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Dave: Hey what's going on my friends this is Dave Sharpe. Welcome to Wake Up Legendary and the laws in the house, my friends, the law, the law is in the house. We've got a police officer who's using his online business for creative purposes. Here he has to say Mike, what's up man? Welcome to the show. 

Mike: Hey what’s up?

Dave: So thank you for your service, police and National Guard That's right. Thanks for your sport. Nice, man. Nice. You've got a heart of service there. I tried the family business. 

Dave: Okay. So you're you're, you're just one of many in a long family of police officers. Is that what it is? 

Mike: Yeah. So my father retired a few years ago. My uncle still serves and my little brother. Dave: Wow, man. Wow, what a different family you grew up in than me. It's definitely interesting. Know, but you know, I mean, the plumbers always got a leak in his house. You know, nobody's perfect, even though, you know, our officers of law are there to protect and serve. You know, they've all got skeletons in our closet. So I'm sure you didn't have a perfect childhood but no, absolutely not. But it was good. So what led you online? I mean, with all of this stuff going on, you got police work you got you know what I mean? I mean, it seems it doesn't really seem like you have time for anything else. What? Why are you doing it? And what led you to it and what led you to us?

Mike: Well, like you said, very busy and police work, although it's great. It's very satisfying and fulfilling to be able to help people and be there at their worst point sometimes to help make things a little bit better. It's not, it's not the best paying job all the time necessarily. And if you want to make some more money, you have to use your time. So I'm really sick of working the overtime shifts and putting myself in danger or in the elements, trying to make a couple more bucks to help you know things to be more comfortable for myself. So you know, I found affiliate marketing. I found you guys on TikTok like many people do just scrolling through and I saw and you know, many people can see me like, I don't know. And me being a police officer. I'm like, extra skeptical because you know, I deal with situations where people do fall victim to scams in some sense. So I took an extra amount of time to really do my research and check things and you know, what life is you know, no matter what you do in life, unless you sit in your house all the time. 24/7 everything in life comes with a certain amount of risk that you have to choose to accept. You know, I took the risk I took the leap, and I'm so glad I did. And even with everything I have going on. I still have the time here and there because it is all 100% online to do and build and grow, manage my affiliate marketing business and to see some success with it. So I do it in between shifts. I do you know, when I get home, I go live when I can, which isn't all that often. But you know what is great because once you create that content lives on forever, whether you're sleeping, working or whatnot, and that's, that's really what I love about it. 

Dave: Yeah, yeah. It's awesome man. It's awesome. It's awesome to see somebody you know, from law enforcement, who is, you know, who is doing this and who has, you know, not that you're the only one but it's cool. So it's good to talk to you now. What, you know, what, how different is this than the mindset that most people have in public service or, you know, that's really a job to where you got to go and be there. I mean, that's probably one of the jobs that I mean, if one was to be skeptical, I would understand, because, you know, I've heard objections like, well, where's the product? What's the product? You know what, you know, people have a hard time grasping their head around selling education if it's not in the traditional form. But regardless, just online business is so different from being there . Being a police officer in the military requires you to be present physically for everything, both pre-training and also on the job. So how different is the mentality? That because you don't seem to have a physical problem, right, and which is always right here, mentally, what are some of the things that you've had to overcome yourself? In order to make this a success? 

Mike: You know, for me, I don't feel as though I've had too many issues with the mentality. It's just it's actually more similar that you would then you would think except, you know, in person when I show up to calls Yeah. The person's face to face with me. But generally, when you're making content, you're talking to yourself, unless you're live of course, which is great. But you know, it's actually more similar than you think. I take it as you know, I'm helping someone. I'm helping someone due to what I found online through Legendary Marketer. I'm helping someone in the same sense. But instead of fixing their, their immediate, emergent issue they have going on, it's to help them you know, financially almost, or to help them grow themselves or feel more satisfied with what they're doing in their own life. And it's pretty simple. Sometimes in law enforcement, you just need to, you know, tell somebody, you know, like to do a small thing that can make it that can make a huge change in their life. Right. And that's kind of why I named myself I go by one click away is kind of like the business persona. That's what I named my affiliate right. Away from changing your life. I like it. I like that, it makes sense. Yeah, that's the whole that's the whole thing. If someone can just do that one little thing or click on that one thing new, to learn something new, that can help them improve their life, sometimes it's all it takes. And so it's a lot more similar mentally, in my mind. 

