Below is the transcription of this episode:

Dave: What's going on my friends? Welcome, Welcome my friends. If you didn't know who we are you’re gonna know by the end of today. This show has morphed into something that's amazing not because of me but because of the guests that we have on. Speaking of guests that we have on. today. We have a friend of mine and a student, a learner here, a member of our community, and he's fantastic. He's got a fantastic story, and he's going to show you how he's blown up his YouTube channel. Judd. Welcome to the show, brother. 

Judd: Hey, Dave, how are you doing? Thank you so much. 

Dave: You're very welcome. And you're very welcome. Well, golly, you know, I know you. You know me. You've seen you worked with us a little bit on our team and our organization here. You've seen the behind the scenes of legendary so you know, all of our dirty secrets. And you know, if anybody could probably give us a review and be able to say what you think about me and us, then probably be you so when we talk about, you know, getting on these shows and actually talking to our people and like, you know, no BS and bullshit. I mean, it's, it's, you know, you're not being paid to be here. You can say what the hell you want to say I am gonna say, but I just I just know that you've been, you know, in our community now and even seeing the insides of our family here is you worked with us on our advisor team here for a period of time. And when I saw your name this morning, it was good to see it and I'm really looking forward to catching up with you today, man. So yeah, so tell us tell everybody kind of who you are, your nutshell version of your story and what led you ultimately to Legendary? 

Judd: Yeah, no, and first and foremost, thank you. So much. I love Legendary. I'm psyched to be here. Yeah, as you can see, I'm 49 years old. I'm actually hitting 50 next month. So I'm not looking forward to that kind of thing. But, you know, I I you know, I graduated when I went to college, I did the typical go to school, get a job, all that kind of stuff, right? You know, I was brought up in a Midwestern family where you know, you that's what you do. You go to school, you get your grades and you follow that path and then you get a job and you clock in and you come home and that's life right? And it's nothing wrong with that. But I knew pretty early on it wasn't right for me. And I graduated college in 1994. So no cell phones, no computers, nothing you know, you had to go to the library and sign up to use the old school typing machine to do your homework, and you had to tear the paper from the event a little to the side, and then hand your paper in that way. So fast forward. You know, I moved to Chicago after college. And I had a lot of sales roles, typical selling software as a service and things like that. But pretty much always like a commission based job. You know, I was I knew, you know, I knew I wasn't cut out for the regular kind of work and I didn't have any kind of massive degree or specialty training or anything I just had my personality to go off of, so I took sales roles, and those are tough. You know, when you're when you gotta make commission, so, you know, I you know, it was very hard for me to keep a job. And Tanya, that, you know, in my early 30s You know, I was a heavy drinker most of my life and in my early 30s You know, I went to this was probably 33. And I was going from job to job and my health wasn't doing well. And I went in to see my doctor and I was like, What the heck is going on? I'm 33 years old. And he ran some tests, and he looked at me and he said, you know, how much are you drinking? I'm like, What do you mean? He's like, Well, you know, tell me how much I'm like, I don't know, a couple beers a week. And, of course, right away, he's like, you know, quit.

Now, he basically said, I'll double that. Whatever you just told me. So he's like, you know, you got the body of a 75 year old man, your livers failing. You got to change route. And that really kind of went down you know, not only I was depressed because I hated what I was doing for a living, and then my body was failing. So it took me about a year or two. I figured it out. I got help for my drinking. I've been sober ever since and for 15 years. And it was funny because since I couldn't keep a job, a quote unquote job job. The only job I could get was selling shoes in Chicago and no offense to people who sell shoes, but you know, there's like the old joke about the used car salesman or the shoe salesman, so I was selling shoes, women's shoes, and I couldn't I couldn't get a job. And when I got out of treatment, the doctor said to me, he's like, No, I don't want you to do anything too stressful. I want you to take care of yourself. I want you to get a job where you don't have to think about something just really, really easy. Tell you what, see if you can get a job as a shoe salesman. I was like Alright, perfect. I'm already selling and so I spent quite a few years in the retail world but for the retail world you're not getting paid hourly, you're getting paid salary. So I was working. He said he can earn 40 grand a year. And I worked every holiday. I worked every weekend, every Saturday and every Sunday. And you know recently engaged at the time I knew we were going to want to have a family and do all those great things. I'm like, This is no life. I can't live this life. And you know, I tried some entrepreneurial stuff, but it was all brick and mortar. And it was just ridiculous. You know, here I was trying to go from the nine to five world to be an entrepreneur but being in a brick and mortar business, and spending 1000s and 1000s of dollars for overhead. I'm paying employees and at the end of the day, I'm taking home less than what I made before spending twice the amount of time so I feel like a lot of people I went to see well what's out there in the online world like what can I find and you know, we had our first against doctor's recommendations. 

