Below is the transcription for this episode:

Dave: Hey what's going on my friends this is Dave Sharpe, welcome to Wake Up Legendary and as you can see from the description today recovering addict now has fast growing digital biz all right all right my kind of guy, welcome to the show brother.

Brendan: Thank you, how’s it going?

Dave: Good brother, good, where are you calling in from?

Brendan: New Jersey

Dave: Okay that's where my wife's from she's from the hills the name of the city that she's from anyway she's from Jersey, Morristown.

Brendan: Morristown is close it's like 20 minutes away

Dave: Yeah, well, that's cool, man. That's cool. So what led you online and what would you do or what else do you do? And what ultimately led you here and how did you find us? 

Brendan: So let's see how far back I should go.  I used to work in construction. So I got right out of high school and went into construction jobs and made decent money. But it was kind of a job that I can bounce back and forth in because I struggled with addiction issues for years. But I always liked it. I always had trouble holding a job. Not because like I don't work hard because I do, but more because like I was just something very unfulfilling about working for like a grocery store, which I worked at or doing construction just like I was doing like the same thing over and over not really contributing anything great to the world. So something very unfulfilling. And that kind of added to my addiction in a way when I look in hindsight at it, um, but I think it was I was 25 now so I think it was 22 when I found affiliate marketing, which almost three years ago at this point, but it kind of because of issues I was struggling with I bounced in and out but it just kind of seemed like I mean it's it's a great concept. It seemed it was something I was really interested in. It's something I've bounced back and forth with but because I was in and out of life, you could say cuz I was a delinquent growing up. I didn't really get serious with it until about a year and a half, maybe two years ago. And when I started, it was kind of just like the two options I presented with it was like, make a blog and wait six months and rank in Google and do all this kind of stuff, or learn how to run ads. So I chose the ad method thinking it would be easy so I didn't really know anything about it. So I had learned for free exactly no extra money. So it was like YouTube University, watching videos, Google stuff, sift through that information, that kind of stuff. And eventually learn how to run ads. So fortunately, I've been able to kind of not work a job for the past year and a half, two years. But like it's not it was never consistent. Like so like it's either like I'm doing really well and I can make really good money or like, not make really good money at all and it depends on how much money you have to actually jump in advertising every single month. So I kind of wanted to do something that wasn't relying on that. That made money without like, the investment like having to put down $1,000 to get 2000 or 3000 or whatever it was. So that was about three months ago, when I decided to create my Tiktok and do this organically. Which led me to you guys and actually found you guys by accident. I was watching a video. I forget who I forget whose video it was on YouTube and there was a little thing in the description where it said learn how to use tic toc to generate leads and link to second free leads. Is that what it's called? Yeah, it was the length of 15 second free leads and I kind of joined in this was a while ago so maybe like eight months ago. I just kind of threw you guys on the backburner. But I was always like TikTok when people would talk about TikTok because I guess it’s for kids and people dance on it. It's weird. You know what I mean? But I didn't realize how fast you could really use it to build a following and to get leads and monetize. It's fast because I was gonna go the YouTube route. When I decided I wanted to build a personal brand and put my face on the internet and do all this stuff. Um, but I mean, my youtube channel is still growing but it's very slow. My TikTok just kind of exploded. 

Dave: That's cool, man, there are a lot of similarities in our story there for sure.

Brendan: Yeah, I was rough. I was bad when I was younger. At first I didn't want to tell people where I came from what I've been through but I get a lot of it especially now as I'm growing on TikTok and more people are seeing my stuff. I get a lot of like, oh, well, you could do it, but like I can't, you know, I mean like I can't figure that stuff out. And I'm just kind of like, dude, like if you knew me when I was 19, 20, 21 You asked like the people around me my own family. Like they would have had negative things to say about me like I was not I was a degenerate. I did not make good decisions. I never held down a job. Everything about my life was chaotic. Right and I feel like if I'm able to do this, anyone that wants to do this can do it as well. But it's like that's that's that's just that's that's why I decided to share my story. I kind of sometimes feel like it has a negative connotation to it, but I really don't care at this point. Because I'm so far from it.

