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Matt: Hello everybody, welcome in. Happy Wednesday everybody. It is Wednesday, January 12. We're live and we've got an awesome guest. I'm excited to hear from her all the way up in Canada. Her name's Jill. We're going to bring her on in a second if you are newer to our community a couple quick things. First of all, you can text the letters WUL to get a text message reminder every time we go live to send a text with the message of the text, just say WUL to (813)-296-8553. You'll get a text message reminder every single day Monday through Friday when we go live Alright, and that just makes sure that you don't miss an episode. All right, the other thing if you would like to get some merch a lot of people ask is How do I get merch? Where do I get merch? You can get shirts just like this. At, we are not trying to make a bunch of money off of our merch. It's not a big revenue stream for us, but we do love when people are supporting our gear. So you can find that right there on the legendary Nacho. Okay, so let's introduce and for those of you who were here with us live if you can give us some sort of clapping emoji or some sort of wave or hello to our guest, Jill what is up?

Jill: How’s it going?

Matt: It's good that things are going well. I'm still getting going. I'm choking on a smoothie. And yeah, tell us a little bit about you. I'm excited that you're on the show. You'd like to kill it lately. You're on fire 150,000 subscribers in like three months or something. Tell us about how you found Legendary. Have you tried any other things? What's the journey been like so far? 

Jill: It's been crazy. I had struggled with addiction issues over the past few years. And in early form 21 I got sober and I took probably like eight months off to get sober and when the summer was coming to an end and I was like, it was time for me to go back to my job. I just felt that I had overcome something so huge and I had this blank slate of a life in front of me that you know, it was like the world was mine all of a sudden and I didn't want to just have an average like nine to five. I worked hard to get where I am and like I want to make the most of it right so I started researching into what the best online business models were and I tried a few different things I kind of I had a mentor that was teaching me how to do drop shipping and Amazon FBA and you know I'll pull NFC boom now I've been kind of looking into that but I what I found legendary and I took the course I it really just like the best way to put it is that it really opened my eyes to how easy it actually could be to you know, set yourself up online and start you know, promoting and making money and like it just it was probably one of the best things that I ever did. So yeah, I'm really glad that I found Legendary and that's one of the reasons why I like to promote it because I want other people who were in the same situation that I was in, you know, not knowing where to start and having no experience whatsoever. I want to be able to show them the way like someone else showed me the way so

Matt: Yeah, very cool. I love that. I love that. So you found us in October. How long have you been sober by the way?

Jill: This month on the 25th. It'll be nine months.

Matt: Cool. Congrats. I think we know a lot about sobriety. We have a lot of people who are drawn to our community. I think Dave's story of a recovering addict and yeah, that's really cool. And it's one of the more enjoyable things for me about our community. Having people who are on that journey, even though I've never had that journey specifically. It's just so powerful I don't know there's just something really powerful about the combination of you know, that personal development aspect it's kind of doesn't do it justice. They call it personal development because it's actually just like a full life change, you know, and that combined with the full life change of creating a really cool, profitable online business that changes somebody's life completely. And you're now making really life changing money in the last 30 days. You're killing it. And so my question is, when you found legendary in October, what was that like getting into the training, discovering our community and what stood out to you?

Jill: So like when I say I had no experience with online business, I really mean like I had I had no idea. You know what the possibilities were and that's one of the things that I try to explain to people when I promote the course is that like, not only do you learn a ton of amazing stuff about affiliate marketing, but just the like foundational knowledge that I learned about starting an online business like, like I didn't even know what copywriting was. I had no idea and like as an affiliate marketer, especially that's a huge part of your business, you know, and it's a huge part of any online business really like that's, that's like a core factor that you have to, you know, get better at to, you know, promote and get more traction. And attract more leads. Right. So yeah, like, going through the course. And like I think one of the best parts was that you like it, it's not like something where someone signs up and you've got their money now and it's like goodbye forever. Like, you have to, you know, you meet with a business advisor and you can ask them anything you want and they walk you through a bunch of different stuff. And I think that as well as the community that I was, you know, signing up to be a part of and that continues to help me every single day with you know, various things pertaining to either you know, the affiliate marketing process or even social media because, you know, as an affiliate marketer, social media is if you don't want to be paying for ads, social media is the most like integral part of your business, right? Like, you need to understand the algorithms on each platform and what you're, you know, you need a specific strategy for each platform. And that's something that I'm really still working on. I've mostly just been focusing on tick tock for now, because that's, you know, where I've had a lot of growth which is, I mean, that to that ticked off is like a once in a lifetime opportunity right now for everyone, right? So yeah, like just just the amount of like communication there was with the cheat with the team at Legendary and with the community Legendary community. That was what set it apart for me.

