Below is the transcription for this episode:

Dave: This is Dave Sharpe, welcome to Wake Up Legendary. This morning. We welcome a hairdresser turned online entrepreneur who has and is doing quite a few things; blogging, TikToking, and using Pinterest where we will hear a little bit about her story. Lisa, welcome to the show.

Lisa: Hey, thanks for having me.

Dave: Yeah, where are you? Where are you calling in from?

Lisa: Los Angeles. 

Dave: Okay, nice. So tell us a little bit about your journey and ultimately led you to find us.

Lisa: Yeah, sure. So basically, I was a hairdresser for 10 years straight out of high school. I didn't want to go to college. So I just went to hairdressing school and did that and I live in Los Angeles. And it was great. I loved it. I mean, I was young and I was basically already a freelancer because I always kind of made my own schedule and everything.  I absolutely loved my clients, but I was still living paycheck to paycheck because LA is so expensive. And obviously when the pandemic hit, just at the drop of a hatch, I was out of work, and then I realized, Oh, I'm out of work, so I'm not making any money and I remember getting that email from my boss saying that we were going to close for two weeks and I was like, Okay, I literally have two weeks of savings or, you know, leftover money and after that, I have nothing so that was kind of like, okay, you need to get it together. So I took that time during lockdown to kind of reevaluate everything and started reading so that I could educate myself and go back to work, but I was still trying to figure out what I could do because I didn't go to college. So I was just freaked out. I was like, I have no education. And so I didn't really know what to do and I came across TikTok

Dave: And there's basically no other place to go at that point, right? It's in the middle of a global shutdown. You know, we don't know if it’s the end of the world or not. But I mean, as long as we're still here you've got to eat and the landlord's at least calling telling you, hey, rent still needs to be paid, right? But you've just been sent down, sent home deemed non essential. And you're kind of, you know, between a rock and a hard place. The only place to turn is the internet, the dark web at that point, right?

Lisa: I know and I wasn't, other than like online shopping and stuff I didn’t use. I didn't even have a laptop and literally bought my first one for my birthday in August 2021. And I figured out digital marketing. I got certified in Google certifications. And I just wanted to either do freelance work or work for a company and then again, on Tiktok, I found you guys and I was like, Okay, great. I could either do this on the side or it could just find another freelance thing, you know, I had no idea where this was gonna take me and I just decided to go for it. I had my own studio doing hair and I was just like, I got to give this up because I'm just one of those people that I have to give it everything I have or it's just not gonna work out for me. So yeah, I had no job. So this is the only thing that I had to work for me because I had nothing else.

Dave: Unfortunately, and this is just, sort of reality of you know, the world is just that, unless you're using your pain when you're in a really tough spot, a lot of times you don't do anything about your situation. And no matter what it is, you know what I mean? If it's, you know, I mean, yeah, money, for example. I mean, I'll just use the one that we're talking about. I mean, I've seen people come in, particularly for many years before the pandemic who still had cushy jobs and just, you know, wanted to just have more money, but they weren't really running out of money. So it was just kind of a side hustle hobby. I'll get to it when I get to it and, you know, but I'll tell you what, these last 20 months when people were put in a position like you're describing, where it's like, okay, I got nothing now. You know that's a really scary place, where you almost go into survival mode, and you're right, it's either you do it or you starve. And I'll tell you, I don't know. I mean, there's a lot of people succeeding right. Now it's hard for me because I don't have tons of data to look back at, compared to but I just feel like there's a real there's a real it's hard to put your finger on it. But I say this time and time again. What is causing you pain? Can you amplify that in your life and use it as motivation, even if you have to manufacture it a little bit, even if you have to, because I just believe as long as human beings are complacent and don't really have to change it's hard to change. You had real pain. Now you folks out there might also have real pain, but if you are somewhat complacent, then you might want to start trying to take a look at what the hell hurts and would you like to stop hurting in your life because you really can use that as some pretty serious motivation. Do you agree with that?

Lisa: Yeah, I do. Yeah, I feel like I was okay with settling. I was okay with living paycheck to paycheck because I was like I live in Los Angeles. I have a great apartment

Dave: You've got a great life. Your job doesn't suck. You probably enjoy your work. 

Lisa: Yeah, yeah. 

Dave: But all of a sudden when Armageddon comes in, it's like it's the end of the world. You know, it's scary. It's like, look, you can still live and you can still eat and you can still have a life but you just have to do it at home. And you can't leave your house to go to work and therefore you're not going to get paid. So just hang tight.

Lisa: Right? And that's what it was. It was cool like you know, we'll let you know.

Dave: Right? And you know what, it's been great. Kind of like No, nobody's really at fault because well, the government's doing the shutdowns and all this and that so there's been no real you know, okay, so the government shut us down. So they're gonna send us a check. Right so you know, they send out $1,200 checks six months apart, like what's that supposed to do for anybody? You know what I mean? So I think a lot of people have been pushed into whether it be driving for Uber whether it be you know, whether it be going online, whether it be sticking with and following through a course that you bought because if you parted with your money, maybe that maybe you don't have more income coming in right now because you lost your job like, I don't know, I just I feel like like there's been a lot of people who have been in that spot and can relate to that and it's, it's a powerful thing when you can use your your situation as a motivator to get out of it to better your life. In there's some real consequences on the other side of you not taking action,

Lisa: Absolutely. Yeah.