Dave: Interesting, you're 25 I mean, you're the same exact age that I started in this business and started really opening up about that around in my history. You know, on the streets and you know in and out of jail and you know, get Yeah, just just really brutal stuff. Yeah, and I was very much so afraid. My wife just peeked around at your face. He said that you kind of look like me when I was 25. But yeah, I mean, the thing that I think is worth noting for everybody listening is that what I did, what I'm sure you've done Brendan is you realize that you're a survivor. In order to get through those circumstances, you had to have a certain savvy survival skill. And now we use that. I mean I realized I was a great marketer. I was out there involved in lots of, you know, business that was not, you know, particularly above board. You know, I mean sure that I was, you know, I was hustling and making sure I was always fed and I was on my own when I left home at 14. You know, so I had been surviving and hustling for 10 years by the time I got clean and started on in this business. And so what I did was I realized I was a better marketer than I thought I knew, because I had been marketing and selling and doing business now may not have been above board. The truth is, I had quite the hustle in quite the salesmanship, and quite the survivorship. All those skills are already developed and I simply use them for good and to be productive instead of using them for illegal activities and for activities that were going to get me thrown in jail. Right and what I think my message to everybody listening who can't relate to that exact story is look back on your life and think about all the things that you have survived. Think about the childhood that you survived, think about the relationships that you survived, think about jobs that you survived, in certain situations, traumatic situations that you that you survived, you use specific survival skill sets, whether it be hustling, whether it be whatever it was to get through that situation. And so a lot of us come into this and we're like, I don't know if I can do this and it's like, well, look at the shit you've already done. Look at the shift that you've already gotten through and survive. You can make a couple of fucking videos and post them on TikTok and in it's like, Get over yourself. Right? You already survived so much shit. Why are you even doubting yourself right now? You know what I mean?

Brendan: A lot of people do that. Yeah, I don't know. I don't know necessarily what that comes in. For me. It was so going through in and out of jail. Going to rehab stuff like that. I heard a lot I had to forcefully sit through a lot of na before I took on anything that they were saying to me. So I always say relating to what you just said that if you took 10% of what you put in like your addiction and doing the things you had to do. You can do incredible things in life, I think it was 10% that was something they always throw around but it's it's a good concept because it's like that's that's how I kind of got away it wasn't so much to programs and stuff like that it was more of like taking my energy and directing it towards something positive because I have like this drive when I do something and I want to do it and I want to do it best and I want to succeed at the highest level. It's just naturally in me.

Dave: Anybody who's at least listening to this show, and I don't think it's every human being because there are some true lazy slobs in this world to do anything and everything to do nothing. But I mean they will work their ass off trying to do nothing. It's actually kind of kind of a hard route and they would have to work exactly what I know there is only who's involved in this community I believe absolutely has that gene and as that DNA in them, that when we put our mind to something we will get obsessed about it and we will you know because most people this is not their first business that they've tried this is like their 50th. And it’s like why haven’t you quit yet?  Because you're an obsessed crazy son of a bitch who just hasn't taken hasn't been in the right environment where somebody just shoots you straight and says look, the shits gonna take six months to a year. To really take off. You need to focus and be consistent. And you need to change a lot about yourself not just thinking that the business model is going to change your life but you need to change you to change your life as your business grows. And I think that's one of the reasons why we have a lot of people succeeding in this community is because we're not just prop we're not just saying well the business will fix you in the business will fix your life. No, you need to see that you rise, you fix your as you grow your business, you need to fix you. You need to look at what are the things that have been holding you back. What is the mic? I just gave this great example on the deck and it just kicked off. I said just simply the way that we speak to ourselves. And I asked all the ladies on the webinar I said, ladies, a lot of us we call ourselves newbies. I'm a newbie and we act like newbies. If we call ourselves a newbie then we act like a newbie. A newbie reacts reserved, is scared to take action, is timid and says I'm not ready to post videos and market yet. And what if you were to say, a Legendary event and we were all standing around in a circle and you are right there ladies. Another lady walked out because ladies are in competition with ladies and guys are in competition with guys. So another lady walked up and she said and she said, well how are you doing newbie? What would you say women? If some lady walked up and just looked over at you and said how you doing newbie? Are you just a newbie around here? How would you feel, how would you act, number some fightin words and then right there say hell no. You know what I mean? And the same would go for a guy like if somebody just came up to you saying we're all standing around in a circle at a Legendary event. And and and somebody was like what's up newbie?  So I mean, mindset to me in you said a lot of people do that don't recognize that they have skills and have survived a lot of shit and because we've got we've got so many different behaviors that that that are sort of ingrained in us that that are sort of debilitating and self sabotaging behaviors that make us stop make a second guess make us indecisive. And one of them is, you know, how we talk to ourselves. And so, you know, I say to people as you're going through as you're building your business as you're taking action, one way to work on your mindset simultaneously is to pay attention to how you talk to yourself. And if you talk to yourself in a negative way, and if you describe yourself to others in a not so positive way, you know, like talking down to yourself. Then, you know, that's a place to focus because you will act exactly how you'd speak about yourself. You know, you're not going to say I'm you know, another way to say I'm a newbie is I'm just getting started but I'm cranking, right. I mean, you got to speak into existence, what you want to happen right now. I think that's a simple way to store to begin to, to, you know, take different actions and sort of believe in yourself, even when you don't really believe in yourself or when you're second guessing. So what are some of the things that you do and tell yourself that that has helped or what goes on inside of your head because a lot of this game as we know is mindset. So what are they with you specifically? Or is there something else also that you focus on? 

