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Dave: What's going on my friends? This is Dave Sharpe, welcome to Wake Up Legendary returning guests this morning gentleman's name is Eric some of you may know who he is. We turn my AC down because I'm sure it's gonna get hot in here. All right so get a text message reminder every morning. Build this into your routine when we go live. We send a text message right out. This is my AC screen but it'll be landing here in my inbox here any moment. Look at that. Look at that. Just got it. Under the link right there. All we do every day is just setting you know five days a week is just setting that no other nonsense no other spam can text the letters WUL to (813)-296-8553. And build that into your routine. Build the show into your routine. And what I've said before is if you listen to you know what's being said and what's being talked about for a significant period of time. You will be a different person. You will be a different person and I think this morning's guest is a great example of that. Eric, welcome to the show my brother. 

Eric: Hey, what's going on, Dave? How are you doing this morning? 

Dave: Excellent, man. I'm a little I'm a little I'm a little groggy, you know, but that's why I do this show is so I can Wake Up Legendary you know it's you know, likely you know, when you're in this business, it doesn't matter all the days run together anyways. 

Eric: But today is a special day especially for everybody out there but you know I choose the beginning of the week. 

Dave: That's cool. Yeah, yeah. So catch everybody up to you know your background how you found us hate you know, what you were doing before this just give us a little nutshell snapshot of, you know, before we talk about how life has changed for you, and it has dramatically you're going to talk about that I know but give us a snapshot so people can see where you came from. Relate a bit to some of the pain right and let's not talk about all the glory without some of the you know, some of the some of that darkness you know what I mean and let people do that. Real quick, Eric. 

Eric: So, I started basically about a year ago, okay. And before that journey, I was in and out of prison. I've been to prison five times for five DUIs. My first DUI was in Arizona for the second one. They set me up, you know, their DUI camps. I'm not like some big car criminal or nothing, but I had a problem with addiction and drinking and I don't construct my entire life. And typically what comes with construction is financial problems, some kind of no drug or addiction problem, and, you know, definitely some kind of criminal history of some sort, typically, and so I read in that on that criteria. And so anyways, fast forward you know, I just kind of live this life of you know, working all the time in the mines, working construction, always being gone, but always had this addiction problem, and, you know, facing the roadblocks of letting my loved ones down. You know, I was a selfish individual who only cared about myself. I didn't look around me and take advantage of all the blessings and look at the small things and take you know, be grateful for the small things in life then. And you know, I get out of prison and make it to 2020 at this time. I have 13 months clean and sober. I'm in prison. I work out, you know, three heavy three, three fit, like 100 pounds five, seven, not you know, not ideal way but either way I get out super healthy. And that's what it's all about. And I had this objective in prison to better my life all around, you know from smoking, quit smoking to work out every day to you know finances doesn't matter I didn't have online, do something different I was always had in the back of my mind, no matter what I was probably gonna die. Seven years old still working construction because I had no retirement to this, you know, now bet then. If I were to die, honestly, there wouldn't be too many people that went to my funeral, and that’s God's honest truth. Today, you know, there's only been about a year. I could say that there's quite a bit of people that would show up at my funeral. And so with that being said, I have struggled since I got out of prison. I worked really hard. 60-80 hours a week, sometimes construction, and at the time I was doing flagging and now you know I'm scrolling Facebook one day and I think I came, I don't know. It wasn't Tyler. It was somebody's Facebook post in regards to Legendary Marketer. It's like, hey, check out this training. Like check out the training. I kind of watched the video and then I didn't buy it. I didn't I wasn't convinced I jumped on YouTube. I started researching. And yeah, it's been crazy. I searched YouTube and I found all these other people and I started playing with these ideas. So I searched YouTube for four months straight, sitting for five months straight and just trying to put the pieces together. I started figuring out things here and there, but for the most part, it was a struggle. And then I figured out that I'm a strong person. I've already overcome a lot in my life, and I don't need to invest any kind of money into that program. So anyways, I ended up investing $7 And from that point, like my life has catapulted to the next dimension while working a nine to five and no and the roadblocks I was struggling with was no time with family I was I was gone majority of my life, in prison, and pretty much you know, if I was gone, I was on the road. And so I have two kids. I'm married. And so with that being said, I didn't want to get out of prison and live that same destructive life going back into construction because I know where it gets me. I’d like to be one of the fellows. I’d like to go drinking after work. But I wanted something different. And so, you know, from that point forward, you know, I took advantage of the seven day or the 15 day training for seven bucks and, like, played around with it here and there. I didn't really apply myself, but I'll tell you what, since then, it's been about a year now. My life has actually changed but it's just crazy. You know, it's unbelievable when I tell people that they know the trolls out there online they don't believe it. You know they are constantly questioning you and your integrity and you know how transparent you are, but either way, it's all real and your life can literally change in the blink of an eye. It was one one video or one post or just one idea. 

