This week on Wake Up Legendary David Sharpe interviewed Alex Ford. Alex is from Australia and recently attended and spoke at the Legendary Mastermind in Orlando, Florida. He spoke about directing energy in his business and the type of person you want to show up as in your business.

If you are someone who struggles with content creativity or wants to take your business to the next level of success, this interview is for you.

Directing Your Energy and Focusing on Your Online Business

Before Alex got into online business he was working a job he hated and loved the idea of working from home and being able to be available for his family. He faced some challenges in the beginning of his online career. He tried a lot of different business opportunities going from business to business. He wanted to just find the one thing that would work for him but just kept getting distracted. We’re going to dive into how you can transition from dabbling into your business to becoming the master.

Another piece of advice he gave is to ignore all gurus and ads. Online marketers know how to sell and will make you feel like you need to purchase all of their products to be successful at running your business. Blocking out all of the outside distractions was what Alex said made him feel like he gained momentum.

Showing Up In Your Business

When people first come into the online business community they are surrounded by a lot of other internet marketers, along with a lot of people they think are doing better than them. There are three types of people that you can show up as in your business. 

The first person people often show up as in their business is the dabbler. The dabbler is the person who is always jumping from business to business. This type of person is always hoping they will get lucky and find something that will make them money quickly and easily. Usually a dabbler will quit their business within the first few months and move onto something else.

The next type of person that people show up as in their business in the stressor. This type of person is always stressed instead of using resources or asking questions. They may figure it out but once moving onto the next challenge within their business they repeat the stressful process. This type of person will have success over the long term but is extremely stressed, and that is not a healthy and fun way to build your business.

The person you want to aim to be and become is the master. The master is not someone who quits, but someone who works through their challenges and continues. The master looks for advice and seeks out knowledge by watching video tutorials or asking questions and for advice from other people in their online business niche. This type of person will usually see the most success and results. 

Facing challenges and problems in your online business is normal. The key thing to do when facing a problem or challenge in your business is to seek out the knowledge to fix that problem. Once you do that you gain more knowledge yourself and are able to overcome that obstacle and move onto your next level of success.

Creating Your Own Content Creation Method

Alex was at one point overwhelmed with the amount of content he was trying to put out. He was doing YouTube, Instagram, a podcast, and more and trying to keep up with it all at once. He decided to stop overwhelming himself and only focus on one social media source. 

He noticed everyone was focusing on Instagram reels and TikTok and started doing it himself because it was working for everyone else. He didn’t want to be like everyone else but wanted to bring his own personality into his content. He began watching what type of content other people were making and put his own spin on it. Within a week his TikTok account grew from 1,350 followers to over 100,000 followers.

You don’t need a fancy camera and editing tools or extra lights, you just need your phone to create content. Keeping track of the popular accounts from your niche and the videos they create that take off will help you get an idea of the content you can make. Use the subject or sounds from others’ popular videos and add your own style to it.

Another tip that Alex and  David Sharpe spoke about is to use props in your content. Using props is engaging and if you can use one in the first three seconds of your video it will grab your viewer’s attention.

Have Fun With The Work That You Do

One of the most important tips shared during this interview is remember to have fun! 

“If it’s not fun, it’s not going to get done,” Alex said. 

We as people don’t want to do things that we don’t enjoy. Adding some fun  creativity to your content and getting yourself excited about your business will help it feel so much more enjoyable and motivational.

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