Dave: A lot of times, there's no consequences, right, because we still got the job or whatever. So we don't, we're not really going to starve. But I mean, if we waste a few $100 Or a few $1,000 on something, we can always just say, well, I'll get back to it later. You know, that's usually what we tell ourselves. So how has the business model resonated with you? How have you, I guess, what has meant what makes the most sense about this business model and what attracted you to want to come go through our learning process and continue to follow through from there?

Lisa: Well, I love that 15 Day Challenge. The fact that you had a live person that you could talk to and ask questions was amazing. And I mean, you really learned skills that I can use forever, like let's say if an affiliate product falls off, okay, I know that knowledge and I can just go and find another one. So it's, it's it really it's not just something that I can do right? Now for maybe like a year or two. It's something that I can build upon my skills forever. And that's, that's something great that I other than like hairdressing, like, it's something that I can do like even if I get hurt or whatever the situation like with hairdressing I felt like, if my body breaks down on me, then my body breaks down on me like I'm only 30 and I already had problems with my body. Like, and that was another thing that I was like, Okay, I need to figure out something else. And with this, I feel like I have different I feel like I have different things to do like I'm kind of going crazy in my head brainstorming like okay other than affiliate marketing what okay, do my own digital products, my own like coaching set, you know, so it's, it's, like different forms of income, which I never thought was possible. I was like, Okay, you have a job, and you get a paycheck. And that's it. I didn't know about passive income. I didn't. I mean, I knew about investing but I didn't know how to go about that. So it just kind of opened up a whole other world for me, especially because I was new to online. So it's been kind of surreal. Yeah,

Dave: That's cool. That's cool. That's really cool. So have you found how you have transitioned through, maybe doing some things that are out of your comfort zone? I don't know what's been out of your comfort zone. Why don't you tell us some of the things that have been out of your comfort zone and then what are you doing to move through them versus avoid them?

Lisa:  Everything's out of my comfort zone. I mean, like I said, I was not tech savvy at all. So the good thing that I knew about digital marketing was I took Google certification. So I knew the basics of digital marketing, which was super beneficial. And it was, it was free. So that was amazing. But I, I kind of realized that you have to get out of your comfort. So like, like, obviously my comfort zone was doing hair, it was doing things that I knew and that was working for me. So if you have to get uncomfortable, to move forward and to do different things or else you're just gonna stay complacent. So yeah, like social media was kind of pointed to I mean, I have social media, but I wasn't really good at it. And I'm still not great at it. I like working on that, which is why I mainly do Pinterest, because it's not a social platform, which is like, yes, thank you. So social media online, the tech stuff like building the funnels, like it was just, it was so foreign to me and thank God there's Google for any kind of video training like I take because it just didn't know anything.

Dave: Yeah. So what are you doing with Pinterest?

Lisa: So I use Pinterest to drive traffic to my blog. And when I made my posts that was how I started my own online business with affiliate marketing through you guys.

Dave: Okay. And you're just basically posting on Instagram and kind of driving traffic to your blog?

Lisa: Yes, I had to do it the fast way because organic traffic in Pinterest takes a little time. So I do run Pinterest Ads.

Dave: Oh, you do run Pinterest ads. Wow. Interesting. It's fascinating. Pinterest is a beast.

Lisa: It's a really good platform.

Dave: Yeah. Wow. So I'm kind of looking at your Pinterest page. And I'm seeing just endless of what looks like very similar content here. And you've just, it looks like it just goes on and on and on. Like how many posts you've made. Wow, it's unbelievable. Are all these individual posts on Pinterest?

Lisa: Yeah, so there's an app that you can set up. But so far, I've just been doing it all myself. So yeah, Canva and Pinterest have been my best friends.

Dave: Okay, so you make all these images inside of Canva. And then you just kind of post them on to your Pinterest profile with no, not even I mean a very short caption and then you link over to your blog. And this is where people you know are diving deeper into your topic. And then you've got affiliate links embedded. The author, the post.

Lisa: Yes

Dave: Interesting. Interesting. So it's kind of a little bit more like a, this is this is a great example of delivering value in the written form, long form content in even, I mean when I say long form content, it's really just forgetting even whether it's short or long form. I mean, because this is a rather quick read so it's not like it's a you know, viewer to read this out. It probably takes three to five minutes. So I mean, you can post a video on TikTok now that's three minutes long, I think. So this is really the opposite of doing video content. I mean, if you're doing video content, you're probably doing video content on TikTok Instagram, maybe YouTube or at least repurposing your TikToks over on YouTube shorts. But with you, there's not a single bit of video involved. You are simply creating images that are speaking to a very specific audience which is online business. And in mindset people, people who are looking to make more money, people who are looking to entrepreneurship or open entrepreneurship open to multiple streams of income opportunity seekers, as I call them. And you just create a simple little, little, little kind of almost like add it but it just looks like it doesn't look threatening like an ad it looks like a little meme. And it's very beneficial. Strong headline in the image how to make 25 to $50 per hour with online social media. somebody sees that they click it and you know, nice little caption and you've got it linked out to a capture page. Who knows, sometimes you go to a capture page, sometimes you go directly to a blog post but the bottom line is that it's a very simple process and I'm dissecting it. I'm seeing what you're doing here. And there's not a single place in which ultimately, you are putting your face on camera whatsoever throughout this strategy. Is that right?

