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Dave: What's going on, my friends, this is Dave Sharpe, welcome to wake up legendary we have a fellow. Well, a guy who's cut from the same cloth as my, me and my history. I'm excited to hear his story. Let's jump right into it. Please everybody in the comments, and who are jumping on help me welcome Eric Foreigner to the show. What up, brother. 

Eric: How's it going, Dave?

Dave: Excellent man actually so you, you know we have you, the title here is, you know, former alcoholic. Now crushing it online. So tell us, tell us your, tell us your story in a nutshell, bro.

Eric: All right, so, um, basically my story stems from Rob born in Las Vegas grew up in a highly gang populated area. I wasn't getting myself I was like, one of the only white families in a highly public Hispanic area right so growing up was rough. I got involved in drugs and alcohol, age, and then eventually kind of got out of it transitioned into construction, pretty much at 18 years old, and went on the road. From that point forward, it was back in, alcoholism. My first prison sentence was in 2021 or 2018. So 2001 was my first prison sentence for DUI. So I was 21 years old, and I just kept going from there. I get out for a short period of time, go back to construction, get on the road, you know road crews are mining, specifically, and I was constantly on the road just drinking Stella's and picking up alcohol. No, non stop, and so I've been in prison four times for DUI. And it's not because I'm a bad guy because I'm right, right, and so I decided to make a conscious decision that I need to change my life at 41 years old. I need to transition, construct, and figure something else out because the road is not for me, it ruined my life. It sent me to prison, many, many, many times. And so I transitioned from that directly into network marketing in 2016. I got into the MCA Motor Club of America. I was promoting that for a little while, but didn't do too well. I was slowly trying to learn off of YouTube. I wasn't doing well. I was spinning my wheels. I had all the pieces in life but I just couldn't put the pieces together. Right. And so, anyways, fast forward to 2020. Delving back into it. Beginning of 2021, I jump into legendary marketer and here I sit

Dave: Nice man, nice and things are going better for you well for you to give us kind of an update both talking about your business, it seems to be blowing up a bit right now but also on a personal level I assume you're doing well staying sober? 

Eric: Yes, sir, 100%

Dave: Nice. 

Eric: Okay so I'm on parole right now a probation device now, I paid off since I've been out working online and working my nine to five as well. While doing this, I was able to pay off all my fines, all my restitution came out to be like $10,000. I'm doing super good, you know, life Today is a lot better than it was before when I was drinking. I have obligations and goals and my mindset is definitely different now. You know, I want to give back. I took so much in life and I was such a greedy person, by going to prison and getting drunk and leaving my children behind, and I was, I was being selfish by leaving my kids when I go to work and get drunk so, you know, in a nutshell. My life is transformed. I can . I owe a lot to my wife. In my higher power, because of the support that I have with her through the trials and tribulations this last prison sentence I went to I thought for sure she was gone like every other time. You know when you go, you find out who your real friends are when you either have to move or you go to prison. And so, so, you know she stuck with me the whole time and it's really it's transformed my life to another level catapulted into another level to where I see somebody that has backed me up to this whole process you know me getting in trouble with my alcoholism to try and work online as, as well as working 12 hour shifts in construction. So, man. You know, my life today is different. 41 years old I wish I would have figured it out earlier. But, you know, y'all got some time.

Dave: Yeah, I think, I think many of us can can relate to that, you know, I'm sure there's some people who are older than 41, you know, listening who wish right but you know which wishes are for our for witches bro you know what I mean like this, we don't, we're not, we're not doing abracadabra here life is. I think what I realize, and I think you are too is that, you know you can turn your mess into a message. And you don't have to sit in your shit, you know what I mean you can turn your struggles into your strings you can turn a pile of shit into fertilizer. You know what I mean, sprinkle it around on your life, and, and, and turn it into something that is meaningful to you, and also can be meaningful to others. And, you know, that's where I think when we figure out how to mix our purpose with making money, for example, which I really think that I've begun to figure out or I did when I entered into this industry. After also doing network marketing myself, I failed miserably. When I got online and started kind of creating content and started to find my voice a little bit, and figure out how to, Instead of always just talking about like features and benefits, which I felt like I was doing when I when I was in network marketing, like I was like, my juice is the greatest juice or you know whatever talking about the product, you know what I mean like, and that's just how I was trained. When I got into affiliate marketing, and I started marketing online. It was more about storytelling and content creation. And so that's where I really personally figured out, and I don't, I didn't do it on purpose I just kind of did it because I needed content, you know what I mean like I needed stuff to talk about, just like you do on TikTok and YouTube and stuff like that. And, and so I started to sort of kind of slowly take a risk with some of my story like you just did right there. And I was like holy shit people likeness, and just like the comments are blowing up with, hey awesome Eric and inspired keep going, hats off like you get that sort of positive reinforcement, you know like that, people are like, Damn, that's pretty cool and you're like, Yo, maybe all my skeletons in your like and you're like, maybe I'll pull out another skeleton. And then people are like holy shit, you're like, I'll put that one back. They're not ready for that one right. You get the point, they're like, damn, like that's cool you know and I feel like that's what's happening for you is that, would you say that that kind of describes what's going on what's been going on in your business at least?

