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Dave: Hey what's going on guys? This is Dave Sharpe. Welcome to Wake Up Legendary Alright my friends back again here for another episode on another Legendary Tuesday shall I say as I take a sip of coffee we're going to be bringing in my friend Maynard. Welcome to the show my brother.

Maynard: Hey, Dave, thank you for having me on the show. Thanks, man.

Dave: You're really welcome. I love your shirt. Legendary shirt, but it's pretty close. Yeah. Where are you calling in from?

Maynard: So I'm actually in Saudi Arabia now. I was in Cleveland, Ohio, but I moved back here. So I'm actually a graduate. So I came back here

Dave: Same thing right. Chicago, Saudi Arabia, pretty much the same thing. How'd you like Chicago coming from and growing up? I would assume in Saudi Arabia. You said

Maynard: Yes. But actually I was in Cleveland, Ohio.

Dave: Cleveland. I'm sorry. How did you like America in Cleveland growing up in Saudi Arabia?

Maynard: So we have some things that are really similar, but because my sister actually lives there, it wasn't really a big deal for maybe the first few months, but then after that, it was okay.

Dave: So but you might move back to something I mean, do you have family there what I do, okay, I do mean family. It's all there still. Exact closer to them. Okay,

Maynard: That's not all the reason I got my first job here. Yeah, so they actually wanted to move me here to Saudi so I came here anyway. Since I have my family here, I moved here.

Dave: Well, that's actually fairly convenient for you, right? That's actually a pretty good pretty good little setup there. Go to Cleveland. Get a degree and then get a job back in your hometown. hometown. 

Maynard: And then four years later, I quit my job. 

Dave: Alright well tell us your internet marketing story. How in the heck did you go from, you know, college at Cleveland back to a job in Saudi and now your online marketing and have found legendary and are working with us tell us how you found us and how you got here. 

Maynard: I think it was like during COVID Usually, so what I do is not actually like a nine to five job. It's basically I'm on like, rotational schedule. So basically, I work six weeks or six weeks on, so I go to remote areas. I stayed there for six weeks, and then I came back for four weeks, and I stayed home for four weeks. So during COVID This is this wasn't the case. I would stay all the time in remote areas. I go from one location to another for about eight months straight up. I did not see my family. And basically the job environment is toxic and you know they have status. If you're an engineer, if you're like an operator, they all have all these kinds of levels. And like most of us, I just got sick, you know, no leaving my family and I got married I think three years so and really I did not spend my time with my family, my wife. So what I did, I did like most of the people that that would they do basically. I think on Instagram first I was scrolling and I did see one guy I don't remember his name actually I still don't know who he is. But he had another side hustle and videos you know make this in one hour and listen to hours, and I was like they can do this in one hour. And this is actually my daily rate.

I did what I did, you know, I stayed. I watched some of his videos. One video led to another. You know, I just looked into affiliate marketing and I found the 15 Day Challenge. I took it and I think I finished that challenge in less than 15 days. You know, it'd be seven or eight days because I just wanted to, you know, find something that I can do that I actually saw I can quit my job eventually. Here we are today. It happened.

Dave: So you quit your job?

Maynard: I did it back in December. I gave them December 21. I gave them my one month notice. And now I'm officially you know, I don't I don't work there anymore. 

Dave: As a direct result of now transitioning into this way of earning a living and making money and exactly the direct direct result of going through this education and being exposed to this community and seeing other people doing it and now you're doing it yourself. That's exactly what that's.

Maynard: Yeah, and the reason why I was actually what I was I think I stayed six weeks and an offshore rake. And I was making content there too and I think I made 25 sales in that month but I was actually working. And I just had in my mind I said I bet if I can focus on this, you know, making my full time I would be able to make more than 25 sales a month. And I took the leap of faith and now I'm actually making more than 25 sales a month.

