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Matt: What's going on everybody, Happy Wednesday. See y'all my name is Matt, if you don't already know me, I am the CMO here at legendary. And I got kicked back into my old office because I have parents in town this week. So they took over my other office. And you might recognize this backdrop from times past, but we are live. And we're excited that you're here. If you're here in the comments, let us know. Give us a little shout out there at the heart. And we've got another great guest. As always, we bring on a live guest every single Monday through Friday. You know, last week, we had a last second cancellation. So maybe we missed one here, there. But for about the last two years since the pandemic started. We've been doing these lives every single Monday through Friday, and just sharing success stories of normal average people. And, you know, one of the really funny pieces, one of them really funny things. I was doing some research and I was looking around on the blog and I happened to find somebody talking about our live shows. And check this out. They mentioned you know, it's hard to find income claims from people on the show on the wake up legendary show or from people who have taken the training. And, you know, they said you know, even if you watch the wakeup shows, it's hard to tell, you know, how much money people make or whatever from our education. And little did most people know we went on a pretty big compliance run from about 2019 to 2020. Trying to sort of remove those because most people think oh, well that's how I validate everything. Well, not not really, how that can actually be a way in which you get sued or get in legal trouble by making huge income claims and putting, you know, $10,000 a month or $50,000 a month, on your, on your videos and on your website. And so it's kind of funny because he was this blogger who was saying, you know, go on these wakeup shows and, you know, watch these wakeup shows you don't see any big income claims. So it's like, Who knows if the trailer is basically a review training? How do we know if this training works? But in fact, the exact opposite is true we try not to mislead we try to show average people who are you know, they might not be making six figures, they might have been just made their first commission and it's more of just the ability to sort of unpack what they're doing in their marketing and, and explore what they're learning and how they're growing and also making an income making money. So without further ado, let's bring out our guest today, Connor. What's going on, man? 

Connor: Good, how are you?

Matt: I'm good. Where are you from?

Connor: I'm from Houston, Texas, but right now in college at TCU. Some in Fort Worth, Texas. Sweet. Cool house. How's Horned Frogs? Right? Is that right? Yeah, it's what it is. It's just the busy time of the year finals coming up. So stay busy.

Matt: Do see are at least at the time of putting in your questionnaire your 20 Are you still 20? Yes. That's crazy, dude. Congrats. So you are you're you're in college now what are you studying?

Connor: Entrepreneurs should have been in marketing. Affiliate marketing is somewhat of a combination.

Matt: Yeah, totally. That's super cool. So how would you compare so far what you're learning with what you learn in the challenge? And do you feel like there's some overlap? Are you getting some benefit from your regular course and how would you compare it with what you've experienced ? That's an interesting comparison.

Connor: So right now I'm a sophomore. So I haven't really taken all the upper level I'll say marketing entrepreneurship classes. I've taken all your basic classes but nothing really advanced to say I could compare them because I've really taken pretty much all lower divisions at the moment.

Matt: Yeah, that's fair. What so you're probably doing like some sort of affiliate marketing and in just your spare time, I'm guessing what did you find us like? Like, I feel like everybody I found you know, affiliate marketing when I was 20. So I kind of resonate with that, but my journey was a little interesting. But what, how did you find this and what sparked your interest?

Connor: So my entire life I've always wanted to have my own company run my own business. I've always seemed like another reward of not leaving the nine to five I guess. And last summer, I was working a job or summer job, and I didn't really like my boss too much. And so I was looking for other ways online to make money. And I guess I was on TikTok. And I remember exactly how I found it wasn't very, but I just clicked someone's wind or whatever and just went through that and I guess, went through the APA business builder challenge and just ran with a score.

Matt: So I feel like a lot of people discover us on TikTok and just somehow down the rabbit When you When you said you saw the value or the benefit of like, not working the nine to five, did your parents teach you? Are they entrepreneurs? Or like, did you just learn that yourself?

Connor: My parents have their own businesses, pretty much everyone my family, my grandparents, uncles, they pretty much all run their own businesses. So it's always been something I've wanted to do.

