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Dave: Good morning, everyone. Morning.

Matt: So tell us a little bit about you guys. Where are you guys calling in from? What's your story?

Dave: So we're in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. We actually got started in November of 2020. With the challenge. We ran into a bit of a rollercoaster ride with some family issues that you know kind of had to take precedence over starting an online business but we actually got back into the swing of things and 2021 and we started doing all this in August of 2021.

Matt: Cool. So you took a little bit of time off when you started. And then you were like Alright, we're back baby. And here we go kind of thing. I like it. Cool. So spam calls here. So you guys are on TikTok. You're on Instagram. I'm curious when you started, did you just buy our course in November or did you actually start some of the training or like was that splintered? 

Dave: So we basically went all in back in 2020 in November 2020. And we loved it. I mean it was you know when we saw the introductory video with Dave I mean, I don't know who could watch that and not want to run through a brick wall for the guy. We kind of looked at each other and said you know what, this is something that no, we think we can do and we figured you know if we're gonna do it, we're gonna go all in and haven't really looked back.

Matt: Really cool. I love that. I also just wanted to take a second and pause just because I feel like sometimes in the content creation world or especially in this industry, right like the industry where people are learning how to make money online or build a business or whatever. There's a lot of weird shaming that happens like, Oh, you got you stopped or you quit or whatever. And I think sometimes people just forget, and it's a sales tactic, right? But sometimes people forget that, you know, life is pretty long. Generally not you know, there's obviously tragic things, whatever, but, but like, generally speaking like you got a lot of time, you know, and I think sometimes people need that's a message of relief to people, or like a breath of fresh air to people in this industry. Because, man when you've got when you've got years and years and years ahead of you. I mean, you guys only delayed for nine months or something like 9, 10 months and it's like in the grand scheme. It's just such not a big deal. You know, and, you know, for those two people or for YouTube people Sure, I mean, maybe a loss in a few months but in reality like you know, if stuff comes up and you know, you gotta be easy on yourself. You have to give yourself a little bit of grace to just, you're on your own journey. And so that's cool that you guys were able to come back, re approach it, re engage in and actually be really successful too, which is even cooler. So that's really cool. Tell us a little bit about how you guys started to generate a little bit of money in August and kind of September and October and it's really kind of snowballed a little bit since then I would say but you guys are just you're creating content on social media. I think that you've also got a little bit of a Facebook group going on too. And so you're kind of just working multiple different angles and building a community I would say right, your Facebook groups are newer but again, like there's always a day one for people and people forget that. But tell us a little bit about how the content creation has gone was that a struggle was how's that

Dave: So I mean, I'm sure people have noticed that it's Dave and Gina. But for the most part, you guys get the pleasure of seeing this ugly mug. The majority of the time and for me personally that that was a big thing. The idea of doing it wasn't a problem for me, it was the fact that I'm going to hit one little button and it has the potential for millions of people to be able to see it. But you know, as with anything new the more you do it, the more comfortable you do it, the easier it gets. And you know what, it's a business this is how we're gonna build and grow and get people on board with it too. So it's what you do for work.

Matt: Yeah, I love it. And it is kind of true, maybe not millions. Well, it has the potential for millions but I know that you guys have had hundreds and hundreds of 1000s of people see your guys' videos, which is kind of crazy to think about right. I mean, we live in a very weird world. It's a fun world, but it's a weird one. Was that day one hitting post. Now, actually, I'm really curious about your first 60 days. I'm curious about those first couple of months where things are a little bit slower and for you to unpack, maybe there's a dynamic between the two of you. That's kind of like dude, like, I don't know if this is working, like are we gonna like is this? Are we picking up steam? Are we not? What was that like?

Dave: Yeah, I mean, I knew right from the get go that it was going to be something that was going to take some time to refine and kind of hone in what our message was going to be to people because walking into it, almost completely blind. There's going to be hurdles and things that you just have to work around and almost learn on the fly. And that's what we've done. We've reached out to people too, and I've gotten some fantastic support and it's just a great community across the board for anybody that's doing this type of stuff. It's pretty awesome.

