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Matt:  Good morning, everybody. Happy Wednesday. It's February 23. We're here live. My name is Matt:, if you don't know me, I'm the CMO. Here at legendary marketer and I am live with you this morning for another edition of wakeup legendary. If you're newer or it's your first time watching or you just happen to stumble upon this replay one thing that we do for our show every single morning is we send out a little text message and we just message our anybody who's subscribed to these updates, a short little brief text message that just says, Hey, we're going live with Joe this morning. Tune in, we're going to share XYZ and there's a little link to Facebook you can tap on it and hop right into the live show. It's super easy. So you can text the letters you just text WUL in a message to 8132968553. The goal of this show is that we bring you a little bit of inspiration a little bit in some ways, it can be a free coaching session of sorts in that we usually dive into somebody's marketing or we dive into their experience of creating content or starting their blog or starting their business. And we just get a little bit of a gold nugget here in there every single morning. You'll get one little takeaway if you pull out a little notepad or pull up your notes app on your computer phone and take some good notes and really tune in to actually pay attention to the words being said. You'll get a little bit of value. So without any further, let's bring in our guest for the day. Let's bring in our guests for the day. What's up, Joe? Where are you calling In from?

Joe:  So I'm calling in from Vegas. Cool right on.

Matt:  And you grew up in the Netherlands? Yeah, so

Joe:  I moved stateside when I was 11. So cool. I lived in a small town called Spijkenisse which is a suburb of Rotterdam.

Matt:  Okay, cool. Right on. So you are in Vegas. Now. Tell us a little bit about I don't know how you got into digital marketing, like you worked in a gold mine before. Tell us just a little bit about your background and history. And then why did you decide to come online?

Joe:   Absolutely. So for the last couple of years, I basically have been in the supply chain working for a gold mine. So initially, I spent 11 years working at a gold mine that was four hours north of Vegas. So basically the dead center of Nevada and then last year I was working for one down here and I did the purchasing . I kind of wore a lot of different hats warehousing so I knew the supply chain side. So after everything that transpired which led to me getting fired. It was nice because I had the flip side of the coin. I've always been a purchaser so I dealt with sales, I dealt with marketers. So it was kind of nice to like it was already a world that I was invested in. Yeah, I just never been on this side of the table.

Matt:   Got it, interesting. So you had a little bit of touch and experience but had never done that. So then over the last couple of years bring us into your sort of joining the digital marketing world as a freelance Digital Marketer. What is that then like what's what caused that and then, you know, how did you find us I mean, how did you pop into our community?

Joe: I stumbled on you guys straight through Tiktok. So after I was kind of let go, I was wearing too many hats and it was just too much of a stressful environment. And at the end of the day, I just never wanted to be in a situation where someone could lie, and that would ultimately lead to my unemployment. So I was in a situation where one of the girls I worked with made up a story saying like I did these things I said this and none of it was natural. So even when I brought him like no, this is what actually happened. They chose her story over what the actual truth was. So like it soured me so bad, and I didn't realize just how absolutely stressed out I was. So it took me a couple months of decompressing and of course I was just scrolling around on TikTok and I saw this like opportunity to like, work on fiber do something like that and it's got me curious, I'm like, Okay, so there's a way I can focus from home and possibly, I don't know make probably not as much money as I was making or at least that's what I thought at the time. And so I shifted my focus on to Okay, well, let's start expanding my horizon. And then the same person who I saw the initial video on. I clicked their link and it brought me to legendary, so I signed up for the 15 Day Challenge. The rest is history.

Matt:  Wow, cool. Very cool. And you've never done any sort of education, never tried anything. Are you familiar? Like are you a techy guy or not really?

Joe:  Nah, I've

Matt:   I have always been trying to teach. Okay, cool. So that part maybe wasn't quite as difficult for you getting stuff set up figuring out how to put together a sales funnel stuff like that.