Dave: Right? Exactly. And you know, I mean, let me go let me go online and go down this rabbit hole.

Judd: You said low stress. So let me find let me start my own online business. So right, you said just the truth here. So I was in my 40s at the time and I had my first son. So we were paying and we had a sitter. We were paying for my wife's school teacher, and they were paying more money than I'm making. So that's how I became a stay at home dad.

This door is just hilarious and epic you know just and that's how I began it's true, man. It's true. And so as a stay at home dad, I was going crazy. And two, I needed to make money. My wife's like you still have to find a way to make money. And that's how I am and that's why I drove yet no brakes, right. She's wonderful. But you know, and we just bought a new place in the city. I mean, we had all these things going on, we had a mortgage, we had everything going on with a new baby. It was not I didn't time it very well. my entrepreneurial journey, but you know I wanted first and you know, we needed the money obviously but also for my own sanity. I needed an outlet. I needed a creative outlet. I needed something right to be whole and that's why I went online and I dabbled in everything from Facebook ads. I did Amazon FBA. I sold restaurant parts which was a joke. You know, I was selling $500 fan motors and making $13 I mean so that's you know for anybody out there looking at Amazon FBA I'm just I'm not saying is telling you what happened to me. So I learned the hard way. You know, I did Amazon FBA, Facebook, everything right. And while I was doing the Facebook ads is where I started to learn more about the affiliate model and promoting other people's products and how you can know, you could do it in anything right? There's affiliate products everywhere and I tell my audience all the time, Walmart Best Buy Nike. Do you like to cook? Do you like to sing? Do you play piano? There's an affiliate product right you can promote it you can create a wonderful business, from your passion from your interest, which is so, so freakin cool. And I had no idea what it was. And somebody's like, well, I don't know. I just send my clients to the website and they sign up. They're like, No, dude, you got to be an affiliate for these people. I'm like, what is an affiliate? You know? And I didn't understand so and when I learned like, okay, I can help people in restaurants I can help all different types of stuff. But so I started to learn all about digital marketing, online marketing everything I could, and I was just so amazed. That takes this, what interests me up here, what was exciting to me and builds a business around it. And that's how I ended up finding legendary was actually from someone. Someone who I met at an event about two or three years prior, I was part of this Facebook group and he's like, Jed, you got to check out you know, Dave Sharpe and Legendary. And I think I have been with, you know, with you guys only in a working capacity behind the scenes, but what's it been about two years now? And it was from legendary that I started to learn about YouTube, and how to build an audience from Nathan. Lucas. You know, I must have watched his videos. Watch him. Start over and watch him start over. Watch him start over. Yeah, and that's how I got now to my channel, which is I think we're almost at 140 K now, subscribers, which is great. I never thought I'd get past 1000 subscribers. 

Dave: Right? Right. Yeah. Nathan is somebody who's made an income disclaimer. This is not average, typical. It's not what anyone should expect. You should expect no money following our advice. How about that? How about that disclaimer? million dollars. So with our just as an affiliate for us, you know, just as an affiliate for us made a million bucks. Crazy, you know, to change somebody's life, you know, and yeah, right. I mean, each one teaches one you know, to learn to teach you. It's crazy. It's awesome that you're growing your YouTube channel, especially with so much hype around. TikTok right now, you know what I mean? Like that you're showing that YouTube is still at the 800 pound gorilla, you know, and and it's not, it's not gone. It's not not working. 