Gina: He’s more patient than I am so he's the one telling me. We're not going to do this overnight. We're in it for the long haul.

Matt: Yeah, and you're like hey yeah, well, that's that's a good partnership to have. Right? I'm a bit the same way too. With my spouse, Katherine. So in a lot of ways. She's like, like, let's make this work. Like what are we doing here? Like, what's the point? Like, like, come on, come on. And I don't know I don't. Maybe it's not even really that I have a lot of patience but it's maybe it's just more like I'm a little bit more in it for the journey and for the experience, I guess. But yeah, that's funny. It's a good combo to have because it sort of reminds the more patient person of like, I do think kind of a little bit of steady pressure. It is honestly healthy, you know, and maybe it doesn't always you know, I think for me, sometimes it's just it's, it's kids sometimes like getting on my nerves, but that little healthy push of pressure has always been helpful for me. So cool. That's funny. So then you guys have gotten just over the course of your journey a little bit more traction, what's been instrumental in getting traction on let's say, TikTok or Instagram, especially tick tock is you've had a lot of growth there, but what strategies have you deployed to figure out the algorithm right to figure out how to create content?

Dave: You know, I think, speaking on both our behalf so I think it's more being willing to be honest and upfront with people and answering the questions that they have geared around, you know, what the business model is. I think you know, anybody that would go through our profile right now, you would probably notice that most of the popularity on certain videos is specifically geared towards you know, explaining what things are and how they work and how you can actually do them.

Matt: Yeah, that's cool. And so when you're going in and creating content every day, what do you do first of all, do you have content that you create every day or is it sporadic? Or your system and how did you figure out that system?

Dave: Oh, honestly, it's a mixture. And I know that probably a terrible thing to say, but nothing is a terrible thing to say. But it's a real life thing. I mean, there's there's days when I'm like, You know what, I'm going to sit in a room and just hammer out some out of traps and just have them ready and go and then there's times and I'm sitting there and you just kind of get inspired by almost anything and it's like, you know what, I can make this work and out comes the phone, pop the app on and just go to town with it. So it's a healthy one, I would say between batching and creating on the fly.

Matt: Yeah, yeah. Cool. I, you know, what I used to do when I was when I was getting started, and sometimes it's helpful with a lot of times it's not, I would, I would hear somebody on one of the shows, say something like, you know, you have to create five pieces of content a day, right? Or you have to create 10 piece content. They like it as a law like it was in the Constitution. And I was just like, okay, all right, like this is gospel right. But then what I found is, and I didn't know at the time, because I was still figuring out who I was and my personality and how I operate and function well, so I had insecurities that I felt insecure by what other people would say. And so I just always tried to do something that someone else was doing and it never felt right. And it was kind of relieving for me to hear you guys just be like, you know, it's real life. Like some things we kill it. Some days we put out 10 pieces of batch content. Some days you put out one or not, you know, and that's kind of life. I think that systems are good and helpful. But I think also knowing who you are and knowing your structure and just kind of how you're built is really helpful and refreshing to a lot of people. It's refreshing to me, and I'm sure it is to a lot of people who are listening because man there's there's, it's it's a struggle when you're trying to fit a square inside of a circular hole like just doesn't really work and it doesn't fit and people are confused about why it doesn't fit and why it doesn't quite resonate. So. That's cool. I actually liked that. He said, You know, maybe this is bad to say but I just I don't really think anything's bad to say you know, I mean it's like it's life. We have, you know, sort of this, this one opportunity to go at it and you're balancing you guys are both balancing jobs, right? Yeah. I think that's like the most relatable thing of all time, which is, you know, a married couple who's balancing full time jobs and and now starting to make money on the internet, which is really, really cool and you know, I always I always tell people to, I'll get off my little rant here, but I always tell people, you know, to me, everything that people will come on the show and they'll say things like, well, they'll say things like you know this I know this might be bad to say, or sometimes people always say they'll say something like yeah, I still have that full time job. You know, like it's like it's a prison sentence or something. And you know, even with full time jobs, like I just remember and sync back of how much my full time jobs were when I was getting started. gave me the ability to do test and trial paid ads and build some marketing skills. Right. And so I think I used to be hard on myself about that. But man, I now see how much a full time job is a blessing to have and it can feed into your business. It can provide safety and security, which is good. I mean, some entrepreneurs in this industry are crazy like this legit crazy. Like hey, I made 50 bucks yesterday and I quit my job. Please don't do that. I was not bold, entrepreneurial. That might just be stupidity, you know? No, I I say that only half truthfully. But for you guys. How on earth do you guys find the time to build out stuff? And I'm also curious how the Facebook group idea came about and when did you start that and how's that going?