Dave: Yeah, that's great, man. That's great. You know, I mean here we are sitting here once again making art I've I've never I've never met you. I mean I was late this morning and I was two minutes late so sorry. No disrespect you know and here we are you know you're a guy from Saudi Arabia. I'm just fascinated by this Maynard. I mean, you went to college in Cleveland, so you also sought out and have but you're a guy who's grown up and living in Saudi Arabia and and you know, I think I think Maynard the world is depressing place I mean, look at what's happening with with in your in Ukraine and Russia and what's happened in the Middle East and what I mean, we've been surrounded by so much conflict and and in. Just, I mean, hopelessness. I mean, you mentioned what has happened over the last couple of years. And that was another thing. We're just coming out of that now. Something else is happening on stage. That's a fair I think it's hard to you know, it's hard to believe that somebody can make this dramatic of a change. You know, it's hard to believe sometimes because the world is so full of things that make us hopeless. And here you are yet another person. I've never met you before. Until now. We didn't even talk offline and you're somebody who randomly from across the world found this course in this community and have now set yourself free essentially because of it. And I just find that to be the most fascinating phenomenon in the world, man, don't you think so? Hope that's my point. There's hope people let me finish my rant with the cherry on top, which is, there's hope. I mean, turn off the news if you have to, tune into the show every morning. I don't know what you have to do. But there's hope and here's yet another story of I Maynard. I'm going to be dead honest with you. I say and I am always honest, but I'm going to be very vulnerable right now. I say to Matt often I say when are these success stories going to stop coming through man? There's something special that's happening here that we can have a new student on every day with a waiting list and two years to talk to you guys. And to hear stories like this. I mean, it's beyond anything that I've done. I mean, I've just put some education together. What do you think is the ingredient whereas so many people are finding freedom in hope here?

Maynard: I think the way that the 15 Day Challenge is structured is specially after thing, day five, where you talk about the mentality, the mindset, and I think a lot of people just don't believe in themselves. And I didn't honestly but when I listened to you know, the mindset, programming and all that stuff, and the rewire your mind, think of the audio that you did. I think this was the main reason that it allowed me to believe in myself and I think a lot of people would agree with me. It's the mindset. It's just not the education of the 15 day challenge, but actually the mindset that was taught in it as well. I think this is why it's just the ingredient.


Dave: It's an intangible thing, right? You can't put your hand on it. And it really is about having not just one but a whole group of people really, truly believe in you. I think in not I think this is what you're saying. And this is what's coming up for me also. And especially as I checked some of the comments too, because I'm fascinated by when things really work and what makes them work. But sometimes you can't even duplicate it, you know, you can't even remake it because there's just a perfect storm of both, you know, whatever you need that that's fueling the fire as far as education or whatever but then you need or you have here people in community that not just are believing in you and instilling confidence but giving you practical skills to be able to in making it make sense that was one of the things that was always troubling for me was mindset work never made sense to me. Because it exists. It was just like well, what are we doing here? Affirmations are we praying, what are we doing? I mean, because I've never learned how to work on my mindset. You know what I mean? I never learned that we've learned about that before. And it's also not just the rah rah. It's not the MLM that gets hyped up and nothing against that or any other motivational event. It's really truly looking at, you know, what makes what makes me tick and what am I afraid of, and then really addressing those finding out they're not that big, it's just adding that to appear and then and then you know, practicing taking the step and practicing these things. Was there anything that was difficult for you? I mean, Maynard, I don't know much about Saudi Arabia, and Saudi Arabian culture or anything like that, except that I think it's fairly conservative.

Maynard: Not anymore. Not anymore. Okay. Yes, not anymore. It's totally different. Totally different. We actually had Justin Bieber here. A while ago, they have concerts. 

Dave: Wonderful, wonderful. And you know what? I've never been to Saudi Arabia or Dubai or anything. So I'm really just speaking very out of my realm here. But what I'm asking is how did family and friends react to this? I mean, how did it happen? Did you deal with any blowback, negative feedback, criticism, questioning, talk to us a little bit about because that affects the mindset as well, that affects the confidence if we don't have the support of friends and family, and oftentimes, that'll knock us off of what we're doing. So talk to us a little bit about that.

Maynard: So what I did basically I told no one and the only person that actually knew and it was only my wife, when I tell you the only time I told my family and friends and even my co-workers. When I gave the one month notice and I told them I'm quitting. And everyone was like, oh, did you find another job or what is it that you do now? They're trying to find out what I'm doing. Even my family every single day, they're like, so what do you do? What are you doing? Medical? What should I tell them? I do freelance. I'm not going to tell them but some

Dave: Some of them are my friends. Freelancing Right. Exactly. So you can be home more with your new wife. I mean, that makes a lot of sense to me.

