Below is the transcription for this episode:

Matt: Greetings everybody welcome on Happy Monday, December 20. I am guest hosting for Dave this morning. But it’s good to see you guys as you're coming in and let us know where you're tuning in from and how was your weekend? Let us know. We had a great weekend. Let's see what I do this weekend? I don't know. I mostly just did nothing and later on I got a good nap yesterday. That was cool. Some good relaxation. So anyway, welcome to everybody who's here. We've got an awesome guest as usual. We do this show every Monday through Friday at 10am Eastern we go live it's never scripted. In fact, typically I get a little questionnaire with the guest info and just a little blurb about them so I can come in and I'm not just completely flying in the dark. And today I don't even have that so I was like, are you ready to go live? We're just gonna hit live and we're gonna hit it go. So I'm excited to learn about Cindy. She's from Jersey. And we're just going to chat for a little while this morning about her and her journey and she's tried a lot of different things online. So let's bring in Cindy, what's happening?

Cindy: Hi. Thanks for having me. 

Matt: Of course. Thanks for coming on. 

Matt: Thanks for taking the time. So you said before, you've tried a lot of different stuff. Why don't you bring our guests and our community into your world and just tell us a little bit about you. Tell us you know, do you work a job? Have you tried other things to make money online? What does that look like? And how did you find us?

Cindy: Well, I've never actually had a nine to five job after I left college, I think without my junior year because I decided to you know they always say like, do what you love and I love shopping. And it was around I think it was the late 80s. And so I left to start a personal shopping business. And I didn't know anything about marketing. So I only had a couple customers. That wasn't really a good thing, but it seemed like a great idea. And then I went on and rode horses, I rode show horses for years. And so I traveled and that was fine. And then I decided to start publishing a magazine in 2003 and I had no idea about that. But somehow for 15 years we managed to have a good run. So I sold one of the magazines in about 2017. That's when I closed the second magazine. So that's when I really decided I needed to find something else and I knew my husband is kind of like a nine five job guy. He's like, we'll get a job and I'm like, No, I've never had a job. I'm 55 Now I've never had a job. Why would I? So I'm like no but I tried. It's embarrassing to say how many MLMs I’ve tried.

Matt: Tell us 

Cindy: 10. I mean, I tried everything. And then how I found you guys was I had the magazine. I still own the one and I still have all the social media and all the contacts and I thought well that's a waste of a lot of people what but I don't want to start printing again. So I thought maybe I’ll go back to digitally printing. And I know how to do that. I could have all kinds of links and connect to things and do a lot of stuff with it. The only thing I knew about affiliate marketing was like MLMs have affiliate programs. That's all I thought that was all they were like, just a part of an MLM. Yeah, I started looking it up and you might be too young but have you ever watched the Wizard of Oz? 

Matt: Yes. 

Cindy: Okay. Remember the scene where Dorothy opens the door and it goes from black and white to color? Yep, remember that? Well, that's when I started looking up affiliate marketing. I'm like, Oh my god. This is like, this is a thing. This isn't like, like, it's nothing like I thought so then I started looking and of course on TikTok. I saw a guy named Matt Chambers I think was the same. And oh, you know, you can make money doing this and you can promote companies that you like, and I'm like, Oh my God, that's so much better than what I was doing. And so I I saw it that day, and then I went to bed and then it was like the middle of night I woke up and I'm like, No, I have to do this. And I jumped up and I got my credit card. And I signed up and I started the next day. So that's the short out here.

Matt: Wow, that's crazy. That's crazy. That's cool. Take us. I'm just so curious about sort of the MLM days. Not to like to take you back there. But I do find that a lot of people try out different things before they come here. So for instance, like for you, it might have been that but for other people it was like drop shipping or some sort of an E-commerce store like that. What would you feel was attractive about that business model? And what were you looking for? Or what were you hoping to get out of that business?

