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Matt: Hello everybody, Happy Monday. Welcome to another edition of Wake Up Legendary My name is Matt if you don't know me already, you probably will figure out who I am soon at some point during your journey and the 15 Day Challenge. If you are here to live with us, why don't you do two things and hit the thumbs up button if you can hear me okay. And then also, if you let us know in the comments where you're tuning in from, I just I always love to see that there's people from all over the world who are tuning in and joining us. If you're here via replay, you can join us live and never miss an episode. All you gotta do is text the letters WUL to (813)-296-8553. You should really make this a point to show up every single Monday through Friday at 10am. Eastern to the shows, you'll hear just little inspirational stories, powerful stories from people just like you are working hard on their business, getting to work and actually earning, actually setting things up setting up a real business. Starting to drive leads, starting to drive sales, or some of them have done six figures or more. So you're gonna get actual interviews and we've been doing these interviews for two years now. And it's every single day somebody new with a powerful story today. It happens to be a guest named Maria. How's it going? 

Maria: Great. 

Matt: Glad you're here. Where are you from?

Maria: I'm from Wisconsin.

Matt: Sweet. Okay, cold up there. Really? Um,

Maria: Yeah, it was cold last week, but no, it was like yesterday. It was like in the 50s. So I mean, it might be cold to people in Florida, but this was nice. To us because we get outside and work so

Matt: Great. I grew up in the Midwest, and I know I was gonna say, you know, we had days in South Dakota where it was like, if we got a day in the 40s. It was like, Whoa, like, Hey, maybe I don't need my winter coat today.

Maria: I know. It was nice. I'm a little spoiled

Matt: Now though. I live in Phoenix and like, it's gonna be 82 days. So it's nice. Okay, cool. Well, thanks for coming on the show. I'm pumped. That you're here and we titled this. Grandma gets a million views on Pinterest or I think that's a 30 day window to clarify. Yeah. Tell us a little bit about what you do for work . You have a nine to five to tell us about your journey of coming online.

Maria: Yeah, so I do have a nine to five and I work full time as a senior systems analyst for a university in Wisconsin, of course, University of Wisconsin, and I just, basically, I mean, I really like my I do like my day job because I am like, I use my analyst skills and I create like process I design processes on how we can better do things at work. So I'm trying to, you know, it's kind of similar to affiliate marketing, because I'm helping them with their pain points. of you know, things that are not working correctly, or we can make them better because I'm all about making things a little bit more efficient, and my day job. So with my journey with affiliate marketing, it actually has, you know, it goes along with the pandemic because I was actually on vacation. And then I got a call and said that we were not going to be coming back to work. I mean, I was still gonna be working, but we were not going to be working in the office any longer. We're going to be working from home. So they said as soon as I got home from vacation I started working from home. So I'm still working from home. And so what happened was like I was working from home, and then I think it was July or something. They started talking about us coming back to the office. And they were saying well we're going to come back to the office 50% By July 100% By September, and I was like, oh, I don't want to come back to work to work in the office. I like working from home, because I actually work about an hour or so away from my job in Madison. And so that was quite you know, I really like sleeping in in the morning. But I have to get up really early. And then so when they're talking about coming back to work and like oh, you know, I was I still was thinking I was I was still gonna like still work at my job. I probably like less than five years away from retiring. And so I think I'm just gonna stick it out to the end, because I get so many years and I with the university in the state of Wisconsin, I get like a decent retirement package or benefits. So I'm almost I'm like three years away from that. Having like 30 years, but you know, working I would haven't been working in the same job. So I've been kind of jumping around to different departments. But so then I just was thinking about, like, oh, you know, I want to look and see what it can I do? Because I was thinking, Well, I don't want to if I have to go back to work, maybe it'll be just for a short time. Maybe I can shorten my like, My husband wants me to work 10 more years. He said, I'm like, Oh, I don't know if I want to work at Laude. I do. That on him. No, I'm going to be retiring when I can retire. Like I just I have that in my mind. I want to retire when I can retire. So I would like to like retire him first. But so yeah, for so then I started looking at making I was looking at Tik Tok. I sign up for tic toc and probably in the summer. And then I started seeing all these videos of people making money online like Well, that's interesting, and I just watched the last. Like I'm an analyst, so I it took me a long time to sign up. I don't know why $7 was so expensive to me, but I don't know why it was just $7 when I told myself, Oh, I wish I would have just signed up right away in August. It's just $7 I spent a lot of money for training for like, I signed up for races and stuff like running and have earned man stuff and I've spent a lot more money on that. Then I pay for a course. And and I didn't know if that was gonna work out. So because I didn't make it through the swim part. For sure it was in dollars or whatever. So this isn't that funny. Yeah. So then I just kind of I just kind of still like looked around and then it was about May or June of last year that I actually decided to take the plunge and sign up for the 15 Day Challenge. Cool like Yeah, but yeah, then as I got going along, like why did I wait so long? I was like, I totally don't know what's going on. 