Dave: You're right. I want to point out something that many folks may have not caught and I almost didn't either, but being a police officer, when you're helping people you don't have time to sit down and go through our long tutorials are life lessons, or mentor people or anything you're out to protect conserve so you have to be able to give short little quick suggestions and handout small pieces of advice that may make a big difference in somebody's life because you don't have time to sit down there and talk for an hour to every person that you come across. It looks like they may need some help. So I think the same thing happens on tick tock you know, when we're marketing or the same thing happens just in our business, and we don't realize it that was just a really good analogy. We don't need to solve everybody's problems. We don't need to know everything about everything. Our job is just to on our platform on our channel handout, small nuggets, little short little sound bites that will change somebody's life if they put it into action or if they build on that information. And I think that's a really powerful and simple way to look at what we do because I think a lot of people think they need to be experts and they need to do our long lives and they need to really be you know, somebody who's got 10 years of experience to get started. How did you overcome that? Imposter syndrome, if you will, which I'm sure you had the same thing on day one of your law enforcement job and you're sitting there and you probably weren't, but I'm just imagining holding a gun up to somebody. Foods are good down and you're thinking on day one. I'm not ready for this right? That would be an analogy. I'm sure that didn't happen. Maybe it did. Who knows. But here you know, it's similar but may not be as physically daunting. Again, there's that mental barrier. What was it like for you to not be an expert, not be a professional, be somewhat out of your comfort zone. But here you are in front of a camera and you're handing out these nuggets and little education.

Dave: How did you overcome that imposter syndrome? Or did you have it like you said previously, it wasn't really something that was a barrier for you. 

Mike: I still have it every day, honestly because you know, you look at as to start with the affiliate marketing part and the online business part. You know, you come on the scene as a new person who just completed the challenge and you're ready to jump into it. And you come across all these super affiliates who are doing phenomenally well and have hundreds of 1000s of millions of views. And they're doing great and then there's you and you do feel like you're not these people or how long am I going to get to how long is going to be till I get this type of following and see some results and compare that with the police officer thing. So Legendary Marketer gives you great, amazing training, right hours of it. And as a police officer, the police academy you get hours and hours of training, right? But then you get to doing it and you realize even though you have all this training, you are still new and there's still so much to learn. And as a police officer, I like to say, you know, it takes you a good long time to really feel comfortable responding to all these different types of calls and situations that can come at you and even then there's always new things which you've never encountered before. And to go back to affiliate marketing. It's a constant learning process. You're not going to be an expert on day one No one's asking you to and honestly it's almost better coming on that you're not one because you relate more to other people who are watching your content that you're interacting with. Yeah, you know, same thing for police officers like people. The uniform is its barrier that it's very hard to, for some people to, to break that down and take that away from you and see you as a person. Like, I put my pants on one leg at a time just like everybody else. And if you can eliminate that then then it's really good for you to do both jobs. 

Dave: Yeah. Well, I've kind of a piece of plain speaking advice that I think is really worth saying right now and worth taking the risk to throw this out there even though I'm somebody who's looked at is supposed to have I think smarter and maybe better things to say.

But here it is. It's okay to play dumb. I just want to throw that out there for all of you who think you need to be an expert. It's okay to not be an expert. It's okay to not be the one who knows everything, especially if you're doing affiliate marketing. If you are not the expert then it is almost better that you don't know all of this data details how everything happens. One of the things that I used to do as an affiliate is say, I just I've gotten phenomenal results if you know this is happening. This is happening. I don't even know how it's happening. I'm just not stopping. I mean that sort of in you know what Mike a lot of times that was true because I I've always been fascinated by the fact that somebody could click on one of my little affiliate links out of everybody out there in the world and then follow through and you know, end up being worth a multi $1,000 Commission to me because they bought a bunch of stuff I mean, that process it's being done halfway around the world but it's tied to me and I'm going to get a commission for it that to me is the most mind blowing thing. And even to this day, my I'll be honest with you even to this day, the some of the traffic that we get in sales that we do I just sit back sometimes myself and I go in power of affiliate marketing and the online you know the fact that exists online like that. 

Mike: The power of it is immeasurable. Honestly when you talk about it like that it's true. It's very powerful stuff. I'm still a little bit surprised that a lot of people don't even know what affiliate marketing is, and that it's just not it's just not something that is known and I love being able to share it with people you know?

