Below is the transcription for this episode:

Matt:  What's going on everybody? Happy Tuesday April 19th. I live here. Welcome in if you are newer to the show we go live every single Monday through Friday at 10am. Eastern. We bring on a guest from our community or an affiliate or something who has taken our training and been impacted by it and gotten good results. And we try to unpack a little bit of their strategy so you can consider this you know, kind of a free wake up call. free coaching session. Whatever you want to call it. And it's an opportunity for you to get a look inside of somebody who's killing it right now. Not six months ago, not a year ago, not five years ago. But right now, it's sort of what's working right now. So if you're tuning in with us whether you're live or via a replay, hit the like button if you can hear us okay, and then type in the comments where you're tuning in from. I think one thing that you'll find with our legendary community is there's a pretty big variety of people from all over the world. And between that and between bringing on guests every single day for the last two years. I think my big takeaway, I don't know what you'll take away from it. But my big takeaway is, you don't need to have some special magical skill set. You don't need to wave around a little wand with fairy dust. There's normal people out there just like you who have come through our training, come through the 15 Day Challenge and got real results that have changed their life. And so this morning, we've got another great guest and he's coming to us from I think don't let me butcher this, I think from Florida, and we're gonna bring Josh to the show. So for everybody who's here with us, live. Give us a big clapping emoji in the comments. And welcome on. Josh. What's up?

Josh:  What's up, man? 

Matt:  Awesome. Good. You are from Florida, right?

Josh:  Miami, Florida to get Okay, cool.

Matt:  All right. Making sure that Well, I had done a little reading on your questionnaire. And then I had this moment where I thought for a second that I was reading somebody else's. So anyway, I got the right one and everything that I studied up on was the right person. So tell me your background and how you found it legendary? What got you looking for something online? Like just bring us into your world a little bit. 

Josh:  So it's a long story, but I'm 24 years old. I've been a natural kind of hustler since I was a young kid watching cars in the street, you know selling water bottles doing garage sales. So I was always looking, you know, out there trying to make a buck and you know, provide for the family. And, you know, my journey really started when I say after my two years of college after I got my AA I found myself kind of in that in that race where, you know, trying to keep up with the Joneses in the sense of like, everybody was choosing careers, you know, and I was like, Okay, I'm gonna have to do something my brother you know, did he did the Straight A kid you got you know, became a doctor. So I was looking at him as a role Model. Everybody was looking, you know, up to him. And after college, I just felt very weird. You know, I didn't want to, you know, pursue a career that was traditional. I saw other people doing a lot of stuff. And you know, my eyes were open when I got into a marketing company. And, and that kind of changed my environment, changed my mindset, and I knew online was the way to go. I knew that. You know, I knew it was very scalable. I knew I didn't want to be working for someone I wanted to be my own boss. And little things led to another. I got a really good job after my AA. It wasn't in my field at all. It was actually in business. So that's why I kind of went in. The owner of a jewelry store that I was washing cars for back in the day took me on under his wing and he taught me he taught me like the ropes you know, he taught me the jewelry business, you know, the profits, you know, the gross and I really saw a full fledged business from the inside out. And you know, and that taught me a lot of things right. I knew business was the way to go after that. But I also knew that you know, he had a $13 million a year business. And he only made about, you know, net profit less than a million, like right under a million. So I just saw so much expenses. Where did they know, when it wasn't digital, right? And what overhead Yeah, exactly. And that brought my eyes up. I was like, wow, I need to do something online because it's much more profitable and much more scalable. And then after that, I started doing my marketing. I started doing marketing and opened up my agency. I actually quit that job after kind of, you know, getting tired out you know, I was overworked and also underpaid like always. So I did my own thing. I did my own marketing. I started doing, you know, websites for graphic design companies, everything that I could on my own to kind of stay alive because I did take a really big pay cut. And, but it was you know it was the right choice for me. And one thing led to another and once I was in the agency business, I also found the same thing. It was like I created one for 15 other bosses. And I was like Okay, I gotta do it, I have to change something up here because this is not scalable in itself. If I if I don't hire people so after that, you know I was looking at I was always into the funnels I was to click funnels and they also have their own affiliate like program and I was making some money there with affiliates because my clients I would sign about up on their my affiliate links, right so I was making some money there and I was like, wow, it's like, I'm not even doing you know, no work for this. We're just signing them up, you know, to do the actual product or service. I'm selling them and I'm getting a little back end money coming in every single month and you would do more research. I found legendary on YouTube. From a couple people actually. I reviewed legendary and at that time, I was actually in another affiliate program. I was already starting to transition from my agency model to full on affiliate marketing and I was in another program but I didn't see any results. I didn't see any members like doing good in them. And that's the one thing that changed it for me for legendary is that I saw so many people, you know actually having their lives change actually having results and you know, when I saw your scoreboard I was like well, I want to be on that and yeah, that's how it started. I went all in. I went all in from day one with you guys

