Below is the transcription for this episode:

Dave: What is going on everybody, this is Dave Sharpe. Welcome to Wake Up Legendary. And as usual, we have yet another fantastic guest this morning. As you can see from the show. Well, do we have a title for this post? If we don't, I'm going to tell you what the title of the show is from diesel mechanic to TikTok influencer in 14 days. Let's hear what this guy has to say and how he did it, Ryan, welcome to the show, brother. 

Brain: Hey Dave, how are you? 

Dave: Good man, good, how are you? Where are you calling in from?

Ryan: New York.

Dave: State?

Ryan: New York State, yeah. Well part of New York State, Hudson Valley, so kind of about two hours north of the city, to try to stay as far away from there as I can. 

Dave: I used to go to New York for the summers that's where my mom's from and my aunt still lived up there and she lived. Yeah. And then we'd go up to Buffalo, and we'd watch the Buffalo Bills training camp and have some pretty good summers up there. Yeah, yeah, for sure, for sure. There were good times around Lake Chautauqua, sure if you're familiar with that lake.

Ryan: Not exactly.

Dave: A beautiful part of New York, a little small town called Bemus Point is where she actually lived but anyways, it's, I spent many fantastic summers up there and got a lot of great memories. Have you ever been down here to Florida?

Brain: Yeah, yeah, a few times I got a little bit of family in New Port Richey, and next year where me and Yonsei are trying to make the move down there, we're just tired of the New York winters. It's too cold. And, well, you kind of have six months of winter around here if I got to burn wood and the wood stove I consider it winter. So that's about six months a year, and we're looking away from it. 

Dave: I've never burned wood in a wood stove down here. 

Ryan: No, probably not. 

Dave: No, definitely not. Definitely not. We've not even had to hardly turn the stove on to heat up the house, you know what I mean, we've actually got, we've got both AC and heat. And I was surprised to see when I went up to air my wife's high school reunion in New Jersey, that they actually didn't have AC in her school growing up, because it was just cold for so much of the year, didn't get as hot, and that was an unthinkable to me to not have AC in a building, because we have AC in every building here in Florida. 

Ryan: Yeah and I tell you what, me, me and my fiance just flew back in Las Vegas all last week. And, you know, every building you walk into down there has AC but the heat down there is just different. It was like 100 to 110 degrees but it felt good, and you didn't sweat, walking around on the Vegas strip just, it was just different and you know, I could deal with that all year you know.

Dave: It's a dry heat you know when I was out in Vegas last time my nose started to bleed, because I'm so used to a wet humid heat down here in Florida, it was a dry heat, and I was, I was just, it's fascinating, you know, we get acclimated to a certain a certain environment and when we get out of that environment, we become uncomfortable and that is a great segue and an analogy into entrepreneur employee ship to entrepreneurship, right, because it's, it can be an uncomfortable change, making that transition, especially if you're still doing it. If you're still doing both, which I of course did both for a long time as well. I would assume that you're doing both as well right now is that right?

Ryan: Right now, yeah. 

Dave: Alright, so tell us a little bit about I know you had done some other things leading up to affiliate marketing and finding Legendary, give us a snapshot of what led you up to this, this day. Ryan: Yeah, so for about 15 years I've been in the repair of all sorts of industries. I started with cars and trucks and then you know pickup trucks then I moved on to big trucks. Then I was at a Chrysler dealership for about five years and then eventually I started my own business doing heavy equipment. And what happened is that you know, I'm spending 80 plus hours a week in my own business, making equivalent to what I was making with a job a lot more added stress a lot more added, you know, physical pain from the type of work you know I get getting those hints that my body's giving me like you're screwing up, You know you're gonna be broke and by the time you're 40. So, you know, probably about two, two and a half years ago, I kind of started dabbling in the online space tried a whole bunch of stuff, none of it really worked I started with the day trading, but didn't have the time you know you had to sit in front of the computer at market open every day didn't have time for it could make it work, plus the, the capital you needed that I just didn't have, then, was the Amazon FBA, I bought a course for that. That never panned out. I want to buy a whole bunch of Chinese products that I never ended up selling so that was a big loss. The Shopify drop shipping I tried that I got the store all set up, but never could really seem to get it working right. And then, you know, I started watching, and I learned about affiliate marketing. I just never had heard of Legendary man so you know I'm in YouTube and then I'm scrolling through TikTok, and I keep seeing non stop 15 Day Challenge 15 Day Challenge 15 day challenge there was a ton of hype so I'm like, Alright let me see what it's all about. And that's, that's what got me here. I took the 15 Day Challenge and then from there I decided to get the blueprints and, and here I am. That was, that had to be probably three months ago now and here I am today. 