Lisa: Yeah, and I do have a TikTok but that's slowly growing because again, I'm still kind of trying to figure out social media. So that's why I chose to do a blog because I actually enjoy writing. So that was something as much as I want to get out of my comfort zone, I still want to focus on the things that I'm good at.

Dave: I like that. And I'm pointing this out specifically because you know, this is a great way to get things started. If you're, if you're wanting to if you if you are a writer or do enjoy writing, or just want to have an alternative strategy from going and being on video, you know, this is a fantastic this is a fantastic strategy that is still gaining I mean we've only I mean you've you've it's not about follower count here, but 214,000 monthly views on this profile. And you've got very few followers. It's a comment of where this content is getting out and who's seen it organically and also the ads that you're running here on Pinterest, right? Yeah. Very fascinating. Very, very interesting. And then you've set up this blog to thrive financially with Lisa and it looks like it's just a WordPress blog. And you've uploaded some sort of a theme to it. Is that right? Okay, and you got five or six blog posts, something like that doesn't appear like there's like there's too many. Is that right?

Lisa: Yeah, so more like the modern blog. If you don't post blogs, like two to three times a week. It's you just have your core posts.

Dave: Yeah, I mean, you provide value, you've got about four or five real angels or things that you need to say and you've created them into long form blog posts here on a blog that you own. And in so what you do is instead of focusing on tons and tons of blog posts, in trying to rank those in Google, instead of you're doing four or five, five main pillar pieces of content right here that that basically will answer or provide the angle of everything that you need to say in order to get somebody interested in what you're selling. And instead, you're focusing on driving traffic, by putting the majority of your efforts out here on Pinterest in running ads to those pieces of content that then send those people on into your funnels. So it's almost like the blog acts as the bridge page funnel. It's basically a landing page to where when somebody clicks one of these they, in many of your posts, land over on one of these blog posts, which your main core products that you're promoting are embedded all throughout these blog posts. Yes, yeah. It's a great strategy. I think this is a fantastic alternative to the traditional SEO work that we've done for a long time with blogs, which is much slower you're trying to write, you know, you're creating the blog posts and then you're trying to rank it in Google. And that can be a really slow process versus what you've done here, which is your four or five pillar pieces of content. And inside of those pieces of content, you've got all of your affiliate tools and products that you're promoting. You're linking out to them in your just then got moot focusing on creating a crap pile of traffic generating assets out here, which might be posted on Pinterest, in your case, it's posted on Pinterest and ads. It could also easily be TikTok videos but what I see is happening here is you're starting them off with reading a text ad. And then you're moving them on to a model where they read and so you're keeping that consistency or that congruence of reading all the way through the funnel versus taking them from written ads to videos which may be a little bit throw them off for a loop or or or whatever, not be as effective.

Lisa: Right. Yeah, it's been interesting. learning all about Pinterest and Google and stuff. And it is really hard to rank on Google. So because I used to run Google ads. You know it, you just have to, like crazy, stand out. So Pinterest gives you one of my favorite parts about Pinterest is that your pin could still come up a year later, two years later, like it doesn't other than Instagram or Facebook where it just gets lost like two hours after you post it. Yeah, this stays depending on what people are searching for. Depending on how good your pin does. So that's another reason why I love it.

Dave: So Pinterest, just to just to give a little bit of context about how Pinterest works, Facebook usually is going to push when you post something on Facebook once once it's going to basically be pushed down into the feed. And so if you know if you post something and it doesn't really get any initial traction, I mean it's pretty much down in the feed. It's a page, it's a feed right. And what Pinterest is interesting because where it seems like they get a lot of their content is repurposing old content back up into a page because I'm seeing content here from people who I both follow but also from people who I don't follow, which is where the opportunity is with Pinterest and TikTok is that and I think with Instagram reels too, but with Facebook, I'm not going to see anything from anybody unless I follow them. Or I'm friends with them. Right, whereas on Pinterest, I'm going to see content from people. This is almost like the for you page. I'm going to see content that Pinterest is pushing up things I might like. Similar to TikToks for you page or Instagram’s Discover or their reels page. So I think that's a unique distinction. And it's kind of how, you know how I think people are getting more of their content seen like you just mentioned because of the way that the platform works and the way that the algorithm works. It's better for marketing the cold traffic. Whereas Facebook is better if you've got a warm audience that you want to continue to deliver value to and want to continue to focus on that warm audience, then that's a little bit more how Facebook works. What other tips or insights do you have that might make Pinterest make more sense for everybody listening?

