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Matt: Hello, everybody, welcome back. It is Tuesday December 21st. And we're live. We had a little bit of a technical headache there for a second, but we're back and we're rocking. So, as always, we've got a fun guest today. He is a returning guest I believe. I'll find out here in just a second but I'm pretty sure we've had him on before. I'm pretty sure I remember episode two and he's got a powerful track record of a history in the digital marketing space. And I'm excited to chat with him today. And if you are newer to our community, or if you're newer to these lives, typically we go live every Monday through Friday at 10am. eastern. Every day at 10am Eastern we go live on Facebook, we bring in a new guest, we talk about their experience with Legendary or their experienced digital marketing stuff like that, and we just unpack their strategies and what they're up to. It's a way for us to get a little bit of inspiration, a little motivation as we get our week going. And especially right now I feel like it's really important as we're gearing up for a new year and when you get into a new year, especially in the online space, there's a lot of buying there's a lot of commerce that happens and people are excited to set new goals to try new things and so it's a great time to be an online business owner in this in the stage where you're gonna go from end of year to New Year and fresh energy and so anyway I’m excited that you guys all made it here live with us again, we got started just a few minutes late. So if you're just joining us, we just started and if you don't mind, leave us a little comment in the comment section with a wave or clap emoji or something and help me welcome on today's guest you see that I pronounced that right.

Jussi: Yeah, you'll see Yeah. Perfect, awesome.

Matt: All the way from Finland. Tell us a little bit about yourself. Tell us you were on the show. months back. And but for those of there's there's lots of new people here obviously you've never met you don't know you. Tell us a little bit about you and your story and your journey. You were in it and then you've done a lot online. 

Jussi: This is my second time on the show. It was almost one year ago. Last January was the first time that I have been an online entrepreneur. Almost before he was, I was an IT guy in a big big company in Finland but I didn't turn into an entrepreneur. Four years ago on the first day I did some Amazon FBA and that turned out to be a little bit difficult and so I started my own blog and I've done some consulting as well. But this year, I'm mostly concentrating on my blog. I haven't done so much coaching anymore. 

Matt: So you did a little bit of coaching, previous and prior but now you're focused mostly on your blog. We talked about I think it wasn't me, but I think it was you and Dave talked about, you know, basically making money without making a bunch of videos. Tell us things like what you do and also how do people go find your blog?

Jussi: Yeah, it's my name. 

Matt: How did you learn SEO? What was what got you into it? I used to be into it back in the day too.

Jussi: I didn't know a lot about online marketing when I started my blog. So I have learned mainly from year to year. I have also purchased some courses. But mainly by mail by doing it myself and trial and error. Yeah, that's the best way to maybe learn.

Matt: Yeah, that sounds about right. I started in 2011. I started my own blog, and I thought man, this is going to be the best blog ever. And it was just all about like, an MLM product that I like trying to sell or whatever. And, you know, I got a few pages ranked and then I created this course called The first page formula. I don't sell it anymore, but it was back in the day before Google Panda and all that stuff. And it was just funny because yeah, it's just a total trial and error. You start installing some seo wordpress plugins, you watch a couple YouTube videos, maybe I bought a course. And I was like, man, I'm full in on this SEO thing like I am. I'm completely in. I'm, I'm going to figure this out. And I can rank pages pretty quickly. You know, now it takes a little bit more time. But I mean, if you write a really, really good piece of content, and a really good article, it doesn't take that long and you can get a lot of free traffic from that kind of thing.

Jussi: Yeah, it usually lasts maybe, maybe, maybe one month or so. It's going to be around. It will be about a month. When you hit first base and once it's there it can stay for a very, very long time. Maybe maybe even a year, two years and unable to get passive traffic all that all the time and you can make a decent amount of money with with passive income when you when you rank on Google, yeah, I like it very much because I don't I don't have to do anything like stocks or Instagramming results or stuff like that. Right? It's my cup of tea, you know, to write blogs and try to run my stuff on Google.

Matt: Yeah. I feel like there's a lot of people in our community who might gravitate towards that but just because they've only seen people who have been on tick tock or making YouTubes they assume they must do that too. Now there's nothing wrong with creating it. I mean, video content is a great way to go viral.

Jussi: Of course.

