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Dave: Very special episode today, my friends in the Legendary community, we've got somebody here this morning who really needs no introduction, if you haven't seen his content out there online, I can guarantee. At some point over the next 12 months even if you don't search him out one of his videos one of his posts is going to come across your phone or your computer and it likely already has. We're honored and excited to have Calvin Hill on the show this morning. Calvin What's up, my man?

Calvin: Hey, what's going on everybody. Good to see you man. Good to see you still got the horn still got the wonderful office with the bat now I'm, I've got my background backup I think last time I had John I can't remember, but I don't think I had it up but I've gotten now my background up so we've got sort of met but you know what, man. Even though you modeled yours off of mine, yours looks better than mine does.

Dave: Amen. 

Calvin: You know when I built this house, I told my wife I wanted a really cool office, that would well, I was like, oh yeah I'm doing that. That's kind of a nice man. I got it from Dave, a model, something that I felt like was really really good and I was like that's kind of helped me be successful because I like the way it's gonna make me feel in my office.

Dave: Yeah, and, and I can relate to that, I, I like to have, I like to be in the zone I, you know, I've worked in some weird circumstances, I've got some pictures. I don't know if you have, or save any of your old pictures of things that you do, you did or kind of where you're at in your early days, but, but I've got, I'll just show you this one real quick. It's always, it's always fun to kind of go back and look at some of these old old things that we, things that we had things, you know, things that we drove places we lived, but this was one of my original setups, and this was sort of in the middle of my wife sitting right here brings back memories. Right. This is in the middle though Calvin of our living room so you can see the dining room table right over there to the left, and, and then this is the opposite view you can see the couch over here. And then, and then there's another one that I had somewhere in here of me sitting right here. So this one's funny. I'm sitting on some sort of I've got the new iMac, you know what I mean. So I'm falling out of control with the new iMac, but it's sitting on some sort of a dresser that's pointed backwards with all the cables coming off the front, you know, you just, just do it what I had to do you know what I mean,

Calvin: That's where it starts though man I mean, a lot of people think that they have to actually start off at this type of level, it's like right this get started, like, yet. Once you start, you know, having a little bit of success and you know start creating wealth for you and your family. This stuff will come, but I have some of those same type of pictures man it was just like, it just kept going, you know, right, because you've concentrated on what what do I need to have in my background, etc, then you can't concentrate on the kind of content that you need create focus on that.

Dave: Well, I think we get, I think, Calvin, we get super as just as just human beings, we get a case of the Keeping Up with the Joneses, right, that's what I call comparisonitis. And I think that when a lot of people come online, they look at somebody like like you or, or, or me or whoever, right, and they begin to compare, like, oh I don't have the office that looks like that, or I don't have that the Lambo that I see this guy over here, Gal standing in front of taking their pictures. You know we're going to talk today about creating this wealth, influence and power through content, and I would just say a little bit about, from your perspective, the power that somebody has in the office that they're sitting in, regardless of the camera that they're using. I'm not going to recommend that you can crush it with a flip phone, but everybody has an iPhone within their reach. And if you don't, then, then, then stop by Starbucks for a month and you can get one. But regardless of where you're sitting, the office, the house, the car you're driving. The power of this thing, and platforms like TikTok, that you have built in a short period of time, over a million followers.

Calvin: Yeah. Well, for me it. You and I were just talking about old pictures and so we didn't have access to the technology that we have today, so you just mentioned that iPhones and Samsung and stuff like that they, they all shoot HD video, right, that form like TikTok, I was just telling us, I was just sharing somebody literally yesterday, I spent an hour creating this piece of content, it was. Well, actually it was a total of three hours creating this content, I knew that it wasn't going to be something that was going to go viral, but it was just a piece of content that I personally wanted to create to give to my audience to do something that's going to be more social. But you have access to everything, right, you're the number one tool that you have at your disposal, is your cell phone, everybody that you want to reach, whether it is a client or a potential client whatever it is if you're trying to, you know, promote your product or service or whatever the case may be, everyone that you want to reach his own internet they are on one of the platforms where you go on a social media platform, or they're on a search engine, and all of those have apps, all of those can go right on your cell phone. And so if you just really think about the number one tool that you have to create content to reach those people, it is your phone.

Dave: Yeah. And as a guy who I'm not, you know, asking you to go back into your story too much unless you feel that it makes sense, we can jump around and you can you're good enough storyteller and communicator if you feel that it makes sense to tie that in you can, but I will say that, you know, you do have a cinematography background, you have a background that involves camera equipment and so forth. In, don't. Isn't it interesting, bro. Is it interesting that one time in order to get an advertisement out there. One would legitimately need to call up the you know the local videography company to come and shoot this commercial that nowadays we'd laugh at running on the television, that would be literally the playing field was like this, if you could afford that and you had the connections and the know how to get an advertisement on the television you could, and now it's been level, because the dude sitting in his car. He films TikTok videos every day on his cell phone. It literally blow up and become an affiliate or even sell his own courses right from his driver's seat, he's having the history that you have is that mind blowing to like do you ever just stop and say, What the hell happened like how

much of my backstory on that I will go deep into the backstory of this but it does because when we started out, we started out, I got my camera, because I've actually got, I got some stuff that I started with DSLR is this now, this is, this is a mirrorless camera right, I mean literally if you take this lens off. It's just, it's just a sensor on the camera. Back in the day man you had to, not only did you have to learn the skill of using a camera right videography, but who was going to edit the videos, right, you know, how much was he going to spend on the camera and stuff like that what platform was limited. Everybody has the power to create content like this right now with TikTok, TikTok has all kinds of filters for portrait mode and this and that, so that you don't have to have $8000, $1000, $3,000 lenses to blow the background. They got portrait mode. There's an artificial intelligence inside of these phones. It is my goal and I mean, you're now to do that right inside the phone and on an app like TikTok, I don't think they understand how powerful that is right now, but did you actually have you put it to use. You're on the same playing field as me and it took me years to learn some of these skills.

Dave: And I think that transitions like in tees up the topic that you're super passionate about talking about which is basically building influence and power through content. And the reason why I think it's the perfect transition in a way to tee you up to talk about that is because I think a lot of people come into the internet marketing world nowadays, And they say, it's hard. Right. And I'm not, and I'm not trying to invalidate your feelings. Because, if you're watching this, you may really be having some difficulty, most likely it's mindset stuff or maybe you're having some technical challenges. I don't want to invalidate your feelings like I legitimately understand that you may be struggling, and it feels that it's hard, it's overwhelming, it's new, but compared to what one had to do in past years to make money and build a successful internet marketing business. The ability for the average man or woman, or person to be able to create wealth, power and influence with a cell phone and a little bit of know-how is. It's just so what I what I wish to do is try to put that into perspective without shaming people without making them feel bad for half for for it being hard, but to put it in perspective so people can understand the opportunity it's I feel like it's a timing thing there's never been a better opportunity than right now especially, Calvin, one at one time people were like, make money online, it's gonna be a scam and now everybody has of Coronavirus is like make money online. Yeah, I need that. Yeah, that right now. So, in your words, like, talk to us about this, creating wealth, influence and power through content a little bit more compared to maybe other opportunities that are out there, or, or things that we may have had to do in the past. 

