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Below is the transcription for this episode:

Dave: What's going on, my friends, this is Dave Sharpe, welcome, welcome, welcome to Legendary Marketer in our Wake Up Legendary show, this morning we have a fun and interesting gentlemen, we're going to be talking to from Oklahoma. Okay, and I'm excited to hear Brett's story and how he's been achieving the results that he's achieving and learn everything that we can from him so Brett, what's going on my man welcome to the show.

Brett: Hey Dave, thanks. I'm honored to be here, it's certainly my pleasure.

Dave: Hey man, I, I'm honored to have you man, so you're, you've got a lot of interesting cool things about you. You're, were a general manager for a large electronics retailer founding partner and a fishing tackle business. And also, you're an avid vintage Volkswagen enthusiast Right, absolutely no other car. Wow, so how many, how many Volkswagens Do you have, so is that like Like, like, buses, is that like bugs, are those the main ones that you're enthusiastic about?

Brett:  I've owned all of them except for the Froilan which is like a little pantry truck and a fastback. I've never had a fastback Volkswagen but I've had buses, bugs. You know, I've had a lot of them. I just it's just a hobby of mine. I love them.

Dave: It's interesting when you get into the hobby. I would say that I've started my first hobby, just recently with watches. Are you, are you a watch guy at all?

Brett: No, but I have a buddy that is like a watch fanatic and that's all he talks about.

So it's just weird how you, I don't know man, I guess. Personally I've never, and this is kind of weird to say, I've never really had a hobby before. It's always been, because I can't really call my business a hobby because it's been a business, right, I played sports when I was young, but for the last kind of 10 years, I've really just worked, you know, and I feel like I'm just kind of getting to this place in life to where I'm starting to kind of enjoy things that are just related to building a business, or having a family, and, and, in watches is kind of my, my first kind of real I would say real serious hobby so when did you, I'm just curious, when did you get started as a, as a with Volkswagens as your hobby, look around like what age and what got you started in that just just a nutshell and then we'll get into the marketing stuff, yeah sure I was 1978. I got my first Beatle. That started it, it was a crazy girl where I was growing up, from Southern California. Yeah. And so all my buddies had bugs or buses or whatever and just bled from one thing and all of a sudden I found myself just obsessing over the whole vintage course in the early 70s, or late 70s It hadn't been done back then. It was just Volkswagen but now of course vintage and I love you know the community that are with vintage Volkswagens. I'm in many groups on Facebook, which helps me with my business that I'm doing now. So yeah, that's great.

Dave: Well awesome so, how did you find us? And what brought you online, and tell us a little bit about how you got started in the nutshell version of your story.

Brett: Sure. Mine's probably a typical story where you know you work long, hard hours. As a general manager electronics company I was responsible for upwards of 200 people, millions of dollars in merchandise customers you know the whole thing. My time wasn't really my own and although that's my choice you know I was, I had a company efficient company as you mentioned, and that's still going, and it does really well today it's just, you know, it's just not a big company and makes enough money for my partner so he he's young, he's doing, he's a face company. And it wasn't until 2014 that I just found out that I was on the wrong track for my life and what I wanted to achieve for me and my family. We had a tragic event happen at one of my locations and the way my company handled it was just wasn't good. And so that started me like, what, what do I need to do to get out of this, and spend more time with my family and I did a number of things with regards to the internet you know early on, doing a blog and trying social media just nothing really worked. I didn't really dedicate enough time to it. Yeah. And then I just remember waking up last year one day and said you know what, enough is enough, I've got to, I got to change or it's gonna put me in my grave, and that's when I found Legendary through. Oh, he's a pastor. 

Dave: Jake? 

Bett: Yes, yes. And I just like the way he delivered his comments and how he spoke to the opportunity and I jumped on board underneath his links and fortune to do so. However, 2020 had other plans for me. It was a difficult year, to say the least. I was fortunate though that we didn't lose anybody in our family due to pandemic, but both my father and my oldest son, were in the hospital almost back to back, my dad had a heart attack, and my oldest son had a TBI that we were dealing with a military traffic accident actually, while in the military. So that derailed my plans. And so everything went to the sideline until I walked away from my job. In April of this year, I just left. I turned my keys instead of done, focused, I focused on doing this. I believed in myself and fortunately I had a great platform to help me with that. And I was amazed at the response when you start talking about opportunity. And it's just been a blessing ever since.