Brendan: Of course, my biggest recently in the past year or two is just kind of what I look at like, because a lot of people think like I can't do that where I just kind of remove that, from my mind completely. Like I can't do that yet. You know what I mean? Because it's kind of like and I tell people all the time because you see like, like Results may vary how we do this, like you might not do the same but like build a business like this, especially with one that has low startup costs, and you're not dumping a ton of money into it. You're making TikTok videos or YouTube videos or you're writing a blog because it's only a matter of time before you start to see results. Right? Like you're not going to do this for a year and post videos on it and nothing is gonna happen. So it's not like I don't limit myself to really anything and it works out a lot better. I think with the mindset the mindset stuff is tricky because a lot of people that are in this and entrepreneurs they think it's a bunch of bullshit, like I'm gonna talk about mindset for an hour. You know what I mean? But it is kind of like the first step and kind of the foundation that you build your business on because we don't think you can do it you're not going to do and like speaking into existence stuff that that stuff really works. And it took me a while to buy into it as well. Just look at stuff like I'm not going to quit until this happens because it's going to happen. It might take me more work than it took him or her and that's the other thing. I don't compare myself to anybody. I don't know. I think people tend to do that a lot. I kind of just look at what I'm doing, where I want to go and how many get there instead of like, like maybe look at how someone else did it for inspiration, but I kind of understand now that my path is unique. And like I have to do what I have to do to get there so I don't really compare myself and that's kind of how I look at it.

Dave: Yeah, that's great. Comparisonitis is another killer. I mean,

Brendan: Yeah, it's bad. You can do that all day.. 

Dave: Yeah. And there's a lot of places to do it. I mean, you can do it everywhere all day. And you can it's very insidious too because I can tell myself Well, I'm just doing research, right. But it's hard to not get sucked into either whatever the person's marketing that you're researching, because they're probably a pretty good marketer. So, first thing that you could potentially get sucked into is their marketing and the second thing is, is beginning to talk down to yourself, and you begin back going back to what we just said, which is how you talk about yourself, saying, Oh, I can never be like this person, or here's another one that I think is very, very common. Well, people are already saying what I'm going to say so why would I say it right? Who's gonna listen to me? There's hundreds already out here that are saying the same thing that I'm going to say. Why would anybody want to listen to it from me? Right. And that's another way that we sabotage our success.

Brendan: There's a million excuses, I see them all day. But if you go through TikTok, you type in hashtag, affiliate marketing or digital marketing, what you just said proves false. There's 10,000 people making the exact same content and they all have to be making something because they continue to do it every day. Um, what I what I personally did and I think that's why I've been able to pick up so quickly and even though I mean my accounts, not huge, but I've I've sold a lot of stuff for an account with like, 10,000 followers that kind of look for like, a hole in the market. I'm in, like, kinda like, like, you'd say, like a red ocean inside of a blue ocean. Like I kind of look like, okay, everybody's doing this. Then I'm reading through the comments and I'm like, what, like, people don't like these aspects of what they're doing. So let me appeal to these people that already know about the business are already interested, but are just turned off by the majority the majority of the content that they're seeing, and I've been able to attract people that don't even have to do much talking to right people that might even already know about legendary, some promote, like, people that already know about the business they already know. But they're hesitant because of a lot of nonsense or whatever they're seeing they don't like, right? And if I can just appeal to those people, they're very easy customers and very easy people to deal with.

