Below is the transcription of this episode:

Dave: What’s going on my friends, this is Dave Sharpe. A few minutes ago I was talking to our guest. We have some history. He's been in the industry for quite a long time. We were getting into a fantastic conversation. I said a timeout brother, we're gonna have to take this combo live because it's 10:01 so we're going to be talking about how this former waiter okay has grown his YouTube channel to 55,000 subscribers. So we're going to talk a bit about YouTube amongst other things today. So if you want to grow your YouTube channel, man who doesn't you know, it's one of those powerful search engines in the world. It is the largest community who have blown you know, blown their businesses right out of the water, made, you know, 1000s hundreds of 1000s Even I've seen over a million dollars just with one affiliate product with just a YouTube so it's a really powerful strategy. Garrett, my man, welcome to the show.

Garrett: Thanks, man. Happy to be here.

Dave: You're welcome. Happy to have you, man. And you've been you know, you were telling me that you knew me from some previous companies. 

Garrett: I studied the sales video and opened up all the emails and what got me was like I said, I was a waiter, you know, so I, I had dropped out of college. You know, I had no plan B. I was slaving away measly tips at a restaurant called Chili's, you know in Texas and I just. That was my first exposure to the industry. And you know, I like the idea of freedom.  But for me I'm very introverted, like to do my own thing, I don't like to talk to tons of people. Yeah. The idea of building like a big downline and having to do all these events and stuff. Yeah. Then, you know, we can talk more but that's kind of and then I found affiliate marketing, which is kind of great if you don't want to, you can do your own thing, right. Create a YouTube video. Send it to a link and then, you know, not much else, right? 

Dave: Yeah, it was exactly what I discovered when I was doing network marketing in 2009. And like, nine, you know what I mean? And I was running around talking to people in my local area, you know. I've gotten business cards, you know, from my local area that I am over 10 years old. It's a full box of them. There's probably 1000 or more in there. Right? You know, I mean, I tried every strategy in the book to generate, you know, to sell to recruit, you know, all those things that they told you that you needed to do in network marketing. And when the second company, my second company, shut down, I had one company I got involved in that was a you know, I had but it was a cell phone company. I bought a cell phone. The company shut down before I got the cell phone in the mail, for God's sakes, you know, and then the second one, the second one, you know, I actually had I was doing a little bit of internet marketing, but not much, and I had a little bit of downline and we were going to do a pre launch and then the company went out of business before they even launched and I said you know what? I said, This is crazy. I'm doing my own thing and I have no backup plan. This is just like replacing a job really, and it's it's, it's so I needed to learn how to build a business not just be a you know, I needed to learn how to how to, how to go out and be in more in control of my destiny in my future and if you know not be so dependent, that if a company shut down, which network marketing companies do all the time, especially in their early stages, that if that one company goes down my entire life is not screwed, you know, that's how I got online. I was forced to come online and start learning how to build an email list and, you know, post YouTube videos, run Facebook ads, all these various things. So you've been building this YouTube channel off and on for about six years, right? Garrett: Yeah. And I have a few other channels. You know, as well, but yeah, my thing was, you know, there's all these different platforms, you can get traffic. You know, that's really I think a lot of people overcomplicate it and I did for years, you know, but it's really just traffic and conversions, right? You get traffic, and then you convert that traffic into sales. And so for me, you know, there's all these different platforms, TikTok nowadays or Facebook, YouTube, Twitter. And, you know, at first I thought I needed to be on everything, you know, so I would, you know, do Twitter for a little bit and then someone would be like, Oh, you'd be on Facebook, and then I, you know, okay, let me get on Facebook. And then after a while you don't use Facebook. So it was constantly jumping around and what I finally realized was that the light bulb that went on my head was that, you know, I was following a guy teaching Facebook, you know, DMing people on Facebook and having conversations and again, I kind of went against my personality type and I wasn't on Facebook. I didn't really like the platform. And so what I finally realized was like, Okay, on YouTube. Firstly, I'm on YouTube all the time watching podcasts, funny videos. I'm already on YouTube. Am I not doing YouTube? That for me was the path of least resistance. I'm on YouTube all the time. Anyway, Facebook's kind of outside of my personality. I'm not on Facebook. So to go on Facebook and do marketing kind of was an extra step. So that moment was when I just realized okay, I'm just going to put all my focus on on YouTube and from that moment, that's when I started, you know, and of course in a lot of people may be struggling, you know, getting over the fear and putting your face out there, like being on camera, and I definitely had that in the beginning. But that's what kind of led me to YouTube. So yeah, about maybe five, six years ago, I kind of started my first video. And now I mean, I've done hundreds and you don't even think about it at this point, but you know, in the beginning of course there is that learning curve.