Dave: So nice. So what were you trying to do in the past? You know the drop shipping even the stock trading, Right. What was the difference between those ventures that you tried in the past and what you're doing now. 

Ryan: Yeah so Amazon and the Shopify thing was kind of like the I really would have needed like a mentor for that, and I had already invested in a course for the Amazon thing in the. Wasn't it you know, it was just a big community on a Facebook group of people that none of them really knew what they were doing either. So nobody was really making money but everybody kind of had an idea how to do it, but there was really no clear direction is what to do, I mean you went through the course and they kind of gave you some clear examples of a few things that would work and how to find the products to sell but then once you went to actually find your own. You'd be surfing for hours and hours and hours using all the different Chrome extensions and whatnot and you never really found something that was going to, you know, that you would say all right, this is going to work. So it was super high risk. And then with the, with the day trading thing just, you know, it was super high stress I mean the days I did have the opportunity to sit in front of the computer market open, you can always go back in hindsight and look at the charts and say you know this is I could have got in here and I could have waited this long and then got out and I would have done great but when it's live and you're actually trying to do it. There's a very high level of emotional stress because if you're trying to actually make any kind of money you're investing a lot, and in turn risking a lot, and then just be you, You have to have that time every day a market opened with a little bit of money to really be able to fine tune your strategy and get in it just wasn't possible for me. 

Dave: So, what is making this possible now?

Ryan: Well, because I'm able to put the time in when I want to, if I don't have time, at any particular time, it doesn't matter, I can just do it later. You know when I can fit it in is when I can fit it in. I bet I'm investing more time lately in my heavy equipment business. I've dialed back, timewise, and I've probably been spending only 40 hours a week on that as opposed to the a plus I was and I'm spending probably 35 to 40 on this as well. I only really kind of sleep like four hours a night, but you know I'm kind of, it's, I'm trying to have a healthy balance of the two there but in the beginning I was able to put together rather quickly without burning a bunch of money out of my bank account in the process. And I was able to kind of get things moving. You know by spending only minimal, you know, two to three hours a day. 

Dave: Yeah. So, what allowed you to get things going rather quickly? Now obviously you invested in some education and you took some training and you started to put some pieces together. I would assume that was helpful, I'm only assuming we did yeah absolutely. We didn't talk before this so you could say, Yeah, that wasn't helpful at all. You tell me. And then, and then you started taking action on that so I want to know what, you know what, what allowed you to begin kind of moving, taking action, having clarity from the beginning so you could start getting results, and then of course, those results keep you excited right and keep you going.

Ryan: Yeah absolutely so blueprints definitely helped. I mean I spent a lot of time aside when I got the blueprints, I think I blasted through all of it in like three weeks. So I did that but then I also know how I learned best. I learned best hands on. So the first thing I did when I got through the blueprints was, I sat through decade and a day I implemented all that watched it, you know, watched over the different parts that I had to as many times I needed to went to the Thursday trainings I went and tried to find all the information I needed when I needed it. But I wanted to find it through legendary because I put together bits and pieces of information that you go to try to find something from YouTube, and then try to apply it to somebody else's strategy, it just doesn't work. So whatever, when I couldn't find certain things, or when I was struggling with something, I would just hit up drew I got I've had like four sessions with them of one on one coaching, and that was like immensely helpful I mean I got to give the guy credit here I mean, that was immensely helpful, and actually jumpstarting everything that I've been doing. And in addition to that, just, I'm using the TikTok strategy obviously for all by promoting so we end up talking to a lot of them guys as well as you're making videos you know we get to comment and back and forth and sometimes we have zoom calls and chatting on Facebook stuff like that then you can you can leverage each other's knowledge, because everybody, all of them are all using the same strategy as well. Yeah, so we can all kind of help each other out and there's really no stopping you know once you've got all the resources put together. 

