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Dave: What is going on my friends, this is Dave Sharpe, welcome to Wake Up Legendary. And we are going to be talking to a man. Try to figure out how, how, how he did it. How is he building his business? Okay, as somebody who has a full time job, somebody who is a high school football coach, somebody who also has three kids now, this is the one that really gets me three kids under three. All right, now that there is a miracle worker. So that being said, let's welcome Steve to the show. What's up bro?

Steve: Hey! Good to see you!

Dave: Good to see you too man. So, are we in Chicago where you are calling from?

Steve: So I actually have the Milwaukee Chicago stuff behind me, by Scotsman, So I got a transfer with my family.

Dave: Nice did your wife come up there with you or did you go towards your wife's family.

Steve: So I was actually born and raised here, my family, my parents when they were younger moved up from Chicago. 

Dave: Nice, nice. No, I lived in Florida my whole life but grew up a big Chicago Bulls fan you know I mean, it wasn't right, with all those guys but a big Frank Thomas fan as well. So I mean I feel like the 90s were an error for sports that was, I don't know, I mean it was obviously most memorable for me because I was growing up in the 90s you know, definitely. So dude, what the heck, how are you finding the time to do it bro?

Steve: Scraping by, so this whole program I kinda got bought back like December last year. And my wife was a couple months pregnant with twins, and kind of freaking out, you know, what are we gonna do, how are we gonna fund money that's gonna be super expensive, we had a, we've got a two year old, they're not at that time, not even a two year old. They were trying to figure out what to do and I came across a video similar to one, you know, probably a ton of people here have seen, and it piqued my interest I've really never heard of affiliate marketing before I knew a good amount about e commerce, doing online business type of stuff, my brother actually has his own writing company that is completely online based as a freelance copywriter. So I've been able to pick his brain a good amount to apply this stuff. Once I came across these videos that are kind of like, holy cow, what, what is this seems really, really great. Sign up for the second part of that 15 Day Challenge. Kinda kind of put it off, and push it off, and push it off. Then one day, it's like you know what, screw it, I'm just gonna do it, let's get through this I've pounded out, you know, three, four or five days in a row and got my call set up, went through all that, got everything on march towards the end and just finished through it and then about March April was able to finally actually get started, like twins were born. So, you know, once, once they were born things kind of slowed down a bit for me. But I was one hour a day, maybe two here and there late at night, you know, middle of the night when it's interrupted. But yeah, I mean just you just gotta make it work, you just gotta do it. 

Dave: Yeah, so what was really the thing that pulled you in once you started going through you saw our sales video on the page for the challenge and then started going through the chat, I mean what was the thing that really made you say yeah, I want to do this I feel like I can do this versus what so many people do, which is see something, and then think whatever they think I can do it. This isn't for me this is not legit, whatever the many different things that people think out there what did it for you what, what was the thing that converted you?

Steve: Now, not even a question, it's your guys' authenticity. I've seen a million different ads made different videos online TikTok Instagram, Facebook, and, you know, they'll, they'll have a, like a headline or an ad that will kind of catch your attention you get into in a second, you know this, this, this doesn't seem legit, you know, it seems like, seems like something that they're going to try and charge you, and they're just gonna hang out, dry, and when I got through like some of your videos. The video with some of the testimonials was like, Okay, this, this seems legit I'm gonna check it out and just start like seven bucks I mean, I spend more on more than that I'm much half the days a week, so I figured what the heck it seemed completely legit. You guys seem super authentic and I've never regretted it once. 

Dave: Nice, nice. Yeah, there's, there's a, there's, there's definitely a benefit to, to kind of get, I said this to my wife the other night I said, Who would have thought, if you’d have thought 10 years ago and said in the future, the thing that's really going to convert and the thing that's really going to go viral and things that really want to engage with is just real asked content like just kind of kind of kind of thrown together on a, on a dead matter, it doesn't have to be high produced it just, You know, just stuff that's shot on cell phones and stuff. You know, I mean, nowadays, content, I would say that shots on cell phones are going more viral, getting as many or more views than stuff that's professionally done.

Steve: Oh, totally. Normally, that's the thing like I'm sitting here in my basement with a $30 ring Red Ring Light bought off of Amazon and it's needed you make it work and it just becomes not a $5,000 white setup with, with a sound system all type of stuff, you just gotta make content that people know people like and can catch their attention I mean like you went back to saying kind of about being authentic, even on some of my videos and some of the content I've made I've literally had people commenting Hey You seem like a nice guy but check this out. Great, awesome, appreciate it.