Dave: Yeah, it's amazing how much I can relate to your story. You know, with addiction and and you know construction and it's it's interesting that hearing my initial story first in the sales video that you didn't just buy right, right that moment. I think that I don't. I don't know what you would attribute that to but either I mean, you said I think you said it you said you know maybe I didn't feel like either I was worthy of investing in myself or I felt like I could just do it on my own. But either way, it was interesting because, you know, we have such similar backgrounds, but yeah, it's it's really it's really it's really amazing. You know, with a record with a past addiction, with you know, coming from construction. I think that you've put you've punched holes in all of the typical objections that somebody has, you know, like I need to be tech savvy, I need to have degrees I need to be this you know, you know, clean slate citizen in order to be I mean, that the beautiful thing is is that that when we when we open up our closet and say you know what, here are my skeletons number one it takes away from being able to use those skeletons against you. And it sets you free to be able to talk with so much more confidence and conviction and that's what I see you doing. And the second thing is, people also have skeletons in their closet, we all do. So when you open up and you say hey, here are my skeletons in my closet and tell your story like you do. It's amazing how it becomes magnetic, isn't it? It's almost magnetic marketing.

Would you agree with that? At first, were you hesitant about being so honest with your past? Eric: Yeah, about magnetic marketing. It's 100% You know, even positive they attract and like it's just crazy how you could tell your story and just be authentic and people will gravitate to you because they've been through those roadblocks or travel tribulations in your life. And was it hard for me to come out with my story, right, again? Absolutely. Because I've dealt with so many people pre judging me throughout my life. You know, you know, I didn't typically care too much in society itself, but I was putting myself out there online and I was actually exposing myself in front of literally millions of people and telling my story, right, so I hadn't really, really focus on what I really wanted to tell at first, I didn't want to let all of the eggs out the basket because I don't want to scare people away. I will know, because there's still stuff I'm probably going to gradually bring out just to keep you guys entertained. Everything out because I would have a lot of followers today because they only see the bad and not good. They wouldn't see the hero's journey. Right? And so I think for a person that either been in the struggle in you know, in trouble or drinking or any kind of addiction it doesn't matter what it is we all have a story and we can resonate with so many people out there that can that we can talk to on a personable level without actually talking to that person and just by your storytelling.