Dave: Yeah, and you really just laid out, I think, in excellent detail very clearly, the resources that are at everyone's disposal, and that is the obvious training that we promote and market, and is sort of the kind of core foundation. Without that, that it'd be hard to, you know, we would, we wouldn't be anything we have that core curriculum and those core philosophies that are inside of that training and I think I I like really, I don't think I know I like what you said in terms of, I wanted to learn everything from one person, because when I start to get, you know, or one place because when I start to get try to start piecing things together from YouTube and Facebook and this guy or that gal, it's, it can be confusing, and so the next thing you laid out was the one on one resources we provide that of course with one on one coaching, if that's something that you're interested in, and you took advantage of that and then community, but not just, you know, being a part of a Facebook group, like you said, but actually connecting with other people that are using similar strategies and then building sort of almost mini masterminds many support groups right within the community, because, you know, being a part of a community is cool but, but the the actual relationships and or communities within that larger community are what's possible those kind of breakout groups as you will, if you will, whether that be one on one, or whether that be a small group of people who kind of all know each other and are familiar with each other and as you said, anybody can start a free Zoom account and say, Hey, I would you guys be available to jump on today at eight o'clock at night 8pm Eastern Time and just kind of chat strategy, and just kind of share ideas in that. So, man, you're really utilizing all of the resources that are available to you and I really just want to commend you for that man because it's so easy to say, I'm not getting the support that I need. And that's such a common frustration and excuse that people have. But really, it's not that you're not getting the support that you need, it's that you're not taking advantage of all the resources that are available to you and I just want to commend you for that, for laying out so clearly what's available but also taking advantage of it. 

Ryan: Yeah, absolutely. That's exactly what happened. I mean I just wound up hitting up a few of the guys says you guys be interested in getting in the Zoom call got a few responses got a few that didn't respond right away so three of us got into a call, and you know we just that's what we did we just went over strategy we talked about tick tock, we talked about all kinds of different stuff so you know since then I've, I've definitely amped up my strategy like I've got a free ebook I wrote that I give away I started a Facebook group, using the knowledge from all these other guys and what they're doing and what's working for them, and hearing what they are saying is their strong points in their online business is really, you know a good motivator and a good resource to be able to figure out what should be the next step I need to take. 

Dave: Yeah, Yeah, so I'm gonna throw up his email just in case anyone's interested in that, he wants to take advantage of that resource, get through it, Legendary Marketer. So if you guys are interested, you can hit up I just saw a couple of comments, looking for jurors contact information. Yeah so, and and for blueprint students, you know at the end of that training we actually say, we'll look over your, your activity your marketing activity. You know, at first, for free. If you take our instruction, apply it, and then want feedback on it. And then of course anything above and beyond that, we have coaching packages at very reasonable prices. So, you can reach out to Drew and get information on that, but I like also how you gave drew credit, that was really, I think a part of my journey to success that I, the more successful, I got the more kind of humble that I got and, and, and I started to kind of give credit where credit's due, and really kind of call people out shout people out. And that really made me more of a part of the community made me more people want to help me more because you know I wasn't trying to take credit for everything myself as if it was my idea as if I got there alone and I just I really appreciated that because, you know, whether it's somebody who you're paying as a one on one coach or whether it's somebody who's brand new, newer than you are. And they say something or do something that you learn from them, because we can learn from anybody to call them out, shout them out and kind of lift them up, is such a it's such the spirit of the successful entrepreneur, it's it's like one of those, like if Dave, what are the top five principles of a successful entrepreneur, it's, it's having a team, using that team, And then acknowledging and recognizing that team, is that a leadership quality that you've always had is that something that you've sort of developed as you've as you've got, you know deeper into your business to just kind of build support recognize people, you know, so there's studies that say recognition is as are more valuable to people often as income. So, I just wondered if that was something that came natural for you or is that something that you've kind of learned and developed as you built your business. Um, yeah, I mean that's kind of hard to say i don't i don't know i mean i I've always been a very appreciative and grateful person, you know, I don't think there's ever been a time my parents or grandparents took me out to dinner and I didn't say thank you afterward. I've just always been very appreciative and I always, you know, if, if I can't take credit for something I don't take credit you know I, it's, kind of, to me kind of falls under the whole honesty, the phrase email frame there. So, in the opposite of that is an attitude of entitlement right and that sort of, if I can offer that context for everybody listening, I see a lot of attitude of entitlement. I see a lot of people who think that they deserve success, they think they sign up and pay their money that they're entitled to success. And that develops this kind of attitude that, you know, is rude. It comes off as you know, I deserve it. I'm entitled Why or why are you know and that's where we get a lot of the I'm not getting the support that, you know, just those attitudes that they only lead to more struggle and failure, that is, and I'm not judging anybody I'm not shaming anybody I'm just saying that I'm offering to everyone listening in my decades of experience here what I've seen has worked and what hasn't worked and an attitude of entitlement and an attitude of, of dishonesty or an attitude of, you owe me something, even if somebody owes you something never works out, It's an it but the attitude of, of recognition of lifting others up of of humility, of, of, you know, again, recognizing others before I recognize myself, especially within the communities that I'm a part of is, It's like a How to Win Friends and Influence People quality, you know if anybody ever reads that book, you'll learn so much about how to attract people to you by lifting them up in thinking about others and how you make them feel when they're around you. Does that make sense? 