Lisa: So one of the things that kind of struck me was Pinterest is essentially Google for images. And in my business I do, I am more for the blog. I am specifically attracting women because I want to help women change their life kind of the way that I did you know, I you know, I grew up with the notion like just just work and you know, pick up a paycheck and maybe you'll retire with a pension. So I think of myself as a minority, I think that's still common. I don't know why. My mother is very old fashioned. I wanted to focus more on women so women are more drawn to images. So that's another reason why I chose Pinterest because women are on Pinterest like crazy. And you know they're at home, especially like moms that want to do side hustles or make extra income like that. They can easily find my page and blog. So yeah, Pinterest, Pinterest has been really really beneficial for me and I will continue to try to grow with it and love it. But yeah, that's a game changer right there is that it's basically Google pictures and so again, your pins stay relevant even your I see I see pins from like 2018. So the fact that you can make an affiliate, commission or sale from like a post that was like three years old is pretty awesome. Yeah, I don't think you can really do that with any other platforms. Yeah. And so just giving a page, you know, just creating a page where they feel like they can refer back to it and get inspired with others because I also can have relevant pins like just the other side hustles other jobs. Another thing of mine is mindset shift. So more like affirmations just really more inspiration.

Dave: Yeah it's fascinating how with a platform like this, this is really metal sleeper form. And like the majority of people who are using Pinterest, I'm not going to say everybody because there's not a ton of them, but the majority of people who are using Pinterest are seeing or saying the same thing. You know what I mean? It's a sleeper, it's under- appreciated. It's underutilized because what you do with Pinterest is not only post images, it is like what you see but also videos right? So you can see the videos that you know, and this is an ad right. And I think that the other cool thing about Pinterest is look just look at how not to look on this platform. I mean, so it's like it's like for example like this is just a natural post that the person didn't pay for and then it's sitting right next to a Penny Hoarder. Add in the Penny Hoarder is a $20 million a year affiliate business basically, for things in their ads. Simply say four things you can spend money on that will actually make you richer, right? I mean, what a great ad. Right? And you would never even know that that's an ad like if you're just a regular person who's not even paying attention, but what do they do they do to able that throughout this they have a lot of feeling embedded in their post and this is how they make their money that they Penny Hoarder, I don't believe sells anything. It's all just a massive affiliate business in every single blog. It's a massive blog. In with tons of posts have affiliate credit all throughout it. Yours is just a micro blog that's just got four or five pieces of pillar content on it and that's that's fine, too. That's a really manageable strategy. But the next level is doing what Penny Hoarder is doing. It's interesting too. If you just look at the platform, from the mark, you're a marketer's eyes. You can see why it's so powerful for just regular people. You can see why the ads work because they're literally just. It doesn't even look like an ad. It just looks like a regular pin. Just next to the stay at home mom from Nebraska and here's an ad from Northern royal right you know what I mean? So it's a very, it's a very they've really set it up. They've really set it up intelligently and right here you can see a video from somebody who wants to make money by listening to me listening to music, right? This is likely going to be a video you see. It's just a simple little thing that this lady took her video from TikTok, put it right here to see where her link is. Maybe she was just sending people to that site but it's a really easy platform to use, isn't it?

Lisa: Yeah, and like you said it is very organic. Like even when I'm getting my related pins. I'll see my ad pop up and it's exciting. But it just blows with everything. So it doesn't it doesn't feel like it's like a sleazy salesman. And another thing I love about it is that it's not a social platform so you don't have to be Miss popularity. You don't have to have a million followers and people to take you seriously as long as you provide good content. People will follow you or like you as long as you inspire people with the pins that you're pinning. They will follow you and they so it doesn't have to be, you know, like, like an influencer game where you're trying to like get.

Dave: I know that which is just so it's such a turn off for so many people, right? The whole social media. I mean, it just reminds you of, you know, high school or something. You know where you're competing for people's attention or approval or whatever you know, you're somehow you know, basically, you know, he is making himself out to be how many likes you get or how many followers you have. And then that can be difficult. I think that mental part of social media in marketing nowadays is that we get too wrapped up in numbers and then personalize them. So I like this as a strategy because you don't have a lot of that social, that socializing aspect that I think can throw people off a little bit, right? It can because if you just have a job to do, and nobody's standing over you and you don't, you know, socializing and you know, it doesn't feel like it's socializing. A lot of times you just are more you just do the job and then you are done with it. Whereas sometimes it can be a mindset game. If it feels like you're socializing and it feels like you're, especially if your childhood wasn't, you know, you did at school or the most popular kid that can bring some of those memories and feelings back is what I'm saying. That's a real thing. You agree with that?

Lisa: Yeah, I do. I mean, don't get me wrong. I I do want to utilize social media. Absolutely. But for people like me that wasn't really great. at it. And that I did have to like, work on this quickly. Pinterest was just like yeah, yeah, it's a great alternative. You know, if your camera is shy or anything like that.