Dave: Yeah. No, I get it dude, I can't tell you for how many years. I had like an addiction for buying like video equipment and stuff, you know what I mean like I would want to take my videos and content to the next level and you know it all fancy, and the thing that I've landed here on after 10 or 1112 years however the how long I've been doing this is just sitting here using my computer webcam, every morning, now I've got this, this, this microphone, but I swear dude getting it set up. I mean it's really easy to set up and use, you know what I mean, it goes into this. It goes into this little, this little I don't even know what it is, this Yamaha console mixing console thing and then that plugs in the computer, and I don't know how it works. I don't know what all the buttons on it know. I just keep kind of messing with it until it sounds right. I got it, I got a light that is supposed to have one of those covers and it's supposed to be one of those kind of projection lights that you did, you know, in like a I guess a professional set and I just kind of sent it back there because I don't know I mean that glow. You know, I just I was watching honestly Thomas Garrett one of our one of our marketers here in our community one of our students and I was watching his training and he, he was like yeah I put this light back behind me to make. I'm like alright I'll throw a light back there you know trying to make it look a little bit better. And it's like I got this, this ring light myself it's this $15 thing that I got off of Amazon that connects to my desk and it just I turn it on and it doesn't make a huge difference but it puts a little light on my face and it's like, nobody it that just works. It's good enough.

Steve: You know, exactly, I don't have to spend $1,000 to put out good content, but 90% of videos and stuff that in the content I've made have just been literally off my cell phone this this light has been in here for a week and this last couple months we've had a lot going on so haven't had a lot of time to do content and work on that type of stuff but it works. You just gotta make it work, you gotta be you got to be real, you got to push out good content and know things that people can actually care about and kind of relate to. 

Dave: Let's talk about that. Let's hear about that a little bit. You said the thing that's working best for you. It's been videos that have a controversial opening and you're a lot but mostly marketing on TikTok right let me throw the your, your, your, you know handle there so people can also connect with you but best results have been with videos that have a controversial opening, done by myself for a different clip, and using a hook, slash call to action. Can you, can you elaborate on that for us.

Steve: Yes, so some of the best videos I've had put out there. No matter how many people are super familiar with how TikTok works or in terms of generating the content so like if you stitcher video. Some of the ones I've used have been from Biden's State of the Union speech where he's talking about how somebody shouldn't have to work 40 hours a week to put food on the table. Obviously, you see the president, you see what he's saying, no matter what side of the aisle you're on, don't care. You're gonna watch it, you're, you're gonna you're gonna scroll, and then you get stopped when you see that, and then as soon as that stops. What I did is I started talking about how we probably know people that are struggling that are working even 50 or 60 hours a week. I know tons of people like myself in that situation, and another one. You know, probably my best video was, I think it was the one sitting in our car. And she said something along the lines of, like, you know, tell me something people aren't ready to hear. Okay, well, you want to hear that. And, you know, it kind of went on to say that, you know you can make it. Obviously there's lots of work involved in it. But once you can get to the point where you're making full time income or even good enough income on the side that you don't need to worry about working nearly as many hours or putting in all the overtime or stressing out. So it's kind of like that, you know, get something that makes people stop scrolling or to click on something and then as soon as that's done. Like I said either a call to action or just kind of explaining something quick because you don't want to lose their attention and have them scroll so you just want a quick little bit, you know, tell them the comment tell them to follow or anything like that and that's really what's worked best for me I think.

Dave: Yeah, what you're doing is you're making me think of a guy. I want to try to pull this stuff up here real quick. Because if you guys want, I want to, I want to be if this is what you're talking about. Let me, let me share my screen here real quick. Hold on, I'm also going to give you guys a great content creator to check out. So this guy is named Derrick Jackson. Okay, and what he does is he creates content in markets on basically relationship stuff, and then this is the kind of content that you're talking about right to where you're sitting there and you're just watching while somebody else is talking or doing something, is that right?

Steve: Yeah, similar to that. Either that, or rather than it being kind of side by side, it'll just be the full video is basically the same thing.

Dave: Yeah, that's, that's, that's, that's cool. And we can just pull your account up here real quick. Wow, you've, you've, you've done. You've done well, you've blown this up. Yeah, so you can't so here's an example of where you've got Steve Harvey talking, and you're kind of side by side with him is listening, and then when he's done you kind of pop in, or you just, you don't even talk throughout the entire video you just kind of react.