Eric: Yes, it was the first TikTok I had. I ruined it. So, if I got on there and I tried to do what everybody else was doing right and it didn't align with my character he didn't align with my avatar. And so as soon as I became me and just started talking about my screen. I made a new TikTok, the first video I had had like 10,000 views I think my fourth one, it hit over a million. As soon as I started telling my story. So, you know, it just became a personal thing, you know, it was hard to open up at first and let people know that about me because I didn't want people to prejudge. And that's the biggest thing is worrying about people prejudging, but my wife had told me you got to realize that how many people drive drunk and just never got caught, you got to realize how many people do the things that you do. Right. It's just, I've never gotten caught. Some of the things I've ever met are unlucky. Right. And so with that being said, you know, I just started disclosing my story. I just started telling everybody my story. You know I really put a lot of heart and I put a lot of passion into, you know, connecting with people, and you know working the nine to five and connecting with them working on the road and getting drunk and wherever else may be. And so, you know, just like going anywhere. If you go to the barber shop enough you're gonna get a haircut, right, and so I continued to go to that bar and go to that barbershop but either way, my TikTok is calculated because I started to use my, my story, anybody else's story. Right. 

Dave: Yes, powerful. So I think this is, I think this is, I think this is, this is a tricky one for all of you listening right now, because everybody I think has a tendency to think that when they hear or kind of a story like yours and they hear a strategy like yours that okay, what I need to do now is I need to go out there and I need to kind of air all my dirty laundry and figure out how to sort of tell my story, because that's what storytelling means. And I feel like there's, I feel like there's a couple of different, you know, there's a couple of different ways that you can approach storytelling. The first way is the first way that you can approach it is, you know, you can do kind of what Eric and I did, which was sort of, you know, you'll kind of just begin to become super vulnerable with a lot of the scary shit that you're afraid to be prejudged about. If you feel like you don't have an, and I'm telling you, like the reason why that works is because everybody likes you know other cultures as well because I didn't grow up in other cultures, but I can tell you people in America, love a comeback story, just look around, and the reason why they love a comeback stories because it's entertaining, and people love to see a train wreck, but they also really love to see you come back from that train wreck and I think it's human nature Eric like, like for example like when my dad, we used to be on construction sites and he used to like fall or hurt himself or hit his head, like my first reaction was not like, Oh, are you okay, it was to laugh my ass off that automated. And then, you know if he laid there and was like, Dad, I freak out, but he got back up. I was like okay cool, like, you know what I just, I think that people love to see people get hurt and then come back from that. That's why that works. Now there's other ways to tell stories and we talked about this all the time and we train on it, but we'll keep the kind of focus on, on the formula that you've used. So, kind of talk us through that first experience, like what happened for you when you actually got vulnerable and sort of told more of your comeback story. How did you tie that into actual content, and then products that you were promoting? I believe you're promoting stuff in the make money online space. So how did you tie that comeback story with all those kinds of, you know, with all those kinds of rough parts that you were scared to talk about? How did you tie that into the products that you're promoting?