Dave: Excellent points, triggers, you know, I mean, just little trauma triggers of apps to be aware of, when you're coming on to social media. Don't go into high school mode, and start taking on how many likes you got as that's how worthy you are. You know, it's just a side note. It's not the main focus of what we're talking about. I just thought that it was it , that's something that is just another mental barrier we have to overcome in this business, I think and it's, if as long as you know about it going in, I think it's easy to overcome. But when it slaps you and all of a sudden you're getting nasty comments on your TikToks. And you're like, oh my god, people are so mean, you know, and then you're triggered like you're in high school, you know? But anyways, what else would you say? What else would you tell yourself? Wouldn't that you know, now that you didn't know when you were starting out?

Lisa: For me, the biggest thing I had to overcome was my mindset. I feel like I had just that mindset of like, just settle for good enough. You know, like, what, like, Who are you to ask for this crazy dream life that you want. So that was other than like, all the tech stuff like that was the biggest thing that I had to overcome. Just, that's another thing that I focus on on my blog because that was trying to get out of my head and getting rid of all that negativity, trying to manifest and do meditations and just change my mindset because it's like it will make you fail. If you think that you can't do this if you believe that you aren't capable of achieving success. It is us and they will kind of pull you and hinder you. I remember I went to this little training that I took this woman, she said that she does Pinterest as well. And she said that she was running her Pinterest ads and all of a sudden all her ads got wiped out and she got shut out and she had to restart and it was and she kind of said that. She thought it was because of her mindset that she didn't actually truly think that she could succeed. And that's something that I had to overcome. Even with this show. I was kind of hesitant to do it because I was like oh, I don't know if I'm like there yet. I don't know if I can speak as an authority. And literally, I did not have commissions for a couple of days. And then I was washing the dishes and I was like oh my god, I did this to myself. I because I went in that. Like I'm not ready I am not successful enough. I'm not there enough. Like I was continuing to wait for something to happen. And it's not about waiting for something to happen. It's just being the best version of yourself every single day. Work on yourself every day. 


Dave: Yeah, I'm not ready. I mean, that's one of the most common myths, lies, and just absolute business killers. I mean, it's when you start saying that you're a couple of steps away from just going ahead and grabbing your tombstone, and laying your pretty little business dream down in a grave to die. And that unfortunately happens. I mean, you have a beautiful dream, you should probably look at it like it's a person. Imagine that. Fortunately every single day people bury their business dreams. They take their tombstone, and they basically lay their dream down and die to die. Or they just take it behind the barn and shoot it themselves. You know, I mean, I don't know what's worse is when you just outright quit or when it gets taken away from you. And you don't even know what's happening. You know, you don't even know why you're self sabotaging. But I do. I do think one of the quickest ways to determine whether you're self sabotaging is: are you telling yourself that you're not ready yet? That if you are telling people I'm not ready to do that yet. Then you are 1,000% self sabotaging in that moment because with a simple reframe. You could just as easily be using that precious air and energy that you're using just to say those words. You can be saying, I'm right on the brink of a breakthrough. I just got to keep taking massive action. And with that massive action, probably 80% is going to be learning and 20% is going to hit the bull's eye because that's the law of averages I mean, usually you take you at the beginning if you take lots of action even as you've been in business for a while. Not everything works. So you got enough stuff to where you get that video that goes viral. You get that post that blows up. That's how you create success. It's that nine out of 10 things suck. And they get just average views or average leads or they just kind of are a regular piece of content. And then one out of every 10 pieces of content that you put out and I'm just ranging this blows up and you might ride that wave. I know I got we got people here in this community that ride the wave of a video going viral on TikTok with a million or 2 million views takes them up to 30 40,000 followers builds their list to their first 10,000 you know for a while and then all of a sudden, you know, months down the road, they you know, 30 more pieces of content. We get another humdinger that goes viral. Right. Well, you know, that's a great example of, of just the more I do it and it's a numbers game. I got to put out enough stuff. So what is my point that if I'm telling myself I'm not ready, as if I'm going to be ready and everything that I'm going to do is going to be a great success. That is a trap. Does that make sense? What's coming up for you as I say that?

Lisa: Yeah, I mean, that was kind of a wake up call for me. Just wait, and I heard myself saying it, or at least thinking as to like, oh, I can't wait to have this amount of money or I can't wait to be like a size six you know, like it's I'm just like, No, I need to stop waiting and and that's what's ultimately is going to kill me is just the waiting. I mean, even before when I was a hairdresser, it was like that I just thought that it was just gonna fall into place one day like okay, you know, one day I'll have a house and stuff I didn't realize like I have to put in the work to actually achieve that. It's not just gonna magically happen because I'm 35 or 40 or, you know, whatever. So, again, where I am like I had to get out of my comfort zone and do stuff that I completely haven't done before. And I have to be consistent. Like I said, I am on TikTok. I'm kind of on a slow start to that. But if that's not I'm not gonna let that stop me. Like I know that it's gonna work out. I know that I'm going to improve my skills. So it's not like oh, maybe I'll just give up right now. Maybe I'll visit that later. Like no, you just have to stay consistent. You have to work through it and just know that if you put everything that you have into it like it is going to work out like you can't you can't you have to fail at certain things to learn stuff. But I mean, you have to fail essentially to succeed.