Judd: Right. So yeah, no, yeah, absolutely. And, and, you know, one of the biggest things you probably know, you hear this all the time, the shiny object syndrome, right. And even after you know, doing this for several years, and I've learned, you know, and it's taken me a long time to get to where I'm at, I still have the shiny object syndrome, but now for me, it's different now. It's traffic shiny object syndrome. Like learning about TikTok, learning about Instagram really is learning about this podcast, and really what it comes down to, but what it comes down to is all those things are great, and they all drive traffic. It's really about you and your audience. And you know, if you're promoting a product or service or maybe you're doing coaching or you got a digital course, whatever it may be, number one is what are your strengths and where does your audience hang out? Right. So I found that I tried TikTok and I had a little bit of success, but I was putting now then I started to put more and more of my efforts into TikTok and I was taken away from my YouTube and I was like, Okay, I got to focus on one thing, I got to master it. I got to grow, grow, grow, and I you know, and that's when I really you know, six months ago said months ago is like, Okay, I'm only going to focus on YouTube. I'm going to master this. I'm going to grow it and that's where my people are. So that's where I am. 

Dave: Yeah, yeah. It's amazing. We'll put judge Judd basically. It's just you can just search his name on YouTube and you can go find his channel that way and subscribe and kind of see what he's doing and how he's doing it and so forth. And you had mentioned another name that's a big player in our community. Big Mark. He did a training at our mastermind that we have added to our business blueprints as part of the core curriculum of how to grow a YouTube channel. And that training, I would say is one of if not the best YouTube training I've ever watched because he was so specific. It kind of broke down exactly what he does at the intro. I mean, he gave a graphics on like this part of the video. He does this in this part of the video. The end part of the video he does this and just walks through in basically about an hour and a half a just basically a real masterclass of just basically what he does. I mean, he wasn't teaching philosophy or theory that's inside of the blueprint. So if you and I, you had mentioned that before we came on live, you said well, that that training I watched, it was eye opening. It was powerful for me. So if you own the blueprints, I would advise you to check that out. If you don't own the blueprints, I would consider the ROI, the return on investment, that one of the big one of the big transitions that we have to make the transformations that our mind set. I don't know what he wants to hear about the mindset stuff. But it is viewing stuff as an investment and not as a cost. Your car is a cost or is an investment I don't know. It gets me around to where I need to go. And it gets me in style and it makes me feel good. So some people would call cars a depreciating asset. I mean, it's definitely more of a depreciating asset than a training course that can teach me how to generate income. But having that shift from viewing everything as a cost and the first thing we do is price shop. You know, there's a lot of people who go and eat based on how much it costs they going live based on how much it cost and you coupons because they want to save a couple of dollars and all these things and all your entire life would change if you focus more on the top line instead of how much you can save. Right if we all just focus more on making more money and how do we develop skills to be able to make more money. All of that time that we spent cutting coupons and figuring out how to save money would all go away, they would instantly go away just like that. And I think that as a society we're asked backwards in terms of what you know, we're always about the budget and we're always about saving and we're in a lot of that comes from I think Depression era parents and grandparents and how right I think it's important to learn the value of $1. But I'll tell you what, if you're making 20,000, 30,000 a month, 50,000 a month, $100 long. it doesn't matter anymore. It doesn't matter. You stop looking at the right side of the menu when you go out to dinner. So what's my point is that, you know, there's one section of those blueprints that is so powerful that can create such an ROI in your business.

And the only thing that may be stopping some of you from investing in yourself in going from you know surviving to thriving is just how you view the exchange of money to get that training program. Is it a cost or as an investment? 