Eric: Okay, so this formula is gonna work for anybody in their story right, this is how you connect with your audience and this is the formula that I came up with. So the first thing is the outcome that the person wants right so you gotta put yourself in their shoes. You gotta come from yourself, what kind of outcome would you want? If you were in their shoes right. Think about that. And this is what your content should be about. And this is what I started utilizing. And the second thing is the problems that they face, like in their life in your life. What problems did you face growing up? What problems did you face at your job? What problems did you face? So this hub we're building content and the third thing is the questions that they asked. So in your comments right, you know, throughout your journey online, the comments that they're asking, would trigger things that you should put your content about so you can form an avatar. Right. And then the fourth thing is the roadblocks that they face and they encounter. So if we can figure out what roadblocks, we face as a person, cuz we got to find our own avatar, personally, right, just for me, once you find that roadblock that I face which was drinking which was going to the buyers, you know, it could be a different upbringing for anybody, but there's a rope, everybody has roadblocks and trials and tribulations, if you can put those into video form or on paper or something like that, utilizing words that sell right, getting emotional. Putting emotion in it is powerful, so my transition happened with your question. To answer your question, it happened as soon as I noticed when I put something on Facebook I started telling my story how I've been to prison, you know I got married and while I was in prison, and all this crazy stuff right and just transformed all the way through and I seen the power that one Facebook had I had like 90 or 100 comments on it which I usually don't get a lot of comments and just random people that I never even knew, so I've seen the power there. And then I started to apply it on my new tic toc. Right, and I just started playing that, that is the formula that I came up with. And that's when I saw the transformation and it became more comfortable, but if you have a background, like, like my, I guess you could say. Tread lightly on what content you come up with first let them go. Let them know you're the person, right. Let them on live I did live on TikTok, every single night 7pm Not to sell people but to get on to help other affiliate marketers and all that stuff right so I'm building my character I'm being I'm becoming transparent, right and then they're seeing actually you know might have a story but I'm as good as due to, right. And so, you know, don't judge a book by the cover and don't judge yourself either, because if you do you're gonna set limitations on yourself. And that's what I do my entire life is set limitations.

Dave: So you said a lot of valuable stuff right there so I want to go back to the formula that you broke down, can you go. Can you go back over that again and Can you talk us through kind of how, how do you apply that do you try to apply that to kind of every video, is that kind of a loose kind of before you're gonna make a video you just kind of maybe look at that formula and say, Hey, am I. Is there any, you know, like sometimes you can look at something and it'll, it'll remind you I need to kind of make sure that I put this in the video talk us through kind of how what that was one more time, read it all out. So, and maybe you guys can comment that comment down in the COVID show like that read my writing, but yeah, I can go back over that for us one more time, like how you use it like in practical applications.

Eric: Okay so how I find my content is through questions, okay I built I base my content that I make off my hook. First and foremost I find out what questions people have. Right through other people's chats, through people that get fired at jobs or people that are struggling financially or whatever I go through people's chats and I find, you know, how do I do this or what did you do for this and I'll make a hook on that, on emotion, right. And so as soon as I find that emotional hook. Then I start to add my formula.

Dave: A hook is basically the question what do you do if you get fired from the right job today, and you need to pay rent by the end of the month like that would be an example of motion, and all kinds of based off a question or based off somebody, somebody experienced something they're going on right now.

Eric: Right, so you can be like, What would like here's a good hook, what would you do, how do you do, what if. How can do you, these are all things that you put, you're making it not personable, but you're asking them right, and so it could be like, what would you do with an extra four hours a week to spend with your family, and they're gonna click on it like okay what would, what would you do right, that's just an example, so that would be your hook and then you have your body and then you got your call of action right so that's the formula, the outcome that they want I go through questions that's the number one thing is what outcome. Does my audience want, then everybody's audience is different if you find your avatar. You know you can get in the online space and be like everybody else and promote the same way, and you'll never, I can say you'll never get to that next level right until you become personable with who you are, because then it's become easy if you try to put on a front all day, then it's not gonna work it's gonna get old after a while, it's hard to put on a show every day. So anyways, the outcome that they want is based on your experiences. You know, are they going to want more time with their family, or they want more financial freedom, or they want more, whatever right, more vacation time. And then the problems that they face. What problems in life are they facing, so they can get the outcome that they want. Right. Is it because of their nine to five, is it because they're always on the road, is it because whatever it could be anything. When you make it personable. And then the third one is the questions that they ask, and so that's what I was telling you guys I go in through comments, you can go ask the public calmly as well. And then you can find out what the public's asking about affiliate marketing or network marketing, and once you find that out it's gonna say how much does marketing costs or what does it take for affiliate marketing? So then I base my questions, or my, my hopes and my, my material might write my videos based off a person's questions and the fourth one is the roadblocks that they face what's stopping them from getting to that point, you know, do they need a vehicle to get to that point do they need some assistance? Do they need me to go live every night pm to get over the roadblock? Oh, That's the formula that I have, you know it's a simple formula. It's all in my, in all of my content, I've tried to put all steps in there, so that I hit all of the troubled areas of, you know, my audience. 