Matt: Yeah, but I do feel like there's a lot of people who gravitate more towards your sort of line of thinking and stuff and towards that strategy and specifically, and I think that a lot of them miss out on that. And the other thing I was gonna say is I don't know if you think this is true, too. But I think in the world of TikTok and short video content, the art of writing and creating a really great piece of content has sort of been lost, because people now use transcribers. They use all sorts of AI to write articles for them and all sorts of this like technology that, you know, they claim is going to write an article that's amazing, and it'll be just like a human but the truth is not really. And then it doesn't it doesn't really produce the response of a really quality human written article. And I think that there's a big opportunity there. At least that's my thought. What

what do you think? 

Jussi: Yeah, that's correct. Absolutely. All right. And yeah, I think this is really hard, you know, to rank on Google with a website but it is doable. And once you do that, it's it is you know, it's long, it's a long term business and, but it's I think it's more maybe a more sustainable business model than you know, making all the TikTok and Instagram reels and the sort sub base of business content. That is of course, only my opinion, but in fact that that is how I see things, at least right now.

Matt: Yeah, I think that makes sense. I feel like with the writing of the content and creating content specifically in that way, I think you're able to do a few things that you're not able to do necessarily on video, but there's pros and cons to each side. I think that you get some real intimacy and closeness with people and they can see you right. But I do think that especially with a review type article, which is what you know, you said if you google search for Legendary Marketer 15 Day Challenge, you'll see my blog is there on the first page, and I did some nice work on that. That's awesome. And it's pretty high too. It's not just like the bottom one on the first page. But you can you can bring them into your world and you can really, really educate them in a format where they're looking for that, like, if somebody goes and searches that number one, you're not just barging in in front of them, you know, sort of doing interruption marketing, you're, you're more so you're just positioning yourself in front of somebody who's already looking for that. So there's a big difference there. They're probably already warmed up or even in hot traffic, and you're just simply positioning yourself right in front of them for the exact keywords they're searching for already. As we're, you know, on TikTok, you can get in front, probably reach is going to be bigger, you're going to have you're going to get yourself in front of more people. But then, after you get yourself in front of all those people, there's only a very small percentage of those people who are even remotely interested. And so it's just a different game.

Jussi: Not only totally different from that, it's absolutely absolutely correct. So I think it is at least warm traffic. And they assume they know Legendary Marketer and they want to know a little bit more about Legendary Marketer and your challenge and therefore they are maybe more willing to enter in during your ecosystem than maybe perhaps with TikTok.

Matt: Yeah. And the other thing that I was just that struck me about sort of the review style article thing is, we get a lot of people who come to us and they say, you know, because they're new. They don't really know what to post or their content. They feel like they're a newbie; they feel like they're just brand new to their whole business. So it's like, well, what do I even post about? What do I talk about, you know, like, I'm not the action. 

Jussi: That was my problem. Oh, so I didn't even know but, you know, every day, you know, to do a different kind of video. I didn't know I didn't know what to say in those videos. So therefore, I tried it but that didn't work for me because in TikTok, the audience is mainly from America. Many are living in the US and TikToks then you are living in Europe, even into Europe. But especially in Finland. 

Matt: And it's so powerful because, as a reviewer like Dave would talk about this, in the sense of like, if you're a reviewer, you're basically just a reporter like you think of yourself as just reporting the facts right. Which then changes your whole outlook on the content. Because you don't have to know absolutely everything. You just have to be able to report and review what it is that you're seeing and experiencing. And that is anybody can do that. Right? So anybody can write that style of review. Anybody can write that style of a report, basically, of maybe it's a product or maybe it's a webinar, or maybe it's whatever, you know, I don't know what it is, but there's people who have created entire TikToks, entire blogs, entire YouTube channels, just around unboxing things. I know this lady on TikTok who does products from Amazon, you didn't know you needed and she just it's just products that she just loves and just shows them off on her TikTok and makes and makes Amazon commissions. I just really like the aspect of having a really well balanced blog. It's the number one content you always control and there's people out there who have lost TikTok channels, there's people out there who have lost all sorts of stuff. And you know, you're not unless you're fringy you're not going to lose your blog, you know, especially if you're writing good content, too. If you're writing well reviewed content, it's got images, maybe some videos tucked into the content. It's written with the right structure, meaning the right SEO. You know, that stuff is going to sit there and rank for years without doing a single thing. I think that's really powerful. I think more people you know, if they had the long term outlook, would choose that route, or at least add that route to their existing marketing. 

