Below is the transcription for this episode:

Matt: Hey, everybody, welcome to Wednesday, what is today, Wednesday, December 8, we're live. And we've got another awesome guests. I just got back this last week from our mastermind in Florida, which was awesome, fun time, smoked a few cigars, let me turn my phone off here. And just got to hang out with people. And it was a very fun time. And yeah, so as typical if you're newer to our community, or excuse me, first time when we say we go live every Monday through Friday, at 10am, Eastern rain or shine. You know, sometimes if it's like a huge national holiday, maybe we'll pre record an episode. But these generally are not pre recorded. We're here live, I can see all the comments. And yeah, there's a lot of companies in this industry, companies just in general, who create products and don't feel good about them, or maybe don't love them, and would never get on a call like this with their clients. In fact, they would run the opposite direction, and try to avoid this at all costs. But we've got really great clients and people in our community. And so I'm going to welcome Melissa. And if all of you all can give us a little wave and say hi to Melissa moments, that would be awesome, Melissa, how's it going?

Melissa: What's happening? I am just really excited to be here. So thank you so much for inviting me. 

Matt: Cool, awesome. So bring us into your world a little bit. Bring us into your seems like you've got just a lot going on between like, being a mom trying to do this building out your social media, all that kind of stuff, and your almost 3000 followers congrats on that. And you're working and grinding. And so tell us a little bit about, you know, you're just bringing us into like your past work and kind of what that's been like you're a mom, and then you've got just lots of different stuff. Tell us a little bit about that?

Melissa: Well, you're absolutely correct, I do have a lot going on. But I've always had this dream of having an online or having my own business. And for whatever reason, I have always liked to talk myself out of it or found an excuse to like, not like, go forward with it. So, you know, I have spent the past 20 years working in corporate America. And, yeah, and, you know, I've just got to the point where I, I think I use this word, I saw it somewhere and it couldn't work. I kind of within the past few years have had what I call like a pandemic epiphany, there is just way more to life. Then working all the time, I spent my entire career working for someone else giving them 100%. And then, you know, based on you know, whatever their, you know, thoughts or opinions are, I might get a two or 3%, you know, increase every year. But yet, in most cases, you know, you're taking on more and more work. So you start to become really dissatisfied with what you're doing. And before this, you know, you kind of feel like you know, well, I have a family, you know, I need to work, this is what I have to do. But I think we're all starting to come to the realization there are so many opportunities outside of working in corporate America. And honestly, like just the past two years have really opened my eyes to that. And so, you know, my husband and I have been doing some other things on the side to make some additional income. And we have some rental properties. And that became a nightmare during COVID to try to manage and it just got to the point where it was becoming too high maintenance. So we said you know what, let me sell these. And then I'm going to find an opportunity to invest in something and really have something that I can do in my spare time. That's not going to monopolize my time because spending time with my family is the number one priority. And so I, my husband, who has no social media whatsoever, somebody sent him a video this summer, and he ended up downloading this tic tock app. And then he sent me a video and I'm like, did you just send me a TikTok Like video? Like, are you there? And he's like, there's like some really interesting things on there. And I'm like, that's just for, like, kids that are like dancing and stuff. And so, long story short, I got sucked into it. And then he sent me one of these videos of someone that was promoting the 15 day challenge. And I was intrigued by it, but didn't do anything about it. Like a lot of people. interested, you know, I watched the video, and I think I even said to my head, I was like, Does this seem too good to be true? You know, because if this is true, why aren't more people doing this? So I sat back, you know, and I watched a couple people on, on TikTok, and like, kind of watching their journey. And I started seeing that they were having success, and it kind of started getting me more and more intrigued. So I decided, you know, my husband, he's like, Have you signed up for that? 15 Day Challenge? Oh, you know, he's like, Listen, $7 Like, what are you doing? Like, check it out, like, you know, not even two lattes, like, so. I did it. And then as soon as I started, I was just like, oh, my gosh, like, Why did I not do this sooner, because I could immediately see, like, the light bulb just went off, it was like, Okay, I totally understand how this works. It wasn't what I thought it was. And I just started getting really excited about it. And I never got to that moment, like, with every other opportunity that I have tried, you know, or thought about doing, I have ways, like something like that is just like, holding me back from like, moving forward. And, you know, kind of what I learned. And that challenge is, you know, a lot of that is those self limiting beliefs that I'm putting on myself, like, I'm holding myself back. And so basically, you know, once I realized that, and as I was going through this challenge, like, I knew that this can be successful. And I knew, like, I, I just had this gut instinct, that this was it, that this was an awesome opportunity. And I would be crazy not not to try this. Because there aren't a lot of opportunities to own your own business, where, you know, like, the investment is fractional, you know, compared to, you know, when we're buying rental properties, we're spending, you know, quite a bit of money on that, to be able to invest in something, not have any overhead, and you just don't get a lot of opportunities like that. And so, I took a leap of faith, and here I am, and I am blown away by the results that I've seen in such a short period of time.