Judd: Yeah, and it's funny you mentioned Dave because I share with my audience a lot of time and I get emails, which is really great. I love it now. I'm starting to get emails every day people are emailing me asking for help and I'm getting good stuff too. Hey man, I you know, thank you so much for recommending X, Y, & Z Thank you so much for the video on this. It really helped me and I'm starting my business. I mean, it's just that is just, I tell my wife everyday I'm like, you know, she's kind of like, okay, great. But it's super exciting to me, you know, to read that stuff and I always reply, you know, but it's funny when, about you know, investing or purchasing and training and, you know, I always say this to people, I like to shoot straight. And I think that's why I you know, kind of, you know, was always really drawn to you, Dave and your community, you know, there's no BS here it is what it is and I tell people straight up I'm like, Okay, well, you know, do you go out on the weekends? Oh, yeah, go out Thursday, Friday, Saturday. Okay, do you smoke? Oh, yeah, I smoked two packs a day. Okay. And you play video games? Oh, yeah, I play Xbox, and I buy five games a month. I'm like, Okay, well you could have bought 25 courses on how to better yourself and this, this and this, or whatever it may be, you know, or training or this or that. So, back to the, you know, it's like you got to what's important to you, right? And, and, you know, I don't know maybe you have to sacrifice or you know, it's a member, you know, being younger, it's like, well, I had to give up x, y and z if I wanted this at the end of the month because I was living on 50 bucks or so think about it and and like you said before, Dave, I mean, just that one nugget that one hour of training for me changed my whole life. And and but but also is another for my audience all the time. is, you know, the skills that you learn here are Legendary. These are skills that are going to last you the rest of your life. I mean, these are skills that you are not going to get anywhere. I don't care what you say you're not going to get it and you know, who knows colleges may start offering it in the future but it's still not going to be the same as is being in the dirt in the grid with somebody like Dave and Nathan and Mark and Brian Brewer and all these great people that have been on here who have who are in their, you know, screw in the screwdriver. And that's what's so great, it's raw, it's real. And these are real skills that are that anybody can do, right? You just gotta be willing to learn. Take the time be patient. And it's amazing. It's it's fun. I mean, I have a blast. I have a blast learning I have a blast implementing what I learned. And now I'm having a blast seeing my business grow. 

Dave: It's the most fun thing that you could do is in what I've realized Judd I don't know about you, is that when I'm not growing, I'm not happy. So my happiness is in direct proportion to the amount that I've grown recently. Not particularly in direct proportion, how much money I'm making, how much I feel like I'm growing. And I know that sounds that might sound difficult to somebody who's so broke. They can't afford to pay attention. I understand that I've been there, right? Don't got them hot to piss in or a window to throw it out of you know what I mean? You know, I'm picking pennies up the other day I was at a I was at a Moe's burrito place. And I looked down and there was a quarter on the floor. And in my eye I instinctually wanted to pick it up. And then reality kicked in. And I played the tape through and realized that thing is just going to become a nuisance to me. I'm going to pick it up then I'm gonna have to put it somewhere and then it's gonna clunk around and it's gonna be it's gonna make a mark on my car. Like, I just left it there, man. I mean, I'm not saying that's a major defining moment. But getting to a place to where you know, getting to a place to where Yeah, I don't have to pick up. I don't have to pick up pennies is nice but again, the money makes more money doesn't make me more happy. Growing makes me more happy. And it sounds and seems like you know you have at almost 50 But you're growing and you're you're learning in I think with most people's jobs that they're stuck, and they're like there's nowhere else I can grow to talk a little bit about how quickly you can grow hair, how fast things can happen in your business, and how much you know how much happiness looks more specifics and how it relates to you in terms of like what the last couple of years have looked like in terms of your growth and in terms of your happiness curve. And even in terms of you being able to find joy and profits, of course, through one of the most difficult times that you've ever visited as a site. 

