On Tuesday’s episode of Wake Up Legendary David Sharpe sat down with Anna Vigule to discuss how she is building her brand and online business on Instagram. Anna started her online business in January of 2021 during the pandemic and has been growing it ever since. She started the 15 Day Business Builder Challenge when she found it through TikTok and has been doing digital marketing full time since then. 

Monetizing Your Interests

Anna shared that when starting your online business it’s best to pick a niche that interests you. When choosing a niche you don’t have to just stick to the make money online niche, you can choose whichever niche you feel like you will work best with and be able to talk about. You can even choose multiple niches and make content about multiple subjects.

Anna has worked in three niches since starting her business. Those have been the fashion niche, beauty niche, and the make money online niche. She felt like she has had the most success in the make money online niche since that’s the one she felt the most connection to. 

Coming Up With Ideas For Creating Content

When Anna comes up with ideas for her content she often likes to research which topics are currently in demand. She uses a site called answerthepublic.com to generate ideas for her content. She gathers ideas from the topics being asked about and creates ideas based on those topics.

Another way to choose topics for content creation ideas is by viewing the comments on popular videos or popular channels in your niche. Oftentimes creators can overlook their comments and you may find questions that their audience wants answered or more topics they want covered. This gives you the opportunity to make a video on a subject other creators might have overlooked or haven't spoken about as much.

Changing Your Way of Thinking

A great way to get yourself motivated for your content creation and online business is to change the way you think and talk to yourself. Instead of focusing on things you are overcoming in your business, focus on how you can provide for your customers. Instead of talking to yourself and telling yourself that you’re struggling, tell yourself you have obstacles you are overcoming. Changing the way you talk to yourself is going to help to change and grow your confidence. 

Changing the way you speak to yourself can be going to allow you to move past your limiting beliefs that hold you back from moving forward with your business. Don’t just rephrase your words, but also follow your words up with action. Changing your way of thinking will help to motivate you. 

Another way to change your thinking is by leaving reminders for yourself. These can even be small motivational messages you leave on Post-It notes for yourself. Reminding yourself to not give up and to continue to be creative with your online business will help your path to success.

Using Storytelling To Show Your Success

Storytelling in marketing is one of the most powerful ways to connect with your audience. A story someone can connect with is what will catch their attention and help them to connect with you. People like to see content that they can relate to and feel like they really understand the meaning behind it.

People are very likely to connect with content that they can see a part of themselves in. A type of content that really works well with customers is content where people are helping others. Helping other people will really get to a person’s heart, especially because it’s very relatable. It can be something as simple as taking your family or friends out to dinner and saving the receipt to use as a prop and story later on in your content.

 A story as simple as being able to take your family out to dinner is something that people can connect with on an emotional level. They see the success and things you are able to do to give back to your family and community and want to be able to do those things in their lives as well. Find small ways to show how you’re doing things for others. There is always a way to be creative and show off your success in a non-bragging way. 

Anna’s message to the audience is to take the opportunity to soak up the information that you’re given. There is a huge opportunity to build a business online and learn a new way of marketing. You can find what makes you happy and monetize that. Create a content creation schedule for yourself and continue to create content and find new ways to motivate yourself each day. You can follow Anna on Instagram at @digital.factor.media to learn more tips about how to grow your online business through Instagram. 

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