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Did you know that 91.5 percent of all search traffic never ventures past the first page of search results on Google? This means if your site isn’t listed on the first page, you only have a 9.5 percent of being seen by searchers.

Most would agree – those aren’t very good odds.

What many people may not realize is that achieving this first-page rank isn’t only based on the keywords used. An entire digital marketing strategy needs to be implemented to achieve the desired results.

Unfortunately, if digital marketing isn’t your particular area of expertise, then it may be time to being in the pros. Some of the signs it is time for you to hire digital marketing specialist can be found here.

You’re in Over Your Head

If you are like most business owners, you probably know your service or product inside and out. When it comes to the item or service in question – you are the expert. The issue is, you have no idea to market this product or service online.

There’s a huge difference between having a great business and having a great product. Product marketing and development are very different areas of expertise.

If you plan to take your product to market, but you have no idea how to use the internet for marketing purposes, then it’s time to enlist the services of the pros.

You Haven’t Been Planning Ahead

Thinking just a month ahead isn’t good for your business’s growth and success. Instead, you need to approach your marketing with short-term campaign goals, along with long-term brand building and revenue goals in mind.

When you work with a digital marketing professional, you’ll gain the ability to think three, six, and even 12 months ahead.

You’re Experiencing Growing Pains

After your business has gained steam, and the orders are coming in, do you know what needs to be done to scale your marketing efforts? What usually happens as your business grows is that there’s a specific marketing channel working, but the owner wants to achieve the next level.

The issue is – they don’t know how to use any other marketing channels. In this situation, the internet, for scaling their business.

Another issue that is commonly seen with business owners is that they don’t have the time to learn and execute a digital marketing strategy. After all, there are quite a few moving parts involved when you try to market a business online.

The business owner’s time is much better spent finding the right team members to handle digital marketing while they focus on financial matters and business development.

Lead and/or Sales Numbers Have Suddenly Flatlined

Have your sales plateaued? If you answer “yes,” it’s a good sign it’s time to bring in the pros for help. They can begin working to create an inbound marketing strategy that can help you reach your key customers, where they spend time (online).


When you work with a digital marketing agency, they will also start to develop the content that customer’s want to see and present it when the customer wants to see it.

Your Message isn’t Coming Through Successfully Online

Did you have a website created years ago that no longer reflects your brand accurately? Did it ever do this?

Remember, your website is essentially the face and the heart of your business online. You may have a beautiful brick and mortar location, amazing corporate culture, or a stellar company mission; however, if your website isn’t reflecting this, you are missing a massive opportunity to connect with your audience.

This doesn’t just refer to branding. What is even more important is the message you are sending in the content you create and publish.

Are your company’s mission and values effectively coming through in your message? Your website is the chance you have to give value to your customers and audience through the blog and page content you create and publish.

It’s also important to use social media for promoting your message and to effectively expand your reach. This is where you can make a huge impact on getting your message out to your audience.

If you have noticed your content and your social messaging are missing the mark, then it’s another sign you need help from the pros.

It’s Been More Than 2 Years Since Your Website was Updated

You have to have a new, updated website if you want to remain competitive. In fact, Google has begun to give preferential ranking to websites that are specifically designed to be responsive and mobile-friendly.

This means that websites scale so they fit various desktop screens, smartphones, tablets, and provide a seamless viewing experience across all device’s customers may be using to reach your website. If you don’t have a responsive site, you are going to be losing out.

This isn’t just with the ranking algorithm used by Google. You are also losing out with a consumer base that is more tech-savvy than ever before. The good news is, Google provides you with a free tool to determine if your site is responsive – that way you know for sure.

Subpar Traffic

This is where the rubber meets the road for quite a few businesses. You have a website – but you aren’t getting the traffic expected. In most cases, the reason for this is a combination of everything that’s been mentioned above.

Many business owners don’t know how to market their business online, they don’t have the time to learn, and as a result, their website has missed the mark when it came to reaching their audience.

If your website traffic is low, it’s going to reflect a lack of strategy and no solid plan for carrying out a digital marketing campaign. Yet again, this is when a digital marketing professional can help.

You Aren’t Tracking What’s Going On

When it comes to marketing, it’s all about tracking and then analyzing your results to figure out what is and what’s not working. If you aren’t tracking what’s going on regularly and figuring out how your leads are coming in, then it’s time to hire a digital marketing professional.

They can help you identify the leads with the highest sales possibility. This will ensure you can continue to grow and achieve digital marketing success.

Your Website is Getting Traffic, but it’s Not Converting

Are you letting your audience know how they can connect with you? How they can make a purchase? How to join your email list?

If it isn’t clear from your web page content or your calls to action that there’s a valuable resource available, and that you want to build a relationship with a potential customer, then they aren’t going to convert.

While the person may read your content, they are going to also leave. Once gone, they may never return to your site.

You Don’t Have the Skill Set In-House

This is often a rather sensitive topic of discussion. The fact is, digital marketing is a process that requires a special skill set. It is one that’s full of social media authority, SEO know-how, graphic design, and, of course, website development skills that are essential to the overall digital success of your business.

When you hire a marketing agency to help with this, you can easily tap into all of their creative knowledge. In most cases, these services are more affordable than trying to find in-house talent, as well.

How the Right Digital Marketing Specialist Can Help

When you hire a digital marketing specialist, they are going to work with you and your team to create a marketing strategy that’s specific to the goals of your business. The ultimate goal of your website is conversions, in the form of purchases, leads, and new contacts, which is what your digital marketing specialist will help with.

Also, the agency or specialist you hire will provide a full analysis of your website to determine what’s working, what’s not, and what changes need to be made. These services will help you get on the right track when it comes to an effective digital marketing strategy.

Creating an Effective Digital Marketing Plan: Now You Know the Role of the Pros

As you can see, there are more than a few ways that a digital marketing specialist can help create a smart digital strategy for your business. If you are ready to improve your website and online presence, finding the right partner is a must.

Our team is here to help. If you are ready to get started, then be sure to sign up for our free course. We can help you better understand exactly what we can do, and how our services can help your online presence specifically.