Dave: 100% Yeah, yeah. It's interesting. You mentioned the hero's journey. And that's exactly what that's exactly for the most part. I mean, that's exactly what we've all been watching in sort of listening to our whole lives. If you think back to the childhood stories that you listened to, if you think of the movies that you watch, these people that are heroes to you, you know, think about your favorite thing about your favorite movie, think about your favorite character within that movie. Think about the sopranos, right? I mean, think about, you know, think about think about Scarface, Tony Montana, you know, think about think about you know, think about all just whatever your whatever you're somebody who comes to mind of a movie, maybe it was I mean, I like I like mob movies, I like mafia movies. So I mean, super entertained by those I just watched Lewinsky or I just watched another one on Amazon Prime the other night it was really good. It was about the original founders of the American crime syndicate and just you know, I have no criminal history that's even remotely close to what, you know, a lot of these mobsters have done, but there's a human side to them as well. You know, there's a human side to them. And most of what we do is simply just survival skills. You know, it's just surviving or it's all we knew it was what was modeled for us when we were growing up, and we weren't exposed to a different better way. We didn't have role models, whatever the case may be. But the beautiful thing about the hero's journey in learning how to tell your story, I like to say what it was like, What happened and what it's like now. And that was the way that I was taught originally, not even in business just in recovery programs and stuff like that, about how to tell my story, what it was like what happened and what it's like now and if you dig into some of these, the plots of of movies that we've been watching for years, it's all the same kind of script. It's that the the hero was originally a loser, you know, or was originally just an average guy or girl was somebody who was looked down on was somebody who was made fun of right, and then and then discovered a superpower or found a guide or had a mission, right came up against some sort of big hurdle they had to overcome. And then they tried and failed, right at first but then they found some sort of a guide or some sort of a mentor or some sort of, you know, some sort of a secret Right? Or, or realize they had a secret power or something. And then all of a sudden they went and saved the world or whatever it is, it's always the same like if you look at the all the, you know the Marvel movies, all of these different Disney movies, they're all kind of the same plot. And yeah, Rockies, a great movie that somebody mentioned in the comments.

So a lot of us are hesitant to tell our story, but the truth is, is that a there's two choices a you don't have to tell your story and you don't have to go into being so transparent about things in the past you can still be successful even if you choose not to do that, but to if you do choose to do that. Then embracing your realness and embracing the fact that you have a mess. A mess either we are overcoming or overcame it is one of the most inspirational things for people to listen to, in our in our in have now gone from the big screen into real life and you actually become sort of like a movie star on TikTok or Instagram. People look up to you, because they're sitting there watching your videos the same way that they've sat and watched movies on the TV screen. Have you been surprised by the reaction that you are now getting from people when you acknowledge them or comment back almost as if they have you now on a pedestal, and you know that you're just an average guy, but are you amazed what I'm trying to communicate to our listeners is the power that anyone has at their fingertips to become an influencer by simply just creating content?

Eric: Absolutely. So let me kind of back up a little bit and be ousted from this business if you have a criminal history or a backstory like mine, because everything else story you could be the frontline worker, right? You're a traveling nurse. I just started working with a traveling nurse. She's, you know, making 4k a week but she's gone all the time. Right? She has no time and family. She's constantly working and true to my ministry. mandates I guess you could say to keep it less political or the jab, right anyways in those 1000’s of people out there that are experiencing the same thing. There's millions of nurses out there that are experiencing the same thing. So if you look at your journey up to that point, okay, you started out in grade school you were doing well you done sports, you had a falling out here and there you got your job in this and you jumped into the medical industry and the for the next 25 years. That's your story. Your story is being in the middle of industry for 25 years and having these roadblocks waking up early, sitting in traffic not being written close to family. All of these things, whatever a struggle a nurse would go through. You can relate that so just to cover just to clear that up. You don't have to have a criminal history to tell your story. You can be a hero in anybody's eyes. And to answer your second question. Um, yes, I do respond. And when I first thought I would respond to every message but as time goes on, you started getting gravity on Tik Tok. You'll literally get 1000s of messages a day hundreds if not 1000s a day, especially for video. goes viral. And when you do respond back, you typically when you see the message, it's like, Hey, Eric, I've been watching for a long period of time I see your story from the beginning. You went from a trailer to building an office yada yada yada. And I don't know if you're gonna respond back to this message or not, but I just wanna let you know that you're you're inspiring me blah, blah, blah. I probably should have just screenshot a whole bunch of these things. But yeah. I'm back to the benchmark. Right? Yeah, it does put you on that pedestal. And what happens at that point being that I took on the role of role of being a mentor and a coach. I found that I I take it personal when I see people and I see their story, and I really want I see success in everybody. Right? I see success in every person because everybody has a story. Right? And so you know, there's two ways you can look at this the way I teach or the way I the way I like learned, right from like, you know, the story and then AA, is you don't want to sell anything, anybody. All you're doing is helping people who have come boundaries and roadblocks in their life, right? If they're tired to go in that nine to five, right? Show them another way, show them a solution to their problem, right or you can be the salesy type or you know, there's different types of ways you can go about this but feel more comfortable so you don't feel like what is that an imposter? Tell your story, right? You don't have to say I made $10,000 a month. I'm blind this month. And when you actually didn't write then you start feeling guilty about what you're saying. Tell your story from the heart telling you people will resonate with you and you will catch fire. I started this tick tock six months ago, and I have 100,000 followers. Then we'll get into that but either way, tell your story, guys and everybody has. 