Matt: Cool. Wow, that's really cool. And I feel like you're Yeah, one of the one of the powerful things. One of the powerful things about this particular moment in time, geez, there's a lot there to unpack. Yeah, actually wanted to hit on your new limiting beliefs thing. So at some point down the road, are you planning to attend one of our masterminds?

Melissa: I am and I was so disappointed, because

Matt: Because I saw that you purchased our masterminds? That's why I was asking.

Melissa: I did, I did. And soon as, like, I saw, like, I was like, Please don't be like the weekend of December. It's like the only weekend I have something going on. And I was like, oh, so I had bought like, a year and a half ago tickets to take my children on, like the Polar Express and gotten canceled last year. And so it was a rescheduled thing. And it's kind of like they're six and eight. So if we don't do it now, like, we're gonna miss the window. So we did that. And, you know, I hated to miss it. But I don't know how often you do it, but I am praying for the next one.

We do and like, we'll do him every, I don't know, four to six months, so there's plenty of opportunities. 

Matt: Cool. That'll be awesome. I usually go to those and so yeah, I just wanted to say though, on the on the limiting beliefs thing, it's such a cool it's such a cool thing that you said that because we just we did so much work around limiting beliefs at this last mastermind and people were really opened up Yeah, we talked about marketing. Yes, we talked about how to grow on Instagram. But we had after day one where we really unpacked a lot of limiting beliefs. We did some. We did some board shopping. So people wrote their number one limiting belief on a board on like, a piece of wood and, you know, chopped through it. And, and got to take that board home and look at it and say, you know, like, these limiting beliefs can be defeated or can be pushed away. And that's cool. Because also, I mean, it's vulnerable to try something like this, you know, especially, I spoke with a few people who have done 25 years at FedEx, there was a guy 25 years at FedEx, who, who came to this mastermind, and it's just, it's a, it's a hard, vulnerable thing. Sometimes it's a little overwhelming to go online, and try something like this after having been an employee for so long.