Matt:  Oh, that's cool, man. That's really cool. And I you know that whole journey and it's fun because I resonate a lot with a lot of what you said in terms of, you know, being a lifelong kind of hustler and washing cars and shit and that's fun. And mostly just because I resonate a lot. I think I've told this story before but I I've when I was little I would steal not steal but I would take my parents debit card before they even knew how to buy shit online I think and I would buy stuff like in bulk I buy like for calculators or for cell phones and then sell them individually and try to like basically wholesale cell phones before they were like you know even a whole whatever Motorola like the whole anyway. So I resonate a lot with that and I also thought it was cool how you know, I also have done that whole agency model where and I had this same experience I had this realization of like, oh my god, like, I could sign up clients and then I could send them up to click funnels, and I could sign them up to an email auto responder and holy shit like I could not just have that first little jolt of income but you know, if you get a real sales funnel setup in a process, they understand and they understand why they're paying that money each month and then you know, you've got that recurring commission every single month. So that's really cool. Then your transition to affiliate marketing. You've seen other stuff. You saw a lot of people who are legendary normal human beings getting results, maybe someone here you saw on our scoreboard, whatever. And just the reference of the scoreboard for anybody who's watching is when people are affiliates for our company. We just have a little which you don't have to be by the way. We don't, we don't push people into that or anything like that. We teach transferable skills, but we do have a little scoreboard in the back office. It's just kind of fun to see where you're at and how things are going. So that transition from going I'm curious about the transition from agency to affiliate and trying to do that more as like your main core source of revenue. How is that then and when how long ago? Did you make that transition? Or are you still making it?

Josh:  I'm still making the full transition. So I cut off most of my clients. I took another pay cut in the beginning of January because I was doing very well with the clients right. I was you know I was selling you know sales funnels at a good price. And it was very profitable for me but at the same time I knew that to scale that I really needed to build a team. And I tried to I literally put together graphic designers who put together funnel builders, copywriters, the whole nine have a team that has to be them for an agency and it was just I figured out that you know, the process of the back and forth and the quality control was just so horrendous that it got so there's so many headaches coming up on me. And you know, in the beginning of January actually, I have a very small friend group and we're all also in the same thing. We're all you know, young hustlers that just are growing our own businesses. And you know, one of the things that we did this year was we kind of said like, let's focus on one thing. Let's focus on one thing that we want to really drive for the next 12 months. Because last year , one of my problems was that I was everywhere. I was doing the agency I was doing FBA I was doing you know dropship there were so many things on my plate. And that's another reason why kind of, you know, more headaches and stress got on me so what I did was I was beginning January, I kind of finished taking on new client work. That was the first step I didn't do any more client work after January. And after that, I started scaling all the old clients that I had and I kind of finished my you know, products and deliverables. You know, I put them in good hands and I kind of just said goodbye and I kept on thinking that now I have just three clients. And those are really good clients that I work very well with. They're very minimal effort. Most of it is maintenance and consulting. So that has been kind of like my safety, my safety net but like it pays for all my expenses, basically. And now it's just I'm going all in on affiliate marketing and that's where it's been this hour by the way and beginning January I started zero on all social media platforms. So that was another big for me. It's where I really like you know after going through you guys training I was like okay, this is the time 

Matt:  you went through everything legendary has to offer. 

Josh:  Yeah, I went, I'm talking about I came in and I was like, I'm gonna rock this thing because it's just I saw so many people and I was like, hey, like, this is something that is when you see something that works, right? Like, there's a reason why people are having success, right? It's not just, you know, Luke's like, there's, there's a reason why and if someone can do it, you can do it. That's what I always say, if a man can do it, I can do it right. The quote that a man can do it. I mean I can do it, right? Which means like, you know, someone else does it yourself as a human being could do it too. So I went inside the challenge. You know, I took you know, I went in and I literally did that 15 Day Challenge for like three days. I did not stop. You know, the first day I got on the Quality Advisor and I was like, unlock the candidate because I'm pulling through it. And it was a great process. It was good. It was good. The way you guys kind of put it step by step is just the right way to do it. And I love this system. I love the kind of infrastructure that you guys have put together. It is really really good. So it allowed me to kind of like you know, take a leap of faith and really believe in myself and put stuff into action. You know, starting January I started doing all platforms. Mainly Tik Tok actually started with Tik Tok and then from there, it just grew now 105 I'm on Tik Tok Facebook reels Pinterest, YouTube shorts and iG.