Dave:  I think nowadays, there's so much to learn in C about your target customer. You really don't look very far. I mean, back in a certain day if we wanted to learn if we were, if we were writing copy and trying to market which thank God we weren't because I mean, you talk about sucks. You talk about failure rates. I mean, think about the 60s or the 50s. Being 25 and wanting to start a business I mean, your options are so limited, and if you wanted to be a marketer and you wanted to write copy and use your words and in marketing to persuade people and you'd have to write a damn letter, send it out to a specific zip code, you know, for them to savor it and put it in the newspaper or whatever. And, you know, you know nowadays it's, it's so much it's so much easier to to learn about your audience. You know, you just mentioned something that was so easy. And it just was going and reading comments and events, looking at what people are doing in those comments. What are they saying and what are their objections? And right then and there in that little bit of time. You are learning so much about your target customer. That, I mean, just, I think sometimes, Brendan it's so easy. It is. You know what I mean? When it's sort of like it's sort of like back when we were in, you know, when we are in barbaric times and before modern society, we had to go out there and work our asses off for our food. We had to go out there and hunt and farm and walk miles and ride horses and all this kind of shit. And now we just, you know, and obesity was probably not that much of an issue. 

Brendan: It was probably non-existent. 

Dave: And now, it's like we got sugar. We got McDonald's on every corner. I mean, things are so convenient. I mean, it's a lot easier to be fat when you're rich. That I mean that's one we can eat good food, you know, but I'm just saying that to make my own dad bod fat ass feel better. But I mean, the truth is, that you know, marketing online is actually easier than it's ever been. Now, and and because people don't have anything to contrast it against. They just fall into that, oh, this is so hard. I can't do it. And it really is so much easier. And you describe some of those things that you were doing before you were blown away by what's actually possible with platforms like TikTok?

Brendan: Absolutely. Absolutely. Um, it's like, and I know it's not gonna last forever, because like, at some point, Instagram was like that, but TikToks like man can make a new account.

Dave: And what if there's a new platform that's 10 times better? That's the thing, it probably will be.

Absolutely I have full trust there will be there's always been I've always had that same thought that you do too. And it has a little bit to do with my past where I'm always looking in the mirror. The rearview mirror. I'm always thinking, oh fuck, this isn't the last the other shoes gonna drop other shoe to drop? That paranoid mentality that it's going to go away? And there's always a new opportunity.

Brendan: Oh, yeah. And that's usually the place to be a new opportunity. I mean, if it wasn't for TikTok I would have started a YouTube channel and I probably wouldn't be where I am as fast as I got there. Because it's just like when I see this happen all the time I talk to people they got brand new accounts, they post like three videos and all of a sudden they got 2000 followers. It's like unheard of before TikTok and they didn't realize that I used to trash it like my fiance was on TikTok. Like get off that app. It's making you stupid. You know what I mean? Like fast paced like she has no attention span. You can't show her something that's more than like 30 seconds. She's just like, doesn't want to see it because she's scrolling on TikTok, but it's a goldmine, man.

Dave: It's interesting. It's interesting seeing you know, all these traffic gurus and all these big time marketers now popping up saying, you know, you got to get on TikTok and it's like, you know, we've been on TikTok for damn near two years now. People are just continuing to exploit it and, and getting their piece of the pie and taking that same content that they're creating on TikTok and just run it through Snaptik or whatever and then just repurposing that content over and over and over on the YouTube shorts. And even on their Facebook story.

Brendan: Facebook's got reels now to oh, do it on Instagram. It gives you the check if it says they put it on Facebook to OSHA. Well, they're all trying to compete with tick tock and that's the short form video period right now is through the roof you post I mean, even Pinterest. I get like 200,000 impressions on Pinterest every month without even posting that much stuff because they're all pushing short form videos. 

Dave: They know that users are getting shorter and shorter attention spans

Brendan: That's what's going on. I see it and people around me I'm like, check this out. Anyone want to watch a 45 second video? Like they just don't have, like they're already trying to find the next thing it's changing the way marketing is going to be and are not going to watch longer videos and read long form sales letters and stuff like that. 