Melissa: Oh, absolutely. So I, prior to this, I had, I have social media, I have like private accounts, but I am such a generic poster, I don't put it you can't tell anything. Other than I love my kids, you know, they're, they're in sports, they're doing this, like it's very generic. And when I kind of started doing this, and I was like, Oh my gosh, like, if I really want to do this, I'm probably going to have to use TikTok, because that is just such a huge platform right now. And that thought was terrifying. And this is absolutely true. But I was like, like, so my husband, you know, he's very supportive and very encouraging. I was like, hey, I'll do like all that, like, I'll do all the training and like, I'll tell you, and then you do the videos, because like, you're just like, way more like charismatic, you know, you're good looking like, people are just gonna, like, love you more than they're gonna love me. And he's like, You can do this. And so I was like, I really stalled on it. Because I was at a point where I had everything done. And like, I just needed to do that. Yeah. And I did, and it was cringy. And just like, then, like, the more you do it, and like, you can probably see a difference, like from my first set of videos. So I went live, posted the first one on October 7, like, you can just see, like, like, I'm much more natural and coming across, like much more, you know, authentic, and I'm much more relaxed, you know, because I wasn't even a person. Like, I don't like take selfies, I don't think videos of myself, like I'm, I'm not really that, err, you know, I'm just slightly older than a millennial, so I didn't grow up doing that kind of stuff. So it's very unnatural. Yeah. And then I was like, why are people like, there's so many people doing this? Like, why? You know, it's kind of like it still having some of those, like, why would people choose to follow me, you know, what's different about my story, and I think the fact is, is what makes me kind of stand out is, I'm like, a lot of people out there, you know, I am, you know, working in corporate America, not getting out of it, you know, what I'm putting into it. And being busy, and I think we've learned the past few years, you know, having the opportunities to spend more time with your family, like, I want that, like I don't want to be chained to a desk, you know, eight to five, you know, and not having a say so and how I'm, you know, spending my time. You know, and, and, you know, a lot of people think, you know, I've talked to people, you know, in conversations, and I think some people are thinking, Oh, okay, I'll do this, and it's just gonna be like, easy money just like coming to me. Well, it is you do have to put in work, like you're going to get out of it, what you put into it. And I'm willing to do that work on my own terms, and on my own timeline. You know, for me, I do most of this. You know, when my kids are either at school or after they go to bed, you send out an email about challenging us to go live. And once I hit that 1000 And it said that I can feel it. I was like, Oh, I am not going to live like there's no way I'm going to do that. I just think it would be like a rambling hot mess. But I did it. And then like I was like, Oh, this isn't so bad. And like, oh my gosh, people are actually watching

that wild.

Yeah. So but I'll do that, you know, after they're in bed and, um, you know, I will find the time to make it work.

Matt: Yeah. Oh, man. I am glad that you sort of experimented with that because I will say that there's sort of this final it's like a final frontier or something. of building or taking some form of an audience and converting them. And it's how you pre frame and it's how you buy pre-framing. I mean, it's how you take your audience, people who are looking and how you condition them before they see any form of offer. And so you're almost 3000 followers with sales trickling in and, and the lives are a really great way to build that long term asset meaning lists that you know you like you trust to. And I just think, you know, at least in my experience, people with smaller lists who have done that type of work, can can basically I've seen people I've seen this happen, where people sell to that list, any product they want for the next 10 years, and they just purchase because they feel like they know you like and that sounds weird in and of itself, because it's like, Who are these strangers? But there's, there's some real truth to it. I know this. She's in our community, her name's Andrea. And I've known her for 10 years. And back in the day, they would do these like product launches, where affiliate marketers would compete to see who could do the most sales for this new product. Let's say it's a product that teaches Google ads or something, and she would chew it out to sell people with lists that were 10, 20, 30 times her huge email lists huge followings. But it's because she did things like that, where she would actually just go live and just, it was like an investment, sort of like you reap what you sow kind of deal. I'm curious. There's a really good question here. From al Mira, who asked, Can I ask what your content for your first live was? 