Matt: Yeah, that's what sets it apart for everybody. It seems like it is especially with promoting and stuff on social media and creating. Well, I would say, especially when people have problems or issues or headaches or they can't quite figure it out. Man, you can just ask if a couple people in our community had success and it's like, oh, my gosh, they responded to me. This is crazy. Yeah. It's an interesting thing. It's a very unique thing. I mean, it doesn't really exist in the world of dropshipping and Amazon. In those communities. It's very like you hold whatever you learn. It's like this is cutthroat and I'm not giving you away any secrets or nothing. But I think the nice part is our industry, this industry because I've been around for so long. I've been in this industry for 10 years. I think there were days when people would do that. And I've been part of communities that work like that in this industry and in this business model. And I think specifically a few things play into that one. I think the opportunity is just so big, that it's like it, yeah, the opportunity on TikTok and other social media platforms specifically TikTok right now, I'd say it is so massive that it's like there's really not that much competition. It's just it's just there's endless people joining TikTok every single day so there's a brand every morning that you wake up, you wake up with this brand new massive pool of people who have never heard or seen or or discovered anything to do with affiliate marketing or anything really, I mean, if you think about like, dog training, I mean, there's dog owners joining TikTok. Every single day anyone who has ever purchased a course online and then likes, you know, it's there and you're in front of them immediately. So I just think the opportunity is so big, that it just causes most people in our community to just be like, hey, there's barely any competition the way that it is. It's just not that big of a deal. And I really appreciate you know, for any of our affiliates, or any of our clients who are helping others, we really appreciate that on our end, because it makes the synergy of our group and our community. So much better. There's bigger communities out there online, but man is it it's really hard to find something like that. That's really cool. Yeah. When you begin in the let's shift to content world, because you're caught you're doing really well. In terms of just growth. And sometimes people nowadays are like, well, the growth is slower. I've been hearing this for probably six months. Well, the Tick Tock growth is slower now the algorithm change, the algorithm changed and now views are there and like and this happens every single month, and it has been for the last a year and a half. I get these messages I get posted in the Facebook group and all this stuff and oh my gosh, it's over. TikTok is done. And then somebody like you comes along and starts posting videos in late October of 2020 or 2021. So two and a half three months ago. Yeah. And you're 150,000 followers, and blowing up I mean videos with hundreds of 1000s one video with million over a million views. And just tons and tons and tons of lead flow. What is that content creation part Ben like for you? It has been difficult. Has it been a struggle?

