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Matt: Hello everybody, welcome to another edition of Wake Up Legendary. My name's Matt if you don't know me, I host on Wednesdays. I'm the CMO here at legendary and we've got another awesome guest. If you're newer to our community if you're newer to our world, you can tune in to these episodes every single day, Monday through Friday at 10am Eastern and when we go live, we bring on a guest, somebody from our community, maybe it's an affiliate of ours, maybe it's just somebody who's out there and getting results with our training. But basically the goal is to bring you into their world and to show you inspirational stories of people who are entrepreneurial. Some of them aren't really even all that entrepreneurial. So I just happened to stumble upon this because they lost their job or, like Amanda, quit their job, and I'm excited to hear her story and how she got started online. So Amanda, what's happening? 

Amanda: Hi, how's everyone? Everyone's good today?

Matt: Awesome. Where are you currently calling in from?

Amanda: So I'm from Massachusetts, and I'm just sitting at home trying to stay away from the kids.

Matt: Awesome. Very cool. So I thought one of the interesting things and for those of you who are maybe tuning in for the first time or a little newer, I thought one interesting thing about your story and your questionnaire we have all of our guests fill out a questionnaire that that basically gives us a little bit of Intel or just introduces us to you. And you said that you quit your job earlier this summer in 2020 or 2021. And you started the challenge around the same day so I could tell you how you quit your job and how you found legendary and why you decided to quit your job. And then how legendary fit into that whole puzzle, I guess.

Amanda: Well, let me tell a little backstory. I've been at the same job for about 15 years. It was a residential home for Teen Girls. And these were troubled teens, so it wasn't always easy to deal with. And for I would say 10 or 12 of those 15 years I was struggling with what I want to do with my life. Do I want to go to school? What kind of career do I want and I can never think of anything that I was passionate about to do. But I was so stressed out at work. No, it was my life. It was just a lot of stress and then summer. They were changing my position a little bit and I wasn't appreciating it very much. And I was on vacation. And my friends like oh, you're going to go camping with us at the end of the year. Oh yeah, I'll go and say well, what happens if you have to work is that I'll quit. And how easy it was to say, I sent my boss an email right then that I won't come back after vacation. Have a nice life, basically.  And then I say a couple days before I actually quit I was just browsing on TikTok and I came across Legendary. I didn't even know what it was. I never heard of it before. I quit my job. So it was kind of like this serendipity thing, but when I did I really had to do something. I can't just sit here and I don't want to go back to work at some other job I'm not happy with either. So let me give this feel good try and see where it goes. That's what I did. I just dove into it. And I spent as much effort as I could. I continue to learn and grow so I'm happy.

Matt: Yeah for sure. When you first liked to purchase the challenge had you purchased anything like this before? Like, but I mean, have you ever considered making money on the internet? Like is that a thing? Have you ever tried anything like that?

Amanda: The only things that I had tried were things like Etsy or Redbubble and because I'm an artist, I like to draw, I like to paint and do all those things. And I thought well someone might like my stuff, but the problem is no one ever saw my stuff. You know what I mean? get locked in it. So I never really made more than a handful of dollars. You know,

Matt: Like you have this great product but it's like who's getting How do I get people's eyeballs

on it? 

Amanda: Exactly. one more picture and a whole list of other pictures and

Matt: Yeah. So I feel I kind of feel like the that's like the I mean, this isn't meant to be like a shot of you or anything but like the starving artists thing, which is like, Hey, I've got this great product, but like how do I actually market it and put it in front of people and like, get sales basically. So you started he sold some stuff on Etsy and then you sort of made the shift or made the turn to trying to sell stuff online, social media and stuff like that. What's that process been like?

Amanda: Basically, it's trying to figure out my schedule and learning what it is I need to do and how to do it. Because there's no really one way to do it and it's different for everybody. So I'm trying to find my groove and how I want to do it. And how I want to come across to people and I'm still working on that.