Judd: Yeah, no, that's great. And I think a lot of times, you know, we don't talk about the the personal gratification we get right from from this business or any business right? Is how does it make us feel and how does it change us as a person right? And for me, I mean, I struggled my whole life trying to figure out what the heck am I good at? What the heck do I not only what am I good at but what are what am I enjoy doing? That I can actually make a living from? That's hard. I mean, you'll wrack your brain forever. And it's funny my my mom, yes, I still have a mom at 50 God bless. Right? So my mom the other day called me up on the phone and she goes I just want to call and say I am so proud of you and I am so happy for you and she goes even though it took you till 49 years old or whatever to figure it out. She's like, I'm so happy you did. And she's like, You got a wonderful wife and a family and all this stuff. And I was like, You know what, Mom? It is pretty cool. And she's like, I can hear it in your voice. I could see it in your face. And that's really because we you know, it was you know, we didn't live my wife and I and when we met and we met 10 years, so it's been you know, we were October was 10 years together. You know, and we got married late in the game. But when we first got going it was , you know, we want what we want and we knew we wanted to have kids and we were living in the city which isn't cheap in Chicago and and even though we had a roof over our head, we had groceries. That was it. There was nothing else outside of that. Do you know what I mean? And we would save up every year to go to Florida every year. I don't know if you're a Florida guy. We go down to Longboat Key and near Sarasota. You know that? Yeah, we went and that was our big deal. No, there wasn't much going on. And when I first started my business, you know and somebody told me a long time ago they're like you need to tell yours so this is for all my people out there. If you have a spouse, if you're living with somebody you have to fill them in on what you're doing. You know, let them be aware that hey, I'm learning this and you know, just stick with me. Because you know that going through that learning phase, right? You're learning, you're applying, you're making mistakes, but you're learning from those mistakes and it's actually a really cool thing to make mistakes. I know it sounds weird, but it's cool to like it. Oh man, I screwed that up. Okay, now I know not to do that and to do this. So the first you know, a couple years were a little hectic. And then like you said, all of a sudden I kind of started to see little things happening. Right? I started to get emails from people asking me questions. I got emails from people wanting me to do stuff with them or maybe be on a podcast or whatever. So little kind of signs of, I don't know if you call it success or whatever started to happen. And then for me, the YouTube channel kind of started to grow. And my wife's like, holy crap, you know, this, something's really going on here. And I was like, I think so. I think yeah. I know, I know. I know. It took a couple years but it's going. Yeah. And so again, like you said, it's like even though now the money started to pick up, which is obviously fantastic and great. But, you know, I think I was watching Stacy La’s Wake Up Legendary. Maybe it was one of her older ones the other day talking about how nothing's really changed. We just, you know, we're happier and like you said, and maybe I can get organic groceries today and of yesterday's bruised apples or I don't know, I mean, instead of chopping Swanson's word dense, make sense?

Right. So those are like the little things that happen and then and than just the mental man I'm telling you, it's like the mental. Like finally, you know, like I said, in my 40s, late 40s I figured it out. I found it. This is great. You know, everything's great. The kids are happy. Man. You know, we've always been happy people. But it's just there's a different kind of happy, right? There's a more comfortable, calm, relaxed happiness now. 

Dave: Yeah. Yeah, I think after you fall in love with growing and you begin to grow, you fall in love with that process. What is growing? What do I mean by that? And sticking with something it means sticking through us. We were just at the mastermind in Orlando in Brian Brewer talked about the valley of despair those first 30 days to where you feel like there's a brain splatter all over your computer screen. You're totally overwhelmed. You're like, oh my gosh, you know, I can't do this. And if you get through, you know, it's those first 30 days in that first year. You know, that's where most graveyards are full of people's during and when they turned in in a tombstone and said, you know, all I'm done, I can't do this. You know, if you get through that and you fall in love with the process of growing, then the money comes in when you are growing and you're making money. I think that's what equals the joy that you're describing. Yeah, absolutely. And that's that and I think that you know, isn't the number one thing there's two reasons people fail online number one is they just don't get started. Number two is they quit right? They give up. Judd: They give up too early if I give up a year after because you know, a year after my, my first year into building my business online, I mean, I maybe had a couple 100 bucks to which what went into savings. It wasn't like I was heading down to Gibson's to get a steak or something. 

Dave: So you're just trying to float back up to that breakeven by being still under. 

Judd: Exactly. And people kept telling me and I used to, you know, and I was part of a lot of Facebook groups, and that's another big thing why legendaries Great. If you have a community of people that are going through the same thing. And you got to take advantage of that. I mean, Facebook groups are so valuable, but you got to get in there you got to participate. You know, you got to you got to give before you know you got to give before you ask don't be afraid you might think you have nothing to offer but you do. And you know real quick what Brian was saying within 30 day I don't know why I say that. I always say 90 to my audience, and that's just me but I say you know what, you know, you can't remember how I how I put it but it's something like you know, if you give up on day 89 You know what if you woke up day 90 And that was your first commission, you know what I mean? You know, the first three months, you know, it's gonna take you three months, you can rock and roll, so you could wake up on day 90 And have your first commission. How cool is that? I remember for me my first commission ever online and at 30 I sold an Amazon book. I can't remember how I did it, and I remember getting a little ding ding ding 13 cents I thought I was going to cry. Because I was so excited. Then I didn't have anything else happen in my business for like six months. If I gave up, where would I be? I'd be right back. Pissin and moanin upset, bitter at the world, but I kept going yeah, you got it. You got to stick with it. You have to surround yourself with like minded people. That's another big thing and that's why the groups are so powerful. You got to be around people who've been there and done that and then you got to be around people who are going through the same thing as you. 