Jill: So to be quite honest, content creation is like my favorite part of this entire journey. Yes. And honestly, I don't know. I mean, if you've been doing this for a while, you might have it like, you know, there are definitely specific strategies that will help you you know, like having using specific hooks and, you know, there's like a whole easter egg thing now that people are doing where they like add something into their video that like, that makes people want to comment and be like, what's going on there, you know, but, but realistically, we're really all just winging it. You don't I mean, we are winging it, for the most part, especially at the beginning. You know, you're like, so my biggest thing was okay, I don't want to put my face on camera. I don't want to put myself out there until everything's perfect, you know? And God was just like, No, that's not how it works. You know what I mean? And you're first of all, if you go that route, you're never gonna get the experience you need to like, level up first of all, and second of all, people want to come on that journey with you, you know, like people want to see like, like, you go from A to B and he like, you know, what you did to get there and all that different kind of stuff. Right? So it's, it's really just about trial and error and figuring out what works for you. Right, like, and there's, there's, you know, there's a bunch of different strategies that you can kind of incorporate. But realistically, you're not going to learn as much as you will just start to just start, you know what I mean? Like, that's the bottom of that. Anyway, what I have learned, and that's, that's been the thing that, you know, helps me kind of get out of my head when it comes to making content if I don't know, good enough for that kind of thing. Right. Like, and also, like we were saying before, each platform has a very different strategy, right, like so. Thanks again, you've got your feed where all of the people that you follow, come up. It's not like, you know, tick tock. You there's no speed with only people that you follow. So there's your video strategy, your short video strategy needs to be a lot different and you're going to end up repeating your so you want to repeat yourself a lot more because there's a lot of your followers that won't see all of your videos. And there's a lot of new people who are seeing your video for the first time every single time you post right and as we incorporate marketing the rule of sevens you know, people need to hear your message seven times before they feel comfortable enough knowing you like you and trusting you to you know, get something that you're recommending a try, right so it's all about like for tick tock that for me, it's all about repetition, figuring out which videos are doing well trying to recreate that, you know, like that video that you were just talking about that hit over a million views. Like it's so crazy to me how like and you probably know this to having the content on Tik Tok, but it's like you'll spend an hour on a video and it'll get no views and then you'll pop one off in like a second and it goes viral and it's like, okay, you know, and that that video that has over a million views. It wasn't necessarily specifically focusing on affiliate marketing. It was within my niche of you know, making money online or making money in that financial mindset and stuff. And it was so shaky. I didn't even have a tripod yet.  And but something resonated, you know, it resonated and that was that was that it kind of just blew up and that's, that's, I think the most you know, the stuff that has the biggest takeaways is you know, stuff like that when you don't put so much like so much into it and and have the expectations that are gonna you know, that it's gonna do really, really well, but it doesn't because that's another big part of this is managing expectations and emotions because yes, it's a very real thing, like getting likes and followers and it's scientifically proven that this gives you a hit of dopamine in your in your mind, you know, so I was riding that wave for a while, I would open my Tiktok every hour, hundreds of new followers and then once it slowed down, I'm like, oh, you know, and so that's another thing I've been learning to kind of manage those levels. Because, you know, it's not, not every day not every video is going to be like that, you know, and you need to be able to, you know, post and be able to okay, re-strategize. Where am I at and where do I want to go? What's my message?

Matt: Oh, so much good. So much good stuff right there. In the way that you talk, I can tell that you're really into marketing, like for somebody who's not that somebody who's newer to like the marketing industry to be talking about knowledge and trust to be talking about the law of sevens like all of that stuff. And I can just tell that that's at the top of your mind and you've sort of just, you've gone headfirst straight into it. The funny part is, sometimes we talk about things like, I don't know, I'm not trying to pin you down. It's like having an addictive personality. Can you just talk about like, I've talked about this with a few different people who've gone into recovery but are in this industry and and like it's just it's it's a, it's a cool thing for me to watch somebody harness that part of their personality and do something super productive, right? 

Jill: Like, what if I could take that whole, like, that whole piece of me in and sort of supercharge it into like a business where I can become, you know, sort of if I have that piece of me that still needs to be fed or something? Like what if I just became a freak of marketing, you know, total, like go crazy into marketing and sales and how do I get more leads in something that's like this is one of monetary value and it's a skill that like will pay me forever and ever and ever, because these skills are transferable.

Matt: Totally. And I could not agree with that, more like one of my other things other than content creation, another one of my favorite parts of being in this industry. Is that it's constantly changing. 