Calvin: So, what I think about this is when it comes to creating wealth and people ask me all the time like, what is that you do they're expecting this. This answer of all you know I'm a, I'm an affiliate marketer, I'm a digital marketing, we'll get into that, but I tell people, I help people solve problems through content I create wealth, influence and power through content right there's only four ways to create content on the internet, it's either video, images, text, or audio. And the cool thing about being on the internet, especially with your cell phone, all of those platforms to create video games is text or audio, they're all in one of those apps, it's either Twitter it's because Instagram it's Pinterest, it's YouTube, it's so decide which one of those actual elements, You're really good at, or you get a video fantastic and you're creating video then you should probably be creating content in YouTube or on TikTok. Two separate platforms here. Tik Tok is the number one video platform for social media, YouTube is the number one video platform as a search engine to different platforms there if you're doing. If you're creating video content right, then you have to decide okay if I'm going to create that content with video, which one of those is most important to me. Do you want to create small short lived content and what I mean when I say short live maybe on TikTok about three weeks worth of content that's potent anything in any form. What do you want to create on YouTube, where the average content life is the hubbub around three and a half months 234 years. Right, you're gonna have to do a bit more work as long form content, maybe you have that, you know, know how to do, you know camera or something like that or putting us out of edit of a video editor but if it's video, those two platforms, if you're really good at images, you're a photographer or something like that then you need to be on one of the image platforms. Pinterest is the number one image platform for images. Right. Instagram is the number one image platform for search I mean for social media platforms. You see what I mean is, are you getting audio maybe you have a podcast, maybe you should be on you know, whatever that new app is that everyone's going crazy, but I can't think of right now clubhouse clubhouse, right, those are your audio platforms so decide which one of the which one of the pieces of elements that you're good at video images, text and audio and go and start creating content, that's when you. I'm not trying to plug this but those three pieces that I have behind me produced published profit. It's in that order, produce good content that is going to solve someone's problem, publish that content on one of those platforms, a social media or in a search engine and you can profit from it that just just not mean money me at this point, yes I have over a million followers or whatever that's not just money that's wealth, of course, but its influence, and it is also powerful. I come across a lot of people, you know, in my comments and on my live and stuff like that. I'm actually doing something a lot more powerful for me than make it just didn't just making money. I'm actually saving people's lives. I know that sounds. That sounds weird to say that But literally, I have people who have lost their kids. Dave, to like cancer and stuff like that and come across one of my lines or something like that and let me know. Hey, I was watching your live, and it was because of what you were saying, on your life, helped me pull back from a dark place that's, you know we're here to be but really we're not here to just money, what is that you want to do for yourself, your family, your communities and stuff like that so that it's a lot bigger than just, you know, just having a bunch of coins in my bank account. 

Dave: Sure. I mean I can relate to that I was a mastermind one time down in Costa Rica was hosting a mastermind and I had somebody, they came in, he was a client, and he stood up in in shared this in this small group setting, we had 5075 people there. And he said that he was traveling down a road, and his car broke down, and he was on his way to go home to commit suicide, he was, he worked in the medical field, and he had taken. Whatever he was going to use to be able to do it, and his car broke down. Is it odd or is it God I don't know but his car broke down. And he had a. He had an audio of one of the audio programs I had made recordings of, of a show like this that I had done. I've always done something like this my entire career. I've always done something that was kind of live and on a consistent basis. And he plugged that in, and he said that he heard something, And that audio message that made him realize that it was not his time to go it was not his time to end his life and he pushed through it to get to this event to be able to share it in front of people. And it wasn't like he had this big huge life transformation and, but he had, he had a moment of clarity and awakening from listening to something that I was saying, in an audio I wasn't trying to save lives. I wasn't trying to be anybody's savior. I'm not trying to be anybody's guru, I'm not trying to be anybody's role model. I just tried to add value. I'm trying to build my business through service, same way that you're trying to do it I know if I solve enough problems add enough value at all, that all all make money, I'll be able to support my family but it is cool and I've said that to a couple of people who are new over the last week that when you start getting those messages from people in your audience that are like, like what you said really moved me or what you said, like really kind of changed my perspective or saved my life or whatever, you become that accountable to you, to your audience. And you don't, and you, you no longer have to be this struggling newbie, who needs others to help you but you get into this and it's I'm not saying it's not good to have people you learn from and get mentored by, I have coaches and mentors and people I look up to but you then become more accountable to your audience and you realize that, who you're really accountable to is, is to them, to serve them too. So can you talk a little bit about how, what, what kind of like your mission is you say I solve problems that when you, when you're, when you're approaching a day, and you're thinking about okay what am I going to do, or when you started this business because you just really started this online affiliate marketing thing or at least here with legendary. Not too long ago. Well, could you talk to us a little bit about the perspective that you have about, what is this business when you say I solve problems, a lot of people have a hard time making the connection between, like, is the money gonna start coming in, because I've, I've put together my funnel and I've connected it to AWeber and can you talk to us about what business are you in Calvin.

Calvin: So, so it's not it's not, it's not even about me, let me help everybody out with, actually, this is what I concentrate on telling your story. You can't tell you that, if you think about it, if you were to pin a book, right, it would have to be several chapters, right, and a ridiculous amount of pages. Well, on TikTok, you can't tell your entire story in one video if you have 59 seconds or people like me and video by us, but I can do three minute videos now. So you can't tell your entire life story, or your personal story and 59 seconds. Why don't you chop it up. Kill yourself. Don't cause it, don't try to help people make money and stuff like that so it's not like what is your personal story like that, that the second video that's at the top of my account right now is this that's a story piece. It wasn't about it going viral or something like that. It's the story piece it shows like hey listen, I used to do music, this is, this is the success I had the music and this is some of the people that I actually had encountered in doing music. So share your personal story, that's unique to you. Right, you're, you're trying to actually help someone, you know, get to where they want to be, and that is your storyline so meaning if you're, if you're a real estate agent or something like that, right, for instance, if you're a real estate agent and you're trying to say well how do I actually, you know, make a lot of money on the internet with digital marketing stuff like that. Well, your story and your intellectual property that you have, why don't you start creating content that's going to solve people's problems. Right and do that through what I call this poster How To video so if you're, if you're looking for someone who's actually trying to sell a home from right, their problem that they have is, I want to sell my house and I want to make the most profit I possibly can. Well a piece of content that you probably know in your sleep is seven ways to sell your house, you know, as you know, as you know, a beginning, home, home seller whatever or, you know, for the most, for the most money for the most savvy we should never do before selling your home or how to list your home 24 hours, and sell it in the next 30 days.