Matt: Of course, you know, we don't even we don't even expect people to come on this to be like, I've got this master you know, it's like people who come on the show or like, are like pretty new like pretty brand new to this thing. And that's the cool part. Like that's exciting to me.  How long have you been on TikTok? What's that? What's that journey of getting on TikTok and posting videos been like, like what's the last six months been like?

Amanda: Well before I quit my job. All the girls that my work would have TikTok and I would hear it all the time and I kind of in the back of my head like to make fun of them. Like this is what you do all day. Like go on. TikTok and my friends' video Yeah. My friend sent me this video and I couldn't watch it until I downloaded TikTok. I'm like alright, let me see what this is all about. Try didn't I just know as I call three hours, four hours later, I'm often TikTok.

Matt: I have a buddy who told me that he's like the first time that I downloaded TikTok. I was on it for six hours and I had to delete the app. The first time I felt so out of control I just had to go and actually delete the app.

Amanda: Yeah, it gets very addicting. But yeah, but that's how I found Legendary just saw these people like oh, I made this money or you know, I'm living this lifestyle and it just kept catching my attention and I didn't bind on to it right away. But since I stopped walking I was like, You know what, let me see what this is all about.

Matt: Super cool. And what I mean when you did that, how long ago was that? And then also what's what's your what's your I mean, do you create a certain amount per day or do you like maybe take a day or two off here or there or how do you go about that like how do you plan and structure that or do you?

Amanda: That's something I'm still working on. I first started. I want to say I started around the same time you guys did the Instagram challenge. That was probably like my first week. So that was back in August. I want to say yes to something then I think then I was posted like four or five times and then things slowed down for me a little bit so I was only posting like three times a day. Then I saw some other people here talking about how they post like eight times a day and they're just getting tons of results when you try to post eight times a day is a little bit too much for me. So now I'm trying to keep it around six or so. I will try to create them in batches. I'll write as much as I can. I'll record as many as I can and so what I'm looking for as much as I can and that day and then put them out and whatever I have left over I can save. Yeah, it is a lot for one day. I do try to create them in batches. I will save them and take a couple days off because I'm burnt out from the other days you know, I will have those days and always try to keep extra in my drafts. Wait, something comes up. I'm not stressing out thinking oh, I can't do this because I have to make a video or no it's just easier to have extras in your drafts.

Matt: Totally is. Here's an interesting thing. Have you ever tried reposting your most popular video?

Amanda: I have tried taking the same video that has already been posted. Take it from my gallery, whatever's in my camera, you know, and repost that that doesn't work for me. But if I redo the videos, yeah, they will if I resell them over.

Matt: Yeah, okay, cool. Yeah, I've had a couple people in our community. One guy Spencer, who  reposted the same video about creating kids books on Amazon Kindle. And he posted it once and then posted it like two more times. And the same exact video. All the caption said was this video did Will's the first time and he got like million views the first time he got another million the next time and then like 500,000 The next time and it was like and I was just blown away by that it was because it's such an easy way to repurpose content, but I do kind of feel like I do kind of feel like it's it's a really good idea to do that re record thing. But I think what people don't realize is that if somebody finds me three months ago, and somebody new finds me, Person B finds me three months later, like let's say they found me yesterday. This person probably didn't see all this content three months ago and saying and they probably won't scroll and create six a day, which by the way, that is insane. That is really impressive. But, you know, I just think that people, what happens is they look back and they'll be like, Oh, I made that video already. I did that like five months ago. I did that four months ago. And I think that people who are creating content should just realize like, there's a lot of people who have joined or senior or became a follower of yours who have not seen that and would probably do really well again and generate you a whole handful of followers and leads and engagement again, you know what I mean?

Amanda: Oh, yeah, that's definitely a good idea. And I do utilize that. I'll go through my roles and I'll see like, oh, this video did really well. Let me see if I could recreate it. I haven't quite figured out how to repost them and get views because I don't know TikTok doesn’t like it when I do that. 