Matt: I don't know, maybe progressing. Yeah. It's just like, sometimes I once read this. I want to read about things like human psychology. And how like, in the process of somebody deciding to do something. There's like little moments in the brain of like, our brain will take like, little mini steps toward a decision or like, without real us really saying consciously like I'm gonna do that. We say, you know, our unconscious brain starts toying around with the idea, kicks it around, kicks it around, and then one day, we wake up and we're like, I'm gonna do that. Alright, yeah, today is the day here we go. So ever since I read that I kind of stopped with the procrastination thing only because it's a weird way of life, sometimes it can be a weird way of shaming ourselves. And it's just like, we're humans, you know, and it's like, we're gonna make a decision as fast as we need to make a decision. And here you are earning money online, and that's cool. 

Maria: I did the same procrastinator when I signed up for my first triathlon because I was so nervous about swimming. And my brother, he's an Ironman, and he had always asked me, Are you going to do a triathlon? Like, do you think I can do it? I mean, I asked him if he thought I could do it and then I started thinking about swimming. I mean, I swam and everything, but I've never really swam and like open water with a whole bunch of people and not be able to touch the ground, whatever, water so it took me and took me a couple years to sign up for that. So I'm glad it didn't take me a couple years to sign up for affiliate marketing. It took me months so I mean, although I signed up for legendary marketing, I had actually done a little bit of affiliate marketing in the year before this, I mean what did you do? So when I was doing direct mail, it's like towards the end of my direct sales company that I was with, well, just about a month before they told us that they were going to be closing their doors. They introduced us to what is called the ambassador program. And they said, Well, all you have to do is you'll get your own link and you're going to share it to, you know, can share it with your friends and family on social media. Like oh, that sounds good. And they said, there's no signup fee and you don't have to get inventory. I'm like, well, that's I'm on board because I you know, I hate having to buy stuff. And because I was always buying all this stuff for my direct sales business to sell at vendor events. And have on hand for people to see. So I'm like, Oh, good. I'll do that. So I signed up for that. And then I was also with the same company, I wasn't thinking about that one program that I was actually there was another thing where I was referring to a program and I made money off of that. Um, that was probably 2017. When I signed up for that program. I didn't even think about that being an affiliate program, but I was just looking at their dashboard recently. I'm like, Oh, it does say affiliate links. And so I was sharing about that and then and like May I think it was May or Yeah, may right around the same old May of 2020 Oh man 2020 Because I didn't start doing legendary until a year later. I joined another company. It was just an interchangeable shoe clump company as an affiliate. They had an affiliate program for some reason, I must have known it was, you know, something, so I signed up for that. But I wish you know, I wish they would have had a course that I would have taken that I would have learned all about affiliate marketing. I think they would have done differently with some of those. Because of this one shoe company that I signed up with, they were. I didn't get any sales until like I joined in May or June and then I didn't get any commissions until like November and every single week I was getting commissions. I was like, Well, this is great. I was just you know, and then and fell into February. And then all of a sudden they said they were going to be changing their website, whoever hosted their website or whatever. They were changing something. And then and then they told us our links were gonna change and like, I've shared that link to everybody and I was so mad at myself. I'm like, Why didn't I get a domain? Or you know, if I didn't want to get back to when I learned about affiliate marketing, I should have set up a sales funnel so that I could at least have those people still and like, send them emails, email, so I was so mad.