Matt:  And so and also Hey, by the way for everybody who's here, I don't know if you saw this doc. Maybe you're a little bit ahead of me, but I saw that you were on the leaderboard today on the scoreboard today. I just said you were just pretty cool. I was like he's doing pretty well these days. Let's check it out. 

Josh: When I first got really of what I was like, Oh man, I was like, Oh man, as soon as I got on there, I was like, okay, more I'm gonna write Yeah, cuz it's sort of a game

Matt:  that at that point, but also Yeah, I mean, look, you got some heavy hitters on there. There's, you know, this 30 days. That's a tough one to crack. So

Josh:  we'll see. Find out. Now. Now I'm thinking about this step by step. And what are those last seven days is my next step. And then after that, I'm going to go for 30 days. Cool, cool, cool.

Matt:  I love it. So you're on all these different platforms. And by the way, for everybody who's here I the reason I said that is cuz earlier I introduced this show as sort of a what's working right now and what's working like 10 months ago or 15 months ago or something, a lot of times people will come and say, you know, how relevant is this still or like, you know, is all of this just outdated? Did this work for people two years ago when the pandemic started now, it's all done. No, you know, Josh is a great example. He's using it today right now, and he's also omnipresent. Here's what I wanted to ask about your sort of Omnipresence, branding, meaning, you've got content on five different platforms. You said you're present virtually everywhere on social media. My first question is, which platform did you start with? And my second question is, which platform do you think is bringing you the most leads and revenue?

Josh:  So the first question, Tik Tok was the first one that I started with and the reason why was because it was the first time that I ever put myself out there. You know, you know, on all platforms, and it was one of those things where it's kind of a little fear behind me. It's like, oh, man, do it because as soon as you put yourself out, there's gonna be judgment, right. And that's something we all have inside of us, that little fear. But I finally knew I was like, Listen, the only way I'm gonna make it is if people know me, I don't care if they like me, or they hate me. They just gotta know. Right? So I just went all in. I started with Tik Tok, you know, I was brand new to the platform, sort of learning how to edit you know, the simple stuff like add texts, keeping it short. I really just modeled other people's content because, you know, a lot of people get stuck in the, you know, analysis phase, you know, and they really don't move. So I was like, Okay, let me just see someone that is doing it today. And let me just see what they're posting and after that I kind of just springboard off of their content and I'm like, Okay, this is what this is what's working right now. And we do something around that. So Tik Tok with the first one. And your second question is, which was the most profitable? So what I've done lately in the last, this is brand new. So as soon as I did Tik Tok, one of my friends was like, Hey, you actually go into a Facebook group, right? Like posting whatever you're using on Tik Tok is downloaded without the watermark and posted on reels on Facebook groups. And that blew up even more than Tik Tok. So that was like, Whoa, learn something here and then I just started, I started getting flooded with messages on you know, what is it? How can I start and all that? So, Facebook actually has been my most profitable now in the last like, a month I've been. I kind of changed the model where I did my own little workbook right here. I did. This is my little lead magnet on everything that I learned. And I put a lot of value into that. It's like the five pillars to affiliate marketing, where we kind of go over you know, the framework of affiliate marketing because affiliate marketing is very, very simple when you when you really understand it and no, right doesn't it's not like other business models that has like, you know, variables for the marketing is really simple when you break it down into like a fundamental. So I put that work together and I started tracking all my leads. All my work with links actually have like, you know, Facebook, tik tok and now going through it, you know, I know Facebook is my most profitable for sure. That's where I got the most leads and the most people come in through there actually.

Matt:  Are you posting to a personal profile, a business page, a group, where do you make the

Josh:  posts, so I did it with my personal page actually. So when you go on Facebook, on your personal profile, and then you then you can find reels and then from there you click on your actual profile picture and then create a reel and that's where I started. And now I have like, I have like now I think today I'm about to hit 29,000 followers. Wow. Which I didn't even know you can do followers on reels, right. It's a completely different thing.