Matt: The case might be that something the case might be that they've updated their algorithm to not do that. The growth of that quite as much anymore so that could be the case, but also, now, I don't know. I mean, I've seen people take basically the same Yo, this girl who was on yesterday, her name is Camila and she'll record the same video twice. Like back to back. She'll post one to one channel and she'll post one to the other channel. And she'll and she said this multiple times, like, you know, on a random day one might get like 50,000 views and then on the other account, it might get 200 views and the exact same video so it's like you're dealing with a lot of different things when you post content and sometimes people get too hard on themselves, because you might just be dealing with might just be dealing with the time of day that you post you might be dealing with the algorithm you might be dealing with. We're a bit of downtime in the amount of viewers who are on the app like there's a lot that goes into it. And the only real way to determine if you're going to be successful or not is just to keep going and posting that amount. Each day is a good way to do that because you're posting enough where it's like, hey, if I do this for like a year and I'm not successful, like this is not for me, at least the content creation route. You can do ads or you can do different forms of marketing, but at least in that realm, you would have a clear answer right? Some people come to me after a month or two and they're like, Hey, I posted like 12 videos. It's like well, that you need more. You don't have a big enough sample size for me to even tell you what to do better. So you're creating content your last two weeks have really taken off. You've had amazing results over the last couple of weeks. Are you generating a lot of leads? Or are your sales and stuff coming mostly from, like, a smaller amount of leads that you're cultivating and turning into sales? Like what's that been


Amanda: That's part of the thing I'm still working on. How to talk to people and introduce them to things I struggle with. I want to say some videos get really big and I'll get a ton of leads from them. And like I've generated some members from that. But really, I just try to help people as best as I can. And like I said, some of the videos just take off and I get a lot of attention and there'll be like a week or two or more where it's not much of anything but because other videos did so well. Still generating traffic and people to come in and see my page and things like that. So I haven't quite figured everything out yet but I’m learning.

Matt: And kudos to you because I think there's a lot of places in an affiliates journey where they can slow down or even quit and you started in August, September. In that range, you went all of September, all of October, all of November, and most of December, a good chunk of December, not most but a good chunk of December without really big commissions and you were grinding and making sales. But it was a little bit slow, right a little slower. And there's that tip that's a little bit more typical for people. And sometimes we get these amazing success stories of six figures in three months. Right like, like that's a crazy result. And yeah, your result has been more typical. And what you've done is just continually grind and continually go after it. And it's paid off really well in the last couple of weeks where things have really taken off in a bigger sense, right. And when you're trying to when you're trying to get like for instance coaching or something that's more high ticket something that's cost more money, you need a bigger pool of of small ticket customers or leads right and so sometimes people get discouraged when they when they get 10 people to purchase a product for 30 bucks or something and nothing happens for for larger upsells well, you kind of have to grind and you kind of have to generate a bigger pool of leads and sales in order for you to then produce larger ticket commissions and a lot of people don't have the patience to wait for that. But you know you're in a place now we're like going from this online thing generating a couple 100 bucks a month to a couple 1000 bucks. And that's a big difference right, like that could pay a mortgage that could pay your car bill, you know, like that's living. Yeah, that's an actual living income. And probably more than you were making at the residential facility if I had to guess. Or very close.

Amanda: Yeah. Like I said, I was there for 15 years. So it wasn't too bad. I wasn't that great either. And this past month, I definitely exceeded what I would have made at my other job.