How to have people compete, how to have, how to have, you know how to have people outbidding each other for your house like all these things that people want three ways to get people to help each other for your house. It's about shooting story, it's not about when you duplicate, you know, success, meaning there's a lot of TikTok going viral and stuff like that, well, how can you take what's going viral and add a very variable in it, that is unique to your story, because people are going to go down and they're going to look at your timeline and you can see what you're doing, you want that to be unique to you in whatever way that you possibly can do. 

Dave: Yeah, I think that's I think that's important because a lot of people when they go out on TikTok and they model content they're modeling the wrong content like you're looking at people who are doing the side hustle thing. And while that's cool, like to mix that stuff into your content, and to share various different ways to make money or if you're in a different niche, various different ways to train your dog or various different ways. If there's no heart and personality in your content, meaning you're not mixing in your story, like Calvin's talking about which simultaneously. The goal of sharing your story is to get them to say, God I feel like he's telling my story right. The reason why we tell these stories is because we, it's the best way to get somebody to listen because we've been trained since an early age to listen to stories. And it also is, everybody loves to hear a story, nobody loves to be pitched to, nobody loves to be preached or for sort of a lecture to write but everybody likes to and this is a phrase that I use, and I've also heard you use this. Talk to us about this phrase edutainment.

Calvin: Yeah, I love it. So, I have content broken up into three. What I like to call the three E's or you can come look at the three P's the three E's I do, I really do. But those three E's it's easy for me to remember when you come online. Most people are going to be in the entertainment segment right they think that they need to do the latest TikTok dance or they, they need to do a reaction video or something like that, that's going to be education, I mean that's going to be, entertainment, and what happens is, if you're just doing entertaining type of content you're going to run numbers up on your account, and you're going to mess around and you're going to get people that are going to actually follow you, whatever, because they just want to let or something like that. And those tend to be gold's type of numbers. If you do educational content. Those are what's going, that's what's going to actually move the needle, because there's memory there's artificial intelligence, listening and watching your content, looking for those social media factors watch time, looking to see if somebody shared your, your content looking to see somebody follows you have to consume your content, all that stuff. And so, if you educate people, like we were just talking about. If you're a real estate agent and you got a piece of content that's telling people you know hey here's 10 things you should never do before selling your home, it was like okay I probably should listen to this guy, If you add the sweet spot edutainment. Like, you can do all this funny stuff that's on TikTok, all the funny, you know, you know, music and all the funny skits or whatever, definitely entertaining part but educate someone while you're doing that edutainment. That's the sweet spot.

Dave: And what about this piece bro because this is something that I, I was actually just sharing with a, with a blueprints and coaching client here yesterday, in an audio and video audio message back to them. They did a check in and I, they said you know, how can I take things to the next level, and I talked about the online persona. I talked about how, essentially, in a way. We all are performers, and in that might sound at first like cringy like, Wait, I don't, I didn't get into this to be a performer, I didn't get into this to be a salesperson I didn't get it, like marketing's one thing I'm okay with that word but when you start talking about performance and all that. But here's what I mean. When any of you all go to work, don't you put on a little bit of a different persona when you walk into the office, then maybe you have when you're in sweats around your family who you're totally comfortable with at home. Don't you kind of put on a little bit of a don't you turn up your persona, your personality, you put on your A game you, you turn on, right. In, I think a lot of us are missing out on the entertainment piece of edutainment Calvin Knight, by getting comfortable with the idea that I have my online persona. And then I have my offline persona. And let me give an example of it for me and then I'll see what comes up for you for me. I'm not going around to all my friends and family telling my story, my hero script story, you know, introducing myself and, you know, talking about my homelessness and addiction and in overcoming that and hunched over the computer, you know at 12 o'clock at night after I work I'm not going into all of my sort of heroes scripts story. I'm also not quite as intense as I am right now. Like I've developed sort of this persona that when you turn on the camera. I take it up a couple of notches. I'm not this intense in the rest of my life, you know what I mean like if I was, I, I speak exhausted, right, because you know what I mean like bro like I'm not talking like this to my wife I'm talking like this to you because this is a bit of my online persona also get excited about talking about marketing stuff. And in that piece of developing your online persona what your stick is right. It can also be in office I, we had, like, or have an awkward or an unorthodox office, we had a guy on the show a couple of weeks ago who filmed everything from his bathroom, and his whole shtick was that I teach you how to make money from your bathroom. Calvin: Right. That's good stuff. I actually got some notes here that I wrote down for this, to talk to us about it. So, that's about that authenticity, right. We talked about sharing your story but creating a branded format for sharing your story, like so, backgrounds, certain sayings that you may say it like you may say something like, every single video. This is something that you say, right, or, or maybe have a certain look, he's pacing about this, I wear this hat and most of my videos that strategic color Wait. There's no way that's making you successful. Wait for a second here. Listen, the reason that I wear this hat is because I understand, and looking at my analytics, I understand my audience, my audience is 57% Men, I'm not saying that this is not a lot of women of sports fans but here's what I'm saying, I know that sports is something that unites people a lot. Right, it's not about race, it's not anything about any of that stuff when this sport brings people together, right, and that's why you know we're in the playoffs right now. I wear this hat because first of all, it gives me a certain line of being familiar, right, people like they don't like, you know, constantly seeing different things so when they see my content, it's like oh yeah I'm familiar with this guy, I'm familiar with that piece of content, they know how to pick me out in the audience right, this is kind of like reading. The only thing about the Purple Cow if you've ever had that right. This is the Purple Cow. For me it's like, Did you see that guy was like the last black guy on TikTok talking about, you know, helping you get financially free or whatever. No, I'm talking about the guy who has the Spurs hat on. Right. I have so many people that follow me just because I have this hat on, they get engaged me they're Lakers fans or whatever the case may be, but this is because I'm reading my analytics 57% of my audience is guys and people who like sports and stuff like that so I immediately give them something to like okay I like this guy, he's a sports fan. Right. I like this guy. He's a Spurs fan like what, what kind of branded piece of content, can you create, are you the person that when you come online, you have pink hair or purple hair or your background is always blue like someone is in the bathroom. That's fantastic. You might be listening. I've heard it's actually not.

