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Jt: Four o'clock in the afternoon now, so most of my working day, my official working day is nearly done. So the videos, though, start off with a working day.

Matt: Yeah, I feel that. So tell us about what you do for a current job like just for your current job or, you know, what's your current career like and then, and tell us a little give us a little bit of backstory about you. Tell us a little bit about your life and your journey and then how you found Legendary.

Jt: Yeah, okay. No worries. So, my current role, so I do work nine to five still, I haven't haven't quit as of yet. I have actually been doing the same sort of job for the last 25 years. Actually, I left school and went straight into a career in an office. And I've been doing that for so long. A couple of companies, different companies, and the last one that I'm currently 15 years in so I can probably hear you going well, why am I still then looking at affiliate marketing? Why am I looking at my own business as such? And to be honest, it's probably because summer came last year. And so for me, actually, it was a conversation with my HR team. So now I'll be blunt with you, Matt. They sat around and said, there's no room for you to move anywhere else. So you either get out, carry on, or do your own thing. And guess what? Doing my own thing.

Matt: Wow, crazy, I don't spend a lot of time on TikTok, but I do look around a little bit here and there and I was just watching this guy who had recorded his conversation on zoom with his HR team. And he was, you know, basically begging for a raise. And I just thought, man, that sucks. I mean, I just forgot about you. Know, trying to trying to be mean about you know, while you still got a job, you know, like I don't like shaming people for that, but it just was like it was such a real raw reminder that like man, you know, you've got to you've got to shoot for and find something that can build you a lasting income that isn't dependent on some random person in HR, who might have a weird, you know, bone to pick with you or something you know, who knows? Who knows what's going on in their life that they need that power trip or whatever? But you into that meeting. And do you ever like had you ever done any sort of like, affiliate marketing or any sort of just side hustle type things?

Jt: Yeah, being an honest man, I've probably been in touch. I did the survey thing. I've done ecommerce selling so it was all yeah, I've done a bit but it did not succeed. No, I didn't succeed at all and being honest with your affiliate marketing. I didn't get it at all. I didn't get any idea of where it came from. So I did my research, like a lot of people would do anyway, go on, do the Google search and see what comes up and see what it's all about. So I did exactly that. So for me, it was the conversation and Tyler was one of the guys that I know I see come up with the name quite a bit with you guys. He was one of the ones that I actually reached out to make content and said, Okay, tell me a bit more. That's sort of how this works. So yeah, big thanks to him that actually I'm on board

Matt: He's been on our show a couple of times. That's very cool. Yeah, he's a good dude. He's really smart. And he's really savvy too. I think he's very, very very savvy. That's cool. So so many jobs at dialer, and you're like, Hey, what's this thing all about? So I always like to take people into the moment of like, you know, I'm putting in my credit card for $7. What was that? Like? What did you feel like? Was it gonna happen? Did what you expected to happen happen? And then what was the training like?

Jt: Yeah. It was exactly as I expected. and probably more being honest, man, you got a lot more for the seven bucks. That's the way I looked at it. And I've seen other courses. I've been on other courses and paid for other courses and then abandoned the other courses as well. And that you for what you pay is a lot of content coming out of it. The concern I had was okay, how much is going to be up sold to me except for like everyone else has that doubt and that but you see it as part of affiliate marketing and, again, what comes and resonates and especially some of the conversations you guys have on these databases as well. It's actually well, you pay a lot more for education. That's the way you've got to look at it, your basic life skill and, and a lot of the conversations I have across all the social platforms, and I know you're probably gonna embrace all of that. From the social platforms that I do engage with a lot of the questions come Why should I Why should I invest, etc, and I go, well, you're paying out for college or you're paying out for university. It's like you're paying a lot more for that. And there's no guarantee you're not going to make any money and you probably know you got a job to go to once you finish it. 