Cindy: Well, I think I liked the idea that you had sort of built in support because the way it's structured, they want you to succeed so they're going to help you. I like the idea of that. Obviously I've been able to generate income, you know, somewhat passive income you know, so that part all seems great. The part you know, it's never that it doesn't work. I mean, I saw people that won't answer the phone. Well, that they think oh god, she's like me, they weren't my good friends, but you know, they tell you, you bother everybody. And every conversation is like, How can I slip this in and how and again, I don't know, it just felt so uncomfortable. But I did love the idea of it. I mean, and I know people do great at it. I know some people are I'm not saying there's anything wrong with that type of business. Totally was a terrible fit for me. 

Matt: Yeah, it makes sense. That particular thing is tricky. And Dave always says that. Dave always asks, so are you in the NFL yet? And people kind of look at him like what NFL and he said that he says the no friends left club which is that whole analogy of you know what's your marketing strategy? Well pick up the phone, or pick up a pen and paper and start writing down everybody you know, and then start calling, and do your home party and it is exhausting. It's exhausting. I think it's taxing on relationships too. And yeah, that makes sense. But I do think you're right. So you're so you're seeking for something right you're seeking for a way to make money online or at least somewhat passively, right, you're thinking outside the box. You're trying to find something that's a little more passive and doesn't require you to be hands on every waking moment. So you discover Legendary, you discover the challenge. I’m curious if you've bought any other information products like this before Legendary?

Cindy: No. I try not to watch things, that was one of the things I learned when I first started. But I was watching this guy Ian and he said don’t look at a lot of stuff because you get confused. So Ian, who is from Legendary, I follow his stuff and he made a comment from today that it's like a driver's license. You don't go get a second one. Once you go you learn to drive and get your driver's license, and then you practice and you go out there and I thought that's exactly it. Why  would I try to get more from different places when this is working? I mean, I'm totally new at it, but I have made commissions, which is the most exciting thing. You know, it's amazing.

Matt: Yeah, just to see it work, right? Just to actually like to see it work and to be like oh, okay, this does work.

Cindy: You just get an email and you're like, Oh my God.

Matt: Yeah, so you've never seen any, or bought any training like this before. You sign in and you look at the challenge. Tell me, did you know any of the information inside the challenge? Was this totally new? What were your thoughts and feelings and what was your experience like going through a training like that?

Cindy: It is totally new. I did it. This is advice to people that do it. I get so excited seeing it that I'm like, oh my god I like this. This makes sense. It feels right, like I can do this. So I kind of blew through the course without having to go back and go through the steps. And the funnels are challenging for me because I'm not terribly detail oriented. If I see it, I like it. The information, it talks about over delivering, I mean, that course is so packed full. I could recommend it to anybody and say what you get is so much more and that kind of course and information you can use in anything, you know, it can help you in other areas.

Matt: Yeah, that's a good point. We've had people who've taken what they've learned in the challenge, and they've gotten better positions in their jobs while they're trying to build their entrepreneurial thing. Some of them work in like an H back company or some of them work in these various niches and industries where lead generation is the most important thing if you can figure that out. There's plenty of guys you can hire to do electric work or, you know, H back work or plumbing or whatever getting the leads of actually learning the marketing is, is where all the money's at and yeah, I think you're right. We call those transferable skills. So like skills that can be used in a myriad of different ways to help grow any business and really to help grow a person too, because we do focus so much on you know, not just the mechanics but also the dynamics of how do you think differently about money? How do you think differently about all of this stuff? So are you on social media? Do you market at all? Are you what, what what because I don't have a questionnaire typically I have like some social media links or something. I'm flying in the dark. Have you tried any social media? How have you marketed your business so far? Cindy: Well, I am. I'm a beginner on TikTok. I'm terrible. I post a lot of TikToks and I'm getting better. I'm getting better. And you know what, I'm starting to be able to identify some of the things I like about how certain things work. But yeah, I'm pretty awful at TikTok, but I post there regularly.

Matt: You're too hard on yourself, what's your what's your handle?