Joe:  Yeah, like that. That's like it came easier, but like, there's kind of a funny story with it. Like once I really buckled down on my TikTok, because I didn't have any of those in place. Like, I think like most people, I was probably a little on the overwhelming side. Like I finished my challenge. I was looking through the blueprints and like okay, well these blueprints are great, but I'm like, Okay, well, where do I want to focus and they're like, actually niche down and focus. So I started on TikTok, but like, my videos weren't like they weren't specific enough. Like I was just kind of putting out like, Oh, check out these websites. So like the first. I don't know, like eight or nine videos like I was posting like one every other day. Like, I didn't, I wasn't consistent enough. And I also wasn't at the end of the day, like I wasn't in the right market for what I needed to be

Matt:   interesting. What do you mean by that?

Joe:  So I was offering helpful information, but it wasn't for people that were looking to make money online. It was more casual like Swiper than like, Oh, well. This is the watch and check this out.

Matt:   Okay, sure. So you discovered sort of a, what would be you you had a discovery or a revelation that in order to sort of drive leads and sales to a certain product in a certain niche you needed to create content for that. Niche. Exactly. Okay. Wow. Interesting. Yeah, I mean, it sounds like that makes sense. But sometimes it's not all that easy, right?

Joe:  It's through and let's be honest, the hardest thing is the six inches between your ears instead of overanalyzing overthink? Yeah, complicated way more than you ever need to.

Matt:   Yeah, interesting. Wow. super fascinating. So you, you figure that out, and things start rolling, you start to see more lead flow, you see, start to see more sales, revenue, everything like that. What did you do? I think Valerie's got a good question here. What did you do to niche down? What exactly did you do? What helped you make that discovery? Was it just you kind of watching different stuff on TikTok and just you had this realization or do you look at other people's content and what they were doing and just had a realization like, oh my god, like I, what was it that sparked that moment?



So I think it was a bit of both so like, initially, I started out with those initial videos, and I made one right before I went on holiday. I went to visit my mom's brother up in Idaho. Okay, and I took like, 10 days off, and the video I made right before I left was a stand up video, which at the time was my biggest view video with like 777 views, which is kind of funny looking back because all my other videos were like 50 to 60. During the day. I kind of did a lot of self reflecting like I read a lot of books. Like I just basically kind of poured it over and like I wanted to make a game plan. Yeah. Because I'm like, Okay, well, if I'm truly focusing on affiliate marketing, then I need to be about providing a value for people that want to actually make money from home. Yeah.



Yeah, interesting. And there's, there's a, there's a comment here that said, I need more tic stock ideas. And I've always told people there's a lot of ways there's, well, there's a few different ways that you can get good ideas. Do you have any tips on how to get good ideas? I can share some too.



Absolutely. So one of the things is like, I'll usually have a couple of videos that I just have pre planned for the entire week, like once like a question once an answer. I have a mindset. I usually try to do a duet because I feel that mindset is one of those things that most people don't realize needs to come with. Because most people aren't in the right state of mind to start a digital business. Yeah, so like I kind of juggle those two points so like, I'll always plan on making those videos and then I'll also go TikTok. Watch other people's videos. See what inspires me yep. And then from there, I kind of started playing tweak what? And like really put it in my own voice.



Yeah, totally. Let's say for instance, that let's say for here, here's a coffee. Totally. Here's a couple good ideas. Let me share my screen. I was trying to figure out how I could see if I could share this real quick. So for instance, guys, if you are trying to see if I can make this bigger, there we go. Whoa, okay. So if you're trying to Joe: can you see this also? Yeah, okay. So, for instance, we had a guy about a year and a half or two years ago that maybe not even that long ago. I don't know if he eventually started selling these cocktail cards and to create content or find different content ideas. You know, let's say that you're in the cocktails niche, right and making good cocktails. Well, what you can do is you can search the hashtag craft cocktails, and you can do just a little search for videos. Now. I'm not logged in at the moment, but if you're just sitting on your phone, you can go to videos. And look up videos that are trending with craft cocktails. You can also go to the cocktails account, right? This is a pretty simple one and get ideas and what you can do is use this little tool it's called sort for TikTok. I'll put it in the comments right here. So short for TikTok, and you can download this to your Google Chrome browser on your desktop and you can sort videos by most watch the least watch so what I did here is I just hit sort for TikTok and you can see it's flashing all over my screen as it's sorting this stuff out. And then boom. What we've got here is a list of their top videos because it's shorting the sorting the top ones to the bottom, so you can see immediately, I think everybody can see I don't know if this is clear as for everybody is this for me, but it seems really clear right away that the videos that are the most viral, seem to be these How to videos right? So if we go here