Matt: Totally. And that's that's a wow, that was a really good point about why we teach people to build a sales funnel. It's like, all of your traffic that you're pointing people to. You want to be pointing them to your own link because I mean, my goodness, if if the worst were to happen and let's say the company says you know we're gonna change or adjust a sales link or we have a new sales funnel to point people to or something like that or whatever, you know, whatever happens, like that's, that's a biggie.

Maria: Yeah, it is. So it's like some ad so I take cells since they changed their link, because I don't know because any ad would have used my link that I sent to them even though it had my name at the end of it. It was just going to their main page. So they're getting all these sales probably for me right now. 

Matt: I don't think you'd be the first that that's happened to. So you got he went through the challenge and everything started to create some content and feel out like what cuz because there's the whole direct sales angle right? had experience with that and then you also got now the whole it's almost like a whole different role it as like a content creator. And what's that been like starting with getting on TikTok, getting on Instagram, getting on Pinterest, like, you're you're on all these different platforms and how I mean, was that tough? Was that easy? What was that like?


Maria: Well, I mean, when I first started, I started going on all the platforms at once right away and then they're like, Okay, it was just getting to be overwhelming. And like that's why it might have taken me a little while to start getting like any commissions but I mean, while I did get a few commissions, but not a high ticket, so then I was like, Okay, I get it. I'm just gonna concentrate on this for a little bit. And then I started adding in, you know, once I figured out how you can like, repurpose your TikToks remove that, water, meet whatever, or whatever, like that. And then I started, you know, taking my TikToks to Instagram and then when I decided to, I mean, I've used Pinterest for a while, but I didn't even think of I think at first Pinterest I think I don't think I removed the the watermark but then I started you know, sharing repurposing my tic tac videos to Pinterest and then I started just, you know, I created I, the person that I signed up with Michelle, I learned how to she gave some tips on how to like, search. You know how you should create. I knew some boards that I wanted to create, but I wasn't really sure how you can use the search box of Pinterest to determine what people are searching for to create Pinterest boards. 


Matt: By that you mean by that you mean like starting to type in things? Yeah.


Maria: Yeah. Then it'll come up and suggest so I would just pick those and then I did that and then I created boards for that and then I started. I mean, I didn't really have a lot of stuff to pin besides my TikTok videos. So I just started repinning people's own pins. And I just just learned recently that I gotta be really careful when you're pinning stuff sometimes. You have to make sure you look at it, to make sure that you're not painting something that's gonna go right to someone else's sales funnel page. I was listening to a video and then it said something about when you are pinning you have to make sure that you're not pinning someone's direct link to their sales funnel page or whatever. Like pinning, like repenting plugs or something like that, you know, do that instead. Because I did go back and look at my Pinterest some of the pins that I showed me, like, pending someone's link tree thing and like, oh, shoot, I gotta get rid of the host. So I had to go back. Yeah. I mean, you learn from your mistakes. So, I went back and just went back and changed, you know, delete those. I'm like, I gotta get rid of those. So I just tried to pin like, I tried to be consistent and like pin stuff, like, at least 10 things every day. Well, not for me so then I was pinning my tic tac repurposing, like Tic Tac videos to the idea pins and I also made a little graphic with Canva. And also like, did pins like that would take them over to my tic tac page and stuff like that to try to see if I could get some tick tock hits more views or whatever, as well. Yep. So yeah. Wow.


Matt: That's like a full blown freakin strategy. I love it. And I feel like the cool part. So you're doing a lot of your video stuff as a post on Pinterest, right?