Maynard: So I never told anyone to this day like it said, my friends and my co workers or ex coworkers they still said contact me and they try to get something out of me. But I tell them the same thing. Every single time. I do freelance work. I do this and I do that. And I never told them what I do. Because I know if I tell them they would be looking for me.

Dave: You know, it's so funny, man. It's a real challenge, I think, for everybody. And this is something that I'm just gonna offer to everybody in sort of just I'm going to see this. I'm not even going to challenge you to do this, but just think about this for a second. There was a time Craig Douglas and this is top secret stuff lol Yeah, friggin totally top secret. Um, you know, I was just gonna say I was gonna talk about Oh yeah. There was a time when man and I still really caught myself doing this because you know, just because it doesn't matter whether you make 1000s Millions, multi millions. I mean, people still treat you like a person. So it doesn't matter. I mean, I'm just living a regular life. I'm no different than anybody else. And I've got neighbors and, you know, they, they're there. I've always had nosy neighbors because I've been kind of like, you know, I dress like I'm homeless every day. You know what I mean? I wear sweatpants and Birkenstocks and socks and just walk around the neighborhood. You know, walking my kid in a stroller. And people are like, I got this one neighbor who's very curious about what I do. And yeah, it's very different. The energy is very different now than like, when I first started because I was when I first started. I'd be like, Oh, let me explain to you and he, you know, just sitting there explaining, you know, because I just wanted anybody to believe in me. Do you know what it was? I just wanted somebody to believe in me and if you were to, like buy my products, or show any interest that meant that you actually were taking the serum. It's been really cool for me and now dude, I try to avoid talking about work like a plague because it does not matter how successful you get if somebody doesn't understand it, they're still going to criticize it. And it still couldn't make it still could turn into an awkward and weird in even conversation where you get your feelings hurt. You know what I mean? Because you didn't get the support or the response from your family member that you wanted like that, you know what I mean? So I really tried to avoid it and I just I know I spent a few minutes talking about that piggybacking on what you said, but I just would offer all of you listening who right now it's just so important. You feel rejected by people you feel like you're not supported. I mean, you're you're pivoting doing something bold in different outside of the system, kind of, you know, curriculum for your like or or the system kind of, you know, to do lists like do this when you're now do this now get a job now, like, this is a bit outside of that. So you're gonna get some criticism, you're gonna get some you might, you might end and you have to make an adult decision about whether it's important for you to continue to get validation and recognition from friends and family, whether you need to go to them to get that or whether you can build a business and get that from your audience and get that from the customers that you serve. Now, that's a real challenge, right? Because those people are actually like, if you want to challenge yourself and entrepreneurship in this doesn't have to be because you're some savage entrepreneur, but just shift your focus and let's try to get the recognition and let's try to get the attaboys from the people that we're serving, because that's legitimate feedback that we can actually believe because they're using our business. They're a part of our systems rather than a random bystander, what comes up for you as I'm ranting about this a little bit.

Maynard: So honestly, my dad and I thought about my brother in law, when I told them that I was quitting. They were like, now don't do this. Your job is the only source and you know what, you know what? Because I was like you said because I was trying to do something, you know, different from what they're taught to do. And I told them, This is, you know, this is my life. This is what I'm not gonna ask anyone, you know, like, giving money or anything like that. I believe in myself, and I know I can do this and, and I kept telling them, and they keep telling me the same thing. Do you think it's what you're doing? Is it gonna be here after 10 years, 20 years, 30 years, but it's so hard to explain to them and I tell them yeah, like, like,


David Sharpe: Do we even know if the world's gonna be here? I mean, losing control of nucular bombs around this planet. I'm wondering if we're even going to be here for another six months for God's sake. living every day to the fullest people. Okay, I'm telling pop that I said 10, 20, 30 years if I'm still alive and dead 20,30 years, I ain't going to be more than nothing. No, just two guards all day long, laying by the pool.

Maynard : So that's what I told him I told him now this is the best decision I have ever made. 