Dave: Well, what I, what I love about that is that you're creating content that they want versus content that you want to create, right, and this is a big marketing lesson that I continuously, I think, forget. And I have to remind myself of and I, and I forgot about it for, like, I would, I would forget about it. Forget about it. Forget about it, like get lucky, create something that was based around exactly what people wanted that would take off, then I would forget about it. Forget about it. Forget about it, create content that I wanted to talk about things that I wanted to talk about. And then I would get lucky again and talk about something that they brought in, and then that would take off that I'd forget about it again. And now. And here's an example. So, like I like today, like, I love to talk about self care, personal development. Emotional Intelligence like I love to talk about mindset, I love to, but, but not, not everybody wants to talk about that you want to talk about that but if we like people are like, oh I want to talk about that, but if I gave you a choice about how to make more money and get more leads, or do better self care and increase emotional intelligence. People in this niche would pick, get more, make more money and get more leads, every time. Absolutely. Right and so and so that's what I'm, like, like, that's not particularly the content that I want to talk about slowly all the time, but it's what they want. So there's this lesson in marketing, which is to sell people what they want, not what you want, not what you want to sell them, or sell them what they want, not what they need. Right. What most people in this industry need is personal development, they need, you know what I mean they need to develop habits they need to, they need to transform their mindset from employee to entrepreneur, like that's what most people need, but that's not what they want. They don't want to know that they're not, they don't want to bother with that, right, they just want to know how to. What do I do to make money right now, and that's a, that's a conflict so I have to kind of sprinkle that shit in kind of without people knowing that I'm doing it because I know it matters. But I always have to come back to what a people want, Right, and, and what I love about your formula there is that you're going and doing actual research, you're actually, whether that that ask the public calm you mentioned that, whether it's whether it's going through your comments, whether it's going through other people's videos, comments, whether it's asking your audience, you're finding out exactly what they want and then you're turning the titles in the hooks of your content into common questions that they are asking that is on the forefront of their mind every day in creating content around that. Right, exactly.

Eric: 100% I'm creating content, what makes their life miserable. Right, because why life was miserable before and absolutely 100%. You know when the thing is I get to the point now where I don't have to research and dig, dig, dig. At first I did, because I was trying to find who I was and my avatar. I was trying to find a speak out, how to speak to people. Now that I know how to speak to people. It's a lot easier. You know, but I might run into another problem with, you know, yesterday a person was injured, now he's working construction and can get out of it with no money. So I have none of that but I have family members that were so I can put myself in their shoes and their struggles through that, and I kind of just reverse it, I guess you could say, and just tell him that there was hoping there's people out there that are just like you that are looking for the same opportunity. Just building a valuable target the entire time. It's easy really once you find out your avatar, you can literally sit down, be you, without having to worry about anything and it will just flow.

Dave: Can you still hear me clearly, I can. Okay, so now like what comes up for me when you say that dude is that, like, if any of you all are listening right now and you're like, when you're like thinking to yourself, like what is he talking about when he when he says avatar like no, we're not talking about the movie Avatar. I mean, like Avatar who's your perfect customer, and, like, I want to pose this in a different way, I want to say exactly what you said in a different way so like people made and I want to make sure you guys get what Eric is saying because it's really important. Here's another way to say, find your perfect avatar, find your perfect customer, or what is the person who wants to buy, who's who you want to buy your product. What are the questions that they have and what are the things that they want to hear people talk about every day, because there's this cific, there's this like I just said like with people in the make money online space the affiliate marketing based like they don't like they, they gravitate and watch the videos all the way through the talk about the things that they, that they want to listen to most right and what that is, is that how to how to get more traffic, how to get more leads, how to, how to make more money, how to go viral on TikTok, right, so here's my point in saying that, that what I believe, for most of you guys, you need to do to be able to take your accounts and your traffic and your lead flow to the next level, is you need to try different questions and topics within the within the kind of broad spectrum so if you're going to make money online today's talk about traffic generation talk about blowing up your TikTok panel talk about lead generation talk about landing pages, but there's something that people want to hear more than anything, if you test out different subjects, And you find out. This is the cat. This particular topic is what people want to hear more than anything. You can literally kill a year's worth of content, and continue to blow up your traffic and lead flow, zero on that exact path at the time topic that did not deviate from it and Eric what I think most people do where they make the mistake is they talk about too big of a broad spectrum of shit that they might have one video that takes off and they feel like they got lucky, right, maybe with that video they thought that was the most interesting their target audience was most interested in. Right. Would you say, first of all what comes up for you as I say this, do you think what I'm saying is accurate. What do you think are your target avatars to patent? What is the thing that they go crazy to hear?

Eric: Okay, so yes it's absolutely perfectly well. And then their catnip would be basically the struggle in life right. My audience is directed towards the nine to five, blue collar worker, don't see the family, gone on the road. The list goes on, you know, people that are eager to work and have been doing the same thing forever want to change. So, their catnip is basically seeing my transformation, coming from, you know, working a nine to five or that's like a stereotype, but working 12 hour shifts, six days a week five days a week, while working my nine to five and it's having the strength right emotionally because get them come become emotionally attached to your people, when they see that emotion, you can sit there and talk about funnels, you can sit there and talk about all this stuff, but you got to talk to your audience in the right way, Like, you're saying when you hit their heart. 