Dave: Yeah, and there's a lot of people who are always in their car, you know, they're always in their car, their every video, if you look in it you said something important people don't like change and to see different things all the time, every single day if you look at every single video from this Wake Up Show which is my primary way to produce and publish content every single day we're here, and then we take this content, put it on YouTube, repurpose it to a podcast, and we're mainly making content for the community but if you look, what's the same every single day. Well, I'm in a black hat, even though even though COVID, I actually am growing the hair back out at first. Yeah, at first at first, you know, throughout 2020 I had a shaved head, and I was like, Well, you know, the hat. The hat works for the shaved head, because when you're, when you got the shaved head and then you got the light, it just the bald bro the receding hairline is off the chain, but when I got the comb over going a little bit, you know what I mean it's a little bit better, but the hat is a brand new piece, you know that how does the breathing piece every single day I'm in a black shirt right every single day I'm in a black shirt, and every single day that I can be unless I'm at home, I'm in this chair. I'm not creating content just for me I'm not creating content in front of my Mercedes I'm not creating content out on the beach. I'm not creating content in all these different places. If you look at all of the content across the legendary platform that I am in, 90 plus percent of it, I'm in front of this wood background, and then most of it I have a hat and a black shirt.

Calvin: Same thing with me 90 percent of my content, I'm in front of this wood wall, and even if I take advantage of making something that's trending or something like that I'm doing something else. I have this hat on because it brings back the. I can't, I can't always see the familiar reality. Did I say that right, something like that but I know it's familiar to people right.

Dave: Yeah, it gives them that oh I know who that guy is about this guy What if that's him. Yeah, yeah,yeah. And guys, look, you know, I saw somebody comment, I think I need a wood wall, no you don't do it, trust me, it's kind of like the people who think, oh, I need this funnel builder and that's gonna make me successful. No, no it doesn't, no one piece of software, you're not missing the secret piece of software, it's about you finding your groove. Yeah, it's about finding your schtick. The bathroom. The living room or maybe when you're creating content you're in front of a chair 90% of time is, you're sitting in a chair or whatever, or you're in your kitchen. Right. Calvin: People think that, and when the reason I say sharing your story to build an audience is. This is Digital Marketing and affiliate marketing, right, But when people come on the internet. Everybody wants to make money so you think that you have to be this guy that's creating content or you know, always make money make money. That's not the, that's not the case people that you're talking to are, these are regular people. These are people who, you know, cut their grass they you know they wash dishes and stuff like that so if you're creating content or whatever, you should create content that can be social, you're missing a really really big piece I have it here, about, we're in the social era right now, there's not the industrial era or it's not boom or anything like that. We're not in agriculture, this is the social era. Understand that if you don't take advantage of that, creating a piece of content to actually be social, like I can create content, all day long. Do you want to quit your nine to five job or do you know do you want to, you know, every now and then. And I do this a lot, like, again going back to that piano piece that I have on my, My account right now. That's a social piece that is a piece of oh man I didn't know you play like that it's a beautiful piece of music or whatever. Why, because the next piece of content that I create, if it is something talking about hey, do you want to leave your nine to five job or something like that or whatever. I have already created something that we uniquely had a relationship with, like music or whatever you know your cat lover or something like that, create a piece of content that is social. So, maybe like having an 8020 rule 80% of your content is trying to get people on leave for people that actually want to make money, maybe 20% of your content needs to be that social aspect of it works.

Dave: It's kind of like Gary Vee, came out with the Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook it was one of his books that he wrote and basically the whole entire concept is give value be social like do something that's not pitch heavy, You know, like you said 75 80% of the time, and then right hook right come in and ask for the sale, or ask for the click or ask for the email, or ask for whatever ask them to buy your book, ask them to buy your course. But, but within those Jab Jab Jab 25% 25% Right, that's like a total of, if you Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook, you've got 100% You divide that by four that's about 75%. If you do that on on say TikTok three videos to everyone in those three you're completely and totally focused just solely on building a relationship, I think that, that, or being social, like you said, I think that entertainment can also just be when we talk about telling story and we talk about, you're talking about being vulnerable and letting people know a little bit more about who you are so they can feel more connected to you and feel more like there's personalization between in you're not just somebody who's influenced or trying to sell stuff like, people want to legitimately have relationships, I'm the into into watches have been for a while now is a bit of a hobby and, and, and I want to I want to have a relationship with somebody at the brand. I don't want to just buy from the brand. I want to have a relationship. I want to have an experience when I buy something. I want to have somebody that I can talk to even if I'm not talking to them, or I'm not, I don't even have any questions for them. I want to feel as a human being, maybe it's natural and it's always been this way but particularly now in 2020, like you said in this social era. I want to feel like I have a relationship with somebody, with the things that I'm buying in the business that I'm doing. And I think so many people are missing that component in just desperate for the sale, pitch, pitch, pitch, all about the money and are missing this important piece that is, is really a long term thinking thing Calvin right it's not a short term thing, it's so talk to us a little bit about, you know, some people would think, wow, getting to over a million followers on a platform is, is the the arrival point, but I have just this weird feeling that you're just getting started. So tell us, like, what your vision is in terms of the long term game inside of your business so people can have a bigger perspective to realize where this can go and what you can do with this, versus just being in that desperation mode to make that first commission.

Calvin: When it's all said and done, I'm gonna have several books that I'm going to write. I'm actually writing some now but I'll have books, actually, especially when we get on the back end or COVID is just like a thing of past like maybe it's like a flu or something like that but I'm actually going to be in people's cities and states on stage talking about this stuff, talking about the everything you do on internet, again I try to, you know, plug this but everything you do on the internet is going to be the power of publish, nothing happens until you publish a piece of content, right, and people buy from people they know, like and trust, and the best way for you to get them to know you, is to actually share your story, and all of these different TikTok right, you're, you're going to create the stuff that you need to create because we're all in the same, you know, niche here right. The make money niche and the you know freedom and all of that stuff time freedom and all that but, but how do you actually, you know, become unique inside of that particular niche that we're in internet marketing space is by telling your story, people buy from people they know, like and trust if you think about when we putting a sales funnel together right and I always tell this to people, you got the front end of it. That's your traffic, right, then you got the opt in page, right and then you got your bridge page. Well if you look at those three things there know like and trust, created a piece of content that is trying to solve a problem on the front end, and then that's, that's your Tik Tok video for instance, they say okay, I like that piece of content I actually know a cat kind of know this guy now watched a couple of these TikTok videos. And then, at some point they're going to do what they're gonna to follow your call to action which sends them to your opt in page, right. So now they know, like they know they like you, because you've given them a piece of content, or something of value right a lead magnet to collect email address,

Dave: A free gift right off the writer who doesn't like gifts free gifts, everybody likes free gives