Matt: Yeah. Fascinating. That's cool. What types of stuff do they like, what type of business? Is it brick and mortar stuff?

Connor: My parents run like real estate photography. My grandfather ran a printing company, my uncle, my uncle's own drug testing companies. So it's not, or my cousin owns a spray tanning shop. So a combination of everything.

Matt: Sprinkle in a little bit of everything. I like it. Yeah. So then you find this, you're working a job, you're 20. And you're like, Alright, let's go. Let's do this little side hustle thing. Let's figure it out. Now, I think what I'm super curious about is just the whole, you know, like, basically not showing your face thing, which I think is pretty impressive. You've created a lot of content. I don't know that you've ever shown it, at least when I looked through I

Connor: No, I haven’t my face at all. 

Matt: Yeah, that's impressive. That's a hard thing to do. And well, I shouldn't say hard, but it's, it's probably a little bit easier to go about showing your face I would guess. Guess I've tried to both show your face in terms of like, just content creation makes things a little bit easier. Why that would be my first question is just like, why did you choose that route? Not that there's anything wrong with it or anything, but just Why'd you choose that route? And what sparked that and then how have you gone about creating content without showing your face? And, you know, like, like, did you have a model for that? Or like, where did you learn how to do that?

Connor: So the reason I don't shy faces I've never really been someone big to want to show my face online. And I guess I've seen others I've been able to do it without destroying their face. So they can do it and I can at least attempt to do it as well. And the way I do it is I find pretty much just testing in 10 different methods see what blows up, see what as well as you know, work. So I guess keep doing it and repeat the same content making. So I found a stock video of mine. And I I guess try to move it into like a TikTok size as most videos are too wide for TikTok. And then try either. I either use the TikTok, just putting, like you writing a text on it, or use like or use Canva to make a difference. I guess you can see the one on the right. There's like different clips. And then I made that and there's another website online, I can look for it right now you know what the name of it puts it on top of the background video that I import it to my phone. So it's a little comprehensive version, once you get the hang of it, I find it really easy.

Matt: Yeah, so like this behind here is just a stock video, right? Yeah. And then so like, for instance, like like this, in particular right here is like the strategy with that is like to create something on the screen. Let me make this a little bit bigger. There we go. The strategy is basically on that one to make a really short video, but it's really long so that the video is replaying, and they have to rewatch multiple times. Right?

Connor: Yeah, so they're about 6-7 second videos, so they're pretty short, but there's a lot of content on screen. 

Matt: That makes sense. I've seen those before. And you probably got that idea just from kind of watching other ones like that?

Connor: Yeah, I really just look up a lot of similar content online and twist it to my own.

Matt: And for everybody who's watching I just use this tool to sort Connors videos on his channel. I use this tool called sort for tic toc. And then that just basically sorts like some of the most watched ones to the top and you've got quite a few videos that I've done like, you know, 40,000 plus views.

Connor: Even reposting the same video gets the same amount of or more and better interactions. 

Matt: You did four more times. Well, that's that's cool because that's one thing where you know on the second end of the day I show that Spencer did that. And he's done that with multiple different types of videos. And there's a lot of time for people who will get lots of these types of views and stuff. And they'll get that many views or tons of views and start to go viral. And on most of their videos, they're really only showing their face in the first couple of seconds. I mean, it's like the Hulk mark. So I think what you've ended up doing is basically just to me, it looks like It reminds me of this channel here. Have you ever seen this channel? It's called Manifestation365. I think I've seen Yeah. And basically it were the style of your content reminds me a lot of that which is it's all faceless stock videos. They've grown to 300,000. I mean, that's a lot well And for the most part, a lot of this stuff is all just stock video. There's nobody's face. And then it's just basically putting words on the screen. I don't know. It's just super cool. But it's a really smart way to create content. Because also, it doesn't require quite as much work. It's easier to model. It requires less personality. You don't even have to talk in it. Do you do any voiceover ones?