Steve: Yeah, that one's his reaction but the one, the one with Biden just left there, that's good. That was one of the other ones I was talking about, you know it's it just starts out with him you get people to just watch.

Dave: Dude, honestly. Those videos are so hilarious dudes where you have somebody talking, and then all of a sudden you come in, And you just, you know, either shred the idea, you know, you, you kind of risk, I think, I think one of the, the, one of the things that has. That's the most entertaining for me on social media, is to watch sort of reaction videos, and, you know, like whether it's somebody reacting to a music video, like one of the funniest things we'll do is, for me, you know, some time ago what I, when I was, I was, you know, doing watching this more than I am now, I would go and watch these two dude who would react to different rap videos, and I could tell that they were blazed in the video, you know like in their Blaze, but they were just like reacting and just totally being hilarious, and it was annoying because they would keep stopping the video or rewinding it like Damn What did he say or whatever but it was just so funny dude, and I think that, I think the big idea here is, is you in, in some ways, as well as Derek, Derek Jackson this guy. 1,000% are allowed, are taking content that's already trending, you know, that's all that's already going crazy, and simply reacting by adding your two cents on that video.

Steve: Right, yes, definitely. Yeah. Yeah, and it's not it's not a new concept. I mean Amazon wasn't the first place to sell books online, they weren't the first place that, you know, to sell stuff online. Now Google wasn't the first search engine, you just got it. It's not wrong to piggyback you can just use it to kind of assist yourself.

Dave: Yeah. Yeah. No, I think it's brilliant. I mean it's entertaining because as human beings, we want to get it. We want to know what other people think. And we, that's what life is all about I mean if you think about what's most human nature is the heart of human beings in socializing, is talking about other people. And in, I mean, we can say all day well I don't talk about people. Bullshit. Everybody talks about people, because that's what life is. Life is about other people. And, you know, whether you're talking about somebody, you know badly behind their back whether we're just talking about them, we all talk about, people, we talk about friends, family we talk about celebrities, we in that is the juiciest juice. It's like getting out your teacup, I got juice. Everybody knows what that is. And everybody's like hit me with it, you know, everybody wants it and I think when you take something that's juicy or something a lot of people have an opinion about and then you add an opinion, to your opinion to it are either going to get they're either going to agree and they're going to get fired up and say, That's exactly how I feel. Yeah, or they're gonna say, No, I disagree right and that's what you want. Right?

Steve: Absolutely. And a lot of my videos. Everyone that's gonna promote affiliates you're gonna hear one thing I guarantee you're gonna hear one thing, it's a scam, you're gonna hear it. And I always try to follow up with those people, I say, you know, I'll, I'll buy the 15 day challenge for you, I will pay for it for you to start. Not a single person to take me up on it, not a single person. And, and, to go back to your other point about talking about other people, you know, when, when you get home or if your spouse is home now, your girlfriend, your boyfriend, whatever, ask them how their day was and I guarantee you the first thing is they're doing is talking about all the people they work with or all the people they spend time with, you know it's it's it's so true. 

Dave: Yeah, I think the more, the more marketing for me over the years, this is kind of a big Revelation, Revelation that I've had recently marketing over the years, for me, getting more savvy in understanding marketing in actual like human psychology more has moved me towards embracing more of these things like gossiping and juice in, in, in talking like just leaning into more of that, versus trying to be, you know, Mr positive Mr motivational Mr glass half full, because the truth is is that people would actually like I'm a pretty optimistic guy. I think I've gotten a little bit more chromogenic. As I get older, but people would rather and this is just what news agencies and so forth have figured out, so brilliantly, right, people would rather hear things that they can get outraged about, and things that they can get upset about and fired up about versus things they can feel good about and feel happy about because most people would rather feel outraged and mad and angry about something than they would to feel happy for someone, or about something. Do you agree with that?

Steve: Completely. I mean, whether it's the news or whether you're working, says something negative to you whether they're saying you're doing a bad job, or the work you did was, was terrible and stupid. That's going to stick with you longer than if somebody says hey you're doing a good job, you know that you're gonna feel good for a couple hours but somebody says something about you, chances are you're going to be thinking about that for days, weeks and even longer. Like you said the news the same way, but I see a piece of good news that, you know, some little kid help an old lady across the street that's awesome but I'm gonna forget about it in 10 minutes, whereas if I see some kid ran a grandma, crossing the street over with their car, I'm gonna be mad about that for a week. 

