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July 2nd – 8th, 2023

Your Weekly Legend for July 2nd-8th

Have you ever heard the 5 people you are around the most are the ones with the biggest influence in your life?

In your decisions…

In your mindset…

In your future…

As entrepreneur and motivational speaker, Jim Rohn shared –

“You're the average of the five people you spend most of your time with”. 

In fact, five people around you are determining your success!

Dang…your circle and who you allow in it is pretty important. 

If all you hear day in and day is complaining, whining, and around those that looked at life with a glass half empty mindset…most likely you will also.

Now you find yourself working to create a real change in your life. 

You’re embarking on becoming an entrepreneur or have and now growing your business. 

This takes courage.

This takes grit.

This takes determination.

And getting the right people around you sure can help. 

But how do you do this when everyone is “online?”

Let’s find your virtual besties! 

They live in our community facebook group (just not the ones that live in your DMs) 

And you know who else you have….

Dave Sharpe himself! 

Five days a week you get a massive dose to boost your entrepreneurial spirit. 

Listen in on what Dave shared about Wake Up Legendary just this week…


Sometimes viewers want to just hear what someone promotes or sells…but that never teaches you the HOW

Start listening to WUL with your Marketing glasses on.

Listen to the strategy shared, the mindset boost, and bring all our guests into your entrepreneur circle. 

Let me make it easy for you, below are all the links to watch it live, catch a replay, or listen in. 

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Wanna know who will be on this week? 

Check out our guests below! 

These interviews provide absolutely massive value, community, support, knowledge, and inspiration.

Wishing you a legendary week ahead!

As always…

Stay Legendary!
– JoAnn

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Mark Your Calendars

Monday, July 3rd

Wake Up Legendary at 10 am EST

Stacey Travis is a pharmacist who is on an epic journey to reaching 100k followers. Tune in to hear how she is achieving that goal!

Tuesday, July 4th

Wake Up Legendary at 10 am EST

Emma Lulloff is a 20 year old photographer who was looking to bring in more income and less stress. Tune in live to hear how she kicked her 9-5 to the curb to become her own boss.

Wednesday, July 5th

Wake Up Legendary at 10am EST

Miriam experienced a horrific loss, and from that, she made a conscious choice to find new purpose, drive, and thrive. Not only is this interview packed with inspiration, but she spills her exact content strategy that built a 77k following in 4 months using Facebook. This is a must see episode to warm your heart and fill your marketing to do list.

Thursday, July 6th

Wake Up Legendary at 10am EST

Emily Walcott went from being a basic Mom to growing a successful marketing business. Tune in live to hear her secrets to building a 6-figure online business!

Friday, July 7th

Wake Up Legendary at 10am EST

Christina Beavers is a stay at home Mom who is boosting her business fast. Tune in live to hear her to hear how she’s doing it.

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