Ryan: Oh yeah, absolutely. Absolutely, yeah. 

Dave: Cool. So, what's worked for you on TikTok to be able to go viral, I think the four times that you have gone viral. And, you know, if you were to start over again, would you do it all, the same, would you do some things differently?

Ryan: Yes. So, as far as what has worked is following the formula that Matt teaches right and it really, for those of the people here that have the blueprints that video goes over the hook strategy under the TikTok funnel there I mean that's pretty much the formula I followed. And as far as finding content to model mine after just following match strategy which is to find other pages that are performing well, find their high performing videos and model after that is really kind of the key to going viral. You know, I found that hash tags really aren't as important. The sound isn't as important sometimes it helps, but it's not going to be the key that gets you to go viral. And it's, you know, It's all about that first two to three seconds. If you can hook somebody in that first two to three seconds, whether it be through text or something you said or flashing lights on the screen. If you can get that first two to three, you're gonna get the next two to three seconds, and it's it you know it's about getting that next two to three seconds all the way throughout your video. At any point in time you become boring, they're gone, they're just going to scroll and and right now, TikTok just changed their algorithm a little bit a lot of guys are seeing a decrease in views, and a lot of it I think is just based off of watch time now a lot of guys are saying that engagement isn't helping their videos anymore. So we always have to try to keep on top of what's working. So what worked two months ago may not exactly work as well today so if you were to repost a video that did well because you're inciting a lot of engagement. Maybe today it's not going to do quite as well. I've got one video on my page called Let's Make a bet, and I had that video go viral twice because I posted it once and then I reposted it and it did it again, and it's kind of like laser if you were to watch that video, not as a viewer but as a, as a creator, and really break that down. You can really kind of understand exactly what the formula is and why it worked. As far as changing anything going back a little bit. What I would change, is I would stay more niche specific. So as opposed to making side hustle videos that aren't really relevant at all to affiliate marketing. Here's what I noticed. The first time I went viral. It was a video about flipping domain names. And now, bear in mind, I'm willing to admit I modeled this video from somebody else. This is in some process I'm super familiar with, I did a little bit of research on it, just so you know, I understand some basic things so I knew it was real and I wasn't going to be posting a video and promoting an idea that just is vague and a lie, but that's about as far as I went with it so I posted the video 500,000 views later. I've got now over 10,000 followers from this one video, but all these people are not looking to start an online business and put the time in you know what I mean, these people are kinda looking to make a quick buck and not really do anything, they're looking to like flip in a car, if you knew you could get $5,000 for a car that they're selling for two, you'd go buy it in an instant, because it would be super easy that's kind of what I've noticed amongst the type of audience for that type of content while that may not always be true in that case, it certainly was. And the other thing to go into that too is just because you acquire a lot of followers, doesn't mean that they're going to convert, if you don't have the right audience. They're, they're not going to convert into sales. You know, like I've, I've told other people in the past you know you could have people on TikTok that are dancing in front of the camera with a million followers. If they decide to switch over to affiliate marketing, does it mean those millions of dollars are going to buy anything, because they're not there for that they're there to watch you dance, right. So, as far as building the right audience really if you're building the audience properly, you consider all those followers to be leads essentially, if you have the right audience.