Gina: So, the Facebook group is pretty new. We just kind of started it I'd say what like two three weeks ago?

Dave: Yeah. And it's pretty green in you know, from talking to you know, mentors and friends we've made on this journey. It just became more and more clear that you know, people need a safe place to go to to ask questions, get help, get guidance, more direction. And, you know, we figured, you know, it's not a new concept. So you know, this is the next step. Right?

Matt: Yeah, totally. Totally.

Gina: The time. Oh, boy. His schedules are a lot more lenient than mine. That's why you see his face a lot more than mine. Make it work.

Matt: Yeah, you'll make it work. Yeah. And you've just got to figure out a good flow and a good system. Yeah, it just makes sense. I mean, over time, that sort of settles in. We've got I've witnessed and and been around a lot of different married couples who or even just partners or spouses or even just business partners who do this together as friends, or do any sort of business together as friends and it's sort of like, you sit down, and and most days in the beginning, you're you're just figuring out, what the hell do we need to do? And then it's like, do you want to do it? Do you want to do it? It's like, yeah, I can do whatever. And then you sort of figure out roles and who's got more time and energy to devote to that kind of thing. But I think I think the Facebook group you guys have I think less than 20 people in that Facebook group. And I wanted to say that out loud and acknowledge that because there's also a lot of people on this call, who are like, oh, there's you mean, you mean, there's people who are on this show who don't have 1000 people in their Facebook group, right and I think people often miss the steps along the way to six figures. People often miss the steps along the way to getting your first $10,000 a month or something like that. And there's steps and there's growth stages there and you can be successful on the internet. And you can be making money on the internet and not have a massively huge following. You got 16,000 on your tick tock, a little over and quite a few on Instagram. I didn't look but you've also got your Facebook group that you've just started to. And as that builds and grows and as you're able to sort of help and educate people through that group. That'll become a really, really powerful social testimonial. You know, for you guys and for your brand and everything like that. What uh, what in terms of building your audience what's our you have an email list too, and how is that you email out to your list?

Dave: Yeah, we do have an email list. I think the last day will be the other day we were just under 600. 

Matt: Wow. That's awesome. That's growing quickly.

Dave: Never would have guessed that. I mean, Jesus, it's, it's a roller coaster ride, but, man, it's those small goals that you hit. I mean, anybody watching now or watching wants to replay them embrace those goals because that's that shot in the arm that just makes you want to hit that next one and just keep building and growing and I'm ready to run through a wall right now.

Matt: Well, I just feel like Yeah, I mean, when you've got an email list of that amount. And you've got followers at the level that you have started a group. That to me says if we can do that, we can certainly go to any height and anything. No question about it. It's a replicable, replicable result, a result you've got that you can do over and over again. You can accomplish that again and again, which I think is really powerful, really cool. Because it gives you hope, but also, it's not just blind hope anymore. You guys are actually having success. You guys are actually seeing it come through Right. Which is really, that is more powerful than anything else I think. So tell me a little bit about the future. You guys are still working full time jobs. You're putting money in the bank account that way which is great. And he's got this sort of sprouted online business that's popped through the ground and it's kind of like every go like I'm alive, you know? And tell us a little bit about the future and sort of do you have dreams and goals and aspirations for the future and what you want for the business but then also what you want for your lives after the business becomes even more successful too.