Dave: So that was April and you've kind of been. It would say that you're. There's no turning back now?

Brett: Oh I’m committed 100,000% And I'm not, there is no, no, No more salary for me it's going to be me making my own way. And it's just, it's just a good feeling, you know, I mean I felt good guys it's an honorable thing to have a job obviously you know you provide for your family, it's a good thing. But there is no feeling, at least to me, like Friday morning that you get that, you know, the email that was coming to you. And, and that you did that, you, you created that source of income and it's such a. It's almost elation kind of a feeling, you know,

Dave: Yeah, I mean that's I was, I just kicked off another training for our blueprint clients and I said, I mentioned my first check, which was, you know that I had earned basically as an entrepreneur, and it came from a company that I was associated or an affiliate for, and it was for $2.50, but the way that I reacted to that check you would have thought it was like five.

Brett: Yeah absolutely whenever sent I think my first one was like $2.80 cent one and I feel you man that was. That's right, exactly how I felt.

Dave: Yeah, like I can do this. Sure, right, it becomes real, it's it's it's real and then you. Then, it was a physical check that came in the mail. I had to actually take it to the bank and deposit it just to make sure that it was, It was real, it was an actual check and they took it. And I was like, Hey, we're good, you know, $2 into the bank, investing back into my business. So I did the same thing, I, I, I didn't turn in my keys and quit my job but I did kind of say, I'm done with construction. My dad and I were working together kind of going from job to job as sort of independent contractors and I just kinda was like, I'm done. You know, I'm just going to focus 100% I'm not gonna focus on getting any more jobs doing any more jobs, I'm done. I'm just gonna focus 100% on this, and it was scary, and it was probably much more scary for you being so close to, I would think retirement and, and, and, I don't know if you gave up anything but my question is, is, is, I can't recommend that people do that because that's not, that's that wouldn't be a responsible thing for me to do an honorable job, but it is an honorable thing to have a job, and I also believe that how you do one thing is how you do everything so if you're, if you're, if you're really, you know, if you're really kind of just dropping the ball at your job it's not likely that you're going to step into your own business and just start crushing it. So I would say that before you quit if any of you guys are considering quitting. Make sure you know, kind of, kind of evaluate yourself or have somebody else, others evaluate you to say where really am I am I do I got potential does this company want to promote me? Have I climbed a ladder as high as I can go like am I crushing it or am I just barely getting by. Am I quitting before they fire me? But I do want to ask you, do you think that kind of cutting the umbilical cord cutting the anchor right so now all of a sudden you have to make it to the other side of the ocean. Do you think that sort of, I guess, eliminating your backup plan did something to mentally in was a catalyst for you to start getting bigger results in your business.

Brett: I think that's absolutely true. And that's the reason why I walked away and you're right I don't recommend it. Even on my social media I tell people I don't recommend you, you do what I did, it was a drastic measure. Yeah. And I just had to do it though, I mean I felt that I wasn't given the time to do what I wanted to achieve outside of work with my quote unquote side hustle.  And you know, I haven't been full with my money. I've stuck it away and my whole plan was to listen. I'm going to give this thing a shot, turn my keys in my plan to tap into my 401k Until I, you know, as a cushion. Until I achieved three months away from it I'm three months into it almost and I haven't had to one time, because of the opportunity that, that you and your company has provided me, and it is. That is just a good feeling. I talked about new regulations. You know I didn't have to tap into that at all I just, I'm able to get income that I needed to make for my family and it's just been awesome.

Dave: Yeah. I would also, I would also say, I'm going to ask you this too but I can certainly say living below your means, is incredibly important for the first. While in your business. I know, I know I just mentioned, a watch hobby. Well, I can tell you that there was, there was, there was nine years of this business to where I didn't really buy anything. I bought a house from my family and I had some nice cars. I did have a watch or two along the way, I'm not saying that I didn't have a watch I remember buying my first Rolex down in St. Thomas in 2013 or something. But I wasn't collecting you know what I mean like I was, I wasn't, I wasn't going out and spending silly money on stuff and going out to dinner all the time and buying the most expensive car and remodeling my house and all this kind of stuff like I wasn't. I was living below my means and I really realized how much I was living below my means. Looking back on it. You said you stash somewhere, can you just you, obviously you've been somewhat smart with your, with your money, Can you talk to you from your perspective, some advice for, for early entrepreneurs about actually think about money and how to what is what is being smart with money, especially early in a business mean to you.

