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Dave: Wow. Matt did you really headline this show David sharps insider secrets of the universe. Wow You really did that. Are you going to come out and you've taken now that you've done this to the headline Are you going to come out and take responsibility for this? That's what I'm supposed to be left here with talking about secrets in the no I don't have secrets of the universe. I have. What were my secrets about? I have secrets about something though. I don't know. Oh, right. I've got secrets about designing your life in a way that is specific to how you want to live it. I've got some secrets to that. Welcome to Wake Up Legendary, my friends. It's Dave Sharpe here and Matt had so we had a guest that canceled this morning. So basically, we were left with a big pile of shit. And we're going to turn it into some magic this morning. And you know, I think these are usually when the best magic is created. What do you think? 

Matt: That would be something both you and I would say

Dave: Well, I mean, here's my experience. And why actually say that? For anybody who's just coming on here brand new, what the hell is he talking about? Is this guy got a little Irish Bailey's in his coffee this morning or something? You know what I mean to get a little flask you know, he goes off camera there for a second and hits the flask, you know, what I mean? No. You know, a lot of my best marketing campaigns have always happened from just something that I tried something that I was forced into doing. Because I was left with no other option. Right? Like I was supposed to do something and I was supposed to go live with somebody and at the very last minute they canceled, I'm forced to wing it. And usually my best stuff comes from just straight off of the heart. You know, off the top of the dome piece and not when I've rehearsed it 50,000 times inside of my head. Because then a lot of times if I don't have a deadline, I just kind of rework it and perfect it until it's you know, it loses all of its dazzle, you know what I mean? But if I'm if I've got, you know, five minutes to where Oh shit, you know, somebody is not showing up or I got to do this and there's an actual deadline there and it makes me just kind of put, you know, move into action. A lot of times those have been when my best content has happened, it's been when my most successful sales launches have happened. It's also been when I see a lot of people in our community who when they have a video that goes viral. It's not one that they spend hours and hours editing. It's the one that they just had to throw up within 15 seconds. And what does that tell us about I mean, what can we learn from that? What do you think?

Matt: In the marketing world, that means marketing to test. Usually the stuff that I think is going to make a big change or impact just doesn't do a lot sometimes. I shouldn't say usually but maybe all of life is a test. Like wow, marketing is just an analogy for life, right? 

Dave: You're just really going, you're going deep, man. I mean, where can one even go with a response like that? You know, it's just wow, shall I be a mere mortal and respond about marketing or if I don't step my game up to talk about the powers and secrets of the universe, which is what I'm supposed to be talking about on this episode. Then I do show my vulnerability. If I don't, you're asking me to step up and speak about the secrets of the universe that I know about. Right? When I don't know if I want to come out with them here just for free on the show. You know, I mean, I at least think I might want to save those for our blueprint students.