David Sharpe: We got to watch fanatics in the house. Riley never heard about paddocks. Come on. Now. Let's go. You got to be like a jeweler or something to know these things. It's like some of the pieces that I wear at one store. You know, one in a million would know what they are. But there you go, Riley Alright, let's have a little watch moment. All right, back to you. maner we're back on marketing now. I got distracted for a second. Someone complimented my watch. Come on. I gotta take that in. You know what I mean? Yeah. So what's up TikTok, that's your deal. truck traffic generation coming from tick tock mostly, or also Instagram and tell us what you know, what do you know now? What are you doing now that you didn't know? Back then? I mean, drop a few nuggets on us.

Maynard: Okay, so I actually believe it or not, I had six Tik Tok accounts. Three of them. I said, Yeah, so three of them I made and I got strikes. So basically, I started from the beginning. Then I have one account.

David Sharpe: Shut down you say three actually three shut down. Yeah, that's that I know of.

Maynard: Yes. So but that did not stop me. The fourth one actually, I got too close to 50,000 other words. And the thing about this account, I did have I think five or six strikes. So I still have one and it's not my main account. I don't use it anymore. And I was actually attracting the wrong audience. And then I started another account, which is now my main account, to make my dream into reality. And basically, I took you know my experience of trial and error of making the slides. You know, the hoax, how to attract the right audience. Everything that I learned is actually what I did, and I just try to replicate what I did, but in a good way. So I don't get sent down. And now, basically, this is what I'm doing. I try to stay away from you know, a complaint. Now, anything that you say that is related to affiliate marketing, it can't get flagged as an MLM. 

So if you put affiliate marketing as what I have seen from my own experience, if I put affiliate marketing, you know, as a text inside the video or set it at it triggers so TikTok doesn't push the video as much as if I just put digital marketing. So I'm trying to test because I've seen a lot of people that they've said the same thing, that they're experiencing the same thing as they say affiliate marketing the videos, they're not being basically pushed. So I tried to stay away from saying affiliate marketing and I tried to say digital marketing and freelance digital marketing. But, but honestly, thing I've learned in the past six months from you know, getting my account shut down. I've learned a lot of things. You know, the hugs in the first three seconds are really important. Sometimes what I do I have a video and I do split tests. So I changed the first three seconds and I saw what it might mean or what it might change. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't.

David Sharpe: That's for people who don't know what a hook is. I mean, you see, like you could do this for I can too. Could you diamond, could you What is an example of a good hook and a bad hook and it'd be great if you can actually demonstrate It's as if you're holding your phone there. What would you say or do or what have you said or done in a video that worked really well versus a hook that you could have used that might not have worked really well so people don't really understand what you mean by that.

Maynard: Okay, so I use one hook that I've tried to use most of the time and it always works, and it can guide strike so it goes something like this. I should probably tell you this but then you can add something like I shouldn't probably tell you this because I use it for myself something like this. And yeah, I got one video that went over like 100 100k views and one video about Amazon and something like this. Do not buy from Amazon until you watch this. So these are two examples of a good one hook that I think worked really well one time, but then I tried to do it another time, but it didn't. I don't know why. But it was something like this. I can't believe no one is doing this side hustle or I can't believe nobody's doing this. And then I showed them and the video so it worked one time but it didn't show them time. Another bad example would be what I've seen actually in the sort of videos they perform really well. But because of TikTok now. You can't really say how to make this amount in. In this period of time. You cannot do this or your account. Your video will be taken down. But you can say things like how to make 5k or how to make five figures but that's okay if you say that it's okay. TikTok will not take down your video. But videos, bad hooks that I've used used a lot, but I just can't remember.

Dave: Yeah, and really a headline is like a hook is like a headline.

Maynard: Yeah, exactly. The first three seconds. 

Dave: The thing that they're there they're basically reading when or or he you know, it's kind of like if you land on a sales page. Then you know the text at the top of the sales page which is also important. And you know, I have a Mulan document right here that I just pulled out. And it's 250 you know, different email headlines why firing your blank could save you blank. Increase your blank and reduce your blank, the most boring blank in the world is a national myth. Can an old school blank be better than a blank? 10 reasons you won't buy 10 blanks . You won't regret buying blank. Finally did something right? Don't overlook these best. I mean, what I'm hearing from you and this is what came up for me and surprisingly, I never thought about it like this, but what an amazing link together they're so similar. Eight the first three seconds of a tick tock video or a piece of content Youtube, Instagram, you know, whatever. Really is like an email headline. It's the determining factor of whether the person is going to watch the rest of the video. It is the determining factor whether somebody is going to open and read the email. Would you agree with that?