Brett: Well you have to understand what the long game is right. If you live for today and today only that could get you in trouble down the road. And I, how can I, you know, it's just knowing what particularly having a younger family I'm an older man with a younger family. You know that kind of helped me make the decisions I made. I left the military when I was 35, and didn't have a penny saved to my name. And I met my wife 25 years ago my current wife 25 years ago and she's helped me really think about our futures you know I had someone I felt that my future is with and she is my soulmate and, yeah, so her and I together really without her probably wouldn't be where I am today because the support that she offers like conversations and having like said I have, I have four or five children, my older sons married, have three children still here at the house, and you know we're looking out for their future and the only way to do that is make sure that we were financially. Steady. Yeah. How old are your kids? I have a 29 year old, and a 17 year old. She'll be 17 on the Fourth of July, and then a 15 year old and a 13 year old.

Dave: Okay, so you don't have, you don't have super young kids?

Brett: No No No

Dave: Okay, I was like holy shit because I feel tired, you know, and, and I'm looking at you like do you have young kids do I need to stop complaining?

Brett: No, I remember the day that we didn't have to buy any more diapers, it was like Yeah, yeah, but no they're not. They're not that young. Okay. All right, good. So back to complaining again. You maximize if you have the opportunity, what if you have a matching fund and 401k Wherever you're working right now is something that I took advantage of to maximize what we did without like you said, You did without your hobbies for so long. I did the same thing. I could have owned multiple Volkswagens. Instead I chose to buy, Volkswagen, you know, lithographs and little key chains and if you look behind me you might even see a couple of little toy buses up there on my bookshelf.

Dave: You know a toy bus is a much smarter decision. Right. 

Brett: Oh, I absolutely want one too.

Dave: I have a 21 year old and he wants to get a bus and wants to drive it around the country and all that so it's kind of cool.

Brett: That's good. So, you, you're now kind of into action mode your marketing, you've been at this now for a few months you're getting results you're spending a lot of time, I guess on TikTok, is that right is that you have a couple of other platforms and channels but you seem to be, you're on Facebook, you're on YouTube, but, but you also are on TikTok. Can you talk us through a little bit about kind of what you've been doing that's been getting you some of the best results, honest and transparent, not pretending to be something I'm not, you know, at least I tried to think as to why I'm counting for us. You know I can't, I can't help how people perceive me but I tried to be as transparent and honest as I can. I think that helps. Tick tock, she certainly was a game changer. You know, I think that's been talked about and talked about and talked about, you know, and I think it's just scratching the surface truthfully. And I am expanding into the other platforms, you know here lately it's been YouTube. I'm really diving into YouTube and starting to work that angle. I feel like I've got a really good handle on TikTok. I'm into organic growth and Jonathan Montoya has been a huge influence on that. Another legendary marketer has had a lot of success and, Yeah.

Dave: And it's just started out here start Jonathan started out here and really took off in one of our content challenges that we did, but a year and a half ago, we did a 30 day content challenge and he kind of, he was hungry, hungry guy could tell, but that was kind of when he, his business just started to explode. Yeah. So it's been interesting to watch guys like that kind of grow as seeds here planted in our soil and then sprout off in the real, real, you know, real, real pretty solid and serious marketers.

Brett: You know you can't I just, I hold him such a high regard because of, you know how he's handled himself and his business and its influence what I'm doing, you know, and I think Pinterest is another up and coming one that I take advantage of,

Dave: I know I know well we're working on releasing some, some really powerful training around that because it's, I think it's I think it's as powerful as TikTok in certain respects it's untapped. Obviously, you're Are you, are you into that yet. Are you just wanting to go,

I got a few pins up on my business account that I have is slowly getting traction. You know views go first then clicks and works that way so if you're, if you're doing TikTok content there is absolutely no reason why you can't do a Pinterest pin because you can transfer that video over to pin to Pinterest and catch people's attention. Spread the news.

Dave: Yeah so, I noticed that your tic tock handle was, was, was, was, uh, I thought it was coach Brett. Where'd I get that Twitter, Twitter, okay. Yeah. Where the hell I got that from.

I don't know, that was a good one though but that's Twitter because I, I was a personal trainer for a while, coming out of the military and that's where I picked it up and, and helping veterans, was my goal. And so I help. I helped people that needed my help and it wasn't anything I was trying to get money on. I just wanted to share whatever I could with the people that gave everything to me.