The bridge page is the trust page. I love that Calvin, like I literally love that band,

you tell your story, if you have a pitch. That's your story. Why did you become a dog groomer, why, why don't you, you know, why don't you actually Why are you, you know, a beautician or a barber or whatever, that's your story that you're telling you know like and trust, then you can ask them to do business. Right, we get their problem solved, and you make money. Right, but it's all about solving problems. Figure out what the problem is, work backwards, that's where you start with your content. I'm not trying to beat this in the head, but again, I'm using real estate but your real estate agent he's trying to look for leads. Fantastic, what's the problem, you want to get people that sell homes to work backwards. Yeah, now you know the kind of content you need to create in the front end of your funnel, how to sell your home in 30 days or five reasons you should use a real estate agent when trying to sell your home. Now you're creating this content now and trust, you're going to have a lot more success. And, you know, whatever, you know, if you're doing a product or service or someone else's but you're gonna have a lot more success doing that. I love that it simplifies it connects the know like and trust piece to us in a very concrete step in the process. And a lot of times we say these things like deliver value or get them to know and trust you but it's like how, what, how does that translate practically like in application. I had this thought I just want to share before we sort of transition and keep moving but there's, there's the same that Zig Ziglar said which is if you help enough people get what they want, you'll get what you want. But that's very ambiguous, it's kind of like what does that mean, okay, it sounds good. It sounds good in theory but I'm a new marketer and, or I'm new in sales or I'm new in business but let's take all my marketing for example, I'm new in marketing, what is, what do people really want and what people want is to be seen, heard and understood. That's what they want. So let me try, let me, let me rephrase this. So it's more practical. If you help enough people feel seen, heard and understood. You can have anything that you want. Anything that you want. Right now, the opposite. If you help, if you make enough people feel criticized, ashamed, less than, like you're better than, right. If you make enough people feel nervous. If you make enough people feel uncertain. You're not going to get what you want, right. If you make enough people feel like they're invisible, like they you don't see them, like you're just having a monologue only talking to yourself and talking about yourself, you're not getting what you want but again we go back to that breakdown, which, which was, I heard Oprah say that brother I went, I went to a event with Oprah, my wife and I was one of the only guys in a room of 10 or 15,000 women, lot, lot, lot more guys would be a lot more successful, they paid attention to what she's done. But I heard her say that this is what people want and all of my years of working on television and working with audiences, just understand the people, what I realized that they want is they want to be seen. They want to be heard, or be understood, that's all they want. They don't need you to save them. They don't need you to solve every problem in their life, they just want to be seen, heard and understood what comes out for you, as I, as I say what I just said,

Calvin: Yeah, the best because I love that the best way to do that, especially as a beginning marketer is to pay attention to your analytics. Oh my god. The world is not a perfect place is what I want to say, right, so my brother Dave is a white guy, I'm a black guy. I'm fortunate. Unfortunately, on TikTok when you're trying to model success and the reason that you got to pay attention and share your own story is because there's, there's certain songs that are going viral and I can't tap into that market, because I'm reading black analytics, I know that using this particular song, it's not going to reach my person that I'm trying to actually reach, there's certain things that you can and can't do, even as a black guy, or white guy some of this music. This is gonna save a lot of people here and help a lot of people, some of the music that is going viral on TikTok, because I know some of the some of the business owners and entrepreneurs here, because you don't know, because you don't have that on your playlist, or yet but listen to the full song on Spotify. It's hurting. You got to go listen to those, you got to go listen to the lyrics, and so what I'm saying here is, you know, there's certain rap songs and r&b songs or whatever it's like if you really listen to the lyrics as a white guy or white woman, you may not want to use that Tik Tok, that song in your TikTok video, You think because it's going viral that it's like all just a little piece in everybody's doing this, whatever. Here's what you don't realize that the kids that's making that piece go viral, they know what the words are to that song. And so now you're trying to figure out why my video is not going viral. It's like Have you listened to the words of that song. That's the wrong piece of content for you, not reading your analytics you got to read your analytics to so that you can understand if somebody's asking you, you know hey how did you get your hair pink is so beautiful. Maybe you should create a piece of content, here's the social part of that: create a piece of content about how you do your hair to make it pink or purple or whatever the case some people ask me to to my office or I get a lot of people, hey, what kind of camera do you use. That's why I create content about, you know, music and stuff like that that does not go viral. I'm watching and looking at my analytics, I'm reading my comments. When you make that type of content that's what gets shared, that is what's buzzing the algorithm people trying to figure out how I get to 1.2 million followers from January of this year. It's not because I'm creating a bunch of content about making money, going and looking at my timeline, I got a lot of content that is social, because I know that when I can really take this to the next level. I'm not going to be on stage talking about affiliate marketing, and stuff like that. I'm actually going to be doing something totally different, along with what I'm doing with power publishing. I'm already setting that up.

Dave: So do you fit? are you saying that you're getting specific demographics from your analytics to show you, ages, races, parts of all that kind of stuff because I think this is really important. And I think that you're really onto something here and you're really revealing something that I think a lot of people are not thinking about. So, is, is, is, is that what you're talking about all the way down to ages, races, parts of the world, right, a male female you already mentioned that, right, is that what you're talking about.

Calvin: Exactly so TikTok is. TikTok is limited to analytics. It's super important, it's going to tell you, you know it's going to give you stuff like you know, whether it's men or women and stuff like that and how long they're on him. Which one of these content is actually going viral now, I'm not talking about TikTok videos I'm talking about your content that's trending, that stuff. But this is the reason why you need to have sales funnels, why you should have your own website because there's other analytics that you need to be paying attention to the content that you create on your blog and your painting pans over at Pinterest. If you're running Google analytics on the back end of your blog, you're running Google analytics on the back end of your, your sales funnel, that's going to Google is going to give you a different type of analytics, it's going to tell you, you know where people are consuming your content in the world, it's going to tell you, ages, it's going to tell you race it's going to tell you what kind of, you know, you know, you know, cell phones, they're on, and that's important cell phones is not important. Is it because I know that TikTok is very different from joy, and iPhone. Joy's don't have certain things that actual iPhones have on TikTok, they don't. It looks a lot different. So if a lot of your audience is consuming your content on droids versus iPhones, you might want to get a toy, and see what your content looks like on a Droid phone. This is crazy. You have to read your analytics, not just on TikTok on Pinterest, you got to read it inside of Google Analytics, that's gonna tell you who your demographic is you're going to be able to create better content, you're gonna have higher conversions, higher click through ratios, which means you're going to have a higher ROI or a higher return on your investment. 

Dave: So our new, who is your, if, if you were to describe your target customer, and be as specific as possible with us so we can understand how your strategy, you know what your strategy is, who is. 