Dave: I like what you're saying. What I get into and this is what everybody needs to really understand this is this is one of the biggest things that we even have a challenge with our affiliates here at legendary because they act like network marketers a lot of times and then go out there and say Legendary Marketer, and you know, if they're promoting our 15 Day Challenge, they say take a 15 day challenge, and that's, that's fine. But what you really want to do ultimately is you want you to be the one it's like you want you to be the business and even when somebody is opting in before you get their email, oftentimes, it's so much better to not mention company names and not mentioned products because one of two things happens. Maybe they've already heard that somebody else did a shitty job and they ruined it for you. So now all of a sudden you know, or they're just gonna go and google it for god sakes. And I know that I'm the only person in the world who teaches this real lash ass because they will go to Google and you will lose the affiliate sale they won't click on your link. This is such basics, but it's so powerful for affiliate marketing. You have to deliver enough edutainment entertainment and education. And then offer something that is not opt in and go buy from Legendary Marketer opt in and go buy from ABC company or whatever. When I learned to brand myself instead of brand, all these companies I was trying to be a representative of that was when my entire business shifted because quite frankly, they people are buying from you they're not if you're doing affiliate marketing they are buying from you the affiliate, they're taking your recommendation. It matters more than even the guru in the sales video. Or whoever ultimately is delivering the pitch. Did you agree with all this Garrett? 

Garrett: Absolutely.

Dave: This is cool, too. I mean, I just want to say this Brad says I promote my brand and tell people I learned what I learned from Legendary and that's fine, right? That's fine. I think where most people go wrong is the most. It's really so important to get somebody on your email list. And before you get that opt in, if you're talking about when you opt in, you're going to go see products or pitches from XYZ company or I'm going to introduce you to XYZ company. That's not good enough. That's you're giving away too much information. Yeah, we'll have to hold that information back and simply brand you and say I have a video on the next page that I'd like to give you or I have a download or go get this 30 minute training video that will show you how to do XYZ. But that's all what I call a blind offer. You're not revealing who is in the video, what company what product, you're just revealing what it will do for them. And that's all they care about. Anyways, so sorry to interrupt, but I wanted to clarify what because if you this is a breakthrough that I had that really changed things that fits exactly what you're saying. 

Garrett: It's like if you reverse engineer what gets someone to put an email in, it's curiosity. Because you wouldn't put your email in if you knew what you were getting. Right. We have to build curiosity. That's what gets people to want to put their email in to find out what's on the other side of the page. So by giving away the name of the product or the name of the thing, there is no curiosity so therefore people don't need to actually put their email. So you know, even with advertisements, you know.

Dave: Even on the bridge page, even on your bridge page. They have not clicked that affiliate link below the video yet. So if in your bridge page video, you're going through all the you know, bullet points, features and benefits about the company and the product. What do you think they're going to do? You're not going to get that cookie and for all of you who are brand new to affiliate marketing, the way that you get paid is that when someone clicks your affiliate link that usually places a little cookie on that person who clicked and I don't know what a cookie is. It's just what we call it. A little tracking pixel right on their computer. So that tracking pixel usually if they buy within 30 days or 90 days or however long that is set to last. You will get credit for that sale because the affiliate program whoever is selling the product, you know they got that link from them in the system all works together. And so it's so important to get somebody to click that link until you get them to click your affiliate link. Quite frankly, he probably shouldn't be even saying the name of your product or the name of your company. And it's just really understanding. You know, Garrett, curiosity until you get them to click on your link so you can make sure that it's tracked to you. 

Garrett: Thanks. Yeah, and even you know, like we talked about some companies are here today gone tomorrow, so even if people are promoting whatever they're promoting, buy in the marketing like Like for me, like in my YouTube video, I very rarely, if ever, say the name, I'll say, you know, check out this free video to discover my number one way to XYZ, right. But then it does a couple things. One, it builds curiosity, so then they have to actually put their email in to find out what I'm talking about, but it safeguards me in case that company goes away when I just changed the link. There's a couple of benefits I think of not actually mentioning the name of the thing, you know, in the marketing.