Dave: So, for sure man, for sure. And you were in the military to write, didn't you say that, yeah, you spent 10 years in the Air Force, thank you for your service brother,

Brett: My pleasure. Happy to do it, and it was a great experience.

Dave: Yeah, I, a lot of my uncles, almost every one of my uncle's including my father and my stepfather were both all in service so 

Brett: Such an honorable thing to do. 

Dave: Yeah, for sure, for sure. So, the coach Brett thing it just got me thinking, you know, because you said honesty and transparency is kind of what, if I say I said what's worked for you, and you were like well honesty and transparency and the biggest challenge that so many people have when they're starting out no matter what niche they're working in. A lot of times we just talk about the make money online niche because because it people are new and they just get into the make money online niche it seems they were a person that was looking to make money online so then they get into that niche but it doesn't matter what niche you're in, whether it's dog training parenting whether it's health, diabetes, birthing, whatever. When it's, there's an adjustment to, to, even if you're taking a little bit of knowledge that you have or hell, even if you're a full blown expert, and you've gotten paid for it. In other, you know the circumstances. Now all of a sudden taking in going online and filming yourself, or writing posts with authority and with confidence is the thing that like most people struggle with, and they can infer me. I know that confidence just speaks with confidence, even if you don't know what you're talking about. I'm serious dude, because two people can sit down at the table man in a business deal, usually the one that's the more confident one the more conviction is going to be going to close the other person on whatever. Okay, so that's why I say it's kind of like golf dude, you know, like my dad always said, A, you know, no matter how you play as long as you can look good, like out on the golf course. That's why guys buy clubs and clothes and all this different kind of shit because they're trying to compensate for their shitty game. Dude, I started in 2020 I started playing golf, quite a bit with, with my father in law, my dad and my stepdad, and I like the first thing I would have normally done right is gone out and bought a nice pair of clubs, I'm going to do this, but I made the commitment that I'm going to play with shitty clubs. These clubs that I've had for over 10 years, and they are the worst clubs in the history of the universe. They are so bad. And I was like if I can't play with these, then I'm in if I can't get excited about the game, I'm not going to go spend a couple $1,000 on a new pair of clubs, because it doesn't, you know, it's not going to change my game, I'm still going to suck whether I got bad gloves are good, but, but if you to see if you see me walk out onto the golf course Brett, man I got swagger, until I hit the ball. If you were to watch me just operate out there walking in the way sometimes I look at the ball and I get down and I find the right angle of the dangle and all this shit. But then I but then I actually hit the ball and it's like oh my god, this guy is this guy. But when I look confident doing it, my question is, like, How have you tracked, how have you found confidence to speak about what you're speaking about on the internet, and actually get people to follow you and listen to?

Brett: Well I think one of the benefits of being in. First of all, my first career in the military and then secondly into the retails at one I had to speak to large groups, 1000s of people and on occasions. And so I mean that helps with the ability to deliver a message. And I just, I just think that consistency, as long as if they're seeing, you have a consistent message in a consistent way. People are more likely to tune in, you know if I'm saying something different every time I'm on whatever platform, then I lose credibility, and that would be the death of my business anyway. So I try to stay consistent and. And when you get that first positive response, off of whatever platform you might be on such a boost, you know it's a confirmation that you're on the right track. And then you take, you know the trolls for granted and you just kind of push them aside. You can't let them get in your head, you celebrate them. Well actually it's funny you say that because I have this thing, my wife whenever I get a troll we kind of share that what they what they say and have a laugh about it but, you know, people want to do what they want to do but nothing is going to do rail, what I've started.

Dave: So, if somebody who doesn't have a previous experience of talking to people like you do, what what I mean if you were, if you didn't have that experience you're revising somebody who's brand new, because I just really feel that such an important part, I mean really, people remember only 10% of what you say anyways that's been proven and 90%, of how you make them feel right. So confidence in the energy that you have in project is really important in your communication so what so what would you say to somebody who is brand new, who doesn't have that experience, how could they, how could they, how could they work on, and eventually adopt some of that confidence to be able to, you know, gain people's trust and just to get people to know because again people listen to people that they feel know what they're talking about or believe in what they're talking about. Right. Even if you don't know what you're talking about you actually believe what you're saying. Because you don't believe what you're saying and you're trying to get me to believe it, that we have a problem. I mean, since I'm answering my question. I just want your perspective on it as well.