Okay, so it's mostly just fun, like how to create and then what you can do is you just have endless ideas here and that's just one of these, right? The other thing you can do is you can go to you can use something like trend talk. So there you can see it on the screen. I'll put it here, too. You can use a tool like trend talk, I'm sure there's other ones really being able to to gate other people. And just immediately you'll start getting content ideas, tons and tons of content ideas. And and and what I do is I tend to not try to reinvent the wheel. You can sort of game the system in a sense because TikToks algorithm functions pretty similarly for most people. So if a video is going viral or it's doing really well for somebody else, you could say, okay, in the cocktails realm, this when somebody made this Muay Thai this certain way, it worked really well. I'm gonna put my spin on it and create a different kind of Muay Thai but maybe I'll explain it or do it the same way as them and use the same sound and just see what happens. And I think giving yourself it's sort of like rather than starting at the main starting line, you're starting about 50 yards down the track and 100 meter dash, you're giving yourself a big time Headstart, or a handicap where you can start out in a much better, more advanced place than most other people. Sorry for the rant there, but anything coming up or any ideas to add on to that.



No, I think you encapsulated it really well, because I definitely started doing the exact same thing like I love that sort of TikTok like it's a great tool.



Yeah, it's, at least for me. For the last two years, we put out TikTok training. I mean, we used to have to just scroll through TikToks and find them and now you click one button and you've got a huge list. of content that is, by definition, better watched the most and I also think going out and looking at hashtags. And seeing what's coming up towards the top of those hashtags is really powerful too because that's more of a real time thing, right? So if you use sort for TikTok, you might have a video that went viral with a viral sound two years ago, that is the most watched and maybe that viral sound isn't getting pushed in the algorithm like it was two years ago. That's fine, but at the same time, you should really try to find which fit and and usually what you'll find usually what you'll find is that the the headline for how to style videos the headline is the big kicker of what will what will what will make a video go viral you've got about a couple seconds and needs just got to be fast. You just got to super fast you got to grab their attention and once that happens boom. Now things start rolling. What's uh what's so long have you been on TikTok and was it easy, hard to get started creating content? What was that process like?



No, so realistically, I kind of like you. I really started buckling down and doing a couple videos a day on January 4. So pretty much at the start of this year, I came back with the intention. I'm doing whatever it takes to just get it done.



Wow. Okay, interesting. And but you've been poked you started before.



December was when I first started kind of posting some videos.



Got it? Wow. That's so interesting. Man. It's so crazy how fast growth can happen in 10 year also posting too. Are you posting to shorts and reels and stuff like that? Just as when you post your stuff to Instagram reels. Are you also hitting ? Are you talking? Are you hitting the option that also makes it a post or are you not doing that?



No, I've just been sharing but I definitely need to get better at the Instagram side.



I just wasn't making a comment on what you should or shouldn't do. I was mostly just curious because in the last couple of weeks this is really helpful for everybody who's here. Dave actually shared this in our channel with us yesterday that Facebook is taking reels worldwide now and they're trying everything they possibly can to compete with Tik Tok and they're losing quite a bit even though I'm on their platform saying this right now. But they're not doing they're not doing as well as TikTok is in that content creation way. And so they're pushing that all and what we've had Joe: for the last couple of weeks is people saying that when they go to share their Tik Tok to their Instagram reels. There's a little checkbox that says Do I also want to create a post with this reel and when they select that their views don't go up. But when they uncheck it, and don't make it a post, they get a lot more views. So I wanted not that I'm saying that that's going to happen for everybody but for everybody who's here and for you as well. test that out and try that out and see what happens especially if you have a really good TikTok or video that you feel like is doing really well. Boom, let's take that. Let's put it on reels and YouTube shorts and see what happens. That makes sense. Absolutely. Yeah. And you're already I mean, you've got a TikTok and an Instagram and a YouTube so your infrastructure is ready to rock on that. You can be omnipresent, you can be everywhere all the time for people and I think that that's, that's got a heads up. You're on your way. Yeah, like you're just getting started too. So.