Cindy: Okay, now that's another thing. Okay. So my husband like I said all along, he's been like, get a job. That would be the most painful thing for me, a nine to five job. It would just crush me. So what I do right now though, which is kind of funny, is Instacart shopping. That's how I avoid getting a real job. So I shop for people but it avoids me having to get a real job. So the name came from this whole process. So it's kind of silly. It's @makinmoneyhoney, because it's a joke towards my husband that I'm making money. So I did get one really good commission, and when that came through, I was able to show him that and he was actually speechless for a minute. I said, I'm making money, honey.

Matt: That’s awesome, you’re not doing bad. You’ve got 654 followers. I mean, listen, you can always be hard on yourself. And you could say that at 10,000 followers, you can say that 50,000 followers. I know people who have so I wouldn't I wouldn't get to like I would just remove that negative talk or whatever speak I mean, anybody who's posted as many videos as you have, and has that amount of history there. I mean, you're doing something right, because you've actually the amount of people who think about this who purchase our challenge or any how to product, then the amount of people who actually open it. There's a huge fraction of people who don't even go in and don't even log in once. Then there's a huge portion of people who don't finish, then there's a huge portion of people who finish and never do anything. Right. So we need to contextualize it in the grand scheme of the world. Like you're in a pretty small percentage of people who have actually really taken some action and did something that was hard and vulnerable and scary and all of those things, right. I mean, that doesn't come easy to anybody, especially not when you're brand new to social media. You don't really do a lot on social media or at least TikTok. So, you know, I, I think that it's like, if you say, you know, I really suck at TikTok. You know, you should always follow that up by saying something like, you know, I think I suck at tick tock today. But you know, give me a few months, give me a couple weeks, you know, I'll be 10 times better than I am today. Because it helps reframe, you know, it helps to reframe the journey of being a content creator as a process rather than just as like I am good or I am not good. It's like, No, you're just in the process of becoming good.

Cindy: That's true. I sometimes try to go back when I see successful people, and I go all the way back to some of their initial videos and it makes me feel better because in the beginning, they're kind of random. They're not, you know what I mean? They're not as good either. So I'm like, okay, and I figure I'm gonna accelerate the process by myself. At first I tried to do three a day and then I'm like, well, that's not enough. So some days I'll do as many as like, six one day I did 10. And I'm like, You know what I mean? It has to accelerate the process right? I just do more. I mean, yeah, something will be good.

Matt: Yeah, well, no, I mean, I, you're right. And also, you know, I was just gonna say, in that world of like, TikTok if you go back to everybody's first videos, they all suck. They're all terrible. They look ridiculous. And there's people out there in the affiliate marketing world who are like, you know, who will say things like, you know, you're gonna ruin your reputation by posting certain types of videos or you're gonna ruin your chances of going viral or you're gonna you're gonna kill your channel or whatever. And the truth is, if you scroll back far enough on anybody's videos far enough, you realize everybody's got bad videos, everybody's trying different stuff. And when you realize that there's so many of those out there, you start to realize it's like those aren't even bad videos. There's just videos. I mean, everybody's doing this. Everybody's trying to figure out what content is going to fit them well. Everybody's trying to figure out what content they feel comfortable creating, and eventually a couple of them go really viral, you get, you know, a bunch of followers that come through, just in a huge bunch and things are off and running. And I think most people don't hang around long enough to see that miracle happen. But yeah, I totally agree with that and I think people put way too much stress and anxiety on themselves. I mean, if you post a couple videos a day, all the crappy videos from your very beginning are going to be gone and so far down the timeline that most people aren't going to scroll that far. It just won't even matter. I used this analogy when I was little, I think we all do this, but like anytime that we're sort of traumatized or anything 10 We're really humiliated when we're little. We just sort of feel like the world is ending. Like, it just feels like the world is crashing down and the world is ending. How am I ever going to survive this? And, and then, you know, like, a month later, it doesn't even matter more or less you know, I think back on some memories 20 years later, it's like, nobody even why who cares? Like, one time I was on a swing on the playground and I was trying to do a flip and my pants got caught and sort of started to fall down on the playground. I felt so humiliated that people could see my underwear. I thought, this is for sure the end, I have to move and get out of my hometown. And not only does it not not matter now. It didn't matter 10 minutes after that. No one ever said anything about it. It was just like, whatever. Who cares? Not a big deal. And I think people need to take that same approach with content and this business is like, look, whatever I'm doing today, if I end up waking up in five days and thinking, wow, that was lame. Like, who cares? No one's gonna see it. No one's gonna know. And I think it's been becoming okay being in process, which is a hard thing to do. 