Dave: Yeah, speaking of your TikTok you guys can check him out at passive income Eric, and what has been something that you know now about creating content because I mean, really it all starts with with with with running ads, and whether you're running those ads and you're paying for them or whether you're posting videos in their organic in you're putting in the sweat equity versus, you know, paying to get them boosted in put in front of people. Either way, it's

an advertisement. Let's not get it twisted. I mean, either way, it's an advertisement, and they're both fine. They're both fine at a certain point. You can do only you can do only free only paid or you can do both. As a matter of fact, we're running ads right now on tick tock. We're running ads on Google. I mean, we're we're you know we do Facebook advertising, and we do this show which is free every day in which we you know, we put out on podcast and on our blog. So I mean, yes, many of our affiliates, many of our many of our students over the past couple of years have gravitated towards TikTok. Matt just sent me a snapshot of a gentleman that's a member of our community. Because you can make videos like this, I'm sure you have tons of these as well but I just thought I wanted to give this guy a shout out here real quick, because he did this as such I wanted to just show the power of TikTok look at this. He's if you're watching and you're in the community. Major shout out to Jay McMullen, I'm sure you can relate to this Eric. But he put up a video within, you know, 24 hours, actually. Let's see. So it's been up there for a couple of days. It's the second today of January 3 Okay, so this has been up for three ish days. And it's at 1.1 million views, right. And he's talking about firearm companies that have affiliate programs that will pay you to promote them and never said a single word. Okay, and just put up a cool song in the background and sat there and nodded his head. Right, and has 1.1 million views on this video. You know, you talked about building a channel here and we've got your channel up on the screen here for months building up over 100,000 followers. I have never seen anything like this in my life. The opportunity that we have in front of us now. And there have been people erroneously saying that over the past couple of months I've said oh TikTok is saturated. It's unbelievable and it's only gonna get bigger and better. I have never been anything like this. People wake up, telling you. It's unbelievable what's possible. Or tell us a little bit about your experience with creating content in TikTok in just how absolutely unbelievable this opportunity to go from swinging a hammer to throwing up a 15 second video and having sales coming in. You know around the clock while you're sleeping you don't have to leave your house. I mean, it's just it's unlike anything that I've ever seen before. 

Eric: Yeah, for sure. And to go back to the mat respect to that guy in his video. Probably fairly new. I'm not sure he probably barely knows. And that one video is just like I bet you on that. One video he probably accumulated three to $5,000 in commissions give or take on That's right. That me free? Yeah, I'm not sure but that's how it set me free. In my video when I told my story, I'm not sure if you want to play it.  That's like one of my very videos really hit 2 million views. And literally that's what kind of catapulted my life. And now when you're telling your story, I don't need to tell your story every time right.

Dave: Okay, this guy, his first video that he posted was on December 17. So within roughly about 10 days, his life completely changed. And you can see at the very beginning he wasn't posting videos with his face. And then he probably said you know what, screw it. Right. I'm gonna put myself out there. I'm gonna put my face out there. And then within a couple of days, okay, he's got a video that's got 1.1 million views and took his account to 32,000 followers. Now you're the one that you were talking about was?