Jill: Right and, and I, throughout recovery, I got used to self development, you know, trying to read something new every day, learn something new every day about the world or about myself, and I definitely have transferred those skills over to my business like I love each day, you know, I'll go and google I'm looking around, I'm reading the blog posts watching the videos, a ton of the people that I follow, I feel like tick tock algorithm is so specific. I need like different accounts for like when I want to watch different things because if you wants too much of one thing, that's all you're gonna see, you know, in so my personal account is you know, what got me where I found the original person who actually recommended you know, was promoting legendary so my personal account that's where I see all my business stuff and it's like, I love just you know, taking an hour the and I love to do it, but it's also a really good idea if you're, you know, affiliate marketer, Digital Marketer, marketer, if you're in this industry, to kind of take some time each week and just look through, you know what other people are doing. Look through the accounts that give you tips on tick tock ones that help you grow, help strategize. Like that is I feel like it's so important, you know, so yeah, like just really headfirst into everything wanted.

Matt: Yeah, like, I like that. When you're creating content, do you have some form of like structure? Are you relatively unstructured? Do you like to plan stuff out? Do you shoot from the hip?

Jill: I'm still working on getting that organized. So far, I mean, I have a general idea of the way that my videos are structured. So basically, it's like, give the hook the attention. grabber, that thing that's going to make them keep watching and then all of the information kind of in a backwards order so that you're building up to the big golden nugget, and then a call to action. So that's my main video frame for most of my videos. Anyway, most of my informational ones anyway, if it's you know, sometimes I'll jump on a trend or you know, trending Shan a huge, huge way to get growth. But I do for the most part, find that I work well under pressure. And I kind of just, I, I'm working on this because it's actually not really productive for other people. But I am a bit of a procrastinator, and I do like to do things a little bit last minute and I find that that for whatever reason, works well for me. But I am working on a new strategy for each social media platform right now. And that whole strategy involves having to be more organized and more you know, managing my time better so yeah, for now definitely shooting from the hip. Yes, working on that. 

Matt: That's, that's a little less fun as far as there's there's different personalities and you have to figure out what are the what are the realms in life where that's okay to do and what are the realms where it's like, this is not serving me and I like what you just said, like there's certain areas in my life that is not serving me. Yeah. And that's like, that's really good self awareness because I've had the same thing where it's like, okay, I get this part. I get that I want to function this way. But I actually need some coaching and some development to like to grow I guess, but I have that same thing where like, I really enjoy shooting from the hip. I have a hard time getting into a set structure. Probably because of some of my upbringing. I don't know. I don't know why that is. But I very much resonate with that. The reason I asked that question is just because there's a lot of people on here who have different types of personalities, and it's helpful. I think it's helpful for me, knowing that there's other people out there like me, or like also, maybe a little shoot from the hip and have had huge success because there's also a lot of people who are out there who do all of the structure and stuff all the time and when they're doing all the structure, structure, structure structure. I'm like, I don't even know how the hell they do that. Yeah, clearly, this is my excuse to not be successful. And the more that we chat with people like you, there's lots of people like you have that too. It's just cool, and it's powerful for our whole community to see that. I'm curious. Have you ever used a little tool called TrendTok?

Jill: Yes. I use TrendTok. I'm Yeah, I pay for TrendTok. I love it.

Matt: Okay. Yeah. Jamie just asked Is it worth it? Do you think so?

Jill: I guess personally, I do think so. I know a ton of others so I originally downloaded it and was using the free version but you just don't get the same kind of value, you know. And I I mean, I was using the free version and then the more and more I saw other creators who were super successful. Talking about it, I was like, Okay, I'm just gonna I just got to do it and so once I subscribed and now I use it regularly if I want to, you know, trending sounds like that and it's great. It's awesome. So I would recommend it for sure.

Matt: Nice. Yeah. I've seen a lot of people in our community use that and I think probably the best I haven't. I just downloaded most of them. Try them a little bit. But yeah, cool. That's awesome. What I'm curious for, you know, for for people who are coming into our industry, people who are thinking about starting their first tick tock people who are just about to hit post, the first TikTok, what advice do you have to give them both from like a strategic standpoint, like of actual posting, and then also from a mindset standpoint of like, I'm nervous. I feel a little bit overwhelmed as I'm about to hit post like, what would you give advice to those people on in those two categories?