You know what I mean? Here's, here's one of the secrets of the universe that I know. And it's really what we were going to talk about this morning, which was how do you design your life and I bet a lot of you all, including myself, in some way, even still today, are living a life that somebody else designed. A life that somebody else designed. Well for, for example, for example. Yeah, you want to go deep, y'all want the deepness. Alright, check this out paddock on the wrist. We're jumping into the pool here. This is the Gulf of Mexico. We're going offshore. So yeah, I live in Florida, where I was born, and now I've lived here all my life. And I've never really lived anywhere else. And I traveled a little bit when I was young, but I hadn't really seen a lot of the country or even a lot of my state, you know, is this really where I want to live? So now I'm 38 years old. I just so happen to also live here in Florida again, but part of that was part of that part of my life was designed for me in a sense because I was born into that land. So some of what I mean is, is direct and some of its indirect. So the direct part of having somebody else design your life is something physical like that where you live, the indirect was how people will maybe affect us mentally or emotionally. We don't see that or feel that directly it's more indirect. So these are a lot of the beliefs that we have about money. These are a lot of the things that you know, we carry into our adult life. These are even things like thinking that having a corporate job in a 401k and working 40 or 60 hours a week for a company for you know, with a goal of I don't know, you know, driving into the city every day, you know, with it's just sitting in traffic, having somebody tell you when your lunch break is going back to your cubicle, that sort of life, I think, you know, is is we think that's the that's the American dream. And so that would be an indirect way that somebody else has designed my life if I actually believe that spending all this time which ends up being 80 to 100 hours a week when you factor in travel and driving into an office and stuff like that. I think there's big benefits now that what's happened over the past two years. More people are working from home and I think that's a big deal. That's worth a lot of money for people if they can work from home so we're finding middle ground. But again, if I am completely closed off to thinking that there just might be a chance that this whole belief I got about living the American dream is also false, which would be an indirect way that somebody else has designed my life. My wife and I went to Colorado this last week and we were going to look at property up there and potentially buy something for later on in life or something you know, if we loved it out there, we were looking at the boulder area. We know we like to ski out there. But we potentially want to own property out there. And so we flew out to Denver this past week just both picked up our shit, you know, and just flew out there. We have a nanny who is able to watch after our kids and or family. Thankfully, we still have around lots of family actually. And you know businesses run in we're 100% all online so everybody's working from home. Within legendary, right? So that part of my life has been designed right to where, you know, if I need to get up and go somewhere there is not a big open hole inside of a company because I'm not in the physical office where I think that was a big design factor back in 2000. And, like 18 I wanted to potentially build Legendary from a place of, you know, everybody's going to be in an office and I'm going to ask people to move to Florida and all this kind of stuff. And that was a big, big decision not to do that to design otherwise to design and keep everybody online. Virtual. And so anyways, you know you so all that's in place so I can go out to Colorado this last week and look at property and you know, get out there and freeze my absolute ASOF freeze my absolute ass off in real lies in order to realize I don't want to own property. At least right now if I don't have to in weather where the cold is absolute shit because I'm not even honestly used to navigating in that world. Right where? I mean, let me tell you, I'm as sunny as a Florida boy. And yeah. And so when I'm walking around those streets of Denver, you know, cuz we checked out, you know, we went into Denver strength. I've done an event in Denver. 4500 people back in 2013 in Denver. I've done Habitat for Humanity in Denver. I've spent a little bit of time out in Denver. I've done I've gotten seen in various different places, you know, I've taken my father skiing, you know, in Denver, which always scared me. I'm not I'm not bad. I'm not bad. Yeah, yeah, I can get down the hill without absolutely killing myself. Which is kind of the big thing. You just got to stay away. Look, I went up to Denver and we were going to potentially purchase at the very least a piece of property out there. Because maybe property is going to be much more expensive. 