Matt: True, I think a lot of people are running into that

Jt: All the time, all the time. And you want to know a bit more about me, Matt. So as I said, Greer was too long in the game. I mean, and to be honest, I'm in the financial services industry. Unfortunately, I do wear a techie hat. So I am a bit of a techie. So setting up a sales funnel wasn't wasn't too far for me to do as such. And I tinker with it quite a bit. So I make lots of changes to it quite a bit if that I have to be careful of what wording I use. Right. So yeah, so for me, I can deal with it. And what I do on a regular basis is I do my 9 to 5, the extra time that I have whether that be for a lunch hour through after work or before work, that's where I put the time and effort into my affiliate marketing. That's where most of the time you'll find me over my lunch hour is actually on making videos and making the posts etc. So, my instagram I Not only do reels on there I also still put content up for posts etc. Or as well I've seen or put some commentary out there as well. 

Matt: And you work from home. 

Jt: I do work from home. 

Matt: Yeah, the whole work from home thing. I've read so many people. I mean, they get to that lunch break and they're like, I'm going to open my phone. Here we go. I'm making a TikTok and, and it's just I love it because man I don't know that not to say that I've loved the pandemic but I have hated it. But what I've what I've I think everything is the lens with which you look through it right? So there isn't a whole hell of a lot that I can do to change what we're doing and what we're living in. Right. And I like that approach and I like that outlook because as soon as I get to that point most I think most people stop there, right? So they say oh, there's nothing I can do. This is being done to me, right and it's all a victim. It's all whatever but I think that what I love about this community, what I love about sort of digital entrepreneurs are just entrepreneurs. Well, actually, no, I mean, I think this community in particular, because I actually do know a lot of small business owners who have the same exact mentality they have that same victim mentality as most people in the world. And so when something bad happens or a store gets vandalized or their pizza place gets broken too and they get equipment stolen or whatever, they just, they're just like, Oh, of course you know, nothing I could do. You know, they didn't have a security system, but there's nothing they could do. Right. And so what I like about what's happened over the last two years is I think it's snapped a lot of people, including myself out of this sort of thing just assuming you've been doing this for 15 years. You know this better than anybody just assuming you've got the job you've got the thing right. And people who've done it for five years. I know when I was working a job and coffee I'd worked there two or three years and I've settled into that but you settle in quickly cuz it's easy and it feels cozy and there's some sort of comfort level to it. It's known and familiar. But this man, the last two years has slammed everybody out of it. And now everybody's like screw this, like, everything's now going out onto the internet. And like there's this huge pie and I'm just gonna take my little knife and just carved my little, you know, carve my little slice out of this damn thing. And I think I think that to me is is a big silver lining to a really hard two years for a lot of people is that it really forced us out outside of our will in many ways to just reexamine and relook at things like man I got I need to look with a different set of lenses this whole thing, right. And I think in many ways, it's allowed employees and employers to sort of reexamine how we think about work? How do we, you know, even just work in general? But anyway, that's a little bit of a rant, but it just came up for me as you were talking about, you know, doing TikToks during lunch and that kind of thing. I mean, we've got a whole community of people who are sitting around on lunch breaks at the TikTok app, open dancing and, and, you know, got hip, new music blasted through their TikTok speakers and their kids are like to tell his mom doing in the office, you know, like, what is going on, and it's just a funny thing, and I enjoy that sort of energy and that creative power. It feels a bit to me like people taking autonomy back for themselves. And that's that's really cool thing.

Jt: Yeah, definitely. Definitely. And yeah, the hybrid thing I think most people will be constantly at home and even on TikTok I don't know if you've seen him yet. But some of them now the brands the CEOs are now getting into the realization they need to be on that platform as well. So I saw some of them, the big ones I know you guys have the shark tank in the US while we have Dragon's Den over in the UK, and one of our main dragons is now going to TikTok as of yesterday. So then they are noticing that that's the platform they need to be on to advertisers such.