Dave: Right. Right. No. and the more, the sooner that we can kind of understand that in I think this is a big. This is a big shift I think for a lot of you, as well as me, I mean this is evolving thing game for me too, all the time, the more that we can sort of get away from just trying to be Mr positive or Mrs motivational all the time, and instead get into the gossip column, business, get into the TMZ, get into why do you think the National Enquirer, has been on the front rack, in every grocery store, Walmart, Target across the world for decades and decades, because people are more prone to pick up the most outlandish outrageous Porsche that you've ever read that you most people wouldn't believe but it doesn't matter because the entertainment value is high. And in order, you talked about the thing that you said the thing that's working best for me is videos that have controversial openings, done by myself or a different clip and then using a hook or. This is an example of a hook. When somebody, kind of like, it's a train wreck and I can't stop watching right whether it's somebody his relationship or whether it's somebody living their life on Facebook, we all have the friends that we think are an absolute train wreck, but you know, you can't stop watching you go to their profile, just to see if they posted any dumb shit lately. 

Steve: I've got probably a dozen people on Facebook and I only have like two or 300 Facebook friends that I just followed. That's a bad car accident. 

Dave: Dude, I'm telling you, so imagine, like, this is where we get where we were, how can I use that to my advantage. I talked a lot about this over the last couple of weeks on coaching calls and in various formats, is to give people what they want, not what they need. This is one of the lessons from the Legendary copywriters, in the original Legendary Marketers the Gary Halbert SpeedFan Carlton, Gary Benson Vegas. All these guys that were writing copy back in 1950 6070 when there was no internet when you had to write the letter mail it and somebody do, And they had to actually, you had to have a big enough of a good enough hook to actually get them to read the damn letter to open the mail not putting the garden, read the letter, and then go and write to check mail back to get the video or the booklet, or the book or what I mean that was some badass marketing, what they said. In this is one of those Eugene Schwartz he's another one. If you read Eugene Sprague through advertising, you will learn. In, he will say it, sell people what they want, what they need. Everybody needs a healthy diet but McDonald's Taco Bell Chick fil A Hardee's, everyone wants that.

Steve: Everybody wants that very value filled meal thrown in their mouth and say everybody needs a good balanced diet but we live in America.

Dave: I had three brownies last night, dude. My wife woke up this morning and she goes, You know, it's, it's, you know people are gonna do what they want to do. You know you got the guy who's got cancer, he's in his 70s and he's still smoking. You know you got the guy who's, you know, had three heart attacks and he still goes and has bacon and eggs every morning. I mean, it's just people do what they want to do and the more and the quicker. And I know this is a hit to all of you motivational positive thinking mindset people, I was one of them as well. I still am, but it's taken. I'm not trying to shove that stuff down people's throats, I think a lot of people are creating content that they're trying to project what they like and where they're at in life, on the people in the masses are not interested, they're not there, they're still in zombie land, watching the news being outraged by everything in the low awareness stage. So you have to hook them using the stuff that they're interested in want to hear, and then slowly transition them to whatever you're sending them to, whether it be a business course are the 50 day challenge or your whatever niche you're in, you have to hook them with something that they're interested in what they want, and then transition them over to your product with a call to action, or, you know, kind of saying, you know, hey, this, this is a this is a solution to whatever you're, you're, you're struggling with. Does that make sense to you? And, is that the path that you're on, and you feel like the content that you've created the most. That's done the best and has been aligned with what we're talking about here.

Steve: Yeah I think so. I mean, there's nothing wrong with the motivation of self help and that's its own great kind of little, you know, part of the market, but at the same time, you know, it's not. And I want to say people that do that are self centered or anything like that because they're not they're doing it to motivate other people, they're doing it to help other people. But at the same time, the motivation thing is kind of what they're into, and when you're trying to market stuff, it doesn't matter what you're into, the people you're marketing to, because you're not the one that's gonna buy the product. And once you kind of realize that that it's not about you it's about the people that you are trying to, you know, click on a link or get on your email list, something like that you have to provide value to them whether or not really designing for you,