Cindy: Well, I think it's interesting too, because you see so many, very young you know, really pretty people, they dance great, you know, and you see that, you know, and you know, being older and whatever. Sometimes it's hard to go, Okay, I'm gonna, I'm just gonna put myself out there, but then I realize there's a lot of people like me, that are in the same place just because we're older. I mean, we're, we're still we may still be looking for something we still want to connect to, you know, you're going to connect to some people. that you know, there's going to somebody might say something or whatever, and you're going to relate to them differently. So don't be embarrassed, and I'm committed. I know this sounds really silly. But I really believe and if you call it karma, the universe, God, whatever people want to put it on. Knowing nothing about the bit of success that I've had so far, knowing nothing. I feel like that sort of sounds like a sign. I feel like this is the right thing. And now I'm willing to do it. I had you know what I mean, show me that it works. This 1,000% works. So now I'm willing to do everything, you know, to make it happen. You know what I mean? I go back in the trainings, and do the Instagram training and TikTok trainings, and I've gone back and watched those. And, I mean, there's so much information, you know, it's really good. The hardest thing too, I think, was in the magazine business when I did it. There was no like, there was no step by step process to follow. You know, I had to learn to figure things out. I got really good at getting creative, and that's what I don’t need to do. And I have to keep reminding myself when I'm doing this you don't have to come up with anything. It's already there. Always follow the steps. You don't reinvent anything. And that's why I always have to pull back because I'm so used to trying to figure things out. Matt: Yeah, totally. 

Cindy: It's amazing. I think that you know, I think it's amazing.

Matt: Yeah, it's within a framework, right? It's within this framework of like, here's how this works. Here's how you create content. Here's how you can start getting followers. Here's how you can blow up on social media, and we live in this world. Right now where there's just so much potential there's so much opportunity. You know, over the last 10 years I've heard countless times how the opportunity is going away. Right? How it's becoming saturated. Now everyone knows about affiliate marketing, everyone knows about all you know, all this stuff. And it's just funny to me because I constantly wake up every single day. And there's just more opportunity. There's more chances there's more and it's always the case. There's more people getting online. There's more people getting on the internet. There's people from all across the globe who have never even heard of the internet, who are signing on for the very first time and are non-stop. And it's yeah, it's the modern day Gold Rush is really what this is. The internet is the modern day Gold Rush and people think that we're done or that it's over or it's, you know that it's too late or something like that and it just couldn't be further from the opposite. It is just getting started. So anyway, yeah, I'm really passionate about that because when you have some sort of a system and a community where you can learn a program where you can learn, that doesn't cost you a $40,000 a university degree, you can pay seven bucks. And sort of figure it out and get going. Yeah, it's hard to find something like that online.

Cindy: It's pretty impossible. Yeah. And the problem, too, is everybody once you start looking at it, then you see like everybody, there's many, many people that are trying to put out programs, but they don't have the track record and the history that you guys do. And you know, the success of how many people I mean, you look at how many people you guys have helped that have absolutely massively changed their lives, and I think it's, I think it’s pretty cool and pretty amazing. I'm so glad I found you guys. I would have been bummed if I found somebody you don't know because you don't know when you're looking. You just randomly come across something and if you don't know anything about it, you know, you could stumble on anything. But I'm amazed by people I've talked to that have no idea what affiliate marketing is and for some reason that's the name they think it's network marketing. I don't know why I guess it's because they just hear that, and they automatically think oh my god, another MLM joined another one like a 51. I'm like, no, no, this is something totally different. 