Jussi: Every block is kind of like a mini business. So I have I have many, many affiliate programs that I am in and so Legendary Marketer is only only one of them, but of course, it's one of the best affiliate programs I've ever tried, but it's only one I can write more content upon and join into more affiliate programs and make more money that way. So I don't have to, you know, depend on only one affiliate program.

Matt: Totally, totally. Are you mostly doing just reviews?

Jussi: Yeah, yeah, reviews and listicles.

Matt: Do you have any kind of formula? Do you have a structure that you try to follow? And how did you come up with that?

Jussi: Yeah, I have a certain outline, I follow all my reviews and all my listicles and I don't know how I came up with that. But it's you know, evolved when I have become better and brighter now than what I was when I started. And now, I have a certain structure there and I think I have seen that. That is very good and Kugler even loves my articles and sometimes ranks them really high. So I don't need to say that anymore. I think I have found it already.

Matt: Nice. Yeah. And for those of you who are like, you know, sitting here watching, you're like, Well, what do you know what he does? Let's see, well, his blog link is right there on the screen, you can go to his blog, and then you can click on one of his articles, seven best Amazon research tools 2022 And then just go look, I mean, just go look at one of the best Amazon research tools. And then he's just going to show you exactly his formula in the way that he writes in the way that he puts together his articles and goes through a few of his articles. You can kind of see the formula for the actual articles that you're writing. I mean, you do some good research on those. And then you put together a pretty good art. Are you writing all the content yourself?

Jussi: No, not anymore. No.

Matt: How did you find a writer?

Jussi: I have a job listing on one One website, and I got over 70 Answers to it. 

Matt: Nice. That's awesome. So do you do the initial research then on like what you want the article to be about and then you send it to your writer?

Jussi: Yeah, I did. 

Matt: Yeah. Cool. That makes sense. Cool. That's awesome. It's a heck of a lot better. Once you've got things rolling and you've got a little bit of income from the stuff you're doing to be able to do that. That's super awesome. When did you start doing that?

Jussi: Just recently. 

Matt: Very nice. So you're so I'm looking at your blog. How many of these do you pump out a week?

Jussi: I'm trying to maybe do two good blog posts per week now or something like that. 

Matt: Cool. I like that we've got somebody on who isn't just another TikTok or not that there's anything wrong, I like bringing a little diversity to that.

Matt: So what's what's next, what's next on the horizon? What's the next way to continue to put out blog posts? Are you thinking of doing more blogs?

Jussi: Yeah, I think I'm trying to scale my blog to the next level and write more content and also build backlinks to my blog. So that is equally important. Right? When you're trying to rank your stuff on Google's unit, you need content and links, content sub links, and that's that's the secret sauce of a successful blog.

Matt: Cool. That's awesome. Well, man, thanks for coming on this morning. Thanks for showing us another different route a little bit more behind the scenes. A lot of times people come up to me and they're like, Well, how do I do this without showing my face on video? And this is a really perfect example of how I got started and how I made my first few dollars online. And you know, I think everybody would, would be really you know for all the video marketers out there that I know that have lost their entire channel. Man, people do well to learn long term skills like blogging and SEO and to commit to building a blog that's going to be there forever, and playing that long term game. It's such a smart thing to network. Thanks for coming on Jussi, and for everybody who's here, go to his blog, maybe leave a comment saying, Hey, I saw you on Wake Up Legendary. I think actually on his blog, there's probably a way for you to follow or get updates on his blog too. Not sure if that's actually the case or not, but don't what I want you to do is I want you to go study that blog and study the way that he does. Reviews write best asset management software SCR serve surfer SEO review, Alli dropship review, right and and to look into that setting up a blog is not that hard. And creating these types of articles is not that hard, but if you do it the right way. You're able to get traffic from one piece of content for months and even in some cases, years. On the decade in a day we were working through. We were actually doing a search for a dog training review. And we found that this guy had a blog and also a YouTube video from 2013 still ranking on the first page of Google. And it's those little pieces of content he created years ago that are still bringing in leads. It's still, you know, feeling his business. So thanks again Jussi, and for everybody who's here. We'll be back here tomorrow, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday for more Wake Up Legendary, thanks again you see for coming on and have a great rest of your Tuesday.