Dave: Well believe, you know, I have all I've said that too. I mean, but the truth is, people are still watching sales videos. They're doing webinars. And I think the challenge is that initial hook. I think it's getting that hook inside out and getting bitten down on it. And actually get a little bit invested in something and or for them to come back to it like you said you did remember, so you'll they'll buy it quick and then they'll go back out into the the ocean swimming around and be like Damn that hook that was in my mouth and that boat that I was on it was actually kind of warm and cozy and legit. Let me go back and check that out. See if there's something to that. And, you know, then they'll get back involved in going through the training and so forth. But we know one thing for a fact is that is that short for content like you set out to get that initial hook in them. It is where you got to be right now. And even on TikTok going with the shorter videos to get the email address. The other thing that's really important is if you can get somebody to follow you and or get on your email address from your short form content. You know, you're really those are the people who are winning because then you can follow up with them via email and you get them to follow you. I saw a guy the other day that posted a video that says here's six ways here's six gun companies. He was sitting in his, you know, his house out in the middle of the woods, you can tell he was a second amendment guy, you know, and, you know, how does America guy and so forth and was so obviously that was probably the audience, people who were also attracted to his stuff. And he said, Well, here's six gun companies that'll pay you to, you know, to market and put their products and he listed out six gun companies, and you had 1.1 million views. On the video within two or three days. Crazy. It was just a 15 second video where he didn't say a single word he played a country music song in the background. 15 second video where he did not say a word. Yes, it wasn't something that he sat there in bullshit around with for hours and hours overthinking and there's so many many videos together real quick. And then three minutes, three days had 1.1 million followers on views on his channel and had like 30,000 followers, you know, it's just it's insanity. I mean, it's like the crack epidemic. You know, I mean, all of a sudden, just one day the game changed. You know, people are just the whole country's mess. I mean, it's like, it's like that in the marketing world for people for brand new people. And what's happened is, is all the, you know, the coaches and consultants and the gurus are struggling out there right now in great years because they're, they're not moving with the market and moving with the times, and they're there and everybody's still trying to make Facebook ads only work and you got to be diversified nowadays. Taking advantage of some of these platforms that will get you off the ground fast, like TikTok, Instagram reels, Pinterest. So what would you tell yourself now or to anybody who's brand new, based on what you know?

Brendan: What I would tell anybody that's brand new, um, I think so. I mean, first of all, it's never been easier than right now. To start a marketing business like it's never been easier and that's the thing like a lot of people talking about TikTok because it's really like, like anybody you can make an account you post some videos, maybe you'll grow slower. Maybe you'll explode but it's comparable to like, when I found out about this business. It was like learning ads, which takes takes a long time or create a blog and wait a year for your authority and your rankings and backlink your site on 1000 different websites like and what I always tell people because I get a lot of people that messaged me and asked me questions just just start making content on platforms like TikTok platforms like Pinterest just it takes 10 minutes. I mean, I could post three videos in 10 minutes like there's really no excuse I get oh, I work full time or this or that. I mean even if you put up a video a day, that will take you five whole minutes. Like it's really like it's not as complicated as it used to be. I mean I make YouTube. It takes me four hours to make a YouTube video between editing and splicing stuff out and like adding B roll and doing all this stuff. That's a complicated process. But like now, I mean, I see him pop up. I see new affiliates pop up every day. They got 200 Flowers two days later, and I saw that their videos got 30,000 views. One video with 30,000 views starts a whole chain reaction. I mean, TikTok three months ago I got 2000 some email leads. I got 1000s and 1000s of dollars that those accounts made. It's nuts and like in hindsight, like if I started any other way I wouldn't probably be where I'm at. I mean I started my YouTube channel at the same time I got a couple 100 subscribers but now also, I'm starting to use TikTok to grow my YouTube channel because they let you put your channel on the YouTube button right next to your profile and you could just send people there

and they don't have to really need you to to

If people see my videos I can just use my bigger TikTok account with further reach and send people and it kinda makes it all it's like the driving force of my entire business.

Dave: What would you say to people based on some of your other experience with gurus and goblins and courses and everything else out there YouTube university about going through and taking the time and the money to at least spend $7 and go through our 15 Day Challenge?