Matt: Yeah, it's pretty common, because technically, like MLM is our referral marketing kind of so it is a little bit of a form of affiliate marketing, but it's, yeah, it's a false. It's a false thing to assume that all affiliate marketing is MLM. All of MLM is affiliate marketing sort of by definition, but it doesn't really go back the other way. That is funny though people do that. And yeah, I don't know. On social media, I've been telling people a lot to not even use the phrase affiliate marketing. I've even just been telling them to use certain phrases that are more popular in pop culture. So things like side hustle or even work from home. Not that it's a hard and fast rule that you must follow. But you'll have less of those objections. So I typically tell people like people are really looking to start affiliate marketing number one because they don't know what the hell it is. They are looking for something like a side hustle because they're used to that terminology. They're used to something like you know, I'm going to I'm going to get on my I'm going to get on my side hustle, and I'm going to drive for Uber or I'm going to whatever, you know, like the day I used to drive for Uber, you do Instacart everybody's thinking about or doing some sort of side hustle. And so when you bring that up or that term or you can use a term like yeah, like working from home or work from home, something like that. It's a more approachable name. It's a more approachable, understood name that people can easily understand. Yeah, that people can easily. They have connotations. With things that they trust or things that they've tried before. And so it's a little bit easier of a mental step for them. Does that make sense?

Cindy:  I never thought about it because you're right, they're not looking for affiliate marketing. They're looking for a way to make extra money or side money. So they're looking for the side hustle, I never thought about it that way. They're not Yeah, I'm gonna start filling in marketing today because, like you said, they don't know what it is. So why would you be looking for that? Yeah. Okay, I'm gonna change that.

Matt: I think a lot of people I mean, you probably have seen a lot of people model that where they make videos that talk a lot about affiliate marketing, but to be honest, I think most of the most in most cases, those are pretty much just hurt people's channels more than helped because they, their viewers and audience and people that gets on a free page and they don't really enjoy about affiliate marketing all the time because they're confused and they think it's MLM and then they think it's a scam, right? So they're like, I did not come on here to hear about somebody brand new MLM like, and then they're going to report your channel. So as we're in the side, hustle land, I mean, that can happen too. But it's less likely to happen right away and usually not as fast.

Cindy: That's one thing I've been challenged by with the TikTok like the ratio of like our consistent like, I probably am overdoing the then the affiliate marketing stuff. So what kind of ratio do you like, do you mix it with fun stuff? And then business stuff like how would you suggest that?

Matt: Yeah, for sure. So I would, I would, the way that I explained this to people is I create, or I would create some form of video, that's an attempt to go viral. So that's modeling after some other people's videos to look at it and see like, hey, what kind of videos that I have on their channel that are going viral and maybe I can make something close to that or something that hits the same hook. And so yeah, I'll do one of those and then I'll fill in the next five videos with more like stories about me. Or funny stuff if you like fun stuff or you know if you've ever seen Ian's channel he talks about a day in the life of a bodyguard, right? People just love those videos. There's stories about his past, their stories about and, you know, before he started telling those stories, no one cared, no one listened but now people really like that. And people find his stories really interesting and that's the case with most of our lives, I think, because most of us assume that no one wants to hear it or no one really cares. And the truth is unless you build an audience one's listening. So that's why I tell people to create videos that can help go viral and grow your channel and then fill them in with a bunch of content about you, your story, your journey, where you're at, what's the journey been like so far? Tell them about your first $1,000 You made on the internet, right? Tell them about the first lead you generated. Tell them about your transition from your former publishing stuff. To now and what you're doing now and why this is so important to you stuff like that. And then go live. Go live.

Cindy: Once I get to 1000.