Maynard: Exactly. Yes. If they don't open email, they're not well, if they don't, if you don't write something that will grab their attention. When the hell they're not going to read it. If they don't read it, you're not going to make any sales.

Dave: So how many of you, how many of you are here today, and this is the benefit of being here, right? Maybe you know manners. This is what I like to do. I like to say what's holding you back now from getting traffic leads and sales. Now, today, today's the day you changed your life. Today's the day your future can change in an instant the trajectory, the path you travel, the road you're taking, boom, right turn, you're on to a completely different trajectory. So how many of you are here to live? Would you like a direct Share link to that document that I just showed that had 250 different combinations of email headlines that you can both use in your emails, of course and anywhere else that you want because marketing is really interchangeable? But also so you can use it from the beginning . Maynard gave you some amazing, amazing little nuggets there with those first hooks, but I want to give you 250 More, because I want you to have zero. Okay, Bruce, zero no excuses. I know I would. Alright, here we go. I'm going to just drop the share link right into the comments, Maynard, I'll send it to you so you have it as well. You don't have to thank my friend. Because you know what, you're the reason why, you know, we're here and we're even talking about this. So we'll make sure that you as a matter of fact. Yeah, Roxy's on Roxy, I'm going to drop this in the marketing channel. And let's get an email sent out to Maynard with that link and I just put it in the marketing channel. Thank you. So Maynard, I mean, what next? What now? I mean, from a marketing standpoint, not not really just where you're going to take this on. But from a strategy standpoint, where do you go from here? Do you continue to stay in the basic stand in the trenches? Building traffic? I mean, are you sticking with affiliate marketing for right now laser focused? Just focusing on building traffic assets, you know, various different pieces of digital real estate that will bring in passive traffic such as a YouTube channel, TikTok, whatever. Are you going to want to create your own courses, coaching programs? I mean, tell us what your strategy is to take over 2022.

Maynard: So what I'm trying now, probably after a few months, is probably mid June. I will start working on it on my own towards my coaching. Definitely because I want to do it with the four business models. You know, the affiliate marketing, coaching and consulting, digital product masterminds. I'm going to be doing all of these but for now, probably until June. I would still focus on for then I would start you know, building my own courts and my coaching business and in the future, maybe my mastermind So, but this is 2022

Dave: I would just ask one favor. Go ahead. Is that as you do this, and this is not some BS listen closely, folks what I'm about to ask him. Please don't stop what's working when you move on to continue to build on your business. And what I mean by that is I see so many people who start with affiliate marketing and get that going. And then stop that because they want to go on to do their own thing. You know, expand their business really and what they end up doing is stopping what's working to then go and replace that with what they think is better. And I've seen this happen to people all the time. Top affiliates who are Legendary have done this. They've they've they've reached huge status and stopped driving affiliate traffic to wherever they were driving it from to go on and spend, you know, months or years building their course or program or whatever. And all the while they have no funding for that. And there's this big lull and they don't know what happened. They don't know what happened. They were doing so well. They were doing so good. And now all of a sudden, they don't know what happened because they were going for bigger and better things. And the reason why is very simply because they stopped doing what was working. One of the best ways to transition into launching your own course coaching program is very simply to do it to the existing email list of the folks who have bought products and services from you already as an affiliate, just simply to launch it to those people on your email list. You don't have to stop what you're doing. And that's simply because I see people get all this hope and then lose it a year later after having massive success because they're confused why all the sudden their business you know, and there's a golden rule in business in honestly, one of the one of the people who says it is Warren Buffett, look, he says I'm not an investing genius. I just follow the rules. Don't lose money. And there's a there that applies here. You know that there's nothing worse than losing money, cutting off money, you know, so anyways, Maynard, you don't have to respond to that. I just wanted to offer you that because I've seen it so many times. And I just it's not a it's not a it's not nobody wants to ruin their business. But sometimes they transition to do bigger things. We think that we need to stop doing what we're doing. And we should never stop an income stream. When it's streaming.