Eric: I built 60 to 60,000 followers in less than 30 days when I first started based off of one video. You don't have to tell your story every video and the way I help and we do my own videos is I go through it every morning. Here's my schedule. The night before I get six main things that I need to get done for the day. And then the next morning I'll start out my day. I wake up at 4am and at 4:30 I hit the gym around 5:30, I go do my workout. I come home and I scroll TikTok for about 15 minutes. And all I'm doing is I have another phone that I'm actually going through TikTok. I'm trying to find something that's trending okay by here the same, say trending like three or four pins. And I look at those people's accounts and notice they have a lot of followers. They're onto something right so I'll take my other phone and I'll actually save that song on the phone that I usually do my kick rocks on and record the whole video. Now it doesn't have to be in my niche. This could be something completely different.  I get content and examples from other niches because they're all original pretty much like I don't look. I don't look at anybody that makes money online, typically. I don't really look because that's what everybody else is doing. I try to separate myself and be different and unique so 15 minutes in the morning I'll scroll TikTok. That's all I give myself. I'll gather as many videos as I possibly can. 

Dave: Okay 15 minutes, that's all he gives himself. That's it. 15 minutes.

Eric: That's what ideas I have for breakfast I visit with my wife. I don't even check my Legendary Marketer account to see if I can make any sales for the day. Or set myself up mentally as a downfall in morning so I make no sales during the night and that's on my mind all day. And then in 45 minutes, I'll get my in office then I play through an email that I've spent 45 minutes building. That's it. 45 minutes, no matter how many I get done, edited, completely done. That should be three or four for the day. And then that's not including the Sunday when I do that. My first task. I batch out content, I still got 20 videos in there from quite a week ago and just kind of go through and pick the top one or I'll make another one inspiring. And then I'll say so the next day I'll spend about 40 minutes or 35 minutes on each task. So a task in the morning can be like okay, write emails or you know, do ad copy something like that. 45 minutes, 30 minutes, don't take a five minute break. My mind is your mind's muscle, right? And as you work your muscle, your brain you burn calories, just like a muscle when you go to the gym, right? So if you sit down and you sit there and focus for four hours straight on one object, within 45 minutes you're focusing on TikTok over here, you got Instagram over here. It's not going correctly for you. So we're at the beginning training your muscles and your brain to work at 25 minute increments. Take a five minute break, you form you for tasks, and then you take a 30 minute break. So my cast would be a tick tock hour and count one of my tasks that's just morning scrolling 40 minutes or like email writing and then I do maybe 30 minutes or 40 minutes of Facebook group engagement, you know, responding to DMS stuff like that, 45 minutes that's all I give myself and I jumped to something else. Maybe like engaging in my Facebook group you know, no matter what it is, but I've set myself up the schedule, usually four to 6 tasks a day and I find that my business has a little bit each done each single day, not nothing done in one single day. So for a person that's beginning, and they're overwhelmed on a plan on what to do each day, prioritize yourself, what's what's priority for the next for the next day, six things and then whatever you don't get done on that, then that day, you follow it over to the next day. That's priority number one for the next day. Just keep going and then you'll get stronger. When I go to the gym, I don't go there to train my muscles. I go there and I train my brain. Right, it's a mental thing it puts them right when you fall for it when you fall, don't fall backwards, fall forward, right reach out to a community, reach out to a Legendary Marketer when you're feeling down. Come on the show. When you're feeling down. Jump only TikTok . I'm full of energy. Can you tell? Okay, now when I find my content, I grab my videos. I keep them stored here for memory. So I'm not writing these down. Then if I want to come to my office and write my own scripts, according to that video, then I'll do it. When it comes to treatment because of that person's bit like in their profile, I'll use tick tock sort or for software TikTok. It's an app that you can actually sort people's valuable videos to the top. Utilize you know, you can see you can see somebody's most popular videos are on there. Alright. And for there's three main components of a TikTok video, right? You have your hook, which is the most important thing. The second thing you're gonna have, you're gonna have your hook your body which is telling the story because your hooks got to hook the person then your body's got to keep their pizza the person's attention through that short term content short form content, tick tock Instagram reels, YouTube shorts doesn't matter. Watch time is what they really want to focus on because TikTok is a platform for people to engage on as far as like the usual experience right? People aren't getting on TikTok to learn how to make money online. I promise you they're getting on TikTok No. To scroll, to laugh, to stitch right after full names. So with that being said, let's make your content extraordinary. So when people get that watch time you actually plant seeds in this cold market, you plant seeds, warm them up for your content that sprouts and then they become a raving fan after that point. So basically, hook, body, and call to action now your call to action at the end if you'd like to click on a link for you guys are under 1000 followers, I recommend building your following first. Build that trust like not authenticity, and that trend. Right utilizing only the trending sounds on your personal account. Don't jump to business. I tried it. I had several accounts that grew very slowly. But either way jump on your personal account, talk about your story, talk about what you're trying to do. And every time you learn something if you guys learned something on this, on this live show today, I want you to go and build a TikTok about what you've learned, like you are teaching somebody else, what that's going to do for a new person. Everybody starts out here, right and the people that you talk to maybe a couple chapters below you, right and so when you start putting out information like okay, this is how you connect your autoresponder and your AWeber or air drops and I've learned this today. You know, the most important parts of a video is your hook, your body and your call to action. So if you made a TikTok about that, now you're looking like an authority figure in your space with people that are like minded people that are a couple chapters below you the people that a couple chatting while you might just pass by your video, they might just get left but the ones that are below you know your community so every time you people are are not at your level yet they haven't gotten started right 100% And so when you do this, you start pivoting to position yourself as an authority figure in your space. Now you don't have to talk about your finances, how much you make you just talk about being transparent building value, and then you walk into your office each day not feeling like a counterfeit, but actually you know what, I'm going to help somebody today I'm going to help them overcome their goals and overcome they're waking up super early. I'm going to help them, you know, stop, you know, leaving their family six months of time to go work. I'm going to help with their financial freedom. I'm going to help with their roadblocks, right if you think like that and worry and focus about the first commission, right, essentially take that equation and just worry about helping somebody change their situation for the better. I promise you it will get better for you. They will. 