Melissa: That's a good question. So I just try to keep it really real. I basically came on here and said, Hey, I'm new to this. Just try this, I didn't even know like on the first live, like how to end it really awkward there at the end. But I just kind of was like, this free, like, still, I, you know, I just kind of started talking about, you know, why I was doing it, I don't have a script, I don't have anything planned, I just start talking about things like what I'm doing now is I'm more like, so I you know, I follow a couple people on TikTok, like, just different strategies on like, what works and like one of them was talking about how to present like, information or trending information from your niche. So I did like seven trends that are, you know, anticipated for 2022. So I would do a couple of those videos, and then I would like to live, I would just talk in more detail, because I do know, I taught, I taught there too long. And I'm trying to learn how to condense them down to a shorter, you know, more like less than 30 seconds, less than 15 seconds. And then using the live to really expand on those. And so what I'm my plan is to like making those instead of like, just randomly popping online, making those more of a schedule with like, you know, with an actual topic. So and, you know, and then like, kind of maybe getting into trying to find, like the right time, you know, that works for like my audience. And so that's kind of it's, it's honestly, like, it's an experiment, you know, same with the videos and posting content, you know, I'm still in the new stage, I'm trying to figure out what's working what's not, you know, what are people connecting with and responding to? And, you know, I think that thing is to, like, I thought I'd take it really personally, like, if people were like, you know, just maybe a knee like, oh, you know, like, but I feel like, and this has just been my experience, but I feel like Overall, like I was really nervous about putting myself out there on social media, because it it makes you like you said vulnerable and it kind of opens the door for like, you know, criticism or like, you know, things that you know, I don't you know, unkind comments and but I will say in my experience, like it has been really a very positive experience and I haven't really had it today I haven't had any really negative responses. Some of the lies you can tell like people are pretty comments to try to like, distract you. And once you kind of get past that and just learn to Ignore it. You know, that's, that's the only thing that's come across. So it's been really positive. And I think the biggest thing for me is that just doing this, I think corporate America kind of diminished my self confidence a little bit, because of just everything going on, you know, I came into corporate America, I was academically very successful. And, you know, I went, you know, to college, like on a full scholarship. So I, you know, got that degree, went into corporate America, and just expected success, because that's, I thought, you know, oh, if I work hard, and I do this, and I stand out, you know, like, things are just going to fall in my lap. Well, it didn't work that way. And, you know, you learned some really tough lessons. And, you know, just some of the companies that I worked for, were very toxic. And I have found, just taking the step and believing in myself to do this, it has been so empowering. And it has given me just in this short period of time, a huge boost in my self confidence. And that alone, you can't put a value on that. And as a result, like other aspects of my life, or being positively impacted because of that, that for me right now is one of the biggest things that I have gotten from this whole experience. And just, it's really empowering to see results, you know, and I don't know if this means anything, but when you when I went live and tick tock put, you know, rising star, I think, don't tell me like everyone has that. But I'm just like, oh my gosh, like they think they think I'm going to become something. So it's, it's really, it's really been very empowering. So I have really enjoyed it. And

you know, I wish more people that are kind of on the fence will just take that chance on themselves.

Matt: Yeah, totally, totally, totally. I feel like, man, there's so much good stuff there. And I feel like there's something so empowering about everything that you just said, I was just going to try to wrap it up. But I was going to try to summarize it, but there's just not. That's really cool. And I've seen that so many times that I know that that's true. And it's not just like BS, because there is something real that gets lost in sort of the corporate and even just in general, sometimes jobs when people work them for a long time. And it's sort of like, okay, here we go. Again, I've lost a little bit of my self esteem or a little bit of my confidence or something. That's cool that you're regaining that. And I also wanted to just, I also wanted to just share this real quick, if this is cool, I don't know if you'll be able to see this. But can you kind of see this drawing? 

Melissa: Yes. 