Matt: Totally, totally there's so much reach there's so much potential. And this is my favorite thing. You know, when I started online, I had this good mentor of mine who said he explained it this way. He said universities are largely five years behind this industry. So universities are five to 10 years behind big institutions five to 10 years behind, which is why if you go to college right now you're not getting taught how to market on TikTok. People are just telling you, people are mostly just telling you, you know, there's this new thing called TikTok. That's the education you'll get in a four year marketing degree. There's TikTok like you can get lots of traction and whatever on TikTok, but I think that like for most people in this industry, they're finding and it's exactly what I found. It's basically as it happens, you will learn it. And as it's happening, you're discovering new things which is a funny thing for me because I teach some of this stuff. But the true reality of it is like we're teaching it as we're going and learning and watching and observing and I soak in all of this information and can condense it into something that's somewhat understandable to people and it can be frustrating because you're not learning in a university style, where you have years of history and you can look back and say, here's all of the ways you know that this has changed and adjusted, and here's what to do now. It's more like, hey, this platform got launched yesterday, and there's a lot of people making money from it. Let's look at what they're doing and try to, you know, boil this down to a few principles. It's a different way.

Jt: I’ll be honest with you, Matt. When you talk about TikTok, you think at the moment you've got up to three minutes you can record them. They're now saying you want to be recording videos within seven seconds, nine seconds, etc. So it's completely changed that you've got the three minutes, but how much they're going to push those videos that you've made free minutes long, out to an audience. Certainly I've done a couple and yes, it's taken a long, long while for any correction in any views on those videos, because they just don't make that go in front of the audience that you want it to be in front of us. So it's only why you've built your followers. You've got your audience on that platform that they're going to go back and say, oh, yeah, actually, I'm going to watch that video, because it's three it's two and a half minutes long and such. So you really get into a point where it's no longer 15 seconds. Yo, you've got to be between seven and nine seconds to get a video and make sure that your video is pushed in front of the new audiences such

Matt: Totally, and it's always changing. It's always adjusting. It's always what's what's working. What's next? And this is a really cool thing. And it's I think it's part of probably part of why you were able to grow your account so quickly. Well, I know it is because you can't really you can't really grow an account quickly. Without this trait or without this ability. But would you agree with that and just tell me a little bit about your thoughts on this statement? I think for the TikTok realm. It has to be that you have to have the ability to observe what's going on in the app and really process it. You've got to look at what trends, what sounds, what dances, what are people saying that you're seeing over and over again? Oh, okay. That's what's getting pushed. That's getting pushed. How do I now tap in my message and my niche and my industry into things? That stream of consciousness that's going on or unconsciously? The TikTok or Instagram or whatever Facebook reels you know, all over Facebook starting to really push real hard now.

JT: I'm in the UK and we don't have reels on Facebook yet.

Matt: I just started to see them on my timeline. Yesterday. I saw my first one. And it's coming and it doesn't really matter if the truth doesn't really matter. It's played wherever it's available to be played, right? Whatever you can do, do that. That's the right thing to be doing. But I'm just for you. How have you been? What steps have you taken or what type of Yeah, what steps have you taken to evaluate what's going on on Tiktok and social media and then replicate that or boil it down to like a formula of what your day of content creation looks like?

