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Stephen: How are you? Doing? Good. Thanks for having me. 

Matt: Awesome up in Ottawa?

Stephen: Up in Ottawa. Yeah. 

Matt: I I moved out of cold weather climates a long time ago cuz I was like, man, you know what, like, I would like to travel to the snow but not have snow be a part of my daily lifestyle. Anyway, well, cool. You are, your business is up and you're crushing it lately. And and so I'm excited to just kind of unpack what you got going on and how things are going and everything. So in terms of you and your journey, and where you came from and all that good stuff. Tell us a little bit about you. You're, I think, also working full time. So just tell us I you know, tell us all about you and how you found Legendary

Stephen: Yeah, so I'm actually not working full time anymore now. Okay. A little bit of background. So yeah, I went to University of Guelph here in Ottawa, Australia, Ontario, and then I stayed in human kinetics. So I like working with motion in the body and whatnot. Or to school I was a personal trainer for a few years. And then I actually ended up breaking my leg one winter, unfortunately, in a snowboarding accident. But then from there, I kind of didn't want to go back to the same atmosphere. I was looking for a change in life. And so a family friend of mine offered me an electrical apprenticeship. So I took them on. I did that for four years. That was in 2018 and then doing that since 2018. All the way up to December 2021. And that's kind of like when I got introduced to legendary. I found it on TikTok and whatnot. Yeah, I was. I was doing the electrical. It's a great job. Like I love the trades. It's a very commendable trade, electrical work, but I realized I didn't want to do that for the next 40 years of my life. It was kind of taking a toll on me mentally physically. So I knew I needed to find a way out. I was like, I don't want to do this for the next 40 years. So yeah, I actually, I've never been on Tik Tok until November of 20 2001. I thought it was a stupid app for kids to dance on or whatever. And we did not kid ourselves to kind of spill at times, but, ya know, I eventually caved and I downloaded it and then just scrolling one day came across someone talking about Yeah, affiliate marketing. I was like, Wow, this sounds pretty cool. And they're working a few hours a day from home and they're making a killing doing it. I was like, that's the lifestyle I want to live. Oh, yeah. Cool. Yeah, kind of, I dove in. I was like, I want to learn how to do this. So I spent like three, four hours on YouTube every night trying to figure it all out. On my own. At first I was like, but that didn't lead to much, much success. I didn't know what to do. I had no guidance really. So I really struggled and then I was back on Tik Tok. And then someone suggested taking this training. A legendary marketer has a 15 day challenge just like what the heck it's seven bucks. I'm going to spend that on coffee. Yeah, I took the training and then it's been a fun ride and ever since that was about three months ago now and yeah, no, just in the new year, I actually quit. Nothing. Come on, that could replace my electrical job. And I found a way out. So I've been doing this full time now.

Matt: So Wow. Dude, that's cool. And you've got I mean, that's kind of a crazy thing. I yeah, that's still crazy to me a little bit like just how fast people's people are building follow, like on a daily basis. How many leads do you generate, if you were to guess?

Stephen: Yeah, it's probably, I'd say, on a daily basis like 50 to 100.

Matt: That's crazy, man. That was crazy. I just think back to when you know, when I was getting started online and like just to generate five leads a day it was a miracle. It was a miracle after working for like a year or two until bloggers and now I mean, did your three or four months and whatever at your TikTok’s at like 87,000 followers and like that number is exploding. That's cool, man. I mean, that's cool. And it's also cool that like the equation to do that isn't all that complicated, right? Like, I'm pretty I'm pretty like, transparent like it's not super easy, but also like there's a difference between calling something easy and then calling something simple or not that complex like there's not a lot of complexity to it. It's like consistency over time and sort of identifying what's working and figuring out your voice to match that and stuff. And so it's just very fascinating. What I'm when you're getting started creating content and stuff. How did you find that to be a relatively easy thing? Have you done it before on other platforms? What was that like? On that go when you were first getting going?