Brett: I think that you can't compare yourself to anybody. I see that as a big mistake from people who are starting out, that they see someone who might have been in the game for a while and say they're making, they're doing this awesome stuff in their business. Look at me. I can't even get anybody to view my videos, we can look at that, that is, that is a quick way to get to a dead end street, you know, so I would recommend that one, you set a goal, somewhere that could be a small goal I'm going to do a video a day on tick tock. For this week, and I'm going to show you how that comes out and my messages that are always going to be positive, and they're going to be angled to what's going to of course benefit my business but I'm going to deliver content that's going to be of value to my audience. And as long as you stick to that, no matter what platform you're on, I believe there are people out there, they're going to resonate with your message that you're trying to deliver. 

Dave: You gotta, you gotta just, you gotta wait, you got to hang in there until he finds your tribe and your tribe finds you.

Brett: Exactly. It's not like you going okay I'm on, I'm in business and people are following you, you have to build that audience.

Dave: Yeah, I almost I almost get a little bit worried for people who have kind of massive success with a piece of content right out of the gate, because it can give false expectations that that's what it's like every time it's kind of like a drug addict who gets you get you get super high. The first time you ever use it. And then you're always sort of chasing that high versus building up to it, a TikTok, you said is a game changer. In, and guys I just want to remind you like always do for many years, many people have been successful online without tick tock. Without TikTok, building, running ads, building YouTube channels. You know, cultivating email lists from organic Facebook marketing YouTube marketing again running ads, we got David dill, talked about Twitter. We've got just a couple of people on Twitter who are really kind of doing big things we've not even as a community, I think really tapped into Twitter. Yeah. So, it is a game changer. You think it's just getting started, what are your predictions for the rest of the year really and then maybe in the 2022 And what are your goals, what do you specifically see like what is your predictions for kind of the marketplace and how the world, because you know a lot of people have come online after 2020 Right so, is, you know, at one time any of us who were talking about making money online were just a bunch of scam artists and now everybody's beating down our door saying, I need to make money online as well. Funny Oh pandemic and make that happen. What's your prediction about the marketplace in terms of, do you think that, like, we're in this early stage before there's going to be a bass like everybody's going to come online and be trying to work from home and making money online or do you think things are going to level one. I mean, it's kind of an opportunity question for the people who are listening. Is this actually an opportunity that you should seize now or will it still be here in five years, etc.

Brett: I think five years from now, if man is just going to be a whole different world on, You know, doing what we do, because if you look at companies that are automating right. I think that what we see now is just the beginning of where companies are going, you know, the company's main objective is to have that bottom line look sweet actually tooling pay out their constituents whether it's investors themselves employees benefit share the tighter that gets the more automated we become as, as a society, and I think if you don't see that coming. You need to open your eyes and you need to prepare, you know it's, it's not like a doomsday thing it's just something that the more prepared you are for that to come. Then, the better off you're going to be in the future and I'm not, I'm not trying to bring everybody down on this but it's happening. I mean, I saw online the other day I think it was McDonald's that had a burger, automated burger flipper. I know it was, it was one of those arms you normally see in a factory building cars and this thing's flipping burgers man.

Dave: Well, Dude, think about it, I mean, any robot could build a better cook, a better burger than I can't. I'm so ignorant I actually touch the top of a hot grill one time I mean I'm like a total Klutz in the kitchen. And I just, I would much rather have a robot cook and I burger than me cook and my burger any day, you know what I mean. But, but that's how companies view things you're absolutely right, so if you think your job is secure. You've got another thing come in because, you know, it's all, it's a it's a, it's a corporate family until it's not

Brett: true and you know in my, in my world retail world they, they make it sexy, they call it operating model changes, an operating model changes means that people are losing their jobs. Right, they're reorganizing and people are going away. And it's necessary in business, I get that tough choices have to be made. I had to make a lot. I had to deliver a lot of bad news to a lot of people. And, and this is just a way to ensure that I don't you know I personally don't have to do that anymore and hopefully people will see that there's an opportunity that if that happens to them, the world's not coming to an end, you have a choice. Now, get into this digital world. I'm telling you it will change and change your life.