Dave:  Isn't that odd man? I mean, three, 7 billion or 8 billion people is actually a lot more than I thought, you know, 300 million people in America. Yeah, dude, as there was a period of time for me that I also thought everybody knows what this is to. And then you hear the comments from people that are saturated. Right? Everybody must know what we're doing and have done it before. But it's it's true and a lot of people don't know what it is a lot of people and I think this is one of the things that we really have to understand it and this is hard to grasp because it's our we have to step outside of our own reality but there's a lot of people who just don't know anything outside of their own daily bubble. And if it's not coming from the st the people that they usually talk to on a daily basis, the shows they usually watch on a daily basis, right, the friends that they have on Facebook on a daily basis, then a lot of people and I would say most are not going outside of their sphere of influence or daily kind of tea. And so yeah, just like you and like millions of other people who have gone on TikTok. Right now people are being exposed to things because of you're jumping on TikTok and being exposed to so many different people on tick tock. There's people who are getting exposed to things that they've never been exposed to before affiliate marketing being one of them. So now is a great time. I'm glad you pointed that out. People do not know this stuff. People may not have heard from three, four or five other people on TikTok you don't know. Or on Instagram or on Facebook. And it's interesting that you say that Mike because 10 years ago, as some of the trolls and the haters on my comments would say, it's saturated and got me double second guessing what I was doing. I actually asked that question myself 10 years ago, gosh, is it saturated? And here we are 10 years later, when somebody like yourself just points out man, it's not that, people have no clue what this is. 

Mike: You know, they know, when you see things online, you just never know you have to be careful. But it's not saturated all because you can just take what you learn from legendary marketer and apply it to any niche right like we always if you will, if you're a health and wellness niche, right it's a good one my personal one which I do the personal finance and wellness sorry, personal finance and investing niche like take affiliate marketing and take it any one of those other companies in that niche as an affiliate program. And promote it and now all of a sudden you're not in the make money online niche which many people fall into after completing legendary marketer and that's fine. And there's all these other companies and all those other niches that you can be an affiliate for. And you can play it all over the place. So to say to make the money online niches to saturated affiliate marketing is completely untrue. 

Dave: Yeah, and I think this is Alberto actually said I hate to admit I still think this is saturated. This is part of the biggest mental roadblock I haven't overcome. Yeah, I mean, it's, it's, it's a very fair, very common mental roadblock. 

Mike: I have a good example of that one. I heard of a guy who maybe I heard it on on your show, but there was a guy who used affiliate marketing and chose a much smaller narrow niche of pest control or pest extermination or whatever, and, you know, found companies within that niche. It might even have been a brick and mortar business in the affiliate marketing model, too. And he's been doing great, from what I heard getting commissions based on every time someone is referred to, you know, the brick and mortar company he gets, I don't know if it's like Commission's 10% or something like that. I don't know. But he was able to build a very successful affiliate presence because of his small niche and it works for him. So you can really, really can pick anything, anything that you're interested in or passionate about. 

Dave: Well, it's understandable why people would think this is saturated because people think that what we're doing here when they first look, is they think that oh, the only thing that they're doing there is people are coming in in becoming an affiliate of Legendary and then promoting Legendary and that's what some of you think that we're doing here. Well, many people do become affiliates of Legendary and I just asked how many affiliates we have. We have less than 2000 affiliates. I mean, there's not a lot of affiliates. I mean, people, what happens is your TikTok, for example, your TikTok feed because you watch those videos, and you're researching people in the make money online niche and you're researching other Legendary affiliates and stuff like that. Those who are watching, think that it's saturated with TikTok. Just to give you more of that. So those couple of 100 affiliates, that you're just seeing their content over and over again. That's why it's creating a bit of a it's a bit of a what do they call that like an echo chamber, but think about it like this. Like we saw this awesome video about a month ago from an affiliate or student here. I don't even know if he was an affiliate. He was a student here at legendary and he was talking he wasn't even talking. He was just pointing at his desk to the six different firearms companies that you could be an affiliate of, and you can refer clicks there and if they bought ammo or firearms, or I don't know, I didn't I didn't go to any of the sites and look at it, but I would assume at very least firearms or ammo. You get a commission. And I think what many of you all are doing is it is you still don't you still got it. You're getting it you're seeing that there's a potential to make money online and that's sort of the first okay, yeah, I want to make money online. But you think this is MLM or you think that this is, you know, something like that where the only thing you can do here is turn around and promote legendary or something like that or even promote in the online space. And while many aren't there, because maybe they feel comfortable or they've seen other people do it. We've listed just right at this moment, multiple other niches that you could do affiliate marketing in firearms was one of them. They totally blew people away. You just mentioned one forgot what it was Mike, but I think it was pest control. 