Matt:  Right? Well, that's a missing piece, right? So when Tik Tok got going they figured out a way, a simple way to get people to follow you from your videos going viral. And the problem with Instagram reels has been Yes, the videos can blow up but they can't blow up your followers quite the way that Tik Tok counts. So you can build them to mass following quite the way that Tik Tok has been able to. And I think really in the last 30/60 days, Facebook has figured that out on their platform of how to make you know these super viral reels, but also then quickly turn people into followers of you through that and I think that's really powerful. And I've seen it. I've seen it from multiple different people just literally stripping the watermark off their Tik Tok going straight on Facebook and you know, the beautiful part about Facebook that I keep telling people is Well, number one, let me just say this. Taking people from multiple platforms and putting them on different platforms is really, really important. So building an audience on Facebook on Instagram on Tik Tok Pinterest on YouTube, building multiple audiences in different places and then cross pollinating them is really important because eventually you'll hit a day where your Tik Tok gets shut down for five days. Eventually you'll hit a day where your ticket gets banned from Tik Tok for a day and then you have to appeal it and you're like, Oh my God, my revenues are gone, you know, whatever. The beautiful part about getting on Facebook too, is you can go on Facebook and you can engage with people in much different ways than on Tik Tok. You can do long form video content. You can do written posts with images. You can do short little updates that just appear in their Facebook feed. Right so you can actually stay present in front of them. I think way more than just uploading videos on Tiktok not that Tik Tok is not working. There's people blowing up on Tik Tok Well, we've had multiple people come through here now and and tell us basically what you just told us started on Tik Tok, I'm getting great results on Tik Tok started doing it on Facebook, and I'm getting a ton of leads and sales through Facebook reels. I think that that's just you know, if I'm sitting out there watching this or listening to this as a new affiliate marketer or as an experienced affiliate marketer, and I'm creating short form content, but I'm not posting that stuff to Facebook reels.


Josh:  you're leaving money on the table for sure. Lots of what you say was like, you know, in Facebook, you do have different ways to interact that he said was like a post or something and then they also have messengers, which was a very big thing for me in the beginning. Because I was flooded with my messenger. You know, a lot based on days, and it got to a point where I couldn't keep up with the messages. And that was, you know, that was a big thing for me, that was another problem to solve. So, I kind of, you know, in my opinion when I was in the agency, you know, I was outsourcing a lot of stuff, right? So I didn't make a lot of good connections all over the world, actually. And I knew that, you know, to outsource anything, I really have to systemize it, because it's a very, I didn't want to get into one of those things where I was like, I was doing all the quality control. I wanted to put something down. It was very simple to follow. So the first thing I did was I did a messenger like SOP, like a standard operating procedure for messengers with very specific questions to ask. So basically, I went into a standard operating procedure for messenger very specific questions, and I started doing it myself to test it. I saw a lot of people giving me kind of questions back and there were a lot of questions going to me instead of me asking the questions and getting answers from them. So I learned that you know, me asking the questions, I will control the conversation. If I will let it be up to them. They will control the conversation then it will go anywhere. So I did my own little procedure and then I got a PA from the Philippines and I trained her. So she actually now handles all my messages and my reposting up until this one this team's the last I'd say 30/60 days though this

Matt:  Wow. And the posts. Yep. And wow, that's super cool. 

Josh:  correct. I post on Tik Tok and then from there, I did another systemized process where they go to my Tik Tok account. They download the video without the watermark and then from there, copy my captions on Facebook or on Pinterest or YouTube shorts. And then do it reposting for me

Matt:  that's a that's a real business you got

Josh:  going Yeah, I told you going all in

Matt:  Yeah, no, it's great. It's great. It's super smart to write. Especially especially given the fact that it frees a lot of your brain. A lot of your brain, headspace and brain space to stick around on content and doing things that somebody couldn't do for you. It's always a question of like, what's, what are the few things each day that only you can do for your business? And anything else? Maybe find somebody to do it for you or find somebody who's willing to learn or configure out that SOP is really just a matter of just getting like a checklist and do this, this do this do this. If this happens do this. And it's really just once you've developed that system, it kind of becomes really self explanatory. We have a lot of those obviously in our company and the SOP just sort of rescues management and ownership from like a lot of nightmares, right? It's just Yeah, it's the rules of the road. And you know, somebody asked, Where did you find your PA? I can tell you for me. I find most at Where did you find yours?