Dave: Well, it's nice to see, and I'm not trying to age you here but it's nice to see people of all different ages man you know what I mean like of all different, I mean, you we got, we got, we got a, literally, 18 to 80 within our community. I mean it's incredible man, how many different age groups and demographics and different countries and different backgrounds coming from doctors, lawyers, construction workers stay at home dads stay at home moms. It's fascinating and, again, my opinion is 2020 was a warning shot for everyone to wake up, and many did, and many went online and figured out creative ways to make money or maybe they did something offline. Right. I mean some people just got checks from the government, which is fine, and, you know, that's, that's, that's not going to make you comfortable, that's not going to make you. That's not going to make this not going, that's not sustainable. It was something that may have helped you or your family out if, if, if, if it did great. But it's not a good thing to rely on. And, and, and you know it was a warning shot though it was a warning shot for people to, to come online or to kind of realize that not just I could lose my job is something crazy like a pandemic could hit. And if, you know, if, if you guys think those of you who are listening right now think that it's going to be another 100 years before our next pandemic. I don't, I don't believe that, I think, I think the way that technology and science and people who are not good people out there who want to take America out and want to take other people out or believe the same way that they believe. I believe there's going to be other things that are going to pop up that it's going to be in your best interest to be completely independent from needing to go anywhere to be connected to a job to an office to accompany reliant on anyone, including the government for a paycheck, and to be able to stay home and the safety of your home if you need to, and not have your income interrupted because you can be doing business and receiving money from people all over the world would you agree with that 100% Spot on. Yeah, this person to rely on is yourself. And yourself, get it, yeah. And you know what a lot of people say that like I Are we got lucky in 2020 You said it was a tough year. Well, hopefully next time it comes around, it won't be a tough year for you because preparation will have met opportunity. And for me it just so happened, not because I'm smarter it's honestly because I stumbled on this because I didn't have a career I stumbled on the internet marketing I got started. 10 years preparation meet opportunity. Everybody came online at 20. We had one of our biggest years and we're having a record breaking year this year, while the world is suffering and in going through financial hardship many of the folks who came online, many years ago, were able to kind of reap the rewards I cut you off but it's interesting, right now

Brett: You're dead on. I started with Legendary February last year. Right, right before everything, hit the fan, and, and then my family's issues with, you know, in the hospital. Yeah, four or five months and yeah, you know, and a lot of people could say well you're making excuses and when you're working 15 hours a day, having to go to the hospital. Yeah it's been with your family, it just was, it was too much and, but it did help me make that decision, I was like, I potentially could have lost my father, my son was in a critical condition for a long time, he's great now, Everything's fine. Very neat but he's wondering. And, but it did help me make my choice this year. Right. You know, it kind of was like, do I want to have to suffer through that again? Or if I'm working at home and something traumatic happens in my family. Now I have time. Absolutely not. I can go to them and help where I can when they need it. Before I couldn't.  

What's really important man and I'm happy for you that you were able to do that and I'm thrilled about your progress and your success. You guys can follow Brett on Twitter at coach underscore Bret (coach_brett)t, or Brett coupe is a cooper cope is actually copy for me to remember copy copywriting. Well Hey Brother, keep up the great work, keep up the hard work might give my best to your family, and it's been a privilege to thank you for your service again and an honor to chat with you today. If there's anything I can do to help you out my friend, please let me know don't be afraid to reach out and come back and keep us updated. All right,

I will do that Dave, thank you so much for this opportunity. Thank you for developing this company that it's life changing for a lot of people. 

Brett: Thank you.

Dave: You're welcome. Brother, you're very very welcome my friend take care, stay Legendary buddy. You got it. All right. All right my friends happy Friday Go Go Go build your business live your life have a fantastic day. All right, we'll see you back here on Monday for another episode if you have the ability to get into our Blueprints. things are blowing up. We've got a lot of exciting things coming down the pipeline as well here at Legendary. But as they say killers move in silence, you'll know when it drops. We're just thrilled and excited to be able to continue to build an impact and serve, and our communities growing and it's just, it's a fun it's an exciting journey it's an exciting, exciting journey that just never gets old right so we're glad that you're here if you're brand new to our community. Welcome. You can binge a little bit this weekend on Episode Two, if you want to go and find us on Spotify or Apple just look up Wake Up Legendary, and you can catch some of the past episodes, you can also scroll up and down our Facebook fan page at, and you can watch the interviews yourself. My name is Dave Sharpe. You Be Legendary Get the hell out of here. Have a great day and a great weekend. We'll see you back here on Monday. Peace.

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