Jill: So okay, for the technical side, definitely follow. I mean, they're just like we were talking about, there's certain strategies that you can use that will help no matter what. So that is incorporating a mix of hashtags, right? some bigger ones, some smaller ones, but make sure that they are relevant to your niche because you want to make sure that your content is getting pushed out to the right people, and by bigger hashtags and smaller hashtags. Let's break this down. So you should hashtags that have a ton of views. Millions and smaller that have how many, like hundreds of 1000s I mean, I just started actually, the other day, I'm doing a little bit of a test right now. I just started a new hashtag and I've been using it to post and so far I'm the only one who's used it, but that's a little test that I'm doing right now, but yes, exactly. Once with millions ones with hundreds of 1000s. And, you know, make sure you try and mix that up a little bit and, you know, also trending down. That's a huge one. Yeah, but really I feel like the most important part because we're all about mental health, right? Like we got it like that. That's a huge part of social media, whether we want to admit it or not, right. When I first posted my first video, literally every 10 minutes, opening it checking views, you know, like I was so like, exactly, like all day, right? And honestly, probably not even for my first video for the first like because I started right off the bat posting videos every day. So for the first probably week, it took me a minute and it's gonna take you a minute to kind of get used to having to like, reel it in and be like, okay, not everyone's gonna be a banger. Right, like, right so I think just and this is this is what I think I saw. I always have this thing lately where I always get messages that are like, you know, so can you give us like a weekend to my content creation journey and I had reread something that I wrote down while doing the course. And I think I think that it sums it up perfectly and it's that just focus on creating value. If you're creating value and not focusing on can I get how much money can I make? No, that is ultimately what's going to help your videos do better in the long run and that you know, going along with that will ease your mind a little bit and you know, you'll know that if you are giving that value. I personally believe it's just a numbers game and at some point, you're being consistent. You're creating value. It's gonna happen you know, like, and I don't know if that's just me being you know, and I actually posted a video about this the other day like I feel like one of the reasons I am I have been so successful is pleased to happen is because I'm a little delusional like that like I like I think at the back of my mind, no matter what I'm like, well, it's gonna work out. It's gonna happen. It's just, that's the only question, right? So that's, I mean, that's what works for me personally, and maybe maybe that could work for someone else too. I don't know. But that's, I feel like a huge part. It for me is managing the expectations and just focusing on really creating a community that you are showing how to do something and teaching them you know what you wish you would have known when you were that right?

Matt: Oh, yeah. Oh, that last piece is everything. Yeah. Tell them what you wish you would know. Exactly. And, I wanted to also see that part about just focusing on giving value so important. It's such an interesting thing. Because there's also marketers out there and people out there in this community who are like, for instance, if he posted a video about you know how to make money online working from Apple or, you know, make money typing or something like people are like, Well, you're not actually giving real value but the trick of the value in this industry, if you're in the Make Money Online industry or something is mostly helping people realize that oh my gosh, it's it's about opening the mind. It's about opening like, wow, you mean to tell me that there's an approachable way that I could make some money online or that there's an approachable way that I could train my dog or there's an approachable way that I could lose weight or there's an approachable way that I could, you know, insert whatever change in their life they're trying to get that I could find, boyfriend, girlfriend, whatever. And I just think that a really key piece of marketing is just opening somebody's mind, sparking some curiosity, people overthink, sometimes the content that they put out. You should make the goal of your content the goal of marketing content online should be a lot lower actually than what people make it out to be. They try to sell the entire experience as sort of like yeah, like, like, it's day voice is sort of like trying to hit a home run on the first date. It's like, hello, we just frickin met. Like, let's just have dinner and chat for a second, like lower the bar, lower the standard. And what I mean by that is just your goal should only be to open people's mind in your content. You don't need to give away that every single video doesn't have to be the world's best piece of content. It just doesn't and it doesn't have to teach absolutely everything inside of it. In fact, he is just one little thing that the goal is like how I never thought about life like that. That can be the goal of your content. And then later on in the funnel, and later on the affiliate product itself can do all of the work of selling and actually teaching and educating to the deepest level. But people generally don't like starting in that place. Our brains aren't wired to start in that place and go headfirst deep dive. We always have that starting point. And then as we learn and grow sometimes we forget what that starting point was like and that was your point was, hey, teach yourself what you wish you would have known. So you got to go back to this is a this is the thing that we do you know in the business plan class on day five in the challenge where we talk through like niche selection and who is your ideal avatar, your ideal avatar is, you know, usually if you've bought a course or you've you've had a transformation with dog training or something, it's that particular person before they discovered, oh my god, like I can have a different way. You know,