Calvin: So, I have three entrepreneurs. Right. Those who are working a nine to five job that actually either want to start some type of a side hustle or walk away from that. That's it.

Dave: So,  you're not focused on age, you're not focused on a any specific race you're not, you're not saying to any more to the black community than to the Asian community, the white coat, you're not You're not getting that niche specific, you're just focused on the sort of desires that somebody has, I want to work in a nine to five at all like, or I want to be or already am an entrepreneur.

Calvin: This is the interesting thing about it. This is another big plus for everybody that's listening, we're on TikTok, TikTok has a massive amount of teenagers, right, we know this. A lot of people ignore, and don't create content for the teens to grow up to be adults, are you in this for the short term, are you in, are you kind of Moxie? I'm playing the long game. Some people say, Oh, you have a million followers and you don't get that many views or whatever just send the third or whatever it's like, have you seen my email list. Do you actually know that the content that I'm creating and the people that I'm reaching are going to grow up to be adults, one day, and I'm putting my brain in their face every single day. What do you think happens when the teenagers who can't actually do affiliate marketing and that are not old enough, but I'm still educating them, showing them how to be entrepreneurs, and giving them information that is going to propel them and help them be really really good. You know, entrepreneurs, as adults, who they're going to actually be seeking out to get information from when they hit adulthood.

Dave: Yeah, I mean that's why like people like for Grant Cardone they call Uncle G like a lot of people call him uncle G, right, I would you know a lot of these people have been watching his content, since they were teenagers right a lot of people have been following me I don't think anybody calls me Uncle Dave but a lot of people have been following me for 10 years, right, they've been various of all my email list are just kind of following my content. Also, something that Gary Vee did really really well. Was he created content for teenagers because they're the ones who blew up all his accounts, so that he could take his massive social media accounts and have more authority to go to these brands that he wanted to do, he he wanted to get clients in his agency like dove and Coca Cola and said, Look at my accounts. Now those accounts, didn't have executives or may not have been had that many adults maybe a bit primarily teenagers because the majority of the content that he created was about what I would do in my 20s focus on being happy folk, you know what I mean, you've heard some stuff like a lot of it honestly dude. It's so interesting that you say that is focused on people who are in their 20s and about what they should be focusing on, and he does a good job of talking specifically to people in various videos, like, what I would do different if I was in my 20s for this video is five and under and you want to be an entrepreneur, listen to this, or if you're in your 40s Right, he calls people out very specifically. So I think your, your, you don't have to talk everybody in every video, you can take a piece of content and be specific to an age or a or a, whether you're still in a job, whether you're transitioning out of a job. Is that what you're saying? I think that's really powerful.

Calvin: That's exactly what I'm saying. In the beginning of this live show, I was talking about sharing your own unique story, but if you have to pin it out and write it out, you can tell it all in one TikTok video. I use Evernote to map your life out and decide how you want to tell your story, and each day there's going to be viral videos for okay how do I use this trending sound, and this trending viral video to tell a piece of my story. How do I do that, competing with people like me? Oh Calvin is doing this, he's on a leaderboard and this has nothing to do with you, your unique story, right unique value proposition. That is, I can compete with that. Yeah, right, this is, I watched the videos online and they were putting work in a grocery store, and they're having a massive amount of success, right you know who I'm talking about, like, that's incredible. That I can never compete with that stuff that's her story.

Dave: Yeah, that she'd be bet and she'd be and she'd be good to keep that job, right, because, because part of again her stick part of her persona is similar to an affiliate, that was our first diamond affiliate here at legendary Nathan Lucas who kept his military job for years. He had made six multiple six even seven figures, not yours. He kept it initially, quit it and then went back part time to the service after he had hit Diamond. I mean, dude, we're talking about. We're talking about what we're talking about here are some things that people do on accident but there is a way that you can get strategic with this when you start to think about your persona, and you start to think about your image online. There's an old song I can't remember the exact lyrics but it was just about a guy sitting in his basement and he could be whoever he wanted online. I think a lot of you guys just need to give yourself permission to develop your persona, and how would you speak, and how would you act and how would you create content if you were already a millionaire you didn't need to do this, how would you act if you are if you wanted to just simply be of service and share advice, and have a good time online, and you didn't need to do it, you weren't doing it because you needed to make money. Right. And what if, again, what if you could act as if you were already a successful millionaire, how would you speak, how would you act, how would you create content, instead of the person that you are today. What if you could, what if, what if you could step into the person that is the best version of yourself, who you're working towards and what if you could just act as if you're already that person. I think there's a, this is the mindset piece common that I talked about and kind of mentioned at the beginning of the episode too which is I think a lot of this mindset, a lot of people, when they start out, they have this, this imposter syndrome that I have a story in my head, we all have a unique story that says, I am not good enough I, why, why should I try people can go watch Calvin, like his stuff is so good, who would listen to me, do an event, Calvin, you could tell yourself this, why would I ever try to do events, people just go see Tony Robbins, right, there's, there's always ways that we get into our own imposter syndrome, and we and we and we make ourselves feel small we criticize and shame ourselves to be less than we are, and that affects our confidence and affects our self esteem. It's one of the reasons why say self esteem and confidence is the bedrock of success, but how have you overcome your own imposter syndrome to step into your online persona, as, as, as, as confident as somebody who is comfortable in your skin you do a lot of funny shit, you do a lot of just like straight up funny stuff, man. You remind me of Spice Adams.Have you ever seen any of his stuff, but he's an ex football player who is my favorites, But but you're funny dude you're comfortable in your skin like how and you're also you speak with conviction. How have you overcome your own imposter syndrome, which probably looks different than mine. In, Tom, Dick and Harry's over there we all got our own sort of limiting beliefs that imposter syndrome that we deal with, But how have you overcome disempowering stories or limiting beliefs that you've, you've had in the past or still have today, how do you overcome those on a daily basis, what do you tell yourself or how do I deal with them.