Stephen: Yeah, so it was a struggle at first. Don't be honest. Yeah, like I've had an Instagram account since 2010 or whatever, but like I've never liked consistent content or whatever. So it was pretty new to me and like I've never done video content before. So like my first couple videos, if you scroll back, I'm just so shy and awkward on the camera. It's pretty funny to look back at now. But ya know, it's just building confidence. The more you do it, the more you do it, the more comfortable you are. Yeah, looking back at those first few is that it was pretty rough. It took me probably like, two or three hours to make one little tic tac video and now I can do 510 minutes, no problem or whatever.

Matt: Yeah, and I think the funny thing is, is like I think the funny thing, yeah, when you look back at like early content, and you know, like, you're nervous and kind of sweaty or you know, it's like oh my gosh, I shot one video my whole shirt is just like soaked in sweat. Oh my god, this is so dumb. But it is kind of funny. Like how our perspective, like, perspective in the moment is so different from perspective later on. Like, I think about the first videos that I made 10 years ago, I can't even find them at this point. Like, I don't even know they're online anymore. I don't even know, maybe they're on some random channel somewhere people are watching, but the truth is, it's like, at the moment, I was so worried and nervous. Like just like oh my god, who's gonna see me look like a total idiot. And then it was like, barely anyone saw it. Or in some cases a lot of people did and it didn't matter. Most people were just like, cool, dude. Like, this is suede, like, look at you. And then like and then you know, a month later like they have no concept of me anymore. Like, like we obsess over ourselves so much and freaky freak ourselves out. And then it's kind of like, alright, like, people are really obsessing over us. They're onto the next thing within like an hour more or less like a month or two. You know what I mean?

Stephen: Oh, for sure. As soon as you can get over that mental barrier of what other people think, oh, it's gonna be a million times easier. 

Matt: Sure. And for you like I'm really curious about your experience, creating this video that has 4 million views on it. And I would love to make this like a tiny case study in a 4 million on a 4 million views video but like, but like, up real quick. If I can pull this up, here we go. We'll see that. Yeah. This video. Yeah. Tell us about your creation of this because it's got 4.1 million and also 2700 comments and 34,000 shares like what was your thought process for making this video?

Stephen: Yeah, honestly, I had zero thought process. I was like, I was just scrolling on the for you page or whatever. And yeah, I was like, that's a funny video. So I found that sound or whatever and I just recreated it and like, took two tries to lip sync the sound or whatever. Yeah. I was not expecting it to blow up. But yeah, it just took off. And so that was actually fairly new. That was probably in my first or second week of actually making content. And I hadn't told anyone, like I started to TikTok channel or anything I hadn't told anyone and then it actually ended up on like my cousin's for you page. We saw across the country and then you actually texted in our cousin group chats like Steven is this you? And then I was exposed like the rest of my family knew I was gonna hide this girl. I thought, buddy, yeah, it's weird though. Wow. I didn't put any effort into this video. Just like, just like, yeah, whipped it up, filmed it, posted it and then didn't expect anything and then just blew up. 

Matt: Dude, craziness. Also, yeah, let me hit play on this so people can see how easy this is. What did you just say? It took almost no effort?

Stephen: Yeah, like I just went up. It took like two tries or whatever. And then yeah, it's crazy. It's weird. The videos that you like, put the least amount of effort into sometimes blow up and then once you actually put time and effort in and they get like no views. 