Matt: Yeah, well, you'll get there. I keep posting videos. And you'll have a viral video hit and you'll get to 10,000 You know, fast happens all the time. But yeah, I would, I would say put a big focus on one video and then fill in with three to five filler pieces that are very specific to you that are more vulnerable that help them connect to that audience, right? Because after a couple of those videos go viral, they're going to look at other videos on your channel and they're going to want to connect to you. They're going to want to hear from you. They're going to not just only want to hear about you know side hustle videos that can make them you know, $50 a day in their sleep or something, you know, like eventually they get worn down on that same content, that same messaging so if you bring that in, it helps sort of balance it out.

Cindy: Yeah, absolutely. So ratio. Now the ones that you are sort of talking about yourself a little bit how long would you make them?

Matt: Like 30 to 60 seconds.

Cindy: Okay, so just do little bite sized pieces.

Matt: You could go longer if you wanted. I don't think there's any right or wrong answer to that.

Cindy: Okay. I always thought they had to come back to the business. So you're saying I like that ratio, total sense.

Matt: In fact, it just sometimes you know, it's this. It's this thing about Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook that Gary Vee talks about, you know, you give a bunch of value and then finally, you know, right up you ask, but I think that assuming that it all has to tie back or you have to give some business call to action every time is probably just not true. There's no right or wrong. Even what I told you today isn't gospel. Some people might look at that and be like, well, okay, that's interesting. But the truth is, if you can, you can sort of set out however you want to do it. But I think personally, not everything has to tie back to your business or your call to action on your business. That's just me though. I personally think that you can have a series of series of five to 10 videos that just start you know, hey, I was just thinking about two, I just had two thoughts on thinking Grow Rich today, right or like, here's two ways that I've shifted my mindset around money in the last year, right or just stuff like that. That is more mindset that allows you to post more content when you realize that anything is up for grabs, and you can post whatever the heck you want.

Cindy: It takes the pressure off that and makes it more fun, right? I mean, the mindset is huge. I had to do so much mindset when I closed business to get to the right. I mean, mindset is huge. You feel like all of a sudden you don't know who you are, you have no idea. I mean, I always knew what I wanted to do. And then all of a sudden I'm lost. Furniture I was, I mean, I was doing all kinds of weird things. I mean, you know, whatever. Like I said, Whatever you can do. Awesome advice I liked and you're right, like you can talk about mindset. You can talk about good books, you can talk about, you know, things that have helped you as far as your process. Awesome. Thank you, that is valuable.

Matt: Yeah. And, again, it's the kind of thing that we talked about earlier is like sometimes, you know, you post some stuff and you're just like dang I don't think that landed or whatever. Don't delete it. Don't delete it. And this is a message for everybody out there who's watching this, never delete stuff because sometimes I can hurt your channel. If you want to set the privacy to private so that you only see it, you can do that. But just remember in a month, it won't matter. In a month. It'll be buried in your timeline somewhere, no one will see it even if they do who cares. Like sometimes a lot of the a lot of the engagement even if it's negative or even if it's just silly helps the channel so don't underrate videos that you think might not be the best, but do get some engagement and and help grow your channel.

Cindy: So that's awesome. I mean I have set some to private. So what do you think of the duets? Are they helpful? 

Matt: Yeah, Stitches are really good. Well, they can both be fine. But stitches are I think a little bit better because of what you can do. The reason stitches are so powerful and people should do stitches way more is because at the very beginning clip if you find a video that's gone viral has millions of views right. Typically you do not go viral with millions of views unless those first few seconds like the first few seconds are really good, right? So if you see a video that's blown up, typically you've got a really good intro or hook. And so what you want to do is stitch that and pull that first three to five seconds and so for instance, we had one that was we ran an ad with it actually. It was this lady saying, Hey, if you could give one piece of advice to young men in their early 20s, what would you say? And then that's where we cut it off and then we had Dave come in and he said, you know basically don't take out college loans for college. Work a few years, you know, get some get your feet wet working, figure out maybe a trade or something that you want to do to learn some skills. And oh, by the way, maybe start an online business where you have zero overhead. But it was because of that intro ad or that video ended up doing so well for us. But yeah, I would do a lot of stitches and also the cool part about stitches is it helps give you lots of content ideas that are just easy to do. Super simple.