Matt: And the others and look, it's probably a bit and there's also you know, downsides to the fact that it's a bit more up and down. Right. So like, you know, there's more volatility maybe in a business than there is in a salary job. Like that's obvious. But there's also you know, my wife works in mental health. I know what a residential facility is like. And she used to work at the inpatient hospital that would send kids to the residential facility. So yeah, the stress, the anxiety, the you're walking into massive amounts of chaos every single day guaranteed. And because of that, so, you know, you're just kind of I'm just drawing a contrast with like, you know, former life current life like, certainly creating six tic tock videos a day is easier from a mental and emotional standpoint than walking into that every single day for 15 years, that's for sure. So, I also just always tell people like you have all you have to remember and consider that the entrepreneurial journey is one where you put yourself in control, right, so like, so you choose to keep going month after month after month before you have this massive result. That is a thing that only can happen in entrepreneurship. You can't do that and work in a mental health residential facility. There's only so much you can do you have to go ask and beg for a raise. A lot of times people don't give you that raise. And like that happened to my wife so she quit as well and started her own therapy practice. She's like this, I'm going to do my own thing. It's worked out really well. But there's only one way to get there. That's usually through entrepreneurship. It's usually through starting your own thing and becoming your own boss and taking over that. That onus of control. So with where you're currently out right now, and things starting to get rolling, I wanted to ask you if you've ever gone live on TikTok.

Amanda: I have, but not very recently, I don't seem to be caught and then I want to say okay, you know how it is when you're first starting out? I only have a couple people in there. If anybody at all. And I would seem to always get people who are some that might be dental interests. More often than not I get people who are just trying to get a rise out of me or say something rude or whatever, and I do my best to ignore them. But after 15/20 minutes, I feel like I've told my whole story and I'm just rambling on. That's something I have to work on. But yeah, I hear lines are definitely official in the way you should go. That's my personal struggle right there. 

Matt: The lives are tricky, especially with I would say especially with a round of Montefalco around 14-15,000 followers, especially around that many followers. Their lives are tricky because of that exact reason. You get around, you get around, let's say zero people to five people for a good portion. Sometimes it bumps up to 1020 but it's a smaller amount. But the one thing I would say is it allows you it provides you the opportunity to connect with and here's what you will see. Here's what you will see from lives. And I And I'm telling everybody you know basically when you get 1000 followers, you should go live and you should just you should basically commit to going live being part of your your daily operating routine the same way that creating six videos is and taking 30 to 60 minutes to muddy something because I specific and here's why the I don't have like any hidden agenda here. The only reason is I see a lot of people who get 10, 20, 30, 50,000 followers and when they start going live their purchases meaning the amount of customers that they get grows a lot for any given product, any product, any service coaching consulting our affiliates here at Legendary all of it. And in fact it was so drastic about a year ago to the point where this one girl, who was at our mastermind this last week came, she had like 50 or 100,000 followers or something and she could barely get us she could barely drive a sale from all of those followers. She started going live and she would do three five sales. Every single time she went live. It really started generating a lot of really quality customers. It transformed the whole business. And I think that pushing through that initial sort of level of fear or whatever anxiety I encourage people to watch Ian the entrepreneur guy on tick tock and the Power Of Publish Calvin Hill on TikTok because they go they go live almost every day and when they go live, it's just it's really powerful. And they do a good job and you can tell and you can learn a lot from how they go live and what they say and think and the way that they teach because what you can do then is it gives you filler time to not just be focused on the on the questions and what people are saying in the chat. So it would it would you know basically what Calvin does is he has enough content where he's just going and talking about crypto and talking about how you need to generate income from a digital business in order to invest in crypto and there's a bear market. And so he's just talking, talking, talking, talking until he sees a comment that he wants to engage. Right so rather than just sitting and engaging in comments and this like well, I have to get to this next comment. You know, I have to answer this question. He's just going live and he's just sitting talking about crypto and he's pointing his phone around and he's pointing his phone at the crypto charts and all this stuff. And then he's like, hey, you know, we're about to enter a bear market and you've got to have you've got to have a good

