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February 11th – 17th, 2023

Your Weekly Legend for February 11th-17th


The course doesn't work…

Yep, you read that right. 

The course doesn't work…

Our guest on Thursday's episode of Wake Up Legendary shared this with Dave.

Let me add the rest of the quote for you…

“The course doesn’t work. It doesn’t have arms and legs. It only works if you do.” -Mitra

Read that again.

And she’s absolutely right. 

In fact… NO COURSE works all on its own. 

No course will magically build your funnel, create your daily content, write your emails, blogs, build relationships…. 

No course will suddenly create and implement what's in it while you sleep. 

The act of buying a relationship course, won't actually fix your marriage…you have to implement the techniques taught…and work at it. 

A parenting course won't miraculously help your toddler have less tantrums because you purchased the online digital product and joined the private Facebook group of other toddler moms. 

You have to do the work to make it work. 

Yet so many will grab an online course and expect the world of instant success without really doing much of anything….

I see some even hop around, buying course after course, joining a ton of different Facebook groups, yet not once actually go through the course they purchased. 

Their inbox is slammed with freebies, purchased courses of all price points and promised guarantees from Guru Greg to Guru Gail. 

But they never find it…

Until they decide to do the work themselves. 

Until they sit down, go through the lessons, implement, dedicate, and go all in. 

This interview was so powerful. 

Watch the entire interview now: TAP HERE TO WATCH

Mark Your Calendars

Monday, February 12th

Wake Up Legendary at 10 am EST

Returning guest alert! Guinevere Stasio is back talking all the things! This former doctor of audiology has had alot change over the last year, and most recently spoke at our Mastermind event. She is smart, savvy, and all around cool person. This is a great way to kick off the week! Join us live now.

Tuesday, February 13th

Wake Up Legendary at 10 am EST

Chelsea Burnham is a former full time saleswoman of 15 years. After facing burnout she quit her job and began looking for new opportunities online where she could bring in money and be a more present Mom. Tune in live to hear how she built a thriving digital marketing business so do just that. 

Wednesday, February 14th

Wake Up Legendary at 10am EST

Sean Sarantos is back on the show! Tune in live to hear how he is creating engaging, eye catching content without saying a word in his videos.

Thursday, February 15th

Wake Up Legendary at 10am EST

Percy Smith is a truck driver who wanted to be a good example for his son and be able to spend more quality time with him. Tune in live to hear how he built his online business through creating consistent engaging content.

Friday, February 16th

Wake Up Legendary at 10am EST

Brittney Blanco is a former police officer and firefighter who wanted to be able to be home with her kids instead of on the job. Tune in live to hear how she is growing a thriving online business through her consistency and determination.

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