Dave: Yeah, it did for me. One major thing I want to point out on the highlight that you said was that the when we're starting out we're afraid to talk about our small our small wins, you know, like like maybe maybe I'm gonna I'm gonna go into the make money online niche which by the way, you can go into not the only niche you go into can go into any niche that you want. We just happen to have a lot of people that go into the make money online niche because it's it's kind of what they saw and that they you know, it's it's, it's something that is profitable and it's something that is fairly easy to talk about because everybody wants to everybody wants to you know, make more money and have more freedom right so it's it's a it's a fairly easy topic to talk about. So a lot of people get started and then they haven't made any money and they feel like as you said they feel fraudulent they feel like an imposter. You said counterfeit. Right? They feel they feel fake, right, because they think that they need big results to be able to inspire somebody. And so they're what they do is they take no action because they feel like they're stuck between a rock and a hard place but what you said was talk about using matter how impactful you think it's going to be because the majority of people on TikTok haven't even gotten started yet. They're not trying to get business information. They're there trying to escape their reality. They're on there scrolling, trying to make time go by at their job. They're there, they're on there because you know, they're at dinner with their family. And, you know, you see it all the time. It's a challenge not to be on your phone when you're sitting at it with your friends and family. You know what I mean? Because it's like reality can be hard. This is not reality. What this is, this is virtual reality. Right? It's not real reality. It's not what's happening in front of our face, which oftentimes can be hard and boring, right? Not enough money. The reality of most people's lives is that there are no more months at the end of the money, not their money at the end of the month. Right? So they can hear somebody who is speaking not like an expert, like a real, everyday common person who says, you know, hey, look, I just started a business. I generated five leads today. Want to see how I did it? Click the link in my bio. I'll show you how I'm doing it. We don't always have to talk about $5,000 per day. We don't always have to talk about making tons of money. A lot of times we can talk about small wins and things that we learned. We can talk about how I built a funnel today. In 30 minutes. Let me show you how right sometimes we can talk about those things if they're just as powerful or more powerful than then these big numbers that people might even be skeptical about like, oh, believe you, right? It's pretty easy to believe that somebody generated five leads in a day. It's not always easy to believe that somebody made the day because when you start talking about those things that they've never even done, it becomes this sort of this this big, almost like too good to be true. Right? And so you go back to that learn, do teach concept and that in that you preach, you teach, you talk about and you've done. Talk just briefly about that point in your own words and reiterate for people one more time that the majority of people on TikTok aren’t business experts, who would love to transform and change their life. They're there for some entertainment. And if you have the right hook, and you're authentic enough in your entertainment, you mix entertainment with your education, edutainment, then it doesn't matter if you're in your first week like BJ who we just saw, has a video with 1.1 million views within 10 days. We just have to be able to find the courage to be able to put the camera up in front of your face and get started. Would you agree with that? 