Brendan: Well there's a lot of nonsense first of all, unfortunately, there's a lot of people out there that want to bait you into watching their stuff and sell you something without help me in any sort of way. It's unfortunate, but there's a lot of nonsense. So what I tell people is I think basically what it'll come down to is you're gonna invest a lot of time or you're gonna have to invest some money right that's that's kind of a you're investing regardless if you want to spend 10s and hundreds of hours sifting through YouTube videos and Google because you don't have the money and that's what you have to do. It took me forever but a money investment will just get you the right information, which if I had the money when I started, that's what I would have done. I've done it since then, where I bought into different things just so I don't have to then again 10s hundred hours finding the right information, deciding who's full of it. And who knows what they're talking about. Sometimes you get it wrong, you get that information, but unfortunately there's a lot of nonsense. There's a lot of people that take advantage of markets. There's a lot of clickbait but that's just how it is. The reason I rolled with you guys is because not only do you have training top of the line, but it's like the community behind Legendary is something you don't see very often. You look at a lot of these other people running courses and stuff. It's just a lot of like, you know, there's no real community or the community is like behind a paywall like $2,000 and nobody knows anything about it until they get in where it's like, I don't know, but people just they just come in a Legendary. You guys are letting people in for the next and often and giving them everything they need to start. I don't really see that anywhere else. And again, I stumbled on you guys by accident. But yeah, that's kind of what I get is it comes down you're gonna invest time or you're gonna invest money. If you don't have the money then you don't really have a choice but yeah, for $7 you can't really go wrong.

Dave: Yeah, and I think the community piece is undervalued simply because of the opportunity to be able to tap into other people, see what they're doing, and hear so many success stories like what were we to do to show everything? It's like if you need belief, and if you need to instantly boost your belief in your ability to be successful in this business just watch the show five days a week for a month. Just Just watch the show five days a week for a month here person after person with no bullshit with no pre-scripting. No, you know, we got on and I joke to you that we were alive. We weren't really then we went alive. You know? There's no bullshit. There's no pre-scripting. There's no I don't even talk I don't even know who the hell I'm talking to until I literally log on. And I see I read a little bit of what you sent us in our little questionnaire. Sometimes I don't even have a chance to read that because I'm coming off of another call or something. I'm just like, holy shit reading it as I'm welcoming the person to the show or whatever you know. So if you don't believe you can be successful in this business. Watch this show for a couple of weeks. to people's stores or go back you want to do you want to even have to wait a month. The weekend is coming up. Go back and look at the last previous 20 episodes and watch them. You could do it in a day. You could if you wanted to just binge on it and your belief level in your ability to be successful. This will skyrocket because you will be listening to people who are just like you who look like you. You can even scroll back through months and months and find people that look exactly like you who are the exact same age because we got a wide range of diversity and every walk of life. Every race, every culture, damn near every continent. Brendan: Yeah, it's cool. This is cool. It's like a case study every day. Most people you don't see this. You guys do like a case study five days a week. Yeah, we got a different person that comes on and they're doing good and everybody's different. I mean, I see people from all walks of life, people from Africa, Nigeria, they're all over the place. Right and got the dude from Iceland I just saw on TikTok the other day. It's doing phenomenal like they're all over. So like, this business is exploding. Maybe it's the pandemic, I don't know what happened, but it's like an uptake in like us, maybe it's the market.

Dave: I'll give you the masterful hook of the first quarter. Of 2022 and beyond. When you get sent home and you're deemed non essential, right? And then they tell you when they tell you, we'll take care of you and they send you a shitty $1,200 check, that you can't do anything that buy toilet paper that's not even actually on the shelves. You're not gonna feed your kids. You're not gonna pay your rent or your mortgage. And now all of a sudden you're left to your own devices you're asking if it's humble real quick. And you say hold on a second, maybe what I believe the past 20 or 30 years about is just be a good little boy. Be a good little girl, get good grades, get a good job, go to work, you know, be there on time, right? Don't listen. Yes boss. Yes boss. Yes boss and all this stuff, you know, pension, you know, retirement. Maybe all that shit isn't the only way. Maybe I was deceived somewhere along the lines of them when they started asking me what college do you want to go to? What do you want to be when you grow up? And most of us were only given one option. And if we did anything besides go to college, graduate high school and go to college and then get a corporate job. We weren't on the right. You know, and now all of a sudden something happens where all those same people who told us that we needed to be on that track suddenly deem us non essential in sending us home don't make your ass think that'll make your ass be open to opportunity.