JT: Okay, so for me, when I started out in TikTok 90 days ago, when I first looked at it, being honest, man, I didn't do what everyone else in the little life is probably just thinking, I don't want to put my face out there. I was exactly at that point. I was like, Okay, I'm gonna go and get stock videos. I'm gonna go and get Canva put something together. I did that. Yes, it got me some views. Did it get me any followers? Really, No. It didn't get the followers it got the views there. And we will see but my like count is still great. It was its highest sort of thing. For me, it was getting the face out there. It was putting a message out there because it is those people that actually do have the trust. They build trust with you. They're the ones that are going to send you the DM or send you the comments. You're not going to get those on the generic ones. And I see that more and more than new ones that come about Matt they do put the stock video on there and even stock videos that I use are coming back out again like oh yeah, I've seen that one. I know where you're coming from as such. So that's where I started. By being honest I don't do very many voices at once. And that because it seems a lot of people want to read, they want to read your message. They don't want to hear your message. And a lot of them want to read it first of all, so I find that actually I get more traction for those ones that may have contact that's over the screen that actually I've put loads of words and it's below my face that they want to read it because they're gonna repeat reading it or they may have read the first two lines have not read the rest of it. So repeat the video as such. So that's the sort of thing that I've seen or TikTok in particular for me, Matt, I do probably what hopefully other people do is trying to mirror others. I watch a lot of others both on Insta and on TikTok. Put them in my favorites. Have a look. Then go back over there. Okay, can I repeat that? Can I alternate the word in the messaging The concern I have met as well and I look across and make sure that I'm watching. That's coming out from tiktok creators as well, not just our nature search for making money online. But the TikTok creators, the marketers that are out there on tiktok that are specialized in there as well. So it's a couple of them. In particular Matt that I'll watch because they're going to know what's coming down the line. They're going to know if TikToks actually changes the rhythm of any of the blockages as well. So I know I saw lots of comments yesterday when Facebook channels etc saying Are there signs of blocked affiliate marketing you putting that message out? Being honest with Matt, I've put some out in the last 48 hours. They haven't got blocks. They haven't violated at this point. So hopefully they won't.

Matt: Nope, it hasn't trust me. I get to see a lot of backend stuff. I mean, it's not, it's just not. But I wanted to just point out to you the part that you said about the words on the screen that's so key, because over the last I didn't used to do this, but because words on the screen have become more popular. I used to always view TikTok on my videos as listening and for anybody who's creating content on TikTok, you should lean into this and I hope you didn't miss it. I now sometimes like will lay on the couch or lay in bed or something and somebody is watching a show next to me or somebody who's got different podcasts on and all actually just literally turn the volume all the way down on TikTok because now I can just read captions or I can scroll through and just see the words that are popping up on the screen. And I'll have like a 30 minute silent TikTok engagement like it's not very often that I'm on TikTok but when I do I found that I'm doing that more and if you're creating content on TikTok and you're not putting words on the screen or captions on your yet it's a huge this huge miss and I'm glad that you said that because yeah your videos that are taking there's no wonder a lot of people are starting to just watch and listen now without any sort of sound.

Jt: And Matt you've got to remember they're going to push your videos more is actually the watch time. Now if that was you, Matt, you've read the first three lines of my TikTok video, and I've got another seven underneath. You're gonna watch it again. And you might then watch the whole time that you've got all of the lines and that's that's the thing that's the ultimate is if you can put more on that video. Then they're gonna read and still try and get it within that window. Of not seven to nine to 15 seconds. That's the ultimate because they're pushing that more and more to you. Matt, I don't know if you saw yesterday and particularly for me as well. I saw a big change in Instagram as well and I did a video on it yesterday as well. That Intel or Instagram have now started to push the rails really heavy. And actually they don't want them on your feet. So actually if you turn off the Share button on when you post in your real life, they're pushing those more out as well. So I have noticed that for two weeks I have turned off my shirts and my feet go into failure and so certainly anyone that is repurposing from TikTok onto Instagram, turn off your real real feed, you will go . It's manic , especially if you get it at the right time as well. So which is the hardest bit for us in the UK because hey, you guys in the US, you'll get it all the time. So for us it's a difficult one especially on Instagram.

Matt: Wow, that's cool, man. That's cool. And another gold bomb you just trapped. I really hope people are listening to this because of GTC. And then I also just want to. I also just want to caveat that by saying it doesn't just it doesn't guarantee that just because that worked for JT, it's going to work for you. The bigger point of actually saying something like that is to get you to try it. Right so just give it an attempt. Try it with 10 different videos and try a split test. This is a place on this show where you can get ideas. I've never tried it so I shouldn't know. But it makes sense. It's smart. And you start when you get into this week of Legendary shows. You get on with smart dudes like this who were like, well, let's try this or, Hey, I read this on a blog and then I tried it and then it worked. And then you know and then 15 People hear it on this show and they're like, Wow, I tried it and it worked. And then it gets posted on our Facebook group and then suddenly everybody in our whole community is going viral. On Instagram, right? And it's that kind of community. It's almost like masterminding a little you know, but your drop it's really big, huge goal.