Connor: I've never done that before. Like different sounds that are, I guess, good online or something. Maybe if I want another sound, someone else will use it as well. So

Matt:  Yeah, like, it's mostly you just sort of investigating and seeing what's working and discovering. Okay, this works. This does this work. This does. Yeah, man. That's super fascinating. And pretty cool. So you've been at this now for how long?

Connor: I started last July, or August.

Matt: Cool, man. It's super cool. I feel like this also reminds me of one other thing. And when we talk about sort of building out, you know, full content to healthy bodies. This video automatically started playing. So this is from the tab I just pulled up, as is his channel on YouTube called healthy bodies. And we've had this guy on our show before, but he basically runs like a nutrition, health and fitness YouTube. But if you look at it, so you're talking about faceless videos, he's I don't think he's ever showed his face. On any sort of video except the wakeup show, which is similar to you, but no, so he's got all these shorts. But before all the shorts were uploaded, you can look at some of his old videos. I mean, he's got on some of them. 25,000 views, uh, definitely has a million or more views on some of these. And it's sort of a similar approach to you in that, although these are more short form content. But my point We do is is, you know, in, in the case of, I think a lot of times people see, for instance like that The Tick Tock channel that you pulled that I just pulled over of yours, like and sort of just think like, Well, how would I turn this into like a full blown content thing, right? But when you start to investigate, you'll see all of these different motivation channels on YouTube that are just like most repurposed images and videos and with like a voiceover or something like that people even do it with like Warren Buffett's investing. Like I don't know if you've seen that but they do voiceover videos. Yeah, for Like, you know, 11 tips from Warren Buffett's speeches, you know, tip number one, and it's like, and they're kind of interesting to watch, but you have no clue who the guy is behind. They're doing this voiceover right. And so I just think the reason I was bringing all of that up collectively will I was just thinking about how you know it can start as this thing which yours isn't small anymore your cheese now you're at 28,000 followers like doing that with a totally faceless thing is pretty impressive. But I think is really just the beginning of what's possible in that world and I think this is a really grant, you've put a really great example for everybody to sort of model or follow or or, I don't know, lock in on because there's also all of this potential and I think a little bit of creativity would help people to see what's possible with this faceless video thing. Because I think most people think about it. They're like, a lot of people scared to go on video. A lot of people don't want to show their face like that. But the truth is it is like a lot of people don't really know how to execute that right they don't know how to sit down and execute those things so for the most part are in the real execution. I'm curious. Let me let me run that because we've got people joining since you kind of walked through this process but let me pull this up one more time on these types of videos just so I'm clear. Are you doing most of the editing on your phone or on a laptop?

Connor: Everything's on my laptop  other than the ones, let's say the one on the second row that is on the left. TikTok makes up for all the other ones on my computer. But I import that back onto my computer. So my background is important for my computer.

Matt: I got you I got your got your so you're using what's your what's your favorite like go to for those kind of stock things?

Connor: I have tried looking in other places, but you can pay huge amounts for stock videos. I mostly use Pexels.

Matt: So yeah, Pexels man, it's free for commercial and personal use. And yeah, I've used it for years, man, it's so easy to use. And you can even download videos in vertical format if you want. But they have a specific section for verticals. But yeah, that's cool. So you just literally go out on Pexels to find those things.

Connor: Just bring them quickly into your you know, AirDrop home or whatever into your phone and then and then put them in the TikTok out and type the words over the top of it in TikTok. do

Matt: Super cool man. So you've got you've got here's a here's a good question is Stacy says, Sorry, logged in like so I'm gonna explain how you're making money with this. So basically, boy, you can unpack that. I mean, that's pretty simple. You just got a link in your bio right?

Connor: Yeah, so people that are interested in my videos then they click the link in my bio and go through the funnel then it connects them to Legendary.

