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July 9th – 15th, 2023

Your Weekly Legend for July 9th-15th

I witnessed a really cool moment this week.

As I was talking with one of our guests prior to the show, she shared something absolutely beautiful…

“As of this week, my husband is now home full time.”

It wasn’t just what she said, it was how she said it.

I could feel her heart bursting out of her chest.

She was filled with joy, care, and excitement for this new change within her family life.

16 months after starting this journey of building her own digital marketing business, Em’s husband got to choose to spend more time with family, more time with his spouse and no longer miss out on his kids growing up.

He got to choose time.

Here’s the thing though…

When starting out on this journey, Em’s main focus wasn’t necessarily to retire her husband or make a specific amount of money.

She first wanted to be able to homeschool her kids.

She wanted to be able to have a date night without guilt.

She wanted to end the crazy work hours her and her husband were doing and never feeling like they were getting ahead. 

There was a badass version of Em waiting to be unlocked.

She knew there could be MORE for her and her family.

As her business grew, her goals did too.

As her mindset evolved, even more was revealed of what’s truly possible.

She had big dreams when she started, but also smaller goals to run for.

All of this came from a day 1 with zero followers in March of 2022.

She didn’t have a secret massive following.

She didn’t have years of marketing experience under her belt.

She was a busy mom looking for more.

More time

More freedom

More peace

Sometimes when we are wanting massive changes in our life, we forget what the start is going to look and feel like.

We all have a day 1.

We all have a period of time of zero followers.

We all have that first choice to make…to implement or sit on the sidelines and watch.

If you committed to working on your business every single day for 16 months, where do you think you’d be?

Heck if you committed to focused time everyday on your business…

Imagine what’s possible 6 months from now.

Do me a favor and think about your goals today.

Answer the questions below and make sure none of them include a dollar amount.


What are some things you want to be able to do for yourself?

For your family?

What’s a smaller goal you can set for yourself 90 days from now?

What’s a 6 month goal?

12 month goal?

2 year goal?

Write these down and look at this each day you sit down to work on your business.

Em and Dave really dove into a ton of topics during Thursday’s episode.

Watch this interview asap.

It’s an absolute must watch!

Check it out here

Wanna know who will be on this week?

Check out our guests below!

These interviews provide absolutely massive value, community, support, knowledge, and inspiration.

Wishing you a legendary week ahead!

As always…

Stay Legendary!
– JoAnn

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Friday, July 14th

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