Dave: Oh yeah, without a doubt, I mean, our my my number one main goal is to be able to grow this to the point where you know the the pretty one of the couples no longer has to you know, punch into that time clock in you know, I can retire Gino basically that that's absolutely major goal number one. And, you know, I'll be happy when we don't, but when we get to that point. And then if things allow themselves to be then, you know, I guess the ultimate goal would be to where I can hang up my gloves to and we're both doing this entrepreneurial journey full time and taking it as far as we can. But um yeah, I mean that's really it for us. We want to be able to walk away from that grind and hopefully inspire people to do the same thing and let them know that this is something that can be achieved. And how far away it might seem. You just take one step at a time and you're going to get there.

Matt: I love it. That's super cool. And yeah, I like Brad said this in the chat too, when not if and I like that clarification. I almost like it better than just saying it as normal because it it sort of allows a little insight into how you're beginning to reframe stuff, or maybe you already have but just starting to reframe that statement even I'm just like, No, it's if it's or it's not if it's when and that's really cool. And it's probably you know, it's probably really, really cool to have somebody alongside of you who's fighting and grinding as much you know, as you are and they're like, you know, it's real in the trenches kind of thing every day. And it's like, it's like, hey, it's not it's just win, which is, you know, here's the thing like, that has become a little bit of like a cliche phrase, or a kind of a cliche thing in our industry will it's not if it's when, you know, you will be successful, whatever. But um, the more that I've been in this industry, where we're at today, right now

By every metric that I can track, which is not a lot, but by every metric that I can track, I'm seeing more people have success on the internet, especially in our community than I have since I've started back in 2010. So that's a solid, let's call it like 11 or 12 years, and it has gotten exponentially easier to do so over the last 12 years. And the funny part is 10 years ago, I got the same thing. That I get today from people in terms of excuses of why it's not gonna work well. It's saturated. It's like, Guys, I mean, maybe I wouldn't believe you or maybe I would believe that, except that everybody said that 10 years ago, and nothing's changed in the last 10 years except people are making more money on the internet than they were 10 years ago. That's the only difference like, I just don't think it is you know, and I get the same things over and over and over again. It's alright, at some point, like somebody just needs to slap this person. No, it just doesn't work that way. But I do think that the whole when and not if thing is more definitely more true now than it ever could be or ever has been that I've seen. And even in the exact metrics that I look at, I see that there's more people who are verifiably they saw what I can everything that I can track finding success on the internet than they were 10 years ago or ever before that I've seen. And I think it's just a testament to that mentality. And I think it helps verify that mentality. Not that again, not that I'm guaranteeing that people are going to make money if they never stopped or whatever. But generally, I think most people that I see are the average person out there who's like, Hey, I'm gonna figure this out. They've been successful at their jobs, right? They've been successful in the work that they do outside of the internet. And David always says this phrase to masterminds. He's like, Hey, you didn't just come here to somehow get dumb overnight. Like, you've been smart. We've paid the bills, maybe bought a house, maybe paid rent every month, you pay your bill, like, you put food on the table and you eat like you're a functional human being for the most part. Like you've learned how to solve problems and become a little bit of an engineer of life. This is just another piece and facet of that, except now you're not going to work and a boss isn't telling you what to do. You've certainly got to instruct yourself. You're an entrepreneur. Business Owner. So now you've got to consistently go at this because you got no one to answer to. And it's just an interesting thing, where when there's a boss, it's like, well, you know how I got hits or the boss. I mean, somebody is going to get me in trouble. But then it's us. And it's like, well, you know, are you going to get yourself in trouble? Are you going to be the one breathing down your neck like, hey, hey, like, you're going to get to work today? Or what are you doing, you know, and we sabotage ourselves more than we're willing to sabotage our boss, social constructs or whatever, but to tie that all back a little bit of a rant there, but to tie that all back, the when not if kind of thing is more true today. And I love that you've adopted that mentality for your business because, man, is it true for most people who just continue to work and learn and figure it out and implement what they learn? And the internet is a wildly profitable place to be learning skills these days. It's crazy.