So you mind if I interject real quick? Here, please. So one of the funniest things happened. So like when I came back and I'm like, Okay, I'm focusing on the TikTok. I didn't have my sales funnel. I didn't have my autoresponder, none of that was set up. Well, that first week I had two videos go super viral. Wow. So then, like on my end, I was just this mad dash scramble just to get everything set up in place, and I learned so much because I think being a master procrastinator you can't like there's there's a thrill in that. You just have to get something fixed. You have to get something up and working. And I learned so much that initially I was using basic links in my funnel and I found out that those don't actually play on phones.



Yeah, well that just recently started to happen. I've been hammering down their doors to try to let them know. And they're trying to fix it or trying to find a fix. Yeah, yeah, we've had to switch over to Vimeo.



Yeah, it was funny because I'm like I would preview and everything looks fine. And then the moment I would try to use it like a dummy email on my phone all of a sudden, like I couldn't see the video. Like what did I do wrong? So then I'm like, I'm sitting there googling away. I'm like, how do you fix this? How do you get this to play? And Vimeo was the main one that kept stumbling on Yeah, yeah, that's a good one.



The Carolina just absolutely TikTok logo doesn't hamper success or where else well Carolyn, do you want to do it if you want to remove that? You want to remove the watermark? There's tons of tools just Google search. How do I remove watermarks from TikTok videos? Yeah, so that's a good idea. That's super interesting. And for everybody who maybe you just joined right now Wistia does work on phones. I think the place where Wistia doesn't work is inside of the if you're going through a sales funnel, or you're going through something on Tik Tok on on TikTok it works on Instagram I think but something in the TikTok the way they have it scripted or something that Wistia videos don't play on certain devices and stuff. But my my what I wanted to say earlier is that in particular, Joe: has grown his channel to 161,000 followers and if you're just starting or you're just brand new, or you're just getting going and you've heard anyone say TikTok is that TikTok the growth the way the growth is happening or, you know, a year and a half ago TikToks growth was so much better. Whatever. I mean, you heard him say the words like you heard him say he really only took this seriously since January. I mean, he started posting. I think your first post was November 11 or around November. It was in November. So we're talking December, January, February. We're talking just over three months since his first post and he's got 161,000 followers guys, and he's done. A great job of creating really fun engaging videos and taking that, you know, you've taken a formula and ran with it and done really well. And so I just think that for people who are sitting around wondering, you know, oh are the best days of Tik Tok over? Is it done? No, it's not. It's not over at all. You've got to create good content. But you know, a lot of people are asking how many videos and I think you'd probably be somewhere in the range of like, tell me if I'm wrong, but just as I'm looking at your channel you're, you're for sure, less than 100 videos. But how many videos do you post a day on average?

Joe:  On the weekends? I usually do like one, maybe two? Yeah, I usually just try to do a couple on the weekdays or weekends. On the weekends. I do like just one or two and then on the weekdays. I do two to three.

Matt:   Okay. Yeah, so we're talking. Yeah, so maybe you're close to 100. But as I look at your channel and stuff, I don't I don't see. Yeah, I don't see that. It's 100, it's probably close. But I mean, geez. 100 pieces of content. You're averaging over 1000 followers per video, you know, and it doesn't all come from every single video, right? You've got a couple of big ones, you know what I mean? You've got a couple big ones that have really taken off : those viral videos that I talked about to get virality and get some movement and then you've got to intersperse more personalized content, introduce yourself and then go live, which Joe: by the way, you got to go live. You can't go live my man. I'm telling you people that people underestimate going alive. So much. If people knew what I knew they would as soon as they hit $1,000 They would go live every single day. You can increase sales by five to 10 times easily, easily the best performing not even in the affiliate world. I'm talking about E-commerce and drop shipping. I'm talking about physical products, all kinds of stuff. He: Yes, by the way, Jim just asked, Are you making sales yet? Yes, he is. Yes, a lot. And I'm not going to give any specific numbers because I don't want to mislead people or anything. But yes, he is really one of sales from all his followers, which is another thing that people say you know, if you post these videos, these viral videos Oh, great. You went viral, but you're not going to make any sales. Well, I think you would probably be the first to say that's not the case. Right?