Dave: Sure. I want to just tease apart a couple of things that really stood out to me that you just said, and for everybody who is listening. If something that Ryan just said stood out to you, you know, jot it down, I mean so you don't forget. And, you know, I hate to say it but I mean, these, these, these, you know, I don't hate to say it, I love to say it but I mean, I, you know, I would love for us all to be able to kind of just sit back and be relaxed and enjoy the shows every day but there's, there's honestly some incredible nuggets that are dropped on these shows. Every morning, so as much as you guys might come to this show just looking to kind of relax and listen in, there's, you know, I just want to remind you don't miss something that's really important one mindset thing that I heard Ryan just say that I think is so important is, don't be surprised when something changes, about a platform, whether it is how the algorithm works a lot of times that's how it is I remember back a couple several years many years ago on Facebook. Everybody was building business pages and you saw lots of organic reach on your business page, and then all the sudden, like, it caught out because they wanted you to buy advertising, as a business so they stopped your organic reach like our post went from, you know I used to get like memes and stuff on Facebook that would get like 100 200 shares, right, because it was getting in front of tons of people and it was decent content, and then all of a sudden that same content, got like five shares, and it was just because they weren't putting it in front of the same amount of people that they were before because they were trying to push pages to boost their posts, I don't know if you guys remember this but you could press the little button boost I think you still can. But Boost Post and, you know, and, and they wanted you to buy, they wanted you to pay to get your content in front of people if you were a paid so a lot of people switch back over to personal profiles, even though it was against the terms and conditions, you know, pushy, yo Cree and that's what most organic Facebook marketers are doing nowadays is they're building their businesses with content from their personal profiles because they get so much more organic reach. It was a shift. There were tons of people who put tons of work to get 100,000 likes on their business page. And now all of a sudden those pages got zero organic reach you had to adjust. Not getting frustrated and understanding that's how the game works, or let me say this, not letting that make you quit right you can get as frustrated as you want, use that frustration is fuel and be in pivoting, adjusting understanding that's how this game works technology is innovating and evolving, and the only people that lose in the capitalistic world of of innovation is the people who can adjust. Remember blockbuster anybody, right, it's just a great example that remember Kodak right to where their whole business was built on you taking a picture and getting your film developed, and then this thing came along, right. So, you have to adjust, You have to be able to pivot. You know, I, I also the three second thing that you said, I, one of the, one of the most popular things that people like to start their videos off is, I wanted to shoot a video today, like we've seen. We know that you're shooting a video. Right. Right. I wanted to shoot a video today, there's three seconds, you're not. I think it's I think it's hard for a lot of us to accept that our content sucks. It's just hard. It's hard, or boring, as you said, that's even a harder word oh my god, am I boring. I just want to be seen. I just want to be loved. I just want to be wanted like Brad Pitt, when you look, I know people who are much uglier than Brad Pitt, who are much wider, shorter , older. And you know what they're getting a million views on, on their videos. Why, because it ain't about how you look, it's about what hopes and stories and offers are you using in your content and as you said, How are you, utilizing that first three seconds, are you starting the story, all the way back at the beginning. Well I'd like to start this Tiktok today by telling you that I was born in 1983 Right, no, you got to start the story in the middle like they do in a great movie. I was dropped onto the floor, punched in the gut. I was waiting. Right. Start the story in the middle, and then you go from there what's coming up for you?

Ryan: Yeah, I mean it. And there's also that there seems to be like a little bit of a, like a discrimination almost when it comes to what's, what type of people are making certain type of content and having it work so for example there's a older gentleman doing affiliate marketing, I can't remember his name but he's not doing it from legendary he's he's promoting something else but he's, he's got to be in his 60s, maybe late 50s At best, and he's just, he, he just sits in front of there and he talks about what he's doing every day, and he gets tons and tons of views and engagement and it's kind of like, well for somebody like that. People are kind of interested, I feel I think there's a little bit more of a trust factor there just naturally, whereas they see a young guy like me Come on there, and I try to tell them, you know, you can make money online, this works this is a real business, yada yada yada. It's a lot harder to hook those people because they see me and they say are just another affiliate marketer, you know, this guy's doing the same thing everybody else does, but I think you get what I'm trying to say is, in some cases depending on how you frame yourself your and your personality, it might require a different strategy what works for you, isn't necessarily going to work for me, and vice versa. Yeah, I agree with that. I understand what you're trying to say. I think absolutely people can judge people discriminating based on your age, in particular, I think. And, certainly older people can have maybe less trust than a younger person, because they just think hey what is this young punk. No, I mean I, I certainly can say that,

Dave: I felt a little of that when I was younger but I was also more immature I also spoke more immaturely I acted more immaturely I did more dumb shit, that was probably less attractive to people who were more mature, for example, I tried to be cooler than I was, I tried to act richer than I was. I tried to, I thought that I overcompensated because I thought that I, you know, if I, if I was successful and I come off, I came off as successful and more people would listen to me. And, and that was that was a mistake on my part that was immaturity, at its finest. And, and so even though I'm still 37 today, I would still be considered, I certainly think a young man, bye, bye, in the context of somebody who's 50 or 60. The more I've toned down all that bullshit, the more I just sit in front of my computer and focus on speaking intelligent value with a little bit of entertainment and being my, you know, using my own kind of humor and weirdness and, and even, even not taking myself too seriously, you know, making poking fun at myself and, and just not trying to always be the man trying to be Mr cool guy mister successful guy. I think part of that's because I've built my self esteem and I feel better about myself now than I did when I was younger. That's why I say self esteem is the bedrock of success. The more successful I've become so I think I certainly agree with you, but I also think that we have the power to be able to make an impression upon people who may be judgmental because maybe you're younger or something like that, by, by not overcompensating. And I think that's where so many people on the show say just be yourself. I think that's what they mean, it's not like the key to your success is authenticity, that's ambiguous. More specifically, the key to your success is really just communicating the value, the teaching the stories that you have to say, just as yourself and not try to put on a certain outfit or comb your hair a certain way, or portray your wet yourself on the internet so differently than you are in your real life because people's built in bullshit detectors will just be like this person doesn't seem trustworthy. Does that make sense, that's my experience and my kind of feeling on that, I think you have an absolute point there. And I also think that we can influence that even if we're younger, even if we're not successful or whatever, you know?