Maria: Yeah


Matt: One of the big ones so there's a lot of different areas, different ways that people are growing social channels, but man do I. When you're when you're creating one piece of content, let's say one or two or three pieces of content a day. I mean, just to just to quickly remove the watermark offers a TikTok video and go posted on Pinterest posted on Instagram and go posted on YouTube. On YouTube shorts too. And just and and here's the thing here. I want to make one point about this because there's a couple key pieces to this, that I see happen a lot in our community and online is people will say things like this. They'll say well TikTok has kind of died off a little bit. Right. TikTok has kind of fallen off a little bit from what it was in 2021 or 2020. And the hot thing now is Facebook reels right. The problem with that is you've got Google with YouTube, or alphabet and Facebook and Instagram and TikTok and Pinterest. And even there is one on Snapchat too. There's these big five platforms that are huge. I mean for them they are bigger than Pinterest, but they're always competing to get more attention from you on their platforms. So the more attention to the more time people spend on it, the more ads they can run, which means they can make more money from paid advertisers. So what I saw in the last for instance, in the last three days is I saw some TikTok channels that had been really slow and really dying pick back up all of the sudden just tons of views, tons of traffic videos that I haven't served people that I haven't seen on my for you page I saw them again on my for you page for the first time in a long time. I saw a couple of their lives go viral, and I also saw some shadow banned accounts start building followers again. I saw one that this guy was posting for about three or four months, just kept posting and even started a new account. And he kept posting on both. And just one day he woke up and poof it was back like it was before. And so I think this whole notion that shadow banning accounts are forever done is not true. But to clarify, if I had a shadow banned account, I would still be going out with my other strategies. I just wouldn't stop doing what I'm doing on that one account. But with these things, basically my big point is I see these people or I see these companies kind of rotating through different cycles of virality. And so it's sort of like timing the market that we see if you try to time the market, you'd never time it right. And the same is true with these platforms. And so the big thing to do is to be present on all of them all the time. So as they go through the cycles. Oh, YouTube shorts are hot. Well, I've already been waiting for this for three months, and now I'm going to capture it. Oh, now it's Facebook rails. We had a guy on our mastermind two three weeks ago who said you know I started getting a ton of views on Tik Tok but really Facebook reels is now giving me most of my traffic and so he's in these cycles and then you know what tick tock is going to get jealous and they're gonna bump their algorithm and see you know, they're gonna find figure something out and TikTok is gonna go through a huge wave again, and they will just non stop. But what people in our industry tend to do is say, Well, no, it's done. See, it's over, right? I mean, it's done. Calvin Hill, he lost his account. It's overpowered publisher media. 1.2 million followers. Wow. And I said just wait, he'll get it. Back. And then in two weeks, he was back. So it's, people need to think of these more cycles and waves rather than sort of just it happened and now it's done. No, it won't always be happening. So you've got to position yourself and that's, that's just I wanted to say that's what I like about your strategy. Yeah.

Maria: Yeah, I'm trying to be consistent on all channels. There's a couple of times that Instagram I'll forget. And then yeah, so then with the Pinterest kind of, yeah, you got to be really consistent because there was a couple of days that I was getting, I was kind of slacking, I don't know what I was wondering what was going on in my life that I did, because it's easy to, you know, repin stuff or to Pinterest. I'd be sitting there watching TV and I can just sit there and do that, you know, just on my phone while watching TV. Or sleeping, you know, falling asleep. Or even sometimes, well, sometimes during my breaks at work, no. Does anybody? So yeah, sometimes yes. Otherwise during lunch or whatever, and so I was not as consistent and then my views started backing off of 1 million but now I'm like, starting I haven't started going back up. So I think I was at 400,000 monthly views. I'm only at like 2.5k followers, but that's more than what I have on TikTok. Yeah, and there's even one of the ones that I reposted from tic tac to Pinterest has almost 500,000 views on it and on tick tock had like 135 I don't remember what it was 35,000 So, and I'm still getting hits on that because people are still commenting. On that video. And that was what I posted a while ago, probably three or four months ago.

Matt: Really? Yeah. That's crazy. Yeah. Yeah, that whole that whole if you can get into whether it doesn't really matter what niche or what industry or what you're trying to promote, if you can get into a good cycle of of posting, and having a system in place where you you know, like most people I think post in TikTok first remove their watermark from Tik Tok and then just slap it onto all these different platforms. Man. Yeah, that's really powerful. super powerful. He has not been? Did that come naturally to you? Or was it a bit of a struggle or how did you know, how did that go when you first got started?

Maria: Well, I mean, I had posted to social media for my direct sales business all the time. And I was like, that was one of those things with our direct sales business.