Dave: Some of the best network marketers even who are using social media nowadays are not mentioning their company name all over their timeline, their branding them, because, you know, the truth of the matter is, is that as an affiliate you you know, we advertise a title of a of a role called a freelance digital marketer, and as a freelancer, you really do want flexibility to be able to move around as an affiliate. I mean, you know, it's not like you're a subcontractor, you can do whatever you want. I mean, that you can you can change out the link of an

offer that you're promoting. I mean, it's doing affiliate marketing, right. You need to have the freedom and innocence be able to quickly pivot and translate. I mean if it is all like you said you do is you just switch a link out, you know, if you've set it up correctly, and it's all pointing to you, because all you do is if you have a new product, do you want to switch something out? You just switch out links, because you keep everything generic and I was sitting down and I was talking to one of my buddies on Friday, we were having a cigar. And he was asking me about course creation. And I said, well, the way that we create courses is by keeping things that usually never change. All the timeless principles and strategies that maybe are unique to me or I've been using forever. I'm going to put those in or if I created that process, of course I can teach that but all the traffic strategies, all the things that Facebook interfaces that details about tick tock we really try to teach that on live webinars or in specific sections so we can kind of you know, change that out rather quickly. And even there with course creation, we're remaining flexible. And again, that's why I love the model. So much Garrett, because affiliates traveling around the world are living however they want to live, maybe that's even locally, on an eight to 12 or $15,000 a month income. You know what I mean? Even if you know, I mean? Some folks do less some months but it takes care of their bills. And they have ultimate freedom. 

Garrett: Yeah, I mean, even me right now, as I'm recording this, I'm in Brazil. 

Dave: I had a feeling you were somewhere exotic but but you know, I wanted to throw in the locals in case you're just hanging out at home. 

Garrett: No, I have a window. It's a little bit rainy. today. But I can see beautiful water. I'm on an island. It's 42 beaches. And it's summer right now in Brazil. And I only say that because that was a dream. You know, when I was a waiter, I wanted to be able to travel the world and just work a few hours a day and make money and so that's what affiliate marketing gives you. You know you can just literally because how long does it take to create a video or a ticket? I mean, it's not a lot of time you post it and then you kind of set and forget it, you know, planting seeds. Yeah, you know, that's another thing with YouTube too. I want to share it with people do YouTube because even though I like some of my videos I get you know pretty good news some of them I don't but it's it's you're planning see it's a numbers game right with with YouTube and symbol like TikTok it it's a little bit unpredictable. Like you don't know what video is going to take off but if you stay consistent, one of them will and all you need are a few that actually start bringing a lot of traffic and leads. And that's the beautiful thing. You know, I was in Colombia for five months now in Brazil. I'm going back to America in a few days, but that's the power of that freedom, you know, just working from a WiFi connection.

Dave: So when you did, did you re-engage with internet marketing or with YouTube once you found Legendary or have you been marketing online and you just simply slipped in and changed out your links somewhere to them? Because I think you're an affiliate for legendary you've also gone through for at least our 15 Day Challenge and some of our education. So I mean, we've been talking about how easy it is to transition into all this. Tell us a little bit about how you found Legendary and how either difficult that was or easy that was the transition or you know, what's the value of that? 

Garrett: Yeah, so you know I you know, high ticket is really I think what people want to do, you know, I mean you need a few commissions and you're making some pretty decent income, you know, the higher payouts right and so you know, I had been even a couple years ago still doing some low ticket stuff and you know, making like a lot of sales but you pay you get paid these itsy bitsy little Commission's right.

Dave:  I used to call them back in the day, teeny weensy wussy Commission's I think it was well, I was wondering if you would catch that tiny little wussy commission. Federal Commission's right. 5 percenters and in the 20 percenters in the 10 percenters. 

Garrett: Yeah. And so, you know, maybe within the last couple of years I've really been focusing on just mainly high ticket and I was doing a couple of high ticket and you know, even on different affiliate programs, you find these higher price, but my brother, so my brother, Peter Barry, he's also a member and he was doing well and I was kind of seeing what he's doing and I'm like, you know, finding out more about compensation play you know, all those types of questions and then I was just like, how do I sign up you know, I'll test it and then so I just literally like you said switched out the where the traffic was going like the traffic from you to you know, I've been planting the seeds and I mean, literally, like, I'm still getting leads from videos I did two years ago, you know, so I'm always getting these leads, and then I just can switch out the offer. And so when I put it to Legendary marketer because it's so valuable because the training is so step by step and effective for people. I mean, I started making sales very quickly, you know, very quickly, so I'm all on board and I want to just, this is a I mean, how perfect was it that you're actually doing what we just talked about, right?