Matt: Okay, so I want to just say in terms of your live, I've given this idea to people before, and it's been really helpful. So basically, I don't know how to erase that now. But to create a new one, on the on in terms of the lives and stuff, right, like, there's certain times throughout the day where you might be able to go live. So let's maybe say like, I mean, I know you've got a job. So we'll just give this with a grain of salt, but maybe it's early morning, maybe it's maybe it's noon, over a lunch break, or something for 30 minutes, or maybe it's at night, but you can try and trial each of these times, right. And basically, what you want to do is just measure how many viewers you get in total. So like, let's say we get 100 here, 400 here and, and 800 here, I'm just making this up but and you can test over the course of like a week or two. And really, if you track this in a spreadsheet or something or even just on paper, you can start to select days and times that work best or even, you know, two or three, not three, but you could you could track the top two times and try to go live at one of those times on a certain day each week or something like that. But then the other thing is that I wanted to just mention and give a little tip on as well if you're open to it. It's just it's just that when you go live one of the one of the most powerful things is really Yes, you can do some teaching and explanation and that's cool. One of the big things that I've seen as I wouldn't hesitate about talking too much, and don't get insecure about talking too much. Or over talking people actually love that. People love to get on with lives where they feel like somebody, because all all I get from like you, you do talk a lot right here. And I just don't think that's a bad thing. Like most people will hear me say that, like, Wow, what an asshole. But I'm just all I feel is like energy and excitement. And it's just this energetic. I'm excited about something in life. And when you think about it, lots of people lack that or they don't have that going on in their life because they've worked a corporate job for 20 years. And there's a little bit of this, like, lack of excitement, I didn't do that. But at my first job I worked as an assistant in a registrar's office at my college. And these people have worked 30 years of this job. And let me just tell you, there is no excitement in that office. No, zero excitement. It is the same thing. Every day, every month, the same frustrations, the same problems, the same bullshit. And it's like, wow, you come here every morning at 8:30am. And you leave here every day at 430 or 5pm. And it's the same damn thing. And for, like, literally, for some people, that's okay. And that's fine. For me. I was like, Are you kidding me? Like there's zero chance I'm doing this. And I think more and more people feel that way. Because there's now an option. I think most of the people I was working with that office thought about it didn't actually they didn't know there were more options. It's like, this is what you do. And so I just feel like that energy and excitement. And if you were to speak long, and you went for two hours or something, and you're feeling all like, all like nervous about like, oh my, I just went live just went for so long. Most people would just be like, This is awesome. Like, I'm just happy, they probably wouldn't say it, but they would feel it, it would be an unconscious feeling that they would have about feeling like they're in the presence of somebody who's just exciting and happy and like, energetic to go after something in life. That's the kind of that's what that's a leader. Like, that's somebody that that people want to follow. They don't want to follow people who have half assed excitement, or, you know, sort of this weird in between excitement level. So yeah, I just wanted to say that because I do feel like you've got just like this, it feels like you're, you're almost ready to just sort of grab the camera. I'm really excited. And I love that. And I think that that's cool. And I like that in our community. And that energy is great. And, and also just in general with your lives. i The last thing I want to say just on like a note of what I've seen, and this applies to both webinars, but also in, in, in, especially in lives where people are in the grand scheme of where people are at, they're still a little cold, they're still not fully warmed up to the idea. So meaning they're still very new, you're going to get tons of people who are brand new and you don't know too in depth if you do if you do some sort of lesson. Don't go crazy deep into the weeds where people are like, Wow, I'm so lost. People don't need to learn every detail of business before they purchase a course to learn that stuff on business, right? So, for dog training. They don't need to learn every nuance of dog psychology before they purchase a course on dog psychology. If they're going to purchase a course on how to train their dog. You want to stick to the principles that help them believe they could train their dog. Right, that dogs are trainable that there's an emotional benefit for them to have their dog trained so they don't go biting the freakin mailman same thing with like, same thing with like, the Make Money Online industry and niche people want to go into these like crazy detailed webinar funnels. Here's how you build all of this down and here's my stream of all of this stuff. And people are just like, what are we even talking about? Like what? What integration is, like people need first the belief that they could do it, the belief that that it's possible and that emotional benefit that if they were to try it, there might be a feeling of fulfillment and some sort of shift and change. It's really about creating an emotional shift. Not that you're trying to emotionally manipulate people but just by sharing your story right like, just by Sharing your energy or something like that communicates it's a transference of feeling. You're transferring it through the phone into somebody else's life to allow them to feel that sense of hope, that sense of impact your words have, a sense of like, sort of self confidence again, just feel like it's so powerful. So that's really cool. 

Melissa: That's really good advice, thank you.