20 years down the road or something like that. A lot of our houses in real estate are in Florida, right? So we're thinking what if it's underwater, you know what I mean? But anyways, the point was we went up there to Colorado this last weekend and scoped out the area. It just felt the air in some of the coldest months and was, is that what I decided? Here's what I think about how I'm designing my life. Here's what I said. To my wife. I said I would rather hop around as I get older and or when we're traveling and or as we need to move around. I would rather have assets and things that I can liquidate, but our investments that are growing, right. So my two main places that I have investments are, you know, real estate in equities, you know what I mean? I have some other assets that are you know, I store value and some cash which is again a store value right now. It's gone down in value a little bit but it's a store of value of other things that have gone up in value. So it's it's it all evens itself out. All my stuff in the last two years has gone much higher in value versus the cash that's gone lower in value. But anyways, my point is, I said to my wife, I'd rather travel than go own a piece of property in a land that's cold as hell where I'm not used to living. I'd rather travel from a four star five star hotel to a four or five star hotel and stay in those sort of amenities. You know, as long as they're available, you know, versus planning my retirement you know, or my in 20 years or 15 years or whatever. Quite frankly, let's hope that we have an abundance of money in the plan. Is that what I do? When I look 15 years down the road I'll have the ability to be able to stay in hotels, if you know if they're still comparable to how they are right now. Right? You know, you can stay in a nice hotel room for, you know, $500 a night, you know, maybe a little bit more but the point is here is that hey, look, I like being home. And if I'm not home, I'd rather be hotel hopping is what I'd rather be doing. And you know what, in 15 or 20 years we don't know what the plan is going to look like or where we're going to need to be one of the safest places because you know what, we were looking at Colorado like oh, that's gonna be a safe place in 15 years. At 20 years and God there's wildfires up there that just stopped burning so nobody has a crystal ball. But what I did was I financially planned my money, our money by saying look, do we want to buy a piece of land in a place that's cold as hell? And maybe we bought 100 acres? 500 acres, right? I mean, who knows how much maybe we just buy 10 But, you know, maybe we buy a huge plot of land. But do we want to buy it in this area that is so cold that you walk outside? And you can't even think like me, I can't operate in that sort of climate, you know, so it was powerful in terms of designing your life. Because a lot of times we make decisions without being able to test things. And that's what college asks us to do. Right? It asked us to make a decision about what we want to do for the rest of our lives on day one, and who the hell can decide that? And that's one of the reasons why when people come into Legendary we say hey, look, sign up for our Blueprints. It's 2500 bucks. Look, it feels like a lot of money but in the grand scheme of things, compare it up. We humans love to compare stuff. So compare it to a college education and degree compare it to any other shit that you're going to do at a hotdog stand, you know, a laundry mat, what business are you going to do? It's going to have such low startup costs. Maybe you've got a couple of software tools here and there. 100 100 and some change a month operate the business. If you think that's a lot you don't understand or have any experience with business and that's okay. But be open to that thought. Not that you know, when you don't know, because that's a very low starting cost to learn in, get started. And so when we bring people into the blueprints, we introduce them to multiple niches. Let's show you how to make money in multiple niches. So you can try that. You can try making money by selling marketing products in that niche before you ultimately pick a niche again. It's about designing things. What I did last week was I flew out to Colorado to explore and look at the area and feel the climate so I can decide on a design. What I wanted. Not just being forced to live somewhere that I don't want to live or forced to write and I guess my point here is that when this is a different way of living, than the way that most of us are hanging on only doing what we can do we're not doing what we want to do. We're doing only what we simply can do. And what is the thing that allows you to do more? Well, fortunately or unfortunately, however one you want to look at it. It's making more money. We it's not tied down to a location dependent job, period. 