Calvin: It's funny that you mentioned that because I do my life, I go over what I call, you know, the digital marketing umbrella, Right, and all the things that are under that umbrella of things that you need to learn to be successful on the internet. And the last thing that I have is not sales funnels, email marketing, the last thing that I share is mindset. I literally, you should I tell people you should have a one signature piece of content that you're creating, and the signature piece of content that I have is, I'll just say a quote. And then at the end of it I'll say mindset. I had to shift and I ship, every day I shift my mindset I renew my mind every single day. We're in a social era, but guess what comes with social trolls, people, people that's gonna talk about your mom. He was gonna talk about your pimple on your nose, talk about your gold teeth in your mouth oh you four eyes you weren't glasses. Listen, mind set. Oh, you're probably the reason that your video didn't do that is because you are noticing. Every day I renew my mind, that's, that's literally the last thing I talk about when I in my lives about people just hey man you gotta you got to toughen that mindset of, you know, make sure you read books, make sure you look in the mirror every day before you actually get started and growing your business because that's going to remind you of who you are before the world starts trying to shape right before they start trying to tell you who you are and who you are not, you should look in the mirror and make sure you understand who you are I do that every single day I know that sounds corny but every day I wake up I look in the mirror and I talked to myself, and I don't answer myself Dave. But I talked to myself Calvin, this is what you're trying to do. This is the mission that you're on today so when you encounter these challenges these people are talking about your mom and talking about all kinds of stuff and you're just another black guy and bla bla bla bla bla. That stuff rolls off my back. I know who I am, I know what I'm trying to do, I know the goals that I need to accomplish, and no one else can stop me until I shape my, my, what I'm doing on a daily basis, but that's our mindset.

Dave: It's interesting you say that the trolls I guess there was some content, a content creator that was trolling trolling me trolling us here recently and, and, and not too many people have messaged me about it because I currently don't really care. I've never had a lot of people who have taken shots at me over the years, and underestimate what I do and what we do here and think that it's all just by mistake or luck. But somebody asked in a Facebook group the other day they said, you know, there was some people that are talking shit and trying to kind of, you know, just talking badly about legendary and Dave and, and, you know, how do you handle that and and I commented I said, the people bashing us on TikTok don't realize how much it's not hurting us and how bad it makes them. And I don't feel the need to go out of my way to tell them, right, because if somebody is, somebody has taken the time to say my name right. If you want me to say your name. We either got to be in a business relationship like you and I are or you gotta pay me I'm not just gonna go out and just, just tell your name, say your name right, I mean, I'm not out here to beef with anybody that's not the business and I'm playing another game play in a different, you know, we've got a, Almost 100 people on this team, we're building a company here I mean we've got, you know people whose families rely on us. And I mean we're just, you know this is not by accident, you know what I mean sure we've, we've thrown some spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks from time to time but this is not a, this is not a mistake. This is years and years and years of connections, efforts and late nights, blood sweat and tears, and I don't have time to waste my time with a troll or a hater or somebody who's trying to ride my coattails. But when I was new, I didn't feel that way, you know, when I was new and somebody came up in my comments and, you know, said something quits or whatever man it hurts, you know it's it's it especially if that's the only comment, like, like if I got to be the comment content and it's not good many views and like there's that one, when that one comment, it's like, Damn, man, like, the only people that see my shit, don't like it right and that's just not the truth and I, I think there's, there's an element of big scam there's a bit of kind of just kind of just, I almost feel like, like, like taking some of that on, and like almost welcoming. I had a goal for this year. Actually it was a goal last year to get more haters. Now, I don't really care anymore, but it was almost like I almost feel like there's value in just expecting hate, and then just sitting with it, and just, like, again in fighting it like, like expecting instead of being shocked by like

someone who left just expecting it right, because then you're not surprised by it. This is how people are, especially when they're behind there, you know there's a lot of keyboard warriors that slow you down at all. I mean when you get something negative or sad, I mean, it did at one time I mean did it, did it hurt worse that time than it does now.

Calvin: At the beginning, you know, it would bother you, Right, because this, this is new stuff, you know it's just like man you know you get all these people following you or whatever, just like you think everybody's gonna like you date, newsflash, everybody's not gonna like everybody, like, just get over it. I'm used to it now, I actually am and this is for everybody when, when you're bold enough when you, when you've shifted your mindset, create a piece of controversial content. That's every now and then, I purposely will create a controversial piece of content, just so the algorithm can go nuts because you know what happens. The arguing in the comments people decide with you people. You know what, guess what happens with that. It makes me. It makes me a shitload of money. Don't be gonna be able to be honest with you, crazy nuts in the algorithm. And you know what I do. I just laugh at it. Right. I'll get in the comments and I'm just like, you know, and especially if I'm getting ready to go live or something like that I was like, you know I'm going live tonight, and I'm going to actually prove what I'm saying, keep that same energy, that same energy.

Dave: I think that one of the things about when you know your thing is power of publishing in the idea that nothing happens until you create a piece of content and I love to plug that I think that's I think that's spot on, because simplifies things like a lot of things that you do and by the way I want to lift you up, I want to see anybody who I'm in contact with it's part of the abundant mindset that I've developed because of this industry and because of, you know, the way that I've chose to think and grow is that, you know the the amazing thing about this industry is that I have a chance to be able to have a small part, and being maybe it's a long term relationship. Maybe it's a stepping stone, but a small part in a ton, a ton of people's journeys and success, and honestly dude like I'm impressed by your branding, I love it but it also makes sense. And, and, you know, I think that, I think that, yeah, I was going somewhere with that. I remember where the hell I was going with it. What were we just talking about? 

Calvin: I actually don't know now. We were talking about something about like, something about like something with the haters and stuff. We were definitely talking about haters, but now we're talking about reading controversial content

Dave: Oh controversial content and that's right, that's right, that's right. So, so, like, I think that that one of the pieces of that is, is, is, is scary, but is really profitable, like you said, is, is to is to understand the psychology of a human being who they would much rather watch something negative or or or or kind of express their, their opinions or disgust or whatever, about something and somebody way so much more. They're so much more prone to leave a comment if they're inferior rated, or they disagree with what you're saying. Then if they're all inspired by it like I had a I had a coach, a blueprints and coaching client. Last, last coaching call and he was like well I'm creating all this personal development content and it's not really going anywhere. And I was like well, bro. I was like, because, honestly, people are mostly pessimistic lately like they don't react to positive stuff that much, it's just the truth because I've tried it. I've been Mr positive sharing motivational quotes and honestly I'm a positive guy in my life. But if we, if we look at news stations. There's a reason why the story about the firemen who saved the cat from the tree is the last 30 seconds. Bro, and why the 59 minutes is about why the world's coming to an end everybody's gonna die from Coronavirus and then asteroids, on its way to demolish us, and we're all going to burn up because of global warming and and all this shit might, it's all of it has some truth to it, but they want, It's outrage man it's they want to get people feeling outraged as they're watching it. What I mean is absurd, you know it's true.

Calvin: These several pieces of content that myself and others, you know, digital marketers create with affiliate marketing is better than drop shipping or, you know like drop shipping if you know I'm saying Dell or wherever the case may be. That's all that content is going to get a lot of comments from people oh no this episode or whatever, fantastic because it's always going to bring a bunch of people in there so what is affiliate marketing. There's a link in my bio for that. And again it doesn't just have to be the make money concept so maybe your background is, your fiscal as a physical education teacher right you came from PE and you're you know you do a lot of athletic stuff. Well, just because you're a PE teacher doesn't mean you can create a piece of controversial content that's been trying to create a piece of content that says that LeBron James is better than Microsoft, watch what happens to your video and your comments. Right, that's gonna bring you a lot of people that love basketball, and you have a basketball training program or dribbling. 