you got to have a good income in place cash flowing, or even invest when it goes down when the markets go down. That's when wealth is created. And then and then he points people to our challenge. And you can see in the chat right now there's people saying Calvin's badass, I came in Calvin I bought the challenge together. Like he's got 1.2 million followers, so it's a little bit different, right? He has 45,000 45,000 People watch this live, but it all started and began exactly where you're at. So there's my challenge to you. It is to go into those things with simple little maybe mini lessons like things remember that many people don't know that you make money on the internet right? So the niche and industry you're playing it's so you can go live and have a have a green screen above you and just basically say like, you know, top five business models with 2022 and and you could just sit there and be like, Hey, here's your number one, you know, and it's like, and then people as are tuning in, you can go through them again and you can as you're halfway through you can be like, Hey, we're on number three, but number five and number four, we're XYZ for those of you who just joined and then we're commenting. You can engage, you might only have 10 minutes of content, but you can drag that live out to 30 to 60 minutes just by engaging those little questions as you go. Anyway, but I'm telling you that those lives, especially after you get a video that gets 10s of 1000s of views. Go live right in the midst of that influx of all those new followers if they just hit follow on you, and now you go live. Guess who's gonna show up in their live? 

Amanda: Yeah, that's a great idea. Come up with a lesson plan and do that. And yeah, that's a great idea.

Matt: Crazy. I mean, you can literally just take a sheet of paper right here and just write down you know, top top three business models of 2022 You know, or top three ways to make money online 2022 And frickin you could do, you know, freelance digital marketing, you do only fans and you could do, you could do drop shipping, you know, and like, and you could just be like, hey, here you go. Like, here's three ways to do it, and I'll talk through each of them to talk about their business models and how you make money with them. Different ways to generate traffic and market your business stuff like that. For everybody who's listening this this live thing is such a powerful way for you to engage even when there's only a couple people on the start that thing grows and when it grows, it gains a lot of steam and a lot of traction and it helps your

channel to the health of the channel. Anyway, sorry for the rant. I just get really passionate about that and I think it's a really underrated thing. It's a really underrated thing. What um, what for So, for people, I'll give you the last word after my huge rant here, but for people who are new people who are getting started, people who are maybe posting that first video, they got it in the drafts, but they haven't hit posts yet. What would you say to those people? How would you coach them if they were sitting down talking with us around?

Amanda: Just do it, just be your silly self or however it is even if you make a mistake, put it out there anyway, because people are gonna appreciate you for who you are. I've done the same thing. I've posted my videos where I just get tongue tied and it doesn't matter. Just put it out there and keep going and be consistent like they say and do it every day. So don't give up.

Matt: Totally, cool. Well, I'm going to put your TikTok handle up here. People have been clamoring in the comments to get access to that. So Samantha for coming on and staying in touch with us. I mean, let us know how things are going. Let us know if we can help you in any way. And we'd love to have you back on in a couple months and see how things are going.

Amanda: I would love to do that. Thank you very much for having me.

Matt: Cool, of course. All right guys. I'm gonna put her on, oh I already did. Right here, make money with a mandolin. Also put it in the chat here and if you see her go live, all right. We better tune the hell in and give her some love. Send her some gifts in life. All right. And make sure to give her a follow and tell her that you saw her on wakeup legendary. And, the whole point of this community is just to lift other people up to lift each other up to be a supportive community for people and Amanda's on the way up so you're gonna want to watch her videos. I've seen a few of her videos yesterday and today and she's on to something so you might want to watch her videos and take some notes. Because she's killing it. And so we'll be back here guys tomorrow and Friday, same time, same place. 10am Eastern thanks again Amanda for coming on. We will be oh one final thing if you want a text message reminder before we leave. We send out a text message every single Monday through Friday at 10am. Eastern and it gives a little bit of a hint about what's coming on the show and it'll also give you a little link you can just tap to enter into the live video. So it makes it a little bit easier. But we're always on Facebook. You can just go into our Facebook group and we post it in there as well. So though give Amanda a follow on TikTok it's also in the chat. It's @makemoneywithamandalynn.