Matt: Yeah. And I think that that happens on different platforms in different ways. So like, sometimes people will go viral on Instagram reels or on TikTok or on Facebook or on YouTube or whatever. In different sorts of ways. It's not really all that predictable. And you just gotta put it out there and try it but I do think one really powerful thing about that is like, like, you have 4.1 million views on that. And I'm guessing you've got a ton of followers from that yet. Definitely. Yes. So the thing that I find really powerful and the lesson I take away from that is, we're living in this age right now. You know, I've been saying this for two years. So but the age that we're living in is a longer age than people think. We're living in this age where people can go viral on these super social media platforms, faster and more often than ever before in the history of the internet. Which is a little crazy to think about. At least from my perspective, some people might disagree with me, but I've never seen anything like this. And the ability for somebody who's brand new, like you posted this video on December 13. Like you found our company and started learning about this whole thing. December 2nd. 11 days after you just discovered like, oh my god, okay, like I can. I can set up a social media profile like videos and get started making money like who knows how this is? Gonna go. Alright, let's try it out. And the disconnect that people have is they don't understand the connection between virality and then sales and like I talked a lot about this in our training like with our business blueprint members, I talked about this all the time, which is people are like Oh, great. Well, you got 4 million views but it has nothing to do with what you're selling. So like you probably didn't make any money. And it's like no on. What happens is you go viral and you build a followership right. Then you take these cold people like your cousin and he was across the country, and you start to expose them a little bit. Like oh, my god, like, this is kind of interesting. Money, I'm gonna follow this guy like whatever. And people don't understand that real human beings end up following you. And then they watch another video and another video, another video. And then they're like, Oh, dang, who like this is kind of interesting now and then. So the followers lead to a little more engagement, a little more engagement leads to some link clicks, and then it's 50 leads a day, and then it's 100 leads a day and oh my gosh, now it's like a couple sales a day. And suddenly this you got a little snowball rolling, which for you is now turning into like a pretty good income or a really good income. Actually, I'm guessing you're making more than what you were making before. For sure. You know, so anyway, yeah, I just, I think that's so powerful. And it's, you know, when you when we showcase a video like that, I really feel like man, you know, if people could just grasp that power and sort of like, you know, people have said that tick tock is over, checked up stuff in there on tick tock is done, and I'm like, Dude, I just don't see that man. I see. I see people who are 11 days in and getting 4 million views. And I also see people who are brand new and just launching only on tick tock and hit $10,000 in affiliate commissions, like I shouldn't say relatively quickly, but faster than I am like, it surprises me that all then that's cool. And then you've got other stuff that's gone viral too, but I mean, your channel has really taken off with 87,000 followers. That's pretty fast.

Matt: Yeah, and it makes sense, it makes sense. Have you tried going live at all?

Stephen: Yes, yeah. So the Fun, fun experience. Took me about a month and a half probably to like, you just build the courage to do it, honestly. Yeah. And so yeah, quick, funny story. The first time I ever went live is okay, I'm finally doing it. So I opened up the Live section of tick tock or whatever. And then I thought I was alive. So I just talked to myself for like 10 minutes. And I hadn't didn't even pressed the Live button. So I was like, Why is there no user? No one's popping in nowhere. As a little embarrassing. Oh, I suppose it turned into a live show.

Matt: That's hilarious. Well, have you have you reviewed the have you reviewed in the blueprints because you purchased our business blueprints to have you reviewed the tic toc webinar strategy? 

Stephen: No, I actually haven't noticed that the blueprints are just packed with content. I haven't even gotten through it all.

Matt: So in the affiliate marketing business blueprint, there's, there's the TikTok funnel, and if you watch it's a case study. It's called The TikTok  micro webinar strategy. And it's and it's with this guy Paul, who's got at least a few 100,000 followers on TikTok. And what he does is he'll go live and he's taught this before. He's taught this before on like our he's taught this before on our Oh, I had a virtual mastermind of ours on online and man, it's like a 40 minute video. You should go watch that because he talks about it. The really powerful thing that he does is he drives a ton of sales through his life. And we've got four or five people that I know have gone through our training and so different random stuff or giveaway ebooks and stuff like that. Some of them are affiliates of ours. Some of them aren't. But they I mean in bucket loads, produce sales, like just and they'll go live and they'll start teaching. I mean, Calvin hills is a good example of one of those. They'll go live for two hours and talk about crypto and stocks and investing in bear markets and all this stuff, and then tie it back to his ebook. And hey, you guys, I need to go get into my ebook. And then he's got all kinds of stuff that he sells people through that ebook. It's just really powerful. So man, you know, there's for those of you who have bought our business blueprints inside of the affiliate model and are watching more webinars, it's worth it interview at the end. And, man, if I had a thought, I mean, anybody who's got 1000 followers, the ability to go watch it if you can, one. Day I you'll start to get into this flow a little bit. And it makes creating content a little bit easier because you start to get the feedback from people live and in real time, and you can start to answer them and then you get the second layer of objections, and then you get the third layer objections and that now you're like Oh, my God, okay. Now I actually really understand these people. Like, I understand my followers, and I understand the people who were tuning in to watch this kind of thing. So anyway, I just see, I just see the boatloads of sales that people produce through these lives on TikTok and it's just crazy to me that but I get it because when I first started doing webinars a few years back, it was like, oh my god, this is so insanely stressful. Like it's you're on the spot. I get it. If you know, there's no way to deny that. I mean, you got to show up and like you got to perform a little, you know, like it's a performance. Well, but yeah. Have you done it since then? That first day? 