Maynard: It's exact I'm not going to start affiliate marketing now driving traffic, all of that I'm going to do still do affiliate marketing. And at the same time I don't think that I will be doing deals here. Actually, you know, at least the outline of the course and the digital product that I will be doing, but it's not going to be my main focus. It would be like a side project that I do beside affiliate marketing. So I would still do affiliate marketing, make content, send emails, you know what I'm doing? I'm going to still do the same thing. But I will try to finish at least you know this year you know, making the outline of some videos and some modules, but it's not going to be my main focus. Yeah.

Dave: And you know what content men can be created very quickly to you know, Brian Berg gives away a free a free course. You know, there's a lot of different things you can do to begin to warm up your content creation skills, you know, because it's a different type of content when you're going and making a course versus making short TikTok videos and so forth. Or even YouTube videos. So there's so many different things that we can do as marketers to level up our value in so many different places that being an affiliate can take you I mean, we just won and we are actually I am just with my single account the number one affiliate and click funnels, which is a massive company with 10s of 1000s of affiliates and they're doing 100 million a year and not legendary if they were to count all of our sales come in there. We would be blowing their roof off but I just wanted an affiliate contest last week for legendary just for my account. I didn't do anything different. The ironic thing is I actually didn't lift a finger to send an email. Nobody. None of us did. You know, I didn't say Hey, Matt, go send an email or anything just that's the power of automation that you know my ClickFunnels account can grow passively into the number one affiliate for Clickfunnels. And last week, there was a five day trial contest and were you just driving traffic so you know my accounts driving tons of traffic and that's just as an affiliate and now I'm, I'm I'm pretending you know, I'm getting a big belt, lots of exposure. You know, talking to you know, potentially in some talks about doing some other stuff with maybe with ClickFunnels. Who knows? I mean, those, it's just it's called the Big O baby. opportunity, opportunity. Okay, and affiliate marketing, just affiliate marketing. We're not even talking about all the benefits because you're talking about a course coaching program. I'm doing all of it and it's all wonderful. And you know, as I have built courses, coaching programs, live events, all this you can see that I'm still doing affiliate marketing that was the reason why I brought that up not to toot my own horn although, you know, in no humblebrag humble brag Come on. There's a lot of gurus out there, man. There's a lot of people on the internet gurus and goblins. It's full of them. And a lot of people in this industry give this industry a bad name, snakes, and I'll tell you what. Who woulda thunk to just say you know what, this shit is going to be hard. It's not going to be easy. And it's not an overnight success, but you can actually build a real business and we'll support you and walk with you every step of the way. As you do this and even talk to you have you on the show. You come on the show and say fuck off day I don't even like you. I mean anybody can come on the show and absorb that because, okay, let's work for your frustration and I'll find a solution to your problem. I look, I'm fine with anybody saying that because I want people to succeed and that's why I'm saying the things that I'm saying about you know, don't quit what's working. Don't quit what's working. I see people do this every day in the manner that I know I'm dwelling on it, but as well as humble bragging on myself, but I'm bragging on YouTube. I am unbelievably blown away by the stories in this community. And here yet again, somebody from around the world Vayner from around the world is sitting in Saudi Arabia right now and I'm sitting in St. Petersburg, Florida and we're talking, you know about marketing and turning our dreams into reality. I wonder if I can do a quick Spitfire with a couple of questions. people struggle between picking a domain name. They want to maybe put their own name in it or they want to go more generic with something like dreams into reality. Why did you go the direction that you went? 

Maynard: So dream into reality? That's the only username but my own domain is actually my first name. First three letters of my name may and then oh, and then July which is my middle name. So I use a generic name because in case I want to change my niche or something and I want to go probably promote another product not in the Make Money Online. Then I can basically use my generic name, no dash, you know, the past and I can say for example, my own domain slash, you know, dog or Worldcom or so I can use the generic name so I can use it for different products in different, you know, markets. So I would say basically use it generically. If you don't know what you're going to be doing.