JT: I want to say and that's what makes TikTok like it even came out with my niche. And I was like, do I post it or not post it and like, actually because my knees for the effects actually make more money, make more views, etc. I thought no, actually, I want to post it out there. And I didn't put it on Instagram because I'm sure their algorithm would kick it straight out there. So for TikTok I posted it, but they accepted it. It's up there. So exactly what you said Matt, is the way that I said try it, turn it off, put it through, see what happens.

Matt: Totally, totally, totally. And for anybody who's having a rough go at you know, just feeling like they keep posting videos and keep doing their same thing. Hey, just mix it up. Just you know, it's kind of like grabbing by the shoulders. Kind of shake it up a little bit. Mix it up. Try something different man. That's a good tip. I love that. I love that little thing. Melissa is wondering how you actually turn that off. There's just a little option when you're about to post a real one; it's like a checkbox, right?

Jt: Yeah, the checkbox is just just where you put the captions in there. Just turns off

Matt: That nugget. There's some people saying you know, what was that nugget again? Basically in a nutshell guys, that nugget is when you post a reel to Instagram. There's a little checkbox that I think it's pre checked, I can't remember but it is pre checked. And it says also post it to your feed to post it to different places to your rails and to your feed. And you turn that he says try to turn that off and then post your reels and see what happens. See if you're able to get more reach and more views on your videos and try little things like that. And experimenting is really at the heart of marketing

JT: When I had it on before Matt, my feet , my views on the installer about in the hundreds and then lights, I thought I'll turn it off to see what's going to happen. And I was like you said split testing doesn't work with arm what are the views? And then I have now I'm just posting to Instagram straight onto the rule set. And I think that's what they wanted. Anyway, their announcements that were coming out from Instagram are that they're pushing more and more videos and I think doing it that way. That's their work around as such. 

Matt: They are. They're trying to push it all. I mean they are trying to keep up with TikTok and the funny part is man every single time I don't know if it's funny, but the funny part to me is every single time that people that people will post on social media platforms like this happened on Facebook. It happened on Instagram. It happened on YouTube, and now it's happening on TikTok. There's always this, there's always these people who are out there who are like, Yeah, but I think the heyday of TikTok is over or I think TikTok started. But on my end, like on our end, we see these people who have been on TikTok for a year and a half, there's big names, and there's still just never ending traffic being pumped through their channels and they're making more than ever and I'm just to like, Man, I just don't see it. Like I just don't see it. For you creating content at Bing, you said that you're kind of more of a techy person. Was it tough to start creating content or did you find it enjoyable.

JT: Completely out of my comfort? So as I said, when I first started stock videos all away, it's like waking up at stock video and working on it. That was my approach. And then I saw others were doing it. I reached out to Tyler again at that point, Tyler was out and he's like, just post the video. Don't put any words in it, just stand in it just post the video and stand in it and see what happens. And that was the impact that came back from Thailand so I can only thank him for that. And that but yeah, that's an I changed it and there's Matt You know, I use quite a few of the platforms. I know it goes against the grain that we all say that actually should focus on one. I do find that I do get traction from other platforms and that I get and it's not as much as you'd get from TikTok. It's not as much as you'd get from Instagram. But you do where the platform has evolved and got a DM functionality from Pinterest as of now so that got the Pinterest DMS that come across. I still get leads. I still get people signing up in those directions. And even Twitter. I've got to a point that I thought I know I really still don't get Twitter as such. But hey, I take some of the content I put on Instagram, even my posts as such and put the copy link on there. I get traction. People are retweeting it as well and getting DMS that way so yes, it's still my focus on ticking and Instagram they're the platforms I've solely concentrated for months on, but I might reorder those videos and pull it to the other platforms. So that's what worked for me. And that's you and I both know might work for me might work for other people might not so is that trial and error.