Dave: When you hit their heart, you get their attention, right?

Eric: 100% So once you hit their heart, you know, if you get emotional when you're doing you're doing something or you look back at your video and you get emotional about it because it just never, ever watched like a comedian. That is so funny because everything he said is true. Like you know I mean, like, don't just don't just be talking about something just be random life and the way they say it just makes it so funny, right, and so that's that emotional attachment you need when you're making your content so that's what I try to do is there catnip is getting that emotional content that emotional bond with them. Right, so they know hey there's another guy that relates with me, and that he just is not talking about cell, this cell that so this system is just the map because I'm a guy that knows nothing. Right, so you got to speak to your, your, your, your, your, your traffic or your people, with the whatever you're trying to promote right so you could be people or people started different levels right so when we're talking my traffic is people that are struggling in life and they want to change.

Dave: Let me, let me say this back to you because I want to, like, I, your answer actually like I wasn't actually expecting you to say that but, Like, of course, that's exactly what was built my point was that I, people could relate like and make a deal. And it made them feel like they got a duration that they were in. Right, right, exactly what you're talking about, it's an inspiration. Right. And that's what I think so many of us do because we get caught in the weeds of thinking that we need to over explain and do too much to our content. That's where we lose people, because what I really think, is that people who buy the most and who, who get the most attached to creators like yourself, is, is they get attached to people who are entertaining and inspirational because people want more than anything, they, they don't pick up their phone and start scrolling on TikTok because they're like, sitting there ready to walk into a classroom and set up an autoresponder like what they want and what they like, what they want is they want, hope that they can get out of the shitty situation that they're in. Right. I think that's why the vulnerability here, what your life was like, what have you, what hole Did you crawl out of, like some of you guys are sitting and thinking and now's when I didn't have homelessness prison story like these guys, you know, but did you struggle with depression? I'm just trying to think about the questions that people are asking, who are listening to us right now, the excuses that they're making, of why they can't do this and what I'm saying is you don't have to have a down by the river, homeless, addiction, alcoholism story. If you talk about things vulnerably like that you crawled out of a depression hole that you, that you sacrifice, years of your life and a job working for a boss that you hate, and you felt used and abused, right, that you were inside of an abusive relationship or relationship where there was no love, and you and you wasted decades of your life and that didn't really go out there and go after your dreams and goals, like, like when you start to share those vulnerable pieces of your life. And now what you're doing about it. Now how you're doing things differently, and why there's hope for those people, right, maybe listening to where your catnip is, are you picking up what I'm putting down?

Eric: No, yeah. And so just for the everybody out there that's, you know, thinking about getting into this business are working for themselves or whatever it may be just trying to do on the side. If you don't have, if you're not coming into this with, you know, backstory of being, you know, an exceptional a top ranking affiliate you don't have all this you know money to prove that you made all this money. Just start with your story because that's all you have. So, it doesn't matter what it is like Dave was saying, it could be from a bad relationship to being a stay at home mom, and never really having you know just all you do is stay home and your husband goes to work, you have nothing to do but to take care of the kids, you can you can if you're a stay at home mom and you're trying this opportunity, you can relate with those types of people stay at home moms that you know don't don't have a job that wants something else to do. So there's just so many ways, everybody can actually connect with people it's and I don't mean to make it sound like it's difficult thing because it's not I transitioning from construction into this and this and that just acting to myself, at first I didn't, I tried to act like everybody else and it didn't work for me. And I, I stepped it up and now I'm getting over 150 leads a day.

Dave: Well, check this out, man. I just wanted to, like, I watched my husband Shanice Jenna said I watched my husband take his life and I deal with that memory every day, like, wow, first of all I just want to say, Wow, but how I mean I just wonder how many people you could inspire by the fact that that you went through that and are now picking yourself back up and moving forward. 

Eric: You know, millions of people can relate with that. 

Dave: Well, millions of people I mean if it's not that exact situation if the feelings in the, in the sadness in the trauma in in the inspiration, they can relate with the feelings. Alright, so it looks like I'm having an echo here. But, so save one more time, just pretend I'm one of your one of your followers, somebody who's been watching your content and you talk about kind of what you're talking about now. And they say, Eric, I don't have a story, I don't have anything that's nearly as entertaining, if you do, What, what would you say?