Dave: Oh I love it, man, it's that. That's why, like when, whenever I mean, like people are taking shots at Legendary or whatever, it's like, it's like, you know, it's like, say my, hold on, say, how to go you're using the music. Same on a Monday, where no one is around you say baby, love,

right, it's like, say by name, you know what I mean like cuz you gotta pay me to say your name right, but if you're gonna say my name for free, they're gonna look me up and you know what they're gonna look me up and I just have a small inkling that I might just be able to real admin, right, because I know me, right I know what I've been able to do and how I'm able to relate and communicate to people so if you want to talk badly about me or you want to troll me or you want to leave a comment that trolls me that boost me in the algorithm or you want to just say my name and have people googling me. Man, that it's all good man, it's all good because, you know, good press bad press. Controversy outrage, it all. Your marketing is like a good piece of art Calvin. you want to look at it and you want to feel something Brother Yo, Maybe it will make you maybe want to throw up. Maybe you feel inspired. But the worst thing is, as an artist is you, you don't want somebody looking at your art feeling nothing feeling nothing, right. So you know, people looking at your content feeling nothing if they feel nothing the algorithm is going to punish you for that, that, that artificial intelligence is looking at your content and it is trying to see who's commenting on it, who is sharing that content, Who is actually liking double tapping and liking that content, who is following you after they consume. You don't do that, that, listen that the computer's gonna start putting read checks. 

Calvin: Those are the social media factors, by the way, on any social media platforms comments like, likes, shares, people following you after they consume it while you're stuck, if you don't get checkboxes. Beside those, you start getting access to the computer that is going to take your content and put you in timeout, and it's going to tell you to go stand in the corner, you can't play with the rest of the kid on the platform.

Dave: Yeah, and it's not personal, it's just at all. 

Calvin: Yeah, it's not personal, it's just that, that mix in the trend content, but also have a variable in there that is unique to your personal type of story, and don't be afraid to tell your story because that will get people to comment to share your stuff right to like you, like ability double tapping right to follow you, after they consume your content. Those 1.1 million 1.21 point 2 million people following me. That's not an accident. I understand social media, I understand content marketing video images, text and audio. I know which element, I need to be creating to actually do a trend, if I see a trend that's like, Okay I need to do this in order to really make that trend pop, and how can I add my spin to it, and my element, my variable to it, and actually bring it to me to grow my business and my platform my profile, right, and not for the short term for the long term. Like, I know you're a multimillionaire. I love it. I'm going to be a multimillionaire, let me tell you that but the funny thing about this is that I'm not trying to brag, but when I filled out my first floor. Roxy sent me the first form, she's like, is there anything that you want to tell the date? Right. You know what I said at the end of that form, I said till date. I look forward to being platinum and getting that ring. You remember that. Yeah, two times platinum right now, this is just the beginning. Man, when this is setting. You see me like I remember seeing him on Legendary. I remember seeing his TikTok video to do as books now he's got courses, he's got, he's got okay he's on stage and all kinds of stuff that's happening.

Dave: Yeah. Well, man, it's an inspiration rather, it's an inspiration, and you know people, young and old people from all different walks of life, I mean, seeing you do your thing is, is a breath of fresh air, and, and you can tell that by the craze, the people who love watching your stuff, who has been following you, and this whole host of other people who are now going to be, you know in your audience who didn't know you before today. So, if somebody was sitting on the fence here, you know, on a checkout page, getting ready to decide to come into our community here at Legendary, what would you tell that person?

Calvin: That is what I will tell you. Here's why I thought legendary and why I can promote anything I'm good enough to promote anything out there. Here's why I like it. Here's why I actually love it. It's a platform that teaches you how to build a business on the digital side of things the right way. He's got a team. Right. And you know, with that team if you look at the 15 day business builder challenge you can hit anybody. You teach it. That's your person that ties into your personal story your love. I like it because of the community. If you go at this alone. It's going to be difficult. You got people like me inside of these forums that are inside of the Facebook group and stuff like that you got a host and a plethora of other entrepreneurs to help you out with this. This thing is easier, not easy, easier than it used to be. When we started out and you showed me those pictures and I had those same types of pictures and stuff. But yeah, the internet has leveled the playing field right now. It doesn't matter if you're black, white, you graduated Summa Kulani with nobody cares. The internet has leveled the playing field. Share your story, create content that is going to help people solve problems. Use the tools that Dave has given you. Right, it's doing all your bookkeeping for you and I can go and I get so many Legendary books for you. Do you guys not realize that stuff that I like, I can go. Listen, it's a great platform for you to start, and really learn how to do this business. I'm just gonna give you the honest truth on that. Plug it because I'm part of that they're definitely telling you the truth. Yeah, get off the fence. I think this is a great platform to do that.

Dave: Well, Brother we're, I mean, I know you can be doing anything anywhere in your, you're just, you know, you're a guy going places man I mean you've just in it's not just because of the skills that you have or that you developed it's because of the mindset that you have man, It's because of, you know, it's because of who you are and who you've become. I know, you know, you've become you've built Calvin Hill. Looks like I've built Dave Sharpe, you know I wasn't always the Dave that I am today. This is years in development. And so I'm having a lot of fun working with you, man. You know, and I'm looking forward to the next chapter brother, so keep up the great work. Please, and every time we reach out, you say yes, it's, we're excited it's a, it's a privilege man so I hope you'll keep coming back and guys go follow Calvin power of publish on TikTok connect with them, learn from them, and we'll see you later, brother. 

Calvin: Thank you brother. All right, man. All right, my friends, there it is. Let me put his, let me put his and I got to go to the gym, and I've got to be in the gym in 14 minutes. I've actually I'm finally going to lose some of this pregnancy weight, you know what I mean, this COVID this pandemic, these these pandemic pounds, okay. I'm feeling good, I'm just, I'm just grateful to be moving in, maybe getting back to some normalcy here, we've got some events and Masterminds coming up. Just a lot of exciting things in the works, but what's most exciting, is, is, is, has nothing to do with me, it just has nothing to do with even legendary it has something to do with the people in this community so I just I'm so excited to connect with people like Calvin and to have you folks watching the show every day and involved in our community and buying our trainings and most of all using our trainings. So keep up the great work, everyone. Thanks, Calvin for being here. Thank you all for listening, get the hell out of here now I'm gonna do something with your lives, be Legendary. Peace.

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