Dave: I think that is one of the things that is missing from so many people's plans for success is that I have to be intentional with my actions. I can't just as you were just saying live my life and just oh, one day my partner of my dreams, gonna land in my lap and yeah, I'm entitled to a house because I'm 35 years old. But, you know, sometimes we say well, when I'm 35 and I'll surely get married in my own home. But if you're not intentional, if you're 30 and you're that, let's just say hypothetically you are saying well if you didn't put intention that I like I'm going to keep my heart and eyes open for my soulmate. And I'm going to keep my I'm going to go talk to some mortgage companies and figure out what rates are and talk to some realtors and understand exactly how much I can afford and I mean you may be able to afford a house right now and you're not buying it because you're not being intentional with researching. What is it going to take to be a homeowner? A lot of times, I see this with people that are in my life. They know a little bit about a lot of things. They're like whenever a topic comes up they got something to say about you know what I mean? Like as if they know something about the topic. And the truth is that these are the type of people that never get anything done. They never achieve anything because they just know they just are all they do their talk and they don't take any action and they don't take any intentional action. And so it's like, you know, the human being can trick itself into thinking that it's taking action. Because we're such good manipulators and communicators. We can manipulate ourselves into feeling like we're doing something because oh, maybe we're talking about it and explaining it to our families or whatever it is. But the truth is, is that until we take intentional action to speak what we want into existence, and then back that up with action. We literally join the masses of people who sit around in bars, and at breakfast diners, talking shit and not ever doing anything. And make ourselves feel good for not doing anything. And again, we can do that because we can whisper sweet nothings right into our own little ears. And the truth is without action it won’t happen

Lisa: It’s great to want things but you have to go and do it, that was a game changer for me. I convinced myself that since I live in L.A. That was enough but no, I want a house with a yard for my dog to play in. 

Dave: I mean, I see other things in your future and I'm sure you're already beginning to use some of these practices. And I mean, if you know how to do it, I believe my buddy sparked a bunch of controversy the other day I saw him make a post on social media and he said would you be attracted to a woman if she didn't cook her clean and you know, everybody was like, misogynistic and all this and his rationale for it for saying no, I wouldn't be interested in a woman who doesn't cook or clean, he said, well, how you do one thing is how you do everything. He kind of saved his ass on the misogynistic part, right and he kind of brought back the old entrepreneur. You know, he was like, well, I believe how you do one thing is how you do everything. So if you and so he kind of tried to backpedal himself out of that after being attacked comments, but there's, there's truth to that, you know, and I believe there's always truth on both sides. You know, there's truth to everybody's opinion. Everybody's got a little bit of truth. But you know, how you do one thing is kind of how you do everything. And, you know,I see people with great businesses, they have great marriages, they have great relationships, they have great relationships with their kids. You know, I don't usually see people who are successful in business and everything else is shit, because how you do one thing is really how you do everything. With building a business and learning marketing it takes a certain amount of effort and commitment. I can imagine if I was 30 or 35 looking for a mate I would be intentional about it now based on how I used to act . I didn't know how anything would happen but things would happen. But you know anyways, so you seem like you're in that phase, where there was a part of your life where it was just like I'm going to LA I'm gonna have fun. But now you're kind of like I want to be a lot more intentional with things. Would you say that’s a fair assessment of the chapter of your life that you're in right now.

Lisa: Yeah I was born and raised here, I hate to say it too like, like the pandemic just changed everything for me so I again I mean, I loved la like I still love LA like.

Dave: So it's really that that shifted your outlook more than anything else.

Lisa: Yeah I mean I turned 30 and realized I knew I didn't want to be a hairdresser for the rest of my life because I don't want to sound bad but my mother is a massage therapist. And I just, I hate to say it but I kind of didn't want to follow in her footsteps because I'm she doesn't plan she doesn't have a pension or anything like that. So I was on that same boat like it was just very scary. For me. I knew that wasn't what I wanted to do for the rest of my life now, and kind of when the world stopped and made me realize all these things that I loved about L.A. yeah, they're great, but I don't really need them like, I do want a really nice home to come home to I do want certain things that I thought that were just pipe dreams or I thought I couldn't get into even just that waiting or I just again I didn't think that I deserved it. So it was just a game changer to me. So now I'm just in that headspace like, I want these things. How do I get them? Like I do want a really nice house. I'm an HDTV addict. So I do want a beautifully remodeled home. I'm very picky. So I want that and it's okay. And so it's great. How do I work to get there? Like I want to retire at 50. How do I get there? Like how can I live off dividends and interest and all that stuff? So it's I'm very much in that mode like in that trench and like okay, I want these things. I deserve them. Let me go after them and get them and figure out that way because I want to travel and I want to do all these things. 