Eric: So I guess I would start with basically what was your childhood like you know we got to find out from the ground up, you know, write down all of your good memories, write down all of your bad memories. You know, if you, you know, just different situations you just write them down in case personable, personal, but you could write down all the good times and bad times in your life right, and you can make content literally out of the good times and bad times in your life and how you took it from one point. And you, your thought process behind it. Right. So when you're, when you're on, you know when you're trying to tell somebody how to find their avatar we're trying to find out how to tell their story, or what their story is going to be, is based on like their history now where they've come from where they're at and where they're going to be right there, past the current in their future talked about that here's where I came from, you know, this is where I'm at now, and this is where I want to be. Right, and that's super inspirational and even though you don't have a story of prison or getting in trouble or drinking or alcoholism or whatever you may have been in a family that you know is super wealthy, and you've been the black sheep, they want you to go one way. You want a different or, you know they want you to go to college, and the kid beaten college and you and you just said I don't want to go to college, I want to use them for myself, and you could use that stories, hey, my whole family's been telling me no, to go to college now I'm on Tik Tok now they're making fun of me, but then I show them how much money I'm making, and now they're all trying to jump on Tik Tok again with me, right, just, that's just one little hook right there, no chills thinking about it because I just could relate. I can feel that relation no joke. I got chills thinking about that because that is power right there. That's power and you can take your situation, your story, everybody's unique man, everybody's unique, it doesn't matter your story. Everybody has a similar story next to it and all you gotta do is speak to one person, one that's it, because if we speak to one person correctly, there's going to come in the masses down bro. That's wisdom right, that's really, that's really. 

Dave: So you're now getting 150 leads a day?

Eric: Average. My biggest update on TikTok when I hit that million 400,000 on the, on the Europe you can play I'm not sure you can play into the screen but it's a short video, and you guys can see the power of it. But 1,400,000 I think the next day. I had like, almost 410 leads right one day one night, and then it trickles down 300 And they'll get 75to 150, impressive because anybody can have a video go viral, like in getting right what's impressive to me is that you're averaging 150 a day?

Eric: You know why

Dave: Why?

Eric: The call to action. If you don't tell it because people, no disrespect, but people are like sheep, right, if you get through a video, and it comes to an end, it's like okay, there's no sequel to it. Okay, there's no part two. You just gave all like, like Dave says you, you turn the water you don't give him the whole boat right in the sense, you know you got to leave them to say, Okay, if you want to see more content like this, go ahead and give me a like and a follow don't always send them to your link, you know, and that's just spam it just sounds okay, That's what everybody says right, give me a like and a follow you want to connect with me or see transparency, join my live tonight 7pm You'll see who the real person I am, blah, point blank, they look in your eyes, they feel it, they see it, they live it.

Dave: Dang you’re getting serious. So you're not always giving people a call to action?

Eric: I tell them to click the link but a call to action to either like my video, comment on my video, or follow me. Right, so if you know, there'll always be the link in my bio, but either way, if I tell them to like and follow, and they do like unfollow they're most likely gonna like unfollow and then check out my bio and maybe click on my link anyway, right so you don't have to throw that link in there that's a little golden nugget, you don't always have to say click them only kick them only click them on LinkedIn to them on LinkedIn, it sounds salesy scammy, whatever else, be you, follow me, advertise. 

Dave: I like that because people who come to you and buy don't always pressure and be like, link, link, link, link right link in the bio link in the bio link like right. Everybody is saying. And the minute that, especially if there's other people that they've seen say that, that you say that you're just sounding like everybody else, so give them a call the app, right, right, and people are going to go to your profile and look at your link anyways, right, they're going to do that, they're going to go stop you and check you out. They like the content that you create. So, let them buy, let them come to you, get them hooked by getting the follow right get them hooked by getting the you know, I think that's one of the most important things that, that is oftentimes underlooked is getting that subscribe, or that follow, versus the clicking of the link, because the average person is going to need to see your content a few times, set well seven right that's and that's, that's something that I've heard a lot too. I don't know if it's two hours 200 Right, but it's more than once that people are going to need to hear from you and see you to buy from you. So the most important thing that we need to do is we need to get somebody to either like, follow, or subscribe to whatever channel we're on. And then the next most important thing, If you think about it, is getting their email, right, that allows us to follow up in the, in the inbox. The third is delete right, that's lead generation. I think you could consider in 2021 Somebody subscribing or following your page, also a form of lead generation, but it's always been considered getting the email right that's been considered the lead generation. The third most important thing is making the sale. Right, that's the third, but that only comes after doing one and two. So what you're saying is you're more focused on calls to action that are built in based around telling them to like and subscribe your page and in are you doing any you ever do any free giveaways lead magnets, free gifts that you allow that you say hey you can download my book or my ebook or anything like that?