So those are the two things that need to happen. And now you have the ability to be more free to design and start having these conversations with your spouse, with you know, with yourself. Am I living where I want to live? Am I living how I want to live? Do I feel stuck somewhere? In a city? You know, all by myself? And do I feel forced here? Do I feel you know, backed into a wall do I feel like I can't escape? I mean, I don't know, maybe if you had all the money that you needed, you'd stay exactly where you are, but maybe not. But you've never been able to have that conversation because you've not been in control of designing your own life. I guess that's my point and I was not in control of designing my life because I was broke, you know, construction working right after being homeless. And addicted to gambling with some of some power from our products and I was addicted to which had brought me basically to the pits of despair. And you know, I'm not saying that clearly it's obvious I didn't have choices. But I mean, I think we don't acknowledge and we don't we don't normalize the fact that being free in this country is up to your own understanding and definition of what free is because I mean we have a lot of freedoms. There's no doubt. But I mean, the truth of the matter is, is that there is financial ceilings, that if you don't have location, free location, independent employment, whether that's for yourself or somebody else, and you don't have adequate funding and money to be able to travel in live where you want and kind of take vacations and stuff like that, then you know, you're I mean, yes, you are free and there are other levels of freedom that you're not enjoying. 

Matt: Yep. different levels, different layers. Yeah, I mean, so I don't know. Yeah, we talked about this, like Katherine and I talked about this this whole last year, which is just like, dude, the only like, there's just like, not even in a political sense just in like total personal autonomy sounds like really like going after opportunity that's gonna have the opportunity to make you more money and to have that ability is really your only way to ensure like real autonomy, maybe not to the degree that like, again, certain people have different layers or levels that they need or that they desire for that freedom, but to figure out determine what yours is. And then yeah, and then and the only solution the only thing really is just more money, like having the ability and resources, maybe resources to larger but yeah, having the money and resources and the ability to do whatever I mean, you think about like people who have private jets during the pandemic, like can still get around can still move around, even if, you know their flights are closed or you know, whatever. 

Dave: Yeah, well, I just went flying with a friend the other day and and what what I after after getting done flying, you know, me I start looking around the you know, I start looking around the the airport and I say you know hey you know how much how much are these planes, you know what I mean? And, I'll actually show you guys what I'm talking about here. So there was me hanging out on my buddy's plane and driving it. I was flying it for you know, probably the better part of two hours. And I mean it's a small plane, you know, it's it but it still could fit you in three other people. So there I think there's room for at least two other people in the back.

But anyways, I mean, I started looking around at planes when I got back and we and we flew back in there I was we actually flew around my house and my wife brought my son out and he because he always points up into the sky and whenever a plane goes by and you know, he really he really acknowledges playing so he likes planes. And so we did a couple of circles around the house. But anyways, my point is that you know when we came back to the, when we came back to the airport, you know, I started looking around and I was like hey, you know how much are these planes man? And he was saying numbers that were, you know, shocking to me. You know what I mean? That wasn't like oh, that's what oh, I could never have that. You know? Realistically there within that moment, I could see myself owning one of those planes. Now. There's a difference between one of those Cessnas I think they're called in a in a in a you know, a private charter plane I mean, those, those babies can run 50 $100 million. You know what I mean? These planes that I was in, you could get for a million bucks, you know what I mean? So, so, so anyways, it was just, it was interesting to be in an airport with planes that you know, if I wanted to, if I wanted to pilot myself around, get my pilot's license which only takes 40 hours, okay. Only Takes 40 hours to get your pilot's license by plane. I know. It's crazy. I know it's crazy. But if you have the money and do it. 40 hours, you're up there quite a bit. I mean, if I flew two hours that day, that's 20 trips like that. I mean, I'm gonna learn some stuff. I know. Trust me, it's scary. Here's my point, designing your life. The truth is that, look, folks, how many of you have never ridden in first class on a plane? Just how many of you have never ridden in first class on a plane. First class on a plane is a very different experience than riding a riding coach. You know, one of the things that's different about riding first class on a plane is that you've got a lot more Rome, Rome. You know, I was on a flight one time. Oh my gosh, I was in one of those three person seats, you know, three person rows. And oh my god, it was like human jello, you know, all the overspill from the woman that was sitting next to me, and just the, the human odors and just the noises and the sounds, and it was bad. It was bad. I'm not saying that I'm too bougie or better than riding coach. I'm just saying that I'll never forget that ride from Tampa to Vegas. When I got there, and I had this woman's body, you know, sweat all over me. Because, you know, we were tight. You know, basically, I think she was sitting in the middle. And I was sitting on one side and there was somebody else sitting on the other side. Who wouldn't be disappointed in that situation? You would be disappointed that they were in that situation. So, anyways, I said to myself, you know, if I could just never have to ride in coach again. And I try to ride first class pretty much every you know, every time I fly, it's just a different experience. You know, I used to go to restaurants and every single time I'd look all down the right hand side of the mat, you know, where the prices are over on the right hand side. You know, versus looking at food. How much is this? How much is that if I went to a nice steak restaurant, I didn't want to poke around too much. I might, you know, bring out the big numbers. You know, the special kind of, you know, I was in Denver and we were in a restaurant the other night. I got the $180 Tomahawk ribeye, my wife actually was kind enough to share that with me. She usually doesn't like that fatty of a steak. But you know what I'm saying? I was actually walking through an airport and I think it was a connecting flight from Dallas. One year I was actually going with my father to Colorado to ski and we had like an hour and a half or, or something like that two hours layover, because we were laying over on our way to Colorado. To go skiing. And I said, Well, what do you want to do? I don't know. You know, he didn't travel much. I said, Hey, let's pop over here into the little massage spot and let's just get a quick little massage. You know, like, and I think it was just one of those where you kneel down on it. You know what I mean? You don't even have to fully lay down. My dad had never had a massage. My dad had never had a massage. I mean, this was I don't know this was a few years ago. But anyway, he just turned 66 I mean, this was probably he was 60 ish. Let's just round around. 60 years old, never had a massage. 