Dave: Yeah. Here's another thing that is interesting to think about. And I talked about this with my private client coaching group, which we don't, which we're totally falling for, and I'm not accepting any clients right now, but we had a call. We had a call a couple of weeks ago, and I talked about, you know, building or it was actually a couple of months ago. I talked about building sellable assets in an industry that's not very common. It's not very common to build. Nobody ever thought of little marketing businesses like this, like YouTube channels. And Pete, you know, affiliate marketers with email lists, those being saleable assets. Like you know, normally you can sell a business folks, that's one of the big benefits of owning a business is that you it makes you money all the years that you own it, and then at the end when you're done with it, it's a sellable asset that you can sell for usually a multiple of the total profit that you made that year. It's called your EBITDA. And if I did 5 million in EBIT last year, I might have multiplied five times depending on the industry is usually what determines the multiple. I might get $25 million for the business, you know, when I'm done with it, so a lot of times it's better to build something with a little bit more generic element to it. So when you sell it to somebody else, your name is not attached to it, you know, something to consider for you know, you didn't do it here but other people who are putting their names and their things it's not a bad thing, guys. I mean, the truth of the matter is, nobody seeks out your domain anyways, that's never how you generate traffic. 99% of traffic that's generated on the internet is generated through somebody clicking on something, not through somebody remembering, oh, legendary Let me type that into the URL. Nobody does that. Nobody does that. And I know because we've tracked stuff. I mean, there's a certain small percentage of our traffic that comes from organic search, which is usually people putting in typing in things to Google and finding it through keywords, but very rarely are people typing in legendary marketer unless they are already customers coming back to the back office. So you know, yeah, the more we can make it generic, I think it is better. I think I just commit to that Personally, myself these days as well. So if you're deciding about your domain name, how about hooking up and messing with your autoresponder getting that set up? Did you use templated messages or did you write your own emails? How did you navigate that setup of the funnel technology and in personalizing it with your own content?


Maynard: So what I did, it really depends on the product. So for example, any product that you basically promote most of them will have email swipes. So some I use but what I did basically from the copywriting playbook I think I use some of this, some of it, you know the content inside of it to make my emails. I've also read the top secrets, copywriting secrets. And basically I'll use what's inside of them to make my own emails. And like I said, but some of them I use email swipes, which they're already been written and I can just basically you know, get a subject line that body and basically try to tweak it sometimes. But yeah, I do a mix of both, you know, email swipes that they're already ready to use and some that I use myself. But as for you know the using the Clickfunnels the you know, the tech side of it, mostly YouTube, and sometimes I go inside the back office. I sometimes go back to decades in a day to see how they, you know, this is what I started. But this is essentially how I do it, you know, mix between both email swipes that are ready and ones that I basically make myself.

Dave: And you know what guys? I mean, I get the majority of my inspiration from looking at somebody else's ad or you know, so there's nothing wrong with that. I urge you to begin to try as early as possible. And what that means is just a swipe copy is when somebody gives you a pre-written email that you can use. We call it swipe, I mean I don't know why it's called that. I have a swipe file that has lots of different ads and you know that in various different tools and stuff like the 250 email, you know, that 250 email, headline, swipe file, I have other large swipe files, you know, with with, you know, with lots of different, you know, from different things that I've bought and you know, I've shared, I shared some of that swipe, which is a beginning swipe file for those of you who bought the blueprints when you log into your back office and you go to the affiliate marketing business blueprint when you go here to underground secrets of direct response marketing. You know, you can go in here to the resources section and you're going to get some of the best email and sales pages ever written. And you're going to get download access to, you know, all of the sales letters that I've given you to begin to sort of build your swipe file. So you can begin to you know, really look at what's worked and again, not copy it, but but begin to model it and that's what we hear, you know, so many people talking about when they get on some of these platforms, they just look at what other people are doing, and just try to copy it. But there's a difference between copying and modeling. Modeling is where you infuse your own personality and your own story and just your own content and product. Whereas copying is no bueno. 

Maynard: Right I would say one thing. It just stays consistent, especially with Instagram. And the last I think, the last two weeks my account grew from 1000 to over 6000 in just two weeks, because I stayed consistent by posting three times a day, every single day, I think for the last three months or four months and in the last two weeks, my account just blew up close to 7000 followers now in just two weeks and I know Instagram is really hard to grow. But the key is that it just stays consistent. Martin you may not see results right away, but you will be blown away by your consistent basically hard work will just pay off eventually and you will see.