Ryan: Yeah, and I like what you said there too about, you know, authenticity as well I mean, wow, you got to be exciting and you got to be engaging and you got people to want to be interested in your content at the same time, you know, people know you don't act that way normal, you know, people know you don't just walk around go hey yeah, you know, looking around like that so it's there's, you got to have, you definitely need a fair balance of the, you know, excitement and what's going to, you know, being engaged in, but then also have, have the ability to be authentic and real. At the same time, you know, without, without seeing like you're just an actor, you know.

Dave: Yeah. And I also think one thing that really helps that a lot of people, a lot of people really, I know I overlooked this for a long time was just having a schtick, like like, like have like a comedian that has a go to joke that he's known for. So for example like you think Jeff Foxworthy you might be a redneck, or a cable guy get her done right, you have people who have a shtick, right, it's like their thing, what are they known for. And, I think the more things that you can create that are consistent that you can become known for all that's that guy that does the videos in front of the wood wall which always has the black hat on, right. That's the guy who does the videos from his bathroom I always go back to the autistic marketer who is on a couple of months ago who was did all his videos from his bathroom, you know, and he was, I can make money from my bathroom that I think I might be able to show you a couple of things there there was the other marketer. Visilli I think who did all his videos and saying blue shirt, but, you know, what is your schtick, and if you can, you can do things, some things, whether it's how you look or something that you say I remember Eric Worre who created content for network marketers for years and years and years, and was one of the first guys creating content on YouTube and creating a nice quality piece of content each day now he's got a network marketing training company that packs arenas of 10,000 people in as Tony Robbins come speak and as you know, wildly successful he started off as a network marketer who started doing training and just started his entire business in one video a day used to end his video with. Well my wish for you is that you become a network marketing professional. You decide to Go Pro because it's a stone cold fact we have a better way. Now let's go tell the world. Well, I haven't heard one of his videos, in, in, in years, but I still remember the closing that he used in every single video that he shot. That was one of his sticks right I don't remember what he said. But I remember the borderline that he did the same way in every video and that's one of the reasons personally, my content strategy is this Wake Up Show. First of all we have a lot of affiliates and I don't want to be out there in competition with my affiliates, right, that's one of them. I'm not out there trying to beat Mr famous guy out on sodium in buy through my link instead of your link Ryan, so I'm actually trying not to compete with my affiliates, so they can earn get commissions from the sales that they promote, and I'm creating content as the CEO of the company for our community, not so my. So every day, I'm in the same seat with the same stick right with the same hat on, and I'm not creating a bunch of content out there on social media because the only thing I want to be known for on the internet is this image right here, like how you see me right here, raw, in your face talking to real people, real students. And when people think of me from our community, they probably think of this image right here of me sitting right in the sea, in front of this wall with the black hat on, it says Be Legendary talking to students and clients. Right. That's sort of a way that I've built my own personal brand within this community, and created an image that sticks in people's heads. It's easy to think about me, it's easy to bring that vision up in your head. So I would just invite everybody also I've said this before but to think about how can you create consistency in your message in your brand, and not always be doing something else, but or something not always needed to be doing something new, but wait for you, for people to pick up on your content, wait, wait for it to wait for people to catch off, you know wait for people to love you because a couple of times, if they're going to catch on, they're going to love you you're going to start becoming known for that makes.

Brain: Absolutely, absolutely, yeah 100% 

Dave: So, what else would you leave with today that would be useful, valuable, give us what other learning lesson that you've picked up along the way that that you've said a lot, because I know I've talked a lot, you've said, You've dropped an incredible some incredible nuggets, it's been a highly valuable, but leave us with one more thing, or anything that you would like to say to somebody that's new that might be sitting on the, the checkout page or is thinking about maybe they followed you and then they're here and they're about to go right through the 15 day challenge based on your experience, what would you say to somebody who's sitting here getting ready to get ready?