Eric: Yeah 100% When I in my talks I help people that are camera shy to not necessarily look at the camera but actually have another person there have the camera off to the side if you're trying to talk about your story. That's what you want to do. And the process is duplicatable. Your story is duplicatable, right? You know it's just the type of marketing you can actually teach somebody else so if you get comfortable on camera, you don't have to, you don't have to show your face in this business. And if you're not in the know the Make Money niche you don't have to basically if you if you're in the money, make money niche, you don't have to go and flash money. You just got to tell your story and be authentic. And so as you're making these videos and you're coming to the point where hey, I need to you know, show my face on camera, I'm ready to break through this plateau. You can start stacking up drafts and US practicing even having a conversation with Aunt Louise, you know, talking to her, Hey, this is the fastest way to make $5,000 This way together and three easy steps and you can be looking at the camera number step number one you could take the camera out of the equation. Take the phone now you could be doing it like an educational thing just showing or just educating on the screen or computer right? So there's so many ways to do it. Don't let that stop you and if you're in the health niche.

If you haven't made any money in that niche, just talk about what that product or service or whatever it is, what kind of roadblock it can help for somebody's psychology right some people have like collagen in their skin some kind of problem. There's their calling. And so if you take this product, you know you can actually help with it. So say admin, I've been having problems with my collagen for 15 years. As soon as I started taking this simple product, I noticed a big dramatic change in my life. If you want more information, just go ahead and comment. Because what happens is rather than sending people your link every time you want to build your tic toc by likes, comments, views, shares, all that stuff. You can hit those rounds that's like a recipe for virality and the way it works is your video is going to go out to your followers first and what's whatever they're out for further out. From what I've noticed. There's no set stone on how this algorithm works. It's designed because it's an algorithm to keep us on our toes. And it changes all the time by itself either way. And so but I've noticed is the watch time, your hook your body and your call to action. And so it is, you don't have to be in the money making niche, you can be in any niche. Just talk about how you can overcome some of these roadblocks with your product or service and also talk about your failures and not just your wins because we are human. We are connecting with individuals that are on TikTok that are human. They're people with feelings. I mean, so if we can connect with those people and show our wins and our losses, they can be more relatable, right? But then at the end of that loss, it's not really a loss, it's just kind of like a stumble, show them how you fell forward and you became that authority right? Rather than falling backwards and giving up you fell forward and dove deeper. Hey, I'm telling you what. I'm all about giving free value at any point anytime. And I got some stuff going on for this year. It's gonna be astronomical. 