Dave: I think I'm gonna have to just stick with I want to offer one tip and it's a tip that you gave but it's to use a hook at the beginning. He gave some absolutely golden tips earlier with some hooks that you can use as an episode that's working and finding those and then I gave away a huge bonus gift to anybody who's listening live don't mess don't message support. You know later I'm sorry, I just we're not gonna have enough support tickets to respond to and enough. This is a bonus for being here live. You know this is a bonus for being here live to 250 headlines. That you can use plug and play to get you started today with the main arts. That hook strategy that he went over and gave you examples that was his work, something that he's doing and combined what he offered you with you know this 250 headlines that I gave you and I believe you are going to see a big difference for that for me starting off a video and in even just it's not just catching their attention. It's also finding my momentum and my rhythm is so much easier when I have an initial thing to say, You know what I mean? And I think everybody can agree to that. Like when you have an initial thing to say like whatever it is, you know, it just you can flow and it gives you just, it's just it just makes it so much easier. So for that alone. No, I'm not even including all the other values from this morning. Thank you so much. And yeah, brother, you know, anybody who's sitting on the fence today, you know who might even just be deciding to go through the challenge. I mean, what would you tell them based on what has transpired in your life today from quitting your job and can you just summarize that in 15 seconds to remind that person that today is a worthy day for them to get started? 

Maynard: Absolutely. What I can really tell them is only just up to the day free. I would have paid more than $7 Just to start the first three days, let alone all of the other days that come with the mindset, how to build your business. And truly if you want a way out of your I don't know your situation, but whatever the what you whatever you are in on a 15 day challenge will basically give you the skills that you need not to just do something you know, but to also give you some high income skills that you can use given even at your job. But that's what I say you know, just start with it. And don't bridge it to finish the 15 day 15 days and then basically you know do what you


David Sharpe  

tell yourself four shots give yourself a chance right exactly don't say to happen. It's crazy. Would you have ever thought I mean here you are sitting in wherever the hell you are home or some hell I mean no. beautiful home we have all day so how does it feel to sit in your own home knowing that you're there for the day unless you want to leave in you can go you know, have a meal with or walk whenever you want to do with your wife and you don't have to I mean how honestly this Are you feeling in your life right now?



I still believe it sometimes now and then because I'm used to having my phone call me anytime. It's definitely different. I still don't believe it. But I would pay 1000s millions to have this what I have right now. It's priceless. You know, having to basically sit at your home, doing what you do. And basically you can, no one is going to tell you and call you when you need to come into work. Because you're basically your own boss, and no one can tell you to do anything. So it's priceless. There is no price. 

Dave: You know you're being called probably in various places around the home to go and do various activities right? 

Maynard: Not really, because I do. Basically I have six to eight hours that I do in my office. And I do everything you know the content, emails, all that stuff. But I do have a job, like I'm working my job or a job so I do have time that I do for myself. 

Dave: Well yeah you're treating this like a business, like a job. You go into your office and you say, babe, I know you. I know you can't keep your hands off me. And I know I'm here in the house all day when I need eight hours. Right? Exactly. All yours at 801 You know what I mean?

Maynard: Exactly. Alright, thanks. 

Dave:  Well my man, keep living to your fullest and come back and keep us posted. Okay in a few months and let us know how you're doing. We'll thank you for having me. All right, brother. We'll talk to you later. Thank you. You can follow main art at dream into reality on tick tock and Instagram and for me today might have been a broke breakthrough for me if I was new to really kind of see somebody who who was trapped in this was a powerful day plus you really got a practical like nugget that you can go in use now, like so I'm going to give you the 250 email headlines one more time that you can use as you know that you can use as you know, hooked in the beginning of a TikTok and Instagram or YouTube short anything like that or really even a video, even a sales page. I mean, so much of this is interchangeable and there's really no rules to it. You can use, you know, copy is applicable anywhere. So I mean, these 250 email headlines could be the hook or headline of a Facebook ad. The headline of an email is the headline of a sales page. You know the verb the words that you verbally say at the beginning of a TikTok video. So I want you to also know that just because it says 250 emails, all this marketing is interchangeable. My name man James O. Sullivan said a great webinar today. And you know what I mean? These are not even like quote webinars. I know what you're saying. These are just things that we're doing here for free as an interview and you know, we have so much more training going on inside of our community. And I just say that, for those of you who don't know, I mean, we have weekly webinars that are going on back in with our blueprint members we have you know, decade and days that are happening virtual mastermind, so get plugged into what's going on in the community, so you can earn and learn a life changing skill and change the direction of your life forever. Be Legendary. We'll see you back here for another episode.