Jill: Yes, I could not have said that better myself. It is. And you know what, I think that's one of the things that I kind of got lost in a little bit when I first started because I, when I started, I was like, Okay, I'm gonna model my page after all the other people who promote legendary. I'm going to talk about different side hustles you know, but at a certain point, I was like, Okay, how do I convey to people that because I was getting a lot of comments, asking specifically about these side hustles right, and then I was starting to kind of realize, okay, but that's not the point. The point is not for you to get, you know, I'm just trying to show that I was actually making a video explaining that like, this page isn't for you to do every single one of the side hustles that I'm telling you about, you know what I mean? Like, if anything, you know, try something new that works for you, and then and then with that, more recently, I'm like, You know what, I need to focus more on affiliate marketing here. So I'm kind of revamping my strategy a little bit. I don't think about going forward unless something like really, you know, good that I want to let everyone know about. I'm gonna focus more I think on you know, financial mindset affiliate marketing, and just like you said, trying to open people's minds to the possibility because just like you said, I I have no idea like I didn't, I had no idea I really knew nothing. To beginner Right. And, and that's the beauty of tic toc is like you're you're you're catering to a bunch of different people who are in a bunch of different areas in their journey, right. So they like we need to always be nurturing the people who are beginners but also the people who know a little bit about it, but want to know more, and then also the people who know a ton about it, and they've started and they want to, you know, so it's like so many moving parts all the time. And, I mean, unless you've been in marketing, or I don't even know if there's anything else like this that could give you the experience that you need. You know what I mean? Like this is kind of unprecedented, right? So it's really just all about learning as you go right? Like, that's what it comes down to kind of right?

Matt: Oh, totally, totally. And that's like Why yes, yes. That's why when I get the question, a lot of times I get the question. In fact, I have one sitting in my email right now that says hey, I just need this. I need the exact steps. What today is my step one? What today is my step two? And it's a valid question, because of how we're taught to learn. But my response to people these days is more of like, Hey, you, you're now at the point where you've got the business model. You've got the entire marketing strategy. You've got tons of ideas. About how to do this. Now you have to go out and you have to cut your teeth, and you've got to get in the game. And whether that's starting to place ads, or whether they're starting to create content, but you've got to decide exactly what you're going to promote. And then you want to actually make it happen because you've got everything that you need. But there's no replacement for that little period of time where you're, where you're, you have to figure it out and what I've learned through what I've learned through I mean, I've owned probably like four different businesses and then also my wife owns a business right now. And she's doing really well. What I've learned is like, yes, you can have a business plan. Yes, you can have that set in place. Yes, you can have all of that stuff ready and in place. But the moment that the business starts, it's a free for all. Yeah, it's a. You've got problems you've never thought you were going to have and you've absolutely got to figure out those problems for yourself. You've got to be innovative. You've got to be an engineer, and you've got to be able to figure it out. And the cool part is that it feels overwhelming to most people. But the cool part is, is that you've actually if you look back on life, you've actually figured it out your entire life. Totally. Your whole life is just you figuring it out, over and over and over again. And if you look at this business or any online business that you're going to start through the lens of you figured it out, you've already figured it out. All you've done your whole life is figure out life. Now it's just time to do it in this arena. That's everything for me and for me, it's comforting, but for everybody who's getting started out there who's watching this, that should be the most comforting thing ever. Because your whole life you've been successful at one thing, figuring it out.