Mike: Pest Control. Yeah. 

Dave: Yeah, I mean, that's just affiliate marketing. There are 1000s of niches that you simply can be the middleman and get paid. So for those of you who think that this or anything is saturated, well the reason why we probably don't spend a lot of time even though we're spending some of this morning talking about it, is because it honestly is a ludicrous, ridiculous thought to even think that because what you're saying because you can do affiliate marketing and damn near any niche. You're saying that the marketplace is saturated. And the marketplace right now is on fire and we know that so what's it like to take part in the entrepreneurial growth, business economy versus Mike the economy that is about public service and that's not about you know, it's not it's not as financially fast pace. You know what I mean? It's not, there is a difference there. How has that been for you? It's been nice to mix things up like that. Do you prefer it? Do you prefer business over law enforcement? Tell us where might you predict your future going here? 

Mike: Well, law enforcement right now is, you know, we're facing some challenges. Everybody knows that if you turn on the television, you know, there's some sad stories on there, and I hope it gets better soon. 

Dave: But I don't. I don't know about the sad stories, Mike, because I don't turn on the TV that much, but don't don't know what we all know what you're talking about. And we know that it has been difficult for a lot of law enforcement officers and I'm sorry about that. I'm sorry about the conflict that we have in this country right now the way that we are behaving as a society, but anyway, because I am trying to, you know, get a little bit of your outlook into the future here. 

Mike: Sure. Yeah, it's a challenge, but I like to challenge you know, every challenge presents a new wealth of opportunity, good or bad challenges. So I look at it that way. And, you know, I just equate both. I think both to me, in my mind how I see. Doing that job, being a soldier, being a police officer, and then sharing affiliate marketing. I look at them both as forms of service right? Like I said, before, I'm helping people better themselves and have a better, more fulfilling life. I do. I love both. I love all my tabs. I can't see myself completely leaving law enforcement. There's something about it that both being a soldier and a police officer, there's something about it that gives me a sense of personal satisfaction, and fulfillment that I need to keep in my life in order to be self fulfilled. I could definitely hopefully one day grow my affiliate marketing business to pay me more than both those other jobs, which would be great. But I don't think there's any amount of money that can really take me away from his family business in the type of service that I'm fortunate to be able to provide for others. You know, my full time other part time jobs are really three jobs. Technically, so yeah. 

Dave: Well, I believe you, and we're gonna keep checking in here every few months to see where you're at and how things are going and if you still, you know, a year down the road, feel the same way that you feel today. We'll have to see. Now, I've had experience with people quitting their job. Some experience with people quitting their job in the military and then going back, you know, missing the camaraderie and so forth. You're in a unique position with a couple of, you know, roles that you like that you find pride in. And now you found something else that you're taking pride in and no doubt you'll succeed. So come back and keep us posted on your journey, brother. Okay, and let us know how it's going. Thanks for your service once again. And what final thoughts if somebody sits on a checkout page or some bitter on the fence, deciding whether they want to take the plunge? 

Mike: I would say there's, there's so many reasons to do it. There's once you think about it, you know, seven, what, $7? It's lunch. You're never going to learn so much just by viewing. Just do it. There's nothing holding you back. The only thing that's standing in your own way is you once you decide to take yourself out of the picture as an obstacle. Then you can do anything you can apply it to anything and this is such an amazing, powerful tool to have to be able to benefit yourself and improve your life. There's an infinite return on investment with the 15 Day Challenge and Legendary Marketer and you know, I really encourage you guys to take the leap. It's like it can be life changing. So if you have any questions, obviously reach out. And I'm here for anybody who needs any help or some guests. 

Dave: Yeah, we've got your profile handle up on the screen as well and so we'll play people's directions. Thanks for your time, brother. Have a great day. Stay warm. Thanks. Thanks for having me. Not gonna happen. I know. Being in Connecticut, but hey, let's link up soon. Hopefully we can meet up at some point in the future and hang out with a mastermind or something like that. It was great to chat. Mike once again, thanks for your service buddy and keep us posted. Here in a couple of months. 

Mike: Okay. Thanks, Dave. Thanks for having me. Sure. 

Dave: Alright, my friends. Have a fantastic day. We are back here tomorrow for another episode. One more this week on Friday. Go and follow @MikeW_oneclickaway You can find him on TikTok and Instagram and both of those addresses are my friends. Have a great day. Get out of here. Be Legendary, we'll see you back here for another episode tomorrow.