Matt: Did you do video content for that?

Maria: The only video content I did was maybe I did a couple training sessions. Okay. You know, that I shared with my team and stuff on how to do certain things. Okay. Look like camp and stuff like that. But yeah, I mean, I had posted stuff to Facebook, but yeah, the video was that I don't think I did any live videos. Where I live actually, the internet is not the best. So right now I'm at my mother in law's house. So our internet is not the best but we're supposed to be getting high speed internet coming up. Soon, soon, fiber optics or whatever. I'm actually on the waiting list for Starlink.

Matt: Okay, cool. How do you get on the waiting list for that? Can I get it?

Maria: Oh, yeah, well, I signed up for the waiting list. Since like February, you just go to Yeah. You had to pay like $100 down and then they tell you when they target so they have our area targeted for men. 2022. Okay, so then hopefully that's what stays there because it was late 2021 And we were really looking forward to it in November and then all of a sudden they switched it and I was like no what don't switch. Yeah, it'd be nice if we get high speed because I did try to do a live once I think I can do live on Facebook. Okay, but I tried to do a live on tic tac once and it like it kept kicking me out. Yeah, I know what was going on.


Matt: See you've you're talking just so cool. I just love me, I just love. I kind of came from direct sales a little bit. But obviously like some sort of travel product and it was really when some of the direct sales started to come online. So it made a little bit more sense. Like, I was not doing like home meetings or anything but no I as I as I listened to I'm just, I don't know something is captivating and cool to me about the combination of different skills you have and how you've crafted and sort of molded them together to work for you online. And that journey of kind of going through direct sales being like okay, you know, that initial sort of feeling you get when you start. Sometimes we forget about that feeling when you first start online or you first started like any sort of direct sales or network marketing or whatever you're like, oh my gosh, like, Yeah, this is so cool. This is an outlet for my entrepreneurial thing that I feel like I have inside and then it develops and shifts and then you start to stack not just like, Well, I think I think sometimes the direct sales piece because I would do trainings too, but I would do like go to webinar or something and you start to stack skills and stack skills and stack skills. And then before you know it's like where you are right now. You're now in a place where you're like I have a lot of charisma and sort of okayness with people from direct sales, which that'll give you and now I'm sort of stacks of digital skills on top of all of that. And before you know it like you're in this place where you're like okay, I actually know quite a bit here, just by like fumbling around and figuring it out for a couple years and now I'm like it's just it's for me, it's a piece when people have a little bit of like this background and sort of have played around with some things and signed up for different affiliate programs to come into a training and get inside of a community of people who are really skilled and are like, whoa, okay, I can rub shoulders with these people. And like, you know, I can make a good living online, not just make like a couple 100 bucks here and there, you know. Yeah, that's cool to me.

Maria: Yeah, it's Yeah, I like learning new stuff, too. So when new stuff comes out, I'm not afraid. I know some people are like, No, I don't want to learn that or whatever. You know what even works? I'm like, I don't mind learning new stuff. It's fun. This fun? Yeah, it is. It's just I don't know. It's just really fun to learn how to set new stuff.

Matt: I agree. We do this training called decadence. Today, every other Friday. And when we get done with it, everybody's usually like, oh my gosh, I'm completely overwhelmed. I have no idea what it's like to be so overwhelmed. And that's the best feeling in the world is knowing that you just tried to consume so much new information, your brain just fried. And now you're going to go back. It's like the first day of algebra. It's like you walk in and you're like, now we have letters in math like, this doesn't compute. And it takes a week or two to really be like, Oh, okay, I understand what's going on. Here. Now I get it and and I agree that I'm addicted to learning new stuff like I love learning and stuff and feeling like there's a that's like that's like the hierarchy of needs. The top one is like that feeling of growth. And a pursuit of something new and stretching yourself and feeling like you're ultimately climbing to the best version of yourself. I guess. You probably understand that too, because you do some running and like stuff like that.