Ryan: Yeah, yeah, I would say that, and I get this question a lot in my comments. He and I don't know what to do. I don't know how to get started, what's the first thing I should do, what training should I get, and I don't necessarily always tell people, oh, you have to get training, you'll be good to go. I'd say, if you're willing, and you're comfortable. First off, you're not comfortable with getting on social media, there's tons of ways to do it without showing your voice and face, but I would urge you to get comfortable with it because, in my opinion, it is the superior way to have a presence online. But also, just because you don't have the knowledge and the skills yet to build a sales funnel or make an email campaign or set up all those back end mechanical things because you haven't done the training yet. What you are ready to do is go on social media and just start creating content and start building that following that 1000 follower mark on tick tock is so critical because it gives you the ability to go live, it gives you that ability to put that link in your bio. And until you have those things. It's going to be a bit more of a struggle until you get to that point so I urge, I always urge everybody who's a, whether they're, they're asking Where do I get started, what do I do first to eat, you know, always tell, social media, if you're comfortable with using it, use it and start using it now, and kind of try to find out how you make contact what works for you, because otherwise if you buy a training, especially if you, if you, you know, invest a lot in your education, and you go through in the beginning if you don't have, you know the patience I think some of us are gifted with a lot of patience and just knowing that this can take months and months and months to work sometimes. But if you aren't patient like that and you just, you're expecting it too fast, you're gonna get frustrated really quickly. If you're 100% New to creating social media content and it's not working for you at first and now you've just invested all this time and money and do your education, but it's not working right away for you so you get you know you get frustrated for me I was able to build my following on my page very quickly, but one thing we didn't talk about here today is I did have a TikTok page prior to that, which completely failed, I mean, it would total flop. It was probably three weeks I spent uploading two to three times a day, and didn't get any traction with any of it. Okay, so one little last golden nugget I'll leave you with something to try if you're running into this issue is on that particular page like I said two to three times a day I was uploading, making content wasn't getting any traction, maybe a maximum of 250 views per video. I sent Matt an email, we got an A video call. We talked for an hour, and came to the conclusion that maybe we should try a new page. And actually if you go to the one of the Thursday replay training replays I'm on that with Matt talking about this, but we decided let's try making a new page and see what happens I reused some of the content from that original page that didn't work, and boom, off it went, and within 14 days I had 14,000 followers so you know there's lots of things that can be working against you. But ultimately if you're thinking about getting started, just start making content on social media at least you'll figure out if that's the route you want to go as far as promoting things or not.

Dave: And, and then there, yet again, which by the way that was, that was a great tip I totally agree. Just, just to get on because it's so much easier to course correct than it is to start from the beginning. Even if you start with a new profile right because, yet again, there is a golden opportunity, a golden resource that you took advantage of, you know you invested in our Blueprints. And then you showed up in got the coaching that was available, you asked for the feedback and I would assume that that when you say that you got that coaching that was on live Thursday blueprint coaching calls right, and everybody else was there to be able to listen and learn as well or was that a separate one opening call that you had with massive you didn't mention that particular call with Matt was a one on one, there is a there was a call on Thursday I was the August 5 video, and that's the one where Matt had me popping on camera, and we talked about it, we looked at my page and kind of just dissected What is it isn't working for me. And it was a good example for everybody that was there that day but you can go back and watch it. Nice. Well, anybody who's a blueprint member you can go in and watch that August 5 replay on the live training page in our back office but yeah, shout out to Matt for being willing to jump on, he so, you know, Matt runs our is our, our CMO but also spearheads our decade and a day, those live trainings on Thursday and, you know, is able, I think one of the things that I'm super proud of is is that we have, you know people in here that are the actual marketers and not just hire trainers, which, which are, you know, which is so common in so many companies you know you've got this train who's never marketed his ass out of a wet paper bag, and he's trying to teach people how to, you know. But yeah, shout out to Matt, I mean, for being with you know, and he does this with so many people just jump on a call or take an email or whatever, to help somebody out, and in this case, then a follow up right on the on the August 5 Call to kind of dissect things and, and, and give you more feedback and that's available to all of you blueprint, prep members I mean to come on those calls on Thursday, and get feedback, and the beautiful thing is is that, again there's that mini mastermind again there's other people who are sitting around listening and can learn from your situation and that's why I always tell blueprint members bring your questions to those calls so we all can learn from your question, versus just asking the question, you know, in a one on one channel. Either way that the support is there for you all. And I would, I would assume that if somebody is considering going through the challenge, you would recommend that and if somebody was considering investing in the blueprints, you would recommend that as well. Am I right about that?