Matt: And outside of the live, there's, I mean, inside of a live, there's not a lot of other boundaries outside of that good high energy, a sense of self confidence, a sense of a sense of a sense of not only self confidence, but confidence in what you're talking about confidence in terms of any sort of product or service that you're trying to sell, or that you want to talk about, or that you want to offer to people. That's a big one. And I see a lot of people with a lot of followers, they try to go live, and they try to do this and that, but there's a sense that people get as they look at you through the camera, and they sense this, they sense this person might not believe this fully. And if that happens, it's over. They need a sense of confidence, which confidence comes from somebody with a sense of leadership and a sense of belief in what they're doing and what they're saying. And that's probably more than anything, I mean, you can have an average slide deck that you're presenting on in your PowerPoint, and, and but if you have a sense of confidence, people feel that and the feeling is, is the big one. So what, uh, what comes up for you, as I say that anything?

Melissa: No, I totally, I totally understand where you're coming from. Because I think, you know, to the people that I was following, you know, that I was like, considering doing this. And, you know, I was looking at people that, you know, came across to me, you know, I was kind of looking for it, because sometimes out on social media, you're not sure what you can believe. So I was looking for, you know, authenticity, you know, basically someone, it just felt like they were, you know, being honest about you know, their experience and their results. And, you know, that excitement, you know, about like, oh my gosh, you know, I'm new at this, and I've already seen these kind of results. And that was motivating. And, you know, that's probably what pushed me over the edge, because it wasn't the $7 that was holding me back. Right? Like, do I do I want to do this, like, do I believe in this? And, you know, finally, I was like, I'm going to just try it out. And, you know, because of my schedule, you know, I'm doing these like, very late at night, you know, 11 o'clock at night, you know, folding laundry, you know, with my air pods in, like watching it on the laptop. And all of a sudden, I'm just like, oh my gosh, you know, like I said, like it, the light bulb went off, because I didn't have a preconceived idea of what affiliate marketing was, or, you know, a lot of limiting beliefs on you know, whether or not I could do an online business, and starting to recognize that and like, oh, like, and then you know, not that to get too deep. But you know, understanding, you know, for my path, like why I felt the way, you know, I did about certain things, recognizing that and then starting to shift that mindset. It's liberating, and I can't unlearn it now. So I can't go back. I can only go forward with this. And that's, that's what I'm trying to trying to do. Because like I said, I love doing this, I enjoy it. You know, I have been doing my current job. You know, I've been in the same industry for a long time and don't burn out on it. It's not challenging. It's not motivating. But this is exciting, because there's just so much potential and like, you start seeing different things and you're like, oh, but then I gotta like, discipline myself. I'm like, listen, you're new. You gotta just like, you know, stay in the same lane for a little bit. Yeah, where you start getting outside of that, because then you're gonna, like, you're not gonna be able to do it. So that's kind of what I'm focusing on. And just, you know, I have a long term plan and, you know, every day I'm just chipping away. 