Dave: You know, and I didn't know I was like, oh shit, what are you doing? What the hell are you actually just talking about? But you are and you and you. So everybody just in case you know how people are on Facebook. It's like, oh, shit, you just, you know, somebody's like, Yeah, how'd I get here and what the hell are they talking about? So guys got to hear the difference between the two different types. Let's break it down. Real simple. Do you want easy, do you want hard? And you know the heart I'll show you the heart. I know that I know the hardware business cards magnets on the truck signs in the yard. And so you know, you're building a YouTube channel. Even when you set up your landing page, not product and company specific but results in curiosity based and then even your bridge page. Yes, results and curiosity based again, tell more of your story and say if that resonates and you're looking for the same solution, click the link below and you're going to learn XYZ in the next 15 minutes and man is all Garrett did was just switch out a link right there. And as you in his YouTube description, or even in your funnel if you do it the right way. If you use the same domain all the time all you have to do is switch out the affiliate link right on your bridge page. Garrett: Literally that's literally all I did. And then I just put the follow up emails there you know, in the affiliate sites took those but quickly put them in. I mean, you do that a few times it gets really quick and easy. And that's it and then within a few days, I'd already started getting those front end sale and then I had one go up to the $1,000 You know, the the higher level for the the more advanced training but that's the power you know, staying consistent building an asset and then having that flexibility of staying zag. You know, in your marketing, you don't actually say the name of it. You build the curiosity, they put their email in and then that matter what happens to that product or company could always switch it. Yeah, that was a big breakthrough. 

Dave: This is what's so important. I mean, it's building this list, you know, coming out off of YouTube, you know, my number one affiliate system. It's so important. You know, you've got a headline here. You've got, you know, you've got your link above. They don't have to click more. That's so important. And you've also got the link pinned in the first comment. 

Garrett: Yes. In case they go down there. They're seeing it, you know, a couple exposures. Sure. For sure. And then yeah, you know, I do videos mainly on affiliate marketing, which is the people I want to attract nothing, nothing high production. 

Dave: I mean, it's so simple. What sort of software screen recording software are you using? Garrett: Yeah, actually, in that very video, I show it's OBS. Okay. Yeah. Yes. And I totally agree. Dave: It is. I mean, I'm not on the verge of bad quality, but it is. It is on the verge. It is on the verge. It's amazing how that almost works better, isn't it? 

Garrett: Well, that's what you know, I think about you know,  I used to buy a green screen like a few years ago, I bought a green screen, bought lights, and I did all this stuff. And it didn't really seem to work any better. And I'm like, why am I going through all this effort? I record my screen and talk. 

Dave: I went through the same thing. And I think that you know, it's just important to stop there and remind everybody that I literally every day do this show on I've got a microphone here. I will give myself that. I don't know what it is. It's like a little deck. I don't even know what a little Yamaha is. I have no idea what it's called. And I don't know what any of the buttons on it are. Do. I just you know, it's just, I guess I sound okay. And it's a regular webcam. And that's, I have not, you know, set up a camera in a long time. Because it's just, you know, it's not necessary. I mean, if I want to do a VSL sales letter, I will just do the voiceover. And then we'll just put graphics to that voice over or if I want to do an ad or if I want to do a live stream or anything. I'm either going to use my phone or I'm going to use my I mean, I used to think and the reason why I say this is because I've bought so much video equipment over the years thinking that I was gonna take it to the next level. And it's just it doesn't matter. People buy my shit and watch my shit more when it's just not all highly produced. Right? I don't know why that is. It's just Garrett: And I think too, you know, with me with my, I mean, it's the rationalization I could make a little bit better with the lighting. I mean, even now the lighting is pretty, pretty bad. But one thing I will say is I think people are constantly thinking I'm going to have to do what this guy or girl is doing and so if I'm showing that hey with this not great quality, you know, I can sit here and record a simple video and make a good income. Okay, I can probably do that too. But if I have some, you know, bells and whistles and a green screen and lighting, they're like, I can't do that. So therefore, I'm not going to check out his method. He's probably using that to make money. 

Dave: Or the guys who are advertising on Facebook about how great you know YouTube ads or whatever. Right it's that first hook that first three to five seconds is so important. And we gave you, you know, you go and watch the episodes. I don't remember which one it was from last week but we gave out a ton of free hooks free email headlines that could be used as hooks at the beginning of the video. And he said oh, that's just you know, taking everything to the next level because now I'm catching people's attention instead of awkwardly fumbling over myself in the first couple of seconds of the video. So what is one or two things that you could point on YouTube that's really taken things from Hey, what the hell's going on here to Holy shit. I got some momentum. 

Garrett: So it's funny because you know, I've had some videos that I've done really well then some that happen and just yesterday I was going back through the analytics and looking at what I did specifically in the videos that got pretty good views. And then I was going through a lot of Mr. Beast. If people know Mr. Beast, he's like one of the most, you know, popular YouTubers now. And he teaches you what his philosophy is on how to get people to keep watching your video. 

Dave: I heard he just did a podcast with Joe Rogan. 