Stephen: I probably tried to go by and probably two to three times a week. Wow, cool, man. Yeah, you just get more comfortable like you said, the more you do it the less intimidating it is. 

Matt: Yeah. Cool. I would, I would encourage you just as one little tip to have at least one of those be scheduled each week. Because people really appreciate when the people that they're following or that the people that they like to hear from if they if they know when you're going to do it or if you have a set time like maybe just once a week because they people it's crazy how, like how we downplay how how much people love to be on our lives, like people, like especially when you've got 80,000 followers, like your followers, like revel in that not all of them are going to express that but it's like it's this cool thing that they feel like they're tuning into a little bit of like a celebrity which they are I mean, it's a mini celebrity inside of a niche but it's it's like a mini version of like, you know, if they were on with like, Kanye West or you know, you're obviously not like, you know, Snoop Dogg or whatever, bad bunny or something but but but like, there's this there's this little bit of like, Bill, like, people like to look forward to things in their week. They like to know that on Thursday nights. At seven, they tune in with Steve like, they like to know that Monday through Friday. They're tuning in at 10am to watch wake up legendary or, you know, and having something in their week. It's a weird human psychology thing that just, I don't know, does that make sense? Like they enjoy that.

Stephen: Yeah, you mentioned Calvin earlier and he goes lie at like seven o'clock pretty much every night. Yeah, he's a beast. He's got some very good y'all often budget for sure. Schedule time.

Matt: Yeah, it's the Yeah, look, whether you do it or not. I wouldn't take it personally either way, but there's this layer there. There's this sort of difference stage right. And I'm just trying to not even like just emphasizing this for you, but for everybody. Especially people who have broken through like maybe 1000 10,000 And they're like, Well, how do I get to that? Like, how do I get to that like 30k a month, right, like, and and in that realm. There's a there's like one more big step step or one more big stage where it's like, it's it's this level of obsession, which is like, Okay, I'm gonna and this is where Calvin's at and like, that's why he's he's done like, I think with us like yeah, a lot in mid six figures for sure. And just as an income disclaimer, most people don't make mid six figures after attaining our training earnings. That is, I think a lot of times it's because they do nothing but also just, you know, there's a lot of hard work that goes into it. And that's actually the point of what I'm saying is with Calvin he slipped into this obsession. Like this is this is he's sort of an obsessive personality that's now like, alright, he obsessed over his music production for years and now he's stepping into this phase of like, I'm obsessed with this business. And it's every day, seven days a week or five days a week or whatever. I'm going live and I'm giving everything that I've got and it becomes less of this like people are draining me and oh my god, this is so much work, and it's more of like a challenge. It's like you know, it's like an NBA player who's got 82 games. I don't know, maybe, maybe you're a hockey fan. I don't know.

Stephen: Up in Canada. We watch a lot of hockey.

Matt: It's like they go out into the arena. Every night. And it's like, it's a challenge. It's like it's a game. And when it becomes gamified, like, how much could I really do here? Like how much could I really pull like how many people could I get on this live show? It begins to feed you as opposed to drain you and that's such a different thing. Like when I talk about going live a lot of people are like, Oh, God, how could I ever do that? It's like, well, we need to make a shift of like, of like, how you view your energy of what this does for you. Because for most people, it's just like, it's a complete training thing. But once you get into the game world, it's like, you know, I go to the gym and play at LA Fitness every day. I play basketball every day. And it's like, I don't like feeling pretty exhausted. But like, I literally could do it. I can play for eight hours if my body lets me. And I would because I'm so competitive, and I just feed off of that. So anyway, back to my point on that. I'm on a rampage already dude. But I'm on a rampage because I feel like there's another layer and there's a lot of people who hit that 1000-10,000 Whatever mark in commissions or in earnings or revenue or whatever. And that next stage is right there. Like it's right there. And people don't realize things like going live and really engaging your email list and really engaging like your followers at a real level like, man, there's just so much gold there and it helps your algorithm and it helps your it's it's yeah, it's insane. So anyway, rant over. I just wanted to put that in front of you and say much to agree with it. So right now you've got 86 87,000 followers, you're creating how many videos a day like what's your what's your content creation like?