Dave: I wonder how many of you are going to be excited to take a picture of yourself with your first commission. You know, I mean, yeah, like or how many of you could go back and recreate that moment because, for me, I've made whatever the multiple is. It's 10:35am Eastern time. This was my very first commission ever. Okay, I got him a check. Look like a baby. Okay. But I don't remember where the picture was taken on what camera or whatever. I don't remember. It doesn't matter. It's just the mat that we captured the moment I had my wife take it, and I was so proud. And, and even though even today I've made, you know, a multitude of multiples. Plus, what this check is before 10:30 In the morning, just right I mean, that's where I'm at today compared to then. But I captured this moment in that this commission was way more important than any money that I make today. Because it was the first you know, and I captured it and I've taken pictures of the car that I drove back then. I've taken pictures. I've cherished it. I didn't take them because I knew that I was going to use them or they were going to be important. But like I have one or two pictures of me working construction, you know, I have one or two pictures of my truck. I drove back then and I had to start with a screwdriver. You know, I have one picture of me holding up the checks of my first commissions. And I always urge people to, you know, take pictures of where you're at right now. Take pictures of what your life looks like. Right now take pictures of you working on your laptop in this kind of beginning phase of struggling. I mean I've got some funny pictures of what it looks like. I mean, my desk was just right in the middle of our living room. So we had you know, in one room there was our kitchen table. My desk, and then the couch and the TV. So I mean it was as they call it a clusterfuck you know what I mean? That's what the beginning looks like now I have a separate house that I work out of, you know don't give up before the miracle happens. 

Judd: Exactly. No, that's what I think you were alluding to with the 89th and the 90 day. Yeah, miracle. That's what I meant here, right? Miracle. Yeah. But it's true though. The mindset is so so huge, anywhere anywhere in life, but especially when you're starting your you know, because you're a little scared, you're timid but you know, you gotta you gotta trust the process and you gotta you gotta, you got to take the time that's needed to learn, right? And I can't remember if you said it or how it works, but something about like, you know, making money online product of, of what you're all the other things you're going to learn and do, you know, and it's like, now with the YouTube channel. I love doing it. I love helping people and I love you know, recommending this and that and that's wonderful. And then yes, I get paid as well. You know, I have a way to monetize my channel and monetize my business and my emails and I've got everything automated and set up. And then the money is the byproduct of what I love to do and allows me to keep doing that. And that's what's so wonderful about this business, but the first thing is you got to What does Brian call it the Death Valley, valley of despair, the valley of despair, right? So you gotta get through that valley of despair, but trust that on the other end of the valley of despair is a big jug of water. Right and you'll get there you'll get all over your head right? And then you have more than you then you need you know more than you more than you know what to do with it's like it's kind of like the concept of compound interest you know, a YouTube channel right? 

Dave: When you get a channel going, especially on YouTube. Because YouTube can do what I love about YouTube is that YouTube will continue to put your videos in front of people long after you've created them. So the difference between tick tock will kind of do that too because their algorithm is unique, but unlike your Facebook newsfeed where something dies after. Basically if nobody likes it or engages with it, it dies within a couple of minutes and it's the only way for them to see it just to go to your channel. YouTube will come especially if it's good watch time and people are engaging with it and so forth. One of the funniest stories, another guy who's made a million dollars as an affiliate here at legendary J Brown.