Ryan: Absolutely.

Dave: Would you consider that a good investment of both your time and money?

Ryan: Oh yeah, oh yeah absolutely 100% 

Dave: What do you think the biggest I mean of all the things that have been helpful to you about our training are kind of running into us and learning, what do you think the number one most valuable thing has been.

Ryan: I mean, the blueprints obviously are fantastic. To me, the most valuable thing as far as getting over the hurdles, which, you know the blueprint is really good, but it kind of has to tailor to the entire process as a whole, right, but there's going to be a lot of little nuance things you're going to run into, and having access to guys like Drew and Matt and that group coaching on Thursdays and even the replays, I think, 99% of the time, I can find the answer to a problem I'm having. In those replays before I have to send an email to matter Drew, but when I do have delta matter Drew, and there's been a lot of them. I get back an answer in less than 24 hours 100% of the time, and it's not like lines this is what you do I get paragraphs from these guys, and I kind of wonder how they have the time to sit there and message all these people back because I know I can't be the only one, but it the immense amount of support, just from the people within. I would, I would, I would pay 20 $500 for the blueprint just for that. Just just to have that Thursday training and those replays and then the access to those to call the mentors. Those two guys that it's just, you can't, you can't find that anywhere else that I've that I've seen. 

Dave: Yeah. No, I agree. I mean, I don't know how the guys have time to do it either. Honestly, because, you know, Drew's in high demand here, I put his email up there if you guys are interested in one-on-one coaching with Drew. and then, you know, Matt, our CMO who is busy marketing and running that side of things is also, you know, serving clients and customers like yourself, and yeah, it's cool, man, I really appreciate that and I just I want to put the credit and recognition though back on you, because you have, you know, you have been the one who's utilized the training you've utilized the resources you've utilized and it's not just Matt drew there's been a lot of kudos you've given them but you've also said you've formed masterminds with other community members and other people within the community. Absolutely. You know, and again, if you guys are wondering how Ryan who is at just the beginning of his journey here clearly has. So, you know, you, you clearly are just getting warmed up. If you're wondering how he's getting results, how he's blown up his current profile in 14 days, how he's, you know, on the track to getting results, and clearly has a bright future. You can just go back through this show and you can listen to all the ways in which he's utilized the resources that are here and available to anyone, and they are truly available to anyone. So, you know, kudos to you, bro. I'm really it's been a pleasure to talk to you I'm thrilled to follow up and hear where you're at in another three months and I hope you'll come back and share because that's what makes this what it is truly legendary so keep up the great work stay legendary my brother stay warm up there we got winter. Maybe you'll come out and move down here to Florida around us with your family in New Port Richey, but either way, man. The cool thing about this is we could be friends and connect and talk no matter where you're at, because of this powerful and interesting invention called the internet.

Brain: Yeah, absolutely. Absolutely. Well yeah, I appreciate you having me on. This has been cool and fun. Glad I could share a lot of value.

Dave: Yeah. And, yeah, definitely you ever want me to come back, just let me know. Come back. Sounds good, Ryan, all right, buddy. I'll talk to you soon. 

Ryan: Thanks Dave. All right. 

Dave: Well go follow Ryan at digital solutions with two s's at the end, let me just verify with him, that is correct right two s's at the end?

Ryan: Yep, two s's at the end, the other one was taken. 

Dave: Alright brother. Thanks. Alright, go follow Ryan at digitalsolutionss with two s's at the end over on TikTok, clearly, I mean so much to learn from him, and, and he's somebody who is clearly utilizing resources and building communities within community and just just really a lot of nuggets, a lot of a lot of not just telling you what to do, but showing you how to succeed. Success in my experience is not about the resources that you have, It's about the resourcefulness, that, that you develop, nobody's born with it. Right, I mean we have to learn how to be resourceful. I guess we are born with certain resourcefulness and maybe we just kind of forget about it or it gets sort of, you know, it gets sucked out of us, as, as society does things for us right tells us to stay in line and sit down and be good little boys and girls and be seen and not heard and right, there's there's lots of different ways in which we can be taken care of if we want to be taken care of by others and others do the thinking for us but that resourcefulness is something that's in there. And I think entrepreneurship can bring it out, and certainly it has with Ryan So, give the man a follow give the man some support lift him up, give them some likes and comments, connect with them, and, and it's been a great episode I think he's given lots of reasons to get started with a challenge if you haven't even the blueprints if you haven't as well, I don't think, I don't think I need to say any more about that so get out of here have a fantastic Monday, be Legendary. And we'll see you back here tomorrow for another episode. Peace.