Stephen: Yeah, I try to post like, at least two to three times a day. Yeah, that's yeah, I feel you got to be consistent. That's the biggest thing in this industry. Or this field or whatever you wanna call it? Yeah. Two to three to three pieces of content a day. I find it works well for me.

Matt: Yeah, yeah, makes sense. What um, what's like, what are you learning? What are you discovering? What's been like an aha moment in the last like, a couple of weeks about your content?

Stephen: Yeah, so you're, you're always like testing stuff. See what works? What doesn't work? Yeah, I find that perfect balance between education and entertainment. is like where the goldmine is, like, you wanna you want to teach people stuff, but you also want to keep them entertained. And you don't want to be just one or the other. I find that you can teach them in an entertaining way.

Matt: They'll be more engaged, and more likely to go click on your links or whatever.

Stephen Yeah, so I find that works the best. You can make a funny sound you can relate to and then teach them at the same time . That's like the winning combination. I found it.

Matt: Oh, funny sound and teaching them Yeah. Education and entertainment. There's a psychological secret in there. I think that's super powerful. Cool, man. That's awesome. For people who are edutainment that's such a big thing. That's been such a big thing for so long to and it's like I find that that specifically is like it it's it's in every single medium since I've ever started marketing, which when I started marketing, email marketing was everything and it still kind of is now but it was literally everything for the ability to teach a lesson and to pull out humor and to pull out entertainment. It puts you in a different world that puts you in a different light. That's really cool. That's a big piece for everybody who's here and maybe they're new or maybe they're posting that first TikTok. video, we're going live for the first time. What would you say to those people? 

Stephen: Honestly, just take that leap of faith. I know it's scary at first. Absolutely. Like, I was terrified to post that first video, but you're just gonna get more and more comfortable the more you do it. So yeah, just take that leap of faith. Hit that live button. Make sure you hit the Live button. Don't forget like me. And then yeah, just dive in and watch the magic happen. Like it'll never happen if you don't start. So you just gotta take that first step. That's the hardest step but most important

Matt: Totally. Well, man, Steven key about it dude. Keep going man. 8000 followers you're cranking Yeah, keep rockin dude, keep rockin anything else for the listeners? Anything else?

Stephen: Not off the top of my head. Thanks a lot for having me on.

Matt: Thanks for taking the time. We'd love to have you back on too. So I mean, you know my email is Matt at legendary marketer comm shoot me an email be like, Hey, man, here's what's new here. What's going on and we'd love to hear from you again. Awesome. Yeah. Cool. Is this the best place for people to find you right here on TikTok.

Stephen: Yes it is

Matt: Cool, man. Awesome. Well, thanks again for coming on. Alright guys @succeedwithStephen. And you can go follow him every time when you know when we tell people hey, go follow this person. What we mean is Go follow them. Give them some love. Like their videos. Comment on those who helped boost them like give him a little bit of organic sort of help on videos and then guess what? In a couple of weeks when you're on the show and I'm telling everybody go like your videos. Wow. Lo and behold, everybody's gonna go like your videos. So anyway, you know, there's a couple 1000 people who will watch this and I get that not everybody will do it but it's a good way to to be a positive piece of our community and to contribute something in sometimes when you feel like you might not have a ton to contribute. Maybe you're newer and you're like why I don't have a lot to contribute to this community. This is a great way to do it. He gave us a lot of gold nuggets today. It's our way of paying him back. So go follow him on Tick Tock 510 day lives when he goes live you better blow him up and we'll be back here again tomorrow, same time. Same place. 10am Eastern