Matt: Yeah, and like and like so his goes over the legendary. Here's another example that we just pulled up in a few minutes ago. Maybe you guys saw it, maybe it didn't. But here's manifestation 365. And, this particular one is more in the manifestation mindset niche. Right? So funny. It's kind of funny that you would go to this, but check this out. So when I click on their link in their bio, imagine that I'm on my phone and I'm on TikTok, and I'm scrolling and I'm like, Man, I really like this manifestation stuff. You know, I'm starting to get into this. Well, right here. This is an affiliate marketing funnel. I mean, this person is promoting an affiliate marketing product called manifestation 3.0. And it's I think as a Clickbank product, and then they have another one about dating. And it's promoting this app. Right? So I don't know if they own the app, or if they have some sort of affiliate agreement or something or a referral link, this might be their referral link. So the point is, as you get those views, right, so, Connor, I think sometimes I teach this decade and a day a lot. The formula that people sometimes miss or don't get fully is, you start out by getting like the first step is just getting views, right? So it's like, how do I get more eyeballs? Second step is that engagement. So starts with views. Once you start to get some views, you get some engagement, start to get some followers, start to get some clicks or traffic, and then you start to make sales or you start to generate leads and sales. Is that right? Connor: Yeah. Pretty much. 

Matt: Basically, there's a certain percentage of followers that you get on social media who are going to eventually explore and tap your link or you're going to give them a specific call to action. That says, follow me or tap the link in the bio or whatever. But that's true across the board. I mean, in every single niche that I've seen, I mean in dog training, in manifestation of wealth in crypto, in just freaking everything out, there's dating coaches on TikTok, there's relationship coaches, I mean, there's just all kinds of stuff. But in every single case like that, it's the same formula, get views by teaching something or creating an interesting piece of content. get followers from all those views, which on TikTok app. and really naturally and organically. Three is get well, get engagement, get followers, start to get leads and start to produce sales. And for everybody who's watching, that's a formula that has been working for people on TikTok for the last two plus years and without fail and really without stopping, which is pretty crazy. Dang, man, that's super cool. That's super cool. So, on a day to day basis, you've got school you got a lot of shit going on. But you got all this stuff going on? How many? Do you have a content creation kind of schedule? Are you now just kind of posting when you have free time? How have you laid the business out?

Connor: So I make content or only have a schedule for that this summer when I have more free time to kind of make a schedule try to keep it rolling even more but with posting I found that posting in the morning works really well for me so many times before noon is when I post so I try to post like a video an hour apart from each other trusts so I found that that works that kind of doing it and midday for me doesn't work as well as in the morning. So I tried to start my day, losing every hour and then I was making 34 times a day if I'm able to then switch to the next day.


Matt: Fascinating. And then do you? So with that, do you then envision going into any additional niches? Or have you explored other niches? I'm always just curious because like, I just don't think that any 20 year old can not think through them. But like, what, where do you see taking sort of the affiliate business model? And what other ideas where, you know, what's the future like?

Connor: I have kind of my other niches but at the moment, I'm trying to make the most out of what I'm doing right now. So it's pretty busy at the moment. So I'm thinking about going into YouTube, Facebook, it's just I'm trying to learn more about that at the moment. And I guess I'll try to keep going to TikTok for now. And I thought about images. I haven't really thought too much at the moment, but maybe, like coaching or something one day, create a course. 

Matt: Yeah, that's and that's something then you can always do down the road and whatever dealing with freaking refunds and crap and coaching can sometimes get annoying but, you know, you can charge a lot and it's, it's cool when you and you know what's really cool Connor I think that like, you know, having a bigger vision for you just your channel in general is also important because, you know, you can build this to 500,000 or a million followers and you know, you can easily sell coaching on your strategy and how you did it for you know, 2500 bucks or or 5000 or 10,000 bucks or something, you know, and you could take one or two clients a month and pay for your college tuition.  That's a cool thing. You know, that didn't exist before the internet. that wasn't a thing you know? And it's a huge opportunity and seeing that with opportunities to guys is really important. But I also want to say if I can just give you a tip based on kind of What I'm seeing so I spend a lot of my day just really evaluating things like What the hell's going on on social media. How are people getting traction? What's happening and I'm starting to see a lot of traction on Facebook organically. With reposting or with reposting of basically or just literally taking TikToks stripping the watermark off of them you know how to do that right?