Jill: Yeah, that's that. Huge, huge like, and you're right that I think that might be one of the most frequently asked questions in my DMs is like, Okay, I've done the challenge. I'm ready to go now what you know, and I also get a lot of people, how do I promote my affiliate link? And I was actually thinking about this this morning. I'm like, do I make a video explaining that like this Tik Tok account is an example of how to promote an affiliate like you don't even I am an affiliate, you know, for this course that taught me all these amazing things. And that's why I'm here. Totally, you know, and it's like, and that's one of the things that kind of makes me realize that like, there's, like, there are people who are and a lot of the times people who follow me, you know, they've been following me for maybe a month, whatever. But they still, you know, they still need to be kind of explained to and they need to learn more and understand more and that's why, you know, they're they're following me, but they probably, if they're asking those questions, they might not have done the course yet. You know, because, and that's, I always just refer people to the course you know, take the course and then if you still have questions, then comment. And then, you know, we can brainstorm and that's, that's one of the biggest things right? I love connecting with people over DMS, chatting with them about possibilities and brainstorming ideas. And, you know, because that's, that's like a huge part of this, like, I love the tweet. I love the connection with the people right? Like, I'm here to help. That's, that's the main. That's the mission statement that I always have to, in my mind, go back to right like I am here to help and that is ultimately what is going to propel my success.

Matt: I personally think totally, that's exactly what it is. Yeah. Day. This is powerful. This is good stuff. If you know what I feel like I love most about our interview today as I just feel like it's obvious before he said, he said something you said, you know this, this is a favorite. This is my favorite part about the online business. It is sort of creating the content, and it's obvious to me why now because I feel like your energy and your ability to sort of communicate clearly is really unmatched. It's really powerful. So keep going in the content world because that's a that's a that's something I feel like it takes people a long time to find their voice and sort of find how to do that clearly and, and you are absolutely just doing that in such a powerful way it shows I mean, you've got so many he got so much traction on TikTok. And social media. You've got so many leads and sales pouring in. You're just doing a really good job. Any final words for people who are just getting started with legendary or just figuring out how to start creating content or thinking about getting started but are a little bit still on the fence?

Jill: Honestly, I feel like my best advice, which is exactly what I ended up doing in the end, was just starting, you know, like you. I think it might have even been used in one of the Wake Up Legendary lives but you're never going to learn watching from the sidelines. You know, you're never going to get better watching from the sidelines. You just have to get in the game and you know what, if you start posting and you know, it's been and like the other thing is that we get so impatient, right? Like it's like, you know, a week goes by and I took one posting two videos every day for seven days. It's 14 videos, you know, why isn't anything happening? But at the end of the day, given a month, give it too much, you know, and if things really aren't still happening then okay, maybe it's time to take a step back and figure it out. But you know, you're never you. You're never gonna figure it out if you don't start so just just start just just start what's the worst that can happen? You know?

Matt: Oh, good question. Yeah, good question. What's the worst that could happen?

Jill: Thank you so much, Matt.

Matt: Oh, thanks for coming on. This was great. Thank you. This was inspirational to me. So I got more out of this than everybody here. I felt like I was like, damn, every time it was just a gold nugget after gold nugget. 

Jill: Thank you so much. Thank you guys. Have a good day today.

Matt: You too. Hey, guys. You can follow Jill so her handle for tick tock on Instagram is on the screen right now. So just go give her a following. What I always tell people is look, when people are on this show and we put up their social media handles the goal is that you follow that you attend their lives that you hop on their videos and like them and comment them and say hey, Jill, Okay, hope you're doing well. Hey Jill, I saw you on Wake Up Legendary. Make sure that you are dialed into her channel and give more than you receive out there. Right. It's a shorter call business. Give more than you receive. And typically that'll come back to you in some form. But mostly give without the expectation of it, of it coming back to you without strings attached. That it comes back to you. Give a lot of likes. Give a lot of comments. Tell Jill what your favorite part about today's show was. We'll be back here tomorrow, tomorrow, Thursday, same time, same place 10am Eastern for wakeup legendary peace out everybody. See Have a good rest of your Wednesday.