Dave: Yeah, I mean, that's something that we try to kind of remind ourselves to, to, it's been drawn in your head by others to always be learning and it couldn't be more accurate. Like you have to learn and grow and know not only for your business, but as a person too. And that all shows through your content and the messaging. 

Gina: What's nice about us too is we have the accountability of each other and whether you want to do it or not, yeah, like you said, you don't have a boss. So he does have that self discipline to Yeah, you don't might not want to do anything that day. You're not feeling it, that you have to do anyway. Especially if you have that angle. Yep.

Matt: Yeah, totally. Especially I love that you guys have this like a boss employee. Dynamic is hilarious. I know. It's just as awesome. And I like that you guys have found a good sort of rhythm to do all that. That's super cool. For everybody who's here, I'll let you guys have the last word for everybody who's here new people, especially people who are just newer to our community. Like they're like, this is the first week of listener episodes I've ever seen. What would you tell those people who are still in the phase of figuring out like, Could I actually pull this off? Could I actually make a little bit of money online? Maybe quit my job someday, maybe develop a full time business? What would you say to those people?

Dave: Oh, 1,000%. I mean, you got to the point that you're at, for a reason. Make that reason a reality. I mean, it can happen. I mean, we're proof positive that you know, the system that you guys taught us works, and you just have to implement it and just be consistent with it and know that it's something that's going to take some time and effort on your end to make happen. But if you wanna, if you want it, it's all there to take. Just get after it. Don't Don't give up. Reach out to people.

Matt: You're going to get in valleys. You're going to have the highs that just keep pushing through because it works that's cool as really cool. And even if you got to take nine months off you guys are living proof that eight legendary still gonna be here nine months later, like it's gonna be okay, life's gonna be okay. If you need to take some time off for yourself or for personal stuff, you just need a a one month like dang, I gotta I gotta go up into the mountains. I got to rent an Airbnb and disappear for a little bit. Come back refreshed, like just still be here, guys. It's not a big deal. So absolutely. Well cool, guys. Thanks. So much for coming on. Thanks for taking time and making time out of your day. We know you've got other stuff going on. So we're really thankful that you guys are willing to come on and share with us because every single time that somebody comes on it's it's always helpful to me. It's always helpful to our community. So thanks, guys.

Dave: Oh, thank you. We appreciate it. 1,000%

Gina: This is one of his goals from day one not gonna lie. That was one of the very first things he said is I will be on Wake Up Legendary someday,

but before the commission. It was these guys who needed to know who we are. Exam. That's so cool.

Matt: Is this the best? Is this your best handle here? Yes. All right, cool. Well, thanks, guys. Have a good rest of your day today Wednesday and touch base with us in a couple months shoot us a message or an email and just let us know how things are going. We'd love to have you back on.

Dave: Absolutely Thanks, man. Thank you.

Matt: Alright guys, right here on the screen. You can see it if you look at it's @dave.and.gina you guys can follow them on Instagram you can follow them on TikTok. They're on Instagram and Tiktok is the best place to find and follow them. And like I always tell you when you go when you go find them and follow them. Give them a little bit of support. Comment, let them know hey, I found you on Wake Up Legendary. Tell them something that was inspirational about the episode. And you guys are awesome. You're gonna want to follow them. You don't want to follow them and see where their journey leaves because I think they're going to be big. So thanks, guys. I appreciate it so much for coming on for everybody who tuned in. Thanks so much. If you want to find us on Apple podcasts, Spotify, you can even watch videos on Spotify. If you want, you can always watch us on Facebook at 10am. Eastern every single Monday through Friday. Go give Dave and Gina a follow and we'll be back here tomorrow same time at the same place 10am Eastern.