Connor: Yeah

Matt: Yeah just taking the watermark off of them using Snap Fake or something and reposting them to Instagram reels but you know through the app you can also have that real be posted on Facebook. And so posting the reel to Instagram to Facebook. And then YouTube shorts too. I'm not sure that I'm seeing a ton of traction on YouTube shorts the way that we are on other platforms. But the way I describe this is, because the work is so minimal, really, like once you post a video, it's pretty minimal work to just get that content onto other platforms. And I just explained it like right now we're in this cycle that's going on. And in this cycle of content, these different platforms are basically fighting for your attention. And so if you're omnipresent, meaning you're posting to all of them, whenever one sort of sort of goes hot for like, a couple weeks, or a couple months, or a year or something, because you're omnipresent, you'll already be on all those platforms posting and stuff. So you'll be able to capture exponentially more traffic over the span of six months, 12 months a year, you know, versus just being on one platform, then hearing about Facebook that's like, oh my god, Facebook's hot. And then by the time you're there, and any catch up, it's kind of gone. So yeah, I think that that's a smart thing to eventually look at, you've got a lot going on, but it doesn't take that much extra energy and time. And we're seeing like, it's kind of weird that we spent a long time since we saw Facebook. Since we saw Facebook pages grow organically. Like that hasn't really happened since like 2010. And I'm starting to see that now. So very interesting. It's an interesting trend. And yeah, keep your eyeballs on that. Because that's a really hot spot where people are getting massive, massive amounts of views on their content. That hasn't happened on Facebook in a really long time. So it's good to know what to look into for the summer. 

Connor: Yeah, for sure.

Matt: You headed home for the summer?

Connor: Going over two or three weeks, and I'm coming back over the summer to stay here so Matt: You own the house?

Connor: Renting it with a few of my friends. 

Matt: Cool. Yeah, still. That was probably one of the best years of college and so for me, it was just like renting a house out with friends and having a whole house like it's super fun. Cool, man. For everybody who's here, they're just starting the challenge. They're just getting going. What would you tell them about the challenge? What would you encourage them to do? In turn it specifically in terms of taking action and actually getting out there and starting to create some content or create a blog or create a tic toc or whatever? What have you learned that you feel would be a good bit of encouragement to those people?

Connor: I wouldn't say just like start somewhere you have to start somewhere and then I guess picture ideas on paper and just there's a lot of different niches you can go into to see what you're most interested in. And then once you get going just go along with that and I guess just test out everything that's what I've taught. tested out so many different things that won't work so well the one I like so can't go wrong with testing, testing things. 

Matt: Try new things don't be scared to and I would I would even echo that and you know there's people out there and TikTok who are kind of shit kickers I call them and they're always willing to tell you, what you're doing wrong and and Oh, you know, you're gonna ruin your brand by doing that or whatever. It's like. You have so much life to live. You've got so much. You know, there's just so many freaking things you can try and do and start over. Like just be willing to try everything and see what you gravitate towards and call us great adventurers. Love it honor man Nice meeting you and I mean you've been around our community for a while now so you know in three or four months hit us up, send us an email and be like, Hey, here's what's new. I'm making some progress on this. I think this would be interesting to share on the show and we'd love to have you back.

Connor: Thanks for having me. I’ll do that.

Matt: Of course. So you gotta go alright guys, dang thing if you guys haven't gone in and found Connor here's his TikTok it's @themoneymindsetman. That's such a cool name right here so give him a false kind of on my face but turn this down a little bit. money mindset man. Follow him on TikTok. And if you want to learn or want to learn a strategy for not showing your face on tick tock, there you go. A lot of people ask me about that. So he is a powerful example of how you're able to do that. Guys, have a good Wednesday. We'll be back here tomorrow and Friday day. We'll be back Thursday, Friday, with more guests and more incredible stories, people making money from their social media, from their blog, from their content, from their ads, from their marketing and have a great rest of your day. We'll see you back here tomorrow.