Matt: So, yeah. Now that's really cool. And that's really, really powerful. Because, man, the the amount of time and energy people spend trying to just sort out in their mind, like, where am I in this where and and that getting this sense of like, when you said, Melissa, you're new. Like, that's such a powerful statement because is, you know, when people are overwhelmed, how much there is to learn and all of that stuff. I had this conversation, this person, and this would be the last story I'll tell about this, but about the mastermind, but this guy came up to me and he said, Hey, you know, is there somebody here who I could meet with? Who could give me, you know, just an exact checklist of like what to do? And I said, I said, Hey, I get why you want that. But no, we don't have. We have some general checklists, things that you could check off and things that you could kind of keep you on track. But no, we don't have that. Here's why. Because in the world, and of business, which is different than school, and it's different than being an employee, basically, I've owned a couple businesses, my wife owns a business right now. And basically, it every day is you wake up, and you're lucky, if things are in a bit of chaos. Exactly. You're lucky if you can go in, things run smoothly, and you go out, especially in a new business, not in a business that's been running for a while. But in a newer business, that things are chaotic, you're losing, you're losing ad accounts, you're losing social media accounts, you're you're trying this type of content and that type of content, and you're you feel scattered internally and all of this stuff. And I said, look, the best skill that you can learn is to is to give yourself permission and say, I'm just new to this, I'm figuring it out, it's gonna be okay, I'm smart, I'm confident, I've figured out other things in life, like somebody who's who's figured out how to stay in a company for 20 years, that's not easy. That's not something to just sneeze out. I mean, that's, that's like a skill that's built, that you learn how to operate and function inside of that environment. And now you're learning to function and thrive in a different environment, which is extremely hard. But you've got to be sort of, like gentle on yourself in order to sort of give yourself permission. So people are so hard on themselves, like, Oh, my God, I'm a loser. Like, I can't figure this out, I'll never figure this out. But the reality is, like, you know, a kid who sits on a bike for their first time, like, ma'am, they're, they're going headfirst straight into the grass, you know, like, multiple times. And eventually, they're like, Okay, alright, I got to figure this out, I got to get on, get on the bike. And the kid who falls off the bike doesn't feel like embarrassed or ashamed, unless the person who's helping them makes them. But that's because of other people's projections onto that kid, that the kid is a kid just falls over on their bike, and they're like, are, get back on, you know, it's like, all right, or that hurt. And now I need like, some mandates, but I'll pop back on and try this again. And usually, they do that without any sense of like, wondering, Am I good enough for? Am I enough? Or can I pull this off or whatever. It's just, it's only a sense of external voices and things, you know, that are telling us, we're not good enough, or we can't do it, or I'm new or whatever. And and I think that that's sad, but also, you know, at least we have a community here where people can get get validation and revalidation that like, no, like, anybody can do this, you can you can pull this off, and you don't have to feel bad about it taking longer than other people or whatever.

Melissa: Right? Yeah. And you kind of have to get over like that fear of failure, and just kind of like, tell yourself, like, I probably will fail in certain things. And the thing is, and what I always try to keep in mind is I've learned some of my biggest lessons from my failures. And so, you know, I try to look at it less as a failure and more as, like a learning opportunity. But, but that's hard to get to that, you know, mindset for some people. Yeah,

Matt: Totally. My mentor told me to fail fast, you're gonna fail, fail fast, fail hard, because the longer you extend the failure, the worse that hurts. fail fast and fail hard, get it over with and then success. And you're starting to see success, which is clear. So yeah, um, for those of us we'll kind of wrap up with this, and I'll let you have the last word for those people who are sitting here who are newer, they've never tried this before. They have similar stuff. Maybe they've worked in a job for a while and they're trying to figure this out. On that note of getting rid of fear of failure What's What's some things that you've told yourself to help defeat limiting beliefs? What are some actions you've taken to push through those limiting beliefs?

Melissa: So I would say that the biggest thing that I have done and I have been very, very focused. So since I've started this process and started the 15 day challenge, I have tried to speak only in terms of like, being positive, like I've only said positive things about it, I haven't said, I can't do this, what if this doesn't work, you know, I have tried to keep the narrative in my head, very positive. And I feel like, you know, there's a lot of truth to, you know, some of what people say about like the manifest being, you know, just what you speak becomes reality. And so I have tried to speak very positively about myself about the experience, you know, I have a very strong feeling that this is an awesome opportunity. And I just, I just tried to keep the narrative very positive. The other thing that I have done is I've created a vision board on things that I want to achieve. So I had, you know, goals for this year, which I've already checked a lot of, and, you know, I have even bigger goals for 2022. And then the third thing that I would have to say and this just because of my business background is you absolutely have to have a plan. You have to be adaptable and flexible, because that plan might change and evolve as you know, grow and your business changes, but you have to have a plan. You can't just like go into it, and like wing it and kind of hope you know that things start falling into place, you do have to have an action plan. And you know, I think that's critical in terms of being successful.

Matt: I love it. That's super. Thank you so much for coming on. We would love it if you send us an update in a couple months. Here's where I'm at. Let's get you back on the show.

Melissa: I think a lot, yeah, thank you so much. Have a good afternoon.

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