Dave: For sure. I think another thing that I've realized is, pay attention to my level of likeability. You know, the more sometimes intense or super positive or whatever you are on camera or talking to people can make it difficult for people to like listen to you, and it's not really something they can put their hand or finger on you know what I mean like really put your finger on why you don't like listening to somebody, but a lot of times it's just, you know, there's people who are easy listening, and then there's people who are just hard to listen to. Sometimes they talk too fast, sometimes they're just too intense, it's an energy, a lot of times the people who are most interesting to listen to, like, like Howard Stern, you know, if you listen to Howard Stern. Okay. He's a guy that's been on the radio. Love him or hate him, listen to the art of how he delivers his message. It's, it's, he speaks kind of slowly. He doesn't say a lot of words, you know, real self deprecating, which means that he's always making fun of himself, you know, that makes people like him more. Right. So, you know, it's, it's, you know, Elise says this approach is not for everyone. No it's not. You have to figure out what works for you, you know, you have to figure out what works for you. But one thing that we can do is we can look at somebody. The other thing I noticed is with Oprah, you know, if I listened to her, and I watched her. She also is really easy to listen to when she talks. She keeps it super simple. Does it talk in big words? She doesn't try to be so smart, when she's talking that everybody is like, Oh wow, that's a big word, let me go look that up. She speaks in like a fifth grade level, right, but she's so kind, in, and sweet, and makes it so simple and talks about topics and understands how to tee things up and use cliffhangers. It's really interesting to watch what's coming up for you as I'm going through some of these names and so forth. 

Steve: The one I think about. I'm a big Joe Rogan fan, so there's lots of episodes where you know he has his comedian buddies on, those are great, those are funny, I've listened to every single episode he puts out. But when he has people that are you know they're doctors they're Neil deGrasse Tyson people like that with their intelligence level, at least compared to me, is far and beyond. Now, if I try to listen to somebody like that for three hours. Chances are after half an hour 45 minutes I'm gonna go man, my head hurts I can't listen to this. Yeah. And, you know, with Joe Rogan, it's the thing I kind of try to equate with is, is myself to Joe. Now, obviously if my wife is making my kids but in terms of the way he handles that he is a very smart person. You can hear that from how he talks with these people, but at the same time he calls himself an idiot. He's just, he's just a big dummy and he'll sit there and get drunk when he's talking to these people, and he'll just be like us. He'll be like the average Joe just sit there talking to him so it kind of brings down almost that stress level of, When you're talking to somebody that's that intelligent or the topic they're talking about is that heavy. And he kind of brings it back down to her, so you know if you're pushing out content where it's kind of intense you got to kind of, you got to try and balance that out and kind of bring it back down there.

Dave: Yeah, well yeah that's a self deprecating kind of humor, you know Joe Rogan's a brilliant stand up comedian, I mean that's where his roots are. He's got a couple of specials out, I think on Netflix or something you can find them on YouTube, probably as well but you know he's a brilliant guy. He's a brilliant guy. So is Howard Stern so is Jerry Springer so is OPRAH So we're all these people, political people you know Rush Limbaugh, you got, you know, Chris Cuomo don't like, like all these guys that matter on both sides of the aisle and all kinds of ideologies. Joel Olsteen is another one who's an absolutely brilliant guy. He's a brilliant marketer as well. But if you listen to his sermons, one of the, one of the reasons why I believe he's gone so viral in why he's become so popular is because his, his sermons are super simple. And they're super clear he's not up there trying to pontificate about some of the most complex, you know, theories and thoughts that you could have about the Bible. He's speaking. He's telling stories in there. He's a very clear, clean deliver also TD Jakes, he's somebody who is, he's another pastor and he's more kind of an inspirational kind of a Southern Baptist preacher but also saying, I think, real simple and real clear, and, and, but the Joe Rogan is self deprecating humor that's exactly. That's exactly what I think a lot of people do nowadays. What I've realized, it doesn't work nowadays is showing off how rich you are. I think immediately that pisses people off makes them jealous, envious, even if you are super successful and have a lot of money. The standing in front of the Lambos and all that that's been played out more than anything and pisses people off, versus just being just showing that you're a normal person where even if you're super successful showing that you're a normal person kind of like what Joe does where he says I'm a big dummy, blah blah blah What he's trying to do is as you, as you mentioned to relate to the audience and not be better than that. Right, but make you when you're listening feel like you're just a part of the conversation and that I do think he's got, he is that person I do think he's a cool cat, but he also understands human psychology enough to keep his content in his also his ego in check when he's talking.