Brendan: That's what I did. It makes a lot of sense. A No it's fine. It's fine. A lot of my friends went to college, they're in debt. I feel like even though I dealt with a lot of trials and tribulations along the way, I'm in a better spot than my friends who went to college for four years and four years plus and got degrees that are useless and all this kind of stuff. I mean, if you want to be a doctor and you want to be a lawyer you go to college. That's what you got to do. But if you're not sure and you pick a random major a lot of times it's useless. I got a buddy with a sociology degree. What the hell are you going to do with a sociology degree? Nothing isn't done with it. I don't think I'm better off than what I did.  They like to let people do that. Oh, yeah, you get you get your sociology degree,

Dave: I just saw somebody recently that I know get a degree in social media, a master's degree. And I'm like, why don't I need a book. You could have spent $7 You know, or at the very least $2500 if you're really serious, and to our Blueprints, and you know, really save yourself a couple of couple of 50 or $100,000 in my mind, choose your life, you know, before you can get started and then you got to what, you know, go take an internship and all this. Look, I think that we've permanently turned a corner. It'll be fit, it'll be I don't think anybody's ever going to forget this in me as a marketer. You be damn sure. I'm never gonna let anybody forget this. Right? I'm never gonna let up because that's what savvy marketers do is you use time and you use events in situations to frame things for people so they can see the pain that they may or may not be feeling.  Why should they take action in pursuing what you're marketing in the value in the solutions that you have. So this is a critical time not only with the platforms, but also with what's happening in the market in the world, that the hooks in the way that you can frame things to people is man it's unlike anything that we've ever seen before. It's just and I remember having to use back in 2009 You know, angles like that weren't that weren't nearly as potent or powerful, you know, like the similar angles but I didn't have it actually just happen you know. It was more like, what if this ever happens? Which people would get scared and take action like yeah, maybe I do need to have a plan B. But recently, they just actually got set home in case some really bad shit did just happen. 

Brendan:  You don't have to paint a picture. It's already painting. Pictures are already at home. So it's all the more reason right now. Everybody needs to go super hard because everybody's in such current pain right now that they'll be a lot more open than any other time in history. 

Dave: Absolutely. My brother, been good chatting and let me know if there's anything that I can do for you. 

Brendan: For sure. I appreciate the invite.

Dave: We'll talk to you soon, buddy. And take care.

You guys can follow Brendan over on his Tik Tok at Brendan Sawyer official. I'm going to spell that out in case you're listening to this on the podcast or anything. @Brendansawyerofficial. You can go and follow him, comment on his stuff, like his stuff, lift him up, support him. That's one of the things that we do here for each other inside of this community, is we show each other support, comment on each other's stuff, lift each other's stuff up, like it, you know, show show everybody support. Sure. A lot of times we want to go we want to reach out to people and get in the DMS and that's fine. But also make sure that we don't just take that as a contributing gift to others in this community because again, the more that I put out there, the more energy the more value the more goodwill that I put out there into the community and into the marketplace. The more is going to come back to me. Remember, as we said, five days a week, rain, sun, shine, holiday doesn't matter. And you can text. I get the reminder, I'm on the text list also, every morning you can text the letters WUL 281-329-6855 30. And we'll send you a little reminder each morning about when we go live with a link to join. My friends have a fantastic Friday, do something powerful to move into your weekend. And this might be one of those episodes that you go back and listen to again. There was a lot of value that was dropped and a lot of angle specific content on this call about what language you can use and angles you can use based on what's going on today. That will work really well. inside of your content. You have to put people in their face, no matter what market or what niche you're in. You have to put people's pain in their face. You gotta remind them they'll forget they want to forget they want to escape it. But the truth of the matter is they're on TikTok, they're on Instagram, they're on Pinterest in the first place to escape it. So if they go there and you remind them of it right in an educational way, entertained, feel edutainment, you remind them of it then boom, you're hooked. You're hooked. So use what's going on in this world in this marketplace, not to be a victim of it, but to capitalize off of it. Right and to market further yourself, in your life and in your business. Okay, it's all about painting a picture for people and reminding them of their pain and what's going on and why they should take action. So you get out of here have a great day. Be Legendary peace.