Dave: Well, you know what, what's interesting is that we live in a world full of average. I mean if there was one way that you can describe the majority of people, it's just average. You know, there's just nothing wrong with it. I don't want to I don't want to. But average is just human nature. It's just doing what you have to do to get by. Human beings are typically lazy paths of least resistance. And it's understandable. I have certain parts of my life that are like that, you know? And I have it does bring you a bit more relaxation and peace when you are a bit more financially stable and a little bit more settled down in your life. But you know, in eight years a good long trust me grinding the past eight years from 30 to 38. I've been grinding hard, you know, so I'm tired right? I got two little ones at home. I'm tired. I legitimately I'm tired. But yeah, there's a lot of average in this world and what I was gonna say was that you can just fuck average and be Legendary. I know that makes no sense but it makes sense why we say it right because the only thing you really have to do to be successful and I know this is gonna sound oversimplified is just not quit is not just not be average. Right? You will really eventually succeed. And think how do I still work, still build their business, still posting content generating like that? Well, they're still in the game. They're still in the game, and they're in there making money and just they're getting better because when you practice you get better at stuff. And every single person who's quit well, they're not doing it anymore. They're back doing whatever they were doing or they're hopping from thing to thing. So part of just being successful, what I'm trying to say is actually sticking with something for multiple years, giving yourself time for that build up to begin to compound and begin to pick up like an avid like a snowball effect. Your success feels very small. In its hockey window it's hard to see the successes because they feel so insignificant but the failures feel so big. But the snowball eventually a month after month after month picks up more steam in those winds feel bigger now. They start to feel bigger. It's more money. It's more noticeable. More people are saying things about you. You're having your first $10,000 Month $30,000 Month 40 Like these things are happening. And now you've got momentum where the only way to truly screw it up is to actually just start shutting down your email list in it right because you've got enough momentum now you've got enough following an email list and you've got a system to where if you're creating content or putting out what you the value that you put out. People would actually ask where she went? What happened to her right and that usually takes a good solid. If you're learning in implementing, that takes six to 12 months to achieve that when you're really grooving like seriously you're grooving. And unfortunately most people can't even and I think I'm going to start talking about this more because this succeeding is not a mystery. Most people can't even finish the 15 Day Challenge, folks. I mean, let alone take any action I'm talking about, just sit down and watch some videos. Just can you sit down and watch them like you don't even need to go out on the court and shoot three pointers in a real life game. Just sit in the tape room and watch some tape. That's all we're asking. Most people can't do that. But they want to be successful, just when we start to break it down like that success is easy. Surely you see how framing this right now also because I want to have empowering thoughts in my head. I don't want to have big scary thoughts. Success is easy, because the main thing that I have to not do is I have to not quit and I have to finish things and I have to follow through in order to finish what I signed up for. And that seems to me like a very manageable outlook on building this business. What comes up for you as I say that?

Lisa: I mean, I agree out like you literally just have to like not quit and stay consistent and just try to get uncomfortable. I remember I was in the break room one time and I'll never forget this. It was kind of crazy. My boss was talking to her assistant and her assistant was older. And I don't know what was said I can't remember but when she left the room, I remember my boss saying, you know there's always gonna be those people that just stay assistants. And I was like, wow, that was kind of like I was like, like Yeah, and I wouldn't say she was like, shit talking about her. But it was uncalled for. It's like, there's just some people that are okay with that and it was kind of sad for me and I think it was like then I realized for me that was hard to overcome because I always thought like oh like you shouldn't ask for more like, again, like who are you to want all these nice things and all this stuff. And I don't know maybe it's just because the way I grew up my mom's super old school. My babysitter so whenever I go on tour, I drop my daughter off and she's like, Oh, you're so fancy. And I'm like, I'm like going on trips like for like living my life like and it was just kind of like oh, but that's okay, like, nothing wrong with