Josh:  So actually my PA was kind of so back in the day, I ruined my small group of friends. One was running an automation company and they had a bunch of the HR team over there and then he blocked me in with one of those but beforehand I was using other bases actually had two bases from Fiverr that were very very good for me. You know, I first found them for data entry. And then you know you got on a call with them and trained them for other things. So they're everywhere. I thought Upwork Fiverr is a really good place to poke at them. Honestly, they're very good at following directions. All you have to do is have a really nice checklist and kind of like you know, step by step procedure for them. If you can do that, then you will have PA loans.

Matt:  Yeah, I read The Four Hour Workweek. I read this book like 10 years ago, and I still remember he said, You know, I went on this. I went on this website and I found an outsourcing group in India. And he was like, you know, I gave them instructions. Didn't have a lot of expectations. They came back and they blew my mind. And his first response was, wow America is fucked because they just have skills and there's a lot of desire to figure it out.

Josh:  And they're hungry. They're very smart. They're literally super driven. And they're very dedicated to their job. For sure. Yeah,

Matt:  For sure. Yes. A lot, a lot more than many sorts of us like fat and bloated Americans who are not as driven nor as motivated. You know, we have a great PA and she does so much and it's amazing what Yeah, shout out to Roxy. She's incredible and she does a lot of work and she's based in the Philippines too and is a beast who works harder than most so you've got that whole system in place for your affiliate business. Now it's mostly about creating short form style content, but you're also doing a little bit on YouTube. Is there any longer form content you're doing on YouTube too?

Josh:  So at this moment, you know, since I started this in January, there were a lot of things to kind of solve. Yeah. And I saw this point like a messenger . I saw the repurposing of content. So now I really have my hands free now to just do content. And that was one of the main things for me to outsource because I found myself, you know, hours in a day just getting back to people and not being able to produce the first thing that got them in you know, so I knew that was a big problem. So I just saw that. I got a very good Legion, which is the workbook which was growing my email list like crazy. So now switch that switch.

Matt:  Wait one sec. I wanted to dive into that. So you went from just basically generating leads through just like an opt in and having them go through a video like a bridge funnel, and you said, I'm going to get a really good lead magnet to give away to people. There were a few questions I wanted to hit on because people are always asking this. How first of all, did you just purchase a lead magnet? Did you write a short lead magnet and then have somebody design it or what did that process look like?

Josh:  So first, I started with research, right? Just when I started I really jumped in, like head on. I didn't really think about a lot of things I just wanted to start doing so what I did was I went I first did research on what funnels were used today. So I was just looking at other legendary marketers. I was looking at other affiliate programs and what funnels they were using and I saw a lot of them were doing lead magnets and if they weren't doing lead magnet and they were just starting up, I saw most of them were just doing like a very simple like opt in page with no lead magnet to say if you want access, put in your name and email. And then they'll shoot straight to you know, the offer or a little bridge page, right? Yep. The way I started was I literally just put it in a very simple opt in and then straight to the sales page, right which is you should have a bridge page, but I just wanted to and after that I still was getting really good options from my actual content. So I knew things were working. And then finally I was like you know what, I do need to kind of like convert more because a lot of people were just a lot of people today online are very skeptical. You know, everybody thinks you're a scammer. Everybody thinks you're, you know, one of those. It's so crazy what's going on online. And I understand them too, right? Because there are a lot of scams out there. And, you know, you just have to know, people were telling me hey, are you a real person? I was like, I can get on a call with your brother like, like, yes, of course I'm really talking to you. So after that, I was like, Okay, I need to kind of like you know, optimize my funnel. And before I did the actual bridge page, I saw someone doing a lead magnet. And from there I was like you know what, let me try something that I did. I did a lot of research on what was out there right now. I saw a lot of people like their lead magnets and I kind of was like okay, this is really good information. This is really good information. And then what I learned, you know, through my training, I was okay, let me put my kind of pizzazz together, and I put it together. Once I had a good outline. I went into and I designed them myself. So I was very creative. I'm a very creative person. I like very good graphics because of my agency kind of background. So I went on Canva and busted out a 31 Page kind of workbook all designed there, which was pretty good. And then yeah, that's how it did the workbook itself.

Matt:  Super cool. They got lots of templates. It's free to use. Super sweet Yeah.

Josh:  Yeah. Canva is really really good. It's been Oh, yeah, yep. All right, good. So yeah, Canva is really good. Especially if you're not tech savvy, and you don't really know how to use Photoshop and stuff. Because back in the day, you would need Photoshop to do something like this. Alright, and Kerala just made it super simple drag and drop and, and yeah, it's been amazing. I really did 30 and in total I think it's 31 pages. Wow, great work. Yeah. Yeah. A nice little note section and everything like this up.