Eric: Not yet, so go back a little bit. You don't find your audience, your content, find your audience, right. So that's the first thing, and then lead generation. I have read some, but right now, you know, in order to actually capture a lead to make it yours on tick tock because that platform can go away anytime you need to catch that email address you need to catch that that individual because if TikTok goes away if Facebook goes away if whatever goes away tomorrow, and then all of your leads are gone, right. So, you know, to get back to what you were trying to say and was with the lead generation. I think if you put out the content that's specific for what you're trying to talk about your leads, your audience will come. And when you start showing your TikTok or any account out, start building value first, start building value, start beating people to like you. For you who you are because if you start putting out. Call to Action content right away I believe from my last tech talk experience, people will click on it, people won't click on it they're not seeing your story they're just seeing some random dude, that's like everybody else. So, you know, if you tell your story if you don't have a story and you haven't came from, you know, extensive history of marketing, just, just talk about you know, so did you lose a tick tock, is that what you were saying, Yeah, well, so I started my first TikTok, and I started out with the very first video was, you know, transform I guess from working nine to five to this and I'm making this much money and just clicking my like my link in my bio has just started. And it started out with like 10 views and then 20 views and 30 views because of all my calls. Like my link if you're starting to learn how to make money from home. Right, it's not like Hey, I came from this, just you know, I know that you can do it right. Anyways, my first talk was screwed up. I spent like months on it just to get 1000 subscribers, months, right, and I was happy when I got 1000 Then I got my, then I was going back and forth from business account to personal account to get my link on the, on the page, which is a bad idea. Stick with just the creator when you first start out, you can't get your link but either way, when I, when I tried this formula for the first time I knew Tik Tok, I had 1000 subscribers in two days, or a day or something like that. So, he already tells me that's the bottom line of storytelling. Storytelling, and then. Okay. Another funny thing is Dave I forgot to tell you is my in my hashtags, you know I put passive income, you know, affiliate marketing like that. But my main one is going to be like construction might or might if I was to work from home mom or I was a stay at home mom, I would be a target or hashtag like, you know, for the day like the trending hashtag for the day, that was, you know, corresponds with what your story's gonna be about, and then your second one we should we work from home moms or stay at home moms. So then I was like, people rocking I'm on like my target audience construction so people that are in construction and they're struggling seeing construction all day looking at planning construction videos, they love my video and I know it's a construction video that suddenly goes into how this dude just transformed his life in six months to making money online, and so they'll come on my live and they're like, I don't even know how you're on my for you page, but I'm here right so you can actually utilize and attract your audience through the hashtags to powerfully. It does work. 

Dave: That's a good tip because I think most people have a tendency to use it. The most common, which, which is the most obvious which could also, which could also be considered spammy, your eyes. If you're in the make money online space and you're talking about affiliate marketing and then what's the obvious hashtag, hashtag affiliate marketing, right, right, instead of what you said, which is use a hashtag that's based around a story that you're telling right on who you're kind of, again, if you're a construction, you know, hashtag carpenter hashtag, hashtag lineman hashtag electrician exactly builder, as my babysitter. 

Eric: Hashtag babysitter hashtag stay at home mom hashtag whatever here's my formula. So I switch it up, so I do one trending one broad and then one specific in the morning. And then my second video for the day is three niche and three trending hashtags. And then for my third view of the day I do three niches, three brand specific. So I hope you know if that makes sense so one trending tweet would be a trending viral like hashtag. When you open it on your search, you'll see those trending one that's the trending. and then a broad would be like babysitters, construction workers, stuff like that and then specific would be work if work from home side hustle, affiliate marketing right so you just hit the trending right then you hit the broad of who you're trying to hit, and then you hit the specific or you're trying to do good, really good tips, right, you got to know Facebook training, except for what's in legendary and just my own trial and error attribute, you know, and everything. It works well, bro.

Dave: I'm happy for you man, what would you tell somebody who is, you know, thinking about getting started with the challenge right now and coming into this community, and taking it seriously.

Eric: Okay so first and foremost, if you're going to start any program, it doesn't matter if this 115 Day Challenge doesn't matter what it is, it doesn't matter, right. If you're not going to let go of what the mentor says with the training says 100% and put in all the, the actions, you're not going to see the amount of like success you would if you put all of the action in so no matter what when trying to say is, no matter what you get into I recommend the 15 day challenge because it runs you from ground zero, and from knowing nothing to establishing a foundation which you need and you can build off that foundation so what it does basically transforms you from knowing nothing to having a link online, and to promoting yourself and then you becoming richer, you'll find your avatar. So, you'll find the challenge. This one is great. This is where I started, I transformed literally in six months, I've been with you, Dave like three months? Two months just like that, not very long, right after the 15 day challenge, I got so much more value than I did when I was working or not working but utilizing YouTube 2016 trying to learn, and you know, I came to the table with some knowledge, but I had all these pieces that were all just floating in the air everywhere that I got from here and from here and all I was on this learn mode, learn, learn, learn, learn, learn, and I never applied what's great about the 15 day challenge is, you learn a little bit then you apply a little bit, you learn a little bit, then you apply a little bit so you earn as you learn, no joke, my first commission was like nine days or something, nine days after starting, I think it was a 15 day challenge, so it was just applying the tools that we learned in it, and you know, if you're starting out and you want to just accelerate and just skyrocket from this point forward, I recommend running with Dave Sharpe and this definitely for sure 100%.

