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August 6th – 12th, 2023

Your Weekly Legend for August 6th - 12th

Dave kicked off Friday’s Decade In A Day with this quote: 

“Life is messy, success is messy. But that mess is your message.”

The change we’re searching for, can’t unfold into reality until we stop thinking about getting started and actually start. 

I’ve heard comments within our community like:
I don’t have a story…
I don’t know my why…
Nothing bad has happened to me worth sharing…
I’m too scared…
I just want $$$ and not have to do work…

Being an entrepreneur is not about avoiding the mess, but rather diving headfirst into it with courage and tenacity.  

It’s not about looking for quick cash or throwing away ethics to scummy negative marketing. 

It’s about establishing strong roots in a digital marketing business you can be proud of. 

But how?

You gotta move through the mess. 

This is where your story unfolds, your why takes shape, and your entrepreneurial spirit will thrive.

Think about it. 

No great success story ever came without a few splatters of doing something hard or new along the way. 

In fact, failure is not just a companion on this journey—it's a vital ingredient for growth and learning. 

It’s required. 

Each stumble, each setback, and each roadblock is a chance for you to rise, reinvent, and come back stronger and wiser. 

Every day you have an option to sit stagnant and wonder… 

Or you can choose to jump in, take action and do it in the most imperfectly perfect way. (like I shared last week) 

Instead of running from what feels hard I want to challenge you to embrace these moments of learning and growth. 

This is where your story as a kick ass, amazing entrepreneur begins. 

This is where your message is defined. 

Your beautifully messy story of achievement will come when you put your head down and do the work. 

You can learn how to build a funnel.

You can overcome your fear of being on camera.

You can learn email marketing. 

You can learn marketing strategies and applications. 

You can BUILD the business that gives you the goals you want. 

Your messy action through it all is your unique story, and it's one that the world needs to hear.

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As always…

Stay Legendary!
– JoAnn

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