Dave: Sweet brother. Well, listen, man. It's inspiring. And it's a wonderful story that I love to hear. Thanks for coming back on the show for Is this your second or third time on? Okay, that you guys know I started in a trailer. The first show I was in was in a five by five space. I had a wooden desk and this came from the thrift store. My computer from 2014 was a hand me down and my webcam came from the same bookstore I got my desktop and then that was in like the bedroom of the trailer. It's nice but me and my wife shared a room and so for 11 months for like yeah, for a lot of months I struggled in there and then actually built this place. It's actually a tiny home for workers. So we got this thing completely gutted. If you guys know my story, I ended up building this out, trim it out. The only thing we haven't done, it's like on a vision board right here. educational stuff here. And then one thing I haven't done as a trim yet on my windows because that train is right here. It's snowing outside.

Dave: Where do you live?

Eric: I live in Libby, Montana. Really? Libby Montana? Yeah. 2500 people there's nothing here. Wow. To go to Walmart in an hour and 45 minutes like when I got my logic Okay, I got my braces this year for my knee surgery. My wife retired so she could homeschool my son. My grill has been fucked up for a long time speak my language but looks like I've been chewing on rocks and shit right and so I've been having this complex my whole life and you get on camera and TikTok with a grill that looks like this. It's been difficult, right? As soon as I make some good money, I'm gonna get braces. I manifested everything through a vision board. Me my wife, and this is our second vision board. You mean that there's a $2 million home on that one. But either way I've never missed braces or knee surgery. Don’t fucking give up. Don't push for it might happen sooner, might happen later but it's good. Yeah, that happens. You put them on Alright, I'll let me go now. I'm done talking. I'm fired up for today, man. It’s a great day.

Dave: This is a great day. You remind me of me when I got started, man. I mean, just you know, just grinding you know? Just driving and driving and old Ruskin. The other day, it just looked so small. You know what I mean? Like it's it's just, it didn't take, it didn't take 10 years. I've been doing this for over 10 years but life started to change dramatically within a couple of years. Within 24 months, I was in a neighborhood where, you know, people were looking at me saying this young kid must be a drug dealer or something. Right? Because, you know, he never leaves his house and you know, there's no way you know, he can afford to live here but yeah, it's it's it was about 24 months and my life dramatically changed. I was in a completely different neighborhood, driving a Range Rover. You know, it was 2010 ish and I went and I bought a used Range Rover for like 13 or 14 grand. So here I am driving my dream car, you know, and I'm renting my dream house. You know what I mean? That was even before I actually owned the house. By now I own almost 10 homes, you know, many of them are rentals, but it's amazing, man. I mean, you were just talking about working on the wood desk and working on the laptop that you got from the thrift store. I mean, those are all things that I did. I worked on dressers, I have had a dresser that was a desk. And the truth is that nowadays I don't really need anything that's special. I've gone up the production line of having all this fancy video equipment and shit. And now I just use the webcam on my computer because I've realized after 10 years that, you know, nobody cares about the production value. They just care about the quality of the content, the realness of you who's delivering the content. They don't need you to be perfect, they want you to be perfect. They just want you to be real, and that's definitely what you are my brother so I'm looking forward to round three in the very near future so be Legendary. Stay Legendary my brother, okay, and if anything else you can just just just hit me up, hit us up and we'll get it to you but keep up the good work, man. Keep doing it. 

Eric: Thank you very much. You guys have a blessed day, everybody out there. 

Dave: Alright, my friends give Eric a follow up passive income Eric and, you know, the very least at the very minimum. You know, lift him up and support his journey. And that's what we do. In this community we support each other. We lift people up through commenting on their stuff through liking their stuff or sending them good energy, you know, through sending them a DM and saying hey, appreciate all your nuggets in so forth. You know what I mean? Just what I'm saying. it's not just about taking it's also about giving and lifting each other up, no matter who you are or where you're at in the journey. If you're brand new, you can still lift me up, right? I appreciate every time that somebody sends a like or you know drops a comment or comes on in tunes into the show because it keeps me moving forward. Right. It lets me know that my work matters. And so that's how we support each other. So make sure that you support Eric as well to be supported by Eric and we'll see you tomorrow for another episode. Get out of here. Peace.