Steve: Yeah, absolutely. Anytime you're scrolling through videos whether it's Facebook, Instagram , anything. And I agree, it's not that I get mad, it's just like, I don't really care. I don't care if you're saying from Lamborghini I don't, I don't really care. But then you come across people that somebody had on here so we follow Brian Brewer, the amount of money he's made is probably astronomical, but yet, pretty much all the content, he puts out he's in a T shirt and baseball hat. Like you'd see him on the street and you would think, like that's probably worth, how many hundreds of 1000s of dollars. Looks like you just know the regular guy, so the more you can relate to people. The better you can connect with them, the more you connect with them, it's easier to kind of promote stuff and get them to keep following you and kind of work with them.

Dave: Yeah, well we've covered a lot of cool stuff here dude. I mean both kinds of reactions black stitching content in the riding trend. Hot trendy content reacting to it. And I think the cool thing that you've, you've laid out here is it's, it's doesn't have to just be business or entrepreneurial there's ways to find angles, say for example if you are promoting something that make money or some sort of business or marketing course or training you know that's your niche, you can take parts of a Biden speech you could take a clip from a Trump thing, you could take something from a teacher, a kid, you know, If it's trendy, if it's hot, if there's a way to cut out a piece that you can then react to of something that they said. Then, depending on how creative you are, you can turn that into a piece of content that relates to your niche in the product that you're promoting.

Steve: Yeah absolutely, you can make content out of anything you just have to figure out how to do it. 

Dave: Yeah. And I think that your income is in direct correlation to your creativity and I think one of the big challenges we have come in from employee to entrepreneur is unclogging a bit of that creative channel because, you know, maybe we haven't used it, it's sort of like a muscle that's gone atrophy right it's like if we haven't been, you know, I think we got to give ourselves a break to realize also that, that creativity is something that's nurtured in in developed. It's not just that you're supposed to be a creative genius on day one or week one or even year one, it should take some time to build that muscle.

Steve: Yeah, definitely. And it's all trial and error, you're gonna find something that works, you'll find stuff that doesn't, and you just have to keep doing it, you have to keep making content, pushing content, and you're eventually just gonna get better and better and better. I mean, if you want to learn how to ride a motorcycle, you're not gonna be able to get out and drive 70 miles an hour down the freeway, you're probably gonna fall off and die. It's the same thing every, everything is a muscle, whether it's actual muscles on your body, discipline, anything like that creativity, it's all the same. The more you use it, the better you're going to get with it.

Dave: So, before we wrap up, somebody was sitting on the checkout page, getting ready to take the 15 day challenge based on your experience. What would you tell them?

Steve: Like I said I spend more money on lunch, have the days of the week that during that 15 Day Challenge. It's the best $7 I ever spent. And it's easy to get that money back. I mean, it's, I don't say it's just seven bucks but it's just seven bucks and the amount of value you get out of that it will be the most valuable $7 you will ever spend.

Dave: That's a strong statement. That's a strong statement. I tend to agree. I mean, I may be a little biased, but what the hell, you know, I mean, you know, it's better, better than it comes from you, that for me right. So, keep the beard game strong. Okay, it's looking. It's definitely looking badass. I don't know what else I mean I had a beard at one time that was pretty badass. Just got hot here in Florida, you know, that was, that was the challenge that I ran into. Keep up the fantastic, you know, content and marketing work that good. I guess I will say good luck to the kid. I got a five year old and an eight month old at home, I mean, so I know exactly what you're going through, but I don't have to win the ballgame. Yo man, I'm not even trying to say I can relate. I just, you know, I'm going to be praying for you, brother. In positive thoughts your way. Keep up the great work bro come back and see us. Okay, and let me know if there's anything I can do to help you at any time. Okay, sounds good. Thanks for having Cst. All right, my friends. There you go, go follow Steve. He knows a few things. He's figured a few things out, he's continuing to figure things out. As we heard, and I think, as are more important to figure out, how do you find balance when you have, you know, a full time gig. You're, we didn't even talk about being a high school football coach, I mean that's just a whole nother thing that's takes a lot of time because I know because I believe in a lot of sports. When I was a young man. And, to be a full time parent, not one out of two but have three kids, two of them be twins, wow, you know, like for real, that's a, that's a, that's a, that's a ton of work. So it's not just the marketing stuff sometimes it's how do we blend in, in, in balance. I think balance is somewhat of an illusion but we'll keep striving for it. Get out of here, my friends. Okay, have a fantastic Friday. Have a great weekend. We'll be back here on Monday as usual, continuing to keep chugging along, be Legendary. I'll talk to you that