Joe:  Exactly. A lot of the two. Two is like the viral video gets people's attention. And it gives them a chance to look at your profile. That's when they see what the real value is. Yeah,

Matt:   Yeah. And also it gets them to follow you because they think oh, no, it's interesting. This Joe: guy, what's he got going on? And then boom, suddenly, you've got a video tomorrow that talks about XYZ. Let's say you're in a dog training niche. So the first one is this, you know, a huge play, a funny video or or really instructive video about how to get your dog to stop barking at the mailman overnight. Uh, you know, as soon as overnight something like that, right? This big claim and people are like, okay, my dogs are gonna start doing that overnight but they're like, Man that kind of like guys do so they follow you, right? And then the next day you're live and you're selling some sort of a product maybe you're selling dog seat CBD or you're selling some sort of special toy that engages dogs for hours and just tires them out or whatever and you in your on your live on your TikTok watch showing your dog you know, to and on is to toy or whatever going crazy on it. And you even film The mailman walking up. Maybe you get an actor who comes up and rings the doorbell and the dog is just crazy into the toy, right? And now people are like, Well damn, I need that. And you're like, Hey, by the way, like in my bio, and you sell 100 Right. Now, we're not really big in the EECOM game. I'm just giving an example because I want to get people's heads to really think through the power of going live and some of the biggest affiliate marketers I've seen in the last year people who rake in front end sales are people who go live every single day. By far a longshot going live is especially right after a viral video. Right after a viral video. People then go live and it creates this frenzy. But anyway, I'm ranting, but I'm I'm really

Joe: It's a great magazine for me because you're 100% Correct. Not going live is like so the next two steps that I really want to focus on is creating a Facebook community and going live all the time.

Matt:   Yep, that's what you should do. Yep. And even going live. No one's watching at first. That's a big one going alive. We no one's tuning in. And you know, I gave this example on our Blueprints webinar a couple of weeks ago where I was sharing my screen live on up me Eastern. We do this for our business blueprints members. And I hosted them and I went live. And I was on TikTok and I was and I had my notes app open. Right and so on my notes app, what I did is I used it as a green screen. And I said how to get your dog to stop barking immediately. Okay, so I did something like this and I'll show you what I mean here. How to get your dog to stop barking immediately. And then I took a screenshot of it, right? And so that creates a little photo and then I go on TikTok on the app. Hang on. Okay, and I will do a post. Alright, so here we are. I'm on TikTok, right. And I do a post and I do a green screen effect with that little thing right and so, here I'll take a screenshot of it. Okay, now it's as simple as this. I just did it for you. Alright, how to get your dog to stop barking immediately. And then, you know, once you hit 1000 followers, you can go live with that as your background and people and this is a huge gold nugget. Everybody Don't miss this. When people are sitting there scrolling, scrolling, scrolling. Boom, you've got a big attention grabbing headline. That's why we say copywriting is the best. The highest paid skill online is because you've got this powerful headline that's attention grabbing, and now you're live. Okay. 10 years ago, when people would go live. They would have to sign up for $100 a month to go to a meeting or go to a webinar and invite people via their email list to sign up for the webinar and then show up at a scheduled time at 7pm. Eastern or 8pm. Eastern to the actual live webinars sitting on their computer. And now people can be sitting on their toilet in their bathroom scrolling while they're doing their thing, just scrolling and then bone exactly what they want. To know exactly what they want to learn is right in front of them. And Joe: Sydney's staring me right in the face while they're, you know, sitting you know, doing their business and and you're selling dog training stuff to them, or you're selling a dog training course or you're selling dog training toys or who knows what, right doesn't Matt:er. But my point is, is this sort of Paul, a guy who's in our community, he calls it the mini webinar strategy, right and now it's I would call it the instant webinar strategy. It's taking a webinar and going straight into it's taking that and going straight into somebody's phone and intercepting their train of thought. And if you got 161,000 followers, you can go live and I bet you you could get 1000 to 2000 people to watch your live not all at once, but they're you know, if somebody who's got about a million followers are gonna have probably close to 100 people watching concurrent but as you watch total, it's probably 45,000 people. For somebody who has 161,000 You're gonna probably have a couple 1000 People who watch and think about the human psychology of Mark. I know I'm ranting here, but think about the human psychology of marketing. When people see a video about this guy named Joe:, it's a theoretical guy named Joe:. And it's like cool, whatever. That's great. He seems like a cool guy. But then they get to see you go live. And they're like, oh, no, this guy Joe: is sitting at his phone looking at me. Right now and the camera boom. Like, this is legit. He is real, legit, authentic. This is different. It's not a canned Joe:. It's now a Joe: I can relate to and a really big thing