Matt:  Yeah. Right. Bingo. It's awesome. And then you can get that I mean, guys, you can literally get that thing printed at FedEx or something. I mean, you can just upload the file they'll ship it to you, or you can go pick it up. And then you've got and the cool part is you know, so many good marketers do this. I think it's so underrated that they'll actually pull open the hard copy while they're on content stuff and just be like, dude, like, just get this here. It's right here, you know, and there's just something different about, you know, being able to see it and look at it and be like, Oh, damn, that's really cool. And I also just wanted to commend you on taking the time to do that because, you know, that's real hard work to put that together, but it's doable even for people who have only been here for four months, you know, five months or something like that. And, but you've done some real work to build something of value and now your email list is exploding because people are like, damn, I want this down on this and I think that, you know, my take away from that in 10 years of marketing is, the more that you do things like that to get people on your email list, the higher quality your email list is, so it's not just a matter of it blowing up but it's also blowing up with people who are really excited to find something and what they find is real quality. They don't just they don't just pop on your email list to come into a watch a video and then they're like, Well, okay, that was interesting, whatever. And then they're just sort of like, Yeah, whatever. But you know, if you take the time to build something like that, like a quality lead magnet that's branded to you, if you can you can really transform that email list into a cash register. And you know, some people say emails are dead, but when they say that I immediately tell them the reason you're saying that is because your email is dead. But the truth is, you can absolutely blow up a huge email list of people who really want to hear from you. And I think that's the best way to do it. Yeah. 100% So for people who are, I'll give you the last word tonight for people who are just getting started who are getting going. What would you tell those

 people who are just in the beginning process of their posts and videos to Tik Tok and they're there. Some of them maybe are seeing a little bit slower growth and they're just starting to figure out how to create content. What tips would you give them in those early days of content creation to get going?

Josh:  So big take so my first month was very, very slow, right? So I would say the biggest step is not to look at the followers. Don't look at the views. Just post this, get yourself posting three times a day. If you can do that for 30 days. The following and the views are going to come you're going to find what's working for you and what's not working. But really, I think it comes down to just doing right. And that's where a lot of people, you know, they kind of get stuck in an analysis paralysis-like phase where they're just thinking and thinking and planning. I think my biggest thing was, I would do first and then figure out what is working, what is not working and then optimize that. So if you're just starting out today, I would just say don't look at the followers. Don't look at anything, just look at just get yourself to post three times a day. And for my people out there that like you know, I don't know what to post, right. I didn't know what to post at all either. Right? everybody's on the same platform. Everybody's in the same phase when they're starting out. You don't know. That's fine. Now you gotta go and see what is working, go and see what other people are posting because the content is already out there. Right? There's nothing new here. You're not going to be inventing something. All you're going to be doing is putting your face with that content. You know, now you're distributing right. And a lot of people even though it's the same kind of content and a sense of safe value. People will resonate with you more though, right? I got into storyboarding. Hey, like I've seen this four or five times but for some reason like you know, I trust you right or I believe that you you just got to do and you gotta go and see what other things are working and just springboard off of that and then don't only look at the followers or like the engagement if do for 30 days. And it's gonna come to you

Matt:  That's that last minute, right There is just pure, nothing but pure gold right there. A lot of times people have impostor syndrome, but the truth is, you're a news distributor and you're a content person, your Content Curator and distributor. And that's basically your whole business model. Especially nowadays as a freelance Digital Marketer, so man, cool, I'm gonna put up your social Thank you. This was such gold today. You never know what to expect when you walk into one of these or at least I don't and, man this was I have notes that I've taken away. So thank you. Appreciate that.

Josh:  Thank you, man. Thank you guys for having me on.

Matt:  Hang on one second, Josh, if people want to follow you on Facebook, is it the same thing or how do they find you on Facebook?

Josh:  A little tricky, especially when it comes into reals because they're very brand new. Everything is @joshonmarketing. So you should be able to find me right now in talks with us. We'll be perfect.

Matt:  Thank you for appreciating it. So you can Yeah, just do a search for that. Just do a search for Josh on a marketing email to find him or search Josh and find him that way. Guys, thanks for tuning in. This is another amazing episode. I'll be back here tomorrow with another guest for wakeup legendary at 10am. Eastern go give Josh a follow let him know you saw him on Wake Up Legendary. It's @Joshonmarketing. Go give him a follow up and give him some love. We'll see you back here tomorrow. 10am Eastern

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