Cindy: That's great. I never thought about that. I only did one stitch. I did more of the defects but that makes total sense because you're right. If they're, they've already done the heart he made in the beginning. You know that's the hard part to getting people to stop you know? 

Matt: Yeah, yeah, the stitches are like it's just it's so unfair for content creators like it's, it's underutilized by content creators because somebody has done a good bit or a good portion of the work from before you even you know, start creating any content somebody has already done a lot of the hard work to make that video go viral, to make that video become popular. And now all you have to do is just have your little hot take.

Cindy: Okay, I know what I'm gonna be doing. I know we're about done but that for the lives are they helpful? Do you use them more for getting followers?

Matt: Yeah, they're more of like, you know, so you use like the viral video type stuff in stitches to get your audience use stories and stuff about you and your journey to help to help warm up that audience to take it from a cold audience who doesn't know you to like, oh, this is interesting. I kind of know Cindy now. And then and also you can convert people that way too. But the last piece going live is a place where you can teach, you can tell more about yourself and your story and your journey and give people a specific call to action. So a good couple examples is like Calvin Hill, he'll go live and he'll spend hours talking about crypto. And people are like, why is he just talking about Kryptos and selling crypto and then what he does is he talks and he talks and talks and talks and talks for hours about bare markets, right about how the markets are going to go down. And then he says you know, you need money to invest in a bare market. You're going to need to have cash on hand to invest in a bear market. So if you're sitting here and you're like, well, I need more cash and wouldn't be able to invest even if the bear market smacked me in the face today. He then says you need to start building your digital business. And then he takes them into his little lead magnet which is a free ebook. And then on the back end of that is his Legendary affiliate link. And the same thing about Ian, he'll go on there and he'll have more intimate conversations with people like he'll bring them into his live or not bring them into his live but he like, you know, the other day I saw him. He knows people by name and he's like, Hey, I saw you in here the other day, you know, I thought he said you were starting to challenge I didn't see your name, you know, pop through and they were like you know who I am? But he does that thing where he really connects with his audience and people feel like dang, this is different. You know what I mean?

Cindy: Yeah, I go I try to watch him. I try to be very specific and I just do the one increment course. And then I try not to follow too many people so that I don't get overwhelmed and he seems to do everything exactly the way you know the process that we're supposed to do kind of but add his total personal touch to it. So I'm like, I think he's a good one to watch.

Matt: Yeah, he's a great one to watch. He's a super savvy creator, is very heartfelt too which I think helps a lot with allowing people to connect to him and stuff. Yeah, and he's just, he's killing it. He's, you know, he's doing really, really well and has changed his life completely. With digital marketing, so, alright, we should call this thing a wrap here. Do you have anything for people who are out there? Who are maybe newer to our community, just getting started thinking about posting their first TikTok video, any words of encouragement?

Cindy: Just follow the process and just own it. Don't be embarrassed. I embarrass myself sometimes. But I'm like, You know what, like you said, nobody cares. And somebody is gonna see it and say, Damn, if she could do it, I could friggin do it, you know. So, I mean, I'm just so glad to have found you guys. And thank you so much for letting me come on here. This is awesome.

Matt: Yeah, of course. We're just pumped that you wanted to come on. So thank you for taking the time. Alright, I'm going to let you go and then I'll wrap this thing up here for us here. Here is her TikTok. Just go give her a follow on TikTok. It's @makinmoneyhoney. And give her a follow comment on her video. Let her know that you saw her and Wake Up Legendary. And we'll be back here. I'll be back tomorrow, same time, same place at 10am. Eastern for another edition of wake up legendary. Go give Cindy a follow and blow her TikTok up so she can get to 1000 followers. She can start to go live. Alright guys, take it easy. Have a good rest of your Monday. We'll see you back here tomorrow. At 10am Eastern peace