Matt: The best, dude

Dave: At that point, I just thought about the holy shit moment I had had in my life and I was probably this when I was 31, 30, 32 years old. I had had 1000 massages in my life up until then. I mean, I don't even get them that much anymore because of what's happened over the past couple years. 

Matt: I used to get them a couple of times a week. Yeah. I'm still a couple times a month on those life changing. I doubt my hair. I don't think either my parents have ever had a massage. Ever. Foxy said my husband's never had one. We got gift cards to do a couple spa day for Christmas. I'm excited to take them. Well, you know, I just talked about designing your life this morning people and you know I just got back from Colorado. I was out there looking at land. Do I want to buy property out there? Do I want to own property? Do I want to travel and do I want to visit out there now would it just be for later but I had to go out there and actually scope the land out. I had to scope the cold bone chilling as frigid air on my bones to remind me of that. I didn't want to do that. I mean, basically that I didn't want to do that. And you know, I hung out though, man. I hung out at the Brown Palace Hotel. And there's a cigar bar there. Oh my gosh. It's like an old speakeasy. So I basically hung out there for hours on end. The majority of the week, days that I was there. You would have loved it. 

Matt: Dude I know where that is. I know right where that is on the corner. It's like an old timey looking thing. Looks like an old hotel. Hotel icon bronze brown looking. 

Dave: Yes, it's called the Brown Palace Hotel and it's an old, very old hotel. 

Matt: All these people from Canada and North Dakota and South Dakota are saying it’s even cold in Colorado. 