Garrett: He did. And I watched it and he got it down. And so that's what I'll share what he said and that's what I've been doing too. But he made it so simple, where he basically said, like YouTube, the way your video is going to start going viral, start getting a lot of views as people just YouTube just wants people to click on your video and watch it. Like that's it at the bare minimum. So to get people to click on it, you need a good thumbnail and a good headline, good title. That's it. So how do you do that? Well, I just model other people. You know, I just look at other people that have popular videos in my niche. What are they saying? What are they doing and then I just make a very similar thumbnail headline, you know, because it's already proven to work. So that's the first thing that's gonna get you if you get a high click through rate, a high amount of people to click your thumbnail, your video that's going to have to do with again the thumbnail and the title. 

Dave: And remember folks people are already watching videos so most likely where they're going to click your video. It might be over here. Would you agree with that Garrett? Or where do you think more people are just coming right in watching the video that they searched for and then getting out?

Garrett: No, yeah, definitely the recommended section as well, the sidebar, and so also when you make a very similar title and thumbnail to another video, YouTube will think your videos are very similar and they'll actually start recommending your view on the sidebar. So that's another benefit of just modeling other people and then as far as the second part that gets them to keep watching. That's the average view duration. Look at your analytics on YouTube and see per video. Like what's the average amount of minutes? People are watching that video? And the longer it is, the better? And so how do you do that? And this is what Mr. B said, and I just did it. The last few videos and I think it's really been working even better. But it's so simple. And what he said is, you basically want whatever your title is, so let's say you come up with a title first. So the title, you want to attract online business. People that want to create an online business so your title could be, you know, the best online business to create in 2022. Okay, they're gonna see that video. Let's say they click on it. He said the first thing you want to do is tell them what they clicked on. So you want to give them verification that they're in the right place. So you just can repeat that title. Hey, chances are you're watching this video because you're looking for the best online business in 2022. They're going Yes. Now they feel like they're in the right place. They're not clickbait and right. The second thing he said is you wanted to tell them why they should watch the entire video. So you basically then sell them on benefits of watching so for example, you know, you want to watch this entire video because I'm going to share with you the exact business model that average people from around the world have been using to literally quit their jobs with no previous experience and zero tech skills. And they're going okay, and then he literally said after that after you tell them what they're watching why they should watch it, then you just start showing them that they should watch what you said.

And he said the problem people have and I used to do this all the time, is they start talking about things that have nothing to do with what you just said. So they'll talk about, you know, oh, by the way, you know, by the way, you should subscribe, you know, etc, etc. Or by the way, you know I have this book and they get off topic. So Mr. Beast, one of the most viewed YouTuber said if you just tell people what they clicked on, why they should watch the entire video and you get right to the point of showing them why they should watch it or what you promise. They're going to and so that the thumbnail in the title that gets the curiosity right, it goes back to that should give you a very good chance of getting people to click it and then keep watching. And then once YouTube sees that they're gonna start recommending your videos to more people. I had a video that just went semi viral a week ago. And you know, it doesn't go viral right away, like the video, you know, may start getting, you know, 500 views 1000 views, and it takes a lot because YouTube is testing it. You're sending it to small groups of test audiences. And if that average duration stays, they will keep sending it to more and more people. 

Dave: Crazy man crazy. I wanted to say that, you know, you're absolutely right about that, about that. You know that idea of getting off topic and how that will make somebody click away. You're so it's so true. I mean, somebody could go start a video doing you know, do exactly what he said to do in those first two steps and then be be like, Oh, and by the way, you know, like, share, subscribe, comment, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. And it's like you're just like you just write in that time. It's just boom, you just, you just scroll right away, don't you? 

Garrett: Yeah, and like that, Mr. Beast, you know, just real quick on what you said too. Because, I mean, he would know better than anyone. And he would say that, you know, he would even see blog channels where they're like, in the very beginning they do the right thing. It's like hey, in this video, we're gonna give away $10,000 to homeless people or whatever, something good. And then he said like the next thing they're showing them going to Walmart and walking around and they don't, they don't actually do the $10,000 thing until the very end of the video. And people are gonna click they're like I clicked for the $10,000 thing right? So he says literally like what he said and that Joe Rogan thing and other parties like also you know, he often will say like, I'm you know, so the world's most dangerous escape room like I haven't seen that one. But I guarantee probably in the beginning, he's like, in this video, we're going to show you the world's most dangerous escape room. And then he just gets right to the button. He just starts showing it. He just starts showing escape or he's not talking about you know, anything else. He's on point and that's what he said he stays on topic. Yeah. And wow. You know, a lot of, you know, income and stuff you can invest into the video as far as editing and music and you know, keep people's interest. 