He's got like 20 videos on his YouTube channel. And I mean, he's still making money from his videos on his YouTube channel. And he has uploaded one video in the last year and a half he resurfaced uploaded one video nine months ago it got you know, 1.3 million views. And he's just cruising. You know what I mean? I mean talk about I mean even Brian Berto at the mastermind said he only got 4046 hours this this summer I was like holy crap you know, but I would I would put him next to Jay and in in think that Jays work less because I mean, you know the power of YouTube is that it's a search engine. But so people can search your stuff often when they're in more of a hot and bothered buying mode. versus you know, people go there to learn, they go to their shop. They go to their research to make decisions, but YouTube will also continue to recommend your videos and recommend them. And of course, when people search on the first page of that search, of that, of that, you know of that search page, and your videos will continue to rack up views sort of like compound interest. And that was the point that I was making a minute ago was when you give yourself a chance to be able to get going in this business path that Val pass that valley of despair, pass that kind of miracle moment where you have a breakthrough whether it's your first commission or whatever it is, then the business begins to gain momentum and then it begins to compound. Sort of like a YouTube channel you begin at a certain point from past videos that you've created, gain 50 subscribers today 100 hours a day. 100 subscribers a day I know people who have 100,000. I don't know if you've tracked all that or work how many subscribers you are adding per day but I know a lot of channels that are adding 1000s of subscribers per day. And it's not particularly because they're still uploading, it's because of the compound momentum that the channel the business now has from the previous work they put in when they felt like they weren't making any progress. 

Judd: Yeah, in all the all the growth that I've had with my channel and I Dave, I think we were kind of telling you a little bit before we got on the call is you know, one, you know one or there's a couple of videos that kind of took off and and one of the videos is over a year old almost two years, maybe you're gonna have a year and a half or something and just that one video sponsible for 40,000 plus subscribers. And so, you know, so that really kind of kicked the momentum of things, but at the same time, you know, I know that okay, I need to kind of keep this party going and I got to be smart about it and, and so so I'm planting seeds now for next year. And the year after that and the year after that. I didn't put out a video today and then all of a sudden go Alright, let's see, you know I mean, yeah, there's, there's some, there's strategy to it. Honestly. I have a strategy for it, but I know that okay, I just planted that little seed over here. We'll come back and check on it for a couple months, and it's gonna keep going and going and that's the really wonderful thing about YouTube. I mean, assuming that you're making content will last the test of time, right. You know, I do see a lot of YouTubers, they're going for the quick buck or the quick fix or the this or that. It's like okay, great. Maybe you've made a little bit of money today because you got 20,000 views but then where's that video worthless six months from now, a year from now? You know, there's no value. Yeah, and like you said, Dave, I mean, people, obviously, I'm assuming everybody knows, you know, Google owns YouTube. Google is the number one search engine in the world. YouTube is the second and guess what when people want to learn how to do something, they go to YouTube. How to put I just, I just went on YouTube yesterday because I want to learn how to install a dimmer switch, how to install a different switch, and I found this guy's channel almost a million views on how to install a dimmer switch and then right below that with a link to show me where I can go get that dimmer switch, and then play an affiliate. Hopefully, yeah. Yeah, I mean, just people go there. You know how to do this, where I can do this and so on. So YouTube's great to provide value education. I mean, you're teaching people right if you do it the right way. And that's what I'm learning more and more with my channel, I'm really kind of starting to change things is, you know, you, you know, the days of just stuffing in a bunch of keywords and tags and manipulating and all that. I'm learning more and more, although some of that stuff's still important, you know, obviously gonna have some discoverability. But what's more important now I'm learning is the journey from the thumbnail to the title to the video. So you have to be your because when you do a thumbnail you're not doing something for the YouTube algorithm. You're doing the thumbnail for a human being. Yeah, when you write a title, you're not doing a title for the algorithm. You're doing it for a human being. So it's like, when you read a title your viewer shouldn't have to feel like a moron. Do you know what I mean? They just be like, okay, yeah, I know that buddy. You just told me you know, you don't insult me, you know. So there's so I'm learning more and more about the journey from the thumbnail to the title to the video. And making sure that so now what I do is I'm really careful and I'll do my thumbnail on my title before I even do the video. Whereas before I just made a video, threw it up there and I'd do a quick thumbnail and come up with what I thought was a catchy title and I'd stuffed it with all the keywords and it's like, Why didn't that video do well? Well, because human beings are looking at it and they can tell that you're just trying to so you know, you're always learning you're always growing, you know, you'll never master this, whatever that this or that may be whether it's tick tock or this you're always learning you're always growing, what's working today may not be working next year and so on. So, so I like to think long term, right? I'm never about you know, I used to be about the quick fix back in the day, right? I want to get drunk yesterday. Now. It's like I'm thinking, Where can I be six months from now? What can I do today that's going to help me out six months or a year from now? 