Dave: Yeah, I froze my ass off. I froze my absolute ass off. So here's where I was, well, this is what you know where I was hanging out at it's called the Churchill bar. Look at that. Come on, straight out like old school. There were some good conversations and cigars there. Oh, man. I'm telling you. It was special. It was a special place. And here's the main lobby of this hotel, the Brown Palace Hotel. This is the main lobby but they've got live music out there. pianos. This is the actual brown hotel right here. Brown Palace Hotel. This is an iconic hotel in Denver. We didn't stay there, we sat when we did. An event back with a former company. We had 45 ish 100 People in Denver. We stayed at this hotel. I wasn't relaxing smoking cigars like I was last week but it's a cool spot in that cigar. That cigar Churchill bar is inside of this hotel. And you can still smoke inside and see the main lobby is kind of, you know, under the main kind of it's the main portion of the first floor. There's the Churchill bar and it's a separate room that they actually do serve food in, but you can smoke in it. And I'm going to tell you something. I was right over here. Sitting right by the door for a couple of days and then it sat on the couch one evening, it was just Yeah. It was wonderful. Wonderful. I want to go back. But anyways, you know, I invite all of you who are listening because I'm showing you this kind of stuff because you know, I'm hanging out there on a weekday and I don't boast or brag or really talk about lifestyle design. That much. Because, you know, you don't know what you don't know and you're more motivated honestly from the pains inside of your life than you are from any sort of goals or whatever that you might have because it's hard to feel what those goals will feel like when you achieve them. But you can feel the pain that you have in your life that you want to stop right now. You can feel that right now. And so you can use that pain that you want to stop as a motivator to get your business off the ground and not quit basically. That's my opinion anyways, but I mean, I think it's important to talk about some of the ways in which human beings are living out there and ask yourself, did I really design this? Did I ask for this? Who designed this life that I'm living right now? Did my parents design it?  Did my guidance counselor at high school design it? Did I design it? is where I'm living. One of the exercises that we ask people to do when they buy the blueprints is to clean out your wallet. Because a lot of times you'll go through your wallet and there'll be shit in there that you don’t want. It's like I don't want this in here. But people end up clearing tons of receipts or women will go through their person, half the person that they're willing to throw away. And it's like, who shit is this? I mean, it's a deeper metaphor for who installed the software that's running your operating system, you know, who designed and installed the software that's running your operating system. But if we can first start and look around at our life in some of the direct impacts of life design, either by others or by ourselves, those direct impacts are things we can see and feel where we live, who we're with, how we live with them, how we take care of that space, who we invite into that space, who we don't invite into that space, right? Those are all ways in which we design our lives. A lot of times we have people in our lives constantly in our space that we don't want in our space. Why? Who's designing that? Why don't you have to take charge of that and have people in your space who you want in your space and if you don't have you can't create space then you need to figure out how to fund getting out of that situation. And then there's the indirect things like how we think about stuff and those are a you know, those are a different level or layer but anyways, my point is, is folks, you we got to take it off autopilot and start to question who's designing our life who wire where why are we where we're at? And also what's going on up here? Is that also installed by somebody else and can we begin to challenge that with the help of professional professionals and people who some of us need to go deeper than others. Some of us need to go deep into therapy, other kinds of things in order to help have help navigating. Therapists start to look around do I want to be here, right? You know, do I want to live here? Here in five years, start to think about those things and begin to design your life and we can get macro and micro we can get more micro by saying how do I design my day? Who's in control of my day? Who tells me where to be Claire? How do I stop them from telling me where to be? Exact this minute this minute this minute, how do I stop them from doing that as soon as possible? How do I get more creative freedom? How do I get right? So obviously I can go more macro with this. I can go more micro but a lot of times my point here is how many of us are just running on autopilot not questioning it and just haven't stopped to say okay, who's designing this day? who's designing this month? designing this year? I mean, we even just when you say that I think about the clothes that are in my closet. 

Matt: I think about doing this weird thing. Right you want to get a little weird with it, but I think about this weird thing that my dad used to do. My dad used to wear underwear until they had holes. Like just it's just they're just rags, right? Yeah. And it's just they're just cloth. And not using very much toothpaste and squeezing every tiny thing of toothpaste out of the tube and like, you know, I just had this it's the questioning thing. I had this question in my mind. I was like, dude, like, toothpaste costs $2 Like, you're squeezing out like, maybe a half a cent worth of like, whatever the hell this stuff is like just throw it away bro. Like just in little things like that. So it trickles down. Right it just trickles down to like, dude, no, like you didn't just the little broke mentality things that like somebody designed for me over the course of years, years, years years of just you know, lower middle class stuff. And yeah, it's been freeing, even just, you know, for me in a lot of ways just to have those little things sort of relieved and like, I don't know, but you know what, you know, what I find interesting is that that takes work and it takes energy and sometimes to do that work is harder than settling into that. That's why you're talking about therapy and stuff. It's like I found a lot of ways like adjusting and shifting and making those decisions is like I've not used my brain and am not ready for this. I'm not I'm not prepared for this. This is hard. And so it's easier to kind of settle back. 