Joe:  Can't be understated. Yeah.

Matt:   It's that element. You know, in the world of driving leads and sales and getting people to do what you want. That level of authenticity and that level of that level of realness the feeling of realness if you can't replace there's no way to replace it. There's no substitute. There's nothing that will be that level. That's why the home shopping network and QVC and all of that crap works so well and has for decades infomercials, it's because people get to feel like it's in real time. If people see you on a recorded video great but they might think oh that could have could have been a month ago could have been five months ago could have been 10 months ago. But this dude's here right now in my face, and that's really powerful. So, Joe: for about a breath. For people who are here and they're in your shoes. They were where you were three months ago? Probably. I don't know, doubting if they could get some traction or build a followership on Tik Tok or whatever. What do you say to those people? Now that you're on the other side, and you've built 160,000 followers, which by the way, you're just getting started to, I mean, you're on your way to 300 500 a million who knows maybe more? What would you say to anybody who's thinking about it, talking about it, kicking the can down the road? What would you say?

Joe:  I'd say the first thing to focus on is consistency, putting out content, like it doesn't even Matt:er if it's not great. It's about finding your own voice. Because I think most people will always struggle with why they don't like to record themselves, well, there's a way around it. But at the end of the day, it's that personal connection and you can't really accomplish that as well without showing yourself wow, I love it.

Matt:   I can't stop that. That's super good stuff, man. Well, Joe: keeps rockin ‘and if you ever need anything, let us know and in the meantime, you know, keep us posted on what you're, you know what you're having success with and yeah, just keep us in the loop. We'd love to have you back on the show in a few months just to just touch base and see what's up. And see how things are going.

Joe:  Absolutely. Thanks for having me.

Matt:   Of course anytime. Alright guys, I'm going to put up with him. You can find him here at D Dutch entrepreneur. So the Dutch entrepreneur de deUTSCH entrepreneur, he's on TikTok Instagram. You can also just search that on YouTube and find his YouTube channel as well. Hey, make sure you go subscribe and follow Joe: and he's been able to grow a channel just about as fast as anybody I think. I mean, for the level of growth that he's had over the last couple months. It's been really fast and cool to watch. So go give him a follow and also, you know, tell him something he liked about the show that inspired you. What do you like about his channel? Give them a little feedback. Give him some love. That's the whole point of the show is to help build each other up and build some goodwill. We call that business karma. Melvin's and business karma because someday, it'll come back around to you. And yeah, thanks for tuning in everybody. We'll be back here at the same time, same place Thursday. And Friday of this week, and we've got more guests lined up. This show is pretty jam packed. We usually schedule out looking at our list. We're scheduled out for about three weeks or a month. We could schedule out a lot longer but then sometimes people forget about the show and they don't show up. So we only scheduled about three weeks. But we could schedule this thing out about two months if we had to. And we're always filling it with people from different backgrounds and different ages and people from all over the world. So tune in every single Monday through Friday at 10am. We've been doing this for years now. And it's super powerful. It's always inspirational, even to me. And if you have an idea of somebody else who maybe would be a good fit for the show, you can email Dave at legendary marketer com with any ideas of somebody that you know has had success online and in the digital marketing space. We'd love to hear from them. feature on the show. Peace out everybody, take it easy and have a great rest of your Wednesday. See you back here tomorrow, Thursday. 10am Eastern.