Matt: Totally is trial and error. I feel like a man, you know me if you know me? You said something there you said you know might be going against the grain I just don't think it's against the grain to do anything really, like honest to God like most of my training and most of like what I'll suggest to people is my suggestions based on what I see for people because I'm just in like I'm just constantly I'm you know, on the other side of my screen behind this window, there's, you know, 15 emails from people who are setting up their autoresponders or setting up their funnels and setting up their stuff, right. And so all the questions that come up and all the ways that people get distracted and lost. You know, that's why I usually say hey, just start with one like, let's just see if we can fly lower. Let's see if we can get 1000 followers and then and then we'll see what you gravitate towards and what your content looks like. And then we can identify what platforms are going to work on. But oh, I mean, I don't care. I would prefer you start throwing content out everywhere. Because it's funny. There's just this little intuitive thing and people that I found where people just start gravitating towards certain platforms, whether it's Pinterest, whether it's TikTok, whether it's Instagram, they're just like men that just felt easy to post something about that felt easy. Plus, I got more views here, like I'm going to spend. I'm going to spend 80% of my time here, and I'll keep working on the other ones, but I'm going to really spend 80% of my time on TikTok or I'm gonna spend 80% of my time on Pinterest, right? And there's a lot of people who are doing well on Pinterest, so anyway, all right. Well, for a lot of good stuff in here. And for everybody who's watching or listening to this. Just little tips, little nuggets have been dropped throughout this whole show by JT and you should go back and listen to them. JT for people who are never who have never posted a video, never tried to get themselves out there and they're nervous or they're worried. What would you say to those people?

JT: Lose your inhibitions, lose your inhibitions. Let it go. You've just got to try it. And it's you who hasn't got to speak. Take that away. Take that. That worthiness that someone's going to make an impression because you've spoken on. I'm in London or an Essex boy as such, so I've got a different accent than you guys in America, so my videos are probably not as clear as some of the others. So take it away. Just put your face out there because as soon as people start to see you they start to trust you you start to build an audience up so that's all I would say is come off the stock videos. Yes, it's lovely to start. won't build your audience.

Matt: Yeah, that's fair. It can get you going in and get you used to posting and stuff but start bringing out some real content. I love that. JT, man, thanks so much. And we would love to have you back on in a couple months, sharing more about what you've been learning and what's been working

JT: Not a problem at all.

Matt: And is this the best place for people to follow?

JT: @MoneyworriesUK so there's just the branding. I put up in the UK and Matt, if anyone if anyone sees my tagline and certainly for anyone who is setting up a brand I would say to get yourself a tagline don't just get yourself a brand new tagline. And then use Money Never Sleeps. 

Matt: Yeah. Cool. JT, thanks. And keep in touch with us. You can shoot me an email. You can shoot Dave an email and you know if you've got cool updates or things are taking off, we'd love to have you back.

JT: Yeah, I appreciate that. I appreciate all the help you guys give me.

Matt: So down at the bottom of the screen you can see it but it's just @moneyworriesUK you can find them TikTok Instagram, Youtube Pinterest. Go follow him. And I always tell people when you go follow him, make sure to leave a comment let him know Hey, I saw your wakeup legendary it was a cool episode. I'm really glad that you shared whatever you know, what did you get from the episode? What was impactful? And we'll be back here tomorrow. Dave's gonna be back here Thursday and Friday. For more wakeup legendary if you have a suggestion of somebody who would be great for the show, maybe they're just a digital entrepreneur. They don't even have to be in our community. We'd love to hear from them to interview you can always send suggestions to and you know sometimes people just don't come across our radar. Sit down with people from all different niches and industries and so send them any suggestions to Dave @LegendaryMarketer com we'd love to hear and we'll see you back here tomorrow at 10am Eastern peace out everybody thanks.