Dave: Well, bro, I appreciate that. And, I mean, what makes us great is people like YouTube coming on here and today to the community.

Eric: The Facebook group, it doesn't matter, it can be, it doesn't matter, any question

I have a Facebook group. It gets answered and there's probably 50 different people that are going to be supportive, and then give me directions to a link or a video or, you know, if you're if you're new and you're in you're getting into this or you're are in the bikini challenge, reach out to that, that Facebook group, just stay acclimated Don't you know me in the Facebook group every day answering questions, asking questions, just be a part of it, it's a lifestyle change, right. It's a lifestyle change you know if you need to wake up earlier in the morning, an hour earlier so you can work on your business and you're working nine to five, that's what you got to do, man, if you still work out, then you gotta wake up an hour extra so two hours extra rarely is sacrifice in this business, right, it's not about the money because it's the cheapest business model to get in. 100% passive income. To start out, you can't, can't go wrong, right, store all these other things you could do. I looked into it, it costs so much money and your SEO and all these things are right. You can't become personal with a person. I don't believe it's gonna be a long term sustainable business for a person that's just starting out. So this right here is the groundwork and the foundation for anybody that needs to get going online, and anybody that needs help. Follow me, kind of my life, whatever. And it doesn't matter if you're in this program or if you're struggling, it doesn't matter, kind of realize, I'll give you a system, maybe gold nuggets, astronauts. So, you sign up with whoever I got your back.

Dave: Yeah, well that's, that's, that's lost. And I think that if you guys can pick

What error, like his approach to this whole process, is that my takeaway is that the mindset, the approach, is wrong. It's not how I can make money today. Right, it's how can I establish a following in a friendship base, right, because ultimately a loyal following a fanatical following are just kind of friends online like you would, that are like people who listen to me they would be like Yeah, I know David Sharpe I'm friends with him like, even if we don't know each other even if you only watch the show and I don't know who you are, you think of me like a friend because you listen to me and you come on the show and you, it's like we're kicking it together you know what I mean it's like you see me every day you think, right, so, so it's like, who can I help today. How can I how can I how can I go live or create content that inspires provides hope in that in that, you know, how can I be friendly to people, how can I be of service to people, not because I can make a buck from them today, but because I can earn their trust friendships in delaying gratification. Right, what will happen when you have that mindset is that more than what you think will come today, and a lot more than what you think will come later on, And that asset you're experiencing right now and I'm happy as hell for you, bro. 

Eric: I'm ready, I'm ready to rock.

Dave: Man you know you are rockin bro you ain't ready. You're done getting ready to get ready, right at that for a while. Now you're ready, you're rockin and you're helping other people get ready to go after their dreams and whether they, you know, start a business, whether they work in the make money online space, whether they do affiliate marketing where they learn from us, you're out there providing value to the marketplace, providing inspiration through these vulnerable and emotional stories that you're telling and sharing yourself. So you're earning every like you're earning every follower you're earning every lead you're earning every dollar through turning your struggles into new strengths, and there, you're rockin ‘you are rock and roll up the good work man, and come back and keep us posted in the future.

Eric: I'm sure I'll have you on the show again in the future. 

Dave: Of course if you're speaking it into existence right now.

Eric: 100% manifestation, all the way vision boards do you guys have a vision board. Yeah, the vision board is 100%, you know, you got to see what's coming. There's all kinds of stuff but just the power of mindsets, it's awesome. You know I was in a deep, deep, dark place in my life before the prison four times, you know, I thought about suicide, many times. And you know what these are alright. 

Dave: Well congrats for you. Alright, I feel that I feel that brother. I feel for you and for where you're at. Yeah, thanks for sharing it with that brother. 

Eric: All right. I'll talk to you. Alright guys, have a good day. 

Dave: Alright guys, that's it, we're gonna wrap up I'm on my phone so we're just there's not going to be no close this is the closed piece, get the hell out of here. We'll be back here tomorrow.