Dave: I want to just go back and validate exactly what you just described with this video. So everything happens in the first you know, 2025 seconds of the video. There's a big build up and then they get right into the meat and potatoes. I just want to show this real quick. You describe what he said and then watch him go right? The action. So what if I was like hey, how to get let me show you how to, you know, set up an automated lead gen, you know, an automated email marketing machine. And that was the you know, that was the headline of the video, right? Oh, you know, I would start out the video. In this video I'm going to show you how to set up an automated email marketing machine so you can collect leads and email all of the people on your list. So you know you can have leverage and speak one to many instead of one on one. Oh, by the way, if you like this video, right, that's what I should do. Alright, now we're gonna switch over to my screen or just switch right over to my screen and say here we are looking at the inside of my automated email marketing machine. 

Garrett: Exactly, because and this is the other thing too, where, you know a lot of people would teach how to do something like a call to action, the beginning of the video like this subscribe and stuff like that. But what they're realizing now too is YouTube doesn't even really show your videos to people that subscribe to you. So that call to action is now no longer relevant anyway. So and you notice like Mr. Bing, like none of the really top people do that, you know, especially not in the very beginning of the video. They may do it at the end, like subtract but they don't do it right in the beginning. Like Mr. Beast said the first 10 to 30 seconds is where it's, you know, the hook where you literally just and it's so simple, you know, like in that example you did is perfect you know, validate the title. So just repeat the title, sell some benefits and what they're going to get if they watch the entire thing. 

Dave: So why should they? You know, elaborate a little bit on that result, not the thing that you're going to show them but what it's going to do for them and you're right, I said so this will allow you to email one to many instead of one on one. This will allow you, this will help you, you'll be able to know you'll be able to do those sorts of things as leaders that you can use to then talk about the result. 

Garrett: Yeah, and then like you said, and immediately right after that. So the very first step is we want to open up this website. And I realized myself became aware of the TikToks that did not have a lot of and I found myself thinking off of we're simply getting into the payoff like rabbit

hole rate to it you know that that's really the breakthrough it's just like action and then Mr. Beast also said if you want to edit your video people have time like not just you know recording and post like if you actually can edit your video he said you know edit out all the dull moments. So anytime you know you're talking about something you're rambling just cut that out, you know, so you stay on topic. Yeah, their attention. 

Dave: Yeah. And editing software really is fair. Like if you're gonna do YouTube editing software really is fairly easy. To use. I started to learn Camtasia when and I didn't end Guys look, there's like, there's like 2% of the settings that people like you and me use and then others 98% of the settings that like whatever professional videos and I don't know, I don't know why all that shit. But I just do a couple of things cutting, you know, slicing and then I publish and that's it. I don't do any hue or brightness or any of that BS. It's just, if I get the damn thing online and get the beginning and the end cut off. I'm usually good. But now I use ScreenFlow whenever I want to edit something, and I can edit something very, very quickly, very easily. And I again, this is just one of the tools that if you want to do long form video marketing on YouTube, it's just like the only tool you pretty much know what I mean? You just need some sort of editing software. Some people use iMovie. I never liked iMovie, to me it was hard when Screenflow and Camtasia were easy. So you know if there's if you want to learn how to use Screenflow or Camtasia like seriously, it's just you know, you might be able to watch a YouTube video or something but I'm telling you, it's you just you don't want to learn all the different stuff it can do just how to cut the video, and then and then you gotta you gotta what do they call it? You got to do something where it goes. It gets transcribed or whatever, into a postable watchable file. You know, I'm an idiot. I don't know what the fuck I'm talking about. That's why I'm saying you know this stuff is you don't have to be a rocket scientist. You just have to know the basics and it's always better to learn the dynamics than the mechanics anyways. And that was always what helped my videos do well, is that I didn't focus on I never wanted to be perfect at what I want. I knew the message was more important in all that so I've never found it necessary to become a tech genius in order to even do effective video marketing personally. Yeah, exactly. I mean, really just a screen recorder software, which is the OBS that's a free software. And yes, something that kind of snipped. ScreenFlow on Mac will record and you can edit it and it's 100 bucks. If you're a Mac person and the only reason why I like ScreenFlow is not to interrupt there but yes, I'll be honest, I tried to set up OBS and I pulled it up in my eyes glazed over and I just deleted my computer. Oh dude, I get overwhelmed, very easy with tech stuff. So I have to keep it very simple but

right, you know. So, you know, good good chat, man. You know what, what, what final thoughts would you leave, you know, somebody who's sitting here on the fence who's maybe thinking about getting involved in the at the very least the 15 Day Challenge and is maybe on the fence are a little bit skeptical maybe thinks it's this is too difficult or too too old or whatever and just I mean, you're also living some some pretty cool freedom traveling around the world by simply, you know, recording videos and posting them so it's a cool.