Dave: Well, I  love it. I totally agree with it. I just want to point out in case anybody is unclear about where to find this specific info. On our business blueprints, you can go right in here to the affiliate marketing business blueprint and scroll down and find the YouTube funnel. And not only will we you know, not only will we you know, give you the overall strategy, show you how to do the the sort of mechanics of setting up your your list and so forth. But will will there's that training that we were talking about with Big Mark. There's fantastic training about doing, doing videos with voiceovers where you want and then stick training and there by Thomas Garrets, about all the things that you're talking about with thumbnails, equipment, planning, branding, all that kind of stuff. And it's it's all right there. I mean, it's laid out there literally for the taking. There's also YouTube that you could go out there and go down the YouTube rabbit hole. But for me, you know, and that's what many people do because they look at training. Again, as I said earlier, more as a cost. Estimate. I can't convince you any more. If that's the way you look at training. I can't it's almost like I you know, if you want to hold on to your misery that hard. I can't be the one who's going to come and try to rip it away from you. But here's the one thing I will say it's a lot more fun to be a creator than a consumer on YouTube. It's a lot more fun to be a creator in making money and monetizing because oh, by the way, YouTube will also pay you. Okay, they'll split the advertising profits with you. So besides all this money that can be made in the form of simply doing affiliate marketing from your YouTube channel. YouTube will also split profits. And there's no rules as to how many different YouTube channels you can have. You can have a business, you can have a business with editors, you can begin to hire virtual assistants. You can buy you can sell each entrepreneur a friend of mine recently bought a YouTube channel for a million dollars and it pumps out over six figures in profit to him each month that YouTube channel has already paid for for itself a strong six figure income stream and he's simply posting old clips of old shows that are geared towards people baby boomers that grew up loving Lucille Ball and things like that. I mean the weirdest, tiniest little niche you just mentioned, one about a dimmer if the guy's got a million subscribers, YouTube alone, YouTube alone is paying him likely five figures per month, simply just from you know, being able to advertise on his channel. You know those little videos that pop up when you watch a video for the first couple of seconds. That's the advertising. That's where YouTube and Google make all their money from that advertising and they'll literally because they want to, they want you to continue to upload videos so they can continue to charge advertisers to advertise. And then that's how their business model works. So I just love it. I love that we're talking about YouTube today. I love that this is something that you've run with. I love that it's bringing you both profits, but also like mom said, in your life is bringing you joy. I do have it on your face. And it's been fantastic to catch up, brother. 

Judd: Thank you. You too, man. Always a pleasure and I'm happy to be here and yeah, you know, like I said before, Legendary was a blessing in disguise. Learned and kind of got to the ecosystem as you will a couple years ago. So I'm thrilled to be here and thank you so much.

Dave: Yeah, yeah. Well, thrilled to know you. And yeah, now you can come back every couple of months hopefully and keep us posted on your journey and we'll watch you grow. 

Judd: I would love to thank you so much. Alright, talk to you soon brother. Take care everybody. Thank you. 

Dave: All right, you guys, as I've been posting here, and if you're listening to this episode, you can look it up on YouTube, follow them, check them out. Subscribe to his channel, all that good jazz, just type in his name Judd Allbring. That's how you spell @Juddalbring doing some big things on YouTube and deadly form to ignore? Friday my friends, it is the 10th of December 2022 is right around the corner. What are you doing right now? To set 2020 up to be your best year that you've ever had in your entire life doesn't matter how old you are. Whether you're 2242 49 about to be 50 like Judd, whether you're 6979 in your 80s It's never too early and it's never too late. Please know that you deserve it. Believe in yourself or allow us to believe in you until you do and allow us to support you every step of the way along this journey. Okay. Welcome to the community if you're new, welcome back, and thanks for tuning in. Thanks for commenting. All those comments are are fuel to us to let us know that feedback. Thank you for the thing just I just want to give you all a shout out who who watch and listen and comment and like these things. It's really appreciated. And we'll see you back here for yet another episode on Monday 10am Eastern time. You can even subscribe. You can text WUL to the number on the screen 813-296-8553 it'll send you a non spammy, totally cool, very short little description with a link five days a week so you can jump right on the show. I get my text message every morning one text a day keeps the forgetful mind away. And and yeah, make this a part of your daily routine. All right, get out of here. Love you all. Stay Legendary. Peace