Dave: Yeah, yeah. Well, I think I think more of us end up like our parents than we want to admit. You know, that's a big thing. It's why the progressive commercials who do who have had the guy with their soldiers, with the parent coaching how you know, when with all the folks who are, you know, becoming like their parents. Well my favorite is is is when the guy Scott the plumber and he's standing over him in the in the in the kitchen, in the parent, the God in the coach comes up and says, You hired him you're not helping him because he's hired the plumber to come in and fix the shit because he couldn't fix it but he's standing over him tell him what to do. Reminds me a lot of my life. It reminded me a lot of my life. You know, I've got my dad, you know, construction sites, that kind of stuff. The blind leading the blind. We used to call it you know, two monkeys fucking a football. You know, imagine some of the things that happen in a residential construction site. You are trying to get a bathtub out of somebody's bathroom, that you just broke in half a cast iron, or whatever, you know, or a ceramic tub or what I mean it's chaos. It's chaos. So you know but but but anyways it's interesting. I know you've done a lot of work on your money mindset stuff. And people think it's just like a seminar. You're right. It is hard work. It's hard work. But one of the reasons why we do this show every morning is because when you listen to this sort of the stories that we talk about and share each day with the guests that we have on it along with bite sized pieces of kind of explanation, even though we're telling stories today as well. There's also some explanation here, which is that you know, look, you're here because you want money and you want to have a business that spits out money. But look, why do you want money? And when you get money if you don't, if you're not thinking a couple of steps ahead, you might get some of that money. And then you'll be just as broke as every other lotto winner who won the lotto and then didn't have any money a year later because they didn't have a plan. Because they weren't thinking a couple of steps ahead. And what I'm telling you is, is that there's, there's, you know, the more you can begin even now when you when you have less, it's easier to design your life when you have less than trying to figure out how to design it when you have more. You know, it gets out of control when you have more, right that's why the more you have the simpler the strategy you got to have, in my opinion, you know, the more wealth I accumulate over the years and I've been accumulating wealth now for you know, 12 years ish. You know, which is not a long time in comparison to a lot of people with how long they've been. I mean, literally 12/13 years ago, I got clean and basically went from being negative up to even.

I mean, so that was that was literally my baseline and so I have to keep my strategy simple now because it's the bigger the more you accumulate, the more you earn, it could get out of hand then you start having things that are losing money and you know, you got crypto and NFT's and all this. I'm not saying that stuff's bad, but I gotta have a very simple strategy. I put money into it, and I pick equities through a guy that helps me and manages my money. He's a financial planner. And so I'll send him money and he'll pick stocks for me. And then the other thing that I'll do is I'll buy real estate rental homes. That's my strategy to keep things really simple. The more that I have, because that way I don't get too spread out. I'm safe at the moment. But what if you don't have any of that to worry about right now? What if you're just trying to maybe get your life back when you say okay, what am I doing? What am I doing on my weekdays with my time because your time is your most important thing that can generate the most revenue and the most income for you is your time. Right? That can generate income fast, faster than any investment can. So I say what am I doing with my time? Oh, shit, okay, I'm spending 6070 hours of my week. At a job. And then I'm also working 10 hours on the weekend on that as well. How can I get some of that time back? Can I add any time to that to work on my own thing on my own on my own business or work at trying to get out of that or can I? Can I shave some of those hours back so I can potentially work on my own business. Right? So for those of you who are saying, well, I don't have real estate investments and I don't have other things that I can start designing. Yes, you can. You can start designing how you spend your time because your time is your greatest income generator. You think that you don't have anything and you don't have any opportunity because you don't have any money? Or you don't have any skills? We'll learn the damn skills and then start applying those skills in using them in you. Putting in time using those skills will generate more money than any investment ever could. And then you take the money that you earn and you begin to put it away in investments. For some of you who have never saved any money before.