Dave: There's no wrong with being rich. There's nothing wrong with being wealthy. There's nothing wrong with wanting nice things to be bougie like go get your nails done, to get your hair done to get Botox if you want it to you know what I mean? whatever your thing is to get your you know what I mean to go get a massage once or twice a week to you know, want to stay in four and five star hotels to want to go and eat in nice restaurants want to valet your car, you know, to to want to ride first class on a plane to want to wear a 15 or 30 or $50,000 watch on your wrist. There's nothing there's nothing wrong with that. And I see this time and time again day after day where the rich are villainized and pay their fair share of taxes whether it's a politician who says or whether it is you know, your mother or your father who's saying you think we're rich. What do you think you're bougie you're so fancy you can't afford that we can't afford that. You know, we're just so and then we've got the average of all of our friends, you know, the majority of my friends as much as I love them. They're not. I'm relaxing Now I'll be honest with you that I'm just spitting fireball aspects right now. When they were all working and kind of chilling back in our late 20s and early 30s I was working my ass off so I made a lot of social sacrifices. But now that I'm older, they're working their asses off and I'm chilling a lot more. Because I've already put the work in early and I'm not as frantic living paycheck to paycheck even remotely close. Matter of fact, I do a lot of things in my life that nobody knows about because I don't want to hear the lack in the How I can say this respectfully, but the poor minded bullshit is how I say that respectfully. I don't want to hear people bullshit their limiting beliefs. I don't want to hear their opinions about you know, it's kind of where I'm at because you know when you work for something you earn it. Look, they're in a better mood. There's not a better feeling when I go and I you know, I stay in a $1,000 a night hotel room or or drive an $800 a day rental car or whatever the kind of crazy shit that I'm doing. Right? I don't want to hear about it. I don't want to hear it. I'm saying this because you know my aunt and uncle sold a business that actually had an insurance business. And we went on a trip recently to a funeral in Alabama because we had a family member who died and when I got there and bought the plane tickets and everything. And then when we got to the end I paid her back. What? Nope, I never let anybody buy me anything for the most part but when we got there, I rented the car. And then she wanted to split so she said send me the bill. You know and we'll split everything down. I usually don't even do that. I just pay for you know, mostly my family member stuff. But anyways, she wanted to do she wanted to split so anyways, Erin sends her over the car bill. It was $800 a day. I love every single one of my family members. But I'm telling you that's you know, it's just it's hilarious and it's just I don't want to hear it either. I'm really just ranting but I mean, I think that you know, it's difficult to be a go-getter and a high achiever when you're surrounded by so much average even if you love them. You're surrounded by so much average. It takes a lot of courage to do that, but I think it's easier when you find creative people like us who, you know, are sort of, at least for the most part, all on the same page. 


Lisa: Yeah, I think, unfortunately, I think it's the people that villainize like rich people that are just scared to achieve that. Or they're just, they don't actually do the work because of course they want it like of course they want a nice house and things and you don't have to be crazy luxury. You just want a nice life for yourself. You want to be comfortable. And yeah, I just like that I don't want to pay taxes. So I want to prove myself, but all the expenses and my best like I don't want to pay taxes like that and be like, Oh, you gotta pay tax like why? That's like, that's my money. I worked for it. 

Dave: So like, you do have to pay taxes.

Lisa: Oh, of course. I'm just saying that Rich Dad Poor Dad, but it completely changed my life. And so when he was talking about taxes, I was like, oh, yeah, like, like, people villainize like rich people, because they're like, oh, people don't pay tax and like no they just have resources and educate themselves. Because it's just crazy. Like, it's insane.

Dave: Well, the way these guys don't pay taxes is they don't take a salary and so all their wealth is tied up in their stock and you don't have to pay tax until you sell stock. So you know, if Elon Musk needed money tomorrow and even really tweeted about this, that if he sold off $10 million in stock or some crazy, so much more than that, I think he owns I don't know how much of his different companies but he was talking about a huge number. And if he would have if he would have sold off that amount of stock, he would have paid an extraordinary amount of taxes as lower taxes on capital gains than then oftentimes we do on income because capital gains gains taxes triple 8% was tax, federal income tax for his his tax bracket, my tax bracket is is nearly 40% And if you're living in California, you've got state income tax on top of that, and that's why you get up into 50 plus percent with California.

Lisa: California is insane. And now that I'm getting more into real estate and figuring out all this stuff, and I was like what you want to tax me for this like, it's crazy.

Dave: Yeah, yeah. So well, this is awesome. We've got I could obviously just talk shit. But, you know, thanks for coming on. Thanks for showing us your really exciting Pinterest stuff. We want to keep learning from you, keep following you, see what you're doing, how you can, you know, help the rest of the community. Remember that no matter where you're at, as long as you're doing something and you're learning there's things that you can teach me to anybody else. So make sure that you never ever believe the law, that you're not ready for something because you also crushed it today as well. So thanks. Thanks for coming by.

Lisa: Thank you. Yeah, I'm happy to be here. Hopefully I'd motivate people and inspire people. 

Dave: Without a doubt you did. Without a doubt you did. Alright, Lisa, have a great Friday. Stay Legendary. We'll talk to you soon. All right, you can follow Lisa on and If you go there, you'll see you know her Pinterest and Tik Tok stuff is and all that her Pinterest handle is the same thing. @thrivefinanciallywithlisa. So if you're looking for her, that's where you're going to find or at least her blog thrive financially with Lisa and thrive financially with Lisa on Pinterest, and then TikTok is actually going to thrive financially. So that's kind of a cool handle that she got to thrive financially. She's just kind of getting their TikTok stuff off the ground. But really, really incredible insights on Pinterest and in doing what she's doing fantastic conversation this morning, and we'll be back on Monday with another episode to make a serious decision and invest in yourself. Today. You haven't yet nobody's coming to rescue and be the bearer of bad news. I hope that these conversations wake you up right now, take your tombstone and lay your dream down in a grave to die. But even if you have to recess to take that son of a gun every day for the first week or so, get it up, get it going. Because without intention. You're not going to achieve something, find some pain in your life that you want to stop, let it motivate you and be intentional with this thing. And we'll see you guys back for another episode. On Monday 10am Eastern time.