If you're an affiliate marketer who wants to make more money online, I beg of you to stop doing this right now.

This mistake one little thing will destroy your sales.

This mistake will steal commissions straight from your wallet.

This mistake is something most marketers (even some of the more skilled marketers we see) don't pay much attention to.

This mistake¬†is something most ‘gurus' and ‘goblins' won't teach you (because they've only got their own self-interest at heart). Stick with me because this is so damn important.

This mistake¬†will have you wondering, “why aren't people clicking my link and purchasing?”

This mistake will confuse your audience, cause more people to report your social media channels, and could lead to shadow bans, decreases in followers, and more complaints.

Wanna know what it is?

Should I just tell you already?


Over and over and over again, I watch affiliates post videos on social media that explicitly talk about products and services by name.

And this fails to create curiosity.

Which is why, in the weekly recap email I sent out, I forced you to click a link to come to this page to find out the big mistake I see affiliates making.

I wrapped that email in curiosity.

And you should wrap your content in curiosity, too.

Because if not…

…people pre-judge¬†what you've got to offer them.

Affiliates of Legendary Marketer do it with our products. Affiliates of other companies do it with other companies too.

And here's the thing:

If you've got a TikTok channel, a YouTube channel, an Instagram account, a Facebook group, etc… and you're trying to promote a certain product, here's what 10+ years in this industry crawling through years and years of data has clearly shown me:

Many, many, many of the viewers and followers on your account are watching your content and immediately going to go to Google to type in that company or product and they're looking for reviews.

And guess what?

Many of them are going to do that before you've had a chance to get these people to your affiliate link where they get cookie'd and you get credited with the sale.

What does that mean, Matt?

Well you know how when you go to a TikTok channel and you see a little “link” in their bio?

Well, sometimes you'll click that link and it will just say the full name of the product right on the button.

And right then…

Your viewers oftentimes close TikTok and go Google search the product.

No commission for you.

This means you're doing the marketing to get someone else rich. Probably another affiliate. Or… you're just helping build the brand of some other person or company.

That's why we at Legendary caution affiliates away from mentioning our company in their video content. We actively watch affiliates who create amazing content and are working their asses off, but are earning 2x, 5x or even 10x less than what they should be earning… all because they keep talking about our 15 Day Challenge or Legendary Marketer in their content.

So Matt, what do you recommend?

We recommend having an “evergreen offer,” something you build curiosity around and make people “click or tap” a link in your social media profile in order to actually see what it is. Don't mention the product/service until they've actually got to your affiliate link.

That's huge!

So for instance, if I'm in the weight loss niche…

…I would NOT create a TikTok account and start creating content about how Slim Belly Fix is the best solution for you to lose weight fast. The people who view my videos would not only think my content sucks, but they'd also just go Google search the offer, look at reviews, and buy from some other individual.

I would be leaving a lot of money on the table.


If I'm in the weight loss niche and I want to create a sustainable, long-term affiliate business, I would instead make content that's EDUTAINMENT.

Education + Entertainment (and a little curiosity sprinkled in, too)

I would create videos that showcase my journey, share tips about how to lose weight by changing your diet, and focus solely on giving away real value.

And then… I would create¬†curiosity¬†around it.

I would NOT mention the evergreen offer I'm promoting.

I would have a curiosity based headline in my profile. Something like, “The ONE Secret To Weight Loss 99% Of People DON'T Know.”

And below that, I'd have a simple link to my capture page where I collect leads.

That way, I'm not losing leads and hemorrhaging sales.

That way, I'm not building someone else's business.

That way, I'm not sacrificing my time and creative energy for nothing.

And that way, all the viewers and followers I've acquired actually have to go to the link in my bio to see what it is I'm offering them.

They can't pre-judge my offer.

They can't go Google search, get lost, and never find me again.

They must go through my funnel in order to find out what it is that I'm offering and they must go through my funnel to buy.

So, to all the content creators out there…


Do yourself a huge, huge favor.

Keep giving value. Many of you are crushing it.

Focus on being educational and entertaining.

But if I were you, I'd STOP talking about specific product or company names in your content (including ours). You are losing so many leads and sales, it makes me almost sick to my stomach to think about. And it should make you sick to your stomach, too.

Focus on serving YOUR AUDIENCE.

Focus on building YOUR FOLLOWERS.

Focus on growing YOUR CHANNELS.

Focus on expanding YOUR BRAND and growing YOUR COMPANY.

And enjoy a more positive response from your audience, less shadowbans, more leads, and more payoff from your efforts.