Maybe you buy a home and put $1,000 a month away in some sort of an ETF or with some buying some sort of stocks equities, you know, consult a financial planner and buy have them set you up a little plan and begin to build building assets buying investments, building an investment portfolio, in save $1,000 A month by the end of 2022. You've become a homeowner and you've got $12,000 saved inside of an investment portfolio. I mean, here's my thought: this is what it looks like to build. Well you start out in the lowest bracket. Ronnie Haji says I'm poor and I need help, brother. You got to help yourself, players help themselves. You got to help yourself. Show me I'm looking at you look like you're 45/50 years old. What do you mean you know that you can share with us that we can pay you for even on this planet longer than I have you figured some things out. You've seen some things that you know some things. What we teach here at legendary is how to package your information into either a course, a coaching program or an event or being an affiliate of an information product because you can sell your information for money. So you don't need help. I need help and millions of other people out there need help. So you need to figure out what you can help people with and then how to package it and sell it in reasonably high value areas. Stable offers that people get lots of value and are happy to pay you for preferably and at least a high ticket offer and maybe a high ticket and a low ticket offer. So you have two options. You don't need help because we need help and you just have to figure out how you can help us all right. Matt, what are the final thoughts you have to take us home. 

Matt: I don't know if I could have said it better than you just said it. You don't need help. We need help. That great reframe was rather powerful. That was a power that was a powerful moment. Was this real man, it's real, is real. I had all sorts of internal baggage and bullshit that told me that that wasn’t true, but it's just true. It is. 

Dave: It is what we know, really the gift here is how do I package things and make offers. That's one of the things and I think the difference between marketing is the difference between business building and what we think we need to learn. We think we need to learn networking and sales. And what we really need to learn is we need to learn to offer creation and persuasion. Because when I got into Network Marketing, I started getting involved in these various companies and the offers kind of pretty much sucked. That's why you always had to sell it to make money. perspective because the product sucked. So I never was. I never really learned about an irresistible offer. I only learned about just recruiting and stuff like that. And when I really started to practice copywriting and started to look, you know, started to do affiliate marketing myself, and I started to create my own information products. This is when I started to understand the power of offer creation, because I had to take a couple of elements of service, something that I could do for you and I had to be able to articulate clearly what it was and what it was going to do for you. And then I had to package a few things into a nice little package that felt complete and put a price tag on it and present it in a way you know, giving you guarantees and maybe adding a couple of bonuses and giving you a time to respond for it to be still valid. I had to then present that for money and present it hopefully in a way that it was going to be more valuable that you're gonna see that there was more value than the money that I was asking for. And what we know now is when we do presentations, you know that a certain percentage of people say yes to them. There's a large percentage who say no, and there's a certain percentage who say yes so what's my point here? My point is not that, you know, it's not about getting too lost in the data. It's what I need to learn. I need to learn how to take what I know and to articulate it into words, copy what it is and what it can do for you. And then package a few service elements into a little package until it feels complete and put a price tag on it and then present that persuasively in a way that makes it seem irresistible. Because it's actually a good offer. So nobody is broke. Nobody is poor. Nobody, none of you need help. You just don't know how to use the powers that you already have in a way that's profitable for you. You already have the powers, you just don't have the skills. So it's almost like you have the horsepower, you have the energy but you don't have the wheels in the frame. You're just an engine that is setting there. You know you need wheels and frames in the wheel and frame is just learning what we teach here at legendary which is we're teaching you how to make offers. We're teaching you how to use even how to generate a lead. That's an offer, hey, I'll give you something in exchange for your email address. Well, there's a specific way to do that. You only put a little bit of copy on the page so you don't overwhelm them, confuse them, drown them out. And then you just ask them for their email and tell them you'll send them or they can download what it is that you're giving away. It's a formula you know, so anyways, yeah, keep listening to these on a daily basis, folks when you do the software that was downloaded by somebody else, you know, we'll give you our software and you can listen to it. And if it feels good and you feel like it's empowering, then you can continue to install the software and take the updates and if not, well move on and go find the guru that you're looking for. I don't know. But we're going to have real people just so our guests didn't show up today. So we just said, `Let's go live for an hour and two minutes.’ All right. See you guys back here tomorrow. Be well get out of here. Stay Legendary.