Garrett: So what I would say is this, like, you know, the reason I like the 15 Day Challenge is because it puts it in very simple bite size, action, actionable information that you can follow every single day you do one a day. And it guides you through all the pieces. You know, like I said, I started about five years ago, there was nothing like this online and you had to learn all the different pieces you had to go through a massive trial. And error and invest, you know, 1000s of dollars just through testing different things. And the fact that you break it down every single day is incredibly useful and important to learn those different breakthroughs is incredible. And the other thing is, you know, we talked about time consistency, you know, you got to be consistent whether you're doing YouTube TikTok you have to be consistently showing up. And the fact when they just do that 15 Day Challenge and show up for those days. That's building the habit of consistency, which you can then apply to whatever marketing method or strategy you want. So now I think it's incredible. It’s only $7 to shart. It's the price of a small Starbucks, just as shocking as you know. That's all I can say. And but yeah, I mean it's just it's it's just incredible and the community and the fact that you have these, you know these calls in the morning and everything for people to plug into and, and what I would say I mean what helped me was just picking one strategy, you know, that the hardest part is just picking one because there's so many that you know, every one of these calls, you know, everyone's sharing a different thing and it's easy to get overwhelmed. You know, this method is the best or this method and it's more I always say to people what social media platform are you naturally on the books, okay, whether that's Pinterest, TikTok, whatever, and then just focus on that. Yes. So you're already on it. Like yeah, that just to me makes sense. You already know how to use it. Dave: Yeah. I think that a lot of folks. I just have to remind them you got in business you didn't fall off the turnip truck yesterday, you know and you know, you're all the time on these platforms. I mean, let me see your phone. Look at your screen, your screen time. Damn, you spend eight hours on a phone telling me you don't know how to. You can't figure out can't finger TikTok out Yeah, I mean, you figured everything else out. You forget how to get on that porn site. Hide that chart from your white. Come on. We're we're we know how to navigate if we want to get something done. We can figure it out and get it done. And I'm telling you, you know, it's easier than ever and I do have a big problem that I'll often have is looking at something prejudging it that it's gonna be more difficult before I actually get into it. And it's sort of like with the editing software. So overwhelming and which one do I buy? But if I just make a decision and buy one and play around with it for 15 or 20 minutes, I'm like a master of it. You know, and I made this big story up that it was going to be more difficult and whatever. And I you know, wasn't and so you know, I would just invite all of you today to use the the inspiration from this morning to pick out what you've been making a big story about and just go execute on it and likely, it'll be a lot smaller than the big monster you've made it out to be. 

Garrett: Yeah, yeah, one thing I can share too. I just read this book yesterday, actually called atomic habits. And it's all about science. I've heard a lot about that book, man. Yeah, to make because if you think about a 97 You know, scientists and psychologists say 97% of our day is habits. So most of the day you're not conscious of what you're actually doing. So success is simply forming the right habits, because then you'll automatically do the right thing, right, that will get you to your goal. So this book tells you like proven easy methods to form new habits. And so one of the things they said because like for example, like if you want to start creating a tick tock like let's say you're watching this video, and you think, okay, tick tock, I'm on tick tock a lot. I could easily start doing TikToks and you want to do one a day? Well, that's a new habit. Right? So in the beginning, it could be a little bit difficult to stay consistent. You're gonna do it for a day and then fall off and then a few days because you don't have that habit. Yeah, one thing he said is you can use a technique called habit stacking. And what that means is rather than trying to just start doing TikToks randomly in your day, and you won't stay consistent, you stack it on top of a habit that you already have. And so for example, the formula is after x, I will post the TikTok so after x x is a habit that you already do. For example, let's say you drink coffee every morning. Well, you could say after my morning coffee, I will post one tick tock. Yeah. And so now that habit automatically fires it's very easy to do the TikTok because you already have to drink the coffee. Yeah. So by doing that, you'll easily and effortlessly begin doing that habit, which you know will lead you to getting the leads and getting the sales which will create the income you want. So that for me was a big breakthrough because it really is just habits you know, sending that email every day doing the video like it's a habit and if you can learn how to form habits quickly, like that guy taught in that book, you know, you'll start to do it. So that really helped me as well.

