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The Real Scam You're Falling For

The Real Scam You're Falling For

Ahhhh summer time…

family, friends, sun, fire pits, fire flies, water, and maybe some late nights. 

A changed schedule and time away… 

The end of summer time holiday weekends give us those Sunday scaries the most…

Tomorrow we go back to reality.

We loved our break…we want more of it.

It felt easy.

You didn't have to do much of any work. 

You may have even let the work on your education and business slide….

So let’s reflect for a second. (Plus hear from Dave himself on this topic and the real scam in your life.)

Were those around you sharing their big goals, or was it more about what they were unhappy about, feeling wronged, gossiping, and spreading negativity?

This is the time of year many people slowly seep away from their goals and their business. 

And then they end up saying things like, “Summer got away from me,” “Life took over,” or “There was so much going on.”

But the real reason? 

When you take that break, it can be harder to come back. 


Because for a moment or two, you didn't do anything. 

It felt safe. 

But it's also the summer time lie that's telling you that work in any capacity isn't required. 

It's focused on the result. 

And that focus will screw you every. single. time.

“Fall in love with the work…” 

Dave shared this on Wednesday's episode of Wake Up Legendary. 

If you're only focused on the endgame, you're setting yourself up for disappointment when things don’t go as planned.

You don't need to grind like a psycho, but you are going after something bigger, something new, and something totally worth the work…

Your own business, your time freedom. 

Falling in love with the work means embracing the daily actions and finding joy in the process. 

It’s about setting small goals…

staying curious…

and stop making excuses. 

Challenges will come.

It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking, “Why bother? Others are doing it better,” or “Who's going to listen to me?” 

These thoughts are the real scam. Yes…READ THAT AGAIN. 

They scam you out of your own potential.

So, as you enjoy the rest of your summer, remember to fall in love with the work. 

Celebrate the small wins, embrace the challenges, and keep pushing forward. Your goals are worth it, and so are you.

Dive into your education.

Put into practice what you're learning.

Let’s make the rest of this summer count.

Keep loving the work, and the results will follow.

As always…

Stay Legendary,

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