing. It's a beautiful thing.

JoAnn  It just keeps moving and having that connection you're building a connection. Yes. As you grow your business.

Precious:  Yes. Yeah, absolutely. Key.

JoAnn  I think some people are so worried about building a connection, that it just doesn't even come across on their content, like they're so closed off on their content. And I was scrolling through your tic toc like I shared with you earlier and you just pour your heart out like you do in this interview, or energy or you know all of your different moods. I love it. And you got mad editing skills did you start you know editing video like this was your first time on Tik Tok with this business? Were you on it before? Where's your experience with that and putting out content?

Precious:  Only through like I said, I went when I went to school or college. It was ‘83. No computers. My major was computer programming. So I've always had an interest. I've always been artistic and you know, but if I feel like technology has caught up with my desires and wants so when I you know I'm the person that would rather have new software than a designer handbag.

JoAnn  For somebody starting out, they're struggling with getting any traction on their account. What's your first piece of advice?

Precious:  Speak to one, speak to one person. Speak to that one person who you know can solve their pain point. 

JoAnn  who came to you for advice and you're sitting down Susie, this is what you're gonna do

Precious:  And when I say that, you know you can't say y'all I'm not saying this. I don't mean y'all or you all or everybody because it's just like chasing multiple rabbits. You're never gonna catch one. So it's best to basically know who your target audience is before you do one video.

JoAnn  Right? And talk to make it a person

Precious:  up one person.

JoAnn  Like what did they do? What are the struggles?

Precious:  Exactly? Exactly. That's it right there. For you to make one video you have to know exactly who you're speaking to. Because I know who I'm speaking to this morning, right?

JoAnn  Yeah. Yeah. I'm going to try and reach the world, one person and then one person gets pulled in here, all right,

Precious:  because everybody is not going to resonate with everybody. You know, everybody doesn't like me or love me. You know? And it's funny that the word love is thrown around among my circle a lot. And that's what I wanted. So if you put your intention I know everybody knows bad intentions now. You know, and your energy, whatever, wherever you are. That's what you're gonna get. Yeah, so that's why you know, I said, and answering a couple of questions just you guys sent me I found my happy place. I'm happy when I'm doing this. You know, I want to be able to one day um, people say I want to go visit here. I want a big house and I want services. My dream is to be able to just get up in the morning and have breakfast ready to come in here. Or in my office wherever it is. And decal all day on my business have the portable groomer or pull up in the driveway, I used to but before we moved, I went to a gym. And I was you know, in the beginning of fun and finding doing something for me. And I would spend hours in this hot tub you know I want a hot tub so I can soak my achy bones. I always want a nap

JoAnn  Oh my goodness. So what is before we end today, because it's just been amazing. What's for anyone sitting there? They can't even put out their first video. They're too scared. What's your piece of advice for them to post today?

Precious:  I will have to ask them what they are afraid of? What is there so someone told me? You know, what is the one thing that's stopping you? Answer that, you know if it's something physical you definitely have to get over that because there are people on Tik Tok that, you know, I watched a video where this young man was showing a picture of himself at eight years old and eight years old, two pit bulls mauled him. So he literally and I'm just going to leave it here was disfigured eyes, ears and mouth. And he's in his 20s to get he's on Tik Tok telling this story, because he knows it can help someone else. So I would say get over yourself.

JoAnn  With with Yeah, get over yourself and just

Precious:  Yeah, because if you want you've come this far that means you want something different. And if someone else was paying you, you know, I've told a couple of my friends this, you know, and we go through our whiny high pneumonic moments. It's okay, why, but I would say if I came and I put $10,000 on and it was about making a video and I said, you know, if I put $10,000 on that table in cash, and I stood you in your living room, and as soon as you do this video, you can have a $10,000 What would you do? As a video making model or, or your mom's? Imagine your baby, children or whoever you love on the other side. And the only thing that's in between and you're doing some part of this for them. The thing between you and your success or getting to them and protecting them is this video. do it. Yeah, men. You know you are naturally our protectors and stronger physically. So I'm just going to tell you to get over it.

JoAnn  Everybody gives themselves a big hug. Get over it and handle it.

Precious:  You know you will. And fear is not real.

JoAnn  Yeah, it's something we've kind of created and made up. Even though we feel it physically, some sort of like that. Again, and again and again.

Precious:  And if you want to take the chicken way out, that's what I did. When someone started out, you know putting your pinky toe in

JoAnn, that's a great tip. Everyone before we head off today because they want to know your favorite editing software, which is your favorite. If you had to pick one. What's your favorite? Yeah. Okay

Precious:   cap cut for the phone, it's the other one that I use. Because it's simple and it's not. It's not expensive, and MOVAI

JoAnn  All right, you guys heard it first man, precious. You've shared so much with us today. I really hope I know at least I hope everyone watching this video on the replay really takes to heart everything that you shared with us today. takes action. Yeah. Definitely. I really lost one step. Yeah. So you definitely need to get back on the show. We need to get you back on here. Wednesdays back in town for sure. I love updates. send me email updates and email me questions. Don't wait for an invite to anything that's new going on. Okay. I want to hear about it. And as you grow your coaching business and all of that, I want to hear about time and all that good stuff. Sounds good. It sounds great. All right. Awesome. Thank you so much for coming on today. 

Precious:  Love you guys.

JoAnn  All right, guys. Definitely go follow Precious on TikTok. You'll definitely get some insight, different ways to do it editing, post content and all of that good stuff and she's just an awesome person. Go give her a follow. Give her some love. Let her know that you saw her on wakeup legendary for anyone listening in. Her TikTok is @makemoneywithprecious and that's where you will find her. Happy Thursday everyone. I hope you have a sick day and as always stay Legendary.