Dave: I love that. Yeah, it creates a response. What we want to do is we want to create a response to where then that becomes the natural, it's in there's a lot of I think there's a lot of things that are happening to help that happen. The universe is on your side, your body's on your side, even your DNA is on your side. Because sort of I mentioned the Pavlov's dog thing, which is where the gentleman Pavlov rang the bell, and then he fed the dog and then whenever he rang the bell, the dog's mouth would begin to water and because he's he's sort of anchored that sound to mean we're going to eat and again the smell of coffee. After 30 days could mean the excitement or the pump of about to go record a video, right because we do have a similar response. Has anybody ever had a traumatic event that happened and then later in life, it's like a war veteran who hears a large boom in is startled or re traumatized because of their time in war. Same thing, you know, same thing and these things happen on giant and M and smaller skills within our body all day long. I think that's what you're alluding to, and I believe the forces are on our side to help us do that. 

Garrett: Exactly. And another thing he said in the book and this is all like, I love it, it's tons of studies and proof on how people can start new habits and start new actions. And he said, it's like if you just if you don't have a set time and location, set aside that you're going to do something you won't do it. Because you know you'll always find other things to do so by having something before or after like the coffee thing that can trigger like you said, Pavlov's dog that trigger is going to fire and then that automatic habit oh, I need to do TikTok and then you do that for a few days. I mean, it's going to be automatic, you know anything and that's how YouTube is you know, I you know, I wake up and I just do a video and I don't have to think about it. happens, right?

Dave:  I know. And all my work is like that now, it's it. Yeah, you know what I mean? Like I have to actively think about taking time off. You know what I mean? Think about staying home like I'm gonna go back my wife's at home with both of our kids. It's the last day of spring break today and our and I'm going to go back home. But I got to keep looking at the clock and reminded myself that I'm doing something different today than what I normally do. 

Garrett: Yeah, yeah. And that's what I think people need to realize on this call is like, because this used to get me all the time. You think like when you first start, it's incredibly, you know, can be incredibly difficult. Like if you're creating a video you're gonna be stuttering and nervous. And you think that's how it's always gonna be. I mean, generalize thinking, I'm just bad at videos. Yeah, but what you don't realize is every single skill from riding a bicycle, to singing to painting, I mean, any skill, you're going to be bad in the beginning. So it's not a question of am I bad at videos forever? It's how can I build a habit and stick with this? So after a few weeks, I'm actually good at it. And by doing the habit stacking by having a routine a schedule a showing up, then you'll automatically stay consistent, and then the time will pass anyway, and then you'll find yourself getting really good at it. And then you'll look back on that moment when you started to be shocked at how quickly you did it, you know, so that's what helped me just not identify with being a bad videographer. Oh, it's like no, I'm learning a skill. You know, these are skills that will get easier. 

Dave: But don't people do that in all areas of life? I mean, it's such a common thing to just automatically and I really am really conscious of folks using even that word newbie because again, that's yet another label that is empowering. And, again, but even worse is to say I'm bad at or I'm right. 

Garrett: Nobody's bad. At anything. You're just either never did it completely unpracticed I mean, you know, anything you do enough you're gonna get I mean, you may not be like Michael Phelps, swimming level or like Michael Jordan, but you're gonna be good. Like, anything you do enough. You're gonna eventually get, you know, somewhat decent. And that's the thing with affiliate marketing you don't like getting results and about an hour.

Dave: Such a good point. All right, my man will be perfect. We've got your YouTube channel up so people can go find you and connect with you and learn. 

Garrett: The last thing on that channel, it's not just like, trying to get leads as I'm sharing real methods to get traffic and, and stuff like that so you can watch those videos and not get pitched, I share real value and methods and stuff on how to actually get traffic.

Dave: We're not offended if people take advantage of a capitalistic tendency and they want to buy something from you or anybody else, you know, so called the value today brother and people have been commenting. Excellent, excellent value. incredible conversation. So come back, man. I mean, let's keep the conversation going and come back in a couple of months when we have some fresh things to talk about. And let's keep the combo going and maybe we'll meet at a mastermind or something one day.

Garrett: Absolutely man. great talking with you.

Dave: All right, Garrett. We'll talk to you later brother. All right, my friends. You guys can follow Get Right On Course on YouTube, as we've been talking about for the last 61 minutes. Over on Garrett’s affiliate marketing tips. You can just search that and you'll find his channel on screen. Share this channel a couple of times on the show to awesome feedback. Thank you all so much for the feedback and really supporting and loving our guests, you know their students and marketers in this community, just like you are they're not paid they're not prepped. They're not scripted. They're there's no you know, it's just all nerves, baby, all nerves and experience coming on here. So thank you for the love and support to our guest and all of our guests and thanks again Garrett for all the value. We'll see you back here tomorrow for another episode. Get out of here. And have a great Monday. Be Legendary.