Maria: Yeah, I do. Run. Yeah. i Yeah, I've been running since high school. I mean, I did cross country. But I wasn't really great. But yeah, with running Yeah, every time I did like a half marathon I would get faster and faster. And I would just get better and better each time I did it. So that's why I mean, with the Yeah, doing the Half Ironman that I did, or the triathlons. I always signed up for the next one for the next year. Like I've only done, I haven't done many races since the pen. Sure I was gonna do a half Ironman relay with my sister. And then the pandemic canceled it and then I was also gonna do a triathlon, like a shorter triathlon. That's because I wanted to see how my swimming improved cuz I was really scared about swimming in open water with lots of people. The skills that I learned from other people that I was, you know, learning how to squat. I knew how to swim like I said, But I they gave me some tips like, swim on the outside. Don't swim with everybody. You know, don't you don't have to swim with everybody. You know, that's what I did for my half Ironman. I swam on the outside. I actually put in like I swam extra four hours. So I think it was when I liked this. Oh, yeah. Or how many hours I can't remember what it was. But yeah, but yeah, so I wanted to do another triathlon. So now I'm just slowly getting back into shape so I also was kind of, I don't know why I stopped. I stopped running for a little bit. I was having a lot of injuries. But now I'm kind of slowly going at it in a different way. This time. I'm actually doing the couch to 5k program, because I, if I normally would go out and just run run run, run run. I would fall I would fall something but then I would hurt like I would injure myself for going out so fast. And then I'd be out, you know, for a couple of days. I'd have to wait till I get better. But doing this couch, couch by Kay approach is I'm just increasing my speed every week on the running part. So I and I don't feel like I have any injuries as I'm on like week four now. So because I'm doing a race in May I signed up for 5k. 

Matt: I just wanted to point out like how you I hope everybody who's here. Just listen to how you talk about your journey and how you think about your running right. It is so logical it is so like, like a process like I've never heard anything described more than what you just described as a full process. You sign up for one you sign up for the next year. Something happens but I don't feel bad. I'm just not gonna make it to this one this year. You know? And then think about how I contrast that with sometimes when people get into business like an online business, yeah, suddenly like everything is life and death. You know, it's like, yeah, somehow, everything turns into this like urgent life or death. And if you fail as fast as you want to, you know, every life is over. There's no grace for yourself at all. There's no permission to be easy on yourself, right? I just I. It's funny how when you start mixing money into the equation things get real fishy. You know, our mindset gets all murky and it's hard to keep clear eyes on where we're going and what we do. What's the end goal here? And I don't know, I just thought it was really powerful the way you described. Something that you've been doing for so long, is when something is a part of your life that long, you know, I do the same thing with basketball. I have played basketball since I was five years old. You know, the other day, I just got it . I actually used to play every day and I finally just realized like, two and a half hours worth of hard cardio like five days a week. It's brutal for my body. And I just got to the end of the week and I was completely done. I said, Hey, dude, like, you should take a day or two off, like, every week. You should just take a day or two off and chill and then you know, it was just this like, yeah, totally. But once you get into like the business world, suddenly it becomes I see this with so many business owners like I'm not even just talking about online, but in general, it's like, it is just this cutthroat life or death thing which I get that people want to compete they want to win that's cool. But I loved how you describe that so well as a process of and you are. The last thing that really got me was how engineer minded you are, like, you know you're a systems analyst. So that makes sense to me. But you think through things very. With an engineer's mindset you love learning new things you love discovering new processes or efficiencies, which is such a great skill to learn and is like that is really actually just the heart of being an entrepreneur. Like you're gonna have to figure stuff out you don't know how to do. And I think if people can shift their mindset from I need somebody to tell me how to do this, too. I'm gonna figure this out. I might ask some people but I can figure this out to like myself. I need to do this. I need to figure it out. I need to get my hands dirty. I think that I got it personally. takeaways from everything you said I hope everybody else's like finding this as powerful as I am. But for people who are here, I'll give you the last word to everybody who's here and to people who are just getting started and maybe they're a little scared to post that first video. What would you say to them and how would you encourage them to get going and just try it out? Get started?


Maria: Yeah, just like it's similar to when I was training for my half Ironman, the one thing that was holding me back was the swimming part. So like people are like, really concerned about doing videos or just getting themselves out there. You know, just do one video or whatever, and see how it goes. And I mean, you don't know, you don't know how it's going to be or you know, you don't know how it's going to be until you try doing the Half Ironman or training for things like swimming and whatever. I was really nervous. But I put in the work, you know, I know. I just, you know, just did whatever I needed to do to figure it out. And then I, you know, started practicing. What I'm like, You know what I'm learning and I'm the same as with affiliate marketing, just, you know, just start posting out there and then see what works and what doesn't work. And this is I mean, I've seen a lot of people posting to Facebook groups saying something about I've been going at this for I don't know how many weeks they were at it. So I did try to ask them how many weeks have you been going at this? And we are you know, they're saying they're not making money and they're like, I try to say this not like an overnight thing. You just kind of give time and patience. Do that work, learn the skills and then just you know, post your videos and you gotta be you know, post videos. of value. And just take what you know, take what you learn, and you know, post it out there and just don't give up I mean that's another thing I that's the thing. I always tell myself don't give up, don't give up. You know, when you think things are not going well. Just take oh that's another thing like if I feel like I need a break like you were talking about I'll take like a day or two just regenerate regenerate or what do you say re energize myself. Just take a little break. And just you know if you feel like it's overwhelming, you know just do one thing out of time, like work on one thing at a time. And then just if you have to re-energize yourself, just take a couple you know a day or two off and it's not like you're gonna miss out on anything. You know, some people are worried if they don't post every day or whatever that something's gonna happen, but they're gonna lose sight of them or whatever. But no, that's not the case. Yeah, take a couple days off. Especially if you maybe batch your content too. I tried to do that as well.


Matt: Yeah, yeah, shoot 8-10 videos all at once. You have them lined up in your drafts folder and maybe two or three days you don't feel like posting or you don't feel like creating a video or something or maybe you're on vacation and you're just like I you know, I want to create them. You could still post them. Yeah, totally. Well, cool. Maria, this was awesome. I have so many gold nuggets from this. And this was really powerful from an execution standpoint, but also from a mindset standpoint. I love when those things blend together. So it's really cool. And yeah, thank you for coming on the show. Anything, let us know. And keep in touch. We'd love to hear back from you. Shoot us an email and let us know how things are going.

Maria: Of course, thanks so much.

Matt: Alright guys, I'm gonna put her on Pinterest and follow her on Pinterest and uh, you know what I think as I was looking through it, I would go look at the content. She's putting out what it looks like and really starting to investigate because many of you are not on Pinterest. So Pinterest is a great place to go and to discover. It's, I think it's one of the untapped sources and sometimes when you try out a bunch of different styles of when you look at TikTok, when you look at Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, all these different things, you start to gravitate towards one or two of them typically, but you can you can. You can follow people who are skilled and who have started to do this and seen some results. She had a month where she had a million views in a month. Think about that, a million views in a month, right. That's called getting people's attention. So you can follow to make money with Maria on Pinterest. I believe you can also find her on TikTok as well and some other places I think I think the handle is like @makemoneyonlinewithMaria on TikTok Instagram and stuff. If you search for it, it'll probably pop up. But go give her a call and also just let her know Hey, I saw you on the show. This is my favorite part of the show. So super cool. And we share people's social media stuff so that our whole community can sort of come behind people and help push them forward even further. But also someday this will probably be you on the show. And if you're sitting there and you're like hey, that's going to be me someday. Well, it probably will be and we're going to share your stuff so you know kind of build in some good business karma by giving Maria a little shout out and yeah, we'll be back here again guys farm Same time, same place 10am. Eastern every single Monday through Friday. I want to get a text message reminder before we go live, or just basically as we're going live you can text the letters WUL to (813)-296-8553. Also, lastly, if you want to get any legendary gear, we have like this shirt here. You can go to And it's all pretty affordable. Be Legendary shop. Not that expensive. Just cost a normal price t-shirt, you know, grab yourself a t- shirt, a beanie, some sweatpants whatever and that way when you show up you know to Wake Up Legendary you can have your member Legendary